here's some dumb doodles from me

jd week day x - Whatever you like!

wew jonadio week has ended ! it was a wild ride from start to finish haha its probably really obvious i had to rush most of my drawings besides the first one but aaaa still fun as heck!!

anyway just wanna thank everyone who’s liked my art over the last week !!! fun fact: I originally just made a tumblr just to participate in jonadio week but everyone’s been really really nice and cool and wow i’m just heart eyes x10000 thank you all for indulging me in my weird AU ideas hahah a i’ll try to stick around longer and not let uni work crUSH me ,, 

yall made my first week of semester greato daze <3 and ironically made me more productive in my studies aND art. bless you all forever bless 

also blank version under the cut if you wanna make some dumb meme

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Against probably my better judgement my other half convinced me to upload some of my random doodles, so here, have a sketchdump thing. At least now I uploaded, right? Heh.

Mix of my own OCs, some fanart of a couple cuties I particularly love, including @pocharimochi ‘s Lily again because I am in love, and @thekdubs ‘ Fitbot because who doesn’t love the bots? Also I guess those two robots from some dumb anime?

The dorks at the bottom there are old friends from years and years ago, whom probably only one person on this entire site will recognise, but I still think they’re adorable.


I have been seeing a lot of kylo fic spooky aus(thanks to @kylokiwi@azurakenway ) so here are some quick doodles because I need an escape from real life, ya feel me? 

More ideas/short blurps that I came up with/for this doodle (bc I can’t write) after the cut.

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Open Letter to my Followers

It’s a little bit awkward to write it and even now I feel a little bit ashamed but whatever, I have to say that loudly.


Yes my little children, you heard right. I love all of you and each one individually. You are one of the best things which happened to me. I’m totally serious. Those of you which are stalking my blog(s) for a longer while should know, what kind of person I am and I’m happy as f**k that you are still with me. I’m happy, that despite of everything you still wanna follow me. 

I’m happy every time when you like, reblog or comment my posts. I’m happy when you’re sending me asks about my OCs or stories. Finally, I’m indescribable happy when for some reason you decide to poke me on chat and talk with me. No matter what we’re talking about, it’s always an amazing experience for me. Perhaps you treat me like some kind of “idol” or what (snort), but in the end YOU are the most important here.

Because if not you, what would I do here? For what I would draw and post all of this stuff? Only YOU keep me here and give me motivation to still draw and stay. I’m doing this for you. Because every time when you react for my art, I feel that it has a sense. That there’s still a reason to try. That I don’t vaste my time and energy. This is f**king awesome feeling to know, that somewhere there is someone, who smiles seeing my art. No matter if it is a fanart, some kind of my original stories or just a dumb doodle. Also all of you which support me financially (either buying commissions from me or pledging on patreon):


Maybe I’m not super hyper popular and number of my followers isn’t so impressing but for me it IS incredible (seriously I never expected that I will have more than 100 followers O_O). Of course I realize that part of these blogs are fake or inactive, that some of them visit tumblr occasionally. I can see it in my notifications. Some blogs appear here only as “xxx just started following you” and I never ever see any note more but I KNOW, that in the end, there’s a group of people, which regularly peek into my blog and believe me or not, but it’s a blessing.

Lately I was seriously thinking about leaving (you should know why) but then, many of you gave me so much attention, support and love (for which I maybe don’t deserve lol let’s be honest, among jewels I’m a fathead piece of rock) and I said: “F**K THIS S**T! There are people which like my art, me myself OR EVEN BOTH!” and even if it’s not the easiest decision, I will stay with you. Obviously, one day I will HAVE to leave, when real life will call me (job and stuff) but for now, the only what I wanna do is still making you happy (in ANY way I can). Because YOU’RE making me happy! My life is full of stress (adulthood sucks) but thanks to YOU, sometimes I can feel better, even if only for a while. And I really wanna THANK YOU for this.

Also all of you which interacted/shipped your OCs/muses with mine: You’re incredible and if you’d suddenly and unexpectedly visit my house in the middle of the night - I’ll cook f**king Polish pierogis for you I swear.

You all are beautiful people, no matter who or from where you are. I just wanna let you know.

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“Alright, say cheese!” You smiled, holding the phone up as you snapped a quick selfie with a fan. “Ooh, you look great, but that’s not a good angle of me, and I need look somewhat presentable. Another one!” 

It had been about half an hour of you saying hello to the fans that were outside the gates of the building - You had heard them chanting for the boys to come out, and although you had gone out to tell them the boys wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon, you were surprised to find out that they also wanted you to sign things, and they wanted to take pictures with you! You told yourself you’d stay for fifteen minutes, tops, but the fans were just so lovely, and you didn’t want to let anyone down. 

“You want me to write that for a tattoo?! That’s a lotta pressure, now I have to make sure my handwriting is legible.” You laughed lightly, scribbling down the words the fan had asked you to write. “Here, I’ll add some doodles on the side so you can mix and match.” You jolted as your phone buzzed suddenly, but you brushed it off thinking it was a notification from Candy Crush or some other dumb game you enjoyed playing. 

“No, you shouldn’t get back together with her! She sounds like a proper bitch.” You snorted, rolling your eyes before shaking your head. “You’re better off! Being single is great. Think about all the freedom! …Don’t tell Harry I said that.” 

Nearly an hour in and the crowd of fans had only gotten bigger once they heard that ‘Y/N’s at the hotel! And she’s talking to everyone, and signing things, and she’s such a sweet girl!’ You kept the thought of how the security guards would most likely be a little miffed considering they wanted to keep everything on the down-low but your presence had caused a massive wave of people waiting anxiously outside the hotel. Harry watched as you continued to interact with the fans, a little smile playing on his face. He was overjoyed that the fans seemed to really love you, but obviously, he had to play it cool. 

“Let’s go, Miss Y/L/N. I’m not gettin’ any younger here.” You turned as you heard Harry behind you, the fans suddenly bursting into wild screams and cries at the sight of Harry. 

“Aw, but-” 

“Dinner’s at 6. The fans will still be here when we come back.” Harry wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you away from the gates and laughing lightly when you let out a whine. “Don’ worry, you can play with your friends later. You’ve got to pay some attention to your poor boyfriend once in a while!” 


gif isn’t mine!


I hatched a baby Noibat in Pokemon X today. It’s got a sassy nature. It is the sassiest Noibat. I named him Bartok. Here are some doodles I made of me and Bartok. 

My Sassy Noibat, the hit, new NBC sitcom. Coming soon to 3DS near you.

I post dumb doodles on Twitter.

BTW, in case anyone is wondering about the Burton X PKMN Project… It’s not a dead project. I just felt like I needed a break from it, and I apologise about that. But I’ll try to start it back up before March or when I get my laptop back from the repair shop. Whichever comes first. 

Also, I’m working now. I’m an adult with a job. (Or more accurately, a man child that draws for a living.)

And I don’t appreciate the angry emails trying to get me back on the project. As if angry emails are great motivators. Why don’t you guys, like, eat a pizza or something. Just chill a bit. Go play a baseball. Drink a Starbucks. I appreciate your passion, but there’s no need to be rude. :)


i need help 

omg im sorry if ihavent been on for a while, schools been keeping me busy and such, but I have been watching markiplier more than usual. I mean who wouldnt??? Look at this adorable man, hes funny, hes a kind hearted person, and his fanbase is so chill. 

MARK, if you happen to stumble upon my dumb art, I just want to say how amazing of a human being you are, your videos make me forget all the negativity thats going on around me. If you end up visiting NJ(or NY) for a con or something, It’d be amazing to get a huge hug from you and blabber about how much of a awesome guy you are! (I probably dont have the balls to do that) but ye otherwise, heres some doodles