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Winter and glasses don’t mix. Unfortunately, it seems no one informed Cas’s ophthalmologist about it and she remains convinced that glasses and winter do, in fact, mix. More than that, in Cas’s case, they have to—unless he wants his sight to degrade even further than it already has due to two decades of neglect.

And so there he is now, freezing his nose off on the steel frames. He should have listened to Anna when she recommended the thick, plastic ones. They just didn’t seem very practical at the time, and now that’s just another regret.

At least, it stopped snowing.

The bright side of wearing glasses, of course—winter or not—is that Cas can now read the bus timetable without having to, figuratively, press his nose to it. He can even see the number of the incoming bus from the very crossroads and consequently spare himself the guessing and getting to the door last.

He really should have gotten glasses sooner.

Cas gathers his bags off the bench and moves towards the middle entrance. As soon as the door opens he steps into the warmth of the crowded vehicle. The puff of heated air envelops his face and—

The world goes white.

All of it.

Well, almost all of it; there are still colors and movement on the periphery of his vision. The entire center field is obscured by dense, white fog.

He stops in his tracks, shifts all heavy bags into one hand to free the other but the incoming passengers keep pushing him forward. Blinded, he attempts to move toward the rear end of the bus without stumbling. There’s too much hustle to try wiping the steam off the glasses now; with half a dozen shoulders pressing on him from all sides, he can’t even lift the freed hand.

The jam loosens, slightly, when the doors close and Cas manages to find a little safe footing. He reaches to the glasses but the tips of his fingers can barely brush the frames when the bus starts and the yank sends Cas tumbling forward.

He shoots his free hand up in a futile attempt to grab a strap and collides into someone’s chest. A strong scent of cologne fills him up as his nose sinks into the man’s collar. An arm wraps around Cas on instinct. The man stills them both easily.

“Got you,” a low voice purrs above his ear.

A hot blush creeps up Cas’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles, trying to pull away.

The steam covering his glasses begins to recede around the edges, but still not enough to make out the face in front of him.

“S’fine,” the man says, loosening his hold, but doesn’t let go entirely until Cas finds the strap over his head. “Let me help ya, buddy.”

He gently pulls the glasses off Cas’s nose before Cas can protest. He starts wiping them with a handkerchief in his other hand, elbow locked around a pole. His eyes are trained on his own working fingers, the corners of his lips are raised in a tiny smirk. He must be around Cas’s age, maybe a couple years younger, and, Dear God, even without the glasses Cas can tell he’s beautiful.

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Public fucking service announcement.

As I sit and cry in my boyfriends car I feel the need to let this out. Most people who know me know that I have epilepsy, the also know up till about a month ago I had a service dog that detect a seizure before it happen. Unfortunately I had to put my dog down. Now my mother and my boyfriend feel more comfortable when I’m out on my own if I have a companion aka a service dog, so over the next few weeks I’m testing out a few dogs to see if they are a good match for me. These dogs are expensive and I need to make sure it’s the right one for me.

So today I’m trying out Pollie, a pitbull just like my old dog, but Pollie is special she’s not only an epileptic detection dog she’s also helps with anxiety. I decided to go grocery shopping at a store that I got gift cards for at my work, I normally don’t shop here so I brought Pollie along with me because of the environment is new to me, I’d feel more comfortable. Pollie is suited up in her service dog vest, which clearly mark she is a service dog and a big patch that says “DO NOT PET, I AM WORKING” so as I walk in I get looks, as you do. I grab my cart and Pollie is glued to my leg as she should be. She understands she has a job to do. Now I had a number of encounters in this grocery store that I’m about to list that made me leave in tears.

1. Five different people came up to pet my dog. Now I’m use to this and I get it. You see a dog and the first reaction is to love it. But please, PLEASE beware of the vest. By distracting my dog your not only distracting her from her work but you are putting me at risk. If there was a moment you were distracting her that she could of sensed I was going to have a seizure and she didn’t then a few moments later I have one, I could seriously injure myself.

2. As a MANAGER of a store you should be fully aware of the laws regarding service dogs. In no point are you allowed to refuse me service, tell me to leave with my dog, or ask for certification on if my pet is really a service dog.

Now this is the worst.

3. As a bystander or an employee of a store by me having a service dog does not give you the right AT ALL to come up to me and ask me “what my disability is?” Service dogs are not just for the blind, there are many reasons to have a service dog. One of them being anxiety which Pollie is also trained for. I’m not faking nothing, I have an actual serious fucking condition that requires this dog and when I say she’s an epileptic service dog do not, DO NOT roll your god damn eyes at me and says “fake service dog” as you walk away. Do some fucking research.

I was half way through my shopping when I felt an anxiety attack coming on. I left my cart in the middle of the isles called my bf to come pick me up. Now as I sit here in tears while Pollie is comforting me, he’s in there tearing a new asshole into the manager who dared question my disability.

Please beware that it’s not only the blind that need service dogs, please do not make that person feel uncomfortable and humiliated just because they are different and do not question their authenticity.

Weird feels today...

I had a dream last night and it involved a toxic person from the job I recently left. Just when you think you’ve processed and moved on, someone pops up in your dream! 😡I dragged myself to Body Pump and hated it until halfway through or so… then I decided (once again) that she doesn’t get anymore of my energy and I kicked ass for the rest of class… It just amazes me how poisonous people can run so deep when you give your heart openly to everyone you encountered (yea, I do that). Moving on now—> my mom and brother are visiting soon and I might squeeze a nice, therapeutic run in first! Have a great Saturday! And just to make sure to discontinue the yucky, here rolly-polly panda for you all ❤❤❤

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It’s 4 am.

Practice gifs of Color Me Curious Animation.

I did Huelola and liked it so much, I decided to do all the characters!

Here we have Makrish, Polly, Shroo, and Miss Huebiks, the others I’ll post on Monday/Tuesday when I can finish Tempo.

I completely guessed on the color scheme, but don’t worry, the colors on these are all easily fixable, all it takes is a few clicks, so when the official colors are released, I’ll just make the necessary changes.