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Money. Boys. Parties. Friends. Secrets. Most of these things the new girls of Cair House expected. They were students of an elite private school full of backstabbing, rich kids that were too absorbed in their own lives to notice anything going on outside of their social bubbles. Others, though, they didn’t expect to acquire upon their immediate arrival to Narnia Academy. Death. Deception. Enemies. Betrayal. Guilt. Those they expected even less as the five new Cair House members stood on the edge of an abandoned building ready to bury themselves alive in the holes they dug themselves into. Welcome to Narnia Academy, where only those of strong minds survive long enough to graduate.

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Guys, guys, Jee is Jee. He and Sanzu sometimes watch moving pictures together and they mutually enjoy the suffering of others and don't hate each other, simple stuff here

* Wow. Does Polly want a cracker now?

More Flufflebutt Polly

Here she is seen in her natural habitat: my lap. 

It’s her favorite place to sleep, and lately she’s been awfully clingy. Would literally pick her up and set her beside me and two seconds later she’d be crawling back on my lap. 

Thank God For Sobriety

Two months.

It had been two months since Jughead Jones had broken up with Betty Cooper, two months since FP had been released on parole and two months since Jughead had begun to feel the ever present crushing weight of the disappointment piling on his shoulders thicker than any leather jacket he had ever worn.

Fp was ashamed, he felt guilty and hurt that his son was following in his footsteps, he wanted nothing more than to see his oldest succeed, make something of himself. But No, everyday he came home from his Job at Hal Coopers mechanic shop to find his son asleep on the couch, Serpents jacket draped over his shoulders and the bags beneath his eyes darkening.

The older man had been sober for three months, Jugheads father never even so much as glanced at a bottle however, tonight was different. Tonight he would be surrounded by alcohol, surrounded by his former gang members, it was the ultimate test, would he slip? Would he allow the liquid poison to destroy the new life he was trying to build for his family or would he stay strong, would he follow through?

One quick glance at his beanie wearing son slumped against the pool table looking absolutely miserable , a girl with purple streaks in her hair was leaning up against Jughead as he stood stoic.

No, Fp couldn’t slip. Not tonight.

Then he saw her, pastel pinks and blues, a vision of soft cotton and shiny blonde hair. Her eyes were panicked as she searched the smoky bar for something, someone. She caught his eye finally, Fp stood from his bar stool waving a hand towards her as she quickly glided through the rowdy men and scantily dressed young girls.

“Fp, are you okay?! My dad sent me, he said you had an emergency with your bike, he made it sound like there was an accident, I drove here as fast as I could but… but I just kept thinking… what if I’m too late? What if it wasn’t you, what if it was J…” The Beautiful Blonde trailed off, shaking her head and wrapping her arms tight around the older mans waist. “I was so worried” she whispered.

Well good atleast Hal had done his job, you could say a lot of things about the Cooper father but he loved his daughter and he would do anything to make her happy, including involve himself in this silly little plan.

Fp caught his sons startled and nervous eyes from across the room, Jughead pushed away from the purple haired girl, eyes trained on the tiny blonde in his fathers arms.

“Oh no little Coop, you know your dad, so dramatic, my bike broke down outside the bar, I can’t get home without it running and I just can’t figure it out. Of course he’d send you, you are the best mechanic on his team.” He grinned as his future daughter in law blushed prettily.

Betty placed a tiny scarred palm on Fps forearm, her eyes filled with concern and maternal kindness.

“What are you doing here Fp? you shouldn’t be here. If you felt like you needed to talk you know you can always call my dad, or come over! Remember last time? You and dad watched baseball and I made blueberry pie? You said it was better than any scotch you’ve ever had! I can make that again, I just need to run to the store although I’m not sure they’re open this late but I do have cherries at home! I can make a great Che..”

With a laugh a gentle pat to her head the grown man shook his head

“I just needed to check on someone, no drinking for me, and I’ll take you up on they cherry pie offer some other time but right now? Id Be eternally grateful if you could fix my bike for me? I’ll meet you out there in a minute.”

She nodded quickly, hustling through the crowds with practiced ease.

The moment she disappeared from view another familiar face was standing before him, eyes frantic as he ran a hand wildly through his now beanieless black waves.

“What’s wrong? Why is she here? Is it Polly? The babies?! Is it her mom? Is she okay? It’s late she has school in the morning! What did she say to you? Where did she go?!” Jughead panted, his hands reaching out desperately for his fathers collar.

Fp smiled lazily

“She’s just fixing my bike, I’ll be out there in a few minutes, gotta talk to rusty here about putting a few nonalcoholic beverages on the menu.” He teased laughing at the bartenders goofy grin.

“You let her go outside alone?! Here?! What’s wrong with you, you can’t just.. god.. I can’t even believe you!” The young Serpent growled before ripping off in the direction of the door.

Fp leaned back in his stool propping his arms behind his head.

“Take it away son.” He grinned.

Jughead found her leaning over Fps old Harley, hair pulled back in a messy bun and soft blue skirt flowing gently in the wind, her hands were buried deep in the engine and her nose was scrunched in confusion.

“Find the problem kenickie?”

Betty jumped at the familiar rumble of her ex boyfriends voice, her hands trembling as she held the wrench right, looking away quickly she sighed.

“No. I don’t see anything wrong. Other than a few rusty spark plugs it’s in perfect condition, he can bring it to the shop tomorrow, now that you’re here you can take him home. I better go it’s late.” Turning on her heel something in Jughead snapped, he couldn’t just let her walk away again, he wouldn’t be able to bare it if she got in that car and drove away for the second time.

“Betts… Juliet…please” he called after her.

She stiffened.

“I’m going home Jughead.” She whispered

Taking a deep breath he started

“I wish I could go home, I haven’t been able to go home for two months. Nothing feels like home anymore. My trailer.. there’s no tiny pink sweaters folded on top of the couch, there’s no lemonade in the fridge, it doesn’t smell like vanilla and honey, my bed.. it’s empty every night. After school.. I still wait for you to come and take your cheerleading sneakers off and drop your feet in my lap. I don’t have a home anymore because you are my home Betty Cooper and…. and damn I want to come home.” He whispered.

She turned abruptly, raindrop tears falling fast from her meadow green eyes as she stood a few feet from him. Stretching her arms open she smiled shaking

“Come home Juggie.”

And seven years later when Jughead dropped down on one knee in the tiny White House they shared on the Southside and asked Betty Cooper to be his wife, Fp Jones was there, sitting sandwiched between Alice cooper and Hal Cooper.

And maybe when he whispered

“Thank god for sobriety”

No one questioned it one bit.

Hi, here’s some more of my Flufflebutt, Polly. 
Here we have picture of her laying down on my legs (her favorite thing). 

I’m pretty sure this was like 5 seconds before she freaked out and sprung from my lap after something dropped in the kitchen. (I still have scars from that day 😆 )


I wanted to write just a couple key moments in bugheads life! Enjoy guys! It’s a long one, better grab some popcorn!

“I have no idea.” F.P said defeated, throwing his hands in the air and looking helplessly at his son, who was staring at himself in the mirror with the same confused look in his eyes.

“It’s impossible. This is not humanly possible.” Jughead Mumbled as his fingers toyed with his shirt collar and he tugged restlessly.

“It’s satans work is what it is.” F.P growled pulling the offending object from his neck and chucking it at the door, unfortunately Betty chose that moment to walk in and was hit square in the face by the dark blue silk tie.

“Oh!” She said surprised, holding the garment in her hand and smiling at the boys in front of her. “Thankyou?” She asked.

“Sorry Betty Blue Eyes, you got caught up in the middle of a fight between me and that jerk.” F.p grabbed the tie from her hands and squeezed her shoulder smiling warmly at his favorite little lady.

“No problem.” She laughed “having a little trouble?” She glanced behind F.P at Jughead and he smiled shyly, putting his hands up and shrugging as his tie lay limp around his neck

“This is not a simple tie Ms.Cooper, it is the tie to end all ties” he held it out to her and she rolled her eyes
“My apologies, here let me help”

Betty’s hands expertly twisted around F.Ps neck and within seconds his tie was perfectly done and she was moving to stand by Jughead as F.P stared at her in amazement
“You are a lifesaver little one” he plopped down on the couch and stared at the two teens before him.

Betty was standing before Jughead as Jughead leaned into the blondes hands and took up her space

“How are you feeling?” She whispered as she tugged on his shirt collar, her fingers gently passing his neck. Today was F.Ps final court appearance and the judge would decide if he had jail time or just community service

“Nervous. Nervous but ready.” He said, his hands moving to gently rest on her waist. Betty had been there through all of it, she had sat beside him at every court date, held his hand as he visited his father, and she had been in the passenger seat the day they had made bail, now she was here for the end and he didn’t think he could do it without her.

“I’ve got faith.” She smiled and gently tugged his tie straight. He looked down at her and prayed that she could read his mind, that she could tell just how much her being there meant to him, just how grateful he was for her. He dropped a kiss to her lips but quickly pulled back when he saw the bright flash go off beside him.


“What?” The older man held up the Polaroid proudly “its for the grandchildren. You’ll thank me when you’re older.”

Betty shook her head and giggled, grabbing the truck keys and smiling

“Alright boys, onward and upward and into the jaws of death.”

The two Jones boys shook their heads and smiled. Betty Cooper was something else.

“It doesn’t matter mom, it wasn’t meant to last, you knew it, I knew it, he knew it. We were just fooling ourselves. If Veronica stops by tell her I’ll be over tonight. I just… I need..” as Betty’s eyes filled with tears, she shook her head quickly and ran up the stairs, slamming her door as she collapsed into sobs on her bedroom floor.

Alice placed a hand to her heart, her daughter was in pain and it physically hurt her to see the normally bubbly blonde revert back to her old ways. She hadn’t seen Betty this upset since sophomore year. Taking a deep breathe she moved to start up the stairs when a pounding on her front door stopped her in her tracks

“Ms. Cooper! Please! Ms. Cooper, you have to let me in! Please let me explain! Please!” Jughead was pleading with her from the opposite side of the door, opening it slowly she was met face to face with her daughters absolutely frazzled boyfriend. Jughead beanie was missing and the flannel he wore was buttoned completely wrong, while his suspenders hung unclipped at his side, his dark waves were a mess.

“Oh thank god” he mumbled, rushing into the household “she doesn’t understand that she’s all i want, she doesn’t know how much she means to me, I don’t care about any of those fancy names or big places, all I want is her, I shouldn’t have said some of the things I said but she’s just so stubborn ya know? I mean I…” he was cut off by the quick and heavy footsteps sprinting down the stairs

“Stubborn?! I’m stubborn?! Have you looked in the mirror recently? I’m just trying to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life! I’m so sorry for trying to help you!” She shouted in his face, pushing past her mother and standing toe to toe. Alice Cooper stood frozen in her spot.

“Don’t you get it?! You are my life! You’re everything to me. I don’t care about any stupid acceptance letters or big name schools, I want to be wherever you are! My publicist doesn’t care where I’m located, I can write my books from anywhere!” He was begging her but she shook her head.

“I’m not leaving Riverdale Jughead, my family is here, pollys here, baby jayjay is here. They have a great elementary education program at Riverdale Community. I’m staying here. But you! There’s a whole world for you to see out there! I love you and I’ll miss you so much but I cannot be the reason you miss out on seeing the world!” Tears were falling freely down her cheeks now and he placed his palms on either side of her face

“You are my world! Everything I want is right here. I love you. I love Riverdale, if this is where you want to stay, this is where we’ll stay. My dads here, and Jellybean comes here every summer, this is my home too. My home is wherever you are! My first book is already doing so well I can afford to get us an apartment! Don’t you want to be with me?” He wiped at her tears as his own built in his eyes

“Of course I do! I love you. I just don’t… I don’t want you to hate me.. to resent me with time.” Her eyes dropped and he shook his head

“I love you. I could never hate you. I would follow you anywhere, you’re just saving me a trip.” He smiled when he heard her quietly giggle and he pressed his lips to hers
“Wherever you go I’m right beside you okay?” He asked as she nodded

Suddenly the couple was blinded by a bright light and looked up find Alice Cooper standing before them with a digital camera in her hands


“That was beautiful! I’m an old woman let me live vicariously through your love” she snapped a few more as Betty and Jughead rolled their eyes before both posing goofily for the camera.

She laughed as F.P swung her around the dance floor, sending her poofy white dress flying as he lifted her off her feet before placing her back on the ground and holding her by the waist.

“So how does it feel to officially be a jones?” He asked as they slow danced to the familiar father daughter track.

“Long overdue I’d say” she giggled as he puffed his chest out proudly. “Thank you for walking me down the aisle, I invited my dad to the reception but…” she trailed off looking around sadly.

F.p shook his head, Hal Cooper was an absolute idiot, that he was certain of.
“No Betty, Thankyou. You saved my life. You saved my sons life and I can’t repay you for that, you stuck by him through it all, and I know what a tough son of a bitch he can be.” Betty giggled

“Hey that’s my husband you’re talking about!” She smiled brightly.

“You’re decision not mine” the older man teased, spinning Betty around “anyway. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter in law, so thank you for saving both of us.” Betty wiped at her tears as F.P let his freely fall

“Are you making my wife cry on our wedding day?” The familiar timber of Jugheads voice caused them both to smile. F.p gently shoved Betty into his sons arms and took Alice by the hand

“We’re bonding.” He shrugged before moving to the center of the dance floor, Alice laughing the whole way.

“What was that all about Mrs.Jones?” Jughead asked slightly concerned at her tears.

Looking up at her husband, Betty smiled happily
“Nothing at all Mr. Jones.” He beamed as he dropped a kiss to her lips

“This way you two!”

Veronica called from beside them, she held her camera up and motioned for them to smile as she snapped the picture. Veronica took photos fro fashion magazines all over the world and as Betty’s bridesmaid she demanded she also be the Wedding photographer. Looking up at Jughead as he stared lovingly down at her, she ignored the bright flash of the camera and stared deep into her brand new husbands eyes.

“Oh no.” She stood in front of the mirror.

Jughead came running out of the bathroom
“Oh no what?!” He asked frantically, reaching for the bag by the bed.

“I look like a whale.” Betty said blandly, still staring at her reflection in the mirror “might as well call sea world, who needs a book launch, I’ll just start a new career as the first pregnant whale to speak English.” She pouted as she tugged on the skin tight black dress, pulling her nude heel over her foot.

Jughead bit his lip to keep from laughing, tonight was the launch of their very first book as co authors, it had gone over so well that they were already number five on the New York Times Best Seller List. Apparently the concept of a couple writing a book together did very well for sales and they were already sky rocketing, Us Weekly had actually written a two page spread on the “Small Town Star Crossed lovers.” Unfortunately Betty was six months Pregnant and all belly, she seemed to gain no weight anywhere else and as a first grade teacher she was used to flowy sundresses and flats. The stylist had picked out a tight dress and high heels, she looked absolutely amazing to Jughead but apparently the mirror said something else.

“You look beautiful. Too beautiful to even argue” he wrapped his hands around her waist and rubbed her baby belly.

“Really?” She wasn’t one to be vain but hey, pregnancy really does things to your self confidence.

“ absolutely.” He pressed a kiss to the shell of her ear and felt her shudder. Oh yes.

“Alright who’s ready for pictures!” Kevin came into the room and waved his tablet around. Oh did I mention? Kevin was the Jones family manager.

Jughead rolled his eyes and smiled goofily at Kevin as Betty stuck her tongue out

Kevin snapped the picture and in a dull, unamused voice exclaimed


Jughead smiled down at his wife and bent down to press a kiss to her tummy for good luck

“Ready mama?”

“You got it daddy.” She giggled.


“Ma! Come here!”

Betty came barreling down the stairs, her ten month old daughter , Lila, snuggled against her chest

“What’s the matter Cody?!” She looked him up and down for any damage

“Chill mom, I just wanted to know what this was.” The nine year old boy held up the dark blue album and handed it to her, gently taking Lila in his arms and pressing a kiss to her forehead. Betty smiled at the scene in front of her as she ruffled her sons dark waves.

“This is Mine and your dads, it’s our memories.” She opened the album and began flipping through the pages, pointing out pictures and telling the story that went along with each one, Cody was in hysterics and Lila had fallen back asleep.

“Dad really wore that beanie everyday?” He asked, wiping his eyes from laughter

“Yeah well you wear your burger boxers everyday to school.”

Both Betty and Cody turned around at the familiar voice, Jughead stood against the door frame, arms crossed and grinning.

“It’s different! Not everyone can see them! How did you even land mom! She was like… well.. no offense mom but you were a babe and dad… not so much!”

Jughead snorted
“Oh no offense mom? What about no offense dad?” He walked forward and started tickling his son who began laughing like crazy and grabbing at his dads hands, Lila woke up and stirred reaching her arms out for her older brother

“I’ll go feed her! Then I’m going to go play basketball with Jason Andrews, next door.” Cody gently grabbed his baby sister and led her to the kitchen.

Jughead plopped down beside his wife and draped an arm over her shoulders, staring down at the album

“How did I land you?” He asked, gently nuzzling her neck as she stretched.

“Right back at you Romeo.” She dropped her lips to his.

ask me again in the morning | michael gray/reader

@collecting-stories i did it again with the marshmallow fluff

You leaned back against the wall, laughing into your palm as Polly chased off the man who’d whistled at you, screaming at him in the middle of the street.

“-up your arse!”


A window opened somewhere in the row of houses and a shout for her to shut up came out, so she turned her head and screamed at them to piss off as well.

“Polly! I think we should get home before a copper catches us, yeah?”

She fluffed her hair out, put her hands on her hips, and laughed along with you. You staggered off the curb to link arms with her and set off across the dark streets together.

When she’d asked you, well actually told you that you were going out together tonight you’d been torn between terror and confusion.

“Oh, is it a girl’s night?”

“That’s right, just you and me. I think it’s past time we got to know each other properly”

When your gangster boyfriend’s imposing mother tells you you’re going out together, you go. Somewhere in between drinking to sooth your nerves you’d actually started enjoying yourself and realised Polly was alright. And Polly seemed to think you were alright too, laughing along with you at Michael’s antics, singing in bars together, screaming at men in the street for you.

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Unfaithful (Part III)

(Part I) (Part II)

Hello my loves! Just thought I’d get this out to you before my short break from writing. I have a request that is done too, so once I reread it and fix whatever mistakes there are, I’ll have that posted too. Love always <3

Warnings: None really. Language of course, but we are dealing with the Blinders, am I right? That’s to be expected

The sun flooded through the windows of the room Polly let me stay in, waking me up from a less than ideal night of tossing and turning on the mattress.

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deancas au; 1,3k

Winter and glasses don’t mix. Unfortunately, it seems no one informed Cas’s ophthalmologist about it and she remains convinced that glasses and winter do, in fact, mix. More than that, in Cas’s case, they have to—unless he wants his sight to degrade even further than it already has due to two decades of neglect.

And so there he is now, freezing his nose off on the steel frames. He should have listened to Anna when she recommended the thick, plastic ones. They just didn’t seem very practical at the time, and now that’s just another regret.

At least, it stopped snowing.

The bright side of wearing glasses, of course—winter or not—is that Cas can now read the bus timetable without having to, figuratively, press his nose to it. He can even see the number of the incoming bus from the very crossroads and consequently spare himself the guessing and getting to the door last.

He really should have gotten glasses sooner.

Cas gathers his bags off the bench and moves towards the middle entrance. As soon as the door opens he steps into the warmth of the crowded vehicle. The puff of heated air envelops his face and—

The world goes white.

All of it.

Well, almost all of it; there are still colors and movement on the periphery of his vision. The entire center field is obscured by dense, white fog.

He stops in his tracks, shifts all heavy bags into one hand to free the other but the incoming passengers keep pushing him forward. Blinded, he attempts to move toward the rear end of the bus without stumbling. There’s too much hustle to try wiping the steam off the glasses now; with half a dozen shoulders pressing on him from all sides, he can’t even lift the freed hand.

The jam loosens, slightly, when the doors close and Cas manages to find a little safe footing. He reaches to the glasses but the tips of his fingers can barely brush the frames when the bus starts and the yank sends Cas tumbling forward.

He shoots his free hand up in a futile attempt to grab a strap and collides into someone’s chest. A strong scent of cologne fills him up as his nose sinks into the man’s collar. An arm wraps around Cas on instinct. The man stills them both easily.

“Got you,” a low voice purrs above his ear.

A hot blush creeps up Cas’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles, trying to pull away.

The steam covering his glasses begins to recede around the edges, but still not enough to make out the face in front of him.

“S’fine,” the man says, loosening his hold, but doesn’t let go entirely until Cas finds the strap over his head. “Let me help ya, buddy.”

He gently pulls the glasses off Cas’s nose before Cas can protest. He starts wiping them with a handkerchief in his other hand, elbow locked around a pole. His eyes are trained on his own working fingers, the corners of his lips are raised in a tiny smirk. He must be around Cas’s age, maybe a couple years younger, and, Dear God, even without the glasses Cas can tell he’s beautiful.

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You’re A Sinking Stone

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Michael Gray x Reader


-“Don’t. Just don’t. I don’t want to hear you say what I think you’re going to say. Don’t speak.”

-Can I request one where you’re dating Michael and the whole Charlotte thing happens and you end up turning to Tommy for comfort?

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