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William Nylander #3.2

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A/N: yay part two of this lovely imagine!!!! and yes i’m already like half way done part three so expect that soon too :)

Word Count: 3,793

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The reaction you were getting from the many Leafs players and staff, accompanied by their families or girlfriends, was one you were used to as people first saw your childhood house. Cause, well it couldn’t even really be considered a house. Even before your fathers NHL career, both he and your mother came from money, so much that it embarrassed you now to say what sort of numbers were sitting in your bank account. But your embarrassment wasn’t to be mistaken by ungrateful, cause boy were you ever grateful.

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Your Touch Part 2

Yay, part two is here! Cute, fluffy smutty smut lies ahead ;)


Austin’s car pulled into my driveway and he put it in park. We sat for a second, neither of us moving. 

“I really did have a lot of fun today,” I said, giving him a small smile. 

“I did, too,” he replied. We sat again for a short pause and then I moved to get out of the car. “I’ll walk you to the door.”

“Well, thank you, sir,” I joked. Austin laughed.

“I can be a gentleman sometimes!” he said, extending his arm for me to take playfully. Austin walked me up to my front door and then we stood there together, not really sure of what to do next. This almost felt like we just got off of a date and this would be the awkward part where we maybe kiss or maybe just walk away from each other with strange goodbyes. 

“Well..I’ll uh, talk to later?” I asked, biting my lip. Austin nodded.

“Yeah, uhm, definitely,” he replied. We looked at each other awkwardly and then averted our gazes. Austin ran a hand through his hair and I unlocked my door. Just as I was about to step inside and he was about to hop down the steps, I turned, not knowing what was coming over me.

“Do you…want to come in?” I asked quietly. Austin turned to look at me and I blushed. “I have coffee and stuff, you don’t have to, it’s late so I mean-”

“Y/N, I’d love to,” he replied gently, making me smile and nod. We walked in together and I turned on the lights. Austin had been to my house plenty of times so I knew he knew where everything was, but I felt the need to act like a good hostess for some reason. I kicked my shoes off and gestured to the kitchen. 

“Do you want something to drink? Like I said, I have coffee. I also have water and some pop, maybe some beer..” I trailed off as I headed for the fridge, Austin in tow. I opened it and bent over, examining what I had in stock and rattling off some words.

“Y/N, calm down,” he chuckled, pulling me gently away from the fridge and toward his body. Before I knew it, I was right up against him and my heart was beating a million miles an hour. “I’m not thirsty,” he whispered. I couldn’t say or do anything other than stare up into his eyes. And then he was leaning down and the next thing I know, Austin’s lips were pressed to mine softly. Butterflies erupted in my stomach. His hands snaked around my back, holding me to him, and my arms wrapped around his neck. The kiss was soft and sweet and loving, but it soon turned passionate. Austin’s tongue was exploring my mouth, his hand tangled in my hair. Eventually we had to break apart to breathe, looking into each others’ eyes with our chests rising and falling heavily. 

“Austin,” I whispered breathlessly, tracing my fingertips over the side of his face. His hand came up to cup my cheek, his thumb rubbing small circles. Without warning, I pulled him back to my lips and we were kissing again. I jumped up, wrapping my legs around his waist and his hands held me up by my thighs. Austin began to walk out of the kitchen, down the hall, and then into my room. He broke the kiss and dropped me. My back was against the wall and Austin’s hands were on either side of my head. We were breathing roughly.

“Are we really doing this?” he asked softly. I bit my lip and tugged on the end of his shirt in response. Austin grinned and pulled it off slowly, my following. His hands grazed down my exposed sides before resting on my hips. I nodded in permission, and he took my shorts off as well. I was left in nothing but my underwear. His hand came up to rest lightly on my cheek. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, looking right into my eyes. I couldn’t help but blush. I kissed him again and then we started to walk to the bed, falling back on it together and giggling. 

“We’re really doing this,” I said gently as Austin’s body hovered over mine. He kicked off his shorts and I ran my hands over his chest, causing him to shiver. Austin’s lips found my neck and I gasped as he kissed and nipped and licked from my jawbone to my earlobe to my neck to my collarbone to my chest. He was careful and slow, especially in removing my bra and exploring my exposed breasts. I tossed my head back into the pillows in pleasure, letting out a breathy moan. 

“I’ve wanted you,” he began, kissing down my stomach. “For so long.” He looked to me and then slid my panties down my legs, tossing them aside. Austin sat up and brought my leg up, placing little kisses from my ankle all the way up my leg to my center. I nearly yelped when his tongue darted out, teasing me. My hand flew to his hair as he worked his magic, bringing me to the edge, but not letting me fall.

“I need you,” I whimpered as his body returned to covering mine. My hands roamed his strong back as he kicked off his boxer-briefs and then slowly entered me. I gasped at his size.

“Are you alright?” he asked, concern all over his face. I nodded and moved my hips to let him know I was alright. Austin rolled against me and I let out a moan. He started a steady but gentle pace. Our hands were roaming each others’ bodies, our moans mixing in the air as we moved in sync. My legs were wrapped around him and his fingers were entwined with mine, pinned above my head. 

“Au- Austin..” I breathed. He placed kisses all over my neck and cheeks and forehead. 

“Let it go,” he whispered in my ear huskily, and I was pushed over the edge. My body shook with pleasure and I cried out; Austin soon followed. He rolled next to me, covering our sweaty bodies with the sheet. “Wow,” he breathed. I nodded and let out a small laugh. 

“That was great,” I replied. Austin agreed and pulled me into him, tucking my hair out of my face. 

“I really like you,” he whispered against my lips.

“I really like you, too.”


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