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A Lesson in Family

Or, me having no excuse but trying to get rid of writers block. This isn’t even a full drabble. It’s a snippet of an au me and my partner in crime have been talking about for like two years that’s super feel-good and perfect for times like now, when I’m sick, in pain, and in need of that Good Aruani.

I believe I’ve talked about this one on here before? Armin’s a Kindergarten teacher, Annie’s a single mom to a five year old, and they start dating. Later, it turns out that- well honestly it’s here so. No need to explain lmao. Just a fun little drabble as I am horribly ill in bed! 


“Armin. You’ve been on the floor staring at the ceiling for two hours.”

He responded with a barely intelligible grunt.

“Armin, come on.” Eren grabbed his hands and started to drag him across the carpet, with Mikasa standing on and observing the sad display. Of course, it was because of her he was in that position. All she did was lay down the truth.

“I mean, nothing is concrete. So you slept with Annie years ago, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the father of her kid.”

Armin shot a glare at Eren. “I know Annie. She really doesn’t get around. I may have been her first and only, even. And just, think of the math here. Abigail was born in March. The party was at the end of June.” Eren cocked an eyebrow, but Mikasa at least caught on. “That’s exactly nine months before.”



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I saw bethanyactuallys post about how in 6x13 Jeff wanted make sure Annie wanted to kiss him, wanted to make sure she was okay, and its such a big change from six years ago, when he barely knew his little band of misfits, when he was still selfish, when he jumped at the chance of kissing britta because thats what he wanted to do,but now, jeff winger cares about other people, he wants to know what they want, he puts others first and i dont know i just like parallels and character development


jeff and annie meme: [two/three] episodes

basic intergluteal numismatics

part of my social media series

believe it or not, jeff actually likes twitter. 

it lets him keep relatively on top of the news without having to read any long, boring articles, and he never misses a meme or funnyordie video. 

when annie found his account and subsequently followed him, he followed her back… for about a week. that unfollow earned him several days of the cold shoulder from her, but it was worth it. her tweeting style was a disaster

she syncs all of her accounts! anything she posts on facebook, instagram, foursquare, periscope, and, hell, even myfitnesspal, is duplicated on her twitter page. it clogs up his feed, and he doesn’t understand why she expects people to view the same content twice. 

“i write original, twitter-exclusive tweets, too!” she says, when explains his reasoning to her. 

“sorry, but i have a system – i follow just the right amount of people so that i can catch up on everyone’s tweets while i sit at red lights on the drive to school,” he says. “when i followed you, i didn’t even get halfway. and my thumb cramped up.”

he never follows her back. sure, when she moves to DC he starts checking her page once in a while just to make sure he doesn’t miss anything, but he maintains that syncing accounts was ridiculous. the epitome of millennial oversharing.

so, no one is more surprised than jeff when one morning in august he finds himself sitting in the back of a taxi and syncing all of his accounts. 

his heart is racing, a little, and his palms are sweaty, so he asks the driver to turn up the AC. he’s finally managed it – linking his facebook, instagram, and twitter – as the cab comes to a stop. it’s probably overkill to post the same thing on all three sites, but he needs to make sure she doesn’t miss this.

he waits until he’s gone through security and is sitting at the gate, with his new burberry duffel at his feet. then he holds up his boarding pass and snaps a photo. it’s perfect – you can see planes out the window in the background – and his travel destination on the ticket is clear as day. 


they’re calling his boarding group when he hits post. 

16. “You’re embarrassing me.”

“And that’s why I love you,” Annie said, then reached her foot across the bed to touch Mikasa’s warm legs.

“Ah! Cold feet,” Mikasa said, recoiling. “Don’t do that! And you’re embarrassing me.”

“By telling you I love you? There’s no one else here.” Annie pulled Mikasa into her chest. Mikasa’s head rose and fell with Annie’s breathing.

“I dunno,” Mikasa sighed. “I guess I’m just not used to it. The affection.”

“I love you! I love you!” Annie said over and over again. She rolled Mikasa onto her back and pinned her there, peppering her face with kisses.

Mikasa laughed. “Nooo!”

“I love you more than life itself. I love you more than cheesecake.”

Mikasa’s face was bright red, but she was grinning.

“I’m gonna make you used to it,” Annie said.

“Give up on me,” Mikasa said.

“Never,” Annie replied.

Remember this scene? 

Annie was held down by the wires, and Levi was talking to her. He provoked her, and threathened to cut her out of her titan body which caused her to find a means of escape

and then later on there was this scene

where the Survey Corps were able to shoot her with more wires, and hold her down again

well, Hanji provoked Annie here too, and threatened to be the one to dissect her. It caused Annie to break free and run.

Hanji and Levi have spent so much time together, they started to act like one another 

if that’s not beautiful, I don’t know what is

anonymous asked:

What are your top 5 SNK ships and why! :)

Top three ships have pretty much remained unchanged ever since I caught up with the manga. I am fond of many other ships (listed in my welcome page). My 4th and 5th spots tend to change depending on where we are in the story, but I’m giving special mention to the ones you see here:

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