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SM Entertainment voice: Oh yeah we love our SMRookies Kun, Jungwoo, Lucas, *looks at smudged writing on hand* Hansen and *squints at hand* …the gilrs?

10 Rookie K-Pop Groups To Look Out For In 2017

This year has brought us an incredible amount of new music, new groups, and all around incredible talent. But with the new year right around the corner, it’s time to get ready to usher in even more. Here are ten rookie groups — including the ones who will soon be making their official debut — you can expect to see a lot more of in 2017.

1. K.A.R.D
Making the most unexpected debut of the year, DSP Media’s new group K.A.R.D is a co-ed one already turning a lot of heads with their extremely catchy debut, “Oh NaNa.” The group, consisting of both male and female members, is a venture not often seen in K-pop. And the change of pace is not just refreshing. It’s impressive. In less than three weeks since their debut, K.A.R.D has already garnered three million views (and counting) for their first single. We can’t wait to see what other milestones they’ll reach in 2017.

2. Pledis Girlz
The first girl group from Pledis Entertainment in four years, Pledis Girlz is set to make their official debut in 2017. But the girl group hasn’t been sitting around idly until then. Members Lim Nayoung and Zhou Jieqiong have spent the year promoting as members of project group I.O.I., while the remaining members have dropped countless practice videos showcasing their vocal and dance talents.

In addition to this, the group also released the pre-debut track “We” written and composed by the members. Pledis Girlz is overflowing with talent, and their official debut will definitely be one to keep on your radar.

3. Varsity
Varsity is a 12-member boy group set to debut within the first week of the new year. The group has seven Korean members and five Chinese members, and is aiming for a debut exploding with charisma and power. Coined as a “global idol group,” Varsity also boasts multilingual members such as Seungbo — who will be able to communicate with fans in Arabic, English, Korean, and French. With qualities like that, we can’t wait to ring in the new year with their official debut.

4. Bolbbalgan4
Two years after competing on “Superstar K4,” female duo Bolbbalgan4 made their official debut earlier this year. The duo is already making waves with their single “Galaxy,” which showcases their unique indie style. In addition to the lead single and mini album “Red Ickle,” Bolbbalgan4 has also released a full album titled “Red Planet.”

5. Pentagon
Having dropped two EPs already since their October debut, rookie boy group Pentagon is on no track to slow down. The group is the latest addition to Cube Entertainment’s artist roster, and have already shown their dedication and talent through their survival program “Pentagon Maker.” Through songs like “Gorilla,” “You Are,” and “Can You Feel It,” Pentagon is proving that they can tackle any genre and make a name for themselves in the new year.

Having debuted only a month ago, VICTON is already separating themselves from the pack with their addictive title track “I’m Fine.” The song feels fresh, yet affectionately familiar with its throwback vibes; it’s also a firm indication of what the group can bring to the K-pop scene in the future. Their first EP “Voice to New World” houses their introduction track “What Time Is It Now,” which makes you anticipate their future concepts and comebacks for the new year even more.

7. Bonus Baby
Definitely one of the more younger groups in K-pop, girl group Bonus Baby will showcase their cheerful image with their debut in the new year. Artists such as NC.A, GP Basic, and NCT Dream have proven that a young age is no reason to overlook true talent, and we can’t wait to see what Bonus Baby will have to offer with their official debut soon.

Seven-member boy group MYTEEN hails from the label Music Works, which notably features Minzy and Baek Ji Young. Former “Superstar K6” contestant and soloist Song Yu Vin is also a member of the rookie group. Although MYTEEN hasn’t made their official debut yet, the group regularly meets fans through “MYTEEN Show” from their official YouTube page and performs in various cities in Korea. 2017 will definitely be the year they make their mark.

Bypassing the usual cute and innocent girl group concept, quintet Bulldok burst onto the scene with a fierce image and an even bolder debut with their single, ” Why Not.” The ladies are ready to claim their spot in the ever-competitive music scene, and with a sound like this, they’re sure to find their true breakout in 2017.

Debuting earlier this year with the funky single “She,” MAMAMOO’s brother group VROMANCE is a fresh vocal quartet worth keeping an eye on. The group features four members with incredible vocals, charisma, and style. In the new year, VROMANCE is set to showcase a different, softer facet of their talent with their upcoming comeback. And if it’s anything like their debut, it’s sure to be breathtaking.


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time for me to once again express my love for ghostbusters through a meme that will become dated any moment now! 

but no, really, i love every ghostbuster that isn’t Chevy Chase with Cat Hair

(this post is also my Official Endorsement of the ghostbusters idw comics. this series is great, please read it if you haven’t already! …if you want, of course.)

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Back in 2012 on RadioStar, Kyuhuyn of Super Junior mentioned they did a hidden camera prank on Shinee where Onew physical threw himself in the scuffle to stop them from fighting. Is there a clip of that anywhere? Thank you for all you do!

I don’t know about him mentioning it on Radio Star, but the prank itself only exists for us as an anecdote! (It was filmed, but never released.) TVXQ, Super Junior, and SHINee have recounted the story a few times, though, such as on 081021 Kiss the Radio, 081021 Shimshimtapa, and 110210 Happy Together.

Just for fun, if anyone is interested in actually watching a rookie-era SHINee prank, here is one (@ 9:00) involving Jonghyun and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Yuri! No one jumps into the middle of a brawl like the one above lmao, but—

you are in love - sappy rookies being sappy

01. make it to me - sam smith; 02. 18 - one direction; 03. so far away - mary lambert; 04. riptide (cover) - taylor swift; 05. bloom - the paper kites; 06. right thru me - nicki minaj; 07. wildest dreams - taylor swift; 08. something i need - onerepublic; 09. you are in love - taylor swift

Spoilers: A Joker Adventure

Wow. It’s been such a fucking long time since I’ve actually written something for the Joker, holy shit. Well, I’m slowly but surely getting my muse back! (Thank you move!) I hope this isn’t shitty. Keep in mind this is also me getting back into the swing of things so pardon the fact that Joker and Harley aren’t actually in this fic. -J.xx

“Hey, detective!”

Turning in the direction of the voice, I found a beat cop coming my way from across the precinct. I sighed inwardly; being a rookie detective around here meant that no one remembered your name and you were just called by your position.

“What is it?” I replied blandly, hoping he’d get the idea to leave me alone and take whatever he wanted to tell me to someone else. I had other things to worry about like the string of homicides on the lower east end of the city.

“This was left out front about ten minutes ago. Gordon isn’t in right now, and I couldn’t find any other detectives,” explained the cop, shoving a medium sized box in my direction.

“Did you by any chance check to see if it was, I don’t know, maybe a bomb before bringing it inside? This is Gotham City, you never know what one of those crazies running around in the streets might try to pull,” I spat angrily, not taking the box from him. This should’ve been checked by the bomb squad before ever being touched.

“I-I didn’t think of that, detective.”

Obviously, or else someone would be inspecting it right now.”

“I’ll go get it checked and bring it back once it’s cleared,” he said quickly before running off.

Sighing again, I headed back to my desk, falling into the chair with my head in my hands. I had no leads for this case and the bodies were beginning to pile up. Five bodies in the past week, and the killer was escalating. I expected a call to come through any minute now telling me that there was a sixth body.

Groaning, I grabbed the case file and flipped it open for the upteenth time, trying to find something out of information that I know as well as the back of my hand. I’ve been over this case time and time again, losing sleep over it, but I was getting nowhere. No leads, no evidence. Nothing to tie these crimes back to someone. But the killer has to slip up at some point, no one’s that perfect.

“Don’t underestimate the crazies,” I thought to myself, chuckling tiredly. I should’ve moved out of Gotham when I had the chance to. Take up a position in another city, get as far away from here as I could. But I hadn’t. There was just something about Gotham; once it’s in your blood, it stays there. You stay here. Only the few lucky ones truly get to escape Gotham. Unfortunately, you weren’t one of the lucky ones, buddy.

I don’t know how much time had passed when the same beat cop reappeared next to my desk, holding the same box but it had now been opened. “I got it checked out like you said, detective. It’s clean, but I shoulda known better. I’m really sorry, sir.”

Timidly setting the box onto my desk, he slowly backed away before disappearing off to another part of the precinct. Closing my case file - I needed a break - I pulled the box closer to me, inspecting the contents. The cop was right, it looked like it was clean. There were only a few rolled up blueprints and a sticky note inside.

Picking up the first blueprint, I unraveled it. I didn’t understand what I was seeing at first, but then it clicked. It may have been cleared for bombs, but that didn’t clear it of how to build one. I was looking at the very precise instructions for constructing a bomb only a well-known Gothamite villain would know how to make.

The Joker.

“How did this get here?” I mumbled out loud, pulling out another one of the blueprints. This one contained the layout of one of Gotham’s largest banks, an entry and escape route already planned out.

Finally picking up the sticky note, all of the pieces fell into place. There was only one person who could get their hands on this information and make it all the way here to the GCPD building without being tracked down and killed by the Joker first. Before I even flipped over the small piece of paper to read it, I already knew what it was going to say.

“Me and Mr. J fought again -HQ”

you know what? nct need more credit. like they are out here taking all the awkward rookie energy so no one else has to suffer. when you’re talking about how rookie groups don’t have that “embarrassing rookie phase” i think over to my good old pals nct who are taking the blow for all your faves. nct, kings of taking one for the team. kings of selflessness


You said that we were gonna go and get a coffee, and you were gonna give me the talk. 

Reunion .2

Hey! Remember when I wrote this ?

(Don’t worry. I forgot about it too)

Well I wrote 1000 more words. They achieve nothing plotwise, and I have no idea where they are going, but I wanted to write some pre-couple Golly and was feeling too lazy to start a new story. So, anyway… They’re under the cut, if you want to read them. 

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