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Writing Dynamic Relationships

Hey y'all, Abby here with another writing post! Today we’re going to be talking about dynamic relationships.

In my opinion, dynamic relationships are better to write than static ones because they bring an element of change. Dynamic relationships change we learn more about the characters and go through the story, and our characters experience more outside of their regular lives. And, on top of that, the change of a dynamic relationship can show the reader how the characters are dealing with the events of the story. So, here we go.

Plot out the relationship throughout the book. If you’re writing a series, decide how it’s going to start, end, and change throughout.
When you start with one idea that you know is going to be involved and end with a different one, you’re given the freedom to choose how it happens. That’s typically how I do it – I plot out my book first and decide where the start and end points of the relationship are, then I let the plot decide how it happens. Or, you can plan out every detail – as long as you know the general idea of what you want to happen. Whatever works for you, as long as you have an idea of wheee you want it to go.

Understand that relationships have ups and downs.
If you plan to model your relationship after real life, you’ve probably realized that relationships don’t travel in straight lines. People have arguments and good times and awkward phases and internal issues that affect how they interact with others; if you want your characters to come off as human, they need to exhibit these characteristics.

Realize that each relationship will be different and has its own path to follow.
While the state of your character’s other relationships will affect your character’s demeanor and behavior towards others, these are generally temporary. If your character is dynamic, they will need to take time to recover, but eventually they will recover. And your relationships will reflect that. But just because one relationship isn’t doing great doesn’t mean the same goes for the others. Your character’s willingness to contribute to the relationship controls that.

Don’t leave out relationships where your main character is not directly involved in.
Other characters’ relationships will also affect their behavior towards your main character, which is also something that will affect the relationship. It could even bring in a new subplot of your character trying to be nosy and make amends, or just trying to figure out the issues between the other characters. And, with a degree of secrecy and a curiosity-rising plot, you could create a killer plot twist or two.

That’s all I’ve got for today! See you next time with another writing post; until than, much love!

there won’t ever be a character that will continue to devastate me at a visceral subatomic level like raven reyes. last episode (4x03) just highlighted, once again, how much i love her and how excited i am to see her arc unfold in the future, because she has so much more story to tell than people initially believed.

it takes raven a few emotionally tortured moments/scenes to get to the point where her heart bursts open and she decides to change the game for herself, but it’s so nice to see (even if heartbreaking) that she is someone who feels everything with her entire being nonetheless, because yes, raven isn’t a stone-cold, ruthless, inhuman girl who makes “wrong choices” (she had a point after all and she acted her choice out in connection to that information). people seem to forget that she is someone who understands pain and loss, too - always has and always will - and you see through her heart in more than one occasion. she enters leadership with a very measured and dedicated goal - save their people - but much sooner than later she realizes what the cost of life and death actually means (especially since she makes the call), and how you start to go through your life in connection to the decision you’ve made, carrying the burden.

it’s so similar to what bellamy had been through in 4x02.

the way she approches leadership with her head first shows how much of a natural and amazingly, hypertalented woman she is, especially in the department of science. she does most of the technical work, and she is extremely good at it. but then you also see the sheer contrasting cut from her head as soon as her heart is involved, because raven is someone who is heavily connected to the heart. throughout the episode she is a bundle of neuroses, and by the end she not just experiences something for herself, but we enter a new direction in her arc that also affects how she deals with others from now on.

one of the most notable moments is this one:

yes, the scene in which adria dies in luna’s arms is the one that forces raven’s head to flare, because as much as she has been right about the medicine, it’s clear that - in that hard-hitting moment - she wishes it actually had worked to save adria’s life. but this scene right here (see caps above) is the one that hits me the most, because there is so much maturity in raven’s decision to stay in medical after that first-hand experience. not just as a leader, but as a person.

the camera clearly spends time to focus on the dead grounders. already wrapped up and all, and it also shows who was there with them until they died - abby, nyko, luna and raven. and here is my deal with the entire sequence:

adria is luna’s child (not literal), and luna is not raven’s friend (i hope that will change soon), but raven chooses to owe responsibility to her previous decision and be there for the infected people; decides to barrel herself right into a series of brutal first-hand experiences (everyone dies except for luna); pulls herself together to help. raven, pretty much like abby, or nyko, shares the sadness for others here, but instead of going back to work (that passion is shakeble for her after all) she lets herself be stripped from a certain innocence she used to have in the beginning of the ep, when she called “the decision between who gets to live and die” clarke’s speciality, and feels the full force of loss and leadership. she doesn’t close herself off, but is ready to make that step forward, with the people, with abby. and it all just speaks volumes for her character and her emotional, personal growth. now the world looks even more different for her and she is there with everyone, every step of the way. not hiding, but present.

it’s clear that she will have to make more hard decisions, this is only the first step after all, but i am so excited to see it all. she is truly stepping up.

Change the story (Savitar x Reader)

Seeing as everyone freaked the hell out about the first part of this called ‘you can be a queen’ I’m writing a part two! It’s a bit shorter than the first one but I am writing a third part!
Here we go…

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Savitar. God of speed. A merciless killer. And the man who saved you.

The past few weeks with Savitar went by at a slow pace. It was mainly him making sure you were going to go through with everything. With using another time remnant to create Savitar.

It was possible. All he needed to do was to send the remnant from the past, into the future, and make him become Savitar. We just needed to convince Barry of the past to do it. That’s where you came in.

Savitar believed that you were the only one that could get through to past Barry. He said that he had always loved you, even while with Iris. If you convinced him to create the armor, and become the god of speed, then Savitar would be created with out Iris needing to die.

Today was the day that you were going to the past. Needless to say you were a little spooked.

“You can do this, trust me,” Savitar said taking your hand from your lap. Then Barry and Cisco had to ruin the moment.

“You wanna not comfort my best friend? That’s my job,” Cisco spoke sarcastically.

“Of course, why am I not surprised. Little Cisco and Barry are coming to ‘save’ you,” Savitar stepped closer to the pair as he spoke, “ever think she’s happier here? With me?”

“Why would she be happy with you? You are evil, you want to kill her friends!” Barry countered.

“Stop! Stop fighting please!” You yelled standing up putting yourself between everyone.

“Choose,” Savitar said rather harshly, “if you go with me Iris won’t die, and you’ll be happy with me. But if you go with them, I will kill Iris, I will be forced to harm you.”

“Like you said, I die anyway.”

“What?” Barry and Cisco say.

“Don’t worry about it boys, I’ll get to that part later,” you walked up to Savitar and whispered, “I’m sorry, but you know who I am as a person. If I can make Barry realize that everything will end okay for him, even if Iris does die. Then I have to do it.”

“I respect your decision,” You turned away and walk to Barry and Cisco, “I love you.”

“I don’t know how to respond to that right now. Try when we see each other again.”

“Come on (Y/N) let’s go,” Cisco grabbed your shoulder and pulled you away from the scarred man.

“Goodbye for now,” Savitar almost sounded sad to see you leave.

You had no words. You just turned around a looked in his eyes. Then left with Cisco and Barry.

Being back in the cortex was strange after being gone for the past few weeks. Everyone would give you short, pitiful glances. Iris would barely look at you.

You knew you deserved this. But you also knew that you could change how this story ended.

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I worked farmers markets since I was 11 or 12 and man. I learned two skills that I use to this day. One being, counting back change. Two, how to innocently and politely make people feel like idiots. "What's the price on this salmon steak" Me:"oh I'm not sure I just started working here, what's the sign in front of the salmon say?"😂😂

Mwhahaha! You’re the best kind of evil and I LOVE IT! Teach us how to sass like you because that is just awesome. -Abby

Lust for life. (G.D) {Part 1}

Summary: Based off the song “Lust for life” by Lana del Rey. The reader is conflicted when she finds herself having feelings for her best friend. An internal conflict arises when She has to decide whether or not to act on her feelings or to remain the same with her best friend. She is also scarred from her past relationship and finds it hard to open herself up to love again

Sorry guys I kinda suck at summaries! Also, one of my first writings on here so I’m open to any suggestions! Thanks for reading! (:

Warnings: Some language? 

~Climb up the H
Of the Hollywood sign, yeah
In these stolen moments
The world is mine
There’s nobody here
Just us together
Keepin’ me hot
Like July forever~

You’ve known Grayson for almost 6 months now. When you met him and his twin brother your whole life changed. Those boys became your everything. Ethan was your best friend and he was dating your sister, Abbie. Grayson, of course, was also your best friend, but it was also something more than that. You and Gray had connected from the very moment you met and it scared you. The only other time you had felt this close to someone, it ended badly. Tonight you were feeling extremely down. Your thoughts were racing so fast you couldn’t seem to keep up with them. Your head was pounding as you sat on his couch with your legs crossed and face buried into your phone. You were trying to distract yourself from the situation at hand. You had barely said a word since you got to his place and he had noticed. He leaned over so his face was in front of yours.

“How about we go to our spot?” he chimed. You smiled softly at him and shook your head. You didn’t even have to tell him what was wrong, he just knew something was. He always did. You got into the car and drove to your spot in absolute silence. He didn’t even try to talk to you. It’s like he knew there was already too much noise going on inside your head. It was almost creepy how well Gray knew you. You had taken this drive many times before but tonight it felt different. You felt different. As Gray drove your mind wandered back to the first time you came to the spot.

 You were at your first official Youtube party. You and your sister Abbie were new to the Youtube scene. You just recently hit 1 million subscribers and everything blew up quickly for you. Abbie had found herself some guy to latch onto for the night which left you alone, wandering at the party. You honestly hated parties and the only reason you had come was because Abbie practically forced you out of the house.

“It’ll be fun!” she said. 

“so much fun” you sarcastically thought to yourself as you wandered the crowded rooms. You began to feel more and more nauseous as the sun kept setting. The music was getting louder and the number of people in the room kept growing. You felt your chest become heavy and your breathing quicken. “oh hell” you thought. You knew exactly what was happening, Anxiety attack. You would get them every now and again. You tried to push through the crowd to find the door, all you needed was some fresh air. Suddenly a body blocked your way 

 “Excuse me” you managed you breathe out

 “Where you going sweetheart?” he cooed. You recognized his blonde hair and horrible attitude from the internet. 

“Outside, it’s a bit hot in here” you tried to push past him but he grabbed your arm. 

“You’re the one who’s hot princess” you groaned at his sad attempt to flirt with you “come dance with me” 

“no thanks I really need to go outside” your second attempt to push past him was unsuccessful as well.

 “come on cutie! I know you want to dance with me” your heart rate started to increase rapidly again you couldn’t even get a word out, But suddenly you felt another body step in-between yours and the blonde asshole.

 “She said she doesn’t want to dance bro” the blonde boy’s face went sour “Stay out of it Dolan, no one asked you!” The stranger was huge, his arms were toned and tan. He stood much taller than you and was clearly much stronger than the asshole. 

“Don’t get so upset Jake. You should be use to girls rejecting you by now” the stranger laughed. Jake snickered and walked away.”Sorry about that, Jake can really be a dick sometimes” he turned around so he was facing you  “Hey, are you alright?” His voice was soothing but you still couldn’t seem to get any words out. You were breathing so hard you thought your chest was going to explode. The stranger grabbed your hand and pulled you through the crowd. You had no idea where he was taking you but you allowed it to happen because anything was better than where you were.You were also not in the state to protest. He lead you both outside.

 As soon as your feet hit the sidewalk you felt your legs give out, sitting you in the middle of the concrete. The fresh outside air filled your lungs and you felt your tense muscles relax some. You looked up to see him standing right in front of you “anxiety attack?” you nodded, still trying to catch your breath. “I get them sometimes too. I have this great spot I go to that helps me calm down…” he trailed off. “You know what? Let me take you there!” you raised a questioning eyebrow at him “I promise I’m not going to kidnap or kill you or anything. Just trust me” he reached his hand out to you and you took it hesitantly. He pulled you up onto your feet. “It’s really peaceful, I promise it will help”

~Cause we’re the masters of our own fate
We’re the captains of our own souls
There’s no way for us to come away
‘Cause boy we’re gold, boy we’re gold~

 He took you to his car and drove you to the spot. It was the Hollywood sign. It looked over all of Los Angeles. He was right, it was super peaceful. You could see all the city lights in the distance. He got out of the car and waved for you to follow him. “ come on, we aren’t done yet” he walked over to huge fences that surrounded the sign and he began to climb.

 “WOAH WOAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you screamed 

“Oh calm down, I do it all the time.” He climbed up and over the fence and landed on the other side. “Are you coming?” You knew you shouldn’t but something about him made you trust him. He had kind, Hazel eyes and a beautiful toothy smile. It was enough to sucker you in. 

“Fine” you gave in and climbed over to meet him. He smiled widely at you and grabbed your hand, dragging you over to the H. He began to climb the back of it. He reached the top and sat down. You copied him and met him at the top. A faint “wow” escaped your lips as you saw LA in all its glory.

“I know” you heard him respond. For the first time all night you felt your breathing return to normal. He was right, it really did help. The rest of the night you two sat and talked. You laughed, you cried, and you even danced a bit. You learned a lot about him. His name was Grayson, he had a twin brother named Ethan and they ran a successful youtube channel together. 

Ever since that night, it was a routine to go up to the sign when one of you was feeling down. And tonight wasn’t an exception. The boy your sister Abbie had grown close to that night had ironically been Ethan, Grayson brother. They started dating 3 months ago. They were cute, and perfect for each other. But it made you wonder. You and Gray had been inseparable since that night. You had major feelings for the boy and Abbie and Ethan insured you that he did too. But nothing ever happened between you two. It was starting to get to your head, which is why you were so frazzled tonight. Your good friend Aaron had asked you out on a date. You were conflicted because even though you and Gray weren’t dating, it felt wrong to accept Aarons invitation. Although Abbie loved the thought of you and her dating brothers, she encouraged you to say yes to Aaron. 

“You can’t wait around for Grayson forever Y/N. Aarons a good guy and he really cares about you” her voice rang through your head. She was right. Aaron was a great guy, cute too. But a part of you couldn’t help but wish it was Gray that was asking you out. Your thoughts were interrupted by the devil himself 

“We’re here”


Title: ‘Reunion’
TV Show: The 100
Rating: General
Summary: Marcus makes it back inside the bunker, but runs into a problem he didn’t expect. Totally baseless next episode fic that will doubtless be completely discounted by tomorrow :)

(I wrote this at work because it was a long day today and I guess this was at the top of my mind)

Marcus finds Abby pretty much where he expects, in the bunker’s version of Medical, deep in the lower levels.

She’s moving crates when he walks quietly through the door – medical supplies, he assumes, though whether from the bunker itself or whatever is left of their meagre stash scavenged from Mount Weather he can’t tell. They have years to set up in this place, but it’s typical of Abby that she would start right away, throw herself into her work without a second thought.

She looks tired.

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What are your favorite kabby fanfics?

Hey, nonny! This took me forever to answer, and I’m really sorry about that. I have a lot of favorite fics, so I’ll limit this list to my top ten favorites. This only features fics on AO3, but I know there are plenty of amazing ones to be found on Tumblr that I can’t locate right now (or can’t locate on AO3). If you want, you can check out my fic rec tag to find some that are Tumblr-bound! 

In no particular order, here are the ones to which I return over and over again:

1. The Life You Make in the Ruins by @kane-and-griffin - this is the fic that got me started writing fanfiction. Honestly, this was a life-changing experience for me, and I have reread it at LEAST five or six times. It’s beautiful. Modern AU where Jake and Callie die in a car crash and Marcus and Abby are left to raise their kids; Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia. 

2. A Flower in Autumn by @beautiful-rebellious-sunflower - OH MY GOD, I can’t even describe the amount of feelings I have regarding this fic. I’mma start crying, no joke. Period/regency era AU isn’t usually my thing, but this is beautifully written, perfectly in-character (Alice’s Abby Griffin could literally have walked off the show and into this fic, and as Abby trash, this delights me) and the romance is dazzling. 

3. Through the Wire by noblydonedonnadoble - another of my earlier reads in the Kabby fandom that stuck with me for over a year. The writing strikes a delicate balance between comedy and drama, and it rises above the simple “fake dating AU” trope. Of course, I’m trash for fake dating AU, so…I was destined to love this. Modern/fake dating AU where Abby needs a date for her brother’s wedding, and Marcus Kane is the solution to that problem.

4. Everyone Can See It by @beautiful-rebellious-sunflower - look, I’m just trash for everything Alice writes. But this I especially love because it shows other people’s perspectives on Marcus and Abby’s relationship, something I haven’t often seen in this fandom. Not to mention that, as before, every character is perfectly translated from screen to page. While it’s not completed, the status doesn’t affect the rest of the piece because they’re a series of interconnected one-shots. It’s amazing.

5. I Need You So Much Closer by @skaihefamarcus - if you want good smut, this is some Grade A smut. I recommend everything of Kate’s, even though there are a few things of hers that I think live only on Tumblr? If you search her blog, you can probably find them. Written for a Valentine’s exchange, this fic takes place after Marcus returns from Polis in S4. AU in which Marcus and Abby are actually reunited instead of remaining separated forever, and Abby is…well, really happy to see him. *wink*

6. Haiplana by @kane-and-griffin - the fic that makes everyone’s rec lists, and for good reason. I mean, it has everything. Abby wearing a gorgeous grounder dress? Check. Actual interaction between Marcus and Lexa, of which we were so horribly deprived on the show? Check. Epic, sizzling sexual tension? CHECK. Canon-compliant S3 oneshot where Abby and Marcus attend a grounder feast in Polis. 

7. Wonderwall by @fandammit - I LOVE. THIS FIC. Well really I love anything Lelanie writes, but this fic especially. It does a spectacular job of not only building an entire modern AU backstory between Marcus and Abby, but in explaining why they hated each other, slowly brings them back together. Not to mention that Lelanie is literally #writergoals and I constantly have to restrain myself from yelling at her to explain her witchcraft secrets for writing so beautifully. :P Modern AU where Marcus and Abby meet at their high school reunion. 

8. Femme Aux Phlox by @brittanias - another amazingly well-written fic that made me cry. An amazing storyline (better than what we got on the show, tbh) and utterly, amazingly beautiful. Canon-compliant S3 fic that addresses Abby losing the Chancellorship and what that does to their relationship. Hint: Abby needs somewhere to live, and Marcus Kane’s door is open. 

9. There Will Be Time by @shefollowedfires - another beautiful canon-compliant fic. Emily’s characterization is on-point, and the language she uses is just beautiful. I swear, I’m a little jealous of the precision of her words and the loveliness of her writing. (Also, she’s one of the coolest people on the planet and makes lovely gifsets. Besides the point). Canon-compliant, Marcus and Abby find a cute little cottage in the woods and have some much-needed alone time.

10. We Had It Good There For Awhile by @kane-and-griffin - I have never seen The West Wing, but that didn’t stop me from reading this at 4 a.m. the night it was posted and then crying my eyes out over it. You really don’t have to know the show to read and love it - I mean, it probably helps if you know the background - but it’s by no means necessary to appreciate the amazingness of this storyline. West Wing/Political AU where Abby is the White House Press Secretary and Marcus is the White House Communications Director.

…so, there you go! Emily’s long, rambly list of favorite fics. Hope I helped you out, nonny! Like I said, these are only the ones I’ve bookmarked/read a thousand times on AO3, and I know there are many awesome ones here that are in my tag or I forgot to mention. All the writers in this fandom are extremely talented, and I’m thankful and honored to be part of it. 

(hold me close) ‘til the night turns gray

Or, how ebf thinks the Kabby accidental honeymoon might have started. And also the scar-kink fic I threatened @shefollowedfires and @marcuskanc with. Set between 4x01 and 4x02, and obviously here be smut // NSFW stuff. Title from “Hold Me Close” by Overcoats.

For the third night in a row, Abby slips into the spacious room Marcus has claimed as home while they’re in the tower, medical bag in hand. She knows damned well  that he’s a competent grown man and could change the bandages around his wrists easily enough, but she’s desperate for reasons to be alone with him and this one looks respectable enough on paper. She’s not sure which of his other traits will define him on Earth, but his tendency for weird injuries is growing a reputation and Abby sees no harm in using that to her advantage.

No harm, either, in a few lingering kisses before she leaves and wanders back to her own bedroom down the hall. But no more than that either.

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Ash, what does Oliver think of Jon's concept that "if dad is crying everything is doomed, can't handle, oh my god" . Is Oliver aware of Jon's mindset of "if dad's here and he's strong and he's still holding on we are all going to be okay. But oh god Dad looks slightly on the verge of showing an emotion, we are all going to die" ? It's one of the most fascinating things about Jon. Has it changed since he himself became the arrow?


It’s funny, most people think of Jon as the more emotionally resilient of my kids and Abby as the one who needs a gentler approach. To some extent, that’s true. I’ve said things to Jon that would have scared the hell out of Abby or left her absolutely crushed. But when I yell at Jon, it rolls right off him, and within a few hours he’s back doing the next pain in the ass thing.

But since they were little, I’ve been more careful with Jon to preserve the illusion that Dad is an all-powerful superman. Every time I let it falter, he looks uncharacteristically freaked.

Abby, in contrast, has always reacted with empathy. Precocious empathy, even.

In the few years since Jon has been in the field, I think he’s started to wrap his head around the fact that I am not now and never have been invincible. He’s grown up a lot in the hood. This is just one of the ways.

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Do you think there is anything to the theory I have seen floating around that Madi might not be real? That Clarke really has been alone and her mind created her out of desperation for social interaction? I mostly ask because I thought Abbys experiments in Beccas lab proved that the regular nightblood that Luna had (and by extention, the same one Maddie has) was not enough to survive the death wave.

It’s a theory all right.

It doesn’t sound like it holds much water with the way that JR is talking about Madi though, and about how Madi changed Clarke. If she were a delusion, he would not be speaking about it this way. I don’t think there’s any evidence for Madi as delusion, and I suppose Clarke could be insane here, but she doesn’t look it. She looks almost at peace. Free. That would be a dirty trick to play. I don’t think they will. 

I think her costume design tells Clarke’s mental status pretty well. She’s functional, she’s aware, she’s badass, she’s clean, her hair is loose and short and no longer burdened with all she went through, but it is wild and it does have that streak of red to show she’s still feeling all her loss and pain. It hasn’t gone away.

Yeah. I’m not going to jump onto this theory.

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Ok but Andreil where Neil is high from getting his wisdom teeth out??

Neil sat in the waiting room, trying desperately to ignore the agitated foxes around him.
“You’re sure you don’t want the drugs?”
“They’re great, Neil, I’m telling you.”
He sighed and put down the magazine.
“I’m fine with just having it numbed. It’s cheaper that way.” The Foxes had taken turns telling him about their own experiences with the drugs they gave you. Nicky said he’d had to be removed because he wouldn’t stop singing and annoying the other patients. He wasn’t afraid of singing, but no matter how comfortable he’d become with his new family, he didn’t want to have all of his inhibitions taken away in front of them.
“Neil, really, the school insurance will cover it, nothing would be coming out of any of our pockets.” Abby gave him a pat on the shoulder. She was the only one he thought should technically be there, being the only health professional, but he had asked Andrew to come so no one in the office would bother him if they knew about his past, and the others invited themselves along.
“Mr. Josten?” A smiling middle aged doctor entered. “We’re ready for you now.”
Abby made the others stay put, something Andrew especially was unhappy about, and followed Neil into the small room that seemed to only have one dental chair and a small cabinet and counter. It was hardly the surgical chamber he had expected. Abby stood by the door while he got in his place, the doctor putting on gloves.
“So, would you like the shot or the drip?”
“The shots are fine.”
She nodded sagely. “My bravest son got that one too. The others couldn’t handle it.” She removed a large needle from a drawer. “Alright, so we’re going to put one through the roof of your mouth, and one an inch in along each of your gums. How does that sound?”
After everything Neil had gone through, a few needles shouldn’t have been so bad, but now that he was safe he didn’t like the idea of unnecessary pain, especially not needles going through the roof of his mouth. He looked to Abby, who smiled back knowingly.
“Actually, I think he would like the drip better. Is that alright?”
The doctor nodded and began setting up an IV with a much smaller needle. Neil wondered if they got kickbacks from how much extra the drip cost.
“Not a problem. Now Neil, you’ll feel a slight pinch at first but that will only last a second. It won’t kick in right away so don’t worry if you don’t feel anything at first. Before you know it, you’ll be out.”
He watched the needle go in and, as she had said, did not feel anything. He looked to Abby again, wanting to ask if he could at least watch practice tonight if he couldn’t play, but he found her face seemed to be stretching infinitely before and behind her, the door twisting into unnatural shapes next to her. She waved the five hands attached to her arm, and he was gone.

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The eonline site is taking a vote and Kabby has entered one of the categories. But unfortunately it is in last place. I know that here are many fans of the couple, if you can enter the link and vote at least once (It is possible to vote as many times as you want to update the page) I will be very happy. Fadom Kabby help the cause, let’s give Kabby a boost!

Together I know we can change this result!



Lexa has NEVER once forced Clarke to do anything. In the entirety of season 2, Lexa never forced Clarke to not tell the people of TonDC about the missile, forced her to kill Finn, forced her to not save Abby, etc. There was not one instant that Lexa FORCED Clarke to do anything…and here she is…forcing Clarke to come to Polis against her will. Lexa doesn’t want this

“Well what do you want?” Lexa asked Clarke, “Nothing. My people back. I can’t think past today.”  What was Lexa’s want?   “You should come with me to the Capitol.  Polis will change the way you think about us.” Lexa wanted Clarke to decide to come with her to the Capitol; to be by her side has they made their way to the Capitol. Lexa probably wanted to see the wonder on Clarke’s face as she saw the Polis Tower come into view, her blue eyes taking in the wonders around her.  Lexa wanted Clarke to see that they aren’t savages.What was Clarke’s response?  “You already have.” Lexa changed the way she thought about the grounders. Clarke saw the caring person that has so much love to give but has grown up in a harsh world that makes her hide it. She hides it to protect herself and the ones she loves. Clarke trusted Lexa not only with the lives of her friends, but also with her heart.  A trust that was betrayed; a heart plunged into darkness as Lexa plunged a metaphorical knife into Clarke’s heart as she left her. 

Lexa chose to leave Clarke and now Lexa is forcing Clarke to come to Polis; a journey that she wanted Clarke to choose to go on, with her. But here Clarke is, on her knees, her face marred, her hair disheveled, a gag in her mouth, a bag over her head, treated like an animal.  Lexa didn’t want this. But, it needed to be. Clarke’s legend grew and grew and was threatening both Lexa and Clarke. Clarke was being hunted and Lexa’s control over her Coalition was weakened due to the Legend of Wanheda; Lexa’s loss of power meant that she couldn’t protect Clarke from the hands of the Ice Nation. This same clan that captured and killed Costia to destroy Lexa, is now doing the same thing with Clarke –another woman she loves being used against her to destroy her. The Ice Nation doesn’t know the personal attachment Lexa has with Clarke, but the fact remains that if Clarke is killed by Nia that would destroy both Lexa. It would destroy her heart and her reign.  I need you is a plea for Clarke to help her create peace and a plea for Clarke to live. 

Sending Roan after Clarke was a decision she made with her head. Lexa doesn’t want to force the woman she loves to see her against her will, but the Commander needs Wanheda to not fall into the hands of the Ice Nation. 

It was Lexa that asked Clarke to come to the capitol with her, it was the Commander that forced Clarke to come to Polis. (via @hedaswarrior)

This Might Be The Last Time

A Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon Fanfiction

Summary: You’d just wanted to dance away your worries, let the music take you to better places. But when you meet Kwon Jiyong in the new club in town, you never imagined ‘better places’ would be so easy to find, and so difficult to hold onto.

Chapter summary: You discuss with Abbie your night with Jiyong, and going back to the club.

Chapter type: Slight Angst and Fluff

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction.

Chapter 4 (Coming soon)

Chapter 3

‘Okay… he’s rich….so what?’ Abbie asks, as she lounges on your sofa, cup of tea in hand whilst you pace your small lounge.

'No, he wasn’t just rich, okay? He was like, mega star rich, like freaking Eminem rich.’ you say, raising your eyebrows at her as you pause your pacing, seeing her roll her eyes at you which makes you keep going.

'So what if he’s rich, surely thats a good thing, like 'woop woop, I shagged a rich person, now I can sue them for all their money’’ she laughs and you frown at her.

'Abbie…thats just rude. Besides…i had a good time…’ you say looking at the floor to hide your smile, hearing her shift on the sofa as she tries to see your face, gasping and making you look up.

'You like him!’ she shouts and you grab a cushion and hit her with it.

'Oh My God, NO! Look, it was a one night stand, nothing else! Even if he did leave me his number-’

'WHAT?! HE LEFT YOU HIS NUMBER?!?! You go girl!’ she squeals and you widen your eyes, hitting her with the pillow again, trying to get her to shut up.

'Can you just shut up!?’ you say, slumping onto the sofa and rubbing your face, peeking between your fingers to see her grinning at you, her smile reminding you of Jiyong and you shake your head, trying to get rid of the image.

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First Impressions

Prompt: Could you write a one-shot where the reader is a new agent and she transferred from the BAU to NCIS and Tony starts to flirt with her and such, but then she revels that she likes McGee and Tony’s just there like “What? McDork?” Or something along those lines?

Requester: here-to-wreck-havok

Words: 754

Warnings: None

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Closer - Part 2  (Peter Parker x Reader)


A/N: Hi guys! I just wanted to say I am super sorry for the wait and sorry that this isn’t the best, it’s gonna get so much better from here though omg. I’ve been super busy with college and other personal stuff but I have so much more stuff coming it’s so gonna be worth the wait. ALSO! This is based after Civil War, so Peter has had his powers for a while! Just letting you know!!

Warnings: Violence? School Party.

Word Count: 1,421

Part 1  Part 3   Part 4

You had walked away from Peter and Ned so fast. Quickly running into the house slamming the glass door behind you. The house was full of smoke, people chatting loud over the music. You looked around and everything seemed normal, and then you spotted Abby, but then something caught your eye.

It happened so quickly, at first you didn’t notice it but then you did. Three guys in all black hoodies it clearly over their faces so you couldn’t tell who they were and they were all split up. Then one pulled out a gun,

And then there was a pop of a gun.

Everyone inside the house was screaming, running frantically, the music cut off, another pop, and screaming got louder. You started to get pushed, people running into you and not caring the damage they did.

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