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Lexa has NEVER once forced Clarke to do anything. In the entirety of season 2, Lexa never forced Clarke to not tell the people of TonDC about the missile, forced her to kill Finn, forced her to not save Abby, etc. There was not one instant that Lexa FORCED Clarke to do anything…and here she is…forcing Clarke to come to Polis against her will. Lexa doesn’t want this

“Well what do you want?” Lexa asked Clarke, “Nothing. My people back. I can’t think past today.”  What was Lexa’s want?   “You should come with me to the Capitol.  Polis will change the way you think about us.” Lexa wanted Clarke to decide to come with her to the Capitol; to be by her side has they made their way to the Capitol. Lexa probably wanted to see the wonder on Clarke’s face as she saw the Polis Tower come into view, her blue eyes taking in the wonders around her.  Lexa wanted Clarke to see that they aren’t savages.What was Clarke’s response?  “You already have.” Lexa changed the way she thought about the grounders. Clarke saw the caring person that has so much love to give but has grown up in a harsh world that makes her hide it. She hides it to protect herself and the ones she loves. Clarke trusted Lexa not only with the lives of her friends, but also with her heart.  A trust that was betrayed; a heart plunged into darkness as Lexa plunged a metaphorical knife into Clarke’s heart as she left her. 

Lexa chose to leave Clarke and now Lexa is forcing Clarke to come to Polis; a journey that she wanted Clarke to choose to go on, with her. But here Clarke is, on her knees, her face marred, her hair disheveled, a gag in her mouth, a bag over her head, treated like an animal.  Lexa didn’t want this. But, it needed to be. Clarke’s legend grew and grew and was threatening both Lexa and Clarke. Clarke was being hunted and Lexa’s control over her Coalition was weakened due to the Legend of Wanheda; Lexa’s loss of power meant that she couldn’t protect Clarke from the hands of the Ice Nation. This same clan that captured and killed Costia to destroy Lexa, is now doing the same thing with Clarke –another woman she loves being used against her to destroy her. The Ice Nation doesn’t know the personal attachment Lexa has with Clarke, but the fact remains that if Clarke is killed by Nia that would destroy both Lexa. It would destroy her heart and her reign.  I need you is a plea for Clarke to help her create peace and a plea for Clarke to live. 

Sending Roan after Clarke was a decision she made with her head. Lexa doesn’t want to force the woman she loves to see her against her will, but the Commander needs Wanheda to not fall into the hands of the Ice Nation. 

It was Lexa that asked Clarke to come to the capitol with her, it was the Commander that forced Clarke to come to Polis. (via @hedaswarrior)

The worst part

of losing in Rio has been all of the articles post-loss. All of these so called “soccer reporters/analysts” keep acting like this is the one game Jill made a mistake! And I’m over here like WE’VE BEEN SCREAMING THIS FROM THE ROOFTOPS SINCE ABBY RETIRED. SHE’S /BEEN/ HORRIBLE FOR YEARS. Some of these soccer geniuses could learn a thing or two from tumblr.

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Hey everyone! Long time no see, long time no say.

I’m still juggling commissions, so here’s another D&D character portrait. This

 is Quip, a human Razorclaw Shifter and his animal companion Abbi the ferret. In case you can’t tell, the one on the right is Quip in his shifted form…

Had a lot of fun with this one! It was nice to do a full background for a change. I might make a few small tweaks before shooting it off to the printer, but for now I like it!

P.S. I sell custom portraits on my Etsy shop if you’re interested in getting something like this!

Auld Acquaintance

Abbie had New Year’s Eve off for the first time since becoming a LEO.

She was in bed by 9:30. It was glorious not to have to deal with the drunks and the crowds and the suspicious packages that were, thank God, always just forgotten purses. 

Besides, New Year’s is a bullshit holiday. Why choose one day as a new beginning? What made it different or special? A new calendar doesn’t change anything. You still wake up and keep dealing with the same shit you did before. No, no confetti for her, no midnights, no champagne. Just an electric blanket and a thoroughly trashy book.

Until Crane woke her up at 11:53.

She fumbled for her gun. “What is it? What’s coming?

“The New Year, of course.”

“Are you serious right now?”

“Yes, yes. You’ve made your thoughts on the subject abundantly clear. But Lieutenant, you must come with me.”

“You must leave my bedroom before I lose my temper.” She flipped her pillow over and pressed her cheek to the cool cotton.

“There’s something I wish to show you.” She pulled the blankets up over her head. “Please?”

She never could resist him when he said “please” like that, all hopeful and soft and a word he didn’t use nearly enough. “This better be good.”

She shoved feet into the bunny slippers Jenny had gotten her for Christmas – which Abbie would never reveal that she actually wore – and followed him from the bedroom. But when he got to the front door, she shook her head.

“It’s freezing and there are gonna be yahoos shooting off guns.”

“P—“ he started.

“Dammit,” she said.

They trudged across the frosted grass, over the little rise, and crossed the street. 

She gasped.

There below them was the Hudson River in all its wide, smooth beauty. And glinting off the waters, a gigantic gibbous moon flitted and flickered. It was so bright they cast shadows, his stretched long, hers nearly disappearing beside him. 

“I knew you wouldn’t want to miss your town dressed in her best,” Crane said softly. 


The first firework exploded overhead. It was a pale beauty beside the moon, but it spangled the water in gold glitter that disappeared between one blink and the next.

“Happy New Year, Lieutenant.”

Must’ve been that moon, still so close to full, that made her act crazy. That made her, now, at the stroke of midnight, tug him down by his collar and kiss him.

It was tradition, after all

“Happy New Year, Crane.”

They missed the rest of the fireworks.