here's one i haven't seen


“IT 1990″ - Eddie, Richie and Bev being adorable

“Go with Bill”, she said, “If you let him die for nothing. If IT comes back in another twenty-five years, or fifty, or even two thousand, I swear I’ll… I’ll haunt your ghosts. Go!”


Pinescone Yuri on Ice AU, some redraws from ep.7, I don’t want to pick between who is who, so I’m gonna go with Dipper as Yuuri, so Mabel can make him all of the costumes <3

Send one for party banter from:

♡ — my muse and yours
♢ — my muse and another character ( asker’s choice
— my muse in a specific location ( asker’s choice )
— my muse about a specific event ( asker’s choice )

Allura with short, poofy hair that just go swoosh!  is honestly the best idea I’ve had whole week

cas doesn’t exist purely for destiel

this has been a psa