here's my heart lord


‘Yea, is not even Apollo, with hair and harpstring of gold, a bitter God to follow, a beautiful God to behold?’ What kind of Herondale will you be? William or Tobias? Stephen or Jace? Beautiful, bitter, or both?

god look at him, it should be illegal to look that fine

Scrolling through insta, I always see these incredibly sweet looking families with darling toddlers going on cool adventures. It makes my heart long for that like super hardcore. I go through days of thinking that I’m not ready, then other days I think…well I’m never really going to be ready, so why not? College classes will end eventually, but then I’ll be on to something else I’m sure. “Someday” is what everyone says, but whatever. I’m stuck in today, and that is full of homework and trying to be patient while living in the now. So…God, givin’ it to you for the bajillionth time today.

Okay, so Robert Lightwood has not been the best father in the history of the Shadowhunters. Not the worst (we all know that spot is saved for Valentine Morgenstern), but definitely not the best. He’s fucked up so many times that I probably couldn’t even try to recall them all. Julian is not even technically a father, but he does a better job at raising kids than Robert.

But this bit here in Lord of Shadows really touched my heart. While Robert has not always been the fairest to Alec, often blinded by his ignorance and fear, in his office hangs a tapestry where his son stands and fights in battle. You can tell from this moment he’s so fucking proud of his son, of his talent as a Shadowhunter. But he’s also proud of how he was willing to go into battle to protect those that he loves.

Robert was not a perfect father, but he was trying to be better and that’s character development and I fucking love it.

I lift my hands to Heaven
Here my heart surrendered
I tell my soul again
You are Lord of all
And though the seas are raging
You will speak and tame them
In You I find my rest
You are in control
—  In Control - Hillsong Worship🎶

my beautiful daughter who I love 💕


twelve approves of the new kid


i wanted to redesign dom’s outfit, and it somehow ended up looking like some kind of cyber-punk-hacker!au and im still laughing abt how corny it is (made some time in september, sombra didnt even exist then lol)

and theres ripov, a true blessing

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If you reverse Sansa’s clip, you can clearly see she actually has a bit of a smile at the beginning of it. It’s much more noticeable in reverse, in my opinion, going from the surprised expression, to the little, almost unnoticeable, smile.

So this happened xD
I was hiding from Zarya enemy team because she was wrecking us man and so we decided to stealth away from her bullshit and in the middle of hiding me (meccree) being nervous and hiding with my friend (mercy) mercy dose that thing to remind you she’s still healing you and shouted “IM STILL HERE”
And oh my lord it was a heart attack we thought she heard us (Zarya) it was so funny and intense and we lost lmao!!
Worth it xD


“I’m sorry. This is my fault. Please forgive me, I’m so sorry”
                                           “For what? You were always such a good boy”

i feel like drawing out my headcanon orientations for characters that i love a whole lot; so expect more in various fandoms later!!! but for now have some wander over yonder characters

Prone to Wander

So I’ve been thinking recently that even though I definitely prefer the Dark Side (aka left-wing/liberal ideology), I’m also slightly depressed about that preference. I have observed that I’ve become more tolerant of many things on many levels, but I also feel like I’ve become more cynical and bitter, mostly in an aspect of my life that seems to have taken a beating over the past two years or so: my faith. 

There’s a line in one of my favorite hymns, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” that goes like this: “Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it/Prone to leave the God I love!/Here’s my heart, Lord, take and seal it/Seal it for Thy courts above.” Those words couldn’t be more relevant to my life right now. Suffice it to say that on many counts in this area of my life, I feel disappointed, frustrated, and unsatisfied–not necessarily with God, but in people I once cherished as my fellow believers. The church I grew up in–and pretty much any evangelical non-denominational church environment. for that matter–is particularly problematic to me now because many of its members seem to operate from a place of fear rather than love (I’d elaborate further but then I’d start ranting, and that’s not the point of this post; if y’all are curious, hit me up in chat). There are precious few people I still trust and love there. I’m also disappointed and frustrated with myself because I just can’t bring myself to have joy about my faith anymore: it’s been replaced by a good deal of skepticism. That’s basically the exact opposite of the kind of person I want to be.

Have any of y’all encountered this problem? I’m open to advice. (The only advice I won’t accept is to abandon my faith entirely; I really don’t want to do that.) Prayer would be helpful as well. 

Thanks, peeps.