here's my favorite characters from pacific rim! i loved it so much!

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #24

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Yes, it has been a full two weeks since the last “weekly” rec list. I have a good excuse. TOO MANY fics. There have been SO MANY excellent gen fics in the last two weeks, mostly because of @platonicvldweek​, that I simply could not stop reading long enough to make a list. I am serious. And if I listed all of them, it would be just…ridiculously long. So many fantastic authors participated, and most of them posted seven stories, one for each day, and I just can’t do a rec for every single one.

So this week only, the rec list is going to be different than usual. For a bunch of the recs, it’ll a link either to an author’s collection of Platonic VLD Week fics, or one in particular that I consider my favorite, and I’ll make a few comments about how awesome they are, though that really should be a given. And I’ll ask you, my dear rec consumers, to go and read EVERYTHING each author wrote and comment as much as you can, because we need to keep encouraging this to keep the train going. IT’S BEEN WORKING SO WELL! Gen in this fandom is flourishing! It’s SO much better than other fandoms I’ve been in! That’s awesome, and it makes me really happy, but we gotta keep it going.

Not every fic here was written for the event, so some will be regular recs the way I typically do them.

So Here’s what You’re Not Going to Do by BreakTheDawn
Words:  19,572 (WIP 9/?)
Author’s Summary: He lets them take out the frustrations on him. Encourages it really, because people need an outlet for their anger, and Lance has always been the best at making people angry at him. (And if his heart twinges a little every time he has to let someone be particularly mean to him, then he just has to remember that this is what he’s good at. What he’s good for.) But Lance is an older brother, and an uncle, and a younger brother. He learned sometimes keeping people means sacrificing his own feelings for a bit. He’s been taught that he can’t always let his feelings take a back seat though. After all, what happens if the rock falls apart? So, while Lance is always prepared to be the enemy on any given day, there are certain days and certain things that he will not let fly. Or, What happens when Lance is sick of his teammate’s shit.
My Comments: At first I was afraid this was going to be one of those fics where everyone feels OOC in order to make Lance into the perfect woobie, but it’s really not. Everyone (except Hunk and Coran) is just having a bad day, or misunderstanding things, and they take it out on Lance because he’s an easy target for one reason or another. But Lance doesn’t take it lying down, which is good to see, though it eventually becomes too much for him. I really like these kind of emotional breakdown fics, not gonna lie, and I’m very much looking forward the healing that I know is coming. Can’t wait for more.

Friends in Space Places by VelkynKarma
My Comments: I’ve recced this author before, so you should KNOW how good she is, but holy crap, she pulled out all the stops for this week. By far the highest word count, and every single word is absolute gold. I have a VERY hard time picking a favorite from this collection, but the day 7 fic is a multi-chapter How to Train Your Dragon AU that’s still being posted, and holy crap, it’s so good. SOO GOOD. But they’re all good! So much hurt/comfort, so much protective paladins, so much badassery all in one place. Just read them. Read them all.

Hand-Me-Downs, Leftovers by yet_intrepid
Words: 1,181
Author’s Summary: “You don’t have to lie to make me feel better,” says Keith. “I’m not lying,” Shiro says. He takes a bite of his pizza; Keith mirrors him with the burrito. “Every step is a good step.”
My Comments: Short and sweet and perfect. So much feeling in a cold piece of pizza and a microwaved burrito. And I feel like I’ve had the same conversation during my college years.

A Dream Away by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 1,143 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: The Gen fics from my 1000 Followers Special.
My Comments: Just subscribe now so you won’t miss any. The first chapter is Shiro comforting a distraught Hunk, and the rest are going to be just as high-quality.

Blue and Bruised by DizzyBunnies 
Words: 13,196 (WIP 5/?)
Author’s Summary: While saving innocent citizens from a minefield, Lance and the Blue Lion take a beating. Lance’s high brain activity threatens the use of a healing pod, so the team venture out to find a plant that may help Lance’s healing process. Hunk stays behind to watch after Lance, but will he be able to hold down the fort on his own?
My Comments: It’s hurt!Lance, and you know how much I like that. I really like the character interactions in this one.

How Much is that Doggy in the Window by isabeau25
Words: 1,039
Author’s Summary: Prequel to “What Every Little Kid Wants.” Keith finds Shiro’s birthday present and the rest of the team makes sure it will work out the way he thinks it will.
My Comments: I’m going to say this a lot, but read the whole series. The younger paladins work together to get a puppy for Shiro, and it’s adorable and wonderful. The first fic in the series is about Keith adopting a pet for himself, and it’s absolutely perfect.

Dream, Seam by ardett
Words: 4,937
Author’s Summary: Lance is the blue paladin. The Galra realize this before he does.
My Comments: I’ve screamed before here about how thoroughly this fic wrecked me, but I mean it. It WRECKED me. The author and I are gonna try to co-write a sequel, because I lost control of myself and wrote a thousand words of aftermath headcanons in the comments. So yeah. Look forward to that. Also read the rest of this author’s fics for Platonic VLD Week. They’re all great.

You’re The Only North Star (Platonic VLD Week) by story_monger
My Comments: Oh, man, so hard to pick a favorite. They’re all so GOOD, and they’re scattered evenly across the entire crew. I’m tempted to say Moonshadow, because it has hurt!Lance, but I think my favorite is actually The Beat Down for Coran just being absolutely BADASS and AMAZING and also interacting with Lance and reassuring him and just being…amazing. Gah, that fic made me love Coran so much, and I already adore him. Read it. Read them all.

Platonic VLD Week by hufflepirate
My Comments: Again, pretty much impossible to pick a favorite, but the Pacific Rim AU is SO COOL. And also sad and heartbreaking, but mostly cool. Coran is an amazing mentor to Shiro, and so smart and kind despite his unease with the way the Voltron jaeger works. And his relationship with Allura and backstory with Alfor were beautiful and tragic, respectively. Read read read.

Maja’s Platonic VLD Week 2017 by windscryer
My Comments: Such excellent, excellent hurt/comfort, and a lot of focus on Pidge, which is refreshing. I think my favorite is Break on Me for the protective Lance, but again, they’re all amazing. Read them all.

Impulsive/Spontaneous by gringle
Words: 9,230
Author’s Summary: Lance and Allura finally have a bonding moment. Part of Platonic VLD week: Day 6 Injury/Healing
My Comments: Such an EXCELLENT Lance, and great interaction for him and Allura. I love stories where Lance becomes a diplomat for team Voltron and uses his social skills to be amazing and badass. Yes, yes, baby, you have a thing, and it’s a fantastic thing that not everyone can do (I certainly can’t, myself), and you should be proud. I was so happy when Allura got angry, holy crap. Protective Allura is my jam. One of my jams. I have a lot of jams, but this one is delicious.

Small Fierce Things by playswithworms
Words: 5,241
Author’s Summary: Pidge is badly injured. Shiro does his best to angst over it, but is foiled.
My Comments: Pidge is an absolute badass, and so adorable, and the way she was EXCITED about the possibilities in what most would see as a horrible, unredeemable situation was amazing, and so her. Love this one. Love Pidge. Love Shiro.

Platonic VLD Week by BrOwNiEfOx
My Comments: I think my favorite is Pride as Family. Love that lion bonding, and everyone gets a chance to shine. It’s all good.

Measuring Up by MoonlitWaterSunnyRiver
Words: 1,092
Author’s Summary: Keith has insomnia, and finally decides to *do* something about it. Turns out he’s not the only one up at night. Keith & Lance friendship, written for Platonic VLD Week.
My Comments: Aw, boys. Good talk.

Foundation by buttered_onions for mumblefox
Words: 8,982
Author’s Summary: “Wait,” Lance says, eyes narrowed in suspicion. “I thought you said you’ve known Shiro all your life.” “I might as well have,” Keith says. The story of how Keith and Shiro meet.
My Comments: STAR WARS AU. This is so so so good, holy crap. And it’s a Jed Temple Star Wars AU, where the boys are Jedi with all of the Old Republic Jedi crap about how attachments are dangerous messing up both Keith and Shiro and making it hard for them to navigate the friendship that both of them desperately need. But they figure it out. Gorgeous stuff, gorgeously written. Read the whole series.

Haircut by earthstar
Words: 1,946
Author’s Summary: Keith is in dire need of a haircut.
My Comments: I have previously recced other fics in this series. Just read it all. It’s all good. Then subscribe to the series so you don’t miss anything. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Hair Care In Space by earthstar, isabeau25
Words: 7,764 (WIP 4/8)
Author’s Summary: Just because you’re travelling in outer space in a flying castle, doesn’t mean you can skip out taking care of your hair.
My Comments: Everyone is adorable and it’s all good.

Bridge This Gap by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) for mumblefox
Words: 2,287
Author’s Summary: Forming Voltron comes with side effects. A birthday fic

Gunna Go Far, Kid by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) for buttered_onions
Words: 3,034
Author’s Summary: Shiro finds himself in the body of a six year old. Again. He’s not any more happy about it.
My Comments: You should just click on anything that has BossToaster as the author.

Come Back (as pure as gold) by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 3,567
Author’s Summary: When Shiro steps out of his lion after the final battle with Zarkon, something is off. Seems like he missed something. Ten years of it.
My Comments: See above. Also this ones hurts and I hate it.

the art of the trade by tuesdayandtuesday
Words: 2,696 
Author’s Summary: day three of platonic vld week - lions/bonding in which keith and red share a moment or three. s2 spoilers.
My Comments: This one is gorgeous and heartbreaking and so, so worth it.

Catch & Release by anonymous_scapegoat
Words: 2,625
Author’s Summary: Some Galra grunt makes the mistake of putting Pidge and Lance in the same cell. It goes about as well as you’d expect.
My Comments: Pidge and Lance being smart and snarky and perfect and working together really, really well. It really felt like an episode of the show.

when it rains, it pours by tuesdayandtuesday
Words: 2,461
Author’s Summary: day three of platonic vld week - lions/bonding in which lance cannot bear to be himself, and blue cannot bear to have him otherwise. s2 spoilers.
My Comments: I love Lance and Blue interaction so much, and this is beautiful.

Family is the Mixture of Chaos and Caring by CamillaLynne14
Words: 1,883
Author’s Summary: The teams morning has been… Chaotic. With a rough start to the day, then right into an intense training exercise, Coran and Allura feel guilty for how hard they’ve been working them. So the two form a surprise that may not go as planned.
My Comments: They tried, and no one should criticize them.

Hologram by AboveWeird
Words: 1,302
Author’s Summary: What Lance never anticipated was missing the stars. It felt so weird, so wrong to be out here among the stars when he knew nothing of their names or the myths they took part in. Most of all he missed the sun. It seemed like a silly thing. A giant ball of flaming gases shouldn’t be so dear, but yet no other star could ever mean as much. It had watched over him, looming and unseeing, for all of his life. It was a constant. And now, by an unthinkable turn of events, it was gone. All he had left was this hologram.
My Comments: Cuddle pile on Lance! It’s good.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:
Handbook of Demonology by squirenonny for Pechat
Scattered by avidbeader
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Bromances in Space by ptw30
Playing Catch-Up by 5557
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
In Sickness and Health by JamtheDingus
Chrono Story by Crowoxy
The Size Of Our Actions by buttered_onions
Silver Lining by HeIsSoBlue
Project G.A.L.R.A. by GemmaRose (now complete)
Coming Undone by Emerald_Ashes
Beautiful Minds by PotatoBender
Mini Lions by earthstar
Aid by Haurvatat

some highlights from Story and Song from an all-caught-up-now TAZ listener (spoilers abound)
  • hot damn yall
  • i gotta feeling everybody’s coming back for this finale
  • oh god taako just realized he found his sister’s fucking SKELETAL REMAINS
  • griffin: “taako and merle, make a dexterity saving throw" justin: “hell yeah, dungeons and dragons is back!” griffin: “we’re back and we’re rolling dice that have 20 sides on them. it’s got 20 sides and 20 numbers, its great”
  • griffin: “the third figure is a fucking rhinoceros” magnus: “DIBS!”
  • the fact that angus is an 11 year old child and totally DOWN TO FIGHT just reinforces that i was right to make him my favorite npc
  • hell yeah we’re back to DND fights! they like rolled for initiative and everything
  • justin, after talking about taako’s leveling up: “should i talk slower so everybody who’s been complaining about us not playing dnd has time to nut. how’s everyone enjoying this GREAT COMPELLING AUDIO”
  • griffin: “this hand is gonna attack you, taako, cuz you just set it on fire”
  • magnus: “i jump on the back of the rhinoceros” griffin: “of COURSE you do”
  • taako: "hey magnus that was the coolest thing ive ever seen…HANDS DOWN!“ get it cuz they found a giant magical hand…GETIT?!
  • ango used the umbra staff to cast a fireball way above what ango should be able to do and im like hot damn i love this fucking umbrella
  • taako: “i snap the umbra staff over my knee” HOLY SHIT YALL!! ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • “lup grits her teeth and says ‘I’m going to fucking kill you now’“ MY GIRL!!!!! THATS MY GIRL!!!”
  • lup: “why didn’t you let me out sooner, dingus?” taako: “i didn’t remember you existed, goofus” THEY’RE SO ADORABLE
  • taako: “don’t worry, I’ve got MAGIC POWERS” magnus: “is that supposed to be a big reveal?”
  • the love between magnus and fisher is one of my favorite bonds of this whole show
  • everyone banding together to fight the big bad is one of my favorite tropes ever (what’s up pacific rim) so that everyone is doing that here is INCREDIBLE
  • magnus: “i use my levitation magic” griffin: “oh im sorry, did you say you take the elevator? the skype call broke up for a second there”
  • griffin: “magnus, something falls from the sky” magnus: “i catch it” griffin: “no you don’t, it’s pretty big”
  • i’m so glad that griffin is committed to calling killian, carey fangbattle, and noelle “Team Sweet Flipz”
  • lup: “here’s my idea, are you ready for it? it’s a banger”
  • griffin: “you remember that, taako, because your memory’s so good!”
  • griffin: “its upsy, your lifting friend” wait what. im sorry, what?????????
  • oh its lucas okay, cool. that moment got wayyyy too much Gravitas for it just to be the worst brand mascot EVER
  • YOOOOOO istus’s gift to taako, the item he could retrieve when he needed it most, has RETURNED TO THE STORY AND IM SO EXCITED BY THAT!!!
  • griffin has really genuinely lost track of the correct timeline of the events of this story and im like shit my dude, you and me both. ive only got most of it down
  • this john motherfucker is like almost tugging at my heartstrings but also im the embodiment of “cool motive still murder” bc im pretty sure this dude’s to blame
  • clint doesn’t remember jack shit about merle’s kids right now and in context, its like merle doesn’t even know how old his kids are. that’s BAD
  • griffin: “although this bear is in like Furious Nonsensical Monster Mode, you see, just faintly, you see it retract its claws as if to say ‘alright motherfucker, lets wrestle’”
  • magnus: “they’re not strong enough, I have to be” damn, talk about a Magnus Burnsides Thesis Statement
  • the fact that magnus is refusing to kill this monster mode Power Bear even though it’s being controlled by an eldritch nightmare is like. proof that magnus has a goddamn heart of gold. what a hero
  • magnus finds it in him to ask for help and avi comes crashing through the walls like “sup dude, need some help from Captain Handsome Hero?”
  • “no dogs on the moon!” AAHHHHHH IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT
  • taako: “i don’t know what tacos are. I’ve gotten hints, if you wanna call them taco prophecies. that’s a crazy thing to say out loud, but I just said it, so here we are, I guess, I’m talking at you through a frying pan, try to keep up Joaquin”
  • taako: “I’ll take one taco, extra destiny”
  • taako: “yeah, like I’m going to let myself be seen being taught how to cook anything, nice try”
  • taako: “so, a toast” joaquin: “no, its a taco….just a little food joke” taako: “very little”
  • istus: “huh, didn’t see that one coming” griffin: “across two universes, two food trucks explode” damn griffin
  • griffin: “kneeling at the center of town, is kravitz” OH GOOD! NOW WE’RE COOKING! NOW WE’VE GOT THE GOOD SHIT GOING!
  • i just gotta mention here that I love eldritch nightmares and cthulu-esque monsters, so this story’s eldritch nightmare that consumes everything in its path contrasted with a slowly-more-corrupted human avatar is MY JAM
  • merle: “i cast zone of truth!” travis: “TO WHAT END??”
  • griffin: “it is the most powerful holy spell you have ever cast” THAT’S A GOOD FINALE CALLBACK!!!!
  • griffin: “she turns back to lucas’s lab and she says ‘hero time’” NOELLE!!!!! NOELLE THAT WAS SO GOOD!!!
  • kravitz: “i wanna warm up my face so it’s not weird” AWWWWW
  • lup: “what’s up ghost rider?” kravitz: “you know we’re going to have to talk about the fact that your sister’s a lich, right?” taako: “yeah…i assumed”
  • lup: “taako just summoned all the energy in our reality to come help us fight” magnus: “mmhmm. I fought a bear…when I say it like that, it doesn’t sound as good, does it?”
  • davenport: “lup did you find the starblaster?” lup: “oh i sorta… forgot we were supposed to be doing that”
  • taako: “we have basically been trolling it for 100 years..[..]..and i don’t know about you, but TAAKO’S GOOD OUT HERE”
  • lup: “lucretia, dear, I’ve already forgotten about the whole thing. OH! OH! bad choice of words!” lup you adorable asshole
  • lup: “please don’t die” taako: “i’d say the same but that ship done sailed, hasn’t it?”
  • taako: “i walk over to angus and say ‘hey cool knife, you know he’s got a sword that’s on fire, right? he did just give you a KNIFE’”
  • lup: “hear that, babe? we’re legends”
  • there’s magic in a bard’s songOH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!
  • magnus: “this is it? it’s just a guy!” taako: “yeah it’s one guy, shouldn’t be a problem”
  • clint: “you heal up to 700 hit points!” griffin: “BULLSHIT! WHAT???” clint: “divided evenly” justin: “okay well but you don’t have any 9th level spell slots…” clint: “then I will use Mathias the Living Grimoire!” awesome I’m so glad clint learned how to actually properly play dnd on this LAST EP
  • griffin: “I will say, you’re on a ship, there’s probably a mast or something for you to swing down from” wait what this is an actual ship??? i was picturing like the entreprise or something
  • griffin: “we’re playing a little calvinball with the design of the starblaster” oh okay cool yeah its like a spaceship, not a fucking 17th century pirate ship
  • my dudes you never leave your weapons buried in the dying bodies of your enemies bc if they bounce back, they got your weapon now
  • griffin: “john is up first” justin: “fuck” clint: “he’s still just john? he’s not Demi-john????” travis: “final john” more cross-mcelroy-product jokes!!!!
  • the grubby heroes healed by godly love, i bet some people are feeling some Stuff right now
  • taako: “hey i want everyone to meet a new friend of mine, this is Joaquin” griffin: “OH FUCK! YES YES YES YES!!!”
  • joaquin: “thanks for the wizard powers, I’ve killed like a hundred of these things!”
  • griffin: “oh fuck I thought you were going to summon ME!!!”
  • hot damn clint REMEMBERED his gift from istus and fucking used it!!!!!!!!!
  • taako used the immovable rod!!!!! im so proud of them for remembering AND using all their items!!!!
  • taako: “i gotta be with lup” oh that’s so fucking sweet
  • angus: “hey everybody, johann was right! WE WON!” cool im crying a little bit, no big deal
  • griffin: “how does magnus die?” hey fuck off griffy i don’t want this
  • magnus being reunited with julia is making me cry significantly now
  • they got their happy endings, everybody got their happy endings, and I’m so happy
  • I am SO glad and grateful I got caught up in time for this fucking heartwrenching sweet finale

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your fics and have read all of them on Tumblr and AO3! Since you have such awesome tastes do you have any fics you recommend, just any that stand out to you aside from you own (awesome) stuff? A lot of the fics on AO3 and Tumblr have tc*st and some other ehhh stuff so if you feel like it Id love to hear some of the fics that you liked!

oh neat, i’ve never gotten one of these asks before! i’d be happy to share my personal stash of faves, yes indeed. :D

in no particular order, these are my recs:

Grounding Wires by Slipstream. (2014/16 TMNT; definitely one of my top faves, every bit of it is gold and i’ve read it multiple times; it’s about the boys, from Donnie’s perspective, getting ready to move out of the old lair into the new one post-movie ending. lots of family things but also anxiety and other such emotions.)

Captain Leo and those other guys by staringatstars. (2012 TMNT; a bizzarre little crossover-fusion universe of marvel and TMNT, which i enjoyed quite a bit if only for it’s uniqueness. basically the boys get to be the avengers, and the sequel following it kinda stabs your heart a bunch.)

Brain Trust: Close Encounters by Fantasiawandering. (2014/16 TMNT; an exploration of a story involving other human characters, namely Irma, but for once no romancing between them and the turtles. friendship and shenanigans ensue.)

Know the world in yourself by Taisi (izthehero) (Any TMNTverse; humanverse au/crossover-fusion universe with The Mummy, where Donnie ends up finding Mike halfway around the world after years of not speaking with him, and has to convince his brother to A) trust him again and B) help him find the tomb Donnie is hunting for.)

Pacific Turtles by Fantasiawandering. (2012 TMNT; another crossover-fusion universe, this time with Pacific Rim, and i’m not kidding when i say i literally bawled my eyes out at least fifteen times while reading this. the story is compelling and the situation makes me feel such empathy and sorrow for the boys.)

You Can Still Call Me Casey by TrineRUs. (2012 TMNT; a gender questioning fic that, when i found it, made my day, my week, and my month. not a subject most of the fandom would touch on with Casey, or even come close to doing it as well as Trine did.)

Boldly Go by Taisi (izthehero) (2012 TMNT;a fic about the spilt timeline kids, the ones who went to space after the main ones got home, and an exploration of how their personalities and dynamics changed because of their altered timeline.)

If Wishes Were Fishes by Taisi (izthehero) (2012 TMNT; humanverse fic, where the three older boys lost their youngest sibling the day they were born, but find someone who feels like that missing brother years later. (spoiler: yeah it’s Mike.))

Thrown in Reverse by Slipstream. (2012 TMNT; pretty much my favorite Donnie/Casey fic ever, short but emotional and set during the farmhouse arc.)

The Why of Things (Turtles All the Way Down Remix) by Slipstream. (2014/16 TMNT; i also cried a lot during this one, which is about Bernadette Thompson getting trapped in a subway tunnel cave in, and Donnie holding the ceiling up so they can both survive. 300% one of the most emotionally charged fics i’ve ever read.)

Prodigal Sons by Slipstream. (2014/16 with 2012 and 2007 thrown in; basically the 2014/16 brothers stealing Donnie’s from across time and space, because their families are shitty and they deserve love. 10/10 character interaction and portrayal, not to mention 20/10 sibling affection.)

i used to have more, but my old laptop died, taking with it all my bookmarks from before i had AO3. shame. :/

i have other ones, from tumblr and, but ugh, those would be hard to track down and i have my own fics to attend to. for now, enjoy the recs i’ve written out here! links to each as seen above, all are excellent reads, and i encourage you to check them out.

Haikyuu fic rec #2

I’m back with another fic rec with all the ones I read while I was on holidays  -now I lack of free time because of college, ohoho. Hope you enjoy it!

Part I 


Farewell by WildKitte (1k / T) - Akaashi pushes him back and inhales a deep breath like he’s drowning and grabs his luggage.”Farewell, Bokuto-san,” he says, voice hollow and turns, embarks the train without looking behind.

I’ll return home one day by awkwardedgeworth (7k / G) -  Wherein Akaashi is a world famous violinist, Kuroo introduces him to future Olympian-to-be Bokuto Koutarou. And Bokuto pines. A lot.

In Another Life by LittleLuxray (22k / T) - Worth the read, even that is going to break your heart . Sleeping didn’t come as easy as it used to. Bokuto knew this, and now Akaashi did, too.

Maybe We’re Airbone, Baby by SterlingLee (3k / T) -  Realizing he’s got it bad for his setter is the easy part. Getting his feelings across might be the hardest thing Bokuto’s ever done, not counting his literature final or putting out the flames on that birthday cake he tried to bake for Akaashi last year, or—or a lot of things, actually.

One part intentionally, two parts not by kirinosiku (2k / T) -  It starts out two weeks before Christmas, innocent and unexpected, with a silly coffee mug. Until Akaashi finds himself staring at a sleeping Bokuto and oh, oh.

Seven Days of Rain by gabstar (4k / T) - Bokuto loves the rain. Loves it too much, Akaashi thinks. Loves it like Bokuto loves everything. Wholly, completely. With total and absolute abandon.Akaashi would be lying if he said that didn’t scare him.

Sunshine Eyes by Akaashi_Keiji (3k / G) -  The first impression Akaashi Keiji gets of Bokuto Koutarou is by no means a good one.

10 hours by tsukkkiii (7k / T) -  Stuck at the airport in the middle of the night because the flight is SUPER delayed and wow Bokuto Koutarou has a huge crush AU.


Always My Pillar of Strenght by starlicities (16k / M) -  “What’s wrong with me, Mattsun?” Oikawa pulls at the hem of his shirt, the sopping fabric clinging to his skin and leaking water onto the doormat. “Anybody, everybody I know would kill to have me. And the only one I want to feel that way won’t even look at me.”

Build a temple in me by Authoress (39k / T) -  Up the mossy mountain steps, past the komainu guardians and the faded red gate, and beyond the boundaries of the green shrine—that’s where the forest and the spirit world within it lies. That’s were Hajime met him, and where their story began.

blue sky burns gray by daisuga (2k / G) -  Well, Oikawa Tooru, you can’t always get what you want. And sometimes, you lose the most important thing along the way.

By the time your eighteen by ricekrispyjoint (4k / T) -  Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s adventures in dating, kissing, and birthday gifts.

Here Comes Your Man by newamsterdam  (8k / T) - I have read this like 3 times already.  No one really knows much about the new surgical resident, Doctor Iwaizumi, other than the fact that he’s married. Suga’s determined to find out more, and make a friend of him in the process.

If you wanna be by orphan_account (15k / T) - There’s a five second silence as Oikawa peers at Iwaizumi, hardly budging before he reaches into his wallet to procure a single bright red business card. He slides it across the table until it’s sitting there, glaringly bright, obnoxiously real, and staring Iwaizumi right in the eye. THE GRAND CUPID, OIKAWA TOORU, CAMPUS MATCHMAKER.

like the sun rises by raewrites (1k / T) -  “When did you realize you were in love with me?”

Long nights, no peace by knightswatch (18k / E) - Pacific Rim AU.  The unconscious sync used to make Oikawa feel awkward, like he was losing a piece of himself in the drift and picking up too many of Iwaizumi’s habits. But now, after fifteen drops (and fifteen kills), it’s a comfort. It’s the steady knowledge that Iwaizumi Hajime will always be someone that he can rely on, that no matter what the world throws at the two of them, they share in a piece of each other’s soul.

Phone Home by ghostystarr (6k / G) -  Oikawa Tooru is currently orbiting Earth at 445 kilometers per minute, but falling in love with the voice in his ear makes it feel so much slower than that.

Still waking up by bravely (commovente) (1k / G) - Angst Medicine.  Iwaizumi starts his mornings with cold toes and warm breath.

To build a home by xShieru (15k / T) -  AU. Two people who are running away from their old lives and problems find each other. That’s all there is to it.

The heart is a lonely hunter by velvetcrowbars (8k / M) -  Oikawa Tooru is a living inconsistency kept together by things they’ve long forgotten and Iwaizumi Hajime no longer believes in miracles.

you’re looking like you fell in love tonight by anyadisee (34k / T) - Pretend to be dating? Pretend to be daiting.  “So, let me see if I understood this correctly,” Hajime says, slow and careful like he’s still waiting for some kind of punchline. “You want me to help Oikawa Tooru, a guy I barely know, because your boyfriend owes him a favor?”


Anything not saved will be lost by newamsterdam (15k / T) - After years of friendship, Kenma begins to wonder if things between him and Kuroo will ever change.

Reflections of you by Latios (6k / G) - Once he pieces together why it looked so damn familiar–that’s when he felt anxiety creep up his spine, mixed with many other emotions. Like Denial. Because he knew exactly who had the matching mark, and he didn’t need much confirmation.

Static by icespyders (8k / G) -  He hadn’t taken it well when Kuroo went away.


Close to the Chest by darkmagicalgirl (61k / T) - I really liked how she portrayed Yahaba and the whole Seijoh team. It takes Yahaba thirteen years to realize he’s different from the other kids, one to figure out how to hide it, and two more to learn to be happy just the way he is.

Down River Road by carafin (4k / G) - Character study.  Yahaba becomes Seijou’s captain; a new season of change and growth awaits.


Chocolate by tellalie (3k / T) -  “We have to do something,” Mattsun says.

[Obnoxious clucking noises] by memorde (3k / T) - On the last night of their last training camp together, Oikawa has a bad idea, Hanamaki goes along with it, Iwaizumi sort of wishes he had better friends, and Matsukawa proves himself to be particularly adept at intimidation tactics.

On the anatomy of crushes by carafin (2k / T) - One of my favorites.  Falling in love is really, ridiculously easy.

Only Need The Light When It’s Burning Low by tookumade (9k / G) -     “… We’re worried about you. What’s going on?”  You, thinks Hanamaki.

Room To Talk by holdontoyourhulahoops (2k / G) -  In which one snarky comment from Yahaba makes Hanamaki realize he’s been a dirty hypocrite all this time.

Sitting close to sweetness by crossbelladonna (4k / T) -  “What’s up with you?” Matsukawa asks him, genuinely worried despite the fact he doesn’t sound like he cares.
“Nothing, Issei. Don’t bother me.” Hanamaki grumbles and walks past him, getting out of the kitchen in a flurry.

Sure by kiyala (5k / T) -  Beginning university brings a lot of changes with it. As Iwaizumi and Oikawa deal with going to different universities, Hanamaki thinks about his own relationship with Matsukawa.

There he is again by crossbelladonna (1k / T) -  Fate just had to show him the way and he ends up at the back section of the library, facing the black-rimmed glasses, ears-with-plugs boy and five days later, Hanamaki’s sure he’s in it bad. He doesn’t even know his name. It’s definitely bad.

Kurooyama? Yamakuroo?… who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   (Kuroo Testsurou/Yamaguchi Tadashi)

Taste like cinnamon by InkCaviness (1k / G) - Hogwarts AU. The author has like six little fanfics of this ship, but this one is the cutest™. 

chocolate chip pancakes by InkCaviness (696 / G) -  Tadashi wakes up to the smell of pancakes.


the lost boys by OwlinAMinor (60k / T) -  A group of boys lost everything in war only to inherit a country that no longer knows its place in the world. How do they grow up? Who do they look up to? Where do they go to find purpose? There is only one answer: they turn to each other.

Younger Days by SilverAmoebasquid (19k / T) - I wasn’t supposed to add more and wanted to keep this one for another rec, but this little 19k monster touched my heart at the very end and that’s the reason is here. I spent all my sunday reading it and liked it a lot. Follows Shirabu through his junior high school years and then to Shiratorizawa .


Mole by lilaevolet (2k / G) -  “Hey Eita, don’t you have a heart shaped mole on your hip?”

usually i don’t put too much stake in pre-premiere interviews because it’s actors/directors saying a bunch of vague shit that fandom misinterprets and overreacts to

but this rian interview calling kylo the other half of rey’s protagonist is so fucking alarming. i don’t think it means r*ylo will happen because i really believe rey is a skywalker and this will be a family connection but

i cannot deal with this sidelining of finn. i’ve always enjoyed sw but casually. as soon as i saw tfa i fell in love with him and he’s quickly become one of my favorite characters of all time. i’m ambivalent to most of the other sequel trilogy characters. i’m here for finn.

i’m going to take a step back from sw. i don’t know where this leaves this blog because while i am multifandom i like having a large fandom (like sw) to center around. most of the other fandoms i’m in are small and/or a cancelled show/movie. maybe i’ll start focusing on pacific rim or the new star trek.

i’ll still post sw, but the only sequel trilogy content i will reblog will be finn, rose, or finnrey. i’ll slowly be moving towards different fandoms.

The Best of Destiel Fanfiction

For @mylovelyasylum, in no particular order, here are my very favorite Destiel Fanfics, compiled after doing basically nothing but read Destiel fic for two solid years. Enjoy.

Named by RC McLachlan

Jesus Christ is dead. Somehow, that isn’t the worst part of Dean’s week.

This is, in my not so humble opinion, the best canon fic that was ever written in this fandom.

Ad Astra by Nhixxie

One day Cas says, “Stars died for you, Dean Winchester”, against ruffled hair perched atop sun kissed skin and sleepy eyes.

Dean stirs, moving to spread his palms against the contour of Cas’ back, tips of fingers languidly strumming the indentations of his spine. One, two, three, four, he counts, the closest he could get to scientifically studying the anatomy of the human body.

“Is this some physics crap again?” He frowns with eyes closed.

Cas smiles softly. “Far from it.”

Dean’s fingers play at the base of his back, ninth thoracic vertebrae, Cas notes.

“Then tell me all about it.”

If I had to pick a single absolute favorite Destiel fic, this would be it. It is absolute poetry. Everything Nhixxie writes is perfect. 

March Stalkers Mighty by Whit Merule

When Dean was a kid, before he figured out that you didn’t talk to things that didn’t look human, he used to escape during the summers down to this old orchard down by the great Wall, where nobody else went. And there was another boy he’d meet there, a boy with wings who never said a word. 

Absolutely amazing, epic-length story based on Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Theodicy by manic_intent

As before, as now, as it will be again, the first significant Act of Creation by God shall be to forge l'hosif-or, his best-beloved, the Morning’s Star, the one who shall bring the seeds of light into dark places and fan them to flame.

This will fuck you up.

Vena Amoris and Other Old-Fashioned Bullshit by pyrebi

In which angelic marriage bonds are apparently stupidly easy to trigger, Cas wages multidimensional war in Heaven, Dean can’t catch a break like ever, Sam rather enjoys being a dick, love saves the day, and nobody consummates anything.

If you want something short and hilarious, this is it.

The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester by tuesday

Angelic marriage rites were never intended to go quite like this.

Hilarious and beautiful, from the s4-6 era of fic writing, which were particularly excellent in my opinion. Grouped with the previous, as they’re similar concepts. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Communing With The Dead by suspiciousflashlight

Dean is pretty sure he’s going completely, certifiably insane. Sure, he hasn’t started wearing all his clothes inside out, and he still showers on a regular basis (anyways, that’s not crazy, just a little eccentric); but there’s no getting around the fact that he just threw away his life, his career, and his reputation by dragging out his mom’s old necromancy book and summoning a Class AForbidden Entity to his attic. A cranky one, too. With horrendous bed-head.

Absolutely fantastic urban fantasy.

An Exercise in ‘Worthless’ by beastofthesky

Wherein Dean makes a hefty living as a tattoo artist who owns the space next to Gabriel’s cafe. Sam attends the local university. When Gabe’s cousin comes to live with him while starting grad school at Sam’s university, Dean thinks for sure that all his negative karma’s coming to bite him in the ass because Cas clearly has a thing for Sam. No one would ever choose him over Sam. That’s just logic.

Punk!Dean is my lifeblood okay.

All The Way by Cadignan

Castiel spends the first two weeks of college in much the same way he spent the previous years: alone with his books. He’s fine with it—he enrolled in college to learn, after all. Then in his first chemistry lab, he has the bad luck of being paired with snide, good-for-nothing Ruby, and the further misfortune of sitting behind Dean Winchester, the world’s most beautiful distraction. Ruby catches Castiel staring at Dean and makes him an offer.

I have reread this so many times. Excellent college au, and it’s really made by Cas’ friendship with Ruby and the other side characters. 

Equinox by Luchia

In which Castiel is the weird time-traveling freak who just might be the love of Dean Winchester’s life.

This is another one I have reread so many times. 

Okay, Cupid by orange_crushed

“The dating thing?” Dean frowns. “Online dating is for weirdos. Robots. Dudes hanging out in their basements.”

“You hang out in your basement.”

“I have an air hockey table down there,” Dean says, icily.

Honestly I have reread this more than any other. And that is saying a lot. The best friends-to-lovers oneshot basically ever.

Gran Fury by orange_crushed

They sit in silence and Castiel passes him the bottle. There’s not much left to say. Sam takes a gulp and it burns going down, like the cheap shit it is. He holds the bottle up against the light. He can see the Fury through it, distorted like a funhouse mirror. She’s a tomb but Sam loves her. Loves everything that’s left.

"To the end of the world,” he says.

“To the end of the world,” says Castiel.

If you ever feel like reading 5k and bawling your eyes out, this fic is for you. It’s a Pacific Rim AU, and it is the saddest and most beautiful oneshot I’ve ever read. Note the tags and warnings. 

Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) by kototyph

Dean’s done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake. His surprise husband, Castiel, is a little weird but likable despite that, and Dean figures they’ll go back to Boston, get a quiet annulment, and go their separate ways. Six weeks later, he’s still married to one of the strangest, most genuine and definitely most dangerously lov– likable guys he’s ever known. Dean doesn’t know why or really even how it’s happening, but it’s getting harder and harder to remember that he has divorce papers to file.

The plot is literally strangers wake up married…and just kinda stay married. It is adorable as all hell and I’ve reread it loads of times. 

Rvr Ro11435 by Ferritin4

In which Castiel is a operations analyst, Dean is a grease monkey, and even though it’s set at NASA no one goes to space.

This is possibly my favorite AU characterization of Castiel, and it’s my favorite style of borderline dark humor.

Broadway Musical by Griftings

This is the day that marked the Holy and Blessed Union of Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle.

The merging of prominent bloodlines is always a grand occurrence, but breeding pedigree hunter families like Winchester and Harvelle is something to be rejoiced. It is also something to be meticulously planned, which thankfully the Host is very good at. 

Cas isn’t a terribly good matchmaker. And this is fucking hilarious.

What Fun It All Would Be by 8sword

Nothing dies in Purgatory, but they are forever finding corpses.

-Dean and Castiel find Emma in Purgatory

Heed the warnings. This is not a happy fic. But it is amazing, and it will destroy you. And this author does what no other writer has ever really done, which is fix the canon bullshit that was the Emma plot. Check out their other stories, which also feature a lot of Emma (and Claire, before Claire was even reintroduced into the show).

ETA: I missed one! For some reason I had it tagged wrong on ao3.

This Thing Called Free Will by tracy_loo_who

Time is fluid, and Castiel can see how it will go because he can bend it on occasion.

‘In the year 2009 Anno Dean, Castiel will have existed for 63 billion, 241 million, 430 thousand, and 400 seconds on Earth without Dean. He will be cold and alone, and he will ache for his Dean.

It will not end.’

This is one of the fics that fucked me up the most. It is absolutely devastating and beautiful. And the author is one of the greatest early Destiel writers.

anonymous asked:

Do have any favorite/recommended haikyuu fics or doujinshi??? You write amazing ones and I thought you might have awesome recommendations!

Oh, golly. YESSS. I do. I do. I’ve been meaning to make a rec post and I haven’t yet, so…. Here we go, okay?


Saturday Night Sendai by memorde 
Summary: Two teams, one restaurant. What could possibly go wrong?
Me: So Yamaguchi and Futakuchi have the same birthday, and because of that there is this fic, and I am SO HAPPY. This is AMAZING. It is everything I could have dreamed for in Datekou/Karasuno interaction. And the Yamaguchi and Tsukishima interaction is frigging perfect. Love Yamaguchi feeling shy and awkward and Tsukki being an asshole to protect him. That’s just…yeah. Who they are. And Futakuchi was hilarious. But Aone and Hinata were the best.

Don’t run on wet wood by boxofwonder 
Summary: Karasuno takes a trip to the lake on a hot summer’s day.
What could possibly go wrong?
Me: Slightly less well-known than boxofwonder’s fandom classic, Shadows Don’t Matter Close to the Light, but to me this one is just as perfect. Wonderful team interaction, mostly just a happy fun fic. Until SOMETHING goes wrong, and oh wow, it is heart-in-your-throat awful. But the team makes it better! Hinata and Kageyama are completely perfect in this fic.

Delinquent Marshamallows by Crollalanza 
Summary: Tanaka Ryuunosuke is a boy with a mission. He’s gonna be part of the best team in the Miyaga Prefecture and power Karasuno High Volleyball Team to Nationals. He’s brash, loud and argumentative, which irritates his senpais no end. But underneath it all, his sister Saeko sees another boy. One who’s struggling to cope as the team fractures.
Me: I’ve recced this before, but I don’t care. Doin’ it again. It’s a fantabulous fic, and my personal canon for the Tanaka siblings. Everything I write with those two, I have this background in mind. Including the way they interact at the end of Split Second, the way their house looks, why Saeko calls her dad, “real paranoid”. Y’know, for what it’s worth.

We’ll Figure That Out When We Get There by SterlingLee 
Summary: Moniwa runs into a little trouble at the train station, and Datekou tries to help more enthusiastically than is really necessary. The question of who saves whom from what may actually be beside the point, but this much is clear: the Iron Wall is a full-time occupation.
Me: DATEKOOOOUUUU. They are so precious. omg. THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS. Adorable boys being protective of each other, ugh, I will never. ever. get over it.

Extraordinary by soups 
Summary: Bokuto is a sunrise, a beast, a role model, a storm, a child, an ace and a captain.
Me: Bokuto through the eyes of multiple teammates. Really sweet and cute character study. Does a lot to fill the hole left by not enough Bokuto in the manga. (WHERE ARE THE OWLS. WHERE ARE THE OWLS.)

I Really Need A Translator by FriendshipCastle
Summary: My anime bud chucked me into the volleyball anime fandom and I am officially lost to these boys and their boundless enthusiasm for volleyball. I’m mad because I can barely ship them, they love volleyball to the exclusion of everything. But whatever, here’s a bunch of relationship headcanons disguised as fics. In this one, Hinata breaks his wrist and Kags is in charge of him because he can’t be trusted.
Me: You may have noticed that I have Kind of a Thing for Hinata getting hurt and Kageyama taking care of him. THIS IS A GOOD ONE. They feel incredibly real and touchable in this fic. Te adoro.

I’m Not Walking You Home, Yamaguchi. by Feathers_Fall_Like_Snow 
Summary: I just have some stuff to do and happen to be going in the same direction. -Tsukki Yamaguchi doesn’t greet him at the bus stop (Not that Tsukki cares.) Or practice (Not at all.) Then Tsukki sees that Yamaguchi has a black eye and a swollen lip, and finds out he was jumped on the way to school. He just happens to need to go that same direction after school now. Low and behold, Yamaguchi’s attackers are there too! Pathetic.
Me: I also have Kind of a Thing about Yamaguchi getting picked on and then getting protected by…well…pretty much anyone. Tanaka is my favorite, but Tsukishima will do. THIS IS ALSO A GOOD FIC. It feels very in-character and very believable, and it makes my heart ache.

Maybe Not Really Gen (But Close Enough for Me to Love): 

wear a necklace of hope by Authoress for maychorian
Summary: Someone like him couldn’t win. He didn’t have the looks or the personality to wheedle life-saving gifts from sponsors. He wasn’t charming. He didn’t have a sob story. Tanaka couldn’t win the Hunger Games, that much was certain. But he could do his damnedest to beat it. (Or, The Fourteen Lives of Tanaka Ryuunosuke.)
Me: Okay, yes, so this was written for me. So maybe it’s not surprising that I love it. I have also recced it before. BUT I DON’T CARE IT’S SO GOOD AND IT DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH KUDOS. Go and read it. It’s…agghlajkljsoiaiqeqrklsfvdalk. I cannot express myself well.

melt your headaches, call it home by roisale (strawberrysonatina) 
Summary: “A lot of people end up hating each other after their first Drift,” Nishinoya says, helmet tucked in the crook of his elbow. “But you know,” he adds, looking up at Ennoshita with a cheeky sort of grin, “I don’t think I could ever hate you.” “That’s,” Ennoshita stumbles, feeling his face freeze somewhere between confusion and embarrassment, “That’s nice of you, I think.”
Me:  Yep, it’s a Pacific Rim AU. But. BUT. Ennoshita babe is perfect. It’s very him. And Noya-san is such a bundle of utter joy. And they interact in the most precious and perfect ways. It’s all about connection, and learning to be in each other’s space, and it’s utterly, utterly beautiful. I would read every PacRim AU in every fandom if they were all about the pilots just cuddling constantly. (I have SUCH a THING for CUDDLING.)

As It Should Be by PrussianBluu 
Summary: Based on a request I saw on Tumblr that someone send fanfics where “Hinata is bullied without the team knowing and then they find out.” I like the idea of everyone (including Tsukishima) enraged and vengeful. So I. Did that. I’m so sorry.
I’m also really really sorry that the ‘ungrateful second-years’ aren’t really in this because I wanted them to be but I couldn’t find a good place for them, since this focuses so much on just Kageyama and Hinata.
Me: Yeah, another fic with Hinata getting bullied and everyone being protective. I LIKE THIS THEME OKAY. This one is really well-written, and the conclusion is EXTREMELY satisfying. Two thumbs way, way up.

While you’re at it, you can also read everything else written by these authors. I have a few more recs in my bookmarks on AO3, too. 

There ya go! Just a few, not nearly enough to cover the breadth of the awesome fic in this fandom, but I hope that gives you a taste, and a few hours of happy reading.

Kingsman Fic Rec: AU Edition

Fave Fridays is here and this week I’m giving you what will probably be the longest rec list I’ve ever written up. Here’s a compilation of my favorite completed AU fics in the Kingsman fandom! And I just realized that all of them are Hartwin. Sorry.

*Note: I have compiled a separate rec list for Soulmate fics and A/B/O verse fics because the list was too long. That list will be up in in about 12 hours!

**Yes, the categories are indicators of how long the fics are. I’m lame.

Developed and Delicious Full Course Meals

Ace of Spades by manic_intent (manic-intent)

The one where Eggsy is Team Valentine, Harry is still a Kingsman, and they still hook up anyway. A well-constructed plot, tons of great characterization and banter, with some truly scorching smut sprinkled on top. Hands down my favorite AU fic so far.

are we human, or are we dynamite by randomhorse 

The Pacific Rim AU we deserve. Just, don’t doubt me on this. Just go and read it. There’s excellent worldbuilding, a slow burn that IS A LEGIT SLOW BURN, and some truly magnificent characterization going on here. And there’s some Gazelle/Roxy friendship, which is always extra incentive.

Your Highness by Galahard (galahard)

The one where Eggsy turns out to be royalty and Kingsman is the royal family’s bodyguard agency. Tons of buildup and plenty of plot. Also includes Tilde/Roxy. 

Oxford, Not Vogue by persephoneggsy

Model!Eggsy and fashion designer!Harry. Need I say anything more?

Main Dishes to Fill You Up

Golden Crown and Arches by sushicorps (Inclinant) (secondarysushicorps)

The one where Eggsy works at McDonalds. No, really. It’s not a crack fic. Beware: puns abound, and you will never keep a straight face in a McDonalds ever again. 

Collision Course by FlareWarrior

Eggsy accidentally texts the wrong number. It only gets better from there. There are not enough words in the world to explain how much I love this fic.

take a chance (it wasn’t what you know) by eversincewefellapart

The cis-girl!Eggsy fic that, if you go for those kinds of fics, is definitely a must read. 

Not-Coffee For Two by Mintey (eggsyunwinhart)

The obligatory coffee shop AU that was so devastatingly cute that I almost got diabetes. It’s fantastic.

Nearer My God To Thee by Vacilando (getinthefuckingjaeger)

Warning: Major Character Death. The Titanic AU that almost convinced me to go drown myself in the bath. It’s beautifully tragic, and honestly if you’re as masochistic as I am I fully expect you to be reading this. Probably the angstiest fic of the entire fandom.

you make motion when you cry by unhappy_turtle (unhappy-turt)

Wherein Harry and Eggsy are drinking mates and meet at the pub every week. My weakness for pining!Eggsy is becoming very obvious. I don’t care. Go read it. It’s so worth it.

Appetizers That I’d Love to Taste More of

Cold Water Kisses by Mintey

The one where they meet in a laundromat. At 3am. I’m almost heartbroken by the fact that I don’t have more of this fic to read.

Chicken Soup for Two by elletromil (elletromil)

Where two sick people first meet over the last can of soup in the shop. It’s an unrepentantly fluffy fic. I might have giggled too much over it.

Take Flight by late_night 

The one where Eggsy is a nervous flyer and the hot guy sitting next to him helps. WHY ISN’T THERE MORE FROM THIS VERSE, WHY.

to all of the men who have stood without fear by romans

The vampire!Eggsy AU we deserve to see more of. Seriously.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a fic rec list?

hello anon!! I’m sorry this reply is so late.  

I definitely had plans to write rec lists regularly when I first joined the fandom (assuming that you’re talking pacrim), and then……I forgot.  er.  but I found my old notes, and between those and my vast array of bookmarks, I have enough material to come up with at least four or five themed rec lists.  I’m excited about it, so expect those to come sporadically over the summer.

to hold you over, here are a few recs of movie-verse, (mostly) canon-compliant newmann fics.

“It’s a cute idea, your ring tattoo,” [Mako] comments, and Newt seems startled at first that she caught on, but shrugs sheepishly.

“Yeah, well…I was worried I might lose a real ring. You know, in kaiju guts or something.” After a moment of thought, he adds, “Hermann- Dr. Gottlieb- has something different.”

heartlines, by lornrocks

(newt/hermann / general audiences / 1150~ words)

secretly married!!!   (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜  this is a short, sweet established relationship fic.  I like how their relationship is understated in this.  it’s not that it’s a big secret, it’s just…private.  their wedding is described in very loose detail, and there are some other relationship tidbits that are mentioned, but left vague enough that the reader is able to embellish upon them.  I like when writers do this, because I can insert my own headcanons and daydream about them for 5000 hours.  >:3

most of this fic is from mako’s pov, which I love.  she catches onto the marriage thing almost immediately, and sees little details that other people [cough]raleigh[cough] haven’t quite noticed.  it closes with newt and hermann in bed together, which reinforces the private, our-intimacy-is-just-for-us-and-no-one-else nature of their relationship.

“Is this dangerous?” Is all he asks, one hand moving from Newt’s wrist to hover over his cheek. Newt swallows dryly and shakes his head since he doesn’t trust his voice right now. Hermann’s finger gently touches his face, tracing a line across his cheek and the side of his nose. “You have the Southern Cross right here…”

twinkle twinkle little star, by curiumkingyo / burn-gormans-eyelashes

(newt/hermann / explicit / 2000~ words)

this is like a soft and gentle version of kaiju!newt.  the premise is that, due to all his work dissecting kaiju, newt’s freckles have started to glow blue from bioluminescence.  hermann, being a fan of stars and astronomy, greatly appreciates it.  like–a lot.  in a sex way.

this is a first-time fic with a heavy dash of body worship.  I love hermann’s space geekery, and I love the idea of him mapping out constellations on newt’s skin.  newt is nervous, but trying to act confident, which is my favorite kind of newt.  they’re both a little desperate, but also careful, because neither of them wants to lose what they have.  there’s some great art for this fic, so be sure to check that out in the notes.

After all, he began to notice that this (whatever this is) was going on after the time he threw himself on the bed and jokingly told Hermann to have his way with him - and then saw the brief flicker of something in Hermann’s eyes that suggested maybe Hermann wanted to do just that in a way Newt wasn’t aware of yet.

before i knew what hit me, baby, you were flowing through my veins, by thekaidonovskys / @clintcoulsons

(newt/hermann / mature / 4900~ words)

this is probably one of the sweetest kink fics I’ve ever read.  hermann has a thing for bondage–he wants to tie newt up–but he’s too embarrassed to say anything about it.  newt draws it out of him, is very amenable to the idea, and so they try it out.

I love how hesitant and caring hermann is–constantly checking up on newt, even to the point where newt’s kind of rolling his eyes.  the description of newt slipping into subspace is very well done, and I love how you can see hermann gaining confidence over the course of the fic.  everything is so gentle and loving.  you can tell that the characters really care about each other deeply. uwu

“I want you to lie there, and with the lights still on, I want to take your clothes off and touch you all over.”

lights on, by berlynn-wohl

(newt/hermann / explicit / 7400~ words)

this is one of those fics I’ve read probably five or six times.  I love how berlynn-wohl writes newt’s voice, and both he and hermann are so in-character.  I hesitate to call this fic pwp, because there’s some really rich character study in it??  but I mean, it’s also like 90% sex, complete with blow jobs and rimming.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anyway, in this fic, newt has never seen hermann completely naked (despite the fact that they’ve been trading handjobs regularly), so they have sex naked, with the lights on, for the first time.  it’s very much about hermann’s insecurity and body image issues, so there’s a dab of angst and some delicious h/c in here.

Animator Interview - Disney Animator, Daniel Klug

Name: Daniel Klug

Tell us a little about yourself. (We know there is more to people than being an animator.):

Well, I’m more nerd than anything else - a child of the internet, video games, and Saturday morning cartoons. I love all forms of media and I have an unending thirst for storytelling and entertainment. Animation in 3D is a perfect blend of engineering and artistry, so naturally I was drawn to it. For fun, I’m usually programming or playing games.


Daniel Klug - Frozen Animation Reel from Daniel Klug on Vimeo.

This is my Frozen animation reel. You can find more of my stuff on my Vimeo page.

Where do you work and how long have you been there?

Walt Disney Feature Animation. Almost 3 years now. I started working here on Wreck-It Ralph.

What are some of your past jobs?

Previous to Disney, I joined Rhythm&Hues in 2010 for their Animation Apprenticeship program. I got my start in film working on Hop and Alvin & the Chipmunks 3. Before that, I was in the commercial industry doing motion graphics, FX, and design work.

Where did you do to school?

Self taught up until AnimationMentor in 2008. From there, while at R+H, I continued my education with iAnimate and then Animation Collaborative. Collab was in-person, which meant I had to drive from LA to Emmeryville every Friday night for 15 weeks to take that class. Believe me, it was worth it.

What made you decide to be an animator?

Storytelling is my biggest drive. And no part of the process gets closer to telling stories with emotional beats than animation. Once the characters start moving, the story is alive.

What is your favorite part about being an animator?

The work is absolutely rewarding and extremely difficult. I thrive on challenges. I love solving problems and I have a fascination for acting. Animation is the perfect blend of technical and artistic expression.

What’s your favorite kind of animation?

I love going to the theater to see giant robots fighting - it’s my guilty pleasure. But my number one would be that perfect blend of cartoony and hyper-natural movement. Somewhere between Tangled and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs would be the sweet spot for me. But seriously, Pacific Rim is pure ambrosia.

What’s your software preference?

Maya is such a powerful tool if you learn how it works. And I mean, deeply. In the past 2 years, I’ve been teaching myself Mel and Python and learning the Maya API. I’m able to write tools to help the entire pipeline. Other studios tend to use proprietary software, so I’m not sure how customizable they can get. Maya is a fantastic framework to build upon.

What does your workflow look like?

It’s very reference heavy with a huge push toward caricatured physics and posing. I use ref for nuance and natural, proportional timing. But then everything else is pushed into the style of the character and film.

How do you prepare for a new shot?

I really try to understand the purpose of the shot first. What it means in the film and why the character is making the choices they are making. Once I understand things from the character’s point of view, acting choices tend to seem natural and easier to come by. It’s easier to know what is the right choice and wrong choice. Then I shoot a lot of ref, trying to get that nice timing and efficiency. Then it’s deep into blocking.

What is the aspect of animation that you struggled with the most and how did you move past that struggle?

I struggle a lot with the rigs. There tends to always be something I want to do that the rig doesn’t do naturally. So, I break the rig over and over again. Unfortunately, there isn’t an elegant way past this problem unless you remodel the character on the fly.

What are some of the ways you manage your time so that you can get everything done in time?

Sometimes, the shot is going to go longer than anticipated. It’s the nature of the beast. The best thing I can do is to keep the communication going between the supes and the producers about my predictions of when the shot is going to land.

What are some of the things you look for before you declare your shot complete?

I never declare my shot complete. That’s entirely up to the director and production. There is always soooo much more I would love to do to my shots before they are pushed downstream. I would love to take a fine-tooth comb to the whole thing and make sure all parts are moving in perfect concert; never starting or stopping at the same time, yet maintaining a relationship in movement and energy.

What’s your favorite animated movie, short, and game?

UGH, this is a tough question. There isn’t a king of the hill in my mind, but the top three would be: The Incredibles, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Wreck-It Ralph. Shorts-wise, I love Burning Safari and Octopodi. Game: Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect 2, Half Life 2, and WoW (still recovering).

What do you do when you get animator’s block?

Take a walk, get Starbucks. Ask friends what they think of the shot. Watch some movies, surf the internet, procrastinate, then suddenly get a flash of inspiration. That seems to do the trick.

What do you use to get inspired?

My life is filled with art, movies, and video games. I’m never short of inspiration.

What is your favorite experience as an animator?

Every time I final a shot where the director sees it and says, “Wow. That’s awesome. Let’s watch it again.”

What are your favorite animation resources that other animators might find useful?

You can get a ton of helpful scripts and tools from a place like And animal reference from

How do you take your Chipotle Burrito?

Burrito Bowl with no rice or beans, extra veggies, carnitas, sour cream, cheese, guacamole. Smothered in chipotle tobasco.

If you could direct a project, what would it be?

A Disney-Animated spin-off Star Wars movie. I don’t even care what character it’s about. A guy can dream.

Do you have any advice for students and animators trying to find their break?

There was a time I was working at R+H and I just knew that I wasn’t going to have a good enough reel to get me a job after the contract. So I enrolled into an online school to keep learning and keep growing - at a rate faster than I could at work. People told me I was crazy because I was already working. But here’s the thing: You don’t ever get to a point where you “deserve a job because you worked hard.” At the end of the day, if your shots aren’t entertaining, or your execution is lacking polish, your entire reel is easily dismissed. It’s a subjective industry and very difficult to pinpoint what exactly people want to see. Work hard to make shots that are special and appealing. My advice would be to keep learning and keep animating. Oh, and an easy point to make: if you are still learning mechanics or even how to polish, stick to shots that are short. Like 6 seconds max. You’ll learn just as much in a 100 frames as you will in a 500 frame shot. And you won’t be stuck for months working on the same shot. Finish short shots and move on.

Drift Compatible

Pairings: Jongkey, Jongho, Minkey, Jongkeyho
Rating: PG-13 (for language and brief non-explicit mentions of teh sex)
Word count: 1800+
Synopsis: *movie trailer voice* The poly OT3 Boyfriends Assemble nerds are back, and this time they’re on a beach vacation, cuddling and watching nerdy movies!

(read the first installment in this au, if you want– it’s not necessary to understand this fic though)

As much as Jonghyun loved swimming in the ocean with Minho or tanning on the sand next to Gwiboon, his favorite part about their beach vacation was when the day dimmed to twilight, and they retreated to their small beach bungalow, with salt in their hair and sand between their toes, to cuddle on the sofa and eat with unrivaled and vigorous appetites as the breeze moved through the open windows of the house.

Minho and Gwiboon were making dinner in the kitchen tonight, and they had tasked Jonghyun with choosing their evening movie. He was now in the process of severely overthinking it, as he alternated between scrolling through Netflix and pawing through the stack of DVDs that he had brought in its own small suitcase from home.

“All of Fringe and Warehouse 13? Really, Jjong?” Minho had raised an eyebrow when he saw Jonghyun packing the bag.

“I’m more concerned with why he packed Voyager instead of The Next Generation.” His girlfriend held up the offending DVDs.

“You never know what we might be in the mood for,” Jonghyun said, pointing at Minho. He turned to Gwiboon. “And don’t shit on Voyager. Captain Janeway is amazing.”

Jonghyun deliberated now as he tapped his fingers against the surface of the Voyager boxed set. He decided at last that he wasn’t feeling it, and set it aside. He had been squatting next to the bag for so long that his legs were hurting, and he rubbed his shins absently as he tried to pick something.

As if she had heard his thoughts, Gwiboon called from the kitchen. “You have thirty seconds, Jjong, or I’m going to make you rewatch the second J. J. Abrams Star Trek movie.”

Minho’s repulsed “ugh!” was so strong that Jonghyun could imagine him physically recoiling from Gwiboon.

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anonymous asked:

I found this au “your friend set you up on a blind date and i happened to be eating alone so you thought you were meeting me and you were cute so i went along with it but you just got a text from said friend that they're sorry your date stood you up and now i have some explaining to do” and omg BELLARKE

Thanks! I liked this idea, too, and I hope you like what I’ve done with it. 

Also on AO3

The most Clarke expects out of her Tuesday evening is szechuan beef noodles in her favorite Chinese place down the street and the feeling of perfect calm.

What she gets instead is a hot, flustered guy with freckles covering the most of his tan skin, rumpled shirt and the general appearance of someone who’s been running.

“Shit, I’m so sorry I’m late.”

Clarke blinks at him because - is this an alternate universe? Is this just like the Pacific Rim AUs Raven claims she absolutely does not read? What is this, really?

The guy just keeps talking, trying to settle in the seat across the table from her and knocking down the napkin stand, the menu and barely managing to save Clarke’s bottle of bear. 

“I swear that this doesn’t happen at all, it’s just that Octavia called,” he shoots her a look of exasperation, like Clarke is supposed to know who that is, “and her dog got sick - I love her dog, her dog does not deserve the shit she puts her through, so we rushed to the vet and - “

Finally, he shuts up, eyes wide and panicked while Clarke just sits there, listening intently. The night can’t get any weirder and besides, he’s pretty easy on the eyes. 

“I’m talking too much, aren’t I?”

At that, she laughs. “I wouldn’t know, would I?”

The guy smiles, all pearly white teeth and dimples popping in his cheeks. Clarke is utterly unprepared to deal with this situation, honestly. It’s Tuesday, for fuck’s sake. Nothing good happens on Tuesdays.

“It is a first date so yeah, you’re right. I’m Bellamy, by the way,” he offers his hand and Clarke takes it. Warm, solid, just a little clammy. “Octavia didn’t mention - “

“It’s Clarke. Clarke Griffin.” After a second of silence, she asks, “So, how is Octavia’s dog?”

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A Public Service Announcement

Alright, so I’m going to go on a bit of a rant here. This is gonna be a long one, kids. I’ve had a bit of a day.

Recently, as in the past maybe month or so, I’ve been seeing a lot of anon hate going around. I’m probably not about to say anything that hasn’t been said, but I really just want to get my thoughts out there because I’m still fuming, even though I waited about an hour before sitting down to write this. I then took a nap and waited another couple of hours, but I find I’m still in agreement with my impulse and instinct. 

Specifically, I can’t entirely speak for other fandoms, but in the Pacific Rim fandom, I’ve seen both hate for Original Characters and hate for Canon Characters. Not only is this not okay, but it’s really not okay. First off, if someone went through the trouble to make an original character, they’re probably more creative and useful to the fandom than the hate spewing grey face in their inbox. 

We need original content to continue moving forward as a fandom - we’re not getting another movie, at least not for a long time, if we do. Our sources are limited. Not everyone can pick a character from the series and play it, otherwise things would get dreadfully stale. 

Which leads me to my next point. Just because you don’t like how someone plays ‘your favorite character,’ doesn’t mean you should spit your filth into their inbox. They don’t ship your OTP? Oh, boo hoo. Everyone–everyoneis entitled to their own vision of the character. It’s already difficult to take on the role of an established character, you have to live up to your own expectations and the information from the story, and then try to make a mark and compare to the other fine people writing on this website. 

Getting hate from some asshole who isn’t even courageous to show their own face doesn’t do anything other than make someone who is already going out on a metaphorical limb by submitting their original character or their own interpretation of an established character into a more bitter and cynical soul. Someone who had the courage to get out there and make good art is now hurt because some cowardly douchebag who chose to project their nasty and rude personal beliefs in an entirely wasteful manner. 

Hateful anons contribute nothing. They are detrimental to what is an overall wonderful and loving community. By submitting something that degrades another roleplayer or person, you are detracting both from this fandom and from yourself. You should be ashamed. 

Besides, dearest anon, no one is forcing you to follow these blogsYou do not have to read their roleplays. You do not have to look at the undesired memes. You do not even have to think about them. But the moment you reach out and insult someone or degrade them as a person, you lose the right to breathe the same air as the people in the community who are kind and respectful. 

If you feel like you honest to god just have to say something, why don’t you spend maybe five minutes and give constructive criticism. Telling someone to leave the fandom or stop roleplaying because you don’t like their style is both completely inadequate and entirely unhelpful. Once again, everyone is entitled to write the way they want. If you don’t like it, don’t read their posts

Not only is anon hate not acceptable, but it’s made doubly so by sending it to a roleplay blog. The blog is that of a character. The moment you bring the mun into it, you are crossing a line that should never be crossed. The mun’s existence is sacred and should be protected. If a mun volunteers information about themselves, again, this is a sacred trust, they are trusting the people who follow them to accept them as they are. 

Do not bring personal issues into anon messagesIf you have something to say to someone, send it via fan mail and be respectful so that they can reply in kind, privately.Or send it to them via an outside mode of chat–that shit doesn’t belong on anon, nor does it belong on a roleplayer’s blog. A mun should never be forced to sit there and defend themselves or a friend publicly because you have some sort of personal vendetta against this mun or that. 

How dare you presume to have the right to tell someone to go die, delete, or any of the other multitudes of disgusting words that I’ve seen from anons. It is just wrong. Ethically and personally, I sincerely believe that this is a line–if you disagree, that’s fine. I didn’t post this to argue with you about it, I won’t, in fact. 

It takes a special kind of cunt to cut someone down anonymously. 

If you are following me and are guilty of hate, anon or otherwise, I think that you should probably just click the little minus button, because I don’t want to be associated with you. Please shoot me a personal message so that I can also unfollow you, because I’ve no interest in being a part of your hate campaigns. 

I don’t care if I lose followers for this, I needed to get it out there, it needed to be said. I’m so fucking tired of seeing people that I really enjoy reading getting disheartened because of ignorant jerks. 

Author Appreciation Week - Fitzsimmons Fic Recs!

Hello all! I saw a post on my dash talking about doing an Author Appreciation Week in order to show and spread love for our favorite fanfic authors, so here’s my contribution to the pile. This post is going to be dedicated to fic recs for the Fitzsimmons ship from Agents of SHIELD. And it took me almost all week to do it, because I basically ended up re-reading most of my bookmarked fics. OOPS.

If you don’t see your fic here, that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it! I love pretty much all of the fic ever, but I’m trying to keep this post a reasonable length (my FS bookmark list on AO3 is 15 pages long, for crying out loud). and sticking to the fics that I keep coming back to over and over. I also tried to limit myself to one rec per author. Just know that I love all of you!

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