here's my apology for putting up with my weirdness

@corneliascookiejar I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG i was moving back into my dorm today and figuring out my classes for the new semester and everything has been a little hectic.  apologies.  >.<

but anyway yes here???  is the fill??  i got very excited and it ended up being longer than i anticipated…and not exactly what you asked for but hEY i hope you enjoy it anyways??

ending is weird because i got overexcited and wanted to actually put plot in there but i do not have the willpower or energy to continue sO AGAIN I APOLOGIZE

Kanda is very annoyed.

Not that Kanda’s annoyance is anything new, really, but Komui senses that there’s something a little different about this situation.  For one, Kanda is standing there – not politely, but studiously silent, arms crossed, lips pursed, toe of his boot tapping loudly against the ground.

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