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summary: One training session with Bucky turns nasty and soon your ready to hand in your resignation. But does Bucky really want to see you go so soon? 

word count: 2.4k

warnings: angst / fluff / asshole!Bucky / fluffy!bucky /

“I just don’t see the point, Bucky!” Letting out a frustrated growl as the Soldier rolled his eyes again, I tucked my head behind my knees, trying to regain my vision and a healthy heart beat again.

For some reason today, Bucky was not letting me go down without a fight. Maybe it was the fact that I was his first ‘Trainee’ and he felt the need to get it right, or the fact that Steve supervised the training process and if I didn’t get better, he’d be disappointed. No one likes it when the Captain is disappointed, it felt as if you punched a kitten when I caused disappointment to gather in his baby blue eyes.

“Get it, now. I’m not kidding Charlie, now get up and keep going.” Embarrassment at my ass being kicked in our gym filled with all of us Avengers, training for the next deathly task we had to take.

The way he’d been kicking my ass, I was 90% sure my ass had vanished.

I had no ass to be kicked anymore, it had fallen off when he did his last move of literally kicking me in the ass so I’d stumble to the ground. I felt red flames on my cheeks, and the stare’s that were starting made me freeze.

I’d rather be smothered to death with a couch pillow than exerting any more energy in this session. I muttered to Bucky with my face hidden, my head was on my knees in pure shame.

“I can’t…”

“I’m sorry, what was that? I don’t think I heard you correctly!”

“I said, I can’t anymore…” A crack at the end gave my eyes the feeling to leak with salty drops of ‘weakness’. I didn’t want to become more pathetic than I already was, and crying was as pathetic as this moment could get for me.

“We don’t use ‘I can’t’ here. If you want to be an Avenger, then act like one, dammit!”

“I’m trying!” I cried out, finally looking up at the chocolate hair and glaring blue eyes that stared down at me with such intensity. Maybe I wasn’t good enough, maybe it was for the best if I left…

What the hell is wrong with you? Dammit. Okay.. well, maybe it’s best if you throw in the damn towel now. Before you get yourself and the rest of us killed out on missions!”

Bucky’s words stung, but what stung more was that no one raised an objection. They just were in some silent agreement with Bucky.


“If that’s what you think is best, then by all means…” I turned around to see the twin doors open by FRIDAY listening to our conversation. What a cold hearted bitch, that AI was…

The gym was deadly silent now, Sam stopped punching the bag that Steve was effortlessly holding. Tony wasn’t spotting Clint anymore at the weights and so Barton laid there, with his head poking up to watch Bucky and I exchange our heated argument. Breathing in heavily like everyone else was. The gym air felt thick now, to me. It was thick with pity.

I was stumbling to my feet now, holding onto my knees as I got up on my feet. I felt like the wind just got knocked out of my chest, just from these small movements. It was painful enough to have the attention of everyone in the room, but to be this feeble and vulnerable…this felt like a whole new level of humiliation that I’ve unlocked in a very cruel video game.

I prayed for someone to at least look at me and see I needed some help! No one met my eyes that spun while I stood still, even with the room spinning, no movement was heard throughout the gym, nothing but Bucky’s invisible shoving at me to get the hell out of this gym.

I was on my own, just like before. I have always been on my own. Even after I had joined this group of misfits, I was the one looking in from the outside.

I somehow made it to the gym door, and grasped onto it, catching my dying breaths. I felt like I was going to be sick, and I wasn’t going to shame myself further by vomiting on my exit out of this gymnasium hell.

I gathered a steady balance and immediately set myself off to the bathroom down the hall. It was private so I could sob with no interruptions. Getting there was easy. Throwing up was easier. Coming to terms with the fact that I’d just unveiled my weakness in front of the people I called, ‘family’? A family that frowned on weakness, by the way. That was something by mind couldn’t conquer, or convey. How was I ever going to get off of this cold tile and make it to my room? What was going to happen next to me? Would I be kicked off? Or just sent into filing mission reports with the nerds in the basement who all had this weird look of fascination every time they saw me bring them the files that needed to be written up. It creeped me out, and I really didn’t want to leave Stark tower, too.

“FUCK!” I yelled to the audience of the vacant bathroom. I hated this damn world right now, nothing could get worse. I was absolutely sure nothing would be worse than right now.

Today, though, the lord was mad at something I’d done in the past, I believe. Because after splashing my face with cold water, washing out my mouth and smoothing down my unpleasant post-gym hair-frizz, I walked out of the bathroom, ready to bolt to the elevators and get to my room as fast as possible.

However, I was blocked by a 200 lb mass of muscle that had been lingering outside the door, anxiously waiting for the lock to turn and for me to emerge.

I yelped and felt my tired knees buckle but before I smashed my body onto the tiling, I was caught by two strong hands. Two strong, strangely different in texture and temperature, hands.

“Woah, sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.” Opening my eyes I was met with eyes that we’re the summer sky’s afternoon colored blue. The midnight’s bewitching sky was the color of straight hair that framed the face that those eyes belonged to.


“S-s-sorry,” I muttered, feeling a weird mix of anger, fear, and embarrassment inside my chest. I stood up as fast as I could and shook myself out of those, surprisingly comfortable, arms. “I came here to just say that what happened in the gym today was complete-”

“Save it. What you said in there was all true. So don’t apologize for shoving my face in a pie of reality…” I tried to push my way past the mass of man but Bucky put an arm up against the doorframe, blocking me once again.

Bucky’s face was drowning in confusion and frustration. He knew why I was so pissed and wanted to run, but he didn’t understand the words I let fall from my lips so freely.

“No! That not what I came to say-”

“What! More insults! Fine, then… bring it on. I’m dead inside already, you’re just trying to kill a corpse now, Barnes.”

Bucky felt devastated, did I really think that low of him? He sure made it easy to make it so I did, but he always believed I held onto a bit of light for him.

Apparently not.

“You think I came to insult you-”

“Why else would you speak to me!”

“Let me fucking finish a goddamn sentence and you’ll find out! Fuck! Why does everything turn into a fight with you!”

“Because you make it one, Bucky! I can never satisfy you in the gym. You never even glance at me anytime we pass each other. I don’t even remember a thank you after I saved you from that sniper you missed!”

“I didn’t miss him! I knew he was there, I was gonna knock his ass out!” I bellowed a fake laugh at Bucky’s attempt to gain himself some sort of manliness just because I let him live…men.

“Were you going to knock him on his ass before or after he released the trigger you wouldn’t even hear, letting a bullet hit you right in the pulmonary artery. I like to call that shot instant death… so when would it be, James!”

“Don’t talk to me like that and use my name as if we’re friends.”

Bucky sneered down at me. I had nothing left to lose. So, why not take a few verbal swings at the man who dashed my dreams of helping the world just one more time?

“What are you gonna do? Kill me? Hit me? Take me to Fury? Go ahead, do all three, I have nothing left, Bucky! In 24 hours I’m going to be homeless and you’ll be here, sleeping in night terrors that we all fuckin’ hear at night. So go ahead and hurt me. Hurt me like you did not even an hour ago in front of my used-to-be family…” I had tears running down my cheeks that were just two ripe tomatoes. I was breathless from my rant, making my chest rising up and down.

“I just wanted to fucking tell you that I’m sorry! I was a dick in there and I’ve been one since I met you. I wanted to clean our slate because you are an amazing fighter. One of the damn best, counting Romanoff and Barton. Look,”

Bucky absentmindedly tucked a tuft of hair that had fallen from my loosened braid, behind my ear. Leave his hand lingering near my cheek, wiping my tears away. This was no Bucky that I’d ever known, this was a new one, one that I thought I was going to meet two years ago, but I was met with passive aggressive Bucky. This… this was James Buchanan Barnes. Not Bucky, Barnes, Winter Soldier… just James B. Barnes.

“Then why tell me to leave? Why kick my ass in front of everyone, telling them I should leave?”

“Because! I- I was trying to save face… but like always, I went too far.”

“Wait, what?”

There was a pregnant pause before I heard a mutter come from Buck, “Punk read my diary…”

I couldn’t help the giggle that released from my tense chest, letting the steam that lingered in there, die down. I had no tears threatening to fall, and I had no shake in my voice. I felt… safe? No… I think I felt comfort, with Bucky right now. That was a first.

Bucky’s shoulders fell with no more tension tightening them. His face brightened, illuminating his usually flat, creamy, pale skin.

”I’m so sorry I hurt you. Verbally and physically… that the last thing I’d ever want to do to you… all I want is to protect you, give you a happy life. I don’t know where my head has been these last two years but seeing you walk out those doors… made me finally accept that I can’t be without you. You’re a chatterbox, an amazing midnight sandwich chef, a terrible dancer, a loving, kind person…”

Our bodies we’re moving closer to each word Bucky spoke, his metal hand now slithered it’s way to the small of my back, bringing me finally nose to nose with the man who kicked my ass an hour ago. Now confessing his feelings for me…

Bucky Barnes was not one to be subtle, I guess.

“What are you asking me, James?” I was dipping my foot into the pool again, testing my waters with him. This time, though, when I said his real name, a broad smile appeared, and the hold on me just got tighter, and stronger with a sense of desire awaiting in his grasp.

“I’m asking you, to forgive my horrible, facade, and accept me telling you that I’m crazy about you doll…” I let out a breathless laugh, almost astounded to hear such words come from his lips.

“What can I do to make it up to you? I’ll do anything, Even if it’s going to China and back for a chocolate bar… what can I give you? Do for you?” A smile on my face brought a laugh, I brought my hand to cup his worried face, stroking it to calm the pounding in his heart. “Just… kiss me where it hurts,” 

Bucky’s tentative eyes almost frantically started looking me up and down, trying to find a spot of pain. “Where does it hurt, doll?” 

“Right here…” I whispered. With a dip of my head and nudge of my nose on his cheek, I kissed him. Feeling no longer like I was being held in his embrace, I was now, just floating in thin air. His arm didn’t weigh me down it lifted me up. His lips didn’t hurt my heart, they made it pump in a thrilling manner. His eyes didn’t frantically search the room around us whenever they made a connection with mine, now they just stayed staring at me. Never leaving my big and bright, loving eyes that looked into his with desire.

I no longer felt lost, like I had no family. Like I was on my own. With Bucky, now, I had a home. And that home traveled with me when I left those blue eyes. My home only felt more secure when I was finally laying in these arms, talking about my day, the things that happened. The good and the bad.

I guess I had been looking for a home for so long I’d forgotten what home felt like…

My home was never a place, but a feeling. One that only your soulmate could ever give you. I’ve realized, now, that your soulmate can be that one person you’d thought hated with a passion.

I guess soulmates have a good way of hiding behind smoke and mirrors until the time is right, though.

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I Was Human At One Point- (Dean Winchester x Reader) Part 3

Part 1

Part 2


Part 3

We walked out and Dean motioned to his car.

“I’ll drive. It’ll look more convincing.” He mumbled. I nodded and followed him to the car. I went to buckle in my seatbelt when Dean reached for my wrist and I felt a burn around it and a clank.


“Iron Handcuffs sweetheart. Sit still, you won’t feel a thing.” Dean yelled over my screaming. ““Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica. Ergo, omnis legio diabolica, adiuramus te…cessa decipere humanas creaturas, eisque æternæ perditionìs venenum propinare…Vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciæ, hostis humanæ salutis…Humiliare sub potenti manu Dei; contremisce et effuge, invocato a nobis sancto et terribili nomine…quem inferi tremunt…Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine. Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire, te rogamus, audi nos.”

I opened my eyes and looked at the man next to me. He was driving and I remember seeing him at the bar and the record shop… but the bar was fuzzy.

“Dean… right?”

“Yeah, what all do you remember?”

“I… um… I’m not exactly sure. We met at the record shop… You said you were FBI… that’s about it.” I admitted.

“What’s your name?” he asked.


“How old are you?”


“Where the hell do you live because I’m lost.” He admitted. I took in my surroundings and laughed. “What?”

“How did you manage to get two hours outside town.”

“Well it didn’t help that you were… out cold.” He stumbled on his words and I squinted my eyes at him.

“Wait… why don’t I remember getting into your car? Did you drug me?!”

“No! NO! Absolutely not. You were drinking and… you… you followed me out to my car and tried to make a move on me. I said I would drive you home and you kinda petered out.” He said. I watched him closely and nodded slowly.

“Oh, well I’m sorry for objectifying you.”

“Do you… Do-Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked after a moment of silence.

“No. Funny. I’ve had one.”

“Really. Don’t believe you.” He smirked and pulled off to the side of the road.

“What are you-,”

“Thought we could get to know each other, you mind?” he asked.

“Not at all.” I smiled at his curiosity. I heard Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Guns N Roses playing and I turned his radio up a little bit. He watched my hand reach for the dial and his smile widened as I turned back to face him. His green eyes seemed more of a hazel in the dim lighting. The moon hung high in the sky as a cool breeze fell through the open windows. I went to wrap my arms around myself when I noticed a jacket on my lap.

“You can wear that. I covered you up after you fell asleep.” He said motioning to the brown leather jacket.

“Thanks.” I smiled lightly observing his black & red plaid shirt, black t-shirt and jeans. “So, want to turn around?” I asked looking at the road that lie ahead.

“Is there a motel nearby?”

“Um… yeah about ten minutes I think.”

“Cool. I’ll pay.” He smiled.

“Are you sure?”

“It’s better than making the trip back. Maybe you should start over. This is my advice… your neighbor passed away due to that weird attack. I think you should keep yourself safe.” He advised.

“Start over in a completely different town?” I asked.


“By myself? My parents were helping me with that apartment. How do I tell them I just up and left?” I asked nervously. A car drove past and illuminated Dean’s features for a brief second and I felt like my breath was forced from my chest. I didn’t realize how attractive this man truly was. And we were in a car together.

“How about this… go on a roadtrip with me? My brother will join us tomorrow. We are heading to Colorado, we can stop by your apartment and get some of your belongings.” He asked.


“Why not?” he countered. I sat there for a moment as Dean pulled into the lot of an older run-down motel. “I’ll get us a room. Wait in here. Don’t talk to strangers, nor let them touch my baby.” I watched Dean take his keys and walk into the office. The way he communicated with people fascinated me. He was able to get the man at the counter to smile and they both looked toward me, making me look away at the sudden glances. I heard Dean’s door open and he returned a moment later.

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

“Okay, room 13.” He smiled. I nodded and climbed out. He walked to his trunk and pulled out a bag before following me inside. I looked around the room. Mini fridge, desk, chair, bathroom… one queen sized bed. I turned to look at Dean and then to the floor.

“I’ll take the floor.” I said. He looked at me and laughed.

“Honey, we’re adults, we can sleep in the same bed. I don’t bite. Hard.” He said and winked at me as he sat his bag at the foot of the bed and stood on the side that was next to the window. He turned and closed the blinds before removing his plaid shirt. I stood across the bed and just watched him. He reached for his t-shirt and pulled it over his head before tossing it to me.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“You should have something to sleep in…” he prompted.

“Oh.” I mumbled. I took the shirt and walked to the bathroom. He was completely comfortable getting undressed in front of me and I… well I wasn’t going to strip down in front of him. No way! Well… no.

I removed my shirt, bra and jeans before sliding his shirt on. It fell enough to cover my butt and for that I was thankful. I pulled up my hair and walked out to see Dean already under the blankets, but he had his hands behind his head waiting for me to get out.

“Wanna hit the light before you climb in?”

“Sure.” I replied. I turned off the light and turned around, but wound up falling onto the bed.

I felt Dean’s arms wrap around me along with a, “Omfph.” I pulled my head back to see I fell on his chest, my head right next to his, just missing.

“Sorry.” I sighed and rolled onto the empty space next to him.

“Don’t apologize.” He hummed softly. He rolled to face me and I quickly rolled to put my back to him. I wouldn’t be able to sleep looking at him. I’d be too damn distracted and have weird ass fantasies that would be extremely inappropriate to be having about a man I just met.

I heard a ruffling and a few footsteps waking me. The room was still pitch black and my heart began to speed up.

“Is she here?”

“Yeah. I got her out of town. She seems to be doing alright.”

“Good. Dean, do you think she remembers anything?”

“I don’t know. I sure as hell hope not.”

“I stopped by her apartment and grabbed a good majority of her things. Perks of being FBI. Said we’re keeping her safe until the investigation closes.”


“I’ll go get myself a room. Keep an eye on her.”

“Okay… Wait! Sammy!” I heard Dean’s voice begin to wander off as the motel room door closed with a low ‘click’. I sat up for a moment to see Dean left. I laid back down and squeezed my eyes shut.

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Love is Not over Pt.4

Guess who’s baaack ? miss me ? no ? … okay … 

|Part 1||Part 2||Part 3||Part 4||Part 5| 

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You sat there, hours after everyone left and the house went silence and gray again, pointlessly reminiscing on every little thing that lead you here. Alone with a half empty wine glass, having lost count of how many you’ve had till this point until you reached for the bottle and found it drained. Yoongi left with them, despite everyone being just as drunk as you are right now, they decided to go for a second round somewhere else. The mood in the house wasn’t really the festive one and Yoongi refused to kill their buzz, especially not on the group’s anniversary.

You heard the door unlock, not bothering to look up at him, as you stared aimlessly at the glass reflecting the only light you had on. What time was it even ? To be honest you didn’t care, you let out a long held sigh when Yoongi finally stood in front of you. Alcohol seeping from him, or was it you ?

“ Y/N ?” He whispered, Yoongi was just as scared as you were at that moment. You both knew what was coming. You both lost. The tear that had been idly clouding your vision for long finally streamed down and you looked up at him feigning a smile.

“ Yoongi-ah … Can you sit down please ?” You spoke quietly, trying to not put any pressure on your voice, you didn’t want it to crack and betray you. You needed to be strong for one last time. One last time.

“ Why are you still awake at this hour ? And … are you drunk ? Let’s talk tomorrow when you-”

Yoongi … Please, just, do it.” You interrupted him, closing your eyes for a second. One last time. Having no other choice, and knowing how hard-headed you were, he dragged the chair back and sat down in front of you. His posture was pitiful, head down and a saddened smile on his lips, you couldn’t look at him anymore. Not when you were the one to break him. Well, you broke each other. He hurt you, that was sure, but you weren’t mad. You blamed yourself just as much.

“You … You are what’s wrong with me ” His words echoed in your brain when he looked up at you, meeting your teary eyes as they glistered under the kitchen light. You looked away, ashamed, gulping down what was left in your glass. Maybe it would give you courage.

“ Stop ” Yoongi reached for the glass taking it away from you “ Is it because I forgot your birthday ?” He sighed, putting the cup on the table then leaning back against the chair again “ I just been really bus-”

“ I’m not a child, Yoongi ” You chuckled bitterly “ That’s not what I’m mad about … I’m not mad at all but … I have something to say.”

“ Y/N, let’s not do this” He pleaded, his head hurt too much and everything around him was spinning into a chaotic mess, he didn’t want this to be over. Although he knew he did nothing to stop it from falling apart. Because he was too scared. “ I’ll do better, I promise, I’ll really do better ”

“ It’s not up to you. This whole thing is not because of you ” You took a deep breath smiling again, more for him than for yourself, “ I want a divorce, Yoongi, I can’t keep this up ”

Yoongi stood up abruptly, the loud crashing of his chair to the ground startling you “ No !” He sounded more sober, like the word pulled him right out of his state “ I won’t … Never … How could you ask that of me ?”

“ Well then, go have an affair or something ” You said nonchalantly, pretending the words didn’t cut you up inside, you had to do this. For him. “ I’ll raise like it’s my own, just … just do something so I don’t feel like such a worthless existence next to you ”

“ You are not worthless ” He took a step forwards and you stood up, avoiding getting caught in your emotions, avoiding to look at him “ Y/N, please, you know how much I love you ”

“ The one thing you wanted most … The one thing … I can’t give to you.” You shrugged again wiping your tears “ I am worthless. Just let me go, Yoongi.”

Yoongi stared at you for what felt like eternity, in complete silence. You felt cornered and small under his gaze, exposed, but you had to do it. For him you kept repeating.

“ I can’t stand living with you anymore. Just let me go ” Even if it meant hurting him.

“ You don’t mean that, Y/N, I know you don’t ” No, I don’t. “ Please don’t do this ”

“ Then don’t make me do it. I don’t even feel like I am living with you anymore and it’s pushing my limits. I don’t love you anymore ” Even if it meant hurting him.

“ Is it really what you want ?” He sighed in defeat, he wouldn’t make you stay, deep down something told him you were putting up an act but the poison in your voice was too real to ignore. Yoongi knew he wasn’t all that innocent, the way he acted towards you. He was too scared. Always to scared to make the wrong move. To break you. So he made none. Which ended in the same results. He felt too guilty.

“ Never wanted anything more than this ” His heart sunk but it was more painful to you, much more painful.

“ I’m leaving tomorrow, I will go visit my mom for a week … Maybe even more. I already signed the papers ” You sighed “ Days ago ”

“ We are really doing this ? ” So soon ? He thought he would at least have time. You stepped towards him, taking his hands in yours. He always felt warm, you always loved his touch. And probably always will.

“ I had a good life with you, Yoongi ” You smiled, hugging him “ I really did. Thank you for all those years ”

“ Then why are you leaving me ?” Yoongi was stiff in your embrace, maybe a little too stiff, his voice deepened like he was holding back his tears. He was never one to show his feelings especially to strangers.

“ For your own good, for my own good ” You buried your face in his neck, taking in his cologne for the last time even disrupted by the scent of alcohol he still smelled like the safest thing in the world. As weird as it sounds.

“ Y/N ”

“ Goodnight, Yoongi ” Goodbye.

A/N : FINALLY, exams are done today. As a reward for myself I decided to write something even if just a short drabble so here we are. I’m sorry it took me sooooo long to update. I know I’m always apologizing … haha … I don’t know why you even put up with my shit Anyways, I hoped you liked it <3 love you all and thank you for waiting.

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Kanda is very annoyed.

Not that Kanda’s annoyance is anything new, really, but Komui senses that there’s something a little different about this situation.  For one, Kanda is standing there – not politely, but studiously silent, arms crossed, lips pursed, toe of his boot tapping loudly against the ground.

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I probably forgot a ton of people, but it’s nearly 2 am and I’m tired. I love all my followers and also a lot of people who don’t follow me, but I don’t even care cause its too late to care and I’m listening to good music, so all is well. 

Love, Hannah

(like how a lot of these start) recently, i’ve reached a new milestone of my own of 1.1k followers and then some. wowza and also, thank you! from my constant url changes (this one’s sticking for a while, i’m sure of it) to my ranting, it means a lot to have you all following me and putting up with my video game obsession. i’ve said it before, but my blog is a reflection of myself and it’s very special to me just like all you are as well. and so let’s all group hug and then do some celebratory pelvic thrusts. i’m so weird i’m sorry.

here are the blogs that are my favorites but also some of the bloggers that i feel i can call friends. no italics or bolds. just purely perfect blogs that i love equally. this is meant to be a modest follow forever, so i apologize if you’re not mentioned. no hard feelings! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

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