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I know this has probably already been said but I’m so guilty of portraying Evan as this strong, all-knowing dude when he is just as, if not more, needy than Delirious. God i was rewatching some old videos and this kid can’t go five seconds without poking fun or following him or commenting something that he knows Delirious will reply to. Delirious is just always kind of doing his own thing, bouncing around and giggling and barely paying attention to one thing at a time. Evan demands direct attention. When he doesn’t get it, he’ll change the subject or start to pout or make little snarky side comments. Of course, Delirious is guilty of doing this too - trying to impress Evan with cool stuff in games. It’s never really “hey guys come check this out!” it’s always “Vanoss come here!” “Evan look at me!” and it’s so adorable. Look at the last GTA video that they both posted for example. Constantly in each other’s cars, Delirious fighting for Evan’s attention and Evan always showing off. It’s so ridiculous and obvious that they deeply care for one another. I live for that shit man


I played around with it for a while and here’s what I have found out. The 3D grid tool does absolutely nothing. I cannot get it to work. Maybe, I’m doing something wrong, but it will not work for me at all. That being said, the 3D perspective snap is pretty cool (not the same as the grid at the top). If you go to Snap at the top:

It will make a little useless box like this:

Now, I spent waaaaaaaay too long trying to play around with this box (I resized it, I figured out how to click the box and then plane, and so much more…all completely useless). So here’s the trick to it. Go to your layer’s panel and double click the 3D perspective layer:

This will pop up:

And gives you a bunch of options to do things with. I don’t really find this thing useful, but I’m sure a bunch of you will, so go nuts. I haven’t really played around with it too much yet. I look forward to seeing what you all do with it. (PS you have to click the camera on the left to rotate around the object).

EDIT: I played around with it a bit more and you can do very basic 3D with it, so maybe we’ll see more 3D intense things from this program.

-Ani (Lord of boxes and way too many verts)

Edit: After you have inserted a 3D Perspective layer, the 3D Perspective snap button means your lines will snap to the surfaces of the selected 3D object.

Insert a 3D layer as above, then add a normal drawing layer above, click the 3D Perspective snap button, and try drawing.

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It still kind of scares me every time I watch Enemy of My Enemy. Just look at how Hiccup and Dagur swapped personalities, sort of. Even Dagur said that Hiccup doesn't seem like himself. It gives me chills. Hiccup is someone to be afraid of when he is mad.

Ah, this is really cool commentary. You’re right that there’s something about Dagur and Hiccup switching typical personalities in “Enemy of My Enemy.” Dagur seeks to be someone promoting peace and helping others - something that usually Hiccup is trying to do. Hiccup, meanwhile, is the more suspicious one, and is brooding horribly about how Viggo outsmarted him.

It’s what makes Dagur’s conversation to Hiccup so meaningful when he tells Hiccup that stewing in these emotions won’t be good:

Dagur: So, you want to tell me why you’re out here on your own?
Hiccup: Not really. Let’s just say you aren’t the only one who changed after Viggo Grimborn.
Dagur: Hm. That stuff can kill you from the inside, Hiccup. Revenge, anger, obsession… trust me, I know. It can make you do things you never thought you were capable of, cause you to take chances, make mistakes.  if that doesn’t end you, it’ll eat away at you slowly.

Dagur’s motivations as an antagonist were centered around revenge, anger, and obsession. He became infuriated at Hiccup and sought to harm him, obsessing over having Hiccup dead and the Night Fury captured. Now that Dagur’s head has cleared, he can see Hiccup falling down the same emotions. He sees that Hiccup is brooding, upset, even a bit obsessed about his enemy. He can speak from personal experience about what Hiccup is currently undergoing.

Of course they’re not exactly switched, as you also say. Dagur is still Dagur; Hiccup is still Hiccup. This isn’t the first time that Hiccup has gotten grouchy and sore, and it probably won’t be his last. But the fact that Dagur has had Hiccup-like experiences here and Hiccup has Dagur-like experiences… it’s what makes this episode so enjoyable. It helps us get at that understanding that we all have the potential to be good people seeking peace… we all have the potential to be bad people focused on hate and revenge. It shows how even people who frequently seek out good - people like Hiccup - can fall to unhealthy emotions. The problem with Viggo is eating at Hiccup slowly.

And by experiencing what one another feels, Dagur and Hiccup can finally reach peace. They save one another and go separate ways with positive feelings in their hearts. They understand each other’s hearts a bit more. They can appreciate the other. They can see the good in one another. They, in a way, have brought out the good in one another by the end of the episode.

I swear I have seen this scene from the DCSHG graphic novel, Hits and Myths, a thousand times but it got my shipper fangirl brain thinking. Clearly in this scene Beast Boy is nervously waving at Raven while having a bashful expression on his face. From what I’m drawing here is he may have a crush on her that may be put into affect for later like when Raven finally makes a debut in the show.

Right now I have a headcannon that Beast Boy will have a very obvious and I do mean a obvious crush on Raven. Hear me out. Like for example of Beast Boy being obvious; Beast Boy stuttering over his own words when he tries to talk to her or…trying to act all cool to impress her but ends up in disaster because he trips over his own two feet or something which it embarrasses himself, etc.

From one of my Beast Boy being obvious examples, Beast Boy is shy every time he’s around her (I draw that from his expression from my badly edited image from the novel) and everyone is aware of his crush on her: Wonder Woman, Lady Shiva, Star Sapphire, The Flash, everyone! Except…for Raven herself. Lmafo.

I dunno it’s kind of lame but I just think it’s an adorable idea if everyone at Super Hero High knows about Beast Boy’s adorable obvious crush on the cute new girl while she’s the only one who is completely unaware of it.

FINAL FANTASY DISSIDIA 012 ENCOUNTER QUOTES SENTENCE PACK (HERO EDITION) – here are some quotes from dissidia used by the heroes at the start of battles. villain edition found here.

“ what’s with all your grim and brooding types? “
“ loosen up a bit, you’re bringin’ me down. “
“ straight back to hell for you. “
“ i know better than to judge by looks. “
“ will my fist go right through you? “
“ i can’t stand listening to these preachy types. “
“ you make such a big deal outta nothing, really. “
“ try not to lose your cool, ‘kay? “
“ you outta lighten up. “
“ i’ll take you on, old man. “
“ just who do you think you are anyway? “
“ you want to borrow a shirt or something? “
“ won’t you be sad if everything’s turned into nothing? “
“ wow! the circus is in town! “
“ sparring with a friend is good practice. “
“ sorry, i don’t think i’d approve of your rule. “
“ it’s not good to go rushing into things. “
“ time for pest control. “
“ no more lecturing if i win. “
“ aren’t you cold in that getup? “
“ for me, there is no turning back. “
“ dreams must be fulfilled. “
“ return to your realm! “
“ i promised not to flee. “
“ i will fight to end everyone’s sorrow. “
“ fighting for no reason is just slow suicide. “
“ not all of us are easy to control, ya know. “
“ try your mind tricks on someone else. “
“ you’re like the punchline to a bad joke. “
“ this is the only weapon i need. “
“ a visible darkness does not frighten me. “
“ can sins be redeemed? “
“ to see the day when we must fight… “
“ i will not be a pawn to fate! “
“ do not let the power of light fade. “
“ is the fight truly all there is? “
“ have courage, for your sake. “
“ you should rely on your allies more. “

10 “Bubbles of Evil”

For those of you that know me… I LOVE THE WHEEL OF TIME. In it there is something called a bubble of evil. I’m not going to explain them more than that (go read the books you heathens). Some of them will make for very cool story hooks/plot points. So here are my 10 Favorite

1. Objects all around you become animated and are trying to kill everything alive. Things can be smashed, to bits or grasped but oddly enough if any of them are touched by dirt/sand/loam they stop

2. A neighborhood in a large city becomes completely frozen in place. If anything is touched it crumbles to dust. I mean everything in a huge sphere. People, paving stones, floors, buildings. all of it.

3. All metal. Gold, steel, copper, all of it, turns soft. Swords drawn from scabbards stretch like taffy, Tent pegs warp and bend and snap. Everything in the area becomes useless

4. A man feels ill, hot and feverish. He bursts into flame at such a high heat that when he burns up he is literally a pool of red hot obsidian. Anything near him catches fire

5. While playing cards the face cards come to life, grow and climb out of the cards and attack.

6. Reflections in  mirror come to life and attack

7. A man begins to vomit up common wood beetles until he looks like nothing more than a very dead deflated balloon.

8. Road dust coalesces into humanoid shapes and attacks.

9. The layout of a castle changes subtly and frequently so that even people raised there become afraid to walk around

10. Huge Stalagmites rise up form the ground made of a dark crystal and impales people caught in it’s radius

These things are mostly brief, but play with the concepts!

Have fun, and don’t be afraid to blend things form other stories into yours!


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Just seen you got anon hate, ugh what a cowardly little shit 😡 Ignore it, we love you, we support you, and if anyone wants to send you hate they can just be blocked. Go take a break for a while, do something fun, get some fresh air, take care of yourself. That anon's just gonna sit by their keyboard festering in hate, you can go sit in the real world for a little bit and feel some happiness instead 💕

Thank you so much. I appreciate it💓💕 Im trying to be here the less I can, cause it just makes me wanna punch someone. 😒 The outside world is kinda cool to be honest xD Tho my entertaining hobby this last days have been spamming @jokers-dream-car with weird ass videos. Which is hilarious and keep me in a good mood 😂😂😂💓

colorousme replied to your photoset “some doodles of the boys from twitter”

Aaah I love the dude with the arm that’s why I started following you like a year ago or something, he looks so cool

!!! thank you so much!! :’> that means a lot to me, it makes me so happy to hear that people enjoy my characters

So I got Discord a while ago, but rarely used it.  Gonna try to change that here now.  So if anyone would like to chat or if anyone has any questions or even wants to play a game or something, my Discord is “Lantern Slime#4534″.

Also had a thought about starting a new model sometime this week and maybe streaming it if anyone was interested in that.  I know I’m not the best, but if I can help other people learn or even get started then that’d be cool with me.  Might even learn a thing or two myself.  Anyway, if I do, I’ll make sure to make another post about it before hand.

Oh yeah btw about Skype...

Okay guys I gotta yell into the nothingness that is Tumblr again because I wanna make something clear cause that happened to often now.

You can send me asks and Instant message me here on Tumblr all you want. I try to be nice even when I’m pissed. If I don’t feel like talking I will simply not respond till I feel better again, so if you Just want to talk or get to know me, it’s all cool, I don’t bite.

BUT that applies to Tumblr only.
Cause I am on Skype. I am literally always online. same with Tumblr. I eben got my phone by my side at all time with notifications on so that I won’t ever miss any messages or me getting mentioned in posts.

Now Skype hast three purposes for me.
1. Talking to my friends
2. Talking to people who requested me
3. Secret Project

So appearently you can simply find me on Skype by searching for Bugbreach iguess. And Some smarties did just that. And started messaging me.
If you do that, you’re dead to me.
I give my Skype Name to people I feel really comfortable talking to. So you can always ask me for my Skype and other contact things. The worst Thing that might happen to you is me saying No.
Just don’t FUCKING add me when I don’t even know you!

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it’s really fun to mess with too! Here’s the tutorial I followed- probably keep it to fewer patterns/colors than me, and start it while you’re watching something that doesn’t require too much concentration.

I’m gonna try again sometime with even prettier paper now that I know the requirements

Block B: When he makes you breakfast in bed.

No worries I just wanted to make sure is all! Thank you for your earlier help and I hope you enjoy!

Zico: It was no problem, really! *Gets his head patted* I can’t tell if this is your way of saying thank you because it’s good or because you know I tried…

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Taeil: *Watches you eat* Ah, is it too hot? Here, let me cool it down for you. *Takes utensil and blows on food* Now try it!

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B-Bomb: Here’s to a special morning of a special day for my special someone! *Grins*

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Jaehyo: I hope you like it, it’s a dish I’ve been practicing to make for you.

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-30 minutes earlier- *Texting* Hey mom do you know how to make [Fav-Dish]? Really? Do you think you can help me out?  *Sends her questions/pictures every 3 minutes* It should look something like this…right?

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U-Kwon: It’s the least I can do for you after all you’ve done for me, so for today I want you to relax! *Smiles shyly* 

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Kyung: And the main course for this morning iiiiiisss….ME!!~ Because as we both know, I am De-Li-Ci-Ous!~  Plus I burnt everything and this is all I got left.

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P.O: It taste pretty good doesn’t it?–Thank you ramyun powder, you’ve saved the day yet again!

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Me, You, and Your Leather Jacket [Theo Raeken x Reader]

Author’s Note: I finally took the opportunity to start catching up on Teen Wolf while I was doing some homework earlier, which resulted in this (although I just finished 5A, okay, guys… Give me some time to catch up on the rest lol). Hope this is okay! Also I know I try to reserve the whole werecat thing for my Stiles imagines but there was a joke here I just really had to make because I’m trash so we’ll just overlook it this one time, ‘kay? Cool. 

Word Count:  1,750

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Your Mean :(


Could you pretty please make a smut with Thomas or newt being sucked dry? Pretty please?!

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Strategic Butt Coverings - Tropes vs Women in Video Games
This episode examines the ways in which designers often employ camera angles and clothing choices as tools to deliberately sexualize and objectify female pro...

I just can’t believe it… Here I am going into debt trying to make something of myself in college and then some girl puts up a Kickstarter page and makes a cool 158,922 dollars while barely putting out content, and this is the result. 

I mean… I guess it really pisses me off extra since videogames are my favorite artistic medium in the world, and since I pretty much consider liking videogames an essential to critiquing them.  Anita said she doesn’t even like them. She ain’t in no position to be objective here. 

Everytime someone mentions women being objectified in videogames, though, my mind can think of plenty of men being objectified, too. 

Those are just the ones off the top of my head… I think Japan is definitely a little bit better at objectifying the two genders equally. For some reason I couldn’t think of too many American ones. Anyway. I’ve seen plenty of women on Tumblr and DA and wherever else say, ‘daaang Serph got a nice ass’. . I mean, I don’t do that. When I was playing Digital Devil Saga I wasn’t think 'Serph got a nice ass’ I was thinking, 'holy crap I gotta outrun this jailkeeper’.

 Look, a lot of people like to be pandered to. I’m not one of them, but it’s fine that other people are, and game designers should be allowed to pander to demographics so they can make more money. Of course, since Anita probably doesn’t even play videogames, she has no idea that fully-dressed women in videogames DO exist, and she never even mentions female characters with depth, regardless of how they dress. Just because a character likes to dress sexy, or a real human being likes to dress sexy, doesn’t mean they have no depth and can’t be likable. I know that women are generally more objectified than men, but who cares about the woman to man objectification ratio? Women and men are not dehumanized because they like to show off their bods, dammit. 

I always like to think of Palutena from Kid Icarus as a good example of this. Palutena is not the most sexualized woman in a videogame at all, but she is a little bit sexy and I actually really like her design. It’s elegant and graceful, and it’s not demeaning. But I really like Palutena so much because she plays so well off of Pit. Their dialogue in KI:U was really witty and fun and had a lot of heart, and the game would probably be significantly more bland without her in it. I like how much she helps Pit throughout the game, too. And I have to admit, sometimes it is hard for me to get past a character that’s TOO extremely objectified. Especially if it’s during a serious cutscene and a female character is literally wearing an outfit where her butt is showing. But for the most part, I’m just too old to care. It just really bugs me that Anita just discounts, overlooks, or pans all the female characters I’ve loved in videogames for the dumbest reasons.

Remember, Zelda is a bad character because she wears pink and pink is a gender signifier. Anita just discounted Paula as a character because she wears the color pink, even though Paula is the one who prays with her whole heart at the end of the game, and the day is saved because of her. 

Personally, I like it best when the day is saved exclusively thanks to a man and woman. It’s probably one of the reasons Xenogears and Baten Kaitos are two of my favorite RPGS ever. Those games are fuckin’ beautiful. Not just beautiful. Fuckin’ beautiful.

Seriously, the relationship between Fei and Elly is extremely well written, positive, eye-opening, and indicative of the things men and women can accomplish together. That’s what made it so great. 

According to a legend handed down in Nisan…
God could have created humans perfectly…
But then, humans would not have helped each other…
So that is what these great single-winged angels symbolize…
In order to fly, they are dependent on one another.

On further inspection, the left angel looks somewhat masculine…
… while the right one looks somewhat feminine. -Xenogears

Dan’s big & important mistery video.

Okay, let me just rant about something for a sec here.
First of all, I am Phan Trash, ok? I am a huge disgusting Phan shipper, but since yesterday’s liveshow I’ve noticed something that is bugging me so much.

Guys, guys, I have seen a lot of people, and I mean a lot of poeple, freaking out because they were all trying to guess what the important video will be about.
Now I’m not saying you are harming anyone, but PLEASE try not to make every single thing about Phan. 
I can’t even imagine how sad and frustrating it could be for Dan (or Phil) to make something big, cool, or maybe some project we are not allowed to know, or just really any kind of annoucement, and seeing it turning into something like this once they tell us:

‘’oMG is the important video going to be about That?’’
’guys can you imagine if they reveal THAT in the video?’’
‘’do you guys think they are going to do That thing? I hope so!!1!’’

just no…they’re not going to.
They’re not only about that.
Seriously, think about all the possibilities; it could be anything.

  • More TATINOF dates?
  • A very cool collab with someone?
  • Something that has do to with the BBC gaming documentary?
  • Something like the time they told us they were in Big Hero 6?
  • Some other interesting things his creative brain is working on?

(No, it will not be ‘’Goodbye Internet’’ either. Don’t worry about that.) 

Let’s just try to get excited for whatever Dan has to give us, because I’m sure it’s going to be good whatever it’s going to be and we should all appreciate his work, knowing that Dan is way more than just one half of the Phan ship.
And my other advice is to try not to freak out too much before things even happen. You are free to do that after they are out :)

TLDR, that’s all I have to say folks. I really hope things will calm down a bit, so have a nice day x

  • Dear everyone,
  • I have to thank you for being there for me. I never would have imagined 19000 beautiful,amazing cool fangirls to follow my tumblr ride. My biggest goal was to make 1 person smile. As some of you might know, I answer all the questions I get, I also give advice and have a support group here where people can tell me there problems and I try to help or be there for them. My goal now is to let each and everyone of you smile. My goal is 20k by next week, because I want to start something new, a surprise. So if you want to help me. Please follow and reblog this. I would never ask for such a thing, unless it was for a good cause. I promise you it is! Only follow me if you like my blog.
  • Thanks for your time,
  • Much love
  • Me

i’m thinking of hosting a game jam for ppl who haven’t made games before. it’ll be called like like My First Game Jam™ or something, and i mean if you’ve made a game before you’re still good to join–more than anything it’s meant to be an opportunity to learn and get help + feedback! i want to compile resources for engines that are easy to pick up and give ppl the space to experiment + learn stuff. i think ppl are put off bc they think they need experience to make games and! here’s an opportunity for that.

also i think it’d be cool for game makers to try a new program or something they’ve wanted to learn but haven’t gotten the push for. i’ve wanted to learn some c# basics for unity for a while so O’: !!

anyway i’d like to gauge interest! if you’re interested in joining let me know what kinds of games you’re interested in making? i want to put together resources that are relevant and helpful to you. also if you’ve got lots of resources for some good starter game engines pls drop me a message! lastly i’m trying to determine the best dates for something like this bc ik finals are coming up so maybe toward the end of december would be more appropriate?

Fed up with how things are going?

Do you think things could be better in the community?

Do you think it’s not as nice as it is as it used to be?

Do you think that the tag could be a safer place?

Do you think this place isn’t home anymore?

Then DO something about it. Reach out. Get connected. Simple acts of kindness can go a long way. It’s really not that difficult, as long as we work together and act as a group. I may sound harsh but it just really annoys me to no end how people just complain and then sit on their butts and watch others struggle to make things better.
There are many people here trying to make the community a better place. For example: @markiplierswhatifs is making a “Thank You” video that everyone can participate in.
@markiartists-for-charity is a cool charity group for our community (currently on hiatus)
There are SO MANY other blogs out there who are trying to do things to make the community safer and better to be in. I just can’t remember off the top of my head. Feel free to add people.
The only way for things to get better around here is cooperation between everyone. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings, that was not my intention, but I couldn’t keep silent about this any longer.