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hey, hun! sending you love as always. when you get a minute would you consider writing a blurb about Niall and his girl having a complication during pregnancy/delivery? just thought I'd ask xx


My hospital room looked like a flower shop.  I wasn’t exactly sure how the hell so many people sent flowers when as far as I knew no one even knew I was in the hospital, but apparently someone had seen Niall walk in with me and as things do with social media nowadays, word got around.  

Most of the flowers came from names I didn’t know which lead me to believe they were from fans.  I didn’t mind.  Shockingly enough Niall’s fans were super supportive of our relationship.  I don’t know how I’d gotten so lucky to not induce the hate I saw Harry’s girlfriend get, but they left us alone for the most part.

However the announcement that I was pregnant was met with more fan fare than the boys announcing their return to being a group.  So I shouldn’t really have been shocked that they found out the hospital and room number I was in.  I should have been shocked there wasn’t a crowd outside, but Niall reported that so far the hospital was bare of any fans.

Niall walked into the room with yet another huge vase full of colorful flowers.  He smiled,

“This one is actually from someone we know.  Bressie and the Boys.”

I smiled,

“Clearly they had a female voice of reason.”

Niall set down the vase and nodded,


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hiii! since 1DFF is down, do you have any tumblr fic recs? ((i miss your writing sooo much!!!))

Hi gorgeous!!!
So, I don’t know if you’ve seen, but I’ve actually recently started to (slowly) upload my writing on here. I have three fics available to far.
The Faux Affair
The Lamb and The Lion
Vitae & Mortem
I also have a few one-shots!!

Now… I’m going list off a few people off the top of my head who I know have their writing on here. Consider it a small masterlist of things available for you to read.
Let’s do this…

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here, i present a shit ton of fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of july. I read so many (39) fucking fics this month, jesus christ.. this rec is gonna be super long fam. I recommend that you read these great fics in august, if you haven’t already!! 

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. For Now (and Forever) (83k)**

“It’s nice that you want to offer that, but I just can’t do that. First of all, it’s illegal.”

Louis shakes his head vigorously. “No, no. It’s not like one of us is gunning for a visa.”

“Listen to yourself,” Harry laughs, shaking Louis’ shoulders. “Don’t you think it’s a bit weird to con the country you’re supposed to be serving?”

Louis is going into the Army, Harry is going nowhere, and there’s nothing like a little identity fraud between friends.

2. Blind from This Sweet, Sweet Craving (31k)*

But he’s also Harry’s best friend, and despite everything, despite all the fuck-ups and the plot twists and everything just not playing out the way it should, he’d still rather be stuck in this situation with Louis than any of the other boys. He’s got Harry’s back, and in a weird, abstract way, he knows they’ll be able to get out of this situation, together.

Harry sighs. “We’re going,” he says resignedly, his shoulders slumping.

Oh well. There are definitely worse ways to spend the weekend than pretending to be engaged to his best friend.

3. MARRIED FOR A WEEK?! (20k)*

Hi guys :) You might recognize Harry from one or two of my old videos .. I was tagged in the Married for a week challenge so I asked him to be my husband ! We had to live together for a week and take each other out on a couple romantic dates and that, check out the video to see how it went :) Give it a like if you enjoyed and maybe subscribe if you haven’t already. Love you all

- Louis x

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a prompt where niall and harry (don't know each other) are in a magic show and the magician picks both of them (make them seated one on the right side of the audience and the both on the left) and bring them to the stage to do a magic trick and something like that. PLEASE I NEED IT

This was…interesting to do and I don’t know how I feel about this but hopefully you will enjoy it!


“I need some volunteers to come up to the stage!” The man standing on the stage bellowed out to the crowd. Niall watched as a sea of hands come rushing up into the air, people almost standing on their seats to get this guy to pick them.

It was kind of stupid if Niall was honest, Eoghan had brought him here because he had an extra ticket and it was only twenty pounds to get in, so Niall had agreed just cause he didn’t have plans.

But now he’s regretting it more than ever and wanting to sink into his seat till he was dug into the ground because now the magician guy is pointing right at him and then at someone else across the room. Niall’s heart never plummeted lower in his chest, and he just blinked at the guy, dumbfounded.

This wasn’t fair, he didn’t even put his hand up, didn’t look the guy in the eyes or try even half as hard as the people around him did to get this random lads attention. But the guy was already calling him and one other volunteer to the stage, his voice louder than ever as it came through the microphone he had pinned to the collar of his dress shirt.

“Come on up! We have two lovely young men coming to the stage right now!” He was motioning for Niall to get off his seat, and now Eoghan was whispering in his ear, almost yelling for him to get his arse up and on that stage. So really, Niall had no choice but to get up and walk regretfully towards the stairs at the side of the stage.

To make everything even more worse, the spotlight blinded him as it followed his every move, everyone now staring at him with envy in their eyes as he found his way beside the magician. The second guy who was with him had tripped on the last step, stumbling and catching himself with a nervous laugh passing his lips as he walked slowly to stand on the magicians other side.

“Now why don’t you tell me your names lads!” The magicians looked towards the other guy first, and Niall side-eyed them both and making sure he stayed as still as possible. It’s almost like he wanted the stage to swallow him whole, or maybe the magician guy can do a disappearing act.

He probably wasn’t that good though, since the tickets were only twenty pounds.

“Uhm… my names Harry.” The guys voice was low, a mellow tone that made Niall’s ears perk up in interest almost immediately. He couldn’t really see him over the magicians body that separated them, but for some reason he could already tell this wasn’t going to be that bad with this guy with him.

Or he could be totally wrong and this will be the worst event he’s ever been to. Only time will tell.

“And yours?” The magician was now turning to him, a big overly excited grin curling across his face and making Niall want to lean away from him. But he stood his ground and gave the guy a fake grin. Eoghan was probably laughing hysterically in his seat by now.

“Niall.” He said simply, and the magician looked to be waiting for something else, a long awkward pause feeling like nails against a chalkboard until he finally turned away from Niall and looked back towards the crowd.

“Please give a warm welcome to my volunteers Harry and Niall!” The crowd cheered and clapped loudly, the magician now stepping a few feet in front of them so now Niall had a better view of this Harry guy.

Apparently they both wanted to look at each other at the same time, because now they were staring right into each others eyes with blushes and confused expression across their faces. It looks like they both don’t want to be here, and it made Niall feel a lot better to know he wasn’t the only one.

“Alright, I have a deck of cards in my hands!” The magician shows the cards to the crowd, dramatically sweeping his arm around the room to show them off. Niall almost laughed, but held it in with a cough.

“I want these two gentlemen to each take one card!” He stepped back so he was between them again, and Niall gladly took the first card on the deck, watching as Harry did the same. The crowd was silent, watching intensely.

“Now I want you to show everyone here tonight, make sure they all see!” The magician moved back and turned his back towards the crowd, making sure he couldn’t see as both Harry and Niall showed their cards to the crowd. Niall had a king of diamonds in his hands, and he tried to get a glimpse of Harry’s card but the spotlight shone too brightly and created a glare along the glossy surface of it.

“Good, good now hand them back to me, keep them face down.” The magician was back between them, moving almost comically with how dramatic he was being, feet sweeping along the stage as he let Harry and Niall place their cards on top of each other before he started to shuffle them expertly.

It was a long silence now, the crowd whispering amongst each other as the curiosity grew thicker and thicker like a blanket over the atmosphere. The lights were hot against Niall’s skin, and he could feel the sweat building at his forehead. He was happy it was cooler outside, soon he will be able to get fresh air from this dungeon he was trapped in.

Finally though, the magician stopped re-shuffling the cards, and was now staring at the crowd with big eyes and that same cheshire cat grin. It was funny, Niall and Harry had both met gazes at the same time again, and Niall could just read Harry’s eyes saying ‘I can’t wait to get off this bloody stage.’

Niall gave Harry a smile, a small chuckle sneaking its way past him and he had almost slapped his hand to his mouth but kept his arms to his side. Harry was laughing too now, biting hard at the inside of his cheek.

“Everyone watching carefully? Let’s see…” A card suddenly popped out from the deck, flying into the air and landing in the mans other hand. It was such a sudden movement that it had Niall flinching in surprise, and Harry seemed to have the same reaction. Okay, this was getting interesting.

“Is this your card, Harry?” The magician turned fast on his heels and was showing Harry the card that had flew in the air, and Harry squinted to look, his unreadable expression leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats. Niall had to be honest, he was intrigued as well, and waited impatiently for Harry to answer.

“Yep, it is.” As soon as he said that, the crowd clapped and cheered. Harry doing the same with a small amused smile across his face. Niall clapped too, but he still wasn’t that amazed. It was a simple card trick, and the guy still hadn’t guessed his.

Harry was still the best thing that came out of this night, a funny lad who seemed to have the same attitude towards magic shows that Niall did. Niall’s thoughts probably weren’t going to change.

The magician had settled Harry’s card between his teeth now, staring wildly at the crowd and making sure everyone had his undivided attention. He was side-eyeing Niall now, and slowly he turned towards him as a second card popped out of the deck he had.

“Is this your card Niall?” He showed Niall the card immediately after, and Niall made sure to pause like Harry did, squinting at the card and seeing that it…wasn’t it. He almost laughed right there and then, realizing how much of a joke this show was and how he couldn’t believe Eoghan wasted forty pounds on this.

“No, it isn’t.” He didn’t really mean to be such a downer on the night, and everyone had gasped in shock at his answer. He could see the faces in the front row, and it almost looked like people thought he was lying, brows furrowed and mouths hung opened.

“It isn’t, that’s correct.” The magician answered, and Niall could see that Harry was clasping a hand to his mouth, holding back a giggle. “Because this it the right one, yes?”

Now this part was the most surprising, and Niall was staring in complete shock at the card that was now flipping over to show the king of diamonds in the magicians mouth. The man grabbed the card from between his teeth and showed it closely to Niall.

“Holy…yeah.” Niall was barely able to speak, and the crowd was cheering so loud his ears rung as the magician did his normal dramatic sweep over the crowd as he showed everyone the right card.

Okay, now maybe Niall’s night wasn’t that shit anymore.


It was afterwards though, Niall waiting out at the front of the theatre with Eoghan waiting for their cab when a tap was lightly pressed into his shoulder. He looked behind him, smiling pleasantly when he saw it was the Harry guy.

Harry laughed immediately when they met eyes, and Niall couldn’t help but do the same. He didn’t really know why, but just the way Niall saw those dimples and green eyes wrinkle it made him feel like he was obligated to smile back.

“I am guessing we both had the same feelings about this magic act? Mate, we were both holding back laughs the whole time we were up there!” Harry was wiping imaginary tears from under his eyes, and their laughing slowly died down till they were just smiling at each other fondly.

“I felt kinda bad, but I mean I have to admit the guy wasn’t bad.” Niall shrugged, giving that magician guy some credit because the money he thought Eoghan wasted actually wasn’t really a waste in the end. Harry nodded in agreement.

“I mean tonight was good, but you made it better and I don’t know about you but I’d feel pretty incomplete leaving this place if I didn’t at least get your number.” Niall almost froze at the comment Harry had made, because now mixed emotions and questions were buzzing around in his head.

Did this Harry guy want to be friends, hang out and have some banter? Or, was he feeling the way Niall felt with his heart skipping a beat in his chest and his smile feeling never-ending across his face.

“Uhm…yeah sure I’d love to. I’m guessing to go out for a beer or a coffee?” It was better for Niall to just assume, already fishing for his phone in his pocket since he didn’t have his number completely memorized yet. He broke his phone, needed a new one, blah blah long story.

“Or ya know, a date.” Harry’s voice had grown quiet as he said that, but when Niall met his gaze he was smiling with a full row of teeth shining towards him. Niall felt his stomach almost flip, and he bit at his lip to stop himself from grinning so much it would hurt.

“A date would be lovely.” Niall answered, and when they had exchanged numbers silently with a hot fire between them they both parted ways with grins hiding admiration.

“And you said this night was shit.” Eoghan mumbled teasingly as the cab parked beside the curb just as Harry turned the corner and disappeared with a group of his mates. He’d see him again soon though, hopefully. 

Niall rolled his eyes at Eoghan’s words, focusing himself back on his friend who was staring down at his phone, texting someone.

“It was shit, but I mean things can change for the better yeah?” Niall made sure to give Eoghan a playful bump on the shoulder as he passed to get to the cab, and his friend only glared at him with a grin before pocketing his phone and clambering inside the car.

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I challenge not getting mad at anyone who doesn't praise Niall, I don't 100% love anything myself so a lil ribbing never hurt anyone and won't hurt him. Yep the vast majority of people don't hate on Niall 24/7 they write one dumb thing and then move on usually not meant to be anything serious. Haha I can just tell a lot of people on this site could never be famous too, they want to fight everyone who has wrong information about Niall as well 😂 Niall stans are not the only ones with this prob

……….lol, the issue is, it didn’t started as someone getting mad at anyone who doesn’t praise Niall here? It started with LOTS OF SOMEONE, making fun of Niall’s work. Let’s put aside Niall out of this equation. Let’s just be a human being here. If you respect someone a lot, don’t you want people to stop insulting his/her work? And also, what gives people the right to write dumb thing and get away with it? It this thing like normalized now? Dumb thing, I don’t think anyone would mind much, but to come at Niall’s posts (or blogs) and to keep undermining him, that’s when people retaliate? To be honest, you might mean well with this ask, but I just can’t get past your first sentence. So *shrug*. 

tomorrow (niall horan oneshot)

prompt: “It’s okay if you don’t smile today. I’ll just try again tomorrow.” 

or the one where you’ve been down and out a lot lately and niall, the boy you’ve had an unofficial thing with, has made it his mission to make everything all better.

requested by/dedicated to: romelo 

Originally posted by myniallerproblems

The sun was just beginning to rise as you sat outside, watching as the sun slowly started creeping into the sky. The fire escape attached to your apartment was the place you went to think when things just weren’t going right, and lately, it seemed as if your life just couldn’t stop going left.  

You dangled your feet from between the bars of the railing, holding on to the railing as if you were a prisoner to life itself. You really didn’t know why you’d been feeling so low. Your family was probably worried, and your friends texted every day asking how you felt but you really hadn’t bothered to answer any of them. You just weren’t feeling like doing much of anything.

You slowly pushed yourself back off the ledge before standing up, grabbing your mug of coffee off the ground beside you as you moved to stand and lean against the railing. You brought your mug up to your lips as you rested your elbows against the chipping white paint of the metal railing. This coffee was the only source of energy you had, your sleep having been dangerously lacking. You couldn’t remember the last time you’d gotten a good night’s rest. 

You heard the window behind you open and you turned your head to glance at who was coming out, seeing it to just be Niall. 

“Mind if I join you?” Niall asked, still standing inside your apartment.

You shrugged, keeping your eyes on the horizon.

“How are you feeling?” Niall tried again to start a conversation as he stepped out onto the rusting fire escape and closed the window halfway behind him.

Again, you shrugged.

Niall walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder. Out of a new found habit you rested back against him slightly, as he stood silently behind you.

After a few minutes of silence Niall spoke again, “Y’know when i was a boy, me Ma and I use t’get up and watch the sunrise together.” 

You tilted your head a little to look up at him, “Really?”

“Yeah,” Niall said, his eyes squinted as he looked off into the distance, as if trying to remember the last time they ever did.

“My dad and I used to go fishing together at four in the morning and we’d stay out long enough to watch the sunrise.” 

“Wit me ma and da living so far away it becomes a lil’bit hard to watch ‘em together.” Niall said, and you nodded, you dad had died when you were eleven, which was the last time you’d watched it together.

“My mom and I barely talk anymore.” 

Niall nodded his head.

It got quiet again after that for a while. With you resting your back against Niall’s chest, the two of you watching the sunrise together. It was a peaceful kind of silence, one you found most soothing.

“What are you doing up at this hour, how’d you know I was even out here?” You asked out of the blue.

“You’ll make fun of me for it.”

“No I won’t.”

“I don’really know how to explain it, I just kind’o had a feeling you were awake, and I know this is your favorite spot t’come an think.” 

You nodded, “But why’d you come, I know you’ve been working the last few days, I got all of your messages, sorry I didn’t answer.”

“It’s okay, I figured you were feelin’ bad again, this isn’t yer first time doing this, y’know.”

“That doesn’t exactly answer my question.” You said softly, as Niall let go of you, moving to stand beside you, hands rested on the small metal fence protecting you from falling several stories to your death. 

“I want to help you feel better, n’i figured it’d be a lot easier if i did it here in person.” 


Niall nodded lightly, still looking off into the distance.

“I’m making it my mission t’get you smiling again.” 

You were flattered, you looked over at Niall and this time he was looking back at you, you’d never taken the time in all of these months to look at Niall completely. The way his blue eyes had little specks of green and different shades of blue, or the little dimple on his cheek.

The two of you stood there in silence, eyes locked as your bodies started to move a little closer, Niall leaning in and you following suit, slightly tilting your head as your lips met, your eyes falling shut. 

Niall had never kissed more than your cheek or your forehead before, this was new and foreign to you but for some reason it felt so, so right. The two of you kissed for only a few moments before Niall pulled back, looking at you as your eyes opened, he was smiling.

“Y’know I hope you liked that as much as I did,” Niall said, running a hand through his slightly messy hair.

You didn’t know what to say, so you nodded your head. 

“I’m sorry if I caught you off guard, the moment was right there and you looked so beautiful I couldn’t help myself, and now I’m babbling. M’sorry.” Niall rushed out, and you shook your head, almost smiling at his words.

“Don’t be sorry.” You spoke up quietly.

Niall looked up, having still been babbling, face slightly red as he said, “Come again?”

“Don’t be sorry.” You said, louder this time, “I liked it.”

Niall looked a little relieved. 

You smiled, despite it being extremely faint. 

“So what all do you have planned to bring me out of this state I’m in?” You asked, an easy attempt to change the subject.

Niall looked back up from the ground, scratching his neck for a moment before he moved closer to you. You turned to face him, your hands in the big pocket of your sweatshirt.

“I was thinking I could do this,” Niall begins, gently reaching out to pull you closer to him, his arms moving to wrap around your waist, your chest up against his as he looked down at you with a small smile, “and maybe this,” he paused again, leaning down to press his lips to your again in a gentle and caring kiss, mumbling, “I was thinkin’ you could borrow my sweatshirt, and I could offer to do this,” Niall pauses once more, starting to sway you slightly, hands resting on your waist as the two of you dance, you were blushing now. 

“..And if all of that doesn’t work, it’s okay if you don’t smile, I’ll just have to try again tomorrow,” Niall said softly as you rested your hands on his chest.

Your lip trembled a little, you were almost crying from happiness, it was pathetic how sweet little gestures could turn you into a blubbering sap for hours.

“You’re so good to me,” You breathed as Niall reached a hand up to twirl you around, pulling you closer once more.

“I’m only doing what you deserve,” He says back to you.

“I don’t deserve this.” 

“You deserve to be happy, and if I could make it so you were happy with me, I’d do it without hesitation.” He said confidently.

“What’re you saying?” 

“I’m saying I want you to be my girlfriend, (Y/N). Would you do me the honor?” 

Here come the happy tears again, this time you smile, lunging towards him to wrap him in a tight hug, smiling widely, nodding your head in excitement.

Niall let out a soft laugh, smiling equally as wide as he leaned down to kiss you again softly, making you smile even more.

You kissed his lips repeatedly, the two of you still dancing without music. You probably looked like loons but you really didn’t care.

“I’m so glad you were here.” You said, hugging him once more, burying your face into his neck.

Niall nodded his head lightly before leaning down to whisper in your ear, “Hey, (Y/N),”

You tilted your head up to look at him, “yeah?”

“Mission accomplished.” Niall leaned down, kissing your lips once more gently. 

It felt good to feel happy once more. 


Niall didn’t belong here. Cold, stone walls, bars around every entrance and exit, yells and screams echoing throughout the night. Niall didn’t belong here.

He did it because he was smart. He was smart and no one was helping and he needed it. And it was too too easy. If it was that easy then how was it illegal? It didn’t make sense to Niall. Stealing money from the government virtually became second nature to Niall, he didn’t even notice that he had literally stolen millions until blue and red lights were flashing against his new houses’ bronze-rimmed window panes.

So they took him and did tests and told him he wasn’t right in the head. Maybe he was too smart for his own good and they were scared. Niall didn’t really understand, but they took him anyway. He was now in a small, solitary-based prison based in London that kept the inmates in small groups. Most of them were suffering from some kind of mental disorder but couldn’t get out on an insanity claim. Niall’s group was particularly small for the prison, just 11 of them all together. At least, that’s what his advisor had told him, he hadn’t met any of them yet.

That was today. Today he was meeting the men who were going to be his new “friends” for the next 5 to 10 years. The guards seemed to like him– or maybe it was pity– because they tried to give him a good warning before ushering him into a small room where a group of men were sitting in a circle. There was one man sanding and he immediately smiled over in Niall’s direction, crowing, “You must be Niall!”

Niall felt like the new kid in school. “Um.” Was all he replied as the man brought him into a hug. Politely, he hugged the man back, giving him a good cuddle (the last time he got hugged was by his brother, Greg, 2 weeks ago). The man pulls back after a moment, looking pleasantly surprised.

“I’m Teddy Sheeran, but you can call me Ed. I’m the counselor for your group. You guys see me twice a week as a group and once individually. I’m sure that these fine lads have given you a good description of what your schedule looks like here.

They had, telling him that he was lucky to be sent here, where inmates were given a lot of free time and lighter punishments. Niall was tempted to tell them to fuck off, because apparently he was only sent here because of a mental disorder that he was sure didn’t even exist.

He nods and the duo turn to walk towards the group of men that were staring at Niall. Niall is immediately terrified. It’s not like he of all people could possibly defend himself from these men. He was just a robber– and a virtual one at that. He doesn’t like face-to-face confrontation and he certainly would never win a fist fight. He’s put off and petrified of the hungry looks he sees in some of their eyes, eyeing him like he’s their new favorite chew toy. Sadly, Niall thinks that that is exactly what he is. Ed smiles at Niall in sympathy, gesturing for Niall to take the empty seat that is in between two brown haired boys, one tall and lanky, the other with blue, mischievous eyes that Niall did not want to get to know better.

Niall sits down, back straight and ankles crossed, he fiddles with his hands nervously as Ed introduces him. The group doesn’t seem interested in his words, looking more interested in judging the blonde boy.

“Pretty, isn’t he, Haz?” One of them, a tanned, attractive Pakistani looking man calls.

The man who must be Haz is the lanky guy sitting next to Niall, and he grins lazily, brushing a hand down the back of Niall’s chair, settling at the spot just above his tailbone. “Sure is.” He murmurs in a slow, British drawl. Niall tries not to shiver and is mesmerized for a second in green, deep eyes. He jumps when Ed snaps at the darker skinned man.

“Enough of that, Zayn. You lot will be nice to Niall– but not too nice, alright? We don’t stand for that kind of bullshit in this place.”

The feathery haired boy next to him cackles. “But, Theodore! Look at the kid, he’s going to want some friends. And friends are supposed to be really nice.” He says, and Niall understands that ‘nice’ suddenly has taken on a new meaning.

Greg had warned him about this. Said all the generic, ‘don’t bend over in the shower’ kind of shite, but Niall hadn’t actually thought that people did that here. Now that he’s here… it makes sense. He’s gone two weeks without a single wank, just cause he was afraid of someone hearing or seeing. He vaguely wondered how long some of these guys had gone without.

“No, Louis. You can be his friend, but I won’t have you harassing Niall here.” Ed states solidly.

“Don’t be stupid Ed, it would be consensual, wouldn’t it, Niall?” Another boy pipes up. This one is tall as well, sporting a muscle tee that showcases large biceps and incredible shoulders. ‘Huh’ Niall thinks because really, he’s been searching for his prince charming for a long time now, and pretty much any of these guys would’ve been perfect. Ed is about to go off on the man, when some others in the group begin to make remarks on Niall’s appearance. Niall remembers slightly hearing some names as the boys began to yell at each other, something about “Ashton and Mikey,” and a Liam was in there, too.

Niall sputters, cutting himself off when the Haz guy continues rubbing his hand across Niall’s back, pulling Niall and his chair closer towards him. “I’m Harry, by the way.” He introduces formally. “And personally, I think you’re fucking gorgeous.”

Niall blushes hard, eyes wide and surprised. “Th-thanks.” He stutters, astonished at the man’s words.

The curly haired boy grins widely, pulling at the bandana around his head, “Lou, get this, he’s Irish!”

Louis, one of the men who had talked earlier scoots over eagerly. “No shit?” He says excitedly, his arm joining Harry’s in smoothing over Niall’s shirt and soothing his skin. Niall shivers lightly, but nods, happy to finally get some human touch, even if it is under these circumstances.

By the time Ed gets the entire group settled, Louis has convinced Niall to be their “friend” (even though Niall doesn’t even really understand what that entails) and the pair have sandwiched Niall in between them tightly, glaring at one of the boys across from them as he snickered away. No one except Niall is really listening to Ed’s lecture, something about accepting others into their lives graciously and with kindness. Niall is content underneath Harry’s arm, Louis whispering jokes about Ed’s fiery hair into his ear periodically, but he can’t help but let his eyes wander. He finds himself staring at the super attractive Pakistani man across the circle from him. His amber eyes are enticing and Niall’s eyes keep flickering from him to the muscular one in the tee, watching as their eyes drag over his small figure, telling him a detailed story of what exactly they want to do to him. He can feel Harry’s arm tightening with what might be possessiveness and Louis’ growl of disapproval as Niall lets out an absent sounding moan.

The meeting ends soon, and Ed informs Niall that he’ll be rooming with Harry  and two unfamiliar guys named Liam and Mike. Louis pouts and groans in annoyance. “I wanted to fuck him first, Eddy. How is this fair? Haz and the two of our resident douche-bags get this,” He screeches, gesturing his arms around Niall. “and I’m stuck with a psychopath and a sociopath. Not fair!”

Harry is smirking while Niall is still gaping at the first part of Louis’ rant. ‘No one is going to be fucking me.’ he tries to convince himself as he takes a deep breath.

“Sorry-” Louis says, cutting off Niall’s thoughts. His voice is a lot softer than it was before, and Niall thinks he missed something by the angry look on Harry’s face. “I have this thing where I say pretty much everything I’m thinking.” He says, not looking ashamed in the slightest. “I’m sorry if I scared you, but I do. Want to fuck you, that is.” He elaborates.

Niall blushes a bright red. “Um-” He says, stopping himself from telling the blue-eyed boy that it’s alright, because ‘No one is going to be fucking me.’ He repeats like a mantra.

Suddenly, a strong hand is curling around Niall’s shoulder and he’s being gently manhandled to turn around. “So, we never got properly introduced, Niall.” The large, muscular man says as Niall meets his eyes. His eyes are warm and completely contradict the rest of his sharp, angular looks.

“That’s a good thing, Niall, he’s a right twat.” Louis murmurs from somewhere behind him.

The man ignores Louis, continuing on. “I’m Liam, and we’re rooming together.”

Niall tries to nod and look agreeable, but ever since Louis’ said what he did, he’s kind of terrified of rooming with anyone. Instead of commenting on Niall’s lack of response, Liam grinned viciously, grabbing at Niall’s lower back and pulling him in close.  He glanced over Niall’s shoulder, whispering, “I can’t wait to get to know you better,” all the while smirking at Louis and Harry.

Louis and Harry look apalled, “Why don’t you just run away back to Malik, yeah?” Harry says, pulling Niall back to his own chest. “Niall is not yours.”

Liam laughs, any emotion barred, “Yeah, you possessive bastard? Well, he’s not yours either.”

Harry lunges at Liam, only to be pushed back roughly by Louis. “Stop it, Harry!” He snarls, pushing him backwards again. “You’ve only got 4 more years, and you’re not going to fuck it up for yourself.”

Niall watches the silent rage course through Harry’s eyes. He stands up and stomps from the room, not saying another word. Louis scowls at Liam and walks off briskly after his friend. Niall’s eyes are wide as Liam steps back into his personal space. He runs a thumb over his bottom lip, grinning at the smaller boy. “So innocent. How’d you turn up here?” He wonders, seemingly to himself. Niall jumps and lets out a small, surprised noise as another body is pressed up against his other side.

“U-uh…” He tries to protest as the person snakes two arms around his tiny waist.

“Calm down, princess.” A low, gravely voice commands. Liam is smirking towards the person holding him and forces Niall’s body to turn around so that he’s facing the very attractive Pakistani man from before. “M’ Zayn.” He says and Niall doesn’t know what to feel.

“You don’t even know what’s happening here, do you?” Zayn says, a dark chuckle on his lips. “Thing is, you’re the prettiest bloke here, obviously. You’ve got a tiny little body, a nice arse, and an innocent, pouty face. Obviously people are going to be fighting over who gets to claim you.”

Niall’s lips parted in shock, “claim me?” He gasps.

“Of course.” Zayn rolls his eyes, as if Niall’s an idiot for not understand. Zayn winks cheekily, pushing away from Niall by shoving the smaller boy into Liam’s awaiting arms. Comfortably, Liam drags Niall off down a hallway where guards are directing them. Liam stands taller than all of them, giving them warning looks as if they’re the prisoners and not him. Niall shrinks in slightly, not really understanding the dynamics in this place.

Once they reached their cell, Liam pushed Niall forward, where he almost ran into another boy he hadn’t yet met. The boy practically snarled at Niall, who let out an un-manly squeak, falling backwards into arms that were slightly thinner than Liam’s. Niall was instantly pulled into Harry’s arms, an animalistic sounding growl leaving his throat. “Fuck off, Mike. It was Payne’s fault anyway.”

 Mike shrugs it off, climbing onto the top of the bunk across the room. Liam is already sitting on the bed underneath, smirking at Niall and Harry. Harry huffs, and pulls Niall closer, sitting on the closer bed. 

“You can bunk with me, Niall, it’ll be fun.” Harry promises, in a deep groveling voice. 

Liam lets out an angered scoff. 

Niall didn’t exactly understand yet, but he was already becoming a part of some weird love-pentagon. 

* * * * 

It had been a solid week since Niall arrived at the prison. It had been easier than he had expected, and he had yet to have his virginity taken by one of the four zealous and crazy boys that were so obsessed with him. It seemed to be some kind of fight, mostly between Zayn and Liam vs Harry and Louis. Though Niall had overheard Louis shouting at Harry for getting too Handsy with Niall once. 

Today was lunch per the usual. Niall was sitting in between Louis and Liam, Zayn and Harry glowering at the two from across the table. Nobody was really eating, mostly just looking at each other in an intense silence that was putting Niall on edge. Come to think of it, Niall had been on edge for quite a while. He was so tired of being pulled around by every one of these boys around him– and all for what? A silent conversation at a lunch table and basically 0 social interaction. 

“Alright, listen up.” Niall says, voice hard and stern. Each of the boys perks up at the Irish lit, but they seemed surprised at his new aura of intensity. “I’m so tired of you guys tuggin me around and then jus’ glarin’ at each other all the feckin’’ time!” Niall snarls. “Maybe you guys don’t get to choose who gets to ‘claim’ me, yeah?” He says, voice a bit softer. 

They all pipe up at that, each saying that ‘no, you don’t get to choose!’ 

Niall’s anger peaks there. “Well I get to choose who I like. Who I would willingly let claim me and fuck me and maybe, if i actually enjoyed their personality, then I would do things for them without them forcing me to. Maybe I’ll be your little bitch either way, but if it’s consensual then I can promise I’ll be a damned good one.” Niall rants, watching as the boys recognize his threat as lethal.

“So which of us is it?” Louis asks eagerly, looking unbelievably confident. 

Niall shakes his head. “Well maybe if you’re lucky enough I’ll like all of you. But only if you all stop being annoying cunts n’ start actually bein’ nice to each other.” He hums, nuzzling his head lazily into Liam’s shoulder. Liam, whilst basking in the attention he was getting, lets out a noise of agreement. 

“And if we’re really really nice, what’d you think we could get?” Harry asks leaning in, intrigued. “Like what if, just hypothetically, were to be fucking you, but Zayn wanted you to suck his dick?” He asks, eyes crinkling in excitement. “And– what if I wanted to jerk you off, slowly until your screaming on Zayn’s dick, begging for us to let you come. But before we can, Z and I might bottom out, cum right inside of our little cumslut. Then, Li and Lou want a turn and you’re our little fucking whore so you won’t say no, will you?” Harry says, eyes narrowed as he has the entire table panting at his dirty talk. 

Niall makes a whimpering noise before Harry continues. 

“If we’re really really good, you think that would be an option?” He finishes, leaning away and smirking, seeing the effect his words has on everyone. 

Niall gulps a bit, nodding quickly, “Yeah, yeah, I think– I think that could be an option.”

The boys sitting at the table all glance around at each other, secret smiles adorning their faces. Yeah, maybe they could get along– at least until that became an option.

I’m sorry i haven’t been writing much lately. I’m having a rough time right now idek what’s happening. I’ve had a pretty bad day today so I’m sorry if it sucks. But hey, I’m 16 now woooo! 

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So apparently Harry asked the crowd to re-sing part of a song. Wonder where he got that idea from ... oh yes, Niall does that for Fool's Gold when they sing the high note beautifully or have trouble doing it - it's part of his banter with the crowd! I already said here that he copied a lot of Niall's moves and here we have him copying his band mate once again. He is the biggest fraud!



Prompt; when the boys meet your baby for the first time


“Are you ready to meet your uncles, Evie?” Harry cooed to his daughter.

Evelyn Rosie Styles was born a couple days back. She has Harry’s famous smile, and his piercing green eyes, but what he loved about his young baby daughter was that she had your hair and her nose.

His daughter looked up at him as if she understood what he was saying. He looked over to you, peacefully sleeping trying to gain back some rest.

This morning the hospital was lively, and so was Evelyn. He was trying to let you rest but your motherly instincts kicked in and you woke up.

“Harry?” you called him. Harry moved from the doorframe carrying his bundle of joy.

“Yes, love?” He said leaning down and placing a kiss on your forehead.

“Pass me Evelyn, so she can eat. I don’t want her to get hungry when her uncles come by” you said to him with a slight chuckle.

Evelyn was placed in your awaiting arms as she looked up to you. “My little Evie” you cooed.

Harry walked over and closed the door as you brought the side of your hospital gown down enough for Evelyn to feed.

About 5 minutes or so the young baby some content and at that same moment you were dressing up the door was knocked on.

“Knock.Knock!” you heard Niall exclaim.

Harry walked over and opened the door to see four awaiting uncles and her three aunts.

Everyone walked over to your bedside and greeted you with flowers and balloons.

“Where’s our youngest Styles?” Louis questioned then the room was filled with baby chuckles from her crib.

“There she is” Louis beamed as he walked over to the crib and gently picked her up.

Eleanor walked over as the rest of them as they huddled from Louis.

“She’s so beautiful” “She looks like her mother” “What a precious baby girl” “Hi little one” “She looks nothing like you Harry” “She’s beautiful like her mother”

Everyone’s statements jumbled together as they all fell in love with your daughter.

Evelyn was passed down from Louis to Niall then Zayn and Liam and then back to you.

The boys then decided to go get a coffee down at the small cafeteria in the lobby.

Sophia walked over to you first beaming with joy.

“She looks just like you” she said softly touching Evelyn’s hair.

“Don’t tell Harry but she looks more like her mummy” Eleanor joked.

“I’m in love with her” Perrie said ecstatically.

Truth be told, the little bundle of joy was your whole world. Every second you found her more and more beautiful all the way from her little toes to her little nose. She was perfect.

“She is perfect. I mean she has my eyes and my hair, but what I love is her is her eyes. I fell in love with Harry’s and I’m in love with hers” you gushed about your daughter.

Suddenly the boys walked in with huge smiles all around. Harry walked over to your bed and kissed his two precious girls.

“Can I hold ‘er” Niall asked.

You nodded and handed her over to him. The moment she fell into his arms once more she brought her little stubby arms and touched his face. All ready from a tender age you both new that she was going to be everyone’s little special girl.

“She’s going to be spoiled so much” Liam stated as he tickled her tummy.

“There’s no doubt about that” Louis restated.

“When can you leave the hospital?” Eleanor questioned.

“The doctor told us that in about 2 days” Harry answered as he intertwined his hand with yours.

“Then it’s settled once little Evie leaves here there will be a lot of gifts at her favorite uncles house” Niall proudly said.

“Who says you’re ‘er favorite?” Zayn asked.

“I ‘an be ‘er favorite” Louis stated.

“Lads, I think I’m ‘er favorite” Liam followed.

“Oh boy” Harry laughed.

“Boys, I think that we are her favorites” Sophia said as she pointed to Eleanor and Sophia

“We’ll see about that” Louis answered.

“Sorry mates and ladies but she is going to daddy’s girl” Harry proudly said as he gently walked over and held his little girl.

“I love you Evie” Harry said as he placed a gentle kiss on her nose.

 How cute is Harry and little Evie. <3

Harry Imagine: Welcome Home


“I can’t believe they’re finally coming home,” Sofia grinned at me, grasping at my hand and bouncing up and down. “I’m going to lock Liam in the apartment, he won’t see the light of day for a week,” she winked at me. “Then of course once I’m done I suppose we should go see his mum. Maybe we’ll have her come to town, it would be wrong to have sex in her house,” she added as a second thought. 

“How thoughtful of you,” I said, shaking my head at her. 

“Sex first, Mum second. Yeah, that adds up,” Zayn said, scoffing at us. The face he made at Sophia made me laugh and her frown.

“You,” she pointed at me, “quit laughing. And oi you,” she pointed at Zayn, “hush up, no one asked for your opinion.” Zayn and I laughed and it wasn’t long before Sophia’s frown cracked into a smile. 

“Z, I’m glad you came along. Harry said him and the boys weren’t sure you’d want to,” I said. 

“Of course I came. I didn’t quit being their friend, I just couldn’t handle the stress,” Zayn said, shrugging. Sophia made a pouty face at him and patted his arm.

“Love, we all understand it. Don’t worry,” she said soothingly to him.

“For the love of all that is holy, stop petting me. I’m a grown man!” Zayn knocked her hand off his shoulder but with a laugh.

“Sophia, I have something similar planned for Harry,” I said, trying to change the subject. She arched an eyebrow. 

“Dish. I could go for a little brainstorming,” Sophia responded. 

“Well the flat is spotless,” I said, “but not spotless enough to feel like a hotel. You know?” 

“Of course, of course. Good thought,” she said, nodding. 

“And I have the bathroom stocked with bath bombs and oils, put a little mileage on that new jet bath.”

“Innit,” Sophia said.

“Fridge is stocked too, so we don’t have to leave the house for weeks.” 

“I did the same thing but I’ve also gotten menus from every delivery place within range of the flat,” she said.

“Oh, that’s brilliant! I’m writing that down,” I said, typing it into the notes app on my phone.

“Now for birth control-” Sophia started.

“Oi! The two of you! That’s enough. I don’t want to hear anything more about my mates’ sex life or their girls plans. You two are sick in the head,” Zayn interrupted. 

“Hey! The key to a great sex life is planning,” Sophia said, making me laugh. Zayn looked appalled.

“That is not the key to a great sex life!” Zayn insisted.

“Then what’s the key of a great sex life?” I asked him.

“The key is-” Zayn started, “wait no, I’m not talking to you two about this. I won’t do it.”

“Sophia, you know who could probably tell us what the key is?” I said, giving her a smile.

“Perrie! I haven’t seen her in so long,” Sophia said, playing along, “I bet she’d tell us so much, well normally she does.”

“Cut it out, please, I’m begging you,” Zayn pleaded, “you two are evil. I don’t want to know, I don’t even want to think about it.”

“Zayn, babe, I’ve got tips for Perrie that would rock your world,” I said, giggling at how quickly the color drained out of his face.

“You won’t say a word to Perrie about all of this. Stay away,” Zayn said before pointing at Sophia, “and you, quit encouraging her.” She only shrugged at him. 

“You can’t be more boring,” I said. Zayn just made a face at me and I was sticking my tongue out at him when Sophia shrieked and scared Zayn and me.

“Look!” she pointed, “look, look, look,” she was jumping up and down while clinging to my hand again. At the end of the hall, the four boys were walking towards us. They were surrounded by a group of security, even though we were waiting for them in a private hallway, somewhere in the depths of Heathrow airport. 

“Oi, Sophia! Keep your pants on, won’t you?” Zayn said, making Sophia pinch him. “Shit! Don’t do that.” He smacked her hand away and she gnashed her teeth at him, making all of us laugh.

“Will you three quit it for long enough to say hello? Its not like we’ve been gone for months or anything,” Louis said. “Call ‘em off will you?” He directed the question towards Liam and Harry. 

“Hush it, hobbit,” I said grinning at him.

“You’re a demon,” Louis said.

“Takes one to know one,” I said, making him laugh.

“Louis?” Harry asked

“Yeah mate?”

“Will you please get out of the way before I have to move you?” Harry said. Louis threw his hands up in defense before moving over to talk to Zayn.

“Harry!” I launched myself into his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Putting his hands around my waist, he held me so we were face to face. 

“Hi,” he whispered.

“Hi to you too,” I whispered back.

“I’m never leaving you for that long again,” he said.

“You better not leave me for Lou again because this time I won’t forgive you,” I said back, making Louis cackle somewhere in the background.

“Larry, innit?” 

“Hush,” Harry told Louis, shaking his head.

“So, I’m thinking you, me and the empty flat for the next month and a half?” I asked Harry.

“I’m thinking yes,” he responded. 

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” Harry said before kissing me, lips rough against mine. I buried my hands in his hair, kissing him back just as hard. The months apart were melting away between us and we were clinging together like we were drowning.

“Christ! Get a fucking room, won’t you?!” Niall said, making Harry and I break apart to glare at him. 

“We will as soon as the bloody cars are here,” Harry said.

“No sex in the back of the cars!,” Louis pointed at Harry and me and then at Liam and Sophia, “or I’ll skin you alive. You know they just randomly assign them to us.”

“Yeah well I’m not making an promises,” Sophia said, “I’ve been away from Liam long enough that you lot are lucky I haven’t already jumped his bones.”

“Sophia!” Liam protested, blushing at her words. The rest of us just started to laugh. “Yeah that’s it, laugh at me,” Liam said and rolled his eyes. 

“You’re not allowed out of the apartment for the next week,” Sophia told him.

“But-” Liam said before Zayn interrupted.

“Mate don’t bother. She’s got it all planned out. That one too,” he pointed at me and I winked in return, making him shake his head. “You should of been here earlier, the way they were going on, sharing ideas like mums trading recipes!” 

“If Harry had been here any earlier, we’d already be-” Zayn cringed and held up a hand at my words.

“Please, I’m begging you, please don’t,” Zayn said. 

“I want to hear!” Niall said.

“Of course you do, you horny little bugger,” Zayn rolled his eyes at Niall. 

“Hey! You lot! The cars are here,” Louis yelled from the doorway.

“Took them long enough!,” Zayn said. Harry put me down so we could walk outside, followed by everyone else. 

“Bye Sophia!,” I waved at her from the backseat of the SUV waiting for Harry and me. 

“Bye love!,” she blew me a kiss and winked, “see you in a week!”

“Send me a copy of those delivery places?” I asked.

“What?” Liam and Harry said, turning to look at both of us.

“Of course I will,” Sophia said.

“Coffee in a week to dish? Zayn you coming?” I said, making Zayn shake his head again. 

“Mates, you’re dating crazies,” he said.

“Oh, Zayn, is that the key to a great sex life?” I asked him and Sophia busted out laughing.

“What in the hell were you lot talking about before we got here?” Harry asked.

“You don’t want to know. Bloody hell, you don’t want to know,” Zayn shook his head and climbed into the car with Niall. 

Warning: Implied sex. Nothing wild.

I might never be the hands you put your heart in / Or be the arms that hold you anytime you want them / But that don’t mean that we can’t live here in the moment / Cause I can be the one you love from time to time

“You alright, princess?” He asked quietly.

You nodded. “Just sad you’ve got to go,” you said attaching your lips to his neck. The small little stubble that was on his jaw and neck brushed your skin and it felt so good. Moments before the stubble was rubbing the inside of your thighs, making your legs burn a bit and they were practically glowing red and warm to the touch. You were entirely blissed out and so was Niall. It felt like it had been hours since the two of you started with fevered kisses and hot hands roaming each other’s bodies.

He felt weak by your words. He didn’t like leaving you. In fact, it was his least favorite thing. He got very lonely some nights. When he was with the boys or not, he found himself dreaming about you and wishing he could be back with you wrapped up in you and curling up with you in his arms. “M’here now,” he mumbled very quietly. If he spoke any louder, he was worried he would cry or you would get just as sad. He hated that he left you so often, but he had to. “I wish you could come with me,” he mumbled.

Niall had no idea just how clingy you were. That sounded absolutely wonderful—to be on tour with him every so often. So you could feel him around you when you wanted to sleep and to know that he was happy and safe. But because you were so clingy, you tended to do whatever you could to avoid being clingy. Essentially, you were hiding from Niall.

Apparently it came off colder than you wanted to because he never asked if you wanted to come on tour with him. Niall assumed you wouldn’t, couldn’t, didn’t want to because you were guarded. Niall thought maybe you didn’t trust him because he treated most things like a soccer ball—it wasn’t on purpose. He was just rough.

You weren’t the kind of girl to put your heart in his rough hands.

“Me too,” you mouthed so he wouldn’t see as you let your eyes flutter shut and you listened to Niall’s even breath warm your neck.


The following morning he was up bright and early. He watched you sleep for a few moments. His eyes heavy and hooded as he watched your dream about whatever you dreamed about. Your heart was so guarded you didn’t even tell him your deepest, subconscious thoughts and hopes and dreams.

You reminded him of Sleeping Beauty—so heavenly and beautiful just warmed by the mattress and blankets. Gently, he pressed a hand to the side of your face. You were his delicate little flower and all he wanted was to take care of you.

But you wouldn’t let him. Something happened to your poor, beautiful heart that was tearing you away from him. He wanted to know what it was, but he was worried he wouldn’t be able to fix it.

“My sweetness,” he whispered very softly in your sleeping ear. “I love you.”

It was the only time he could say it. He was worried if he said it to your wakeful person he would never hear the answer in return and that would break him more.

So he would settle for telling you from time to time when you were asleep and he never feared rejection and lived in a balance of adoring you and loving you without any harm to either of you.

Except, perhaps, the tiny sliver of himself that worried he would never be brave enough to tell you when you were conscious.

He was shrugging his clothes back on when you rolled over on the sheets and sighed softly. “I love Niall,” you slurred.

His head snapped up from his shoes he was sliding on. “You—” He gasped as his eyes took on your fully sleeping form. You dreamed about him—you talked about him in your sleep. He wondered how long he had been missing out on you whispering his name to the dark room while he was wrapped around you. In that moment, Niall was almost sure he would never sleep again if he could hear you say those three words again.

His heart was swimming. He imagined himself being blessed in rose petals of your love for him. Coming to your side of the bed he rested his hand once more on the side of your face. “I love you, princess,” he whispered pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I swear, I’ll tell you some day,” he promised.

A small smile graced your sleepy lips as you wrestled to get back to a deeper sleep level. It felt the prickles of very nerve in his body on edge because his princess loved him.

His princess loved him.

He loved for you to sleep—your guard was down; and maybe that was selfish of him, but he was so happy you talked about him in your most vulnerable state of mind. His presence had wound his way into your subconscious like a vine and he was so happy to be nestled among your deepest thoughts.

And so he finished putting his clothes on as he watched you dream and grapple with your inner thoughts. Once again he knelt by your side, cupped your cheek and pressed a gentle kiss on your face: once on the forehead, once on the nose, and once very softly against your warm, pink lips. “I love you, beautiful.”


Niall started to be extra loving toward you. You tried to not let it impress you openly; even though the mere thought of Niall caring so much about you had you melting.

His messages to you were frequent and he sent you lots of kissy emojis and things. It made your heart thrum and you wondered what he was doing that had got him all lovey-dovey.

Come visit, please <3 I wanna see you in person

That was just about the oddest message you had ever gotten from him. Why? What are you doing?

Nothing, I’m bored out of my skull and I want my princess with me. I’m playing golf with a coffee mug and in the hotel. If you were here I’d have lots more fun.

You loved the sound of that—but Niall was famous and wonderful. He had his best friends with him to play with. And if not you were sure he could step into any building and find someone to be with.

But you did like that you were his princess.

I have to work, Ni.

Take a week off and come play with me…I miss you! Please?! :’(


Niall was just about bursting with excitement as he waited for your plane to hit the runway. His hands were all but shaking in anticipation of getting to hold you.

As soon as people boarded off the plane he was scanning the crowd (hiding a bit, of course) to find you. When he finally caught sight of you, he forgot all about hiding, not that it mattered, you had gotten their quite late, so no one really knew you were here.

If it wasn’t for his stupid boot he would have sprinted to you. But instead, he wrapped you tightly in his arms and squeezed you and kissed the side of your head a few times before he found himself pulling you back to look your delicate and beautiful face over. There was less of a guard up because you were tired and Niall hoped with all his heart that he wasn’t about to make an idiot of himself.

“Let’s get you to bed,” he whispered.

You smiled tiredly, he took your bag and wheeled it behind him. His other hand rested on your lower back, his thumb moving in a small circle as he guided you toward his car. Tossing your suitcase into the trunk of his car he came around to open your door. You smiled sweetly and he leaned in, kissed you softly on the lips.

Your heart hummed in happiness as you smiled back at his beautiful face. “You look great, baby,” he said quietly.

You blushed. “Thank you.”

He stood there, with the door open as he looked at you with a beautiful smile that you adored of his. His round little cheeks flushing pink as he sighed softly at you. “I have to tell you something,” he whispered.

You nodded. “What is it Ni?” You asked. It sounded serious—and bad.

“You talk in your sleep,” he said knowingly.

You blushed and looked away from him. “Well, I hope you got me my own room.”

“Quite the opposite,” he smiled gently and his eyes went all soft as he observed you and you felt a bit uncomfortable, but you also loved, loved Niall so you weren’t too worried about it.

“Well?” You asked.

“When I left that morning you told me you loved me,” he murmured. You didn’t know what to say so you just gaped at him, opening and closing your mouth as you tried to form a single word but couldn’t manage that at all. “And I want you to know, that whatever you’ve done to guard your heart from me, you don’t have to—because I love you, so very, very much my beautiful princess,” he promised and kissed your shocked lips. Pulling away he pushed your hair away from your eyes before he maneuvered to his side of the car. You watched his profile as he drove and he smirked. “You don’t have to say it back when you’re awake until you’re ready. I’ll settle for your subconscious telling me,” he winked at you.

You blushed and stared out the windshield while he drove you back. Parking services took over, and grabbed your bag before Niall was guiding you to his hotel room. Niall didn’t say anything else about loving you, just held your hand as he walked you to his room.

You were gazing in awe at him as the two of you rode the elevator to the top floor. “Yes?” He asked.

“I love you too,” you blurted softly.

He grinned brightly and scooped you up (even thought that wasn’t good for his foot) he twirled you as the elevator stopped at the right floor. His mouth attached to your lips and he’s never been happier to have your beautiful perfect lips whisper those words to him.