here's lookin' at you fizz

jameswesleys  asked:

You''re writing... *trembles* ...drummer!Stiles porn? I.. I must go collect myself and by collect myself I mean rip off my clothes and run naked into the street. (Ugh you are the best.)

Yeeeeeeeuuup. It’s Fizz’s fault! It’s like, 99.9% finished but I have exactly three days to get my charity fics out of the way so polishing it’s gonna have to wait until after that. It’s pretty failwolfy so maybe I can post it for Friday…

Here, have an excerpt because I’m a horrendous tease:

They’re watching a movie. Which is to say, Scott and Lydia are watching a movie; Jackson, Boyd, Isaac and Erica are engaging in a vicious looking game of go-fish; and Stiles is… driving Derek to fucking distraction.

He’s tapping away at his knees again because Jackson had thrown a pretzel at him when he’d attacked the coffee table and Derek doesn’t know what’s worse, the way his legs are propped open slightly so that creases in fucking jeans are being added to Derek’s to-hate list, or the relaxed play of those fucking fingers along the shaft of the sticks.

Derek couldn’t even tell you what movie’s on the screen, because for every one second he glances un-seeing at it, he spends another two watching Stiles out of the corner of his eye. It’s probably a miracle that Stiles takes as long as he does to notice.

It’s during one of those fucking mind-melting little flourishes Stiles likes to pepper through his practice routines. Stiles double-taps with one stick before twirling the fucking thing like a baton which is, tragically, a lot less band-camp and a lot more sex-act according to Derek’s fucking traitorous libido. Derek shifts slightly, wetting his lips and Stiles- Stiles drops the fucking stick.

Derek’s eyes snap up and he feels himself freeze, because Stiles is looking back – mouth a shocked O as he glances between Derek’s lips and his eyes. It’s like a train derailment. As one, they both look down at the drumstick on the floor and Derek sees the exact moment Stiles gets it. Because of course he does. Stiles rarely misses anything, which Derek used to think was a good thing because it’s saved all their lives more than once.

Screw it now.

Derek wrenches his eyes back to the tv and slouches violently his seat. It’s a fucking sad state of affairs when he realises they’re watching Lady and the Tramp and it’s the second worst thing to happen to his day.