here's hoping he gets a backstory next season

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What I love about the pic posted of that kiss between Barry and Iris is that they're both leaning into it. They're moving forward in their friendship. Diligently taking it to the next level.

OMG that picture nonny. I was fine until I zoomed in on it. I love how they are both leaning in, the body language echoes them both ready at the same time finally very well.

Zoom in on it, man.

So YES they are both leaning in, but they also both have their hands pulled in, which makes it far more innocent and chaste than if their hands were all over each other. They are sitting on the front porch of their childhood home and the lighting is soft and the shadows of the trees makes it even more calm and peaceful. Like a forgotten summer evening. Like they are the only two people in the world, lol. Yeah I used that line.

This particular kiss framed this way doesn’t just acknowledge that these are two life long best friends who grew to be something more, it celebrates it! It embraces their shared past, their shared childhood, that Barry has loved her since before he knew what the word was and that Iris did without realizing it was love. It’s sweet and beautiful.

I love the epic quality of the kiss last season. But I have to say for these two specifically with their backstory and dynamic, this is the best second first kiss I think they could have. It encapsulates everything about them and it’s a beautiful start.

And for anyone really wanting to see the incredible chemistry between them catch fire, hopefully we’ll get that next season. ;) I just hope this kiss happening here in the finale doesn’t make the writers pretend all the beginning relationship loveliness we could get happens in the break where we don’t get to see it. But if they do, we’re all going to fic it and pretend it happened anyway. That’s what fan fic is for!