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there is this song called 'higher love' by anthony ramos and jasmine cephas jones and i tought it would fit the cinderella au!

I could easily see the beginning-most of the bridge in place of The Sweetest Sounds, and then maybe everything after that as a reprise at the end when they’re reunited.

(This is turning into less of a R&H’s Cinderella au and more of a “how many modern songs can we fit to the plot of Cinderella?” au. …I mean, no complaints here though, challenge accepted. pLEASE SEND IN MORE SONGS FOR THIS AU GUYS, I LOVE THIS!!)


…y’all knew it was coming OTL

Voltron Week Day 7: Crossover/AU (Star Trek AU!)

I WAS going to draw an entire comic based on the new movie, buuuut these seemed more fun ATM and they’d fit better into the theme anyway, so have some TOS AU ft. Trouble with Tribbles! :3 What’s funny about Star Trek is most episodes could honestly fit into the Voltron universe? The whole Space Travel to bring peace to many worlds is very compatible uwu But I also wanted to play with who would get what color (since I’ve seen others doing the same) so Star Fleet uniforms for everyone! And Galra!Keith makes an appearance again X’’D (Yes Allura’s the Captain!)

As for the crossover portion…

Have two half-aliens (theoretically, in Keith’s case) who cannot understand jokes for the life of them ;w; Also, Gravity Falls reference ahahaha is it crossovery enough yet??

for you

oh, i’ve made mistakes
but i wont let you go anymore
we’re not face to face
but you’re the one that i want for sure
so baby, there’s nothing to fear
i’m trying to be crystal clear
i wanna make you understand
you’re more than just a friend
to me

i can’t get you out of my head
last night i was lying in my bed
and i tried to fall asleep, but fell for you instead
and i can still see you when i close my eyes
yeah, you’re always on my mind
i think about you all the time
i swear that one day i’ll make you mine

you’re so unique, love
and it’s scary but it’s worth it too
you’re more than enough
i’ll take any risk to be with you
i’ve never felt this way before
and now i don’t want it to stop
i wanna hold you close like this
and have my last first kiss
with you

i can’t get you out of my head
last night i was lying in my bed
and i tried to fall asleep, but fell for you instead
and i can still see you when i close my eyes
yeah, you’re always on my mind
i think about you all the time
i swear that one day i’ll make you mine

and we can take it slow
‘cause as long as i’m with you
i don’t care about the rest
i know all there is to know
and i feel at my best
girl, i’m smiling 24/7
you make me happier than ever

i can’t get you out of my head
last night i was lying in my bed
and i tried to fall asleep, but fell for you instead
and i can still see you when i close my eyes
yeah, you’re always on my mind
i think about you all the time
i swear that one day i’ll make you mine


“I’ve got Sybbie and George!”

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arsuledin not only is one of the best solas I've yet to see, but one of the nicest muns around. Honestly I don't think I'd enjoy rping so much if I couldn't rp with Nemo.

say some nice things about people!


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What artists do you look at for art help and I guess people you look up to in the art world? I want to get better so I'm asking around. I love your work by the way.

Okay you want someone to help you with art then go to the only person that made me want to support them regardless of how much of a struggles it is to keep up things that help me learn. @elentori-art has a lot of educational artist advise you get free from just sitting in streams and watching her draw. I think that my art has improved because she’s an artist that not only is fun to watch draw but also relate to when it comes to art for me personally.

Sample of Elentori’s work (All images are from her DA HERE)

I also like Kienan Lafferty (Youtube linked) he makes weekly videos also a shit tone of advise. He’s also a concept artist and I have watch all of his videos and This one HERE will probably be the most helpful. Learn how to steel people’s art work the right way and people won’t hate you for it. not even joking this video is great.

Sample of Lafferty’s work

Sycra (Youtube linked) is also good for learning something about art and painting. however he doesn’t upload often.

Sample of Sycra’s work on DA

Brushboost / Cubebrush (Branch off channel Youtube linked) is another one the kinda focuses on concept art and how to do things for other programs like Zbrush and 3D modeling and stuff for concept gaming art stuff.

Sample of Brushboost/ClubBrush’s work

 @cyarindraws, @loish​ (Loish) and Relseiy (Instagram). I love all their work but mostly Losh because her style is darker than the other but I love the style they have.

@sasucchi95 also find helpful with how she does her anime look. She also has a Tutorial Instagram page that you might like to check out.

@m-arci-a​​ does a lot a cool stuff and her lighting in some images are perfect.
Like these images here are all my kinda lighting and it looks cool as hell.

(All example images are on her DA HERE )

(I love the water in this one A LOT. )

Now you can follow all of them and stalk their stuff BUT unless you put the blood sweat and pain to literally draw every single day all day everything no matter how bad it looks then you’ll probably not get better as quickly as you like. honestly I want to be better than i am now however I’m not at my ideal goal.

I have gotten better from watching Elentori and Lafferty’s videos and streams. I’m not supporting Ele on Patreon for nothing. Her stuff is helpful and you should totally check hers out LINK HERE.

No money for that then watch her streams on Twitch HERE. Honestly I think that you will learn something at the end of every single art stream she does. No I’m not being bribed to promo Ele she just has really great shit and her art is what makes me keep going in the bad days. I really recommend her for everyone at this point.

Now I mentioned these people out of my own personal agenda. As artist you might already have an idea of what you want your art to look like or what style you want to have. However mimicking your favorite artist isn’t going to make you stand out and people see something different from everyone else who’s doing the same thing. Now personally I want to have an end goal of being able to make art that(s).

  • looks painted
  • well rendered
  • min to no linework showing
  • has good composition
  • has decent backgrounds

This is my goal. I found 1 artist that had an art style  looked like something I want to make.Then I found more after following the one the got a shit tone of people to pick from. Now in Lafferty’s video about stealing art he talks about finding thing’s you like about other artists art and then apply that to your own work. Watch the video you will understand what I’m talking about. You get a tone of people you like and then you pick what it is about their art you like and use it in your work. Something you learn you will end up using and you’ll get a fusion of everything you ever learned over your life and you make your own really great art.

Now I want to be a concept artist so I looked for artist that are and studied them. I also want to learn how to draw like Ele when it comes to how she draws on paper and getting that muscle memory built up to that point. Now It’s going to take time and hell of a lot of Advil if you don’t take brakes like I do and you’ll get back and neck pains and your wrist will kill you even if it’s not the had you draw with. Take brakes don’t be like me and other artis that don’t sleep unless your dying from a cold and work till like 4-5am and then get up 4-5 hours latter. NOT GOOD REST PEOPLE! (I know I’m a hypocrite)

Basically practice, find artist that have art that is similar to how you want your art to look. Then study that and keep going until your happy with what you can do. Just keep drawing and never give up then you’ll have people asking you how you do your stuff and how you got so good at your art. If you have anything else you want to know just hit me up and I’ll answer the best I can. If I can’t then I’ll refer you to someone else who might.

Hope this helps! ☽✨

God I made a really long post.
Edit: I’m stupid and forgot to say thank you for liking my art!

I’ve just learned that one of our fellow fans has died: you might have known her here and on DA as @texasfandoodler (x)
I wanted to leave a message on this blog because I feel like she has wonderfully contributed to the fandom with her stunning Merthur pieces. I’ve never met her personally but I was always amazed by her fanarts and she was incredibly humble whenever I left her a comment on DA.
She’s always been extremely kind and generous within the fandom and I wish I could do more than leave a few words about her.
We have lost more than an incredible artist, we have lost a lovely person and a dedicated fan. Rest in Peace.