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Washboard Wednesday - Dangerous Man Edition

Heya Gorgeous!

First, thanks for your lovely responses to yesterday’s Tuxedo Tuesday. I am so glad many of you saw it and enjoyed the dressed up pretty. I’ve been working on the next chapter of Red Square. I’ll say now that it will be up next week and hope to hit that mark. For now, here is a distraction until tonight’s all new Arrow (depending on what part of the planet you are on, I suppose). So the title pretty much applies to ovaries. Just sayin’.

Bless the gifmaker.

Well, was that good for you? It was good for me. I hope you enjoyed it, and I also hope that you have a great week ahead. Tonight’s new episode should charge us all up for the remaining episodes (especially next week!). Take care, you fabulous person!  Tags after the cut. 

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Happiest Part Of My Life

Sorry for this.

With shaking hands, Y/N made her way to the front of the room, eyes locked on the floor.

One foot in front of the other. She thought to herself, her breathing in sync with every step.

Turning around slowly, she looked across the crowd, before she lowered her gaze to the piece of paper, unfolding it slowly.

The sound of the paper slipping across itself seemed almost too loud in the quiet room, even though it was filled with people.

She knew all their eyes were on her, but she couldn’t bring herself to meet any of their stares.

It was too hard.

Finally, the piece of paper was unfolded, and she laid it flat in front of her, on the podium that stood there, her fingers dancing across the words she had scribbled out.

The ink had bled in some places, mixed with the tears that had fallen.

But she had to write it, because if she didn’t, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to say any of it.

And it needed to be said.

It deserved to be said.

Taking in a breath, she wet her lips, and began to speak.

“I still look back on those evenings we spent together as the happiest part of my life, and I wanted it to go on forever. It should have gone on forever. But instead, our forever was cut short. And now, now I’m left here alone.” Y/N closed her eyes, just for a moment, ignoring the ache in her heart. When she reopened them, she quickly found her spot and continued.

“You promised me that we would be together until the end. That you would always be there for me. Even if I left the dishes from dinner in the sink overnight, or if I bugged you while editing. You said that even though you acted annoyed, you knew it meant I loved you. Because who else would do that, who else would distract you from editing, who else would pretend to have forgotten about the dishes in an attempt to get out of cleaning them?” Her voice broke, just once, but she pushed past it.

“The evenings we spent together, the ones where it was just the two of us, laid together on the couch, some shit movie playing in the background, while we talked about anything and nothing. Those were the best moments. Because it was just you and I. No one else. Nothing hanging over your head or mine. And I loved it. I loved having you in those moments.” A sad smile tugged at her lips as she recalled those moments.

“Not that I didn’t love watching you immerse yourself in a project or video, because you were beautiful even then. The passion burning bright and clear in your eyes, even as they slipped closed when you fell asleep editing. It was clear that you loved what you did. And everyone could see it in your work.” Y/N let out a small sigh as she finally lifted her eyes to the crowd, flitting from face to face, pausing on a select few.

“Joseph Graham Sugg was, and always will be, the love of my life. My favourite moments in life were with him. Even as I stand here before you, I cannot believe he was taken from us. I don’t think I will ever believe it. But I ask that you remember him as he was. Laughing, smiling, loving life. From thatching to youtube, he loved what he did. And those that he surrounded himself with.”

She turned to face the closed casket behind her, resting a hand on it as the tears finally filled her eyes.

“I love you, Joe. And I will never stop loving you.” The words were muttered, said softly for only her and him to hear.

Closing her eyes, she turned and walked back to her seat, her knees giving out as she collapsed into it.

Caspar sat next to her, his lips closed tightly, eyes red as more tears continued to fall down his cheeks.

Silently, he reached a hand over, taking hers in his. He didn’t even look at her, his stare remained forward as the minister moved to stand in front of the podium, his voice carrying across the room.

But Y/N didn’t hear it.

She didn’t hear anything.

She too stared straight ahead, her eyes locked on the casket.

The one that held Joe.