here's a water shot

okay but how long do you think kev practiced that “you like the water? well i can introduce you to some fiya” line before actually saying it to chiron


the furry voids are being pissy because i won’t let them steal gansey’s food


I’ve spent my whole day in bed today. But I actually got dressed and didn’t wanna waste my outfit.

List of movies / 2017 Movie Trailer Mashup

P  A  R  T     O  N  E

0:08 - War for the Planet of the Apes

“What are you waiting for?” - Lars Eidinger in PERSONAL SHOPPER

0:10 - Geostorm

0:12 - The Greatest Showman

“We made this oath. Whoever died first would send the other a sign.” - Kristen Stewart in PERSONAL SHOPPER

0:14 - Annabelle: Creation (double shot)

0:16 - A Ghost Story (double shot)

“A sign. Have you, communicated with spirits before?” - Lars Eidinger in PERSONAL SHOPPER

0:18 - The Blackcoat’s Daughter

0:19 - Wind River

0:20 - Ghost in the Shell

0:22 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

0:23 - War for the Planet of the Apes

“It was quiet, for all these years.” - Miranda Otto in ANNABELLE: CREATION

0:26 - It (double shot)

0:29 - Hangman

“We all knew, something was very wrong.” - Holly Earl in LOVING VINCENT

0:31 - King Arthur

0:32 - The Beguiled

“I saw something.” - Jaeden Lieberher in IT

0:34 - The Devil’s Candy

0:35 - Annabelle: Creation

0:36 - Get Out (triple shot)

“A clown. Yeah, I saw him too.” - Jack Dylan Grazer in IT

0:39 - Lavender

0:41 - A Cure For Wellness (triple shot)

0:44 - The Circle

“You know there’s a sickness. Stops them seeing the truth.” - Vanessa Redgrave in THE SECRET SCRIPTURE

0:46 - Thelma

0:48 - The Secret Scripture

0:49 - Jackals

0:50 - Professor Marsten and the Wonder Women

0:51 - A Cure for Wellness

“There’s something, calling them all here.” - Aaron Poole in THE VOID

0:52 - Annabelle: Creation

0:53 - Mother! (double shot)

0:55 - Flatliners

“Shhh. That’s not me.” - Shae Smolik in THE HATRED

0:56 - The Hatred

1:02 - Mother!

1:03 - It

1:05 - Annabelle: Creation

1:05 - Personal Shopper

1:06 - Polaroid (triple shot)

1:08 - The Bye Bye Man

1:09 - It Comes At Night

1:10 - Berlin Syndrome

1:10 - Wish Upon

“Mister Policeman. You could’ve saved her.” - Jonas Karlsson in THE SNOWMAN

1:11 - Jigsaw

1:11 - Rings (double shot)

1:13 - Happy Death Day (double shot)

1:14 - The Devil’s Candy

1:15 - Jigsaw (double shot)

1:16 - The Lego Ninjago Movie (double shot)

1:18 - The Snowman (triple shot)

1:20 - Flatliners (double shot)

1:21 - The Shape of Water (double shot)

1:22 - The Belko Experiment

1:23 - Breathe

1:23 - Brigsby Bear

“Make it a wonderful day!” - Edie Inksetter in IT

1:24 - Justice League

1:25 - Kidnap (double shot)

1:26 - Collide

“At the end of the day, people are out for themselves.” - Adria Arjona in THE BELKO EXPERIMENT

1:27 - Good Time

1:27 - Gerald’s Game

1:28 - Wind River (double shot)

1:30 - The Belko Experiment

1:31 - The Devil’s Candy (double shot)

1:33 - King Arthur

1:34 - Split

“Death always wins.” - Matthew McConaughey in THE DARK TOWER

1:35 - Ghost in the Shell

1:36 - The Void

1:37 - Paint it Black

1:40 - The Snowman

1:41 - The Mountain Between Us

1:43 - Blade Runner 2049

1:44 - The Shape of Water (double shot)

“We all float down here.” - Jackson Robert Scott in IT

1:50 - It

P  A  R  T     T  W  O

1:56 - Baby Driver

1:59 - The Boss Baby

1:59 - Despicable Me 3

2:00 - Baywatch

2:01 - Ingrid Goes West (double shot)

“Congratulations.” - Aubrey Plaza in INGRID GOES WEST

2:03 - Logan Lucky

2:04 - Going in Style (double shot)

2:06 - Catfight (double shot)

2:06 - Kong: Skull Island

2:07 - A Fantastic Woman

2:07 - The Square

2:08 - Brawl on Block 99

2:10 - The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature

2:11 - All Eyez On Me

2:11 - Detroit

2:12 - CHIPs

2:13 - How To Be a Latin Lover

“This doesn’t put an end to shit, you f*cking retard, this is just the f*cking start. Why don’t you put that on your ‘Good Morning Missouri’ f*cking wake-up broadcast b*tch .” - Frances McNormand in THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI

2:14 - Pitch Perfect 3 (double shot)

2:16 - The Disaster Artist

2:18 - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

2:22 - Fist Fight

2:23 - Suburbicon

2:23 - T2 Trainspotting

2:24 - Song to Song

2:25 - My Name is Emily

2:26 - Raw (double shot)

2:28 - Patti Cake$

2:29 - A Bad Mom’s Christmas

2:30 - Girls Trip

2:30 - Tragedy Girls

2:31 - T2 Trainspotting

2:32 - Rough Night

“Come on, man.” - Armie Hammer in FREE FIRE

2:32 - Free Fire (triple shot)

2:35 - First Kill

“I got you all wrong, didn’t I? You got me just right.” - Bel Powley and Tye Sheridan in DETOUR

2:36 - Kingsman: The Golden Circle (double shot)

2:37 - Wolf Warrior 2

2:38 - Detour

2:39 - Geostorm

2:40 - War for the Planet of the Apes

2:41 - Wonder Woman

2:42 - The Great Wall

2:43 - American Assassin

2:44 - Thor: Ragnarok

2:44 - Spider-man: Homecoming

2:45 - Monster Trucks (double shot)

2:47 - The Mummy

2:47 - Baby Driver (double shot)

2:49 - xXx: Return of Xander Cage

2:50 - Baby Driver (double shot)

2:52 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (triple shot)

2:57 - Ghost in the Shell

2:58 - John Wick: Chapter 2

2:58 - Transformers: The Last Knight

2:59 - The Dark Tower (double shot)

3:01 - Transformers: The Last Knight (double shot)

3:02 - Logan

3:02 - Alien: Covenant (double shot)

3:04 - Wonder Woman (double shot)

3:05 - The Fate of the Furious (quintuple shot)

3:08 - The Mummy (double shot)

3:10 - John Wick: Chapter 2

3:10 - Sleepless

3:11 - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (double shot)

3:12 - Renegades 

3:12 - Colossal

3:13 - Okja (double shot)

3:14 - Baby Driver

3:15 - Ghost in the Shell

3:16 - Outrage Coda

3:17 - Captain Underpants

3:17 - Okja

3:18 - Saban’s Power Rangers

3:18 - The LEGO Batman Movie

3:19 - The LEGO Ninjago Movie

3:20 - The Emoji Movie

3:21 - Atomic Blonde

3:22 - Spider-man: Homecoming (double shot)

3:23 - Blade of the Immortal

3:24 - Thor: Ragnarok (triple shot)

3:25 - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

3:26 - Justice League

3:26 - Cars 3 (double shot)

3:28 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

“Jesus Christ! What happened to the seatbelt rule?” - Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson in THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD

3:29 - The Hitman’s Bodyguard (quadruple shot)

P  A  R  T     T  H  R  E  E

3:38 - Golmaal Again

3:40 - A Dog’s Purpose

3:40 - Realive

3:42 - Kedi

3:43 - My Cousin Rachel

3:44 - Downsizing

3:45 - The Snowman

3:46 - Fifty Shades Darker

3:47 - Leap!

3:48 - The Greatest Showman (double shot)

3:49 - Tulip Fever

3:50 - Split

3:51 - Wonder Woman

“Whatever you do, do it carefully.” - Vicky Krieps in PHANTOM THREAD

3:52 - The Book of Henry

3:53 - The Devil’s Candy

3:55 - Hounds of Love

3:56 - Loving Vincent

3:57 - XX

3:58 - All The Money in the World

3:59 - The Bad Batch

4:00 - Lady Macbeth

4:01 - Victoria and Abdul

4:02 - Phantom Thread

4:03 - Polina

4:04 - Coco (double shot) 

“I always told you, you were special.” - Ana de Armas in BLADE RUNNER 2049

4:08 - The Killing of a Sacred Deer (double shot)

4:09 - Jungle

4:11 - Leap! (double shot)

“Because you have something she can only dream of.” - Carly Rae Jepsen in LEAP!

4:13 - The Greatest Showman (triple shot)

4:16 - The Limehouse Golem

4:17 - Battle of the Sexes (double shot)

“Without our passion, it’s very hard for us to find our place in the world.” - Ken Stott in 100 STREETS

4:19 - I, Tonya (double shot)

4:21 - Molly’s Game (triple shot)

4:23 - Professor Marsten and the Wonder Women

4:24 - Worlds Apart

4:26 - First Kill

“If we may find a city, where one was considered impossible to exist, it may well write a whole new chapter in human history.” - Charlie Hunnam in LOST CITY OF Z

4:27 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

4:28 - Alien: Covenant

4:29 - The Lost City of Z

4:30 - Dunkirk

4:33 - The Battleship Island

4:35 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

4:36 - War for the Planet of the Apes

4:39 - Kong: Skull Island

4:40 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

4:41 - Dunkirk

4:43 - Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

4:44 - Life (double shot)

4:46 - Only The Brave

4:48 - Menashe

4:49 - Before I Fall

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp.” - Sienna Miller in LOST CITY OF Z

4:50 - American Made

4:51 - The Promise

4:52 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

4:53 - The Dark Tower

4:54 - Saban’s Power Rangers

4:55 - Blade Runner 2049 (double shot)

4:57 - Kong: Skull Island

4:59 - All the Money in the World

5:00 - Stronger (double shot)

5:03 - Spoor

5:06 - Your Name

5:07 - Smurfs: The Lost Village

5:08 - The Odyssey

5:09 - Ghost in the Shell

5:11 - A Ghost Story

“I know this is a sacrifice for all of us.” - Charlie Hunnam in LOST CITY OF Z

5:14 - The Lost City of Z

5:16 - My Cousin Rachel

5:18 - Goodbye Christopher Robin (triple shot)

“I’d really like if you wrote a book for me. Should we go for a walk? Aren’t you working?” - Domhnall Gleeson and Will Tilston in GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN

5:22 - The Zookeeper’s Wife

“Why’d you leave my mama? I got lost. But you found your way back, right?” - Abby Ryder Fortson and Alex Roe in FOREVER MY GIRL

5:23 - Worlds Apart

5:24 - Columbus

5:25 - Phantom Thread

5:26 - Darkest Hour

5:28 - Forever My Girl (double shot)

5:31 - Wonderstruck

5:32 - It (double shot)

5:33 - The Big Sick

5:34 - Darkest Hour (triple shot)

“If all of this stopped, even if I were dead, I’d miss it… And i’d miss you.” - Gemma Arterton in THEIR FINEST

5:36 - The Post

5:37 - Megan Leavey

5:38 - Murder on the Orient Express

5:39 - The Shape of Water

5:40 - The Man Who Invented Christmas

5:41 - Okja

5:43 - Table 19

5:44 - Their Finest

5:45 - A Kind of Murder

5:46 - Everything, Everything (double shot)

5:47 - The Florida Project (double shot)

“This is what life looks like. People who love each other. You still have time.” - Patrick Stewart in LOGAN

5:49 - The Children of Chance

5:50 - The Lost City of Z

5:51 - The Shack

5:52 - Goodbye Christopher Robin

5:53 - Call Me By Your Name

5:54 - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’

5:55 - Breathe

5:56 - Gifted (double shot)

5:58 - The Sense of an Ending

6:00 - Queen of the Desert

6:00 - Lady Bird (double shot)

6:02 - Beauty and the Beast (double shot)

6:04 - The Greatest Showman

6:05 - Wonder

6:06 - The Greatest Showman

6:06 - Coco

6:07 - Murder on the Orient Express

6:08 - The Shape of Water

6:09 - Darkest Hour

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Rated: Mature

Jooheon heaved doing his best to make it up the trail. He was drenched in sweat, desperately drinking up the remnants of his water bottle. What the hell was he thinking? Agreeing to go on a hike with you. Sure you two were still in that honeymoon phase of your relationship, everything was new and he was still trying to impress you.

When you asked if he wanted to go on a hike with you he was picturing something a little smaller. Instead of the seven mile hike up a mountain the two of you had made.

You stretched happily taking a swig of your water. You loved hiking, but you very rarely got to go on longer ones. You could tell how hard he was trying to keep up, but he insisted he was ok. You set down your backpack and tugged your jacket off. There was always that feeling you got after a hike; That warmth that surged through your whole body. Looking back toward the path you laughed seeing your boyfriend in the distance. “Jooheon~ Are you sure you don’t want help?”

“Nah, I got this!” he panted slowly making his way over to you. Eventually he reached you, keeling over and collapsing on his knees. “See! No problem. I told you I’d be ok”

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   [ Heyo! Just a heads up that this blog likely won’t be in tip-top shape for awhile…? Thinking about giving this blog some snazzy tags instead of just names (debatable on if I’ll put in that kinda effort, but it’s possible), double-checking what might need updates…and then making a promo. They’re like…a dead medium by this point, but Viv is special to me and I won’t do anything less for mai bloo! >:U

   [ So… Yeah! I’m also going to start encouraging my own Vivi voice-acting posts again (simply bc I loved doing them and her voice is still with me) and hopefully a finished Viv cosplay to boot, but… We’ll see. :3c

   [ I just wanna bring back my gurl for the 2018 year and hopefully be ahead of the game when “Hellbent” comes out! I missed out big time on the “Freaking Out” hype and theory train, so… I wanna make up for it this time~

   [ Hope I can be interacting with you guys super soon! I missed everyone a whole heckin’ lot!!! ]

Update Disneyland Australia: Submarines!

Today I worked on a project I’ve been pushing aside week after week but I am so glad I worked on it today because I really like how it came out:  Submarines!

Here’s a shot w/out water so you can see the theming.  I mixed rock colors due to Tomorrowland having a red-rock theme and High Street Terrace having a gray rock theme.

Of course I made the queue building a volcano!

Here’s the platform inside the queue building

Here’s a plan view of the submarine track

Here you can see the submarine ride in relation to the rest of Disneyland and Tomorrowland

  • Rin is tied with first place
    ★Make this have the same feeling as episode 1
  • Haruka is staring directly at Rin
  • Rin swimming!
  • Haruka prepares his feet
  • Rin swimming!
  • Haruka puts his goggles in place
  • Rin’s hand touches the wall
  • Haruka’s body comes bursting through the shot
    ★Make it slow at the end
  • It’s the same as back then
  • Haruka is reflected on Rin’s goggles
    ★Make it the same as in episode 10
  • Haruka enters the water
    Inside the water shot
  • He slides in smoothly
  • From here he starts dolphin kicking
  • <Half-way artistic>
    Haruka swimming
    ★Make it kind of slow
  • <artistic>
  • He quickly gains speed
  • He moves smoothly
  • Inside the water Haruka is enveloped in darkness
    ★Make it like in episode 2
  • There, he hears everyone’s voices
  • He slowly opens his closed eyes
  • He hears a voice from the light
  • Inside Haruka’s dark colored eyes
  • A light is born
  • As if beconed by the voice Haruka turns towards the light
  • Haruka swims towards the light
  • Dolphin kick
  • The shot becomes full of bubbles
  • <Reality>
  • ★Here you can see his eyes
  • Rin, Makoto, and Nagisa are motioning to him with their arms
  • Rei and the rest are also cheering
  • Haruka gets closer
  • The electronic scoreboard shows the time
  • electronic scoreboard
  • Haruka touches the wall and lifts his head
  • ★slow at the end
  • The electronic scoreboard shows them in first place
  • The building fills with cheers
  • Haruka tries to catch his breath
  • Haruka breaths heavily
  • Makoto’s hand enters the shot
    ★Make it the same as in episode 1
  • ★Make it feel the same as in episode 1
  • Nagisa is teary eyed
  • Haruka is happy
  • That his friends are there for him at the goal
  • Haruka takes Makoto’s hand
  • The two of their hands clasp
  • and Makoto Pulls him up
  • Nagisa is rubbing his eyes
  • Haruka and Makoto look in the direction of running footsteps
  • Haruka’s eyes get wider and wider
  • ★A black frame
  • Makoto and Nagisa are shocked
  • They laugh at each other
  • and then Makoto and Nagisa head towards the other two
  • The three of them hug Haruka
  • Rin talks with his face scrunched up and his eyes full of tears
  • Rin smiles with the biggest smile
    ★Make it with the same feeling as in episode 2

anonymous asked:

Take a shot every time you spot confirmation bias and neglect of probability in ant arguments or if ants play out a textbook definition of the dunning-kruger effect get wasted each time

Anon here dragging all the ants.

Take shots of water though, or else you’ll die of alcohol poisoning

It was a good thing Iridescence and Poseidon both loved the water; he wasn’t very powerful, but his magic was fun to play with, and he especially liked the fish in the stream. He sat in the stream, humming as he played with the water, making little jets here and there, mini-geysers that shot water into the air. He spent a lot of time playing in bodies of water, especially smaller ones like ponds and streams. 

He tilted his head back to look at Poseidon, grinning as he shot a little spurt of water at him. “Hi.”



T: hey what about Y/N I bet she has some skeletons in her closet.
Y/N: you got that right.
B: spill it L/N we’re all friends here.
Y/N: ok but you guys can’t tell the avengers they might hate me.
T: we promise *giggles*
S: *glares at Tony*
Y/N: I’m bisexual, I like girls and boys!
Everyone: *looks confused and shocked*
B: oh well that’s lovely Y/N, I bet the avengers would be fine if you told them.
Y/N: nah when I came out to my friends and family back home not many were cool with it, told me no one would love me for who I am, isn’t that crazy man. *yawns* *hiccups* I’m going to bed, that’s all folks! *laughs*
Y/N: oh Jesus fucking Christ my head is pounding!
B: that’s what typically happens after a night of vodka shots. Here take this. *hands water and pills*
Y/N: what happened last night? I don’t remember a thing.
B: that’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about.
Y/N: oh no what did I say? Did I hurt Steve’s feelings again?
B: no but you did come out as bisexual.
Y/N: no, no, no, who was there? Please tell me it was just you!
B: no it was the whole gang, but don’t worry we all accept you.
Y/N: what?
B: you’re still you, you’re Y/N L/N the strong independent girl who gets shit done and takes care of all of us!
Y/N: are you serious?
B: I’m very serious, and I’d like you show you how amazing you are bisexual or not on a date this weekend.
Y/N: I’d love to Bucks.
B: good I’ve loved you for so long, from the moment I met you.
Y/N: even after I came out you still want to date me?
B: sweetheart I’d marry you right now if I could.

-requested by @winchestairs
-not my gif

@Regrann from @shipwreckphotography - ❤
Hello Western Australia 👋🤓
The water over here is amazing ❤🤙
🌏📍 Rottnest Island, Western, Australia
Shot with the Canon 1dxii w-16-35mm L II F2.8 w- Aquatech Housing @edaccessible @CWcream @Capochino67