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In His Eyes (Nightangel)

Guys, I’m writing a fanfiction.

It’s been years, but the cruel mistress of fanfiction has pulled me back again.
So if any of you guys are into Nightcrawler and Angel and you want to support this destructive habit, I’d love to get some feedback! I’ll put a link here, and I’ll post the first chapter for you too, as a little taste test!
The plan is for it to be pretty slow-burning, starting as a friendship and growing pretty organically over about 10 chapters.

Genre: Slow build/eventual romance
Word count: 1416
Pairing: Nightcrawler/Angel
Rating: T+

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After three months of living at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, most students had managed to get accustomed to living amongst mutants and amongst friends. But if there was one thing Warren Worthington III could say about himself, it was he was not most students. At this point, he still hardly even considered himself a student in the first place. He hadn’t wanted to move to the school, but then, he’d been giving in to things he didn’t want since the day he was supposed to have died. 

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Citrus Drama CD chapter 1 Rough Translations

Omfg I’m screaming because of the glory and perfection that is Citrus. Their voices sound a little weird at some parts but WHO CARES, THEY’RE SEXY AF.

taletoki already made a post about what happens, but I decided to do this (mostly) line by line. 

This is what I can understand from the CD: 

Mei is watering the plants in the garden. 

Mei: It’s already this time (this late)? Once I water those, I’ll be done. I have to hurry back to the student council. Himeko and the others are waiting. 

Yuzu: Hey, stop pulling! You don’t have to be so mad, Momokino-san! 

Himeko: Aihara Yuzu! Today I will catch you and make you dye your hair black! 

M: Yuzu! Himeko! You guys are high schoolers, so cut it out! 

Y: Mei! 

H: President! Help me catch her! 

Y: Don’t point that over here! (referring to the hose) 

M: I’m sorry. 

H: Who would have thought that you were holding a hose… 

Y: It’s fine, it’s fine. (I think she says something like not getting water on her face and going home to clean up. Also that everything will dry up) 

H: (along the lines of disagreeing with Yuzu) 

Y: I won’t catch a cold after all. Well then, good day to you two student council members! 

H: (says how she got distracted) I let her get away again! If only I were born with President’s–no, MeiMei’s– black hair, Aihara Yuzu wouldn’t have fooled around with me! (I’m not sure on this, but I’m fairly certain this is what she’s kinda saying) 

At home: 

Y: (sneeze) Ah, Mei. Good morning. Today’s Saturday but you’re up so early. Is it because of student council work? Where’s Mom? 

 M: (something about their mom going to work) She should have told you yesterday. 

Y: Oh, that’s right. Sorry, Mei. I was sleeping, so I still gotta make breakfast. 

M: Rather than breakfast… It’s already noon. Besides, I already ate. 

Y: Eh? You made it? *Mei can cook?* 

M: Yes. 

Y: What’d you eat? 

M: Bread, eggs, and milk. 

Y: I see. *It’s true that there’s fewer bread and the dishes are washed. But there’s no sign of the frying pan being used. Could it be that she ate the eggs raw? (I can’t make out what she says after)* Then, about lunch… (sneeze) 

M: Yuzu… Could it be that you caught a cold? 

Y: Now that you mention it, my head is getting hot. 

M: It’s because you came home wet yesterday. 

Y: I made sure to properly dry off. 

M: Are you okay? 

Y: But if I have a fever, it means that I’m not an idiot, right? (referring to the phrase that says idiots don’t catch colds)

M: Don’t say stupid things and get some rest. 


M: How is it? Did your fever go down? 

Y: (I dunno what she’s saying, but basically no to the question.) 

M: I see. In the meantime, just lie down(?) 

Y: I’ll do that~ What? 

M: Nothing. 

Y: Mei, it’s okay to go back to the living room. If you keep standing there, you’ll catch my cold. 

M: You’re right. 

Y: *Eh? Why are you getting in the bed? That’s not what it means! The distance is getting smaller! What’s happening?!* M-Mei…? 

M: Yuzu… 

Y: *Mei, you’re too close! Too close! What are you thinking this time?!* 

Mei touches Yuzu’s forehead. 

M: You really have a fever. I’ll come back with a thermometer(?). Your face is red. 

Y: *Why my face is red, this cold… It’s all your fault!*  

M: Sorry. Did I wake you up? 

Y: It’s alright. I slept for quite a bit. 

M: How are you feeling? 

Y: Thanks to you, I feel better than I did this morning. 

M: You woke up at noon, didn’t you? (dunno what she says after. I think she says something like “It’s serious, isn’t it?” to say that Yuzu is that dumb.) 

Y: Are you worried about me or making fun of me, which is it? 

M: Do you want to eat anything? 

Y: If it’s a little.

M: I see. Then… here. 

Y: Ah, rice porridge! Did you make this? 

M: Yes. 

Y: *Mei cooked for my sake. She must have been worried quite a bit. Wait, but because this is Mei, she was probably feeling responsible about the water (that she soaked Yuzu with). If that’s the case, that makes me a little sad…* Hm? Ketchup? Jam? (Why are these here?) 

(I think Mei says something about being unsure of the flavor so she prepared those anyways) 

Yuzu laughs like the cute lesbian she is. 

M: If you don’t need it, then it’s fine. 

Y: Sorry, sorry. It’s just that it’s a little weird. (Something about Mei and the taste) 

M: I can’t let a sick person like you eat weird things, can I? 

Y: Mei… Then I’ll put a little salt. Here, a spoon for you. 

M: (something about taste testing?) 

Y: No, no. Feed me. 

M: I’ll leave it right here. 

Y: Ah! My head hurts! I can’t seem to remember why I caught this cold! It hurts! 

M: (sighs for the millionth time) Here. 

Y: It’d be great if you can blow on it~ 

M: (blows on the food cause she can’t say no to Yuzu) Here. 

Y: Mm, it’s delicious! 

M: I see. Eat the rest of it yourself. 

Y: Eh? You could have fed me for a bit longer! 

M: Keep your spoiled attitude to a minimum. You’re the one who said that I’ll catch your cold if I stay here too long, right? 

Y: Fine. I’ll eat it myself. But you know, with a cold… You get better when someone catches it from you. Mei, did you kno-


Y: What are you doing, Mei!? 

M: You wanted me to catch it from you, right? 

Y: E-Even so…! You didn’t have to… k-kiss me…

M: I didn’t kiss you. I was just tasting the porridge. 

Y: H-Hurry up and get out! 

I did my best… Hopefully this helps some people. NOW TO WAIT FOR CHAPTER 17 RAWS AND TRANSLATIONS. 

seriously though what the actual fuck is wrong with people who hate on steven universe for being ~too positive~

oh wait, i know