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canI ask you how you feel the yotsubas characters were changed in the anime? I'm v. curious now

well, in general, it’s not so much that a ton was changed as it is that a lot was cut out… specifically, some moments which i see as some pretty telling moments about each of their characters, so most of their traits end up much more understated than in the manga (for example, shimura comes off as a lot less observational and doesn’t express nearly much discomfort with the situation), so they’re interpreted more as a group of businessmen with a couple differing traits and like two who stand out some, as opposed to in the manga where they’re more like individual characters who are also in a group together. if you get what i’m saying? 

(this isn’t super long bc drawn out thoughts aren’t exactly my thing but i’ll put it under the cut anyways jic?)

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narrows eyes. okc will not do it, since it has a low density of school people. I wonder if it would work if I asked one of my EA friends to recommend me some CS majors who have things in common with me and would like to study together and make out. argh! in this pool of 7000 probably horny reportedly intelligent undergraduates there’s bound to be lots of people I’ll enjoy spending time with! but how! do! I! find them!!!

a wave of frustration that I wouldn’t even be having this problem if I had a dog. I just want a friendly living creature around! I’m not actually that interested in having sex with more people, but looking for semi-/sexual partners seems like an easy and unobjectionable shortcut to acquiring companionship – it takes months to build a friendship with someone who will spend time with you several times a week, but weeks to get a sexual partner to do that if you like each other.


*shows up a month late w starbucks and yt rewind inspired art* 

dan and phil on bikes in yt rewind had me feelin Some Kind Of Way and then this happened 

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