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Sleepover Sunday Asks 🍷

self care ✨

1.) what’s your nighttime routine?
2.) do you prefer baths or showers?
3.) have you ever gotten a professional massage?
4.) how do you unwind/relax?
5.) how long do you take to get ready in the morning?
6.) what time do you typically wake up?
7.) is your appearance important to you?
8.) how often do you allow yourself to get new things?
9.) do you get your nails done or do you do them yourself?
10.) how often do you take time for yourself?

personality ✨

11.) are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
12.) are you easy to get along with?
13.) how often do you hang out with friends?
14.) describe the vibes you think you give off
15.) do you talk to strangers?
16.) what is your best trait?
17.) do you make friends easily?
18.) were you/are you shy?
19.) how do you interact with people you don’t like?
20.) are you ever intentionally mean to someone?

favorites ✨

21.) favorite candy?
22.) favorite show?
23.) favorite makeup product?
24.) favorite clothing brand?
25.) favorite breakfast food?
26.) favorite dessert?
27.) favorite article of clothing?
28.) favorite cartoon character?
29.) favorite color?
30.) favorite youtuber?

nosey business ✨

31.) describe your crush
32.) when was the last time you cried?
33.) sexual orientation?
34.) recite your second to last text message
35.) what’s your relationship status?
36.) what’s your biggest insecurity?
37.) what’s something most people don’t know about you?
38.) do you have a lot of secrets?
39.) describe someone you strongly dislike
40.) who are your friends on here?

girly asks ✨

41.) hottest actor/actress?
42.) what’s your favorite makeup look?
43.) do you like heels?
44.) describe your favorite bra
45.) describe your favorite outfit?
46.) do you wear jewelry? what type?
47.) do you get waxed?
48.) favorite hairstyle?
49.) what do you find attractive?
50.) describe your dream s/o

random ✨

51.) do you leave your closet door open or closed at night?
52.) battery percentage?
53.) what was your last google search?
54.) what was the last thing you ate?
55.) when did you wake up this morning?
56.) do you ever mix the food on your plate?
57.) how do you feel right now?
58.) do you know how to use chopsticks?
59.) when was the last time you played a video game?
60.) what’re your hidden talents?

personal stories ✨

61.) any period stories?
62.) what was your most embarrassing story?
63.) do you have any scary stories?
64.) funniest story?
65.) story on a time you were really angry?

music ✨

66.) favorite rapper?
67.) favorite genre of music?
68.) favorite band?
69.) what was the last song you listened to?
70.) who do you think has a pretty voice?
71.) what’s your taste in music?
72.) favorite instrument?
73.) favorite live performance?
74.) favorite male singer?
75.) favorite female singer?

movies ✨

76.) favorite 80s movie?
77.) favorite actor?
78.) favorite actress?
79.) favorite superhero movie?
80.) favorite non disney animated movie?
81.) favorite movie of all time?
82.) who’s the worst actor/actress?
83.) what’s the worst movie you’ve seen?
85.) most recent movie you’ve seen in theaters?

outsiders ✨

86.) favorite soc?
87.) favorite greaser?
88.) was the movie or the book better?
89.) favorite scene?
90.) who would you want to date?
91.) favorite book/movie in the hinton franchise? (except for the outsiders)
92.) least favorite character and why?
93.) what did the outsiders teach you?
94.) are you more of a soc or a greaser?
95.) did you cry when you read the book? watched the movie?
96.) who is the most attractive character?
97.) favorite greaser girl?
98.) do you prefer the shepards or the curtis’?
99.) who is the most influential character?
100.) who is your overall favorite character and why?

akashikuroko  asked:

Omg Tamiii I missed seeing your art on my dash, beautifulkldfkfjdsf. (2A for Kuroko please if you're still doing it //coughs)

2A. THANK YOU CHII ♥ I’m also happy to see you more active here. And here you have your -finger guns- Kuroko.

1A. And an extra~


broduce-101-ruined-my-life  asked:

Hello! Long reaction to you loving to play with their hair for Jooheon, Minhyuk, Wonho and I.M! Thank you💕

Lots of love to you too!

Originally posted by fallen-haunted-to-the-truth

Wonho - You sat on the edge of the couch, while Wonho sat in front of you, on the floor. The television was on, but only Goblin was showing its reruns, so it was nothing in particular. You channeled your interest into Wonho’s hair, suddenly peaking his interest. “Oh, do you like my hair, now? Haha!” He let out a laugh and touched your legs, letting you continue playing with his hair. “I like playing with it,” You began, your eyes glued to his light brown locks, “it’s soft and it’s fun.” He let you do what you wanted to do and said, “It’s actually pretty relaxing, maybe sometime I can play with your hair, too.” “Of course,” You replied, twirling your finger in one of his strands, bringing it upward to create a peak. “Your hair has so much oil that you don’t need hairspray to style it. It’s greasy this time.” He turned his head toward you in sudden interest. “I guess I need to shower then. Care to join me?” “No. Now let me play with it more.” “Whatever you desire, I shall grant for you.” He would really like it that you play with his hair because you’re showing attention and affection for him which he greatly appreciates. He’s going to chuckle or smile occassionally because now he understands why it’s relaxing or because it makes him happy to know that you’re happy playing with his hair.

Originally posted by kuromel

Minhyuk - Minhyuk had his iPad in front of him, lying down on your lap as you sat upright on the bed. You listened to the music playing in the background, getting into the mood of playing with his hair. Might as well since his head was on your lap. As you began to rearrange Minhyuk’s white, fluffy locks, he smiled and put his hand on your leg. “I feel even more happy to know that you want to play with my hair. I like it. Keep playing with it.” Minhyuk took a hold of one of your hands and kissed it before letting it go. “I love your hair because it’s fluffy and soft. I wish I could keep playing with it forever.” He chuckled at his iPad and continued what he was doing. You layered different parts of his hair, giving the occasional tug to keep it in place. “Maybe you could be our stylist one day,” He spoke. You shook your head and grinned, thinking about seeing him everyday rather than once a week. “It’s okay, I’m already busy but I wouldn’t mind seeing you and the others more often.” “Yeah, but I would give you more love than I usually do. I get a bit crazy when I can’t see you, you know that?” “I do, Minhyuk-ah. Don’t worry about me, worry about your career. Your fans are waiting for you on stage and fan signings.” You took his bangs and pulled it back. “You should try going with your bangs up.” He’ll secretly blush and feel special to know that you love to play with his hair. He’s a pocket full of sunshine– he’s going to praise you lots and when you stop playing with his hair, he might whine and ask you to keep doing what you like to do but otherwise not mind it at all. 

Originally posted by jooheonbebe

Jooheon - It had been two hours since you left your house as you and the other members decided to take a road trip to the mountains, Jooheon’s favorite place. Sadly, Shownu was stuck with driving the van while the six of you were asleep except for you. Make that five. Snore… You heard it from Jooheon as his head began to droop and swaying side by side. Eventually, he leaned his chair back, slightly aware that you were behind him, and rested his head on top of his arm. You turned your head away from the window, Jooheon’s snores catching your attention. The way he slept was endearing, and you couldn’t help but play with his hair, careful not to wake him. Minhyuk and Hyungwon were both in the back seat, leaning on each other for support while they slept. How cute. As you resumed with playing with Jooheon’s hair, you felt him shift in his sleep, moving from one arm to the other. “You like playing with it so much that you’re willing to do it while I sleep?” You immediately pulled back, feeling guilty to know that you woke him up. He got tired often, so you might as well have left him sleeping. After all, let sleeping dogs lie. “I’m sorry, did it bother you?” “No, it’s okay. I thought Minhyuk hyung was messing with me again, but now that I know it’s you, it’s relaxing. You can keep playing with it if you’d like.” “Okay, good night.” You whispered into his ear. Jooheon is going to be surprised each time you mess with his hair, especially when you take his hat off. He might act like a baby since it seems like a mother fixing up her child’s hair. He’ll find it relaxing and he’ll be happy to know that you like doing this.

Originally posted by kihn

I.M - You weren’t doing much but watching I.M listen to his music as he waits for his turn to record for their next song. Hyungwon and Kihyun were in the studio at the moment while Shownu, Jooheon, and Wonho went out to buy food and coffee for the members. It was going to be a long night for everyone. Minhyuk was asleep on the couch, still clutching onto his iPad. You stood up from your position, you sat at the table behind the table, and walked over to I.M, who had his head leaning against the back of the couch with his eyes closed. “I.M, I hope you don’t mind, but I want to play with your hair.” You spoke into the almost-silent air, waiting for his approval. I’m still going to play with it anyway…You felt your fingers intertwine with the strands of his hair, gently tugging it here and there to create a different hairstyle. He stiffened under your touch, curious to know what you were doing. “Are you…? Okay.” He took out his earphones and looked up at you. “Do you not like it? I can stop.” You took out your hands, but suddenly felt I.M’s hands cover yours. He placed the, back on his head and said, “It’s perfectly fine, continue please.” He took one of your hands and kissed it before putting his earphones back in. “I like the feeling.” He continued. “It kind of de-stresses me if you know what I mean.” A sense of peace filled his voice as you resumed your activities. With I.M, he’s obviously going to be surprised, no doubt. I believe he’s going to appreciate you playing with his hair a lot because it would help him relax more and let him think about the things he can’t talk about because they’re too personal for him. When he’s able to do that, he can clear his mind and sort out his feelings about his life, career, friends, and family. So the simplest actions you do to him actually help or impact him a lot in a positive way.

Admin Mochi

Bronze Portrait Bust of a Roman Matron. Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian ca. A.D. 20–50

This bust of a private individual has often been taken to represent one of the emperor Augustus’s descendants, notably his granddaughter Agrippina the Elder, whose hairstyle is closely imitated here. It provides a good illustration of the way in which official images of the emperor and his family influenced Roman private portraits. The bust may have been a dedication, possibly set up in a shrine within the family house.

Word Count: 1332

Triggers: None 

Requested by @jacksnervesofsteel

“Well, it does make the most sense,” Sophie said, trying to win Nate over, “I have to con the mark, and I can’t do that from the hairstylist position; I’d be genuinely surprised if Parker even knew how to braid hair, much less style it; Hardison has no experience in that area; and sweetheart, you know I love you, but they probably would laugh in your face if you walked in with this mop on your head.” She playfully ruffled his hair. “So when you look at the facts, Eliot really is the only one.” Nate sighed.

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Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Word count: 514
Request: @rayofsunshinexx Could you write something where either Dean or Sam gives the reader (girlfriend) a much needed haircut and she’s a bit nervous so he calms her down with lots of flirtyness and fluff? :)

Sitting in the bunker, you sniffed and wiped your cheek. Despite the comfort of your home, you were wearing a beanie. One that you had swiped from your boyfriend, Sam, after your last hunt.

“Y/N!” Sam’s voice cut you like a knife. Your current foe gripped your hair tightly, yanking your head back. You did the first thing that came to mind- which was lift your knife over your head, and try to stab their arm.

You got their hand, but the knife went through your hair, as well.

That left you with your current problem. Hair that was a few different lengths, and it was very noticeable. Flopping back on your bed, you waited for Sam to get back. He’d gone out to get ‘proper’ hair trimming scissors. You told him that he didn’t have to, and that you could go to get a haircut one of these days, but he knew that you’d keep putting it off.

His knuckles tapped on the door to the room the pair of you shared before he stepped in. “Hey, babe.” He said gently.

“It’s time, huh?” You asked nervously. Not only were you getting a haircut that you didn’t want because of some stupid hunt, but you had agreed to let someone not trained to do it. What’s the worst that could happen? The thought made your stomach drop.

“Well, I got you something…” He said meekly. “Here.”

Sitting up, you took the medium size gift bag and removed the tissue paper to pull out a stuffed puppy. “That’s so sweet.” You smiled softly, holding the soft stuffed animal close.

“There’s more in there.” Sam grinned.

Holding the puppy on your lap, you reached in and pulled out a couple lollipops, your favorite movie, new shampoo and conditioner, new body wash, lotion, and a book of hairstyles for shorter hair. “Thank you, Sammy.” You looked up at him. “This means a lot to me.”

He gave you a sad smile and nodded. “I know that you’re upset about your hair, but it’ll grow back. And, who knows, you might light shorter hair.” He crouched, cupping your cheek, his thumb brushing your skin lightly. “So, let’s get you trimmed up, we can shower and I’ll wash your hair, then we can come cuddle and watch your movie.”

Nodding, you leaned forward and kissed him softly. “I trust you.” You said softly.

Standing in front of the mirror, your towel was wrapped around your chest, and Sam stood behind you grinning. Both of you were still dripping from your shower, but you were still in awe over your hair. “I love it.” He told you, wrapping his arms around your waist.

You ran your hand through your much shorter hair, surprised at how much less it weighed now. It was just under your jaw, and so smooth. “You did a great job.” You complimented him.

“Thank you.” He said proudly. “Now, I believe I wanted to cuddle my beautiful girlfriend?” He kissed your neck before standing up straight to head back to your shared room.

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you’ve got stars in your eyes

i want you all to know that i love eren jaeger very much. happy late birthday my beautiful boy and happy season two to the rest of us!

special thanks, as always, to @baegerbombtastic, who reads my garbage whenever i send it, regardless of what we were talking about at the time, and thank you to @ereriere for telling me i’m not a failure for taking too many months to post this.


Pairing: Eren/Levi
Verse: Let There Be Light (a prince au)
Rating: T (but E for last chapter)
Summary: Stillness hits the dancefloor with all the weight of a summer storm, ending just as suddenly as it had started, and the index and middle finger of the Queen Regent’s right hand are pressed to Eren’s throat, her left pressed to the crook of her own elbow, while Eren’s fingers are curled around her wrist. It’s a scene from a fable that Levi had never retained over his decade of royal service, though Isabel had told it to him more times than he’d asked. 

The Queen drops her arms when silence settles back over the ballroom, dropping into a curtsy modest enough for a Regent but deep enough to show gratitude—and the marble beneath Levi’s feet vibrates with applause. Nobles ten paces in front of him chatter back and forth in languages he doesn’t know, but some words are familiar, if only because of the context. 

Prince. Regent. Beautiful

Levi wants to agree, can feel the force of it climbing onto his tongue, scraping the insides of his cheeks.

When he looks back toward the center of the ballroom, he finds Eren’s eyes on him. 

Or you can [Read on AO3]!

chapters:  i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | xi

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anonymous asked:

would it be alright to request hcs of Josuke, Jotaro (part 3), and Okuyasu having their small s/o wear their jackets, or just their clothes in general??????



- It’s a cold autumn night, and Josuke and s/o are just headed back from hanging out at Okuyasu’s house. Because Josuke is a gentleman (and a generally courteous person), he’s offered to walk s/o home and keep them company. While on their merry way back, a chilly, light rain picks up… Once he notices s/o shiver even the slightest, Josuke hands s/o his heavy school jacket out of worry they might get cold, he sticks his jacket on them and holds his arm around their shoulders to keep them extra warm. The two are giggling like maniacs as they break into a light jog to try and avoid the drizzle of rain that was quickly getting harder.  Why did he wear a stupid tank top in the middle of freezing cold autumn oh God he was such an idiot. Not to mention this rain was totally going to ruin his hair, oh this was just GREAT- well, at least s/o is warm. He wasn’t gonna lie, their pink nose in the cold was pretty cute.

- Once they get back to s/o’s house, Josuke walks in and attempts to warm himself up before walking the rest of the way home. He pauses a moment and takes in the view of his small s/o in the large jacket. The sleeves were far too long and covered their hands, dwarfing them even more. The jacket, which usually hung down to his thighs, hung down to s/o’s knees. It was…incredibly adorable, he couldn’t resist blushing a little and breaking a smile. It never actually dawned on him how small his s/o actually was compared to him. “What are you smiling at?” He just shakes his head and plants a soft kiss on their forehead goodbye. He turns to open the door and…it’s pouring. Like, can barely see 2 feet in front of you pouring. He quickly shuts the door and whips around to face s/o. “So…uh…mind if I hang here for the night? Or at least until the rain stops!!”

- S/o really doesn’t want to give him his jacket back. Everything about it reminds them of Josuke, and it’s so WARM too! It’s nothing like getting a hug from the real Josuke, but it’s close. It even has a light scent of hairspray…speaking of hairspray, s/o heads up to their restroom, leaving Josuke in the living room huddled up in a bundle of blankets- nevermind what s/o was doing, he wanted them to get back down here so they could warm up- s/o comes tumbling down the stairs in his jacket and their hair jokingly styled in a terrible excuse for a hairstyle that wasn’t exactly a pompadour, but close. S/o had seen other kids around school opting for a style like this. “Josuke! Don’t I look great~?” “Hey! It looks cooler than your miserable excuse for a kewl hair style!” S/o quickly undoes their “miserable excuse for a kewl hair style” as the two start laughing at s/o’s antics as they plop down next to Josuke. Josuke snuggles up close to s/o in the blanket and the two fall asleep, s/o still wrapped up in the big fluffy jacket. Josuke can’t help but nuzzling his head into their hair, he probably wasn’t going to get his jacket back till early next morning…not that he really minds all that much.


- Egypt was hot as hell, that’s all Jotaro really thought as he walked into the hotel room, his small s/o following behind him diligently. He hadn’t asked them to follow him around wherever he went, maybe that was just a perk of having a significant other. He was still pretty new to this “dating thing” and wasn’t sure how to go about having this small, adorable ball of…something giving him kisses and hugs.

“How’s that thing stay on your head?”

That’s how the conversation starts, about how his hat seemingly phases right into his hair. Jotaro shrugs off the weird question and replies with a grunt. It’s just a hat, nothing too complicated. “I mean…it just…looks like it’s permanently molded into your hair. How’d you get it to DO that?” They ask out of curiosity. Jotaro sighs, and upon realizing s/o wouldn’t stop asking about it until they got an answer. He was trying not to snap at them to shut up, he quickly realized that he really shouldn’t snap at the person he was going out with. He flicked the cap off his head and held it in his hands. “See for yourself.” and plopped it down onto s/o’s head. He had intended to just stick it on their head and turn around, but something captivated his sight. The cap tilted slightly over their eyes, and they had to adjust it in order for it to sit on their head without falling, Surprisingly, it was pretty cute. Jotaro smiled for a second, before turning to look outside the heavy window. It suddenly clicks with s/o that they must be pretty special, he never lets anyone touch his hat.

- Even with the fan on, the sun was still burning and bright outside the window. It gets to a point where Jotaro shucks off his jacket, It lands with a heavy thud  right next to s/o.
“Can I put this thing on??” s/o asks, Jotaro turns back to them in confusion. First of all, it was blazing hot outside, at least 80 or 90 degrees, are they cold? Second of all, why? He really didn’t understand them at all. Giving off his signature Yare Yare, he waves his hand dismissively. “Fine, I’m not using it right now.” He closes his eyes and tries to get a moment of rest. They had arrived in the town not too long ago and would soon be heading off yet again, it was rare he got a moment to just sit back and relax.

He’s about to drift off when a sleeve paps his face. Jotaro furrows his brow and very annoyed, he opens his eyes to see s/o in the waaaay too large jacket for them. S/o apologized for the accidental sleeve in the face, they had been trying to roll them up to use their hands. They were practically swimming in the comically large black coat. It hadn’t occurred to him how…tiny they were compared to him. Sure, he was exceptionally tall himself, but the gigantic ebony jacket seemed to make them smaller and cuter than usual. there was something about their laughter as they tried to keep the chain attached to the collar out of their face really endearing. It made him feel incredibly relaxed to be around them and their goofiness.

- S/o sits down next to Jotaro and pokes his bare arm. “Check this out.” They pull out an unlit cigarette from the pocket of the jacket, and while still clad in the hat and coat, put on the most cartoonishly menacing glare they possibly can. “I’m Jotaro Kujo and everyone’s dumb except for me. Yare Yare Daze” Jotaro chuckles and asks if that was supposed to be him. If they were really trying they would have used a more vulgar word than “dumb” he pulls them into a tight hug and kisses their forehead.

“I love you, dummy.”

“I don’t understand you at all, you know? But I love you too.”


- Okuyasu and s/o are a lively couple, they’re both always in awe of things around them and never grow tired of each other’s company. They’re also constantly coming up with crazy and silly ideas to do with each other. For example, sledding down a hill in the middle of summer, trying to bake actual food in an easy bake oven, and other ideas that come purely out of curiosity. This, was one such idea. Surely, Okuyasu wouldn’t miss his school uniform for a couple hours would he? I mean, it’s a saturday and neither of them were in any extracurriculars. It’s not like he needed it, since it was just wadded up in the corner of his bedroom. Okuyasu is just chilling out during the weekend with them, when suddenly they goes missing. Okuyasu looks up from the couch and suddenly they’re just gone. Where did they even GO? He gets up and starts yelling for them. There’s a loud banging coming from the stairs and his room upstairs. Was it s/o? Or did that cat from his neighbors somehow get in again? Maybe it was his dad? He wasn’t sure, but he summons The Hand just to be sure and quietly walks up the stairs. Quietly…slowly…oh man, he was being super stealthy right now. S/o would be SO PROUD if they found out how careful he was being about this-!


Oku screams and falls backwards, almost tumbling down the stairs and just barely grabbing onto the handrail for support. S/o confusedly tries to help them up, and Okuyasu realizes he’s holding onto the sleeve of a uniform, his school uniform to be exact. S/o explains they thought it looked pretty comfy compared to their own, but his pants were still way too big. Why have 2 belts if they’re just going to sit awkwardly on your waist? He broke out into a huge grin and suddenly he was just fine. This was the cutest thing he’d seen all day. They’re just so…small! And Cute! And literally the most precious thing he had ever laid eyes on. Did he mention cute?

- “Oh!! Here, try on this!!” s/o suddenly tosses him their own school jacket, Didn’t most couples borrow each other’s shirts anyway? This was like that, except trading a small jacket for a large one. Okuyasu, unwadding the jacket, accepts the challenge. S/o has to help him get it on his arms and oh dear please help him his arms are stuck behind his back and he’s scared if he tries to move them he’s going to rip their jacket. The two are laughing at how silly they must look to anyone other than them, not that they really mind. S/o is fumbling with the too long sleeves and tripping over the large pants too much to try and help much, Okuyasu is on his own in this endeavor to remove the school jacket of pain. It takes 5 minutes to get unraveled from each other’s clothes as they collapse in a giggling heap.

- Okuyasu gives s/o a tight hug and asks them why they put on their clothes in the first place. Their response is a simple “It looked warm.”

“Well…I can’t argue with that.” It’s a few moments of a quiet hug before he pipes up-

“Babe…can I…uh… have my jacket back? Not to be rude but, like, I’m kinda cold-”

I Tried ;v;b aaa I hope these are okay!! It was a really cute idea, I hope they’re not too dialogue heavy or confusing lol ^^

- Mod Fish

The reversed Cinderella

BTS werewolf AU

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/ Part 6/Part 7Part 8Part 9/Part 10/ Part 11

A/N : We are slowly coming to an end with this AU…….but not yet 😉 😉 😉 . If you want to request another member please send me an Ask or aRequest ,I will gladly write it. Sorry for any mistakes made.😊

Word count: 3,410

Warnings: Bad language at times….I don’t know 😐

   Finally, it took me forever to reach the end of this stupid book. If I don’t get the best grade my teacher better be ready for my anger. You sighed while placing the book in the drawer of your nightstand.Before closing it you pulled out your phone to see what time it was. 

“It’s 12.”

  Jimin was squeezing your waist in a tight hug while looking at you with his half asleep eyes.”Are we alone ?”

“Radina and Tae went to watch a movie , Hoseok and Genni went for a run in the forest,Jungkook and Elora are practicing their powers near the lake.Who else is there…..oh Jin, Leela,Yoongi and Serene are taking a walk around the city.”

  Jimin let go of you and sat normally on the bed resting his back on to it.”What about Namjoon and Lilith?”

“I think they went downstairs to eat.”

  You were all alone with Jimin in the room so you thought that it would be a good idea to tease him a bit . You lifted yourself of your part of the bed and sat in his lap. “What do you want to do? I am bored and we can’t sleep because of the full moon.”Jimin was a bit shocked when you willingly sat in to his lap.

“Do you want to play ?”he gave a mischievous smile which was filled with trouble but you didn’t mind 

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Sinful Attraction

Taehyung Imagine/Scenario

Genre: Bro idek. An au I guess??? royalty/supernatural!au

Blurb: A girl finds her way into an ostentatious ball at a kingdom she lives in. Despite dancing with a handsome bachelor named Jimin, she finds herself strangely attracted to an alluring, dark stranger across the ballroom floor. But would he be anything mundane like she’d imagine him to be? (I’m shit at abstracts. I hope you still wanna read it haha.)

Word Count: 4,596


A/N: This was a project given to me by my literary genres teacher. We were supposed to write a gothic story… And this is what resulted from it. I’m such fanfic trash I swear. I apologize sincerely in advance. If you happen to find any mistakes, please point them out to me (:

A handsome young man by the name of Taehyung, who also happened to be a royal heir, lived in the kingdom of Shevibourne. Whispers about the young prince being the most elegant and alluring dancer in the land floated from ear to ear in dimly lit taverns, to elaborate dress shops, to rowdy eateries and so forth. Smooth and sophisticated was his dancing style as he would twirl young girls across the ballroom floor in an intricate path that left behind wisps of the young couple’s perfumed scents. Using his charms and honeyed words, the royal dancer is able to create the perfect facade of being a gentlemanly prince who is fit for the future action of taking over his father’s position as king. He depicts himself as a flawless youth, which is expected of during the dark Victorian times, that caters to everyone’s needs as he is the royal prince. Though everyone sees him as a well groomed, polite, and attractive royal, Taehyung has a dark secret. His dances that seemingly seem to seduce young naive girls into his arms hold a dark undisclosed reality: his ability to imbue his partners with a sense of morbid damnation which in turn, spurs on their want to bring down those alongside them into their own dark view of life.

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[STARCAST] “Tempted by this boy”...5 shadows of ‘BTS’

Wake up.

And face with these men.

If you cannot withstand temptation, 

You better enjoy 

방BTS’s 5 temptations. 

Relax and 

follow me. 

If you are talking about this kind of temptation, you are more than welcomed. BTS released their 2nd studio album ‘WINGS’ after 2 years. Among the 15 songs, 8 of them are their own songs!

In particular, the title track ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ is best of the best. They chose trendy ‘Moombahton Trap’ genre. Included the story about growth and conflicts of the boys when they meet temptation.

Can you feel blood, sweat and tears of these boys? ‘Dispatch’ met BTS at a studio in Namyangju in Gyeonggido on September 27.

☞ We will check BTS’s temptation in detail. ‘STARCAST’ will reveal the MV shooting site of ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ exclusively.

①st temptation is their appearances.I’ll start with extreme close-up from the beginning. I can’t withstand this face. Who can deal with this face like a character just came out of the comic book? First of all, they changed their hairstyles and makeup styles. They showed soft feeling with hair dyed into grey, gold and pink. In addition, they maximized dreamlike beauty with color lenses. 

“This is why he is called CG’ (V)

"Came out of” (RAP MONSTER) 

“The MV” (JIMIN) 

“Sweet chic” (SUGA) 

“Originally, looking gentle” (J-HOPE) 

②nd temptation is good suit fit. There must be many women who would surrender here. If you talk about a man, it’s suit. Particularly, All Black Suit. It added each member’s individuality with luxurious pattern. In fact, BTS wore hip hop look often so far. They armed with unique styles. The men who look more like boys showed off their superior suit fit. 

“Maknae also looks good with suit on” (JUNG KOOK) 

“Unrivalled JIN" 

“Where is your waist?” (SUGA) 

Can’t take my eyes off for a sec. Because the ③rd temptation starts now. It is the choreography of ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’. Restrained perfect group dance unfolded.

"Obviously the choreographer told us it’s easy this time. By the way, it is as hard as ‘FIRE’. I have to show something groovy while I was dancing powerful. This is really physical stamina consuming.” (J-HOPE)  

“Powerful, perfect group dance”

“Sexy groove”

Are you sad to see best ever group dance with photo only? See this BTS’s choreography version video.

▶ BTS - ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ dance performance

▼Let’s see each member in detail▼

“Became conscious of temptation” (JUNG KOOK)

“Can’t deal with” (SUGA)

“Captivation” (JIMIN) 

“Something sexy is a bonus” (RAP MONSTER) 

“Vomme Fatale" 

"This appeal is like a black hole” (J-HOPE) 

How many appeals those men have? But, this is not the end of it. The ④th temptation is something ‘cute’ that stimulates protective instinct.

BTS’s MV shooting was carried out for 4 days. All members are exhausted because of the shooting carried in the early morning. Well, those boys must take rest, right? “

“Tired Taehyung” (V) 

“Sleepy” (SUGA) 

“Blank from the dawn” (RAP MONSTER) 

“What should I do?” (J-HOPE) 

Here’s the ⑤th surprising temptation. ‘Playful Boys’ are still ‘playful like beagles’, right? They recharged sugar during the shooting when they had time. Put ‘diet’ away for this day. 

“This cookie, so yummy” (J-HOPE) 

“So delicious” 

“Shall we cheer up again” (V) 

“Wait for us, ARMY” (JUNG KOOK) 

“Completed recharging”

☞ We cannot miss the completed MV, right? Please watch the MV of BTS’s title song ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ now.

☞ Have you finished watching the MV? But for ‘STARCAST’, it is not over yet. Final bonus is behind photos of ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ MV.

Firstly, it’s V’s solo scene. As J-HOPE shoots an arrow, paints spread on V’s face. How could this scene have been made? 

“Real paints” 

"Wet tent”

what about V?

Covered the clothes with vinyl. To prevent paints to splash. Of course, he could not cover the face though. Still, V is showing off his unaffected appearance. 

“The face looking like this," 

“turned into face covered with paints” 


“cute, right?”

Next is individual shooting for SUGA. This is an important scene for which the play changes. He showed playing the piano under huge structure. Isn’t this CG perhaps? 

This is hand-made metal structure. SUGA played the piano under it. Of course, he could not wind down. He looks uncomfortable with the strange set. 

“Full of worries” (SUGA) 

"J-HOPE will cheer for you”

and the result is?

"Emotional piano” (SUGA) 

“The atmosphere is so sweet”

“Actual scene” 

☞ BTS’s comeback is regarded as best of best already. Their songs included in the album ‘WINGS’ lined up on the chart from number 1 to 15 as soon as it was released on October 10. They are receiving explosive response from overseas as well. They topped iTunes album chart in 27 countries including America, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Russia and Turkey!   Something special prepared for ‘ARMY’! The stories behind the BTS’s work for ‘WINGS” will be released next week. In particular, please look forward for the stories of members’ own songs.

cr: star cast

dead anime moms

this is just crack. i’m sorry. 

As we all know, the world of Katekyo Hitman Reborn has canon parallel universes. There are certain parallel universes in which almost everything is the same, except for one small tiny detail. In some cases, things would have been the same, if not for this small tiny detail. ‘For want of a nail’ would be an appropriate term to describe this effect; the effect of a small tiny detail resulting in a ripple effect that massively changes things.

In one particular parallel universe, Nana had slightly longer hair which she wore in a loose side ponytail.

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Now or Never (Bias x Reader) Pt.13

G/N: group name

You’re wrapped up in your blankets, curled up in a ball as you try to keep yourself warm. Kara jumping on you and screaming unintelligible words wakes you up. Annoyed, you shove her off the bed but she pulls the covers off of you.


“Look,” she shoves the phone in your face but all you see is a bright screen and a non-English article. You shove her hand away, too tired to translate. 

“Okay, an article. So what?” 

“Who’s the girl in the blue coat?” the title read, “B/N from G/N seen with an unknown woman. The agency has given no report if these rumors are true,” 

You take the phone, seeing an image of you from the back. But it’s your blue coat that lets you know it’s actually you. 

Kara takes the phone back, “You can’t even tell it’s you, there’s no skin showing. It’s also a good thing you straightened your hair too, your afro would’ve been a huge giveaway.”

You fall on your back, covering your face, “That guy from yesterday…”

“What guy?” 

“When I came out of the car, some dude wanted to talk to me. I guess he took this picture,” 

She eyes you, “How well did you two make up yesterday?” 

You groan, kicking your legs. What if they have more photos? His windows were tinted, but you left the door open for a moment before he closed it. 

You pick up your phone, calling him. But no answer. 

So you text him, “Did you hear? Are you okay?” Because you have no idea what else to say.

B/N is with his members driving to the next location. He’s sleeping in the car when they arrive to their destination. But there’s way more reporters than usual. He’s used to the girls snapping photos, but some of these people look out of place. He feels his phone vibrate, but he doesn’t have time to check the message now. He plugs his headphones into his ears, puts on his best poker face and gets out of the van.

But they immediately shove their microphones towards him, startling him with their questions. His body guards keep him close, but too many reporters are speaking at once. He gets the gist of their questions. 

“Who is she? Are the rumors true?” he tries to ignore them, feeling panicked. Are they talking to him? He wasn’t the only one in the group dating, maybe someone got caught, “Who’s the girl in the blue coat!” someone yells and B/N feels lightheaded. It was him.

They get through security and soon they’re in the venue getting ready. Once they’re settled, B/N knows what’s coming. His manager tells everyone else to move away as he sits next to him. 

“Are the rumors true?” B/N doesn’t say anything which only fuels his annoyance, “Who is she?” 

“She’s just a friend,” 

“Did any of you know about this?” he asks the rest of the boys. When they don’t answer, his manager laughs, but his face is red. He’s about to explode, “Are you all trying to get me fired?” 

B/N sighs, not liking the threat of him being terminated, “It’s not like that,”

“You’re lucky they only have that one photo,” he looks at everyone, “Do I have to worry about the rest of you? Anyone else I need to know about?” 

B/N looks at the one seeing Kara, his eyes downcast, “No. It’s just me,” 

“Good,” his manager nods, “Stop seeing her,” 

They all look at him and B/N shrugs, “Fine.” She’s leaving soon anyway, it’s in their favor. But being told what to do in this case still irritates him. His manager gets up, mumbling to himself. He puts his headphones in before his members can talk to him. That’s when he decides to check his phone, seeing her one message and missed call. 

Did you hear? Are you okay?” she asked.

I’m okay. Are you?” 

He won’t stop seeing her when she’s so close to leaving. He’ll have to be extra cautious. But he won’t neglect her like he did the last time. 

When they get on stage, B/N is more nervous than usual. He’s heard of the lengths fans will go when they find out someone is dating. Once the concert is over and they begin to converse with the fans, he notices a change when he speaks. It’s almost close to booing him as they talk over him. 

At the fansign, many of them skip him. Some tell him that they know the rumors aren’t true, that they’ll stay faithful as always. Some even show up in blue coats, saying that they were the girl, which got a lot of fans riled up. 

One fan catches his attention, as she stands out more than the others. Perhaps it’s because of her hairstyle or her skin color, but she’s wearing a face mask. There’s foreign fans here, but not many. When she sets the picture down for him to sign, he recognizes her eyes immediately. Kara is next to her, shaking the hands of the other members as if she’s never seen them before. 

B/N’s staring too much, which will get more attention than he wants. So he signs the picture and hands it to her, watching her and Kara walk away cheerfully, like every other fan. 

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“assorted notes: - do you actually lack close friends/are bad at making…”

ymmv, but i personally find binding sometimes does help with body image related ED stuff. like, surprisingly so, given i wasnt…really consciously thinking “oh, i’m dysphoric about having secondary sex characteristics!” when i was anorexic/bulimic

I was going to put a Relatable Joke here, but they all ended up actually just depressing, so I’ll just say: thanks, I appreciate your reply (and yeah, I get what you mean). :)

….wait. wait. I could potentially find clothes that fit more than one measurement. holy shit. that would be amazing. I could buy infinite plaid flannel and never look back.

knopperbrister replied to your post

“assorted notes: - do you actually lack close friends/are bad at making…”

<3 <3 I am not sure if you like. Count me as an actual friend? Idk, hard to think of oneself as mattering. But I appreciate you a ton and care about you a ton, and you are very welcome to message me about whatever whenever <3 you help me a lot. Thank you <3 but I want to help back and I care about you and I want to hear about you and talk about you and your problems.

pretend I just said this back to you, because, yeah. (picture of a friendship right there.) but: thank you, and I’m glad to be able to help <3

On Sarada Uchiha's Appearance

Just me being honest about Sarada, while I think she is adorable and there is no doubt in my mind that Sakura Uchiha is her mother and Sasuke Uchiha is her father, at least to me, she doesn’t look like Sakura very much at least at her current age…

And to be honest I think maybe the SasuSaku community (myself included) got a little too concerned about “Sasuke’s hair!”, “Sakura’s eyes!”, “Sasuke’s chakra nature and Sakura’s chakra control!” and because there are so many wonderful SasuSaku fan works in which they eventually have a kid many fans likely had a vision for Sarada already set. Sometimes the child looking like one parent or the other was even a plot device in these stories which makes them no less lovely and engaging but it does mean that the SS Shippers came to the table with some expectations pretty firmly in place.

I actually love that because it shows that all these years we’ve developed a strong head cannon because we were constantly examining and re-examining SasuSaku as individuals, a couple, and as a family until the collective head cannon was beautifully meaningful, refined, and interesting.

That said when I look at Sarada I really believe that Kishi did something so incredibly, heartbreakingly, gorgeously special for Sasuke when he designed that little girl. I actually cried a bit when I saw it.

Because although she does strongly resemble her father there is one character she looks even more similar to, at least to me.

And it isn’t Sasuke.

It isn’t Sakura.

And certainly not Karin.

The character Sarada looks like to me is Itachi.

She looks like a gender-swapped version of Itachi as a child in the best way possible. Down to that very intelligent and compassionate look in her eyes. Am I the only one who sees this or does anyone else feel like there is an exceptional resemblance?

Take a look.

Here’s Itachi at about 8 years old.

Also here is Itachi at the same age (12-ish) and just look at the facial features (obviously minus the shadow-things under Itachi’s eyes), the eye shape and color, the hair color and texture. I realize it’s a bit tougher to tell because of the different hairstyles and everything but I feel like it’s still really close.

I genuinely feel she most closely resembles her uncle and just imagine what that must mean to Sasuke. Remember when he fought Kakashi and what he said when Kakashi asked him to give up on revenge and come home? Sasuke said to bring back his brother, his mother, his father, his clan and he would gladly stop and return to the village. 

And the end of the series sees him back in Konoha with a family and probably more happiness than he even knows what to do with.

My head cannon says that, to Sasuke, not coming back to an empty house seems like such a wonderful luxury that after he settles back in the village it’s really tough to get him to leave his and Sakura’s home at all.The reason is because all he really wants to do is hang out and play with Sarada and be super affectionate with Sakura. I know that may sound extreme but please recall that most of the series saw Sasuke willing to quite literally kill for family. I bet there is no little girl in the world who is more loved than Sasuke Uchiha’s daughter.

More head cannon says that when Sarada hits the age of about five or six one day, just going about his routine, Sasuke happens to look at his beautiful daughter and is practically floored because for a moment he sees his older brother as he remebers him from their child hood. He then proceeds to hug his daughter while trying to not let her know he’s actually overwhelmed and crying. Sarada however is very sharp and notices but doesn’t say anything because Sakura explained to her that a lot of scary things happened to her dad when he was a kid. Sakura went on to tell her daughter that he’s still trying to get better but that means he has to cry once in a while and that is okay because it helps him heal faster. When Sarada asks Sakura why she can’t heal Sasuke with her medical ninjutsu Sakura explains that there are things even a medic can’t heal and that those injuries just take time and love to heal instead of chakra. As a result I think that Sarada has a very complex but loving and close relationship with her father because she sees Sasuke as a hero for his incredible power and will to protect what he loves but simultaneously is exceedingly gentle with her dad when it comes to emotional matters, sensing that he will always be a bit fragile in that regard. Not so different from Itachi’s relationship with Sasuke actually.

I’m probably reading way to far into it but I suppose that is the beauty of interpretation.

Does anyone else think Sarada looks like her uncle or am I just talking crazy?….

Make-Overs // Isaac Lahey

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader

“I think you need a make-over,” Erica said, looking me up and down. I raised a single eyebrow at her, but she only sweetly smiled back. She half turned around to face Isaac, who was in the corner of the room playing with his claws. “What do you think, Isaac?” Was she really asking a guy’s opinion on how I looked? How far would she go to humiliate me?
He looks up, distracted. “What?”
“Does Y/N need a make-over?” Erica repeated, gesturing at me, even stepping aside so he could take a better look. The only thing he did was stare at me for a while, which made me feel even worse. What was I thinking, letting Erica decide what to do with my new found self? Maybe I had changed, I was now a werewolf, like in the comic books I read, not just human anymore, but I hadn’t changed on the inside. I was still the insecure little girl who sat beside her life long crush Stiles in science class. Even with this huge change, I knew Stiles would never fall for me. He was head over heels for Lydia.
“Uhm…” It took too long for Isaac to answer. He didn’t know what to say because he didn’t want to embarrass me! I didn’t know if I would take that as a sweet gesture, or just simply dissapointing.
Erica sighed, turning around to look at me again. Suddenly, she looked like she had an idea. She grabbed me by my arm, saying: “Here, come with me.” She pulled me with her into our shared bedroom. It wasn’t like we didn’t live with our parents anymore, but this was to be seen as our second bedroom. Much like having seperated parents and having two houses to store all your stuff.
Erica opened the door of her part of the huge closet and looked through the clothes. She hadn’t organized them like I would have: I would have put every colour by colour, also categorizing it by sleeve length and length in general. I would be surprised if Erica could even find something for me, but eventually she pulled out a dress and held it up in front of me. “I bet this would look really good on you.”
“I… I don’t know… I’m not that kind of girl.” I quickly shook my head. The dress she had pulled out for me, was way out of my comfort zone. First of all, it wasn’t jeans and a sweater, second of all, it was way too short. School would never allow anyone to wear it, no matter what kind of change they went through. Did Erica even care about rules anymore?
“I wasn’t either,” she said. “Remember what I always wore to school? Those boring old clothes… I threw them all out. It’s time for you to do the same.” She shrugged, as if it was the most simple thing to do, just change your whole self and your whole image because of this minor change in lifestyle.
I shrugged. “I don’t know, Erica…” I tried again. Maybe she would budge now, forget about making me wear all these things that would make me feel as if I was working in the circus, or in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.
“Just put this on.” Erica pushed the hanger in my hand and gave me a small smile. “See how it feels. If it doesn’t feel good, you can choose something else. I promise.” I sighed, nodded, and pulled on the dress, leaving my typical sweater and jeans on the floor. I hated not being able to see the floor of my room, but I knew that I was most likely going to pick it up and fold it neatly within a few minutes anyway. “And, how do you feel?” Erica asked.
I shrugged. “I’m still not sure.” I spun in a little circle in front of the mirror, watching as nothing flowed up, like my normal dresses would. Whenever I wore a dress, it was for special occasions like Christmas, but it would never be as tight as this one.
“Well, we can certainly ask Derek and Isaac what they think of it?” Erica winked at me through the mirror and then grabbed a black leather jacket for her out of her closet. Leather jackets were her new favourite clothing item of choice. I felt my eyes widen. Leather jackets! They don’t only come in black…
I casted a quick look inside of Erica’s closet, stating that she, in fact, had a brown and a grey version of the leather jacket. “I’ll wear it,” I decided, talking about the dress. Maybe, with a little make-up here and there, and a new hairstyle, maybe like Erica’s, I would finally maybe come close to catching Stiles’ attention.
“Are you sure?” Erica asked, obviously surprised. I would be too if I were her.
“One hundred percent.” I nodded, smiling at myself in the mirror. I suddenly felt a little bit of confidence inside of me. Was it supposed to feel this good?
The next day, everything happened in a hurry. Both of my parents were out of town for two days, taking care of my aunt who had just got an operation and needed help, so I stayed at Derek’s place for a bit, which meant also living with Isaac, who didn’t even have a home to return to, and Erica. Erica did my hair and make-up for me and herself, but still managed to be the first one ready to go.
“Hurry up!” she yelled, honking the car horn.
“Coming!” Isaac yelled back, shoving his books in his bag. He was probably the most hurried person in the mornings, and with the worst mood ever.
As I walked past a mirror, I suddenly took in my appearance. I looked different, and nothing like I normally did. Feeling a little bit insecure again, I walked up to Isaac. “Hey uh, can you be honest with me for a second?”
He looked up, a little bit alarmed, but nodded at me. “Yeah, what is it?”
“Does this look good on me? Should I change?” I pointed at my dress and the brown leather jacket I was wearing. It fit perfectly, and Erica looked proud for making me wear a dress ánd a leather jacket, but all I was feeling was weird. Just plain weird, for looking nothing like myself.
“No. Don’t change,” Isaac quickly said, looking a little embarrassed because of his fast reply. “Whatever you do, don’t. You look like beautiful. You’ve always looked beautiful-” He got interrupted before he could finish his sentence, but I don’t think he wanted to anyway. I don’t think he even knew where he was going with those words.
“Come on, love birds.” Derek sarcastically smiled at us. “Time to get to school. Don’t make Erica wait for you. Chop chop.” He clapped his hands. Love birds, no way. Isaac was just being polite.
I sighed and grabbed my bag. “Thanks, Isaac.”
“You’re welcome.” His cheeks turned red, but I pretended like I didn’t see.


bbcthree bbcamerica maybe i drew this entire thing just for the last line, maybe it’s none of your business also i drew the last three panels (not that the last panel has any actual drawing) like a month after the rest so that’s why they look different i’d like to think rick was actually kinda sweet and cheesy when they were alone and there wasn’t anyone he had to prove himself to gdi bill you asshole

text transcribed in the captions in case you can’t read my terrible handwriting. i based rick’s hairstyle on the painting in kieren’s room.

anonymous asked:

In that "different hairstyles iwa" post, I think Iwaizumi looks a LOT like Daichi and I was wondering if you've ever drawn him? ALSO the"shaved head Iwa" in that post makes me think of Iwaizumi fresh out after doing time

Ahh yes, I totally see what you mean and this was the main problem for me when it came to draw Iwa with shorter hair..that he might look like Daichi.
I did draw Daichi before and I always tried to give him different features…softer ones if you want to..than Iwa.

(You can find those drawings here, here, here, here, here and here…maybe they are more..just search the sawamura daichi tag :D)

I guess Iwa especially looks like Daichi when his hair is short…but let me show you how I try to make them look a little bit different at least

So here is the one Iwa with shorter hair from the different hairstyle post…and I did Daichi in the same pose and all too….there are little differences

So for Daichi I make his eyes bigger and his face rounder….Iwa’s face is more pointed…so is Iwa’s nose where Daichi’s nose is more…yeah..rounder..and their eyebrows look differently
Their faces up close would look like this in my style

So even if they would switch hairstyles you can see their different features

And yes yes yes, Iwa with shaved head reminded me of struggling Iwa too…like fresh after doing time..or something like this :D or Iwa in a gang or so

Wanted You To Know

Longest one because that’s how life is, folks. Yup. Full of lies. LIES. I dunno.


1, 2





One more hour…

They were one more hour from home, but Hinata could barely keep her eyes open, and the dark road was becoming blurred by her vision. She wiped her eyes, trying to convince herself to tough it out, but she made the mistake of looking at Sasuke.

He had fallen asleep again.

An overwhelming sense of dread and despair flooded her, and Hinata found her eyes filling with tears, her body shaking, and she came to a jerky stop at the side of the road. Sasuke’s eyes flashed open into slits, staring blankly until he registered Hinata was crying.

He sat up, staring at her, then rubbed his eyes. “What happened?”

Hinata took deep breaths, the heels of her hands pressed to her eyes. “I’m tired,” she said, her tone suddenly annoyed. “I can’t… I don’t want to crash.“ She lifted her face to look at him. “Please drive.”

Sasuke inhaled deeply, his expression briefly becoming distressed. “How far are we?”

“About an hour. Maybe. I think, I dunno.” She whimpered, the need to lie down washing over her. “Or just let me sleep for a while.”

“We can’t sleep on the side of the road,” he grumbled. Sasuke yawned as he took out his phone. Hinata watched as he winced at the light and tapped the screen for a few moments. “We have two hours.”

Hinata sat up slowly. “That’s not right.”

He rubbed his face, handing her the phone. “It says two hours.”

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