here's to nonbinary kids

Here's to Nonbinary Kids

Here’s to nonbinary kids who don’t feel comfortable coming out because they “aren’t trans/cis enough”

Here’s to nonbinary kids whose parents and friends tell them they’re just doing this for attention.

Here’s to nonbinary kids who soldier through constant misgendering and dysphoria.

Here’s to nonbinary kids who don’t take shit from anyone and call people out when they misgender them.

Here’s to nonbinary kids who are too polite to correct people and are very timid about their own gender.

Here’s to nonbinary kids who are completely comfortable with themselves.

Here’s to nonbinary kids who are still trying to figure it all out.

Here’s to nonbinary kids who flinch inwardly every time they get called “miss/mister” “young man/lady” or any other gendered terms in public but don’t say anything so as to not cause a scene.

Here’s to nonbinary kids who don’t reblog certain posts on tumblr because they’re strictly gendered and they don’t feel like they can relate anymore.

Here’s to nonbinary kids who don’t know they’re nonbinary yet.

Here’s to nonbinary kids who do.

Here’s to nonbinary kids. You’re amazing and wonderful and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.


Hey everyone.
So there’s a lot going on in the world right now that really sucks and puts many of us in danger. I wish I had a plan or the right words or something to offer to ease your fears and to make what’s happening less scary. If there was anything I could do in this moment to protect you and those you love, I would do it. If only the world were so simple, right? I think most of us would do whatever we could if it was accessible and not in the hands of bigots and politicians who hate the people that make up their country.

As you move through the world, this coming year and for the rest of your life, there will be people who mistreat you and who don’t respect your humanity. While this happens, and happens to many of us, it’s essential that you remember that this is NOT a reflection of what you deserve. This is not a reflection of your worth as a person or an indication that you are less than anyone else.

These moments are the fights that lead us to a better world. Our collective struggle is the foundation for creating a world where those who come after us will not have to wage the same battles on the same scale.

And while there are those who are complacent in our suffering and active in our oppression, keep your sights set on your fellow community members and those who ally themselves to our cause. If anything, today shows us how many people recognize the villainous actions of those who act against us. If anything, this slight step backwards will tip the scales in our collective resolve and communal strength.

We must armor ourselves in love, in the virtue of equality, and in each other.

Please reach out if you need to. Find people you trust and share your fears and your insecurities. Find your allies.

And please don’t forget that the fight isn’t over. Love always wins.


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i always see these posts about feminine/masculine presenting nonbinary kids and that’s great!! but here to the enbys that

  • use they/them pronouns exclusively
  • use nounself pronouns or neopronouns but are actually afraid to admit it because they’re afraid that they’ll be made fun of
  • are actually made fun of because their name or pronouns or whatever they choose to go by are too ‘weird’ and ‘inconvenient’
  • literally do not care which pronouns you use
  • go by a gender neutral name, or two, or three
  • look so androgynously that strangers will stare at them in public trying to figure out if they’re ~male or female~
  • bind with a binder that is too big or wear only small breast forms so they only have a bit of chest
  • are intersex
  • make their own box at surveys were the only gender options are ‘male’ and ‘female’
  • have to make their own word describing their gender because the ones that exist don’t fit them
  • have transphobic parents that barely even understand the concept of binary trans ppl and have to educate them about nonbinaryness
  • have a neurodivergency or mental illness that influences their gender

it’s awesome y’all exist and continue to remain strong and mysterious in such a binary world!!

i dont just want to be with someone for sex, i want more than that. i want to be able to walk around holding your hand. i want to be able to kiss you and tell people you’re mine. i want to be able to talk to you and tell you all my secrets. i want to be able to call you my lover and my best friend. i want to be able to have tickle fights with you. i want to be comfortable enough to lay with you for hours not talking at all. i want to be comfortable enough to show you the real me–the one who’s not sucking in her stomach and standing up straight. i wanna play video games with you and sing along to old musicals. i wanna listen to music with you and stare into your eyes while we just hold each other. god is that so hard to ask for?

((it affects everyone a little differently

@imitationknife i love your au and everything to do with it))

Here's to the nonbinary kids

Who don’t use they/them pronouns
Who dress mostly feminine
Who dress mostly masculine
Who wear makeup
Who can’t dress how they want because of certain circumstances
Who have to hear their given name daily
Who get misgendered on the regular
Who feel like they can’t come out because they “aren’t trans enough”
Who have dysphoria
Who have difficulty figuring out their sexual/romantic orientations due to their gender
Who feel like they’re trapped within the gender binaries
Here’s to the nonbinary kids who are proud of who they are
And here’s to the nonbinary kids that are still unsure of their gender.
You are all valid, no matter the situation that you are in.

I'm here for the kids who can't come out the first time. Im here for the kids who think they're looking for attention just because they're different. I'm here for the kids that don't know what to do. I'm here for the kids who transition and still feel like its a bad fit. I'm here for the kids who's parents ignore them and their true selves. I'm here for the kids

I’m here for everyone

here's to the bigender kids

-bigender kids who are either male/female/nonbinary/anything

-bigender kids who’s gender is static and sits as two

-genderfluid bigender kids who switch

-bigender kids who thought they had to be one gender and couldn’t understand why it was so hard to chose a single set of pronouns

-bigender kids who are oppressed for having two genders

-bigender kids who are cool with it all

-dysphoric or not

No matter what, you are an amazing human. Your genders are so rad.

And I love you.

anonymous asked:

hi um!! i haven't come out to my mother yet but i explained to her about trans/nb ppl and she warmed up yo it and said if i have any resources she would to learn about it so i was wondering if you had anything i could show her that would be helpful ?

hi there! firstly, this sounds like such a great first step, and this is a really wonderful way to approach coming out when you aren’t totally sure of the reaction you’re going to get. here are some links to resources for coming out to your family, and resources to share with your family:

and here’s the great list that our mod jodie compiled, with help from links provided by lifeoutsidethebinary, as found in this original ask:

if this doesn’t feature the specific kind of resource you’re looking for, please do get in touch!