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D.VA rework

Since this is a blog, let’s talk about these changes.

Last night I played for awhile. As and others alike.

Lets start off with the Defense Matrix shall we? The time on the matrix was cut down to 2 seconds. Which is pretty upsetting. Last night when I played I had to get out of the defense mentality, which resulted in me losing my mech way faster. Now that there’s only two seconds of matrix you have to use that to get out of the fight and into the back lines for healing or suffer the pain of ejecting from mech THEN running back while trying to get some cheeky headshots for ult charge.

Those 2 seconds feel like one second because of the slightest visual delay when pulling the matrix up. (At least for me it does.) However, this change doesn’t effect my playstyle that much, I had a lot of teams last night that chose a barrier of some sort.. Mainly Rein. The matrix is alright if you adjust how you play.

Let’s move on to the Micro Missiles.

They’re a great addition to’s kit! A lot of you got so many kill streaks and gold medals BEFORE the rework, try it now! Last night WHEN I got to play as I went on at least 14-15 killstreaks each match. Those missiles aren’t super strong, but they are very good for either bringing down a tank to low health or killing squishies. Now I hope most of you know that you can shoot the missiles and shoot your guns at the same time. ITS VERY GOOD FOR KILLING AN ULTING MCCREE! Since the matrix can’t guarantee eating a Mccree ult anymore, its best to barrel stuff him and just mow him down with damage! ⚠ You may lose your mech doing this! ⚠

But its better that you lose your mech than having Mccree get a quad.

The missiles are kind of weird projectiles. They take a second to actually shoot when you press the ability button from what I can tell. So keep that in mind when using them.

Overall, the missles are a great ability, cooldown is at a nice number and so is the damage. Being more of a defense tank is out of the question for, sorry to tell ya guys. But I’m sure you guys are now able to kick way more butt than before!

Of course the matrix will take a lot of time to get used to but its just a matter of time before you guys get the hang of her again.

I mean at least her play style wasn’t DRASTICALLY changed like Mercy’s right? Could always be worse.

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Woop. I guess I’ll put up this Tetch that I found myself scribbling in the studio. Am I going to end up with a bunch of rogues? Who knows. But I’ll certainly end up with an empty pen soon. Anyway, have a nice day. 

They say that Keith’s eyes are “Blue-Gray” But that shit dead ass Purple???

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Anyway, the homie Keith is the only (“human”) one with irregular eye color in the show, it being a purple-ish color (that shit is dead ass purple, not blue-gray. Kiss my ass with that). If the paladins and I didn’t watch so much fucking anime- maybe we’d notice that, that boy was a damn alien the moment we saw him.


A springer spaniel tail and feathers appreciation photo set

Late May 2017: A casual Nu'est fan decides to sub some Broduce episodes. She figures she should have a way for people to contact her, so she creates a Tumblr on a whim. 4 months later, she’s a hardcore LOVE, whose trashiness is enabled by some lovely people~

I’ve been needing to thank the people who supply my dash with beautiful Nu'est content & positive energy. As a translator, my blog would look really dead without your gifs & gfx to reblog! Please hover over the ♡ to the right of your url for a brief message~

minbooties. @2hyeons @cafewoozi (of @hyuncakes) @emperorhwangs @hwangminyeo @minhwangs

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thank you all so much for being part of my tumblr experience! xx.

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Who’s your bffs on here??

Whether it’s mutual or not I love these people

@dolcetae @die4tae @hobsangel @cinnamonsuga @honeysugah @btsmicdrop @bbykth @honeymygs @sopehope @yoonngi @taepott @dimpole @velvethoseok

I honestly love all my mutuals but these girlies I’ve interacted with a lot and I just really love them. They make me happy on a bad day and they’re all such genuine sweet human beings. They’re all really funny and some that I know of are really talented and smart but they all have hearts of gold. I never thought I’d make any sort of friend on here cause sometimes I can be really annoying lol but idk, they make my world more colorful and I just really love friendship 🤧💖

I love you guys, and I’d do anything to make ur happiness permanent and I’d die for you all 💗

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Hey !!! I hope you are taking care of yourself. You need to know that you shouldn't be pressured with the masterpost !! You are really important to a lot of us, we want you to feel nice. You are smart and I love you a loooooot !! Take your time ! HAVE A GREAT DAY !!!!!!! โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t feel pressured and it’s starting to come along nicely, i really really hope i’ll be able to share it at least a week before season 4

Oh mate

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Heyo! Would you like to see a story I'm doing for one of the Soulmate AUs you had made an idea to? I really want to thank you so much for saving me from my writer's block as well :)

Of frickin course, dude! I’d love to see your take on a soulmate AU! *makes grabby hands*