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What's your super op original Soren set? My friend list is full :(

HE’S IN THIS POST HUN !!!! I loved making him so much omg !!! he basically uses reciprocal aid to heal one of my frontline units , usually someone like camus or brave!lyn , then uses escape route to dot around the map systematically nuking literally everyone ! he’s such an underrated unit , and watersweep is a shit excusE FOR A SKILL LMAO , especially when he has great speed to take advantage of ! plus my one was -DEF , + HP so had to come up with somethin good for him taking into advantage his res ! and yes , i totally didn’t think twice about sacrificing a sonya to hiM LOL

a prequel to the mafia!au drabble. happy belated birthday to littlehermitscave!! you wanted a continuation of some sort for this au and i happily obliged. hope you like it (,_,) (unedited)

Erwin paces around the room with much vigour. In his hand is a thick file of paper, a contract of a thousand words that currently is meaningless to the man. It is supposed to be a simple small transaction with a new business in town, one who obviously doesn’t know where their place is in this massive food-chain of the underground world. He hates spilling unnecessary blood, especially over utter stupidity from the other party.

“Do they realize what they’re asking for?”

“Pretty sure these shitheads don’t even realize who they’re asking from.”

“We can’t hand over shipments unless we have a guarantee. Rescind our offer, Levi. I’d like to go over there and have a ‘chat’.” Erwin stops and rubs his face in tired frustration. “Dammit, Eren’s coming back soon, I don’t have time to deal with these shrimps.”

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