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The amazing @saladsnek made this for me and I am in love.

They recently took chibi and sketch commissions - I reblogged the post a week or two ago.  It was $5 for this masterpiece.  FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS.  WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE ONE YET BECAUSE YOU SHOULD.

Now excuse me, I’m going to grab my phone, sit on the couch and stare at this with shining eyes. If you need me any time in the next hour, that’s where I’ll be.

Mason was walking home from football practice, a bit of sweat dripping down from his damp hair. He used the end of his white t-shirt to wipe it off, feeling drained and tired from the longer practices they’d started having as the season came to a close and the more important games approached. He stopped in his tracks as he looked over at the person watching him, “Hey…”


Ace Hardware
Alamo Rent A Car
Allied Van Lines
Allstate Insurance Company
America West Airlines
American Airlines
American Express
Apple INC
Avis rent a car
Avon Products
Best Foods
Best Western
Black & Decker
Blue Cross & Blue Shield Assoc.
Bone Goods
Brunswick Corp
Budget rent a car
Calvin klein INC
Campbell soup co.
Career Education Corp
Caterpillar INC
Dell Monte Foods
Delta Air Lines
Delta Faucet Co
Dollar Rent A Car
Domino’s Pizza
Dunkin Donuts
Dunlop Tires
Eddie Bauer
Exxon Mobil
Firestone Tire Co.
General Electric
Hilton Hotels
Kraft Foods
Marshalls Mcdonalds
Mobil Oil
Old Republic International
Pepsi Co
Phillip Morris Co.
Sara LEE
Service Master
Dr pepper/seven up
Shell Oil Co.
Showtime networks
Southwest Air
Sprint Corp
Toys R Us
TJ Maxx
Tribune Co.
U.S cellular
United Airlines
WM Wrigley Jr Co.
Zebra Technologies
Zenith Electronics

Scenting Headcanons

-An Alpha intentionally scenting their Omega for the first time is almost more significant to their relationship than a first kiss

-A nervous Omega mother anxiously scenting their child before dropping them off at school for the first time

-An Omega’s very platonic Alpha friend scenting them just to get a reaction out of the Omega’s mate who they know will pout and cling to the Omega like a child

-When an Omega is feeling very anxious or nervous their Alpha will hold them close while gently crooning and scenting them until they calm down

-If an Alpha is becoming too aggravated their Omega will release calming pheromones that will draw the Alpha to them so they can snuggle close and soothe them

-Instead of just kissing at a wedding, Alpha and Omega couples lightly scent each other at the altar…just light neck touching, nothing inappropriate

-A long distance relationship where an Alpha and Omega mail bits of their clothing to each other, they can’t scent each other in person but they can keep a bit of each other’s scent on them

-A young Omega taking a stuffed animal to play at their Alpha friend’s house and while they are there the Alpha holds the stuffed animal, accidentally scenting it, and the Omega doesn’t notice until that night when they are going to bed. At first it bothers them but after awhile the Alpha scent begins to soothe them…after that the Omega can’t relax and fall asleep without the Alpha’s scent and as the two grow older the Omega has the Alpha scent sweaters, blankets, and pillows, by the time they are mated the Omega’s nesting supplies are already covered in the Alpha’s scent, and the Alpha admits to purposefully scenting the stuffed animal all those years ago

-A pregnant Omega filling their nest with stuffed animals and baby blankets and filling it so full that their Alpha has a hard time laying in it with them, but when asked to take a few things out the Omega becomes slightly hysterical because everything needs to stay and be scented or the babies won’t feel safe…the Alpha quickly calms their mate down and never suggests it again

-An Alpha getting jealous when their Omega best friend/crush starts hanging around another Alpha. One day the Omega comes over actually smelling like the other Alpha so the friend assumes the two have scented each other and they just lose it, they pull the Omega down on their lap and nuzzle them roughly, nipping and licking at the Omega’s scent glands possessively, completely running on instinct until they no longer smell the other Alpha. The Omega being bright red and breathless demanding to know “what the actual hell just happened?!” and the Alpha childishly telling them that they didn’t like “the disgusting scent that you covered yourself in” and the Omega sputtering in outrage because it was an accidental scenting and of course the only Alpha’s scent they actually wanted to be covered with was their friend’s and- oh they said too much and now they are just sitting in awkward silence until finally the Alpha bluntly asks “so are we together now or what?” and swiftly being smacked in the head

More Preschool Headcanons

-An Alpha child trying to befriend an Omega but the Omega is just, “My big sister says Alphas are gross” and then feeling terrible when the Alpha starts getting teary so they rush to make it better like, “No no that doesn’t mean YOU are gross! She probably meant other Alphas! Lets go build blocks okay?” and the Alpha sniffles but agrees

-An Omega child arguing with their Beta friend over which dynamic is smarter and eventually they both declare that they aren’t friends anymore…for about five minutes till they are both sobbing and apologizing because they still want to be friends

-An Alpha refusing to eat their fruit at snack time so their little Omega friend scolds them until they finally eat and then the Omega hugs them and gives them little praises like, “Good job!” and “You’re such a good listener!” because that’s the praise their parents always gives them and it always makes them happy so they thought it would help their friend. The Alpha just stays quiet even as their face gets redder and redder

-A new Beta student that doesn’t really fit in well until a lively Omega child declares them to be best friends and introduces them to their grumpy Alpha friend, the little Alpha being annoyed by the Beta at first but quickly becoming attached and protective like they are with the Omega

-Two little Alphas having a crush on the same Omega so they end up arguing and the Omega interrupts like, “Aww don’t fight, I love you both a lot!” before grabbing the Alpha’s hands and dragging them off to play with a grin and a giggle, the little Alphas reluctantly getting along to make the Omega happy

-Omega children staying in and finger painting during recess one day because its too cold for them to go out with the other children, an Alpha returning to class and freaking out because they think the red paint on their friend’s hands is blood and that they’ve been hurt somehow

-Alphas and Betas pretending to be super heroes during recess and the Omegas being upset because they are told that they have to play the person that needs saving because Omegas are too small to save people

-Cold days when the weather makes all the little Omegas sleepy and lethargic and it causes all the Beta and Alpha children to be calmer around them. Teachers adore cold days

-An Omega child being very attached to an Alpha classmate but the Alpha is always telling them to go away because they are annoying. One day the Omega takes them seriously and starts playing with some other children, the Alpha sees and is instantly feeling possessive so they walk right over and sit down and pull the little Omega onto their lap, small arms wrapped tightly around the Omega’s waist as the Alpha pouts and scowls at people. The teachers trying to make the Alpha let go but the Alpha doesn’t want to and the Omega is just content to keep playing while being held

-Alpha children starting a ‘club’ and getting in trouble with teachers for telling Omegas that they can’t join because only Alphas are allowed in

People are so quick to say that Cancers are weak crybabies when that is definitely not the case. Cancers are not weak. Cancers are in fact, brave.

Most people tend to run away from their emotions. Earth moons do this and disguise their escape as practicality and responsibility while air moons disguise their escape as logical and smart. Fire moons let their emotions run wild without consequences or fear.

With Scorpio and Pisces coming close, you’re not going to find a sign like Cancer. We tell them they’re weak for showing their emotions, yet we ignore the fact that releasing your emotions is not only healthy, but a brave act to do. Cancer is the sign who will openly make themselves emotionally vulnerable because they know for a fact that it’s the truly right thing to do. While we all hide our emotions, wondering how we could possibly handle our emotional messes while underestimating this sign, Cancer is emotionally nurturing others around them, for it is the most emotionally intelligent and kind sign out there.

You really can’t say Cancers are weak. They openly put themselves out there. They let their emotions out. Most people can’t do that.

I feel like Cancers need to be appreciated for all the hard work they do. Not only do they work hard to emotionally help others, they even make the selfless act of hiding their own emotions because they know the burden of emotional nurturing.


It’s the blue hour again
In the world there is a horror of plagues
Do you still love me?

Lost in the time, in the way
Gone but not forgotten
New secret crimes to repay
Now the walls have fallen