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My Top 10 Anime Ships/OTPs

[Possible Spoilers]

This is really late. So sorry for my usual tardiness! T.T Thank you to @lemonadethefifth and @rays-of-fire-and-ice for tagging me! I guess I’m going to have to make mini-essays/explanations again, huh… Challenge accepted! XD

NOTE: There are shows here that I haven’t watched for a long time now, so I may forget some things or even make mistakes. If so, please feel free to inform me of them!

[A fangirl with messy english coming your way!]

10. Vampire Knight: ZeKi [Zero Kiryuu & Yuuki Cross]

The first time these two were introduced, I immediately took a liking to them. With Yuuki’s cheerful and outgoing personality, she balanced out Zero’s seriousness and no-nonsense personality. I even loved the way they bickered!

When Yuuki found out about Zero being a vampire, she was scared at first, but she slowly accepted him for who he was. It was a nice transition, to be honest. Yuuki, the one who was afraid of vampires because of her encounter with one of them when she was little, began to protect Zero, someone whom she had been with for years, even though he became the kind of specie she was afraid of. I’ve always loved slow burn, and I associate it with this pair sometimes. They just have this appealing, mysterious aura about them, and whenever they interacted with each other, I felt the tension and excitement pounding along with my heartbeat.

I still haven’t finished the manga, but I will someday. :)

9. Ouran High School Host Club: KaoHaru [Kaoru Hitachiin & Haruhi Fujioka]

Haha, yup. Not Hikaru, but Kaoru. The less brash twin, the one who thinks things through a bit more. I’ve always shipped him with Haruhi, particularly because I feel that their personalities would complement each other more. Like the other non-canon pairs I ship, KaoHaru has potential.

I’m not sure if it’s Kaoru in this panel (because I’ve never read the manga),

but here’s a scene of them together. I had a hard time finding pictures of them together. They’re not that popular after all. :’(

Perhaps what appealed me towards them is that they don’t have much scenes together. I actually often notice pairings who stand in the background. XD But seriously, I really think they would’ve been cute together!

8. Fruits Basket: YukiRu [Yuki Sohma & Tohru Honda]

Still bittersweet over this pairing. I never got to finish the manga, mainly because I felt that it was wearing me out (not because my ship didn’t happen, mind you XD). To be honest, I’m still surprised why I like them. Like some people say, if they ended up together, they would’ve been a boring couple (not like Kyo and Tohru, who are apparently more exciting). However, for me, there’s hidden potential in this pairing. I would’ve liked to see Yuki bringing out his cold side towards Tohru and distance himself from her, while Tohru would be all confused why Yuki was suddenly acting like that. Kinda like a slow burn. I don’t know, but that’s what I would write. 😂 What I don’t understand, though, is why Yuki suddenly thought of her as a mother figure… I mean… huh…? Maybe I missed something? Because that train of thought from him seems so… misplaced…

Anyway, I still ship them no matter what. <3

7. Gakuen Alice: RukaRu [Ruka Nogi & Hotaru Imai]

SHIPPING THESE TWO IS FRUSTRATING. They don’t have much scenes together (though they are always drawn side-by-side) and they have very little interactions. That New Year’s chapter wherein they got stuck together was literally a brief piece of heaven for me.

I love Hotaru blackmailing Ruka. I also like how they can be bickering together one moment and then become serious in the next. For me, there’s just so much potential in this pairing that I want to scream. I‘ve devoured every fanfic of these two and I still crave for more. I’d do anything to read a doujinshi about them. Anything at all! T.T

This art by the author made me less frustrated, though:

But I still want more of them! (He’s not even looking at her 😭)

Sigh. I’ll probably write a multi-chapter fic about them sooner or later once I get too frustrated…

Honorable Mention: NatsuMikan [No explanations needed; their meeting was fated, and they go well together. Natsume’s a bit too forward for my taste, though, lol (plus the fact that he was only twelve years old back then). However, I still like their chemistry together! The slow burn was really great!]

6. Card Captor Sakura: SyaoSaku [Li Syaoran & Kinomoto Sakura]

[Btw, is this an official art? If this is a fanart, tell me and I’ll take it down.]

…I cannot even believe that I was so giddy over a pair of ten-year-olds. I was in high school when I started watching CCS, and I never expected to become so invested in watching it.

Syaoran started out as someone who was relatively mean to Sakura. He was like a bully at that time, lol. I didn’t think much of their relationship in those moments, but I thought that they were cute. Typical children’s antics, as one might say.

But when Syaoran started developing feelings for her, that was when I exploded from cuteness. Ohh gosh, I literally squealed over them. Me, who was fifteen years old at that time. Me, who was often teased by my friends and classmates as an emotionless person.

(watching CCS)

Mom: Rei…? Are you… giggling…?

Me: ………….No, I’m not. (pokerfaced)

That’s about the gist of it, haha!

Honorable Mention: EriTomo [I just find them really cute together. Also, their personalities complement each other well!]

5. One Piece: LuNami [Monkey D. Luffy & Nami]

One Piece isn’t about romance, and I strongly feel that Oda is not even planning on placing some sure hints about the ones who’ll end up together at the end of series. I like One Piece because of the story, not because of this pair (that I love so much). However, it’s nice to see a lot of scenes of them together. <3

From what I’ve seen/heard, I think they’re the most hated(?) pairing in One Piece. Hmm. What I like about them is their dynamic. I think what most of us can agree on is that the two of them trust each other very much. This particular fact is emphasized back when Nami betrayed the crew at the beginning of the series. She stole the ship, the treasure, left them behind while they fought against a strong enemy… yet Luffy still wanted her on his crew. That no one can be the navigator except for her. He disagreed with Zoro’s negative remarks about her and looked for her until they came to a stop on her hometown.

The scene that drew me to them is the hat scene. Yes, that iconic hat scene. For me, it was beautiful. Luffy treasured his straw hat so much and didn’t want anyone to touch it except for him. However, when he saw Nami crying and asking for his help for the first time, he had no qualms about placing it on top of her head. Then he proceeded to beat up a guy he didn’t even know much. He practically defeated Arlong with all he had not mostly because of the man’s treatment of the villagers, but because of the reason that he made “his navigator” cry.

…I will forever go down with this ship.


4. Final Fantasy VII: CloTi [Cloud Strife & Tifa Lockhart]

In my personal opinion, they’re canon. Advent Children, On the Way to A Smile: Case of Tifa, and the original game itself confirmed it for me.

Cloud and Tifa were depicted to be childhood friends, yet in reality, they weren’t actually very close back then. It seemed, though, that Cloud had a crush on Tifa. It was really cute and sad at the same time, because Tifa had her own circle of friends while Cloud had no one. I don’t think Tifa ever ignored him, though(?).

This pair gets to me because of their tendencies to keep their actual feelings from each other. Tifa was confused about the Cloud who led AVALANCHE to defeat Sephiroth because of his mixed-up memories, yet she never asked him about them and only watched from the sidelines, possibly waiting for an opportunity to learn what the truth really was. Cloud, on the other hand, was a bit confident on the outside, yet was also actually confused deep inside about who he was.

But then the Lifestream scene happened. Tifa got to see the real Cloud inside his consciousness and proceeded to help him fix himself together. This particular conversation struck me in the feels (forgive the inconsistent image sizes; I only googled them):

Tifa: “Someone has to notice you…? …Who?” 

I would say more, but I don’t want this to be a really long essay. XD So yeah, this is why I love them!

Honorable Mention: YuffEntine [This pair… Oh gosh, this is kind of a crack pairing, but I am just drawn to them in a way that I can’t fully understand. Vincent, the brooding individual, and Yuffie, the hyperactive teenager… My shipper senses are tingling like crazy! XD I can’t wait to see their HD interactions in the remake! <3]

3. Fairy Tail: NaLu [Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfilia]

Words cannot express how obsessed I was over this ship back then. My first fanfic on FFN was of them as well as several others. I downloaded hundreds of fics about them, searched a lot of fanarts, and squealed over every scene they had in each episode. NaLu had been my online focus when I was in high school. These days, my great liking of them diminished a bit (because I haven’t read the manga for a while). However, I still ship them so much!

It was kinda frustrating that Natsu often seemed dense, especially regarding Lucy (does he know how many times he has made her blush? XD), but that’s a part of his character, I guess, and I admit that it’s also one of the reasons why I ship them so much. They’re always together because they’re close friends, and whenever they somehow teeter towards the line above friendship, I literally wanted to jump up and down in excitement! But then it would always come down to a comical scene, though, haha! Typical NaLu.

Ahh, that hug. I’ll remember it forever. <3

Honorable Mentions: MiraXus [That scene with Mira getting angry at Laxus will always get to me.] & LyVia […don’t ask me why. I just find their chemistry so adorable. I would’ve loved more scenes of them together!]

2. Bleach: IchiRuki [Kurosaki Ichigo & Kuchiki Rukia]

If I was obsessed with NaLu, I was just as much as obsessed with IchiRuki. Heck, before Bleach even ended, I already started writing a rewritten version of the manga with IR as the definite end pairing (because I thought back then that Kubo would give Bleach an open ending… guess I was wrong) as well as a Bleach Movie fic with Ichiruki as a pairing as well. 😂 Damn, I was really addicted to this pair…

What I love about this ship is that their relationship is unique. Like Kubo stated: “more than friends, but less than lovers”. They’re placed somewhere in between, and for me, that’s a special thing. They have a label of their own that isn’t limited by the terms romance and mere friendship. It can also be interpreted as something like: “they’re right in the middle of two boundaries; once one of them figuratively trips, their relationship becomes a new, different meaning altogether”. I’m not going to rant on and on about them (because there are far better metas that explain their dynamics amazingly) so I’ll stop it here.

Even though they didn’t become canon, they will always be canon in my heart! <3

Honorable Mention: HitsuHina [Always-frowning-and-serious Hitsugaya being overly protective of his childhood friend? Threatening someone if they made her bleed, promising to kill someone after they did her harm both physically and emotionally? This ship hits me right in the heart. <3 It’s just a shame there’s not much of them in the ending. I would’ve given anything for them to have a scene together, or even just talk! It’s been long overdue. T.T]

1. Naruto: SasuSaku [Uchiha Sasuke & Haruno Sakura]

Ahh, SasuSaku. The very first anime pairing I shipped, and what an awesome thing that they ended up together in the end! Happy days! <3

Others often have misconceptions about this pairing. For me, though, it’s a pretty simple thing. It was already obvious to me at the beginning that they would end up together, especially after that Forest of Death scene. That scene highlighted the start of Sakura’s character development and it also showed Sasuke’s care for her as a teammate. I mean, why else would he go on a (for the lack of a better word) rampage after seeing her so beaten up? That doesn’t mean, however, that he loved her. I personally believe that Sasuke began to love Sakura in the Blank Period. It’s just that he already built a foundation for the two of them way back then. It was fairly obvious that he grew to care for her, after all.

And, to address a bit of a sensitive issue… Their relationship isn’t toxic. I know it very well. “Toxic” is not a word that should be used lightly. If their relationship is “toxic” then they shouldn’t have ended up together. They shouldn’t have so many fans. It’s just that simple to me. :)

Sasuke’s behavior in Shippudden is not who he really is. The real Sasuke is the one who Team 7 saved, who Naruto himself saved from the Curse of Hatred. The real Sasuke is the one who started smiling genuinely in Chapter 698.

Ahh, I’m rambling again, so I’ll stop right here once more. Anyway, there may be many who hate SasuSaku, but there are also many who love them to the core. We all have different, varying opinions about every pairing. Let’s just not spread so much hate. :)

Tagging @aubreycanalaine to make a list like this. Haha! (Because I know how much you hate writing essays, lol)

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star
How to research your racially/ethnically diverse characters

chiminey-cricket asked:

Do any of you have any tips for doing independent research for PoC characters?

This question is super broad, but I’m going to see if I can give it a crack!

First of all, consume media by the group in question. If you want to write a story with a Chinese-American protagonist, read some blogs by Chinese-Americans, read books by Chinese-Americans – both fiction and nonfiction – lurk on places like thisisnotchina so you can get a feel for what pisses Chinese and Chinese diaspora people off about their portrayal in the media, google for stereotypes about Chinese people and try to make sure you’re not doing those (even positive ones), go more general (East-Asian all-of-the-above in general since in many cases the harmful tropes overlap), go more specific (if your protagonist is female, look specifically for blog posts featuring the opiniosn of Chinese-American and other Asian/Asian diapora women; same if your protagonist is attracted to the same sex, is transgender, or deals with any other form of oppression besides anti-Chinese racism.) All of the above applies to Latinxs, Native Americans/Canadian First Nations, African/African diaspora people, Jews, Muslims, etc. Find out what we’re saying about ourselves.

Lots of things are available just from Google. “I have a Black character and I want to know what kind of hairstyles are available for her!” We have a Black hair tag, but apart from that, googling “Black hairstyles” will probably bring up some articles that can at least give you a good starting point to learn some vocabulary to add to your next Google search, like “natural” and “twists” and “dreadlocks.”

Next, you can talk to people in the group, but before you do this, be sure to have some specific questions in mind. “How do I write a Jewish character?” is not a specific question. “Do I have to make my Jewish character follow kosher laws if I’ve made her religious in other ways, or can she go to shul but not keep kosher?” or “What’s a term of endearment a parent might use for a child in Yiddish?” is much more specific. Remember, if you’re talking to someone they’re answering you back with their free time, so expecting them to do most of the work of figuring out what’s most important for you to know is a little entitled.

Besides, a more specific question will give you a more helpful answer. If someone asks me “how do I write a Jewish character” one of the first things out of my mouth will be a list of personality stereotypes to avoid, which isn’t going to be very helpful if what you really need for your fic was whether or not you have to write your character as following strict kosher laws.

If you’re sending a question in to a writing blog or one of those race blogs like thisisnot[whoever], please read through their tags and FAQ to see if they’ve already answered it. Longtime followers of a blog would get very bored if all the blog’s content was nothing but “We answered that here last week at this helpful link!” Those who participate in answering these blogs are usually unpaid volunteers who provide a resource that’s already there to help people; help repay them for what they do by looking through the material on your own first.

How to tell if a source from outside the group is biased and bigoted: obviously, you’re not going to want to listen to Stormfront about Jews, or the KKK about, well, anything. If you’re not on a source created by the group in question, look for dry and academic language as opposed to emotional, informal, or inflammatory words – although dispassionate and technical language is no guarantee it won’t be racist, colonialist, or inaccurate. If you read enough books and blogs from the inside, though, you’ll probably see some of the myths from those other sources debunked before you even encounter them.

Lastly, don’t assume that all people who are Asian, African-American Christians, religious Jews, or Muslims are from cultures more oppressive, more conservative, more patriarchal, more homophobic, more sexist, or more controlling than the one in which you were raised. If your plot calls for homophobic parents or a repressive culture, that shouldn’t be the reason you make your character one of the groups listed. There is plenty of oppressive, anti-woman, and anti-queer thought in white American Christian/Christian-cultured society and personally, I believe such criticisms of the marginalized diaspora peoples I listed above belong in the voices of the cultures themselves.

–mod Shira

I’d not leave looking for dry and clinical information as the ONLY means to distinguish that a work is biased.

While yes it is pragmatic to say “look for academically toned wording,” … in addition to that, these folks really need to look into who the author is. Definitely look into the author. And the year the thing was published (because man if it’s from like the 60s or earlier, 9 times out of 10, throw that shit out).

Because people can disguise hatred and racism in careful diction so that it looks reasonable and polite. A shining example is physiognomy studies from Nazis and anti-Semite eugenecists. And the sad thing is, you really can’t trust people to read it and make the judgement call that this hate-in-disguise they’re reading is hate.  

Somehow, when someone says, “The people of the Levant express features such as […] which, at the risk of sounding untoward, suggest a very rodent-like persuasion,” people are like, “Oh, well, that was worded fancily and there was no angry or profane language, I suppose they’re right,” not stopping to think even for a moment that they just accepted that this book just said to them that Jews look like rats. I saw it happen in my Nazi Germany class when we were given reading material. It was fucking nuts.

So definitely, definitely look every outsider author in the mouth and cross-check any and everything that person says. 

–mod Elaney

Shira again: Elaney is right that you will want to be critical of outside sources, especially older ones. Also, be suspicious of blanket statements about a group such as “X group are” instead of discussing forces in X culture. For example. Because there’s going to be diversity within any group and it’s likely what’s being said isn’t inherently biologically linked to being in X group.

–mod Shira


summary: You get to teach Ivar a lesson. || bucky barnes x reader x ivar the boneless || 

warnings: soooooo NSFW, poly relationship, cursing, come-eating, bdsm elements, punishment, oral, fingering, lots of sin tbh

notes: This is a little bit different form my usual sin. (Never thought my first time writing a threesome would be between these two) So some lovely anon started this thing called WinterBoneless and spammed me, as well as @persephone-is-here-omg and @captainpoopweinersoldier, with marvelous asks. It’s the ship between the beloved Murder Daddy, Bucky, and the adorable Murder Baby, Ivar. Those of you who don’t know who he is, go watch the show Vikings. You won’t be disappointed. Not one bit.

I didn’t add my usual tag list bc I don’t know who’s really into this.


“I fucking hate you!” 

Bucky peers over the back of the couch, watching curiously as you storm through the door, the shoes you wore for the evening clutched in your hands. You turn. the skirt of your dress fluttering, chucking one heel at Ivar as hard as you can, narrowly missing the side of his head. As it clunks to the floor, you hurl the second one in close succession, and if Ivar hadn’t been paying attention, it would’ve nailed him straight in the eye. He catches it with ease, holding it in his palm with a glare. 

Bucky almost expects you to lunge at him, wrap your hands around Ivar’s throat and make him pay for whatever offense he’s committed this time. Instead, you make a mad dash for the bedroom you share with both men, slamming the door shut behind you. 

The silence that follows is a bit deafening.

“You two are home early.” Bucky muses eventually. Ivar drops the shoe he’s holding to the floor with a angry huff, running a hand through his thick hair in frustration. It was out of it’s usual, messy knot, hanging freely around his shoulders. Bucky thinks it’d make him look less abrasive if it weren’t for the angry expression Ivar was wearing. “What did you do to her now?”

This was not an unusual occurrence in your household. Ivar liked to push buttons, liked to provoke you, in turn causing you to provoke him. Things would escalate, such as now, and Bucky would have to step in and try to restore peace. 

Bucky rises off the couch quietly, took in the hard set of Ivar’s jaw and the anger brewing in his eyes. He cups his face, smiling gently when Ivar’s lashes flutter. Someone of the tension drops out of his shoulders and he sighs quietly. “I called her a whore.” Ivar mumbles quietly. He doesn’t meet Bucky’s gaze as he says it, listening to the way Bucky sucks in a surprised breath. “I thought she was flirting with our waiter.”

“And was she?” Bucky asks. Ivar just shakes his head, biting down on his lip with a pained look on his face.

“I fucked up.” he admits. “I fucked up bad.”

“Go fix it. I don’t like going to bed when our girl is angry.” The soldier shoves Ivar in the direction of the bedroom, following behind closely. They open the door slowly, finding you standing in front of your vanity to take down your hair. The dress you wore to dinner is strewn on the floor, leaving you in nothing but a lacy black lingerie set. 

Fuck.” Both men say in unison. Twin sets of blue eyes are as wide as they can be, eyeing you up in down like a hunter would it’s prey. 

If it were any other time, you would preen under the attention. Instead, you shoot them the meanest look you can muster, shaking your head. “There’s no way in hell.” 

Bucky is the first one to inch closer, sidling up next to you to help remove the bobby pins holding your hair up. Ivar tries to do the same but you immediately wrench away from his touch. “If you lay even just a finger on me, I will break your goddamn hand.”

Ivar sits on the bed, watching dejectedly as Bucky gets to run his hands through your hair. Bucky presses a kiss to your shoulder, nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck. “I think Ivar wants to apologize to you, doll. You gonna let him?” he asks. His hands grip your waist, turning you around so you can see the guilt crossing Ivar’s face. His eyes are wide, pleading.“He wants to treat you real good, show you how sorry he is.”

“No, he doesn’t.” you say, sneering. “He doesn’t want to touch a whore like me.”

“I didn’t mean it, dove.” Ivar brings out the tried and true nickname, trying to diffuse someone of your anger. The hopeful smile that crosses his face nearly cracks through your resolve. “Let me make it up to you.”

Bucky strokes down your side, hiding his own smile in your shoulder. “He’ll do anything you want, babydoll. Just say the word.”

The smirk that rises to your face can only be described as evil. Ivar feels his heart start to accelerate at the look you pass his face. “Ivar,” you say and he straightens up, ready to do whatever it is you ask of him. “You only get to watch.”

“Now that’s just cruel.” Bucky chuckles. You just shrug, not caring in the least. He was cruel to you, it’s time you do the same to him. 

Grabbing the chair from your vanity, you place at the end of the bed. “Sit, Ivar.” He rises without a word, settling down into the chair nervously. You drag Bucky to the bed by his shirt, pushing him to lay down against the mattress. 

Bucky’s immediately pulling you down into a kiss, lifting you up only to have you straddle him. Ivar’s sharp teeth sink into his bottom lip as he watches you grind your hips slowly against the soldier, nearly drawing blood when he hears you moan quietly. The two of you part with a gasp. 

“Turn around for me, baby.” Bucky instructs. He maneuvers you so your chest is to his back, his strong thighs holding yours open, both of you leaning against the headboard. Like this, Ivar can see your entire body, can see everything Bucky’s about to do to you.

“Ain’t she a beauty?” Bucky asks. He unstraps your bra, tossing it to the side with a smile aimed at Ivar. His metal hand plucks at a nipple while the other one smooths its way down your stomach. His fingers slide smoothly underneath your panties, cupping you with his palm. Your back arches, another shy moan falling from your lips, and Bucky can’t help but laugh at the desperate look on Ivar’s face. “She’s so wet, babyboy. Don’t you wish you could feel it?”

Ivar nods eagerly. Bucky runs two fingers up and down your slit, circling around your entrance and just barely bumping your clit. When he pulls his hand out of your underwear, those fingers are glistening. Bucky pops them into his mouth with a grin, moaning loudly when he tastes you on his tongue. “You’re missin’ out, little one.” Bucky tells him. Ivar can only whimper, hands shaking where he’s laid them on his thighs. “She tastes so fuckin’ sweet.

Bucky looks down at you, then, sees the smug, impish grin you’re sporting. He captures your mouth with his once more, tugging your lip between his teeth. His metal hand wraps around the side of your panties, ripping them down the seam. Even though you should be annoyed that he ruined them, heat rushes up your spine, making you keen as he dips two fingers into your entrance. 

“Look at him, baby.” Bucky orders. You find Ivar with his mouth hanging open, hungry little pants falling from his lips. His eyes are glued to your cunt, pupils overcoming the blue in them as he watches the metal slowly slide into you. “He’s a wreck. We’re torturing him.”

“G-good,” you stutter out, hips titling upwards. He’s languidly fucking you, palm brushing your clit gently. Your body trembles at the slow pace, wishing he’d take it up a notch or two. “He deserves to be tortured.”

“I didn’t mean what I said, dove.” Ivar tells you again. His voice is low, the tempting image in front of him crumbling his composure. “I don’t know what else to say to you.”

“Sweet talk her a little.” Bucky curls his fingers, pressing against your g-spot roughly. Ivar’s chest heaves as you cry out, moaning Bucky’s name. He doesn’t know the soldier’s so calm. Ivar’s not even touching you and he’s a fucking wreck

“C’mon, Ivar.” Bucky says when his boy stays quiet. Their gazes lock and Ivar could just melt into the floor at how glazed over Bucky’s eyes are. He grunts when you squirm against his erection, throwing an arm around your waist to hold you still. “Make her feel like you want her.”

“You look so delectable, my love.” Ivar rushes out. He’s trying to keep his voice as steady as he can, but when Bucky starts moving his fingers harder, faster, he knows that’s going to be an impossible feat to accomplish. “Y-you’re so fucking gorgeous like this.”

“You can do better than that, sweetheart.” Bucky chides. “Tell her what you want to do to her.”

“I want to get my mouth on that pretty little cunt of yours.” he groans when Bucky spreads apart your folds, gives Ivar a good look at just how much you’re dripping. He focuses on just your clit, rubbing in tight, hard circles. “I’ll eat you out until you’re begging me to stop.”

“Is that all?” Bucky asks teasingly. Ivar shakes his head, sees the way you start to tense and knows you’re about to come.

“I’d fuck you slow, so slow until you’re slurring your words because the pleasure is that intense.” Ivar grinds out. His cock is pushing painfully against the zipper of his tight black slacks. He wants to get a hand on it, palm himself to relieve some of that pressure. But you said he couldn’t touch, so he’s gonna listen. “I’d make you come, over and over again. I wouldn’t come until you let me, until you were so euphoric that you were melting against those sheets.”

You come with a shout, nearly rolling off of Bucky as you writhed against him. Bucky fucks you through it, slowly easing the pressure until you settled down once again. You’re gasping for breath, gulping down air as he strokes your hair. 

“What now, babygirl?” Bucky questions. “You think he’s learned his lesson?” Your head tips side to side sluggishly. “No? What then?”

You grind against him, grinning when he moans into your ear. “Fuck me, soldier.”

You lift your ass, letting him shimmy his pants and boxers just enough to free his cock. It’s glistening, the head an angry pink as it drips precome. Ivar whines at the sight. “What’s wrong, babyboy?” you pout mockingly. “You want Bucky’s cock?”

“Please.” he whispers, hoarse. His eyes are watering as he watches you jerk the soldier off, whom of which has his tilted head back, eyes squeezed shut as you play with him. 

“Too bad, baby. It’s mine.”

“You can share, doll.” Bucky rumbles out. There’s a smile on his face. “There’s more than enough of me to go around.”

“Right now I’m not sharing. You’re mine until I say so.” 

“Yes ma’am.” Bucky shifts you around until his head is pressing against your entrance, hips clamping down heavily on your hips as he thrusts into you. You keen at the stretch, hands flying to your breasts as he bottoms out with a sigh. “How do you want me to fuck you, babydoll?”

Ruin me.” Your smile gets wiped away as Bucky starts drilling into you, taking no mercy as his hips slam into your ass. He’s biting down on the skin of your neck to muffle his noises, both of you watching as Ivar shifts helplessly in his seat. His face is red, shirt sticking to his skin from where he’s sweating.

It doesn’t take long before the two are are practically screaming your release. It takes a minute before Bucky’s recovered enough to slip out of you, his come dripping from your entrance and onto your thighs. 

“You think he’s had enough now, darlin’?” Bucky inquires. “You think he’s been good? You wanna let him clean you up?”

Ivar waits with baited breath, practically vibrating in his seat at the thought of getting his tongue on you. At your nod, he bounces out of his chair, lying between yours and Bucky’s legs on his stomach. “Be gentle, babyboy.” Bucky laces a hand through his hair, pulling him closer towards your cunt. “She’s sensitive.”

Ivar drags his tongue gently up your slit, making sure to avoid your clit. He slurps quietly, whimpering as he tastes both his lovers. You’re sighing softly at his ministrations, eyelids fluttering as you try to fight the exhaustion coursing through you. When your cunt’s clean, he licks over both your thighs, sucking kisses into the skin when he’s finished. 

“That’s a good boy.” Bucky praises. Ivar smiles shyly, licking the corners of his mouth.

“Have I been good enough to come?” he asks quietly, fearing your answer. Both he and Bucky look to you for an answer. “I need it. Please.”

“Let me take care of him, doll.” Bucky tells you. “I think he deserves it now. He was so, so patient, didn’t even touch himself once.”

Ivar could nearly cry in relief when you give the permission. Bucky gently slides you off of him, making sure you’re comfortable before pulling Ivar into a kiss. shushing him quietly when he mewls. “It’s alright, baby.” Bucky coos. He gets Ivar’s pants undone, sliding them down to his knees. 

The front of his grey boxers are soaked with the evidence of his arousal, his dick begging to be touched. Bucky pulls them down slowly before wrapping his flesh hand around it. Ivar hisses through his teeth. It only takes a handful of strokes before he’s coming, spilling over Bucky’s fist with a loud, startled cry. “There we go, baby.” Bucky whispers. “Feel better now?”

With a weary nod he grabs Bucky’s wrist, bringing it to his mouth to lick the come from his fingers. Ivar hesitantly turns his head to find you staring back at him. “I’m sorry.” he apologizes. “I love you.”

“I know you do.”


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Too Much To Ask

BUCKY BARNES x plus size reader


Reader sees Bucky for the first time since their break up.

Warnings: sad, mild cursing, read at your own risk

a/n: going to make it a small series, please enjoy let me know waht you think and thank you. Also opening a tag list for this.x

Seeing him for the first time in five months hurt you, you hadn’t expected him to be here in front of you ordering his usual order. You hadn’t expected him to have his arms wrapped around someone that wasn’t you, and it hurt. You thought you had finally been able to forget and move on but seeing him here made you realize the wounds he had left were still open. He hadn’t noticed you yet, and you found yourself silently praying it would stay that way for the sake of your sanity.  You knew the fight that ended everything had not only hurt you but him too. You expected him to be grieving the same way you were, instead, it had been five months and he had moved on.

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anonymous asked:

Dearest Jalapeñokins? I was wondering if you could do me a favor if you are able and feeling up to it? ( I'm sick af right now..your writing gives me life) Would you please consider one of these things. A: Could I get some fluffy nsfw Jumin Han smut? ~OR~ B: What do you think the RFA +V and Saeran sound like when they're cumming? ( Jumin Thirst anon)

Why not both?

Hope you feel better soon, my thirsty friend!!


Okay, so first, what do they sound like when they’re cumming?

  • Yoosung: A whine or a stutter if he’s trying to say something
  • Jumin: Is usually pretty quiet tbh besides his heavy breathing, he prefers you saying his name
  • Zen: Guttural moan, this boy is loud 
  • Jaehee: Cries out through heavy pants 
  • Saeyoung: Moans your name through shivers
  • V: Whispers your name next to your ear 
  • Saeran: Growls “Fffffuck!” or other curses

~I have to also tag @goddamnitdazai because she’s been asking for Jumin smut for  e o n s  here you go BFF.


Word count: 1.344

     “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” you whined through your mixing of the thick batter, the large bowl heavy in your arm as you paced the kitchen.
You were trying your best at being a cute housewife while Jumin was at work. You imagined him coming home to one glorious cake, held proudly by you in your little apron. He’d smile with delight and compliment you on how delicious it was! But standing now, broken egg shells on the counter, flour scattered everywhere, pools of milk, and you covered in batter, this was not going as planned.

     You hadn’t even gotten the batter in the pan before you heard the penthouse door open.

     Please be a security guard, please be a security guard, you prayed to yourself.

     “___, I’m home early,” Jumin declared before flinging his suit jacket on the couch.

     “Shit,” you whispered under your breath, defeated.

     “You’ve been busy today, I see,” he chuckled at the sight of you.

     He stood just a few feet away now, wearing that slight grin that made your knees weak. His large hands fumbled at his tie, pulling it loose from his collar. You gave up, tossing the bowl on the nearest countertop with a sigh.

     “I was trying to bake you a cake,” you replied with a huff.

     “I think more of it got on you than in the bowl,” he laughed, “so cute.”

     Before you could reply he had you pinned up against the counter. Looming over you he reached to the bowl behind your back, dipping a long finger into the batter and bringing it to his lips.

     “Tasty,” he remarked after pulling it from his mouth.


     “Mmhm, try some.”

     He brought a batter drenched finger to your mouth, pressing himself up against you with a little more fervor as you sucked it clean. His mouth descended on your collar bone, lapping up the batter between nibbles. His free hand found your breast and kneaded with intensity as he licked your bare skin clean, grinding his hardening cock into your hips.

     “So this is why you came home early,” you noted through a sly smile.

     “This taste delicious, but I think it would be even sweeter coming from your lips,” he suggested.

     He smeared the sticky concoction over your closed mouth before trailing his tongue over your lips and shoving it inside for a deep kiss. You could almost forget the sharp pain of the counter top pressing against your back as his tongue danced eagerly with wanting in your hot mouth. You were melting in his arms when he pulled your hair, forcing your head back slightly and popping off of your mouth to suck a trail down your neck. You were pink with heat as your breath quickened for him.

     You couldn’t help but reach down and stroke his eager cock through the fabric of his pants, eliciting a satisfied purr from him. Your other hand sweeps over his chest. He feels so warm and solid pressing into you, and the fragrance of his expensive cologne is enough to make you quiver.

     You both moan when his hand sweeps between your legs, grinding itself on your wet folds. It took all you had not to collapse right there, your hips swirling in wanton to meet his friction with a moan. The ridges of his knuckles massaged you into euphoria and you threw your head back with a sigh. He placed a quick and hungry kiss on your mouth before pulling away from you completely.

     “Turn around princess,” he commanded while unbuttoning his pants, “hands on the counter. Do not remove them or I’ll have to punish you.”

     You followed his command, leaning your ass out for him. He didn’t even bother to fully undress either of you. The cool air rushed between your legs as he pulled your dress up over your hips, hooking his fingers in your underwear and dragging them down to your ankles, pausing only to let you step out of them. He planted kisses along your legs on his way up, paying extra attention to that weak spot behind your knees. He trailed his tongue down your moist slit, relishing in the quake of your muscles.

     You yelped when he landed two quick and hard smacks to your ass before seizing it in his hands to grope through your whimper. His legs kicked yours apart for him before sliding his length along your slick folds slowly. You pushed back against him, your whole body pleading for him to enter and fill you.
“I’m sorry, my pet. You know I usually take better care of you, but I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he growled.

     It’s true, he usually spent more time working you up, getting you wet and begging for him. But something in his voice and in his body language today was more demanding and eager. You could only nod before he forced himself into you. The shock of his thrusts and the feeling of his long cock inside of you caused you to lose you grip and slide slightly forward on the counter.

     His right hand swooped under your belly and pulled you back into him roughly to meet his pounding. As soon as you were steady again it travelled down to flick at your sensitive clit, sending you into a frenzied cry of pleasure.

     “Ah! Oh god, right th-there,” you puffed, fireworks in your belly as he found your spot and began hitting it over and over again with vigor.

     Your walls were convulsing around him and you felt your juices soaking your inner thighs, the sound of his slamming becoming more of a wet slap as you drew closer to your orgasm. His cock was twitching and throbbing inside of you at the feeling.

     “Do you like when I fuck you like this,” he spoke through bated breath, “when I make you my own?”

     “Ahh, y-yes! God, yes!” you were straining to hold yourself against his thrusts.

     He switched up rhythms, hips swirling driving into you at a slower more methodical pace. You lost it when his hand began slapping at your pussy, causing you to wriggle and thrash underneath him as the waves of pleasure came rolling through your every fiber. The combination of his pumping and stimulating your sensitive nub fueled your demanding side as you pushed yourself back into him greedily.

     “Mmm…yeahh,” you managed to pull a moan from him, “you’re so naughty and eager for me, aren’t you,” he panted.

     Your head was floating, your cheeks searing hot as a violent pleasure tore through you, moaning out as he fucked you through your orgasm.

     He gripped your hair, pumping long and languid thrusts, stretching you further. Sure that he held you firmly in place, he released your hair and moved that hand around your chest, ripping at the collar of your shirt in order to dip inside more easily and grip your breast with voracity. His fingers were encircling your hard nipples before pinching and rolling down on the nub.


     “Mmm…say it again,” he spoke through gritted teeth.

     “Jumin! Ah, fffuck!” your hands flailed wildly, knocking the bowl off of the counter.

     Hearing you moan his name shot him over the edge and he spurt himself into you forcefully. His hips smacked against you with a husky breath, hand still lingering on your breast before his final thrust.

     Your head was hazy when he finally pulled away from you. With shaky legs you took a few steps, thinking you could make it to get the glass of water you desperately needed. But before you went any further his hand hooked around your side in a possessive manner, pulling you into his chest and brushing your hair back behind your ear when you looked up to meet his gaze.

     “Where do you think you’re going? I’m not done with you yet,” he spoke with a fire in his eyes, “Let’s get you cleaned up, my pet. I’ll draw a bath…”

pastasexual  asked:

Omg I just saw your tag that you use specific people for character references and I'd LOVE to know who you use for everybody. Absolutely lovely art, by the way! <3

Oh man a few people have asked this so I’ll put everything in one place. Okay, so I use multiple references for everyone, but I usually stick with one person so here we go:

Draco Malfoy - Lucky Blue Smith/Benjamin Jarvis

Harry Potter/James Potter - Toni Mahfud/Reece King

Sirius Black - Willy Cartier 

Hermione Granger - Sza/Amandla Stenberg 

Remus Lupin - Matt Hitt 

Blaise Zabini - Adonis Bosso 

Theo Nott - Kim Won Joong 

Ginny Weasley - Luca Hollestelle 

Pansy Parkinson - Vittoria Ceretti 

Lilly Evans - Madelaine Petsch 

Teddy Lupin - @kapitan5o and @freudhood

This is most everyone who I use as references. 

Meeting the Family

Originally posted by davinaclaires

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Tom finally meets your family and he’s really nervous You are from a different country and culture so there are language and cultural barriers and that makes Tom even more nervous. (The request was edited a bit) Requested by @letsgoflyawaybirdie

Word count: 714

A/N: Hope you guys like this imagine. I tried to make it work with as many cultures as possible :)

Bold text is spoken in your language

Today was the day. Tom was going to meet your family. For a week Tom had been googling and studying your country and its culture. He didn’t want to come off as rude or ignorant in front of your family. He studied all the customs in your culture. Should he buy flowers to your family, bring food or a bottle of wine with him? He also tried to learn your language because he knew that some of your family didn’t really speak English that well. He learned some basic things, greetings, how to say ‘thank you’, ‘how are you’ et cetera. He was really nervous. He wanted to make the best first expression he could. Your family was so important to you and such a big part of your life. The last thing he wanted was your parents hating him.

You had a big family and everyone was coming to meet the guy you had fallen in love with. You knew that they were going to love Tom and you tried to get him to relax. You loved how much work he did just to impress your family.

You arrived at your parent’s house and walked to the door. “Tom it’s going to go fine, they are going to love you! Just relax, okay?” You could feel how nervous he was. He just nodded and took a big breath. He had bought your family a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a (way too expensive) bottle of wine.

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-Mod Hell

I Hope That’s A Yes

Originally posted by tom-is-bae

requestedhi, if you’re still taking requests i was wondering if you’d write a peter parker x reader imagine about him taking her to another homecoming or a prom, like maybe how he asks her and the dance itself? maybe he’s her first kiss?

send your requests here! 

word count: 1880

pairing: peter parker x reader 

warnings: some mean names, some bad words. 

a/n: so i tweaked it just a LIL bit, hopefully it still works out!! this was so fun to write because its not the usual personality i give Y/N, compared to my other fics. im also sorry to the anon who requested it, i know its been awhile!! but here you darlings go! 

tagging: @tronnoristheotp @nedthegay @i-saved-me @theweirdowithablogo @skymoonandstardust @timemngmtoptimisationproblems @thumper-darling @holywinchesterness @grabyourpolaroidandmyhand @ketterdame 

“If I have to see one more person put on a giant performance just to ask someone to homecoming–” you complained as you and your friends watched Flash ask some poor girl in an extremely over-the-top manner, “–I’m gonna puke.”

“I think it’s romantic,” Ned said, pulling apart a banana. “In a weird, disgusting way.”

You rolled your eyes, turning your focus back to your homework that was due next class. “It’s obnoxious, especially for someone like him.”

Peter laughed into his sandwich. “I don’t know what you expected, [Y/N], the guy’s name is Flash.”


As if he could hear you, your greasy classmate swaggered over with his arm draped over his new date’s shoulders. “You nerds better start getting to asking someone to the dance,” Flash drawled, ruffling Peter’s hair with entirely too much force. “Especially you, Penis Parker. You don’t wanna show up alone, do you?” With a malicious laugh, he steered himself and the girl he was with away.

“God, what a tool,” you muttered. “Seriously, Parker–you need to just pop him one time, right in his smug mouth.”

Peter chuckled, fixing his hair. “He’s not worth it.”

Shrugging, you fixated your glare onto Flash as he was leaving the cafeteria, feeling your hands curl into fists. If Peter won’t stand up to him, you definitely would take that opportunity for him.

“Hey, Flash!” you called, your voice echoing across the room. He turned around, his lip curled in a cruel grin.

“[Y/N], don’t,” Peter hissed.

You shushed him. “I know what I’m doing.” You stood up, palms flat on the table. Both of your friends were looking up at you, terrified of what you would say or do. “Peter already has a date, so quit sticking your prick in his business.”

That was enough to get Flash back to your table. He placed his hands roughly on Peter’s shoulders, and leaned down. “Penis Parker got a date?” He guffawed, loudly. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“That lucky guy,” you said through clenched teeth, feeling your fists twitching–begging to just land one good punch in Flash’s face, “happens to be me. So get your slimy hands off of him–unless you wanna give me a run for my money.”

Flash immediately took his hands off of Peter, and took a large step back. “He–you–he asked you?”

Peter was staring up at you in astonishment, and also confusion.

“Is that a problem?” you asked, warning in your voice.

“It’s–it’s not really my business,” he muttered, before turning away and leaving the cafeteria.

You sat down again, satisfied, flipping the page of your homework. Ned cleared his throat loudly, causing you to raise your eyes to him, who stared at you with huge eyes.

“What the hell was that?” Ned exclaimed, looking between you and Peter, who was still staring at you with his mouth slightly open.

“Look, he can’t keep treating you like this,” you said, crossing your arms. “I’m tired of seeing you get treated like this–you don’t deserve it.” After a moment passed, they still didn’t change their expressions. You slammed your notebook closed. “I’ll see you guys in P.E, alright?”

“C’mon, Peter. Just do like, one more,” you coaxed. “Coach Wilson isn’t anywhere near us.”

Peter groaned and did another sit-up. “[Y/N], about earlier today–”

“Don’t mention it.”

“No–I….well, first of all, thanks for sticking up for me,” he said. “But….were you serious? About–about going as m-my date?”

You didn’t say anything at first. “Do you want to go?”

Peter sat up all the way to look at you. “Kind of,” he replied sheepishly.

“Okay,” you shrugged. “But you have to ask me.”

“But you just asked me!”

“Did I?”

Peter stuttered out some words, a blush rising in his cheeks. You patted his knee, and moved to take his place to do your share of sit ups. As you moved, Peter rolled to his feet and stood up.

“I have a question to ask you,” he spoke loudly, his voice echoing through the gym, everyone stopping and staring at him. Your eyes widened and you shook your head vehemently at him, but Peter ignored you.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” you hissed at him, blushing furiously.

He moved and stood on the first step of the bleachers. “I only asked you in private,” he went on in the same clearly audible voice, “but [Y/N], will you do me the absolute honor of being my date to homecoming?”

Peter’s words hung in the silence, until you realized everyone was waiting for your answer. Looking around, you returned your glare to him and spoke through your teeth, “Yes.”

He returned to sitting beside you on the mat. “There. Was that good enough?”

“Peter Parker,” you growled, trying to keep your thoughts in order and your head on straight. “You–you–”

“I hope that’s a yes.”

“Sweetheart, there’s someone at the door for you!” your mother called down the hall. “I think it’s Peter–are you two going to the dance together?”

You fiddled with the neckline of your dress, staring at yourself in the mirror. You couldn’t believe that you wanted to actually look good for Peter–but ever since he embarrassed you in the gym last week, you couldn’t stop thinking about him. At first, you tried your hardest to push the rising feelings far, far away, but they kept resurfacing every time he looked at you, laughed, every time he ate a damn grape. Was he always this attractive? And smart, and funny?

“[Y/N]?” your mother called again. “Did you hear me?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a second,” you shouted back. You tugged at a lock of curled hair, and decided it would have to be good enough. You closed your bedroom door, stuffed your phone and some cash in your clutch, and entered your living room.

Peter stood there talking with your mother. He looked incredibly handsome in a freshly ironed suit, his hair combed to get the curl perfect, flashing his award-winning smile. You gulped, feeling your heart begin to race, and you almost turned around and went right back into the safety of your room.

Your mother noticed you first, who clapped her hands and exclaimed in joy. “You look so pretty, sweetheart.”

You met Peter’s gaze, who was staring at you in wonder. He held a small bouquet of daisies in his hand, with a corsage and pin in the other.

Wow,” he breathed, before shaking himself and stepping towards you while holding out the flower pin. “I–uh–bought this today. I think you’re supposed to pin this on my suit.”

“Wait, wait!” your mother cried, holding up her camera. “Smile, kids!”

You groaned, but obliged. After pinning the flower to his suit, Peter clasped the corsage to your wrist, his fingertips lingering for a moment that raised goosebumps on your skin.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered to you.

Looking to him, you made a mental note of how close his lips were to yours. You had never once thought of kissing him before, but now….

“Your tie is crooked,” you said bluntly, reaching up and fixing it, mentally kicking yourself. “Sorry–that was rude. You….you look really handsome, Parker.”

He smiled, and you both posed for the countless pictures your mother begged for, your heart racing and palms beginning to sweat at how he held your waist so tightly, the familiar scent of his cologne dabbed onto the hollow in his throat, and the way the butterflies in your stomach fluttered relentlessly whenever his brown eyes landed on you.

The music throughout the gym was booming, the bass shaking the entire building. The laser lights danced across the walls, ceiling, and the large mass of dancing students in the middle of the floor. Peter guided you over to the refreshment table, offering you a cup of punch.

“I don’t really know how to dance,” you shouted over the music, accepting the cup and taking a tentative sip.

“I don’t either,” he shouted back. You laughed, and bobbed your head along with the music. It was something that you probably wouldn’t listen to willingly, but you had it admit–it was catchy. Pretty soon you were tapping your feet and swaying side to side with the beat.

“We can both make fools of ourselves out there together,” you spoke in his ear, grabbing his arm and steering him towards the group of dancers. He protested, stammering about really not knowing how to dance, but pretty soon you were surrounded by dancing people. Peter started swaying awkwardly, but after a few more minutes of the catchy beat, you were both getting more and more comfortable and having a good time. With having Peter so close, the good music and flashing lights, you felt like you were floating on a cloud.

“Alright, we’re gonna have a little tune change–time to slow things down a bit,” the DJ drawled into the mic, fiddling with some flips and switches on his spin table. The pop song playing faded into a slow melody mixed with acoustic guitar and a smooth voice cooing about love. The large group of students began to disband, with a few select staying behind to sway romantically along with the song.

You looked to Peter, whose eyes were already on you. He held out his hand, and gestured to the song, pulling you close to him. As if by instinct, you wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands rested firmly on your waist.

“I’m having a lot of fun with you,” you said, relieved to not have to yell over the music.

Peter smiled shyly, resting his forehead against yours with a contented sigh. “Me too.”

Once again, you were very aware of how close his lips were to yours. You could just lean in, and….

“[Y/N]?” Peter murmured, breaking into your thoughts.


“Could I–” He cleared his throat nervously. “I mean, I’ve never–”

“Just kiss me, Parker,” you breathed, and he obliged. You were not expecting your first to be with Peter, and you wanted to accuse him of lying about never kissing a girl before because it seemed like he knew what he was doing. His lips were soft and sweet, and he tasted like the sweet punch you had earlier.

You pulled away, head spinning and butterflies flying around in your chest. He looked at you in confusion, his adorable lips still pursed.

“Is–is everything okay?” he asked uneasily.

You smiled and nodded. “Everything is….perfect. I just–I’m still processing all of this.”

He laughed. “Y-yeah–me too.” You both were silent for a moment, before he said, “So the kiss was–it wasn’t too bad, right?”

You playfully punched his arm, but followed it with a kiss to his cheek. “You did great, Parker. We’ll have to do it again sometime.”

The two of you spent the rest of the evening stealing kisses, dancing together, and then walking home holding hands, something that you had never thought would ever happen to you. You looked at Peter with fresh eyes now, and you couldn’t deny the growing feelings that now you knew were reciprocated–which held a certain kind of excitement for what the future held for the two of you.

The Nightclub Experience

Summary: You find out that Steve and your crush Bucky have never been to a nightclub. You decide to fix this fact

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 4191

Warnings: reader gets roofied, bits of fluff, extroverted reader

A/N: Whoa, this one shot just kept going! It’s my longest one yet, lol. 

Please send requests, I’m sure people have better ideas than me :3

Originally posted by buckybarnesaddicted

You slam your palms into the table, surprising the Avengers you were talking to, a feat rarely achieved. “You guys have never been to a nightclub?” You ask, voice rising with disbelief along with your eyebrows.

“(Y/N), they’re ninety,” Nat pointed out from the couch, lazily spread across the furniture but attentively listening. “That does not excuse them,” You huff, rising from the table to cross your arms over your chest. Steve and Bucky glanced at each other worriedly.

As the extravert you were, it was hard to understand why Steve and Bucky weren’t taking advantage of the new era, trying all the fascinating new things that separated the 40s from the 2000s. You’d been to plenty of nightclubs and knew it was your solemn duty to have the boys experience it.

You weren’t related to the Avengers at all. You weren’t some mutant, or a night vigilante that lost their parents or gained special powers. You were the local café’s finest coffee brewer. Being a waitress and barista, you didn’t expect to become friends with the Avengers. And yet, here you were.

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  • I will draw canon characters, OCs, you, your friends, simple backgrounds, pixel art, anything that comes to your mind really
  • I might decline NSFW, MLP, Mecha and Furries but it really depends on your request, so go ahead and ask!
  • More info here, please read before sending an email!

Here’s my art tag, if you’d like to see more examples of what I usually do!

Contact me at or send me an ask for further details. Thanks for reading!

Confessions to the Types (Personal INTP Experience)

Note: This doesn’t apply to everyone at all. Don’t be offended when/if I say something negative about your type. This is all based on personal experience.

ENTP: yknow we could be besto friendos if you stoppED LEAVING ME ON SEEN/READ/OPENED ALL THE TIME but really, you’re simultaneously cool and a loser and its really interesting

ENFP: I love all you guys but i dont like to tell y'all because you’re gonna make fun of me if i do. but really, you guys are so headstrong and im so glad im friends with you

ENFJ: im so glad you like me because it seems like you guys are really selective and picky about the people you hang out with even though you have tons of friends which i respect

ESTP: this doesnt apply to all estp’s because i know only one and he’s a loser and defies the stereotype and everything but marry me please your hands are so warm and mine are always cold and it makes me happy when you let me warm my hands on yours because thermodynamic equilibrium is my aesthetic

ESFP: the thought of you makes me sad because you were so welcoming and friendly when i first transferred here and i really liked you but then you just stopped talking to me and hell, im not going to try to tag myself along with someone who doesn’t want me around

INTP: there’s always like a deep connection between us whenever we discuss or habits, interests, hobbies, etc and it makes me happy even though we all can be absolutely asshats once in a while

INTJ: okay, i dont usually mind you but i also kinda hate you because youre so snobby and it makes me really uncomfortable and PLEASE shut up about your grades and how amazing and smart you are because WE KNOW about your pride. otherwise, youre fine and its really fun to annoy you when we dont agree on something

INFP: yall have so many friends and honestly, i dont think some of you deserve it. i mean, sure youre nice and all but i will never forget how you said you’d never leave me and then did exactly what you said you wouldnt a month later. and now you continue to befriend all my friends. leave me like you meant it

INFJ: we dont talk much anymore and that’s partially my fault because i dont know how to respond to a lot of things you say without making it awkward for you but as far as i know, youre really cool and it makes me happy that you strive to succeed and succeed to strive, yknow

ISTJ: i know we dont talk over social media much and thats my fault because i stopped responding because i dont know how to respond to one word replies but irl i love talking to you so much and youre chill to hang out with whenever and if i ever leave the house

For the rest, I don’t know for sure if I know anyone of the types (I probably do but I don’t want to mistype) so I just didn’t do it for the sake of trying to stay truthful. Again, all of these don’t apply to EVERYONE of that type. This is all based on my personal experiences.
study date/cooking/cute with kids/idk just read it

requested by shawn i think, from this list! (55: “youre a nerd”) feel free to send things in, it’ll just take fuckin forever to write
@parkery here ya go my bud

MASTERLIST i forget i have one of these

pairing: peter x reader, i think i steered clear of genders!!!

word count: 1162

warnings: swearing??? its me 

status: unedited


“I don’t understand why you need my help, anyway. Usually you’d be able to study for this in half an hour and pass the test,” Peter whispers as he copies down the things written on the board.

You look at Peter and raise an eyebrow, tapping your pencil lightly on your book. Your closed book, at that. “That’s not true, and you know it,” you mutter. Lately you’ve been extremely distracted and unable to focus on anything. You haven’t even been able to sleep for more than maybe five hours a night.

“It is, though. Three months ago, you could do anything in school, but you haven’t even opened your book this lesson…”

You look down at your closed workbook for a few seconds before resting your head against it. You don’t know why everything’s so difficult lately. Maybe it’s because your parents are constantly in and out of the house lately and now you have to take care of yourself and your siblings.

At first you thought it was the fact that your boyfriend, Peter, wasn’t around much anymore. However, after countless nights of procrastinating simple things like homework to clean your room and cook dinner for your siblings instead, you started wondering whether you were just telling yourself he wasn’t around much. Then, you started believing you’d accidentally been avoiding him, which threw some more stress onto your shoulders.

When the bell rings, you finally lift your head off your book and sigh. The teacher is the first one out the door, with you and Peter being the last.

“Just—are you able to come over? Just tonight, you can stay over so you don’t have to walk home. We can study and maybe you can help me with my little brother and sister’s dinner?” you ask as the two of you make your way down the halls. His locker is closest, so you stop there and wait for him. He looks at you with an unsure stare before opening the metal door. “C’mon, you can read ‘em to sleep! You love doing that.”

“I don’t know, Y/N,” Peter says, putting his homework into his bag. “I have this internship—”

“Fuck the internship,” you snap. Peter pulls his bag out and looks at you while swinging it over his shoulder. “I didn’t mean that. It’s just that…between everything going on in both of our lives we never get to see each other outside of school, how is this a functioning relationship at all?”

Peter leans forward and places a light kiss on your lips. “I’ll go home, tell May and get a change of clothes. I’ll be at yours by four-thirty.”

Peter arrived at yours by four-thirty, and by five, you two had started studying and taken three short breaks. You call for another one at five-fifteen.

“We’re not going to accomplish anything if you keep avoiding it,” Peter points out, rolling over from his stomach to his back. He stares up at your ceiling for a while before turning his head to look at you.

“It’s boring, though,” you reply, rolling over and leaning your head on his chest.

“Come on, I could be half way through this book by now! We’ve barely pushed through three pages.”

“Yeah, but…” you drift off, playing with Peter’s shirt.

“But what?” he pushes, his hand brushing through your hair.

“You’re a nerd,” you say with a laugh. He jokingly scoffs and pushes you off him. “Hey!”

“You used to be a nerd!” he defends himself, rolling off the bed and standing beside it. “That was a completely unfair comment.”

“Okay, Mr. Nerd. I’m sorry. We can study again after we cook dinner for the little guys, and I promise to study without a break for at least an hour.”

Peter nods at this and makes you pinky-promise, before closing all the books and putting the pencils and highlighters in your pencil case.

“I know we haven’t like, hung out for a while,” you mumble, reading the back of the ravioli box. “But you do remember I have no idea how to cook, right?”

Peter takes the box from you and scans it himself. “Neither. Does anybody these days?” You shrug and watch him throw the box behind him. “I think you just boil water and watch it.”

You follow Peter’s instructions, putting some bowls out on the bench.

Your little sister runs into the kitchen towards Peter, and you watch as he picks her up with a wide smile on his face. You quickly grab your phone and snap a photo before Peter stops laughing.

“This music sucks,” your sister claims, a frown settling on her features.

“This music does not suck!” Peter replies, a fake defensive look taking over his face. “Elton John is a legend. This playlist is full of legends.”

Your sister pokes her tongue out at the boy. “And every time you come over I have to listen to boring legends. They don’t seem like legends, they’re like losers.”

“Did you just call George Michael a loser?” you fake being offended, taking your sister from Peter’s arms. “You like listening to his music!” She shakes her head, so you put her down. “Get out of my sight,” you say, fake hurt, “I can’t look at you.”

You hear Peter laughing as she runs out of the kitchen and back to her bedroom. You’re very much aware that your siblings hate the ‘Peter’ playlist, a playlist full of songs you and Peter listen to most times he’s over. It’s full of people like Elvis, Elton John, George Michael, et cetera. You both rarely ever listen to those artists outside hanging out with each other.

“Dinner!” Peter yells out, emptying the water from the pot and putting some of the ravioli into each of the four bowls. He makes your brother and sister go into the lounge and sit on the couch. “Pick out a movie, I’ll come put it on for you in just a second!”

He turns to you when they leave with their food and kisses you lightly. You hook your arms around his shoulders and kiss back, finally pulling back at the laughing coming from the lounge room. You stay hugging him, though, admiring Peter’s face as he laughs.

“I guess we aren’t studying for that hour,” Peter whispers, leaning forward and kissing you once more before grabbing his food and rushing into the lounge. You watch from the kitchen as he puts the movie on—Finding Dory—and settles on the couch behind the kids who decide to sit on the floor. They talk and laugh as they wait for you to come in to start the movie, and you’re so in love with the scene of him laughing with your younger siblings that you need to take a photo or two.

When you finally grab your food and move onto the couch, Peter makes sure you’re as close as possible before clicking play. 

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Sex with Sam Winchester...

Sex with Sam Winchester was always amazing.

Sex with Sam Winchester when he came home from a hunt was fucking incredible.

His skin still had a thin sheen of sweat, he’d have scratches from whatever monster he’d killed, and he was always on an adrenaline high.

Within two minutes of him walking in the door, he’d have the two of you naked and writhing, desperate to be together with nothing in between.

Within eight minutes, he’d have worked the two of you to climax and you’d be kissing passionately, getting ready to go again.

Sex with Sam Winchester lasted for hours, leaving your muscles aching from over-use.

And you fucking loved it.

Written for @cleverdame‘s V-Day/B-Day 100 Word Challenge! Tags under the cut

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Vanilla Twilight

A/N Based off the song by Owl City! @lampisimportant​ this was mostly written for you but like that’s sappy so I’m just gonna tag you and stop rambling okay bye.

Pairing: moxiety (Morality/Anxiety)

Genre: fluff, AU, human AU, long-distance relationship

Word Count: 1340


Ann can’t sleep, but he can’t exactly text his boyfriend either. Instead, he chooses to miss him.

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reminisce [daryl dixon]

daryl’s always had a soft spot for you, and you love it.

warnings: none!

additional notes: i wasn’t sure if any of you were interested in smth like this so i didn’t tag anybody. but anyway i love daryl (don’t ask me why cuz idk) so here’s a lil thing i wrote for him to get it outta my system. let me know if you want more daryl fics and/or if you’d like to be tagged in any future ones! gender-neutral reader as usual. enjoy!

Originally posted by winchesterinterrupted

You’d always liked the woods. Being out in the middle of the great outdoors had a calming effect on you, and even in a world filled with death and destruction, the effect continued.

Rick had been tentative about letting you go out on your own for a walk through the woods, but when you mentioned that you could get a good round of hunting out of it, he’d relented. So you went out frequently into the forest, just you and Daryl, you armed with your machete and him armed with his crossbow. While you were always on the alert, searching for prey and walkers alike, you also took time to relax, to breathe, listening to the air rustle through the trees, the trickle of water from the creek nearby.

It was a good time for conversations, too. Daryl was different when he wasn’t surrounded by the other members of the group. You’d seen how kind he could be; he’d been there to help you when you sprained your ankle last month, tripping over a particularly large root like the klutz you were. He’d practically carried you back to camp, doting on you in his abrasive way. Hidden in his stern reprimands and gruff comments you could see how much he actually cared for you. Over time, you’d grown closer, thanks to these moments alone, when it was just you, and Daryl, and the woods. You teased him about how unruly his hair was getting, and he teased you for getting lost in thought when you should be paying attention to your surroundings.

You were thinking so hard that you nearly ran into a tree. You would have if Daryl hadn’t cleared his throat, drawing you back to the present. You sighed but managed to laugh at yourself.

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Some History, and How Things Work

Early this morning we were contacted because someone claims their Fan-Fic was used–without their permission–in a YouTube video.  This is an unfortunately common issue.  

We reviewed the channel, and an Incident number has been assigned and it is in our Queue. Sadly, there is little more that we can do at this time:  the creator of the Fan-Fic is already aware of the problem and appears to have reported it.  If we knew of other creators whose content was used without permission on that channel, we would contact them.  If they issued strikes against the channel, that would hasten the process.  However, we do not–at this time–have anyone else to contact.

This situation offers an excellent opportunity to discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of this blog and of protecting Creator’s Rights in general.

First, a little history about how this project came to be.

@art-defense​ was created at the end of the  Miraculous Blackout.  (Important:  @art-defense​ is not affiliated with, nor was it sanctioned by, the Miraculous Blackout team.  We are totally separate. We don’t even know if they are aware of us yet.)  The Miraculous Blackout was a two-week “strike” by many fan-work creators and their supporters during which they posted no content.  For more details, check out that blog.  

As the Blackout ended, @talvin-muircastle​ wrote a post  in which he expressed his feelings on theft of art and promised to continue to support artists as he had done before.  After his post received reactions far beyond his expectations, he created this side-blog as a place to fulfill that promise and allow others to volunteer their time as well.

So What Exactly Do We Do Here?

When we become aware of an account that may be infringing upon the legal rights of fan-creators, we add it to the Queue for review.  As time permits (all volunteers, here!), the account’s contents are reviewed.  If there is any uncertainty, we contact the artists privately and ask, “Was this used with your permission?”  

Once we feel we can reasonably assume that infringement of rights may have  happened, we turn the Incident into an Incident Report.  These are the posts on this blog that usually start with “You have been tagged in this post because….”  Each creator–where we can identify them–is tagged, and then a list of URLs is given to pages that appear to include their work.  

We go back and re-review old Incidents and issue updates when appropriate, such as when new content is added or a significant amount of content is removed.  

That’s it.  That’s what we do.  The rest is up to the rights-holders, the owners of the content.  The artists own their own creations–that is at the very heart of why this blog exists–and only they can decide if they wish to act upon the information we give them.

What Do We Not Do Here?

We do not contact alleged infringers ourselves.  

We do not condone “get everyone you know to report this” campaigns.   That is morally and legally defined as harassment.  

We do not outright accuse anyone of theft.  Only the owner of the content can do that.

We do not get in the middle of disputes regarding who actually owns a particular piece of content.  If the actual ownership is disputed, that is a legal matter.

While we respect the rights of Corporate rights-holders, we do not work to defend those rights.  A company such as Marvel Comics, or ZagToon, or Paramount, already has employees and contractors to defend their rights–they do not need volunteers.  Too, the relationship between Corporate creators and Fan creators is a complex one.  Some, such as Zag, appear to actively encourage fan-artists: the official Miraculous Ladybug account here on Tumblr regularly reblogs and applauds fan-made artwork.  Some companies have taken strong legal action against fan-creators:  look up “Axanar” for an example.  

That is not our fight.  We stay out of those.  Our mission is to help the “little person”, the solo fan-artist or writer who has no one else to speak up for them. 

Why Is Asking Everyone To Report A Video A Bad Idea?

The situation that inspired this post involves fan-fiction that was allegedly taken and used as the script for a YouTube video.  

YouTube has a procedure in place to remove videos that infringe on someone’s intellectual property rights.  By law, they are required to.  Everyone involved has to follow the law.

Now, the law does not care how many friends you have.  It does not care which side has the more popular argument.  The law–when it works as it should–only cares about what is true, what is just, and what is legal.

YouTube doesn’t care how many friends you have either.  They care about the law, because if they follow the law, they don’t have to worry about getting in trouble alongside one of their users.  

We use the terms “creator”, “rights-holder”, and “owner” fairly interchangeably around here.  To be honest, that’s actually playing a little fast and loose with the terms.  We aren’t lawyers, and we aren’t dealing with things on the level of a lawyer.  Lawyers will use those terms far more carefully and precisely.  

At the level of fan-art, we can usually (not always!) use “creator” and “owner” and mean the same thing with each.  “Rights-holder” gets more complicated:  if you draw a picture of Batman, you own that picture of Batman, but that’s it: it does not mean you own Batman!  DC Comics owns Batman, and even though you own that picture of Batman, DC can cause trouble for you if you use that picture in certain ways, because DC has certain rights over all pictures of Batman.  We aren’t going to follow this part any further:  you’d be better off asking an attorney.    Still, you do have some rights over that picture of Batman.  Even DC Comics cannot use that picture without your permission.  

That’s the important thing: you, the creator of the picture, have rights.

That means that only you, or someone who is a properly authorized agent (think “Power-of-Attorney” here), can report it as stolen.  

Your friend cannot.  We cannot.  A thousand people who were recruited online most certainly cannot.  

That can actually make things worse!

How Can It Make Things Worse?

Let’s take this off the Internet for a few minutes and talk about Garden Gnomes. Specifically your Garden Gnomes.

You have some very nice Garden Gnomes on your front lawn.  You made them.  They are pretty popular among your friends and neighbors.

Somebody down on Main Street, who gets a lot more traffic by their house, saw your Garden Gnomes and decided they really liked them, too.  So they stole one of them!  Put it in their own yard!

And now they are telling people they made it, and that they have never heard of you!

Well, you have proof that you made them.  You have pictures of that gnome in your garden next to other gnomes of the same style that you have made. You even signed the gnome.  

Option A:  Contact the police.  Fill out a report of stolen property.  Wait for the legal system to work.  Maybe, if you think the legal system is going to need to be pushed a little, get a lawyer.   Also, tell all your friends what happened, and tell them to make sure everyone knows that that is your Gnome, don’t believe this other person.  

So far, you are in pretty safe territory.  That last bit might get a little out of control, but if everyone behaves, you’re OK.

Option B: You are not satisfied with Option A. You ask all your friends to fill out police reports as well.  (But the police already have a report, and it’s not your friends’ property!)  Ask all your friends to call and email that person on Main Street and tell them what a horrible person they are for taking your Gnome.  Somebody goes and spray-paints “THIEF!” on the side of their house.  Somebody steals their Yard Flamingo, because after all it’s only fair.   They start getting death-threats….

The Law does not just protect your rights as the owner of that Garden Gnome.  The Law protects everyone’s rights equally, at least in theory.  As it happens, that Gnome-stealer up on Main Street has rights, too!  They have a right to due process, to a fair trial, and they have a right to protection from harassment.  

In fact, taking a Garden Gnome may not be viewed by the law as being as serious as telling someone to go kill themselves for stealing a Garden Gnome.  

So Option B: everybody gets hauled in front of the Judge.  The police, having had to deal with two hundred reports of the theft of one Garden Gnome, plus vandalism, Grand Theft Flamingo, harassment, incitement to harassment, possibly inciting a riot, threats of bodily harm, and who knows what-all else…

Well, the police are not sympathetic witnesses.

The Judge is not going to say that our friend up on Main Street was in the right by taking the Gnome to begin with.  That’s the Law.  But they are going to rightly point out that all this other stuff violated the rights of the accused, and so now you are in trouble too,  and so are any of your friends they can identify and lay hands on who did something to violate the rights of the accused.  The Judge thought they were going to deal with a simple case of theft, and now they are in a Very. Bad. Mood.  Judges have all kinds of nasty–and perfectly legal!–ways of dealing with people who get on their nerves.

Option B was not a very good idea at all.

Bringing it back to the Internet:  unless you have gone straight for the Lawyer option (and the Lawyer is going to tell you “Let me handle it!”), you are dealing with YouTube Customer Service.

YouTube Customer Service is not a Judge.  They are not a Lawyer.  They are probably like anyone in any Customer Service job anywhere:  trying to do the best they can on a low wage while keeping the Supervisors happy.  YouTube is spending money on this problem, and they want the fastest resolution possible with the best possible outcome for YouTube.  

If they are dealing with Option A, even if it is twenty different rights-holders properly using Option A, they are more likely to give the rights-holders a positive outcome.  In fact, if you can find 19 other people that have had their content stolen, that channel is probably going to be shut down, and if they monetized, the money won’t be paid.

This is why we have this blog.  We notify the creators so they can exercise their rights.

If that YouTube Customer Service employee is dealing with Option B, they are going to see clear cases of harassment, threats, reports-not-by-the-rights-holders, and other violations of the YouTube Terms of Service, and they are going to act on those–that’s what they are paid to do.  They might catch the valid and legitimate complaint by the actual rights-holder in all that, or they might not.  It’s a gamble.  

And thus we come around to a restatement of the Mission Statement of Art-Defense:

“The Art-Defense Tumblr Blog will be the home of a small group of volunteers dedicated to notifying artists in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom (and possibly other fandoms) of accounts on this and other platforms that appear to have stolen, reposted, misattributed, and/or monetized artwork.  It will not confront reposters directly, nor will it engage in or condone any form of harassment or bullying. [Emphasis added.]  Above all, it will practice and encourage respect of Artists’ rights over their own creations, and defer to the Artists’ wishes regarding those creations.”

That’s what we do here.  

anonymous asked:

Hello:D Could you draw more Bendy with Boris? Your draw are so great and this couple is so cute!

While I usually don’t accept requests, I’ll make it an exception because 1. I love this ship and I haven’t done enough of them and 2. I JUST NOTICED I REACHED 800 FOLLOWERS THANK YOU GUYS!!

So here you go, Anon! <3

Boris is aware that someone might be seeing them, Bendy doesn’t care because he likes to listen to the wolf’s heartbeats.

I really like that HC of Bendy being fascinated with his bf’s heartbeats OK…. OK.