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Well, I just killed off Daisuga in this AU…

Atlantis - Haikyuu AU SCENE 1

Happy super belated birthday to my darling @lifeinahole27. Sarah I know this is so far past your birthday but I did start it before if that counts for anything! You are one of the greatest treasures I have found here and  wish I had more to give than just my words. 

I found this prompt so please accept 8000ish words of AU in celebration of the festival of you! Thanks to @amagicalship for kicking my arse hard in beta and making this so much better as a result!

You’re always the waiter/bartender at the restaurant I bring my dates to. You’ve started leaving your own personal ranking of each date in the checkbook and I don’t know if I’m annoyed or amused

Just a Casual Observer

It was destined to be another disaster.

After all, why would this be any different to his previous encounters? Relying on the swipe of your finger in the search for love seemed ludicrous at best - especially to a man not completely convinced love was a thing he was searching for at all.

Beyond the fact that ‘getting out there’ and ‘meeting people’ seemed to be things that prevented a total and complete intrusion of his brother and sister-in-law in his love life - or what passed quite happily for one in his books - Killian Jones failed to see one other factor that made his continued presence on that infernal app a positive life choice.

“You look like you could use this. Don’t tell me this one stood you up?”

He looked up into the amused green eyes of a woman whose name tag proclaimed her to be Emma. Killian had seen her here before, admired her loosely braided blonde hair and the way the black dress she wore as her uniform clung to her curves, but he had never been seated in her section nor had reason to speak to her before. Her choice of words confused him - a feeling that must have been obvious on his face because she slid a tumbler of rum down next to his water glass and continued, “You’re here often enough and always with someone different - so I assume you are on first dates. Unless you’re some kind of serial womaniser, of course?”

Her expression suggested that she had not completely ruled out the second option.

“You’re quite perceptive, aren’t you love?” he replied, curious as to why this stranger was invested in his romantic escapades at all. Was it not enough to have Liam and Elsa not-so-gently prodding him towards the opposite sex? Still, she had come bearing gifts, he thought, tipping the glass towards her in thanks and taking a sip. “Although on this occasion the young lady in question is merely running late.”

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