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Do you think that as Killian stood on the deck of the ship watching his brother’s body slip into the waves that he felt the heaviness of the ring hanging around his neck and he wondered “what if?” What if Liam had been wearing his lucky ring? Would he still be alive? 

Do you think years later when he watched Milah’s body follow his brothers, disappearing into the deep, that he pulled it out from where it was now joined by his other necklaces and curse himself for not giving the ring to Milah. For not protecting her with whatever magic lay in the ring all because he was holding too tightly to the ghost of his brother and the one thing he had left?

Do you think when Emma disappeared from Main Street in a storm of blackness and wind that he thought of the ring, the one he no longer wore but kept in his safe on the Jolly and he wished he had given it to her, even though he didn’t think she was ready for that kind of commitment or maybe he wasn’t ready to talk about Liam and how he inherited the ring. That he vowed that when he could he would make sure she would have all the protection a magic-less pirate could give her.  

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firsts - dragon swan queen friendship, with a baby

@lucyllawless​ requested Mal and Regina seeing the hat, which means very very new baby and everyone crying. Dragon Swan Queen friendship, romantic Dragon Queen. Dragon Queen baby. (Zelena using her fake midwife skills.) 

(mild descriptions of the immediate aftermath of childbirth)

She’s so little, bright red and squirmy. Regina’s tears fall on her head, and Mal cradles her against her swollen breasts. Zelena brought them the blanket. It has tiny dragons on it, and she pats the baby’s back, drying some of the gunk from her skin.

She was angry a moment ago, bleating like a little lamb, not a baby, but now she has her mothers and she’s quiet while Zelena whispers how wonderful she is. The umbilical cord pulses on the bed, weird and grey and alien. Emma barely remembers this part from Henry’s birth. Everything hurt and he was crying. She didn’t hold him. She never clutched him tight like Maleficent does.

Mal and Regina whisper about love, and Regina kisses her forehead, over and over. Everything’s slick, and even Emma’s sweaty. Her hands are damp because she held Mal’s shoulders so Regina could see their daughter arrive. Zelena and Nurse Ratched caught her, then everything stopped, because she’s here. Right here. She fumbles at Mal’s breasts, rooting around for a swollen nipple.

Regina laughs, sobs, something and then her hand grabs Emma’s arm. “Look at her.”

“Head’s a little squashed,” Zelena says, readying a very shiny pair of scissors to cut the cord and part them. All of Emma aches, but this baby’s not leaving. No one’s giving her up, no one’s taking her. Her life will be here, with her family.

“That happens when pushing takes awhile.” Nurse Ratched helps clean off the baby and cooes at her. “She looks nearly perfect.” She makes something down on a form, and she and Zelena watch the cord still before they clamp it off.

Zelena touches the back of the baby’s head and smirks. “I don’t think she noticed, seems like she’s ready to eat.”

“Is she all right?” Regina’s voice cracks and Emma wraps her arm around her, trying to keep her steady.

“Perfect,” Ratched promises. “Color’s good, lungs are strong. She’s awake, alert, ready to eat.”

“What do we do? Am I doing this right?” Mal looks at her breasts with absolute confusion, and between the three of them, they shift and guide until that little red mouth grabs a nipple.

Mal makes a face and then they’re all laughing.

“Just needs a hat,” Zelena says, looking at the pile of little blankets. “Did we bring one? Wouldn’t want her to get cold.”

A hat.

“Oh I–” Emma blushes and pulls the little hat out of her jeans pocket. She almost forgot. She wishes she’d forgotten, because it’s an ugly, lumpy little thing because she kept screwing up the stitches and it’s not even hard. It’s just a hat, and she tried to get an apple on it, but it’s really hard. “I made a hat.”

“Emma–” Regina’s voice is almost too thick to be heard. “You made a hat?”

“It’s terrible.”

“Emma, please.” Mal somehow sounds more coherent than Regina, which seems impossible, but she reaches her hand. “Let us see.”

“I’m terrible at knitting.”

“No, Emma, no.” Regina takes it and she clings to the little hat, wiping her tears with her hand. She smiles so bright that it hurts to look at her face. “It’s beautiful. It’s her first present.”

“I brought the blanket.” Zelena mutters and Regina touches her and Maleficent laughs.

“You did, but Emma made this.”

“It’s crooked, and lumpy.”

“I love it.” Regina slips it onto the baby’s damp little head, covering her dark hair. “It fits her.”

“It’s too big.”

Maleficent reaches for Emma and grabs her hand with a gentleness she hasn’t had for the last few hours of labor. “It’s wonderful. Thank you.”

Shrugging, Emma looks down, then back up at their faces. “I’m sorry I didn’t make a better one.”


“It just happened so fast.”

Regina glances at the clock, and she squeezes Emma, almost hugging her. “Twenty-one hours. You could have made several hats.”

“Was it?” Mal looks up from the baby, eyes wide.

“Shhh,” Regina insists, leaning int to kiss her. “Everything’s fine. Everything’s wonderful. You were perfect, you’re both perfect.”

“She’s getting sappy,” Zelena mutters, rolling her eyes.

“She’s allowed.” Ratched nudges Zelena and they take the placenta over to the table, while it lies like a dead alien creature.

Emma watches Regina and Mal kiss again, then stare down at the baby and her ugly little hat between them. It’s dreadful. They can’t possibly like it.

“Thank you, Emma.” Maleficent pulls her close and both of them hug her, sweaty, sticky, still wet with tears, and the baby’s in the middle.

“Her godmother should be the first one to give her a gift,” Regina insists, clearing her throat. “So it’s wonderful.”

She can’t escape. They’re both staring at her. They didn’t pick Zelena, Granny or Ursula, someone who knew what she was doing. They picked Emma. They want Emma to be something to this tiny new baby in an ugly hat.


“Please.” Mal smiles at her with liquid blue eyes and fuck. No one should be able to ask her anything with that kind of look. “We want you to be a big part of her life. We love you.”

Hormones. Totally hormones, except that Mal doesn’t need to blame them. She says these things.

Regina strokes the baby’s head. “It would mean a lot to both of us if you’d accept.”

Staring at the baby, Emma nods, now her voice catches. “Okay. I’ll practice knitting.”

“Emma, we love it.”

Unpopular Opinion?

Everyone’s all giddy about Rumbelle—well, Rumplestiltskin, really—being accepted and included at that table (with that INANE religious metaphor that I’ve been WORRIED that they were going to use for seasons, now), and I would have been happy about it, too … a few seasons ago. 

Now? They are the SHITTIEST people. They’re awful. They’re hypocrites. Okay, our “savior” decided she had to die to save everyone, but do you think her “everyone” included Rumplestiltskin and Belle? She was threatening to kill Gideon at the midseason, and a minute ago. She sold Belle out how many times? Left her behind? Threatened, blackmailed, and bullied Rumple? I don’t want Rumbelle to be with ANY of them, except maybe Henry and Regina.

I suppose it’s typical for Storybrooke. There’s a whole lot of forgive-and-forget at that table. Murder, rape, kidnapping, torture, blackmail … all forgotten and okay! Apparently those citizens have issues with their memories because of all the curses.


anon: Why do you hate Serinda Swan?


Anon:  So if u want requests I got one. Reader and Emma are in a relationship and in some magic fight the reader gets a battle scar across their eye and is embarrassed by it. But Emma shows how it’s not a bad thing and she still loves them. And she thinks it’s sexy/badass too.

Thank you for this, anon! I must warn you though that this will be my first time on writing a pairing that isn’t Captain Swan. That, and this is my very first take on requests. I do hope you’d like this….

“What’s the story with this one?” 

You were jolted from your peaceful state as you peered down to your left only to meet Emma’s curious gaze. 

It was a Sunday afternoon and nothing much is going on around Storybrooke. Henry’s staying with Regina, the Charmings had gone towards who knows where and so Emma had decided to spend her Sunday morning lying beside you, talking about almost anything. 

It was a nice change, to have a morning all to yourselves. No monsters trying to hunt you down, no villains who wanted retributions, and no crazy family who drove you insane. 

“Hmm?” you drawled out lazily as she reached out to touch the faded scar across your eye, tensing as you felt her touch. 

It isn’t visible much anymore yet there are evidences of depression outlining the scar. It wasn’t obvious, as long as the person wasn’t looking for it specifically. 

“Every scar has its own history, right?” Emma pressed as she turned to meet your gaze only to see your discomfort. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“It’s uh…. hey, why don’t I make you breakfast?” You tried to change the subject, maneuvering yourself to leave Emma’s embrace only for her to stop you. 

“Y/N…” her voice trailed off as you averted your gaze somewhere else while she tried to keep her gaze on you, trying to look for answers that you are desperately hiding. 

It’s not like you to change subject whenever she asked you a personal question since you never liked keeping secrets from her- a feat that made her fall for you in the first place. 

“If it bothers you too much, I won’t pry anymore.” she finally said as she get up from her comfortable position. You reached out, gently tugging her back to your arms. 

“You really have that talent of making people guilty, you know that?” you told her as you stroke her hair lovingly. 

“You don’t really have to-”

“Oh hush you, you know I can’t keep anything to you.” you playfully nudged her even if your heart is beating wildly as nervousness kicked in. 

“You know how our village was attacked during the time where Regina is still an evil queen, right?” you asked her as you formed a white ball of light on your free hand, watching your beloved as she looked at your ability with amazement dancing on her eyes. 

You were a product of true love- hence, you have your own special ability. Although it is nowhere as strong as Emma’s (her parents have the truest love  of all which is why she’s the Savior of the Enchanted Forest.), it didn’t fail to leave her amazed at what you can do.

“Ogres had once wandered towards our village. A little girl was stuck inside of her family’s cottage and I had foolishly ran inside to save her. An ogre attacked us, prompting me to use my magic but then…” 

“An ogre attacked you?” Emma supplied when you hadn’t finished your tale to which you confirmed with a single nod.

“After that attack, the girl and I suffered the consequences of my rashness. I had acquired a scar, while she had became partially blind because of the intensity of the light I had produced then. This scar was a reminder of my foolishness and my inability to think before I rush into danger… If only I hadn’t-”

“-But you saved her life.” Emma interrupted as you turned away from her. “That means a lot, y/n.” 

“It’s embarrassing, Em.” you muttered, head hung low. “I should’ve thought something first. If it wasn’t for my recklessness then maybe-”

“Hey,” You turned to her in surprise. After all, it wasn’t often to hear Emma speaking softly and lovingly like this. “You’ve done what you could to save the girl. You’re a hero.” she said with admiration lacing on her voice. 

Both of you knew just how insecure you were because you are constantly hanging around with Emma’s family-who are not only royalty but hotshot heroes of Storybrooke while you’re…you. 

Emma had always assured you that you’re one of the heroes of the town and she had never failed on reminding you every once in a while. 


Before you could even leave a protest, Emma reached out to plant a searing kiss onto your lips, letting the protest die along as you pulled her closer to deepen it. 

As you both came up for air, she pecked your lips for good measure as she stood up. 

“We really should make that breakfast now.” She said as she turned to leave you hanging after that mind blowing kiss. You sat there, comprehending what just happened when Emma poked her head around the door. 

“Oh and Y/N?”

You raised your eyebrow in response, evidently giving up on trying to form words using your mouth. 

“I think your scar is really sexy. You shouldn’t hide it that much.”

With a smile, you rise to your feet and joined your girlfriend, feeling much much better about your  scar. 


I made a post and people thought it was a good idea so here you go… 242 captain swan fics to help with the end of the hiatus.

Stories are all placed into the two following categories:

  • alternate universe  
  • canon / canon divergence

(they are also divided into multichapter and one shots for better reference).

Under the cut because this is absolutely massive.

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Make You Mine

A/N: Canon divergence from 4x21/22 with a sprinkle of AU. In which they have an extra day to return to the Enchanted Forest, allowing them to stop overnight. Emma knows this isn’t the same Killian she’s used to, but tonight she just needs to be in his arms. (In this story, we’re assuming they’ve already made love as much as possible back in Storybrooke.) 

A huge shoutout to brooke-to-broch for being a super beta and to kat2609 for general handholding and encouragement!

Part 2 [Here] Part 3 [Here] Also on

Rated: M (Smut involving the deflowering of AU Killian - because I needed it)

She can feel the gentle rocking of the boat, and it soothes her in more ways than one. Letting out a long sigh, she reaches for the towel Killian gave her and rolls up her sleeves. The soap and water are welcome after her stay in the tower, and she doesn’t waste another moment cleaning her hands and face with quick determination. If only she could wash away the memories of being locked in a dungeon, powerless.

After Lily was defeated, they sailed for hours towards the Enchanted Forest. It was thrilling to finally be free, and to be in the company of her two favorite boys just made it all that much sweeter. Seeing them both again (and together!) was like the sun rising after a long dark night. She knew they had a wedding to crash, but she never wanted this reverie to end. So when Killian suggested dropping anchor for the night and making way in the morning so as to avoid Blackbeard and his crew, she quickly agreed. They managed to take cover in a small cove, and for now all seems peaceful.

If the thought of spending the night in the captain’s quarters with a certain dashing pirate crossed her mind, so sue her. After being caged and tortured, surely she deserves the solace of his company. Even if it’s only for one night, because she knows tomorrow everything may go to hell in a handbasket. She couldn’t let this opportunity to be with him pass, to make herself known to this new version of her lover. Now if only she can help him get past his insecurities and lack of memory and turn him on to her plan. Shouldn’t be that hard, she thinks wrily. He and I both know I’m his type. The anticipation of what she’s about to do sends a ripple of nervous energy throughout her entire body.

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