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She has no throne. Girls without thrones should not have knights, but hers won’t go. Princess Zelda – the girl who killed Calamity – would love to fade into legend, but Link’s bought a house, he’s fighting off monsters, and he’s selling giant horses to strangely familiar Gerudo men. She’ll never have any peace now. (ao3)  

(chapter one) (chapter two) (chapter three) (chapter four)

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Hello! I was wondering if you had any underrated romance manga to recommend? I've read quite a lot so I'm running out of some to read

Story of my life! (hehe)
Here are some that i can remember. I just hope you haven’t read these ones yet. :P
1. Gozen 0-Ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo
2. Palace Meidi
3. Oiran Chirashi
4. Hatsu Haru and all of its mangaka’s manga
5. all manga of Saki Aikawa
6. all manga of Chika
7. if you happened to read all of this, go to yaoi section…. jk

edit: not kidding

- fymb

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Okay but your blog gives me life and never stop because you're fabulous, alright? XD And here's a scenario request because whY nOt (So far I've raised the "freaking out the blogger" meter over the max, ooops ^^") Next Champions going for a picnic but Teba brings Tulin with him because Saki is busy. I have this headcanon that Riju is obsessed with the little guy, heheh! ^^


Excuse my horrible out-of-practice writing but I hope you enjoy just the same(*~▽~)

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The one that started at all.  Some history–I recently played through Persona 4 for the first time and loved basically every single thing about it.  One of my favorite visuals in the game, though, were the boss shadows–lots of fun symbolism with a bizarre avant-garde twist.

So by the end of the game, I was a little disappointed by how little you actually learn of the two original victims, and it got me thinking–they must have encountered their shadows, right?  And then my imagination just ran wild.  From here on I started this project (which began a few weeks ago and is still on going).

My first choice was an easy one–Saki Konishi was, of the two victims, the one you know the most about.  But there’s still a lot left unknown, and it was actually kind of hard to figure out what her inner demons would have actually been.  It hit me that she would probably feel like a betrayer, and then I latched onto some Inferno symbolism and it kind of erupted from there.

Info-chan: ya’ll niggas called me?

Yandere-chan: ay nigga, we need your fuckin’ help. I’m trapped here with this bitch and some other random niggas that want me dead. i’m too young to be out here dyin just because niggas need a little hope in their lives, have you seen the niggas i have to go up against? that ride-in from danganronpa lookin ass nigga. shes gon cut my heart out with that long ass sword she got, i dont wanna be heartless Info-chan so you better send your motherfuckers over here right now!

Info-chan: ………………………………………………… nigga im busy.

Yandere-chan: busy?! what you mean busy, nigga?

Info-chan: *sigh* … i guess i can come pick ya’ll niggas up. who all there?

Yandere-chan: its me, Kokona, Saki and– ah. who was that other nigga that was with us again?

Kokona: i dont know, she was black, right?

Yandere-chan: that nigga wasnt black! bitch, you know Yan Dev doesnt put black people in his video game!

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*washes self with dark temptation body wash and winks their eye at saki coming from shower wearing a towel around their waist* ( this is what saki wants right? :D lol )

*Mohan Ghale voice* “That’s what Saki would have wanted!”

“Hanamura-kun… you know what I didn’t exactly come here so you could go to take a shower again and again just to test your new shower gels. I do like the fragnance of them but don’t you think you should lift up the towel before I continue? It kinda bothers me.”

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Can I get a male and female match? I'm 5'3 (wow, there's a lot of people who are 5'3 on here lol) and I'm generally free-spirited and intuitive. I don't dislike people, but I won't go out of my way just to interact with others either. I often value creativity as I love drawing and art and I'm always curious about trying new things. I can be observant and notice little things, but I'll also get lost in my own thoughts sometimes and forget what someone says to me. I also overthink things lol

I match you with…

Saki Mikajima!

Originally posted by mizaya

- Despite being pretty reserved, Saki is equally free-spirited with an intuition to match! The two of you are on par with each other in the best way; both being able to read the other like a book.

- Saki is a little more social so she’ll make sure to get you your daily dose of human interaction before sweeping you away to enjoy your alone time together; she’s a big fan of heavy socializing anyways so it’s pretty well-balanced!

- She takes a lot of interest in your art and enjoys seeing you draw! Even though she isn’t all that great in the art department she still asks you for lessons on occasion so the two of you can do something together.

- Your observational skills are one of your most attractive traits to Saki; expect some giggling and a soft “Hello, earth to ____.” when you go into a daze though.

- She’s generally level-headed and calm but she can definitely tell when you’re thinking too much. She tries her best to help you clear your head and regain some focus if things become a mess.

I also match you with…

Shinra Kishitani!

Originally posted by shunsukeotosaka

- It’s not hard to tell that Shinra is just as free-spirited if not more so; with a striking sense of adventure, he makes things a lot of fun for the two of you!

- Expect to be pulled into quite a few social situations (particularly with Shinra’s friends and the Awakusu). Eventually, you could get used to them but the initial experience is definitely pretty jarring.

- Shinra is always up for trying new things with you and he is super encouraging of your art, he’s like your own personal cheerleader! If you need help with anatomy, he’s always got a few medical diagrams lying around for you to study.

- He isn’t super observant himself so don’t be too surprised when he comes up and gives you a little spook if you’ve been zoning out and he didn’t notice.

- Shinra is no angst machine but when things get rough he can overthink things too, which teaches him how to help you when you’re thinking too much. He usually ends up making some tea and having a hot pot party if he can’t get you more relaxed on his own.

- Pasya

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Even tho Atlus removed Yosuke's romance route and made his whole acting overly straight thing a complex for not being straight actually "canon" (or at least not stated to be canon but still not stated to be not canon either) I still feel like in P4U, P4U2, and (I have seen a few character moments in it) PQ they have written him with his whole "overly straight cause he's not really straight" thing in mind and have incorporated that into his character. Your thoughts having fully play PQ yourself?

OK, now, let me make one thing abundantly clear. When it comes to sexuality, I see Yosuke as absolutely straight. Like, maybe 98% straight. His actions do not imply to me a sexual attraction to men at any point. His “You’re good with your hands” line is only suggestive in English and, in fact, a totally normal, everyday phrase in Japanese and, generally, well, same-sex friendships just tend to get very close in Japan, even without any underlying sexual tension. The standards of what is seen as “gay” and what isn’t are entirely different, too. Likewise, Yosuke’s lusting after the girls is very different from how he acts with Yu and feels VERY genuine. It helps that Teddie picked up the majority of his habits regarding the girls from Yosuke, unfortunately. This isn’t “Overly Straight Cause He’s Not Really Straight”, this is “Straight And Acting Fidgety Around What Doesn’t Seem To Be Because He Doesn’t Understand It And It Scares Him.”

However this is ONLY sexually. Emotionally and romantically are entirely different things from that. I, for my part, have never been sexually attracted to anyone in my life, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have emotional and romantic attractions. The fact that I am in a relationship should be enough to prove that. And with Yosuke, especially, I am very convinced his sex-drive and his romantic feelings are mostly separated, even if he probably wouldn’t admit that.

My evidence for this is Saki. Look at her. Then look at the girls Yosuke usually lusts after. Notice something? Yosuke’s usual type is beautiful, bouncy, and, emm… well-endowed… overly feminine and strikingly pretty. Saki is none of these things, she has a rather modest chest, a grey-mouse-like appearance and is generally not acting especially feminine (not even in the Japanese version, nope.) Yosuke also never really lusts after Saki, not even before she’s dead. Note how, in the one scene with Saki we get, he not even once shows any of the behaviors he often shows towards Rise or even Yukiko. He never once commented on her looks, never once went on and on about how cute she is (something even Junpei *did* do about Chidori)… In fact, the way Yosuke acted towards Saki, even whenever he remembers her and talks about her, is much, MUCH closer to how he acts towards Yu, than it is to how he acts towards many other girls. Another thing that shows that Yosuke’s attraction to Saki was *not* of a sexual nature  is his various flirting attempts and ill-fated date-hunt operations, which continue, even after Saki’s death. While Junpei unceremoniously stopped most of his girl hunting and flirting after Chidori’s death (The hotsprings incident happened *before* Chidori died, if I remember right), Yosuke keeps going, seemingly not having any negative associations or traumatic memories coming up from flirting with girls. If his attraction to Saki had really been of sexual nature, that would not have been the case, especially given that his Social Link proves clearly that he did *not* just “bounce back” again this quickly. 

Also, since you brought up Persona Q, I will not spoil (still, slight spoiler warning here, skip the paragraph if you don’t wanna know anything!) but it’s noticeable that in the one scene that has two variations, one with Yu and one with Makoto, both of which trying to force them to be a couple, with Makoto Yosuke’s reaction is pretty much just a dull, unamused “No” repeated over and over, while with Yu he gets fidgety and panicky and even jokingly goes along with it for a few moments, which absolutely isn’t the case with Makoto’s version of the scene. So it”s definitely not Yu’s gender he’s attracted to, but the emotional connection to Yu himself. By the way, Yu’s version of that scene also shows quite clearly that Yosuke thinks that if he were to be in a relationship with a guy, he would be forced to act like a girl (which is actually a quite common misconception in Japan, it’s where the Uke/Seme conceptions come from, as well as the wide-spread misconception that homosexuality and transgender are the same thing.) So that explains a LOT about his bouts of homophobia. 

So, bottomline, I definitely do *NOT* see Yosuke as a closeted homo/bi/pansexual. I see him as a heterosexual with strong panromantic tendencies, about which he is in denial, since they don’t go well with his sexuality. I am convinced, if Yosuke were to get together with a girl he is sexually attracted to, he might end up deeply unhappy, because it’s likely she would be unable to satisfy his emotional needs (in the way Saki and Yu did, by accepting him as an equal, and giving him security and a chance to lay his feelings bare without being afraid of being judged.) If he ended up getting together with Yu, on the other hand, he’s probably be very happy, but Yu would have to be accepting of the fact that Yosuke is probably *not* going to sleep with him and that Yosuke would probably continue to lust after women at any given opportunity, even if he would promise to quit his date hunting.  

It’s a bit of a double edged sword. The ideal would really be a girl like Saki, to whom he can have both, a romantic AND eventually also a sexual attraction, to mend this disconnect, but  I am convinced he can be happy with Yu as well. 

Eisuke Ichinomiya fanfic: Dirty Dancing (part 3)

Days, weeks, months have passed since the last time you’ve seen or heard from Eisuke. You don’t know if he has tried to call, text, email, message or try to get ahold of you virtually because you’ve blocked him from your phone, email, and social media. You thought blocking him out of your life would make it easier to get over him but you were just miserable. You still work at the Tres Spades because you’re paid well, you like your coworkers, and in general the job is great. The only flaw is that your ex is the boss. You haven’t seen Eisuke around the hotel the past few months. Apparently he’s in Cancún where the new Tres Spades will open next year. You wanted to be with Eisuke but you didn’t know if you were ready to face him. You’re not sure if you’ve forgiven him for what he did at the anniversary party of the Tres Spades. You’re still a bit shaken up from the events that took place in Ota’s suite. You’ve never seen that side of him. How do you feel? What are you going to do? What’s the right thing to do? These thoughts run through your head frequently and you still have no answer for either of them.

*Eisuke’s POV*
I’ve been in Cancún for a few months now. I’m glad that the Ichinomiya Group is expanding and that I’m still very successful but there’s still a big hole in my life and it can only be filled by _____. I’ve tried to reach her but I’m never able to because of some kind of connection error or something. I think you get those messages when someone blocks you. She has blocked me from her life. She hates me. I still love her. I hate that I made those decisions but there’s nothing I can do to change them. I’m trying to keep it together but she is my motivation, my muse, my everything. I can’t live without her. How am I supposed to tell her how I feel without having her turn away or hit me again? She wouldn’t believe a word I say anyways. I should hire her at the new hotel. No she’ll just refuse. I’ll make her say yes. No she might quit. Goddammit!


*Your POV*
It’s close to Christmas time and you’re going to take time off of work to go on vacation. Your family decided to go to Cancún so you thought you would go with a friend and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with your family and the rest of the time vacationing with your friend.
“I already asked to have a week off. Come on please!” You were begging Sakiko to go with you.
“Ok I guess. It does sound like fun.” Sakiko says with a smile.
“Ok good then it’s settled. We will be leaving a week from tomorrow!!!” The two of you squeal with excitement and then return to work.


You finally arrived to beautiful Cancún. You were so excited for this vacation with your friend and family.
“Too bad the Tres Spades isn’t open yet otherwise we could’ve stayed there haha.” Sakiko jokes.
Is Eisuke still here? You wondered to yourself as you headed to the hotel in the shuttle.

“Here is your key. Enjoy your stay!”
“Thank you.”
The room has a great view of the ocean. There are so many different shades of blue. This is definitely the perfect place to build a hotel.
“_____ we should go out and experience the night life here. I’m sure it’ll be fun!”
“Yeah let’s go tonight.”

That night you went to a club with Sakiko. When you got in, the two of you got a table and ordered your drinks.
“I really like it here. It’s so lively.” You say enthusiastically.
“I’m really enjoying it so far.” Sakiko says with excitement as she looks around the club admiring everything about it.
“We’ve been waiting for our drinks for a while. I’m going to head over to the bar and see what’s up.” You get out of your chair and head towards the bar. You accidentally bump into a tall man that’s hunched over the counter.
“Oh I’m so sorry.” No response. Ok then.
“Hey my friend and I ordered our drinks a while ago. I was wondering if–”
One of the bartenders starts saying something in Spanish and you don’t understand.
“Espere por tu turno. No eres la única persona aquí. Hay mucha gente en este pinche club.”
Not knowing what to do you head back to your table but you don’t find Sakiko. You look around and see her talking to someone. That man looks familiar. Oh that’s right, he’s the man you accidentally bumped into and he didn’t respond to your apology. It looks like they’re hitting it off. You sit down at the table and your drinks finally arrive. It didn’t want to interrupt Sakiko so you started your drink without her. You finish your drink by yourself and Sakiko is still talking to the man. You glanced over at them every now and then. Wow they really must be getting along. She better get his number at this rate. You’re about the get up and approach Sakiko but she arrives to the table.
“We should go.” She says.
“You haven’t had your drink. Don’t you want to–”
“____ we should go now.”
Without questioning her, the two of you leave the club. As you’re waiting for a taxi to pick you up you’re still curious as to why Sakiko wanted to leave all of a sudden.
“So you really hit it off with that guy.”
“I already kind of knew him.” Sakiko says in a monotone.
“Is he your boyfriend?”
“____ that was Eisuke.”

*Eisuke’s POV*
Work has be stressful so I decided to go to a popular club here in Cancún. I went by myself because I’ve spent too much time with the same people and needed to get out. I was drinking at the bar and someone bumps into me. Stupid drunk probably. They apologized but drunks aren’t worth my time. I don’t even look at the person.
It starts to get kind of crowded so I moved and I see a familiar face. She works at my hotel right? Saki? Sako? God what’s her name…Sakiko! I walk up to her and pull her aside and start talking to her.
“I didn’t expect to see you here Mr Ichinomiya.”
“I could say the same to you. Aren’t you supposed to be working on the other side of the world?”
“I’m on vacation with ___.”
“What?” Did she just say what I think she said?
“____’s family is here for Christmas so we’re going to be here for a week.”
“Where is ____?”
“She’s checking on our drinks. I actually don’t see her right now.” Sakiko looks at the bar and ____ is nowhere in sight.
“Oh she’s at our table. I should probably go join her. It was good to see you Mr. Ichinomiya.” She bows to me.
“Wait! Where are you guys staying?”
“Excuse me?”
“Sorry it’s just that I’ve been wanting to speak to ____ for a while but I can’t get ahold of her.”
“Oh we’re staying at the–” She suddenly stops talking. “Wait this isn’t right.”
“What do you mean? We’re not in a professional environment.”
“No that’s not it.” She pauses for a moment, “I know what you did to her and I don’t think she should be speaking to you.”
“But I–”
She’s gone and I try to stop her but she’s already leaving with _____.

Yayy part 3 is finally out and I hope you enjoy it! Also fun fact about me…I’m bilingual. I’m fluent in English and Spanish :P You can either google translate that Spanish quote or if you already know Spanish and understand it then you’re extra cool lol :D


Yozakura Quartet he no Kessoku

Yasuda-sensei requests that the seiyuu cast try out a variety program
task and he requests, that they do daruma-san ga koronda however, naked. But if they can’t do the task then they must do an official apology towards the person in charge. So they thought out on how far they can go with this task! Here are the guys answers!

Kaji Yuki: Hmm I wonder…
Fukuen Misato: Ok, let’s go one by one and set our limit on how far we can go.
Kaji Yuki: A single… towel.
Fukuen Misato: You’re setting the bar high.
Fujita Saki: Wow, you can go that far?!
Okamoto Nobuhiko: I, too… Can go for a single piece, it’s ok.
Kaji Yuki: So you’re ok with it?! If you move you know it’s going to be over for you. Will you be ok?
[Everyone laughing]
Fukuen Misato: Isn’t that a bit dangerous to consider it being ok? (with just a single piece)
Kaji Yuki: Why is it ok for you?
Fukuen Misato: So it’s ok for you then.
Kaji Yuki: Then if that’s the case, then you’re pretty good going all naked.

However in the end they didn’t do the task since they already arrived at their next destination xD

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do you know some shoujo manga where the main girl wears glasses?? (like all the time, not just for doing particular things)?

Here you go (mixed in some josei as well) ~

  • Warau Kanoko-sama/Koi Dano Ai Dano
  • Mishounen Produce
  • Atashi no Banbi
  • Rensou Mode
  • Naisho no Jikan
  • Nanairo Sekai (first story)
  • Kuragehime
  • Mashikaku Rock
  • Private Prince
  • Shinigamihime no Saikon
  • Kare First Love
  • Emma
  • The Witch’s Cruelty
  • Hidarite no Love Letter (first story)
  • H2O
  • Kageno Datte Seishun Shitai
  • Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
  • Gokusen
  • Oyayubihime Infinity  
  • Mairunovich
  • Midnight Secretary
  • Pen Saki ni Syrup
  • Watashi ni xx Shinasai! 
  • Gakuen Ouji
  • Cinderella Fella
  • Stroke Material
Gimme Your Heart! // @tomahawkswing

Saki read over his email again, just to make sure it sounded okay. He didn’t want to make a mistake, and have it misconstrued.


I know we don’t always see eye-to-eye. Mostly never. That’s fine, I guess, but I really think us trying to beat the crap out of each other all the time has to stop. Partially because the last fight we had landed us in prison, and partially because my Mom is still super pissed at you for calling me out in the middle of the night and trying to beat me to death. She really wants to speak to you about that, and soon.

Actually, the whole point of this email is to formally ask you to come to my house for dinner. And willingly subject yourself to my mom’s tongue-lashing. Because she refuses to let it go. On the bright side, it’s a free meal, and you get to meet my little sister finally. She really took a shine to Laika, so I think she’ll like you too.

Please at least consider the offer.


It might not have been the most well-crafted letter, but Saki was still just a touch salty about having been thrown in prison for getting into a fight. Feeling like he’d said everything he could concerning the matter, he sent the email, and waited for a response.