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Lee Twin Headcanons
  1. Willow was the first born twin, two minutes older than Amelia. Willow was the loudest crier, Amelia hardly ever cried because Willow seemed to attract the attention, therefore she didn’t need to.
  2. Amelia was the one who made the plans and Willow was the executer. Amelia would plan the attacks while Willow would lead the way, Amelia following behind.
  3. The Lees weren’t expecting to have twins and they had already picked out the name Willow because of the beautiful willow trees in their yard. Amelia’s name came out of the blue, just like she did.
  4. Amelia has always been more soft-spoken than her sister, but she holds the same feelings towards her parents’ wishes as Willow.
  5. They referred to themselves as the Lee twins just like the Weasley twins in Harry Potter. Amelia was the one who came up with the idea, hoping that Willow would go along with it.
  6. Amelia calls Willow, Wills and Willow calls Amelia, Ames.
  7. When they were five years old and starting kindergarten, their teacher would constantly confuse the two. Amelia and Willow thought this was funny and every once in a while they’d switch names, pretending to be the other twin for the day. One day, Willow had managed to get herself into trouble, and because Amelia knew mom and dad would be angry, she took the blame instead.
  8. Fifth grade was the first year the two of them were in different classes—neither of them were called by the other sister’s name, nor were they able to put the blame on the other sister, it felt odd to them to be separated, a feeling that Amelia found she hated.
  9. Amelia always looked up to Willow, Willow was the courageous one, the funny one, the sassy one, Willow was the best in Amelia’s opinion—and Amelia aspired to be like her.
  10. Willow wasn’t ever really interested with making friends, Amelia on the other hand, craved friendship. When she met Neil she tried telling Willow all about him, but Willow decided she didn’t like him that much because he was taking her sister away.
  11. Amelia told Willow about Neil when she got home, crying to her sister. Willow sat there, confused as to how the quiet one was the one to get herself into trouble, but didn’t say a word. She just sat there rubbing her sister’s hair, trying to be supportive.
  12. Amelia would visit Willow periodically during college, seeing, as she didn’t go to school too far away from where Willow went. Amelia enjoyed being with her sister, because the separation from one another at the beginning sounded nice, but Amelia realized she wanted to be close to her sister.
  13. Over the summers during college, Amelia rented an apartment in Newport and Willow moved in with her.
  14. When Amelia found out that Willow didn’t have contact with their parents anymore, Amelia felt like she was obligated to keep some form of contact with them. She couldn’t stand her parents though, for they were the reason she left Neil in New York.
  15. Amelia now only has contact with her parents when they call her asking her about her current state in the relationship department and her job. She rolls her eyes but she grins and bears it because she wants them to be happy—even if speaking to them makes her miserable.