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Waverly and Nicole Sex Scene Without Music

i know some people want scenes without music so here you go

Teaser Cards

@markrosewater recently answered an ask about teaser cards in sets and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. What I’m referring to as a teaser card is a card the makes reference to something that’s in the pipeline but which hasn’t been printed yet. It’s a card (or cards) that will come in a later set or block.

I believe there’s a right and a wrong way to do these. Read on to see how Wizards blew it in the past and find out if Hour of Devastation will repeat the failure or deliver on the promise.

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Sick Day.

For the anon that requested the Nicole being sick fic, here you go. Sorry it’s not super long or great but it’s something.

Waverly smiled as she made her way down the hallway of the police station with a white box in her hand containing chicken salad from Shorties. It was Nicole’s favorite. Nicole, her girlfriend, who she couldn’t stand being away from for more than a few hours. Her girlfriend’s text to her had been short that morning, not like her usually enthusiastic texts. Waverly figured she was probably having a bad day, so she thought bringing her lunch might make it better…and she selfishly wanted to see her too.

But she was taken back when she turned the corner into the office and didn’t see Nicole’s fire red hair and dimples. Instead she saw Lonnie, the new guy. Maybe Nicole was out on patrol?

“Hey….Lonnie.” Waverly said as she glanced around the office. “Nicole around?”

“Haven’t seen her. I was just called in a few hours ago to work the desk.” He shrugged.

“Nedley in his office?” She asked.


“Mind if I pop my head in?” She smiled.

Lonnie opened the small door to let Waverly through. She knocked on Nedley’s door and waited for him to tell her she could come in before entering. “Hey Nedley, have you seen Nicole around?”

“No, she called out sick today. Sounded like she had a bullfrog in her throat when I talked to her.” He said as he closed a file that he had in front of him.

“Sick?” Waverly asked. “But she didn’t say anything to me.” Waverly thought out loud.

Nedley shrugged. “Don’t know much about it, sorry hun.”’

Waverly nodded “No, it’s okay. Thanks Nedley. I’ll go check up on her just to make sure she’s okay.” She was about to leave when she turned back around and placed the box of food she was holding on Nedley’s desk. “Here, have this.”

She made a pit stop at the diner in town to pick up soup before heading over to Nicole’s. Waverly wasn’t sure why, but on her drive to her girlfriend’s house she was filled with anger. Maybe it was because Nicole didn’t tell her she was sick. Or maybe it was the fact that Nicole was always taking care of Waverly, but she never got to return the favor. Well, this time she would.

She knocked on the door to Nicole’s home. Moments later an abnormally pale faced Nicole answered. She had a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, her hair was a bit of a tousled mess, and the tip of her nose was as red as her hair. “Waves?” She croaked.

The anger that Waverly felt subsided for a moment and she was filled with nothing but concern. She should have been the first to know Nicole was sick; just like that she was pissed again. Waverly let herself in, waking past Nicole to the kitchen. “You look like shit.”

“Wow thanks babe.” Nicole rolled her eyes as she closed the door. “Waves, what are you doing here?” Nicole asked as she followed her to the kitchen.

“I stopped by the office today to bring you lunch.” Waverly began as she poured the tomato soup that was in a container into one of Nicole’s blue ceramic bowl. “I had to hear from Nedley that you called out sick.” She grabbed a spoon and placed it in the bowl. She leaned on the counter as she looked back up at her girlfriend. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Waves, it’s nothing. It’s just a small cold. I didn’t want to worry you.” Nicole’s voice was hoarse and scratchy.

“Baby…” Waverly sighed as she took a few steps toward Nicole. It was impossible for her to stay mad at that face. “I’m your girlfriend, worrying is basically part of my job description.” Nicole smiled and then coughed into her elbow. “Here.” Waverly gave her the bowl of soup. “Go sit on the couch I’ll be there in a second.”

Nicole grabbed the soup and walked her way back to the couch. A few minutes later Waverly was walking into the living room with a freshly made grilled cheese sandwich. “Waves you didn’t ha-”

“I know.” Waverly nodded. “I know you don’t need me to take care of you. And I know you’re capable of being alone when you’re sick. But I want to be here for you.” Waverly held up the plate with the sandwich on it. “My favorite sick day meal; grilled cheese and tomato soup.”

Nicole couldn’t help but smile as she took a bite of the cheesy bread and slurped the soup off the spoon. “It is really good.” Nicole coughed a bit.

“Told ya.” Waverly sat back and watched Nicole eat.

“You know…I never really…” Nicole coughed again. “I never really had anyone care for me before….like when I’m sick.” She continued to eat.

Waverly nodded. “I kinda figured.” She smiled as she nudged her girlfriend’s side. “Well those days are over.” She pulled Nicole into her side and she settled right in. “Nicole, you’re always the one caring for everyone. You’re always jumping to people’s rescue, and lending a hand when someone needs it. Which is all so great, it’s one of the many things I love about you, but you deserve to have someone do all that for you too.”

“You’re right I do.” Nicole nodded. She tilted her head up to look at Waverly. “I’m so glad I have you.”

Waverly brushed a piece of hair behind Nicole’s ear. She pressed her lips to Nicole’s forehead and immediately felt the heat. “Oh babe you’re burning up.”

“Yeah I had a fever this morning.” Nicole sighed.

“Did you take anything?”

“Yeah, some cold medicine. The doctor said I just have to wait for it to break.” Nicole sniffled.

“Okay, well, I’ll be here with you until it does.” Waverly stroked her face gently. “Wanna put on a movie?” Nicole nodded.

A few minutes into the movie Nicole was out cold on Waverly’s lap. Waverly continued to run her fingers through her hair and periodically touch her forehead to check her fever. Nicole slept for two hours before waking up.

“Morning sleeping beauty.”

“God, I didn’t sleep at all last night, 5 minutes with my head in your lap and I’m sleeping like a baby.” She giggled and then coughed.

“I’m glad you got some rest.” Waverly smiled as Nicole sat up. “Fevers pretty much gone.”

“Yeah I feel a little better than I did this morning.” Nicole stretched. “What time is it?” She asked.

Waverly glanced at her phone. “Almost 5.”

“Oh babe, I didn’t realize it was that late. You don’t have to st-”

“No, I’m staying with you tonight and that’s that.” Waverly cut her off. “Now, I’m gonna go get a bath going. I’ll be right back.”

Waverly stood up and was headed for the bathroom when Nicole’s voice stopped her. “Waves?”

“Yeah?” Waverly turned.

“Thank you. Really.” Nicole nodded.

“It’s what I’m here for babe.” She smiled before turning. When she was at the bathroom she called out to Nicole. “Feels good to have someone take care of you, doesn’t it?!”

Nicole laughed and shook her head. “It sure does.” She said to herself.

“Here you go. I’ll always love you. xx Shae”

I figured Nicole was in the process of getting the divorce papers done up, which is why I assume she never told Waverly about her marriage in the first place. She wasn’t expecting to be on her deathbed, and never thought the two would have to meet. I imagine she was waiting for a better time, after the divorce was finalized, to bring it up to Waverly that, ‘oh hey, so I miiiiight have been married once before’ - but, y’know, then things happened.

ANYWAY, I know that finale really got us crying and all, so let’s think of something adorable and hilarious:

What if Nicole tries to propose to Waverly in S3 and she’s always waiting for the right moment except palms are sweaty knees weak mom’s spaghetti

Like imagine Nicole stuttering and tripping over herself and Waverly is just there like “Babe are you okay?” and Nicole is just like “finE EVERYTHING IS GREAT YOU ARE GREAT THINGS ARE GREA T” and it just keeps happening

fanfic writers I give you a feel-good prompt; fly, my pretties! fly!!!

wishful thinking

“So now I need someone to write a Wayhaught Uber AU. Say, Nicole picks up Waves who just broke up with her meathead boyfriend and spends the night cheering her up.”

@jaybear1701 asks, and I have to deliver. Here you go, buddy!

Nicole had never been the type to be made uncomfortable by a lapse in conversation. But there seemed to be something about the girl currently sitting in her backseat that had her itching to open up and start babbling.

It’s just the hour, she told herself, glancing compulsively at the time displayed on her radio. Already well past eleven with at least another hour before she could collapse face-first into her bed.

She should’ve called it a night after the last ride. She had an alarm set for 5:30, after all. But there was still that pesky stack of bills currently sitting on her kitchen table, only a few of which she even had the cash to pay for.

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i asked twitter what i should draw, and the results were 50% ‘arima’s face 50 times’ and 50% ‘more roller derby au,’ so i compromised (◡‿◡✿)

(his referee name is White Knightning)


Nicole Wallace trying to convince Tony Goldwyn to run for office on The View 5.7.15

love measured in coffee spoons

Alternatively: “Five Times Nicole Haught Drank Coffee for Waverly Earp, and One Time Her Girlfriend Brought Her Tea.”

on ao3

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