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Mary knew Dean wasn't straight ever since he, five-year-old at the moment, came home and informed that he had a serious matter to talk about with her. "I love Cas," Dean said. "His eyes are pretty, mommy, and he always lets me have a bite of his sandwich, and he smiles when I call him cute, and I gave him those blue flowers that are in your garden (they are blue just like his eyes!) and he kissed my cheek and mommy, I wanna marry him." When Dean comes out to her years later, she's not surprised.

mary and dean is my weakness omg ok

“Mom, I’m—I’m dating Cas.”

At the counter, Mary stills. Dean freezes too.

She suddenly whirls around, narrowing her eyes. Dean winces, waiting for the fireworks. 

“What day is it?”

He blinks. What?

“W-what?” He stutters out. 

“What day is it?” Mary asks again, calmly wiping her hands on a towel. “The fifth, right?" 

"Um…” Dean counts in his head, utterly bewildered. “Yeah?”

“Okay.” Mary smiles, turning back to the counter. “Three months exactly then." 

Dean stares at her, completely confused. 

Three months from what?

He had rehearsed this conversation in his mind so many times, but of all the possible reactions he had come up with responses to, that definitely wasn’t one of them.

He sighs.


“So when are you going to have him over for dinner?”

Dean blanks again. 

“I mean, I know Cas is over here practically every other day, but now we can do it properly.” She brings the apples over to the cutting board and starts slicing them into neat little chunks, smiling slightly. “Sam can interrogate him and I can ask all those embarrassing questions and—”

“Mom,” Dean blurts. “Why aren’t you freaking out?”

Mary pauses, looking up. “Hmm?”

Dean wrings his hands, avoiding her eyes.

“Cas’s parents totally freaked out, so why aren’t you freaking out?”  

Mary frowns.

“They did? Hmm. Maybe I should have a talk with them—”


What, Dean?” She turns to him, planting her hands on her hips. “Do you want me to freak out?” 

Oh no. She’s putting on the Mom Voice, which means Dean is ten seconds away from crumpling. Dammit.

“No, I just—”

He fumbles for the words. Mary watches him, an eyebrow raised.

“You just…” He swallows. 

“Don’t seem surprised,” he finishes lamely.

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You Came Back When I Was Saying Goodbye

Pairing: Marius Pontmercy x Reader

Request: @accio-hp-imagines: Hello! I saw you write for Marius Pontmercy and let me just say thank you!! Anyway could I request a oneshot where you are his girlfriend or just a very close friend in love with him and you are begging him not to go out and fight because you don’t won’t him wounded. He says it will be okay, but goes out and gets wounded and doesn’t come back for a few days, but eventually you two find each other again. Thank you so much, and sorry if that was a lot. You can change whatever you did too!

Warnings: Death? Sad sad sad! Oh and you get dumped in a boat..

**= flashbacks


The cries of anguish and war rang all around you. You were never supposed to be here..

*”My darling, you can’t go out there. Word from nearby barricades gave word that their armies are too strong. You get hurt or killed even. Please Marius, you cannot go out there,” you usually weren’t this.. weak, but, you couldn’t help but beg. If Marius left he would be killed in the storm of bullets.

“My love, I must go. I can’t leave my brothers to die,” he pleads.

“What are you even saying? We can run. We can run as far as we need to as long as it means you’re safe. I’d run to the ends of the earth for you.”

“I know my darling.. which is why you must run for the both of us.” “What do you mean?” “(Y/n), you must leave. You cannot stay here for me to only be captured and taken with those barbarians.”

You were struck to the core as if he shot you with his words. “You cannot possibly be asking me to leave you. No. I know you’re not. You know I’d never go.”

He looked down at his feet and gave a chuckle. “I know you’d never leave me.. which is why I had to do what I had to do.” “I don’t understand Mar..” you were so confused. What could he possibly have done?

As if some force heard you’re thoughts, your love pulled you close and kissed you with everything he had. Emotion and passion poured from his touch, almost as if saying goodbye… oh no.

You suddenly felt yourself being ripped from your beloved. “What’s going on? Marius?” “I’m sorry, my darling. This is because I love you. Never forget that.”

Enjolras dragged you away as Marius averted his eyes, trying not to focus on your screams to let you go, back to your love. Your so called ‘best friend’ placed you on horse and rode you to the docks. He dropped you in a small ship hugging the fences. “Enjolras!” You were most definitely enraged.

“I’m sorry, my dear. I’ve done this by Marius’ request. A man by the name of Pollox will meet you where you dock. He’ll give you food, shelter, money. You’ll be well looked after.. goodbye, my friend. I hope we will one day meet again.”

At these words, Enjolras hurried back to his post. The jolting of the ship brought you back to reality. You leaped from the boat into murky water below. Swimming back to shore, you climbed the fence and sprinted back to the barricade.*

Here you were now. Dripping wet and frantically searching for your beloved. Guns were blazing and yells were released all around you. Chaos. Sadness. Strife. The air was thick with smoke and the smell of blood. You coughed and stumbled behind the barricade just in time to see Marius getting shot in the leg.

“MARIUS!” You tried to climb to reach him, but, Courfeyrac pulled you back as Marius was taken.

“Are you crazy?? You can’t go out there!” “LET GO ! I have to get to Marius!” “IT’S TOO LATE!’s too late.” He embraced you in the middle of the gunfire. “It’s too late..”

You cried for the loss of your lover. You’re rock. You’re best friend.

6 months later:

You were walking down the street that once held that forsaken barricade. The past six months were hell for you. After the death of Marius, you tried to move. Start a new life. You moved in with Enjolras, one of the few barricade survivors, so you wouldn’t be alone. It wasn’t romantic at all, just two friends moving on with the loss of their brothers in arms. Renovations and repairs were almost finished, marking the half year point past that dreadful night. You were on your way home from visiting Courfeyrac and Govroche when a young man caught your eye. Usually, you would pay no mind to handsome stranger walking the streets, but, him.. he seemed almost.. familiar.

He slowly turned around and you gasped, tears wetting your eyes. You couldn’t speak. You couldn’t breathe. After all this time..

You fell to your knees in the dirty street, sobbing for the time spent without him. The man turned his line of sight, gaze landing on you. The crying woman in the street. You blinked up at him in awe, not caring about the stares directed towards you.

“(Y/n),” he whispered. That voice. It was the voice of a fallen angel. One you thought would never grace your ears again.

“M-Marius.” He collapsed next to you, enveloping you in a warm embrace and dug his face in your neck, crying into you.

“My darling. I found you.”

2 hours later:

When the tears faltered and you were safe in the comfort of home, Marius explained to you what happened.

“They took me, (y/n). Those scoundrels took me behind their lines. They bound my wounds. I would have told them to kill me, but, that would mean I couldn’t see you again. I fought tooth and nail and snuck myself away from their camp. It took forever to get back here, (y/n), but I made it. I got here for you, my love.”

You finally realized how exhausted he looked. “Come. We can catch up in the morning. Right now you must rest.”

He changed into fresh clothes and you took him to your room. Tucking him in you kissed his forehead, lingering a bit longer than needed. He closed his eyes, relishing the feeling of being back. Being with you. Being home.

“(Y/n)?” “Yes, Marius?” He patted the side of the bed.

“Will you stay with me? Just until I fall asleep?” “Of course.”

You settled next to him, overjoyed to be in the arms of the one you love again. You didn’t think you’d see this day. He came when you were getting ready to say goodbye.

“I love you,” he whispered in your ear.

“I love you too, my soldier,” you replied, safe in the arms of Marius Pontmercy.


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caity lotz b-girling like a pro


Y’all can stop crying now. That’s all I’m gonna say. 

Read on AO3: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Read on 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Read excerpt: 

Minutes later the girls emerged with their swimsuits. Marinette had her hair in a single bun and sported a black bikini with green dots, no wait, paws? They were tiny cat paws. Sweet Kwamis, someone help Adrien Agreste. She was wearing a Chat Noir themed bathing suit. 

FUCK. Oh my god. Oh my actual god. 

“You guys coming?” Alya asked.Adrien practically tripped over himself to grab his own bathing suit. In less than three minutes he had changed and was ready to go.

 "Hurry up Nino,“ he said. He was actually considering waiting for him down in the pool. He needed a splash of cold water to get over the picture of Marinette and her Chat Noir bikini, or else things would get… hard, to put it decently. 

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Could you do a Capricorn female and Pisces male aesthetic please? Also Capricorn female and cancer male? Sorry if you already have done these, it's often hard to find things via search and I'm quite the noob on tumblr 😁

Here you go, my darling 😊💖 If you are perhaps choosing between the two, I would trust Cancer to give you a loving home and to heal your soul. 🏠🌷🌈👫

♑️ Capricorn female & ♓️ Pisces Male

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♑️ Capricorn female & ♋️ Cancer male

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Birthday Sex

I had someone message me and asked when there was going to be Hoseok smut! Here you go my darlings! Please enjoy!

God it was hot in this club.

You had come out with your friends Taehyung and Namjoon to your favorite club for your twenty first birthday.

It felt amazing to drink with your friends and dance with random strangers.

Would you have a killer headache the next day?


Did you care?

Not one single bit.

A slower paced song came on, so you decided you wanted to go to the bar again and get another drink.

You sat down heavily on the stool and rested your elbows there waiting for the bartender to come over and ask for your order.

You felt someone sit down next to you.

Orange hair lit up in your eyes and it was attached to a very attractive male in leather pants and a loose white shirt that was open low enough that you could see his chest. You licked your lips and quickly turned your head away from the mysterious man before you completely flushed pink.

The bartender came over and gave you a small smile. Then you recognized him.

“Yoongi? Oh my god is that you!? I’ve missed you!”

The now black haired male smiled and reached across the bar to pat your wrist in a brotherly manner.

“It’s good to see you Jagi. I’ve missed you as well.”

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No more dreaming of the dead 

As if death itself 

Was undone

Soft As Marshmallows - Shadowhunters (Alec Lightwood)

Pairing: Alec x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Hi if you aren’t busy could you Could you do a Alec Lightwood imagine of being his girlfriend and (Izzys best friend and parabati) and the two of them are being all cute and cuddly at the end of the day since they’re tired and haven’t seen each other all day which leads to some making out but Jace and Izzy come in needing relationship help?? Like just make it a fluffy. I LOVE your blog btw.

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I’m really glad you like my blog, darling, and here you go! I hope you like it~ ENJOY!

Originally posted by malecfyeah

*gif not mine* 

It had been a long day for the both of you, as you and Alec had been scattered around New York, while Jace and Izzy had been nowhere in sight all day. 

So when you finally managed to sit down together Alec was more than willing to cuddle up to you. 

 Currently you were lying on the sofa in Alec’s room, him resting his head on your chest, as he had a habit of doing, claiming your boobs was «soft as marshmallows». Although he claimed he just liked it for the feel, every time you cuddled like this you ended up in a hot make out session. 

 Today was no different, as you found yourself under Alec in no time, him kissing you softly, his hands raking your body. It was times like this when Alec fully let himself go and didn’t stress about everything going on. And the feeling was mutual, nothing relaxed your muscles more than this. 

 Alec started to trail kisses down your jaw, continuing down your neck, probably leaving marks for tomorrow for everyone to see. His jacked was quickly discarded off along with your own. 

 «As beautiful as ever.» Alec breathed out as he leaned down to kiss your lips again, deepening the kiss as soon as you let him. Your own hands began to wander, feeling every curve on his body. 

You parted your legs, allowing his hips to dip down between them. 

 Before you could get any further Isabelle and Jace bursted through the door, making you both stop in your track, but not pulling away as this had happened too many times for any of you to bother covering up what you were doing. 

 «Y/n, I need to talk to you, now.» Izzy demanded, and you sighed audible. «

Alec, can I talk to you for a minute.» Jace directed himself to Alec, having turned to Alec more frequently when he had trouble with Clary after you and Alec got together. 

 You both sat up and you were the first one to stand up, giving Alec a peck on the lips as you picked up your jacket. 

 «We’ll continue this later.» You whispered to him. 

 «Can’t wait, babe.» He replied as you walked over to Izzy, wrapping a arm around her shoulders as she started to tell you about what her current lover just did.

Exo’s Reaction - Them Getting Jealous And Territorial Over You As You Exit The Shower In Just A Towel

Here you go my darling Anon! <3 It’s not too complicated don’t worry and thank you! I hope this suits your taste aha ^-^ <3

I’ve done something similar to this, When you come out wear just his shirt : so check that out HERE


Xiumin - *He’d warn the other members to keep their eyes off you and if they carry on, they’d get hit*

Lay - *He’d get annoyed at them as he takes you into the bedroom to get some clothes on before letting you back out*

Kai - *He’d start to get really frustrated by their comments about you and really jealous which then leads him to tell you to go get something on*

Suho - *He’d imidiately get up and take you into the wall way where they can’t see you and ask you to cover up and the he goes back to the others and they start again* *gif*

Kyungsoo - *Let’s just say, Kyungsoo wouldn’t keep his calm and would plot their deaths there and then*

Tao - *He’d get fed up of the members’ shit and would turn really bitchy towards them, making sure they got the message not to carry on the way they were*

Chen - *He’d get really stubborn and would sass them all before escorting you to get dressed*  

Kris - *He’d leave the room and wait for the members to calm down and while doing so, he’d sit in the bedroom and ask you if you were crazy for going out in just a towel but stating that he found it hot*

Chanyeol - *At first he’d join in with the others but then they got too far and he scolds them until they stopped. He chases after you, picks you up and throws you onto the bed and lets just say… Something went down*

Baekhyun - *He’d be really pissed off with the members but as soon as he exits the room and goes into the bedroom to see you putting something on to cover you, he’d wink at you and kiss you*

Sehun - *He’d scold you quietly but not too much as he himself liked the view but when he goes back to sit with the other members, he acts brattier than normal towards them* 

Luhan - *Gif*


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Her ears perk up and she raises herself on her elbows when she hears footsteps. The sheets had become so comfortable, so silky smooth against her naked skin that her body had relaxed into the mattress, her face buried in the pillow.

She’d texted him fifteen minutes ago to meet her here. Her parents away for the weekend, no villains in sight, this was an opportunity she couldn’t let slide.

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So, my darling wifey, missrainysunshine, had a request for my 200 followers fic. It was for an angsty Gruvia fic.

It took me so long, and a bit of coaching from the lovely queen of angst, nothingbutwordsstuff, but I finally have it. So, wife, I hope you cry your heart out.

In the best way.




“Gray-sama!” Juvia called cheerfully, stepping up beside him at the request board with a smile and a lunchbox in hand. “Juvia brought lunch! Juvia was also wondering if Gray-sama wanted to take a job with her later today? She picked one that she thought you would like.”

As usual, Gray seemed to jump a little at her sudden appearance, but he offered her a lopsided grin—a grin she loved—and took the lunchbox from her.

“Let’s eat, and you can tell me about that job. That doesn’t mean I’ll go though, got it?”

The water mage merely nodded happily. If Gray was willing to look at the request, there was every possibility that he’d be up for joining her. It probably meant that there weren’t any jobs he was interested in on the board, but Juvia would take whatever time she could get with him.

She was still making up for those six months and, deep down, she knew he was still apologizing for them, too.

After sitting with him at the table they usually defaulted to, Juvia pulled the request from the pocket of her coat and smoothed out a few creases so that he could read it while they ate. She served herself a small portion of the food from her lunchbox and started to eat quietly while he picked at his share of the food absently while he read.

He didn’t let her know what he had decided right away. In fact, once he had sat the paper aside to focus on his food, he scarcely spoke a word about it until he was very nearly finished eating.

“It’ll be below freezing up there,” he started, glancing back down at the paper. “Your water magic might as well be ice magic, unless you can keep it boiling practically all the time. Not to mention that it would put a big risk on your water body…”

“Juvia understands the risks,” she assured him with a smile. “Besides, Gray-sama will have much more to work with than usual on a mountain, so Juvia thinks it will still be easy, even if she is limited in her own attacks.”

After listening to her, rapt with attention, he turned his dark eyes once more to the request.

“Alright. We’ll go, but if it looks like it will be trouble for you, we’re turning back. Alright?”

Juvia brightened instantly—was that concern in the stoic ice mage’s tone? The way his eyes pleaded with her to reconsider nearly swayed her, but she wanted to go on this job with him. It was so perfectly suited to him that she saw little problem. It was fetching some treasure from a vulcan infested cave. The breed of vulcan was a bit nastier than those of Mt. Hakobe, but it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

And it meant that the water mage could spend time with the man she loved. Time with him was a thing she absolutely treasured.


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Our sons are trained to be soldiers; our daughters, to be leaders. (insp)                                                                                                                                                                                                                ♛ Congratulations on 1k clxrkes  ♛


Indigopersei’s far more practical commission info post

… Also read “with new prices and recent samples”

As you can see, I am once again taking commissions, because I am a peasant and I need a flat and I need surgery and I need to be able to pay my equipment and also, I make good shit.
Without further ado, I know you’re all interested in prices and stuff so here we go my darlings –

  • B&W Sketches
    Portrait 10€ ~11,10$
    Half body 15€ ~16,65$
    Full body 20 € ~22,20$
  • Quick coloured sketch
    Portrait 15 € ~16,65$
    Half body 20 € ~22,20$
    Full body 30 € ~33,30$
  • Detailed illustration work
    Portrait 30 € ~33,30$
    Half body 50 € ~55,55$
    Full body 70 € ~77,75$

Where do these prices come from ?
My prices are based on the french minimum wage, which is of 9,61€ per hour as of today. I give myself a short margin to round it to 10€ per hour, and estimate what time I spend on each type of work on average.

Can the prices rise depending on various factors ?
Yes they can, with additional characters for example, or an elaborate background. Don’t worry, I will always discuss the price with you before getting to work.

Can you work with traditional media ?
Absolutely, however charges might apply if you want me to send it to you via mail. If you are under 18, please ask the permission of a legal representative before giving me their address.

Other small things I need to know ?
For safety reasons, I insist that I get paid before I start working. I will systematically send a Paypal invoice, which guarantees that neither of us will be scammed. I will regularly update you with different stages of the work, especially with detailed and elaborate jobs. I can do NSFW if and only if you are over 18.

Please do not use the shitty tumblr ask system, but use IM or the following e-mail address :

Thank you and have a pleasant day/evening !