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make me choose: friarsriles asked; favourite gmw season? - season 2

-I can’t wait to see what’s next.
-I hope it’s good.
-Promise me we’ll always be together.
-We will always be together.
-Then it’s good.


Zer0 Sum 
→ Tales Intros [1|5]

2 - Atlas Mugged [x]
3 - Catch a Ride [coming soon]
4 - Escape Plan Bravo [coming soon]
5 - The Vault of the Traveler [coming soon]

damnverssisters  asked:

Hey! Would you mind providing examples of some of the bad things that cory/topanga have said? I agree, to the extent that I remember noticing smthg off abt what they said but I can't actually think of any examples! Thanks

absolutely! here we go

-in s1ep7 (gm maya’s mom), auggie says “you said i was a little genius!” topanga responds “you ARE a little genius!” and hugs him. riley says the same thing as auggie, and topanga responds “yes, well, i had no one to compare you to, honey!”. insert laugh track. when auggie speaks a sentence in french, topanga exclaims “you are going to change the world with your brilliant mind!”. she then turns to riley and says, “you…. have such a cute top!”. insert laugh track. cory also spouts some disney channel-esque nonsensical thing about mashed potatoes being amazing at what they are, and tells riley to never try to be mashed potatoes, because she’ll never be as good at it as they are. weird misguided advice, because he’s basically telling her in an odd way to not try and be something great?? this scene made me rlly mad bc riley’s legitimately concerned about her future and self worth, and they’re being either silly about it or saying some pretty bad stuff, and cant actually think of something she’s good at.

-throughout the whole series, cory and topanga treat maya like another daughter, which is totally fine by the way! especially since her dad isn’t in the picture, and cory makes a very sweet father figure! but they tend to say/do things that make it seem like they value her over maya. cory and topanga also tell maya that they’re proud of her a lot, which isn’t something that i see a ton of w/ riley. topanga calls maya “the strongest person i know” to riley’s face in s2ep30 (gm legacy), and immediately rushes to maya’s side when she and riley were talking about a problem riley is facing (insert laugh track). of course, this scene is preceded by a very sweet scene btwn riley, cory and topanga, which is definitely proof that the relationship isn’t a toxic one, just one with some questionable moments. 

-i haven’t watched any of season three, but apparently in gm permanent record, when maya gets an A+ topanga hugs her and says that “you’re my new daughter!” (insert laugh track) which may be a joke but feels pretty screwed up to say, ESPECIALLY when riley is feeling so terrible about her bad grade. additionally, I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff in gm her monster, i.e. topanga being harsh with riley; apptly she does tell her good stuff, but it feels like too little too late.

-i cant remember the exact episode and the wikia is NOT helping me out, but theres an episode with a flashback to the day that topanga goes into labor with auggie, and riley is unhappy to have another child on the way. she asks cory “am I not good enough?” to which he responds “you’re okay.” insert laugh track. i mean, you can argue that since he’s about to drive his pregnant wife to the hospital he has other things on his mind, but this is a pretty terrible thing to say to her. we know for a fact (s1ep13, gm flaws) that riley considers her insecurity to be her greatest flaw, so this response feels particularly awful. 

-there might be more that i’m forgetting, so feel free to add on. once again, i am NOT trying to demonize cory and topanga, i’m just pointing out that they’ve said and done some things that seem to put riley down, etc.


“When you love someone, they’ll drive you crazy because they know they can”

I think about these panels a lot, because they’re a pretty obvious echo of the original issue between Damian and Tim. I mean, seriously–

It’s the same thing. And I love it. 

Maya and Damian have a lot in common: an assassin background, a complicated relationship with a distant parent, and a primary motivation to fulfill the destiny that parent laid out for them. Damian’s just getting past that– in his case, the parent in question is Talia. I can’t wait to see him help Maya work through it too. 


Jonathan: I have something to tell you 

Leo: What is it

Jonathan: I’m moving out!!

Maya: You’re not going to be here to see your new sibling

Jonathan: What!!

Maya: Oh I forgot to tell you, I’m pregnant!!!

Jonathan: I’ll come over for lunch one day and I can see me new sibling

Maya: Where are you moving?

Jonathan: I’m moving in with my girlfriend

Leo: The redhead?

Jonathan: Yeah

Maya: When did you get a girlfriend? You need to bring her over so I can meet her

Jonathan: I will

Stages Of Love... [Joshaya Series Fic]

Hey guys I’m back again with yet another Joshaya fic. This time it’s a series with 5 chapters at max. I hope you like it.
This is just a filler chapter. With next chapter, will the stages start.

To the ANON who requested Maya’s 18th birthday here you go. It isn’t actually her birthday celebrations but it’s the basic plot.

At 12, The BFF’s Riley and Maya experienced an attraction, an innocent one, of the opposite gender, namely their first ever crushes. Lucas Friar and Joshua Mattews.

At 13, Riley had her first kiss while Maya was stuck with her first ever crush.

At 14, while Riley was contemplating wether she was ready to be in a relationship with Lucas, Maya was experiencing her crush crushing her with his rejection.

At 15, Riley was officially taken, while Maya was trying to move on and be happy with her Single status, but miserably failing.

At 16, when Riley was celebrating her One Year Anniversary with Lucas, Maya was celebrating her ‘Trying To Move On But Miserably Failing One Year Anniversary’.

It was at the age of 18, that the life of Maya Penelope Hart changed, for good.

It was around midnight when Maya started losing herself in the memories.

A lot had happened in the past four years. Changes that the group of four friends weren’t ready for, but yet faced it anyway, coming out with flying colours.

Though a lot of things changed Maya was Maya. She neither dated guys nor did she play around uselessly. What she wanted was a stable relationship, and she wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Something that nobody knew, not even Riley, was that - she still wasn’t over a certain Joshua Matthews. After Riley and her had crashed Josh’s NYU party, things were never the same, especially for Maya. Not only was she embarrassed but also thought that all her chances with Josh (that is if they were any) were lost. That all came true when not even five months later, Josh came to the Matthews Apartment with his 'girlfriend’, Selena, crushing all of Maya’s dreams.

That was the day she decided, that she didn’t need any more of hurt and pain in her life than what was already existing. That was also the day, she had decided that she wasn’t going to throw herself at Josh at all. It was also the day that she decided that she’ll be civil with Josh. No 'Uncle Boing’ anymore.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when Riley pulled her into the biggest hug ever, her voice as chipper as ever and the biggest smile she also wore, “Happy Eighteenth Birthday Best-est Friend Ever on the Planet Earth and also in the Universe.”

“Riley, can’t breathe…” Maya croaked out, but also not breaking the hug. This was their tradition.

Maya always used to spend the day before Their birthdays in the Matthews Apartment, being the first ones to wish each other. No sooner did the girls let go of each other, a knock on the window was heard, indicating the boys had arrived.

“Ladies…”, Farkle slurred and like always got a, “Farkle…” in return.

“Happy Birthday Maya…”, Farkle and Lucas climbed in through the window almost at the same time when the door of Riley’s bedroom opened revealing a huge cake carried by her mom, Katy, who was accompanied by her (Maya’s) dad, Shawn, followed by Mr and Mrs Matthews, all of whom where sporting the biggest smiles aimed at her.

When Maya was sixteen, Shawn had finally proposed to Katy at Topanga’s in front of everyone and a year after that, when Maya was seventeen, they married at a secluded place only inviting some people close to them.

“Happy birthday, baby girl..”, Katy and Shawn wished as Katy placed the cake in front of her daughter, on the bed along with a knife.

Maya was about to blow the candles when Josh entered Riley’s room wearing his classic grin. Maya was surprised to see him as she hadn’t expected Josh to tag along on her birthday, still she was happy.

She couldn’t stop the fluttering butterflies that erupted in her stomach at the sight of him. She knew about Josh and Selena. They broke up not even making it to their One Year Anniversary. She always thought that they were strong, guess she couldn’t always be right. Now that she know that she had a chance with him, they was no stopping the butterflies.

“Make a wish and blow the candles Maya…”, Riley shook her out of her dreams, yet again.

Fluttering her eyelids shut and with the biggest genuine smile she could muster, Maya made a wish, a wish she knew that had minimum chances of being fulfilled, but yet she hoped against hope for it to come true.

Finally she blew the candles, smiling at everyone stopping at one particular face.
Maya, that was the very thought that occupied his brain ever since the party at NYU. A girl mostly certainly mature for her age. The things she discovered barely known by others. The things he always kept to himself, were known by her. She knew that Cory’s proud grin aimed towards him was most important and crucial to him. She knew that he always made time for Auggie, even though he was a kid and playing with a kid at eighteen years of age wasn’t considered cool, but he did it anyways. He loved Auggie.

But the point was, she knew. The four years had been graceful to Maya, Josh thought. Not only on the physical aspect, but emotional front as well. With Katy and Shawn, and now she being accepted in NYU, she was finally happy. He couldn’t wait for her to come to NYU. Not that he liked her or something, yeah! as if. Truth to be told, Josh was still confused on wether he liked Maya or not. He always thought of her as his best friend. Ever since Maya had let go of him as a potential love interest, and as always his heart dropped to his stomach when he thought of it, they friendship had blossomed like no other. Josh trusted Maya to the point where he told her his darkest secrets.

“Josh to Earth…”, Lucas said standing beside Josh trying to get his attention, which was successful.

“Um.. Sorry, what were you saying?”, Josh inquired, snapping out of his thoughts.

“I was just trying to tell you to stop being a coward and ask her out already..”. Lucas always thought that Josh had all along liked Maya, but was afraid to act upon it because of their ages. Now that Maya was eighteen, they would certainly be less complications.

But Josh being the thick head he is always retorted with, “I don’t know what your talking about Howdy, Maya’s my best friend.”, just like now.

“Well, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Your going to miss your chance with her if you don’t make your mind up tonight…”, Lucas warned.

Josh was about to ask him about it, when they heard Maya’s squeal. Both of them looked at her, trying to figure out the reason behind it, when a certain Brunette along with Riley walked in like he owned the place.

“Rebel…”, Maya jumped off the bed, literally hopping off towards the said person’s awaiting arms to hug him.

Stiffening immediately, an uneasy feeling rose in the pit of Josh’s stomach at seeing the Display of Affection in front of him.

Sensing the sudden change in Josh’s attitude, Lucas dragged him to the living area, and made him sit on the couch.

“You ok Josh?”, Lucas asked, and seeing his face become red with anger, he didn’t think the answer would be positive.

“Who is he?”, Josh let out through gritted teeth, his posture stiff and fists clenched along with his jaw, looking straight at Lucas - waiting for his answer.

“That’s Rebel. Maya’s…”, Lucas trailed off, an idea popping in his brain as he grinned wickedly internally.

“Maya’s what, Lucas?”, Josh inquired, not understanding the fact that if Maya liked someone why wouldn’t she let him know.

“Maya’s admirer who is going to ask her out pretty soon.”, Lucas lied through his teeth, without missing a beat.

The truth was, Maya and Rebel were more like siblings than lovers, but Josh didn’t need to know that.

Maya never mentioned Rebel whenever with Josh, she didn’t think it was necessary. ____________________________________________

It was the day when Riley had finally decided that she was ready to date Lucas, that Maya knew that she wasn’t gonna see her best friend 24x7 like she used to. But she was ok with it. She was happy for Riley and why not, her best friend had entered the world of 'Officially Taken’. Hell, even Farkle and Smackle had started dating. The boy who loved both the girls ended with neither but with his ex-arch nemesis, and now lover.

Maya’s 'Dungeon Of Sadness’ was mostly empty. The dad issues no longer prevalent, the Ballerinas no longer kicking her and stabbing her in the face - this was because Shawn had taken her to a Ballet show and told her their buns and feet wouldn’t stab and poke her, yeah Shawn knew, reason being Riley’s big mouth couldn’t shut up on how Maya was afraid of the Ballerinas.

All that was left in her Dungeon Of Sadness was Josh. That was always going to remain there. And now that Riley was taken, she would be all alone, or so she thought. Of course Josh was always there when she needed someone as a friend, but that didn’t change the fact that he was at NYU while she was still in high school. And that was when Rebel came into picture.

Rebel was an exchange student. But unlike his name he wasn’t an extremely rebellious person. He did things in limit never over doing them.

It was purely a coincidence when Maya and Rebel met. Yup, pure coincidence, when Maya entered the girls washroom only to see him tied, literally, by three girls. Eyeing him like a piece of meat. Even the thought of it made her shudder and laugh at the same time.

That was the day when Rebel met Maya, his saviour. It took a minimum of time to no time at al for Rebel to join the group of the best friends.
Although Rebel stayed closer to Maya compared to the others.

“Admit it, you like her more than you care to admit..” Lucas always the over analyser said.

“I don’t…” Before Josh could deny, Lucas interrupted losing his ever lasting patience, “why won’t you just admit it? Stop being so naive ok?”

Their conversation was interrupted when Maya and Riley came over with Rebel.

“So Josh, this is Rebel…” Maya introduced, not knowing for the life of her, how could she forget tell Josh about Rebel anytime in the past two years.

The answer was simple though, Maya just forgot about everything when she was with Josh. Though Rebel knew everything there was to know about Josh.

“What’s your real name though?” Josh couldn’t help but ask this out of his curiosity.

“Brandon…” Rebel answered, without hesitation before starting again, “And before you ask me why I’d like to be called Rebel, I’ll answer it. Bad memories with the name. Ya I know you might be thinking what memories could be related to a name, but it is something I don’t want to discuss..”.

No sooner did he say that, Maya reached out her hand to lock her fingers with his which wasn’t unnoticed by Josh, as he looked away almost immediately.

“Your clearly jealous Mr.Boing!” Lucas whispered, teasing him, and also happy that Josh was finally letting his feelings for Maya, slowly but surely, be known.

“Anyways… We are just going to Maya’s house to get some stuff she wanted. Coz its late Rebel told he’ll walk with us.” Riley broke the long silence which was beginning to get awkward.

Before Josh could tell something he’d regret later, Lucas intervened. “Ya sure, be safe and come back soon.”

With that Rebel, Riley and Maya walked out the door, leaving the boys alone again.

“What more indication do you need that you like her?”, Lucas said exasperated that a twenty one year old could be so stupid.

“You clearly were jealous, and this isn’t the first time. Remember when she was 17 and Zay asked her out?” Lucas asked.

And with that Josh’s memory teleported him to the month of March last year where 'The incident’ took place…..

Here you go…

TO THE ANON who requested Jealous Josh, look out for it. It’ll maybe be up in ¾ days. Hope you all like it.
I do not own GMW.

AU where Lucas and Maya go to a concert but Maya is so short that Lucas lifts her on his shoulder so she can see over the crowd. This is before they were dating but they spend half the concert making out making their unofficial relationship an official one.

ya know I should really start finishing off prompt requests...This is not one.

Girl Meets World Fanfiction

Title: Don’t Leave Me!

Summary: Riley’s got an event to go to, Maya won’t let her leave their apartment.

Pairing: Rilaya

Rating: T

Riley was dressed very elegantly, looking as beautiful as always.

Maya, on the other hand, was curled up in their bed, wearing her coziest pair of pajamas and begging her fiancée to stay home and cuddle with her.

“Maya, I have to go, this is super important.” Riley told the blonde, staring into their mirror as she put in her favorite pair of fancy earrings.

“I’m important.” Maya murmured, pulling Riley’s new Beary The Bear Bear closer to her chest.

“You are important.” Riley repeated, turning and heading into their bathroom, “But I still need to go.”

“So you’re just gonna leave me here, all alone?” Maya pouted, digging her face deeper into her soft pillow.

“Yup.” Riley’s voice echoed out of the bathroom, “And you’re not alone, you’ve got Beary to keep you company. Besides, Maya, you’re 24, if you get hungry, you know how to make mac and cheese, if you need to use the restroom, you know how to go on your own, if you get bored, you know how to work Webflix, if something goes wrong, you know who to call.”

“GhostCatchers!” Maya called out adorably, getting the brunette to roll her eyes.

“Besides, you should be working on your piece for the local library,” Riley spoke, walking back out of the bathroom, “Remember, you said you’d paint a picture of a group of kids reading for them to hang over the main desk?” 

“Well what if I need your help?”

“You never need my help.”

“Not true. There was that one time when I got you to hold up my stencils.” Maya raised her hands up for emphasis, holding up her index finger.

Riley merely rolled her eyes once more.

“Do you realize how much I miss you when you aren’t home?” Maya pouted.

“Do you realize how important this is?” Riley responded, going through her purse to make sure she had everything she needed.

“Yes. But I still want you to stay here with me. I don’t like when you’re not around.” Maya sighed, “I get lonely without you.”

“The lonely card doesn’t work with me, Maya.” 

A few moments passed which consisted of Maya pouting up at the ceiling while Riley paced around the room, trying to remember if she forgot anything.

“Please stay home.” Maya mumbled, pushing her hair out of her face.

“Can’t.” Riley was back to the mirror.

“But I want someone to cuddle with.” Maya pouted, even though the brunette couldn’t see it.

Riley brushed her off, “Cuddle with Beary.”

“But you’re better at cuddling than Beary.” Riley didn’t respond, and so Maya kept talking, “I think that if your girlfriend asks you to stay home and cuddle with her and let her kiss you and let her in on your stash of junk food then you should listen to her.”

“I think that if your girlfriend needs to go to a very important event that has to do with her work that she could get fire for not attending then you should let her go.” Riley sighed, “Leave it down or ponytail?” She turned to face Maya, wanting her opinion on what to do with her hair.

The blonde sat up, poking her tongue out from between her lips as she examined the pretty brunette.


“Can you tie it for me, please?” Riley smiled, grabbing a hair tie and making her way over their bed, sitting down with her back to Maya as she handed her the band.

Maya pulled Riley’s medium length hair into a cute, sleek ponytail that would still look good at her fancy journalism event thingy that Maya still doesn’t understand.

Riley had asked her if she wanted to come, but the blonde said it wasn’t her kind of thing and that she’d rather stay home and work on her art. Which meant that she’d rather she and Riley both stay home and cuddle and eat food all night.

After tying up her love’s hair, Maya leaned forward, gently pressing her lips to the back of Riley’s neck, getting a shiver out of her.

“Maya, no.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Riles.” Maya mumbled against Riley’s tan skin, moving her lips up the side of her neck and towards her jaw, pecking at every inch of her face.

“Maya, I really have to go now.” Riley gulped, glancing at her watch as the blonde continued to press kisses to her cheeks, chin and jaw.

“No, I don’t think you do.” Maya whispered, taking hold of Riley’s chin and turning her face towards her before connecting their lips, causing Riley to fall weak in her hands.

—Time Skip—

At some point, she wasn’t sure when, Riley had lost her dress and was now lying in bed with Maya, in nothing but a pair of comfy shorts and her sports bra.

“Aren’t you glad you stayed home with me?” Maya mumbled against Riley’s hair, hearing a faint response back.

“Just kiss me again, ya dork.” 

And then their lips were together once more.

“I love you a lot, you know.” Maya told her, wrapping her arms tightly around her girl’s torso.

“I doubt that.”

“How come?” Maya rose a questioning brow.

“Because if you really loved me, you would have let me go to my incredibly important event.” Riley told her, resting her head on Maya’s shoulder.

“You’re the one who stayed.”

Maya found herself tracing small hearts on Riley’s back, something that always made Riley smile and giggle with joy.

“You’re the one who kissed me.”

“Hey, how was I supposed to know that would stop you from leaving?” Maya furrowed her brows together, trying to seem clueless, when really they both know that she knew how much power she had over Riley, and vice versa.

“Because it always does.”

“Well, the point is, I love you a whole lot and I’m glad you stayed and spent time with me.” Maya murmured, snuggling her face deeper into Riley’s hair as she grew tired.

“I’d pick you over anything, I hope you know that.” 

“That reminds me of a pickup line Auggie told me about, if you were a booger, I’d pick you first.” Maya began giggling hysterically, getting a groan out of the brunette.

“Ugh. I don’t know what’s worse, that you ruined the moment, or that you’re learning pickup lines from my 17 year old brother.” 

“I’d think that you would’ve gotten used to it by now, we’ve been together for eight years.” Maya laughed lightheartedly.

“No one ever gets used to you, Maya Hart.” Riley whispered against Maya’s skin, sensing the blonde’s lips curve into a gentle smile.

“Same to you, Riley Hart.”

“It’s Matthews.” Riley corrected.

“No, it’s Hart.” Maya responded, taking in the smell of lavender that Riley emitted almost all the time.

“We’re not married.” 

“We will be soon.” 

“You sure that’s still a good idea?” Riley joked, grinning in that goofy way of hers.

Maya tightened her grip on Riley, not letting her get away no matter what, “Best idea I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah,” Riley nodded, pressing a kiss to Maya’s pale shoulder, “I agree.”

“Now aren’t ya glad I got you to stay home with me?” Maya asked once more, smirking a little.

“Oh shut up and kiss me.” Riley rolled her eyes before finding a pair of lips on her own, smiling into the kiss.

A moment or two later, Riley pulled back, staring into Maya’s eyes, trying to read them.

“You realize I could get fired for this, right?” 

“Doesn’t matter, it was worth it.” Maya smiled, pecking her lips lightly, “Besides, if you get fired then I’ll get to spend even more time with you.”

“Not how it works, babe.” Riley whispered.

Maya laughed at that, “Let me be happy.”

“Yea, yea.” Riley laughed along, rolling her eyes at the blonde before an adoring smile took over her face, “You know I love you, right?”

Maya merely smiled, nodding once before bringing their lips back together.

The two fells asleep in each other’s arms that night, cuddled up together, legs entangled, hands entwined, smiles on both of their faces. 

And Riley will never admit it, but she likes that Maya has so much power over her.

At prom with Huckleberry
  • At prom
  • Farkle: can I have this dance?
  • Riley: sure. (Walk away to the dancefloor)
  • Lucas: Hey
  • Maya: Hi
  • Lucas: So...
  • Maya: So?
  • Lucas: having fun?
  • Maya: Not really. You?
  • Lucas: I'm ok. You wanna dance?
  • Maya: not really. You?
  • Lucas: I'm fine here...
  • Maya: Good. I'm gona go get something to drink... (Leaves)
  • Zay: real smooth you dumbass
  • Lucas: what?
  • Zay: you know what... That was painful to watch.
  • Lucas: well you don't have to look.
  • Zay: thankfully.
  • Lucas: So why are you still here?
  • Zay: I'm looking for a hot girl to dance with!
  • Lucas: Well there are a bunch of girls over there. Go away...
  • Zay: I will, gosh you are so jumpy when you are nervous.
  • Lucas: I'm not nervous...
  • Zay: Yea you are dude. You keep looking at Maya like a hungry hiena.
  • Lucas: I'm not! Anyway, what is that guy doing?
  • Zay: He's talking to Maya apparently.
  • Lucas: I can see that! I mean what does he want?
  • Zay: Probably a hot girl to dance with.
  • Lucas: She's gonna turn him down...
  • (Maya leaves her punch cup in a table and goes dance with the guy that just asked her)
  • Zay: you were saying?
  • Lucas: what the...? She just said she didn't wanted to dance...
  • Zay: Maybe she changed her mind, maybe she was just thirsty or maybe she just likes that guy more than you.
  • Lucas: Shut up Zay. She likes me.
  • Zay: Yeah... That's why she's dancing with someone else...
  • The song ends and Maya comes back with her drink, Farkle and Riley come back too.
  • Lucas: Who was that guy?
  • Riley: what guy?
  • Maya: Oooo just some one
  • Lucas: Maya?
  • Farkle: who are they talking about?
  • Zay: the guy Maya was dancing with...
  • Farkle: Oh... this is gonna be akward...
  • Zay: Yeah... He's so mad and jelous that he doesn't even realize he's out of limits here...
  • Maya: what do you care Huckleberry?
  • Lucas: I just wanna know who is he?
  • Maya: Why?
  • Lucas: Are you gonna keep dancing with him?
  • Maya: why do you care? Is not like I can't dance with whoever asks me...
  • Lucas: I asked you first!
  • Maya: you just said you'll rather stay here!
  • Lucas: I meant that (music stops) I wanted to be with you!
  • Everybody falls quiet and turns to see Lucas...
  • Lucas: Yeah! I said it.
  • Maya turns around embarassed and walks away, out to the hall.
  • Zay: real smooth dumbass
  • Lucas: shut up Zay! (Goes behind Maya)
  • Out in the hall
  • Lucas: Maya wait up.
  • Maya: what were you thinking? Now everybody is gonna think you and I are a couple!
  • Lucas: I'm sorry. I just... One minute... The music was too loud, and then it stopped... And I couldn't help it...
  • Maya: Just stop...
  • Lucas: I can't, I need to talk to you
  • Maya: why now? Why now after all we've been trough? We said we were all gonna stay friends!
  • Lucas: I know! I'm sorry...
  • Maya: Stop!
  • Lucas: I can't ok! I wanna stop, but the moment I do I know someone else is gonna step in and take you away and I can't have that! I can't loose you!
  • Maya: You are not gonna loose me Huckleberry! I'm here. We'll be friends forever...
  • Lucas: (turns away exasperated, hands messing his hair and walking around) that's not what I mean... This is not right...
  • Maya: Lucas, calm down...
  • Lucas: I can't calm down... I'm trying to tell you something
  • Maya: then tell me!
  • Lucas: I get mad when I see other guys trying to get to you.
  • Maya: you can't... How are we gonna stay friends when I start to date other guys?
  • Lucas: that's the thing, I don't want you dating other guys...
  • Maya: Lucas, Sooner or later I'm gonna fall inlove and so will you. That doesn't mean we'll stop being friends.
  • Lucas: yes it does. Maya, I'm already in love.
  • Maya: (looks at him with wide eyes and open mouth) well... Who is she? Is it Riley? Sarah? Darby? Who?
  • Lucas: (smiles) why do you care?
  • Maya: I don't... Go tell your girlfriend you love her!
  • Lucas: I tried, but it came out wrong. And she's mad at me... And now she wants to date other people...
  • Maya: well she must be stupid if she doesn't love you back. May I know her name at least? Do I know her? Is she in our class? Don't tell me... I think I'm not ready to hear this-
  • Lucas: Maya... Stop
  • Maya: because, For a moment I though The girl you were talking about was me... So stupid right?... Well I'm gladd you found your bether half-
  • Lucas: Maya, you are a lot of thing but you're not stupid-
  • Maya: And I hope you two are happy together-
  • Lucas: Maya, stop talking-
  • Maya: And I want you to be happy with whoever you want-
  • Lucas: I'm sorry Maya, but you leave me no choice-
  • Maya: what?
  • Lucas kisses Maya in the mouth, making her stop talking and showing her what he means... She stays frozen for a minute and Lucas takes one step back looking at her eyes, looking for any sign that she's angry, happy or whatever... But she's silent... Until
  • Maya: what was that for?
  • Lucas: you wouldn't shut up and I needed to tell you who I'm inlove with-
  • Maya: Don't you think your girlfriend is gonna mind that you kissed me? What is wrong with you? You need some serious therapy-
  • Lucas laughs and then kisses her yet again, and Maya lets him but opens her eyes mid kiss and pushes him away
  • Maya: stop that! Stop laughin! Is not funny.
  • Lucas: it is.
  • Maya: why did you do that?
  • Lucas: because I love you.
  • Maya: but you just said you were in love with someone else! You playing with me?
  • Lucas: I said I was in love with someone and that I was trying to tell her... I was trying to tell you! I'm in love with you!
  • Maya: you are a dumbass! You could have told me instead of making me feel all sort of things like a damn rollercoaster!
  • Lucas: yeah, I've been told once or twice... So, I made you feel things?
  • Maya: shut up... Dumbass... I'm still mad at you...
  • Lucas: why? What did I do now?
  • Maya: you're such a Huckleberry...
  • Lucas: well you are a shortstack of pancakes...
  • Maya: is that all you got?
  • Lucas: No... You wanna tangle with me?
  • Maya: I think I do now.
  • Lucas: Good to hear. Wanna dance with me?
  • Maya: yeah. Though you'll never ask...
  • They return to the dance and keep on dancing till prom is over.
  • Lucas: Maya don't! [grabs her wrist and pulls her against his chest]
  • Maya: Let go of me!
  • Lucas: It's alright just calm down, I'm right here.
  • Maya: You-argh! Let go of me! [struggles against his hard hold]
  • Lucas: Don't make me do something that you might regret, I'm warning you.
  • Maya: What are you going to do that will make me-
  • [he leans in and embraces her tightly]
  • Lucas: [whispers in her ear] I warned you.
  • Maya: ...
  • Lucas: Are you calm now?
  • Maya: [nods head] yeah...
  • Lucas: Okay, well I guess...[leans away and lets go of her] don't do that again. [flicks his finger against her forehead]
  • Maya: What did you do that for? [she frowns and touches the place he lightly hit]
  • Lucas: I told you, I'm the only one that can contain you.