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I made a post about my favorite boy Victor not too long ago, and I mentioned a shot in passing that I really loved, but because it wasn’t the focus of the post, I didn’t go into it. I would like to now. Here it is:

This is the first glimpse of Victor we get within canon. Well, beyond the opening sequence with Yuuri watching Victor skate as they grow up but I think we can all agree that was outside of canon and can be discarded here.


It’s a damn good first glimpse. As you’ve probably already noticed, Victor’s eyes are covered. Deliberately. Dude fuckin does a twirl and the camera is framed in such a way that we don’t get to see his eyes until he looks up for the cameras. That’s an interesting touch, for several reasons. 

First, when a character’s eyes are not visible, it implies something is hidden within them. A trait, motivation, true emotions, etc etc. 

Secondly, the fact that we can’t see Victor’s eyes until he turns to the cameras with that fake-ass media smile. In this scene, we’re being treated as the public. Victor is immediately hiding from us and the rest of the world. You know, something he does all the goddamn time.

Victor is scarily good at masking. For those who don’t know what I mean, masking is the act of hiding one’s true personality, desires, and/or emotions to conform to society. I mask due to past trauma. Victor masks to meet public expectation. 

You’ve probably guessed already that masking is incredibly unhealthy–it’s repression, after all. If it gets bad enough, you’ll stop knowing where masking ends and you begin. Sometimes it takes me months to figure out how I feel about something because I need to sort through so many layers of masking and anxiety and doubt. It’s really difficult sometimes. 

We see tons of lovely examples of Victor masking throughout the show. Here are a few off the top of my head: 

(^absolutely terrified vitya trying to be smooth)

(^living up to his press image)

(^so incredibly upset on so many levels but he doesn’t dare show it)

(^pissed enough that yuuri picks up on it. and then acts dishonestly w/ yuuri by trying to come off as pleasant)

(i love that yuuri is comfortable enough by this point to call victor out on his bs. if you’re gonna get mad, get mad) 

(you can actually see Victor’s hand shake if you watch the scene. boy is so pissed and he’s holding it in)

etc etc. 

Victor is actually incredibly reserved in all the emotions he shows, especially if it’s anger or sadness. For most of the series, he only lets himself go in front of Yuuri or alone. Victor hides from himself, he hides from Yuuri, and it helps no one in the end. 

The beach sequence, actually, is important to this idea too. As we know, Victor asks Yuuri what he wants them to be. 

And then he lists off all these options before essentially asking to go out with him, but in a way that says he’s too scared to do it outright.

Now, this is partially to gauge Yuuri’s feelings towards him, but it’s also highly revealing of Victor’s self-worth. He’s willing to put on any mask, any persona to be with Yuuri. Yuuri, of course, doesn’t want this at all. 


And looking at Victor’s reaction (guarded surprise)

This may be the first time Victor has been asked to just be himself. 

So if Victor was a world champion at 16

(boy is 15-16 in that article)

He must have been skating for a while beforehand. We can probably approximate by saying he started competitions around the time Yuri did, which I estimate to be about 12-13. However, Victor does say this 

And if we’re to believe him, 27-20=7, and therefore something happened at the age of 7 to force Victor into backing away from others and working himself to the bone. Uhm, wow. I don’t know how accurate it is to say that, but regardless, he’s been in the public eye for a long fuckin time. 

Victor has spent this long fuckin time building an image: elegance, confidence, charming yet untouchable. The perfect playboy, in a way. This is the person he presents to the public. I think he’s been masking like this for so long he forgot that this isn’t who he is–Victor has the ability to be all those things, but it’s not who he is. Victor is excitable, bubbly, caring, vulnerable, depressed, lonely, hardworking…Yuuri, by asking Victor to be himself, released a metaphorical floodgate on Victor’s emotions. He’s broken that carefully crafted persona. 

Victor is now publicly goofy and affectionate

(i love how he hides his face a little here…how cute and shy while showing off that he’s yuuri’s)

And can drop his composure comfortably 

(also vitya always wears gloves to competitions until they get the rings and then victor keeps the gloves off completely :v) 

I love that Victor’s relationship with Yuuri has allowed him to find himself again, and peel away those masks to live and breathe and love as he was always meant to. 

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker would include:

Author’s Note: I really love these headcannon lists so I decided to try them out, hope you enjoy <3

Warning(s): swearing and Deadpool tbh

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker would include:


•meeting him by chance at Starbucks.
-they’d call out ‘Stark’ to come pick up your drink and Peter would freak out.

•he’d try and talk to you about the ‘stark internship’ and you’d be like 'tf are you?’
-“Hi I’m P-Parker Pete, I mean Peter Parker”
-“okay do you want like an autograph or something???”

•he’d be like stumbling over his words and you’d think he was cute so you’d sign his arm with your number and he’d freak out.

•he wouldn’t know whether or not to call you or how to talk to you so he just wouldn’t.
-Ned yelling at him bc Peter is stupid.

•and you’d be upset that this Parker Pete dude didn’t call you back and Tony would try to cheer you up.

•you’d be a huge Spider-Man fan

•like high-key Spidey fan

•and for some reason Tony forgot to tell you that he knew Spiderman.

•so you’d flip shit when Tony would come into the compound with an unmasked Spiderman.
-“you?? Know?? SPIDEY?? And you??? Didn’t??? Tell me???”
-“(Y/N) please, I’m old and highly susceptible to heart attacks”

•then you’d flip shit on Peter for not calling you.
-“and you Parker Pete! You didn’t call me??”

•completely ignoring the fact that Peter is spiderman.

•dropping by during training sessions.

•distracting Peter.

•getting sent out bc you’re too distracting.

•convincing Tony to let you go public school so you can 'monitor’ Peter’s progress.

•Peter showing off your friendship to everyone.

•picking up Ned and Peter in one of Tony’s flashy cars just to prove Flash wrong.

•sticking up for Peter 99.9% of the time.

•Peter being grateful for having you as a friend.

friend :’)

•you end up crushing on Peter haaaard
-it being painfully obvious to everyone but Peter
-Ned teasing you for it until the end of time.

•he asks you out at one of Liz’s parties during 7 minutes of heaven.
-“so- *kiss*-I was thinking- *kiss*-maybe later we could- *kiss*
-“yes Peter I’ll go out with you”

•keeping it a secret from Tony bc he thinks dating will interfere with Peter being Spiderman.

•dating for like a year behind Tony’s back.

•the avengers finding out bc Wanda accidentally reads your thoughts one day :)
-“you made out with Peter?”
-“WHo toLd yOu ThAt?”

•overprotective mother!Steve Rogers.

•dates swinging above the New York skyline.

•cute nicknames




•Peter sneaking into your room when he gets hurt.

•making up crazy excuses when Tony almost barges into your room.
-“I’m too old for this”

•Tony inviting Peter to team dinners.
-holding hands under the table.
-blowing kisses when Tony isn’t looking.

•makeout sessions on the roofs of sky scrapers.

•attempting to do the Spider-Man kiss.
-“Peter I think we’re doing this wrong”
-“No I got this” *web snaps* “AHhH”

“Y/N NO”

•Ned being disturbed by your PDA.

•kisses by the lockers.

•flash flirting with you


•he’d like clench his jaw and glare and you’d find that really hot tbh.

•but then flash would say some dumb shit like “how’d penis Parker get a hot babe like you?”

•you almost breaking Flash’s arm

•Peter cheering you on.

Slapping Peter’s ass at school when no ones looking

•Peter blushing all the time bc it happens on a daily basis

•Getting angry at your dad when he takes away Peter’s suit.
-“Y/N talk to me”
-“Not until you give Peter back his suit”
-“he doesn’t deserve it”
-“he deserves everything in the world and so much more than you. He tried to help you, but you didn’t listen!”

•Tony being hurt bc you’ve never fought with him before.

•him wondering why you’re defending Peter.

•it finally clicking that you’re dating Peter.

•Tony being mad at you for keeping it a secret.

•Peter not wanting to come between you and your dad’s close relationship

•coming to Peter’s defence when Tony tries to 'kill’ him.
-“dad no! I love him”
-“you love me?”

-“ew this is so sweet I can feel the diabetes already”

•PDA around the avengers tower after that
-“The 'making out’ is disturbing me”

-“Same, Thor, same”

-“you’re really soft”
-*you booping peters nose* “yeah well you’re really cute”

•dad jokes.

-“Peter! Peter! What time did the man go to the dentist?!’’

-”(Y/N) go away"

-“Tooth hurt-y! get it?”

•study dates
-turning into makeout sessions
-resulting in you guys being supervised by vision

•you trying on the suit
-almost suffocating
-accidentally swinging out into the streets of New York
-you going to hospital
-lectures from Tony.

•getting the talk from Wade
-crying afterwards bc Wade is weird.
-Tony trying to kill Wade


•passing notes in class

•staring at each other in class

•detentions together
-resulting in you making out in the back.
-resulting in you guys getting kicked out of detention
-never getting detention from other teachers bc they are disturbed by teen romance

•girl talks with Michelle and Liz
-Ned and Peter trying to spy on you guys
-Ned and Peter treating it like a secret mission and having code names.
-“Nedstar 101, I have visual on the birds”
-“copy that Peterpiper”
-“you know we can see you guys right”
-“abort mission! abort mission! We’ve been compromised!”

•getting mad when Peter doesn’t ask you to homecoming.
-him being really confused bc he thought he didn’t have to ask since you guys were dating.

•Peter getting the silent treatment.
-“PlEASe talk to mEee”

•Asking Ned for help
-failing miserably and making you even more mad.

•going to Tony for help
-also failing miserably.
-“she’s your daughter??? How did this go so wrong???”
-“I don’t know!? I’m a failure!?”

•Peter sitting outside your bedroom door for like 2 hours.
-forgiving him when you come home to find him sleeping there.

•tickle fights
-Peter accidentally kicking you in the face.
-going to the hospital again.
-getting lectures from Tony and Steve.

•cooking with Aunt May

•May loves you

•girl talks with May
-Peter trying to spy on these.

•going to Thai restaurants with May and Peter
-sometimes Tony would come
-things would get weird
-Thai food puns

•May and Peter coming to spend family holidays with you and the avengers.
-Tony being weird with Aunt May

•forehead kisses

•Peter bringing you lunch bc you always forget to eat.

•Peter crying over the titanic
-“Pete are you crying?”
-“No this is liquid pride”

•Movie nights with the Avengers
-Tony and Peter crying and laughing over the same scenes
-you and the avengers being weirded out.

•Peter braiding your hair

•Playing with Peter’s hair
-it helps him fall asleep or calm down from stress.

•falling asleep on one another
-the avengers taking photos of you guys
-someone knocking something over effectively waking you up.
-proceed to you screaming at the avengers for like 5 minutes.

•naps together

•you being the big spoon
-Peter never admiting that to anyone.
-you telling everyone.

•late night calls
-effectively running up Tony’s phone bill.

•Tony showing off you and Peter’s relationship
-cos he’s a proud dad
-uncle!Tony loves his spiderling.

•You making Peter the happiest he’s ever been and vice Versa.

“I love you”
“Meh you’re alright Pete”

Married with Benefits (Part 2)

Summary: In order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your friend, Steve Rogers, to marry you. Things, as always, never go as planned. (College AU)

Word Count: 599

Part 1

A/N: Sorry these parts are so short, but I’m writing them on my phone whilst I’m on break at work and stuff. Hope you all enjoy this :D 

Originally posted by talkinboutmyimagination

Bucky’s eyes widened to a comical proportion, extracting a laugh from Steve and even you. “W-What? A-Are—What the hell?”

“Yep,” nodded Steve. “We’re getting married.”

“You’re kidding me,” said Bucky, giving out a slight laugh.

“Nope.” Steve shook his head. “We’re serious.”

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Babe, I'm About To Prove It (Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader) (slight smut)

Hey guys! This is my second imagine here on Tumblr. I hope you guys enjoy! Leave some suggestions and prompts in my inbox, I’d love to hear from you guys. This is slightly slightly slightly smutty so beware. Other than that, we’re good to go! - Xoxo K


Warnings: Slight smut (PG-13)


“Han Solo is so hot” you sigh not looking away from the screen.
You and Peter were watching the Star Wars movies (the original trilogy because the prequels, in my opinion, were awful) while you cuddled on the couch. You always had a thing for Han Solo and you thought nothing of your comment until Peter changed his tone completely.
“Oh yeah, well can Han Solo shoot webs? I don’t think so.” He retorts his grip slightly tighter around your waist.
“I thought you liked Han Solo?” You question turning to Peter. You stare at his lips for a couple seconds before turning your attention to his eyes that now hold some sort of… jealousy?
“I do, but… umm… uhhh” Peter stutters trying to find his words.
“Oh my god. Peter, you’re jealous” you say turning your body all the way around to face him.
“K-kinda” Peter mutters.
This makes you giggle and plant a kiss on Peters nose. “Don’t worry Pete, you’re the only man I love” you say sweetly. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” You smirk slightly at Peter, getting an idea. “But… I can’t help but think about how good Han Solo would be in bed.” You felt Peter shift slightly. “Mmm” you sigh.
“Y/N,” Peter started threateningly. Not in a scary way, you know Peter would never hurt you. In fact, it kinda turned you on a little bit. Peter being so… dominant.
“Peter, I’m just messing with you” you joke, giggling. “Besides, I don’t think he, or any man for that matter, could do it better than you” you say with a wink, making Peter blush slightly. ‘God why did he have to be so irresistible?’ You thought to yourself. You quickly reach for the remote to turn off the TV and get off of the couch. You stand in front with him with your hand on your hip and he gives you a pout.
“What are you doing?” Peter asks. “I was enjoying our cuddles, they kept me warm” he exaggerates a shiver. You giggle quietly and roll your eyes playfully at his theatrical display. “C'mon, let’s go to my room.” You say walking to your bedroom door, swaying your hips as you walk. You stop in front of the door and spin on your heel to face the living room where Peter still sat. “Well…?” You say “are you coming Pete?” You say expectantly. Peter’s head snaps up to look at you with wide eyes, mouth opening and closing, not sure what to say. “Uhhhh… I-I… aren’t your parents home?” Peter sputters. “No.” You smirk. “Oh.” Peter says quietly. “Ohhhhh…” Peter says a smile soon taking over his features, but he still stays on the couch. You roll your eyes as you smile to yourself and strut back to where Peter sat. When you reach him, you reach down to pull him up by the collar of his shirt and crash his lips into yours. Quickly Peter becomes aware of your intentions and the kiss becomes very heated. Peter’s hands move down to your hips and your arms move from his shirt to his neck. He pulls his lips from yours only to mutter the words “jump”. You do as he says and he gives your bum a squeeze. Peter carries you to your room. As soon as he reaches your door he stops and looks into your eyes, fire burning within them. He leans in to whisper in your ear. “You think nobody could do it to you better than me?” Peter says seductively, sending warm tingles to your core. “Babe, I’m about to prove it.”
Cinnamon Roll

Pairings: Bucky x F!Reader, Stony


Hi! First of all, I’m in love with your chatrooms. Thank you for them. They are brilliant!! Can you do a chatroom where BuckyxElemental!Reader hate eachother, Bucky acts harsh on her, but with the help of the Avengers they realize they actually love eachother and care for eachother so much? And I’d love to see StevexTony moments!!❤️(Stony is cute haha) And and and fun time with Thor and Loki :) Also I’d be so happy if you’ll add Matt Murdock too :) I’m so sorry I asked to much but that’s all 🙈    (a/n: <3 you are so sweet, thank you, no problem!)

A/N: the chat title menu grows, now serving cinnamon rolls.

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has added Loki, Natasha, Clint, Bruce. 

Thor:  END THIS!

Bruce: End what?

Thor: This awkwardness… it is almost tangible.

Bruce: What?

Natasha: Bucky and Y/N have been glaring at each other for 2 hours straight and we’re still 3 hours away from the compound.

Thor: I cannot withstand this anymore!

Bruce: Ohhh, that. Sorry I was watching cat videos. Didn’t notice.

Loki: May I suggest throwing Barnes out the jet and watch on as he plummets to his demise? That would surely end the tension.

Thor: Brother, you can’t just use murder to solve all your problems!

Loki: It’s worked in the past!

Natasha: Bucky is at fault and I’m starting to like Loki’s plan…

Loki: See, Thor! Natasha agrees! Lure him to the door and I’ll push him out.

Thor: We are not murdering Sir Barnes despite his dishonorable words towards Lady Y/N.

Clint: Why did Loki even come on the mission?

Natasha: We need to do something. They’re always fighting and I can’t take it anymore.

Bruce: Why don’t we get Bucky to apologize?

Loki: Why don’t we THREATEN HIM WITH VIOLENCE to apologize?

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my final entry for klanceweek! this time, for prompt #7: free day. i chose to go with the prompt “change” for this one. also this is a continuation of prompt #6!

these entries can now be found on ao3 so please head over there and drop a kudo and/or comment if you enjoyed reading these!! again, they can also be found on twitter!

day 1 / day 2 / day 3 / day 4 / day 5 / day 6 

Admittedly, Keith isn’t the worst dancer in the world.

The guy is a freakishly fast learner. It’s no wonder he consistently kicks the fighting simulator’s ass. And, as much as Lance wants to be jealous of how quickly Keith picks up on dancing, he’s far too distracted by… other things.

Like the fact Keith is pressed up against him. Their foreheads touching, Lance breathes in the same air Keith exhales. They continue turning, breath mingling, and Lance feels like his body is on fire. Every point of contact burns but in the most pleasant way imaginable.

Never in a million years did Lance think he’d be slow dancing with Keith. And, weirder still, he’s enjoying himself.

He, Lance McClain, is enjoying dancing with Keith.

There’s no denying it. Lance likes the weight of Keith in his arms, bodies aligned just right. The scant distance between their lips is definitely the worst temptation he’s had to endure all evening. It’s killing him. It would be easy to close that gap—and totally excusable! None of the guests would be surprised to see the Vruan prince and his escort kiss.

But… Keith would be against it.

Lance is pretty confident he’d get slapped. The two of them only briefly discussed ‘public displays of affection’ before stepping into the ballroom. Keith had been very against anything more than hand holding. He even hesitated when Lance brought up hugging. Hugging.

“This is kinda…” Lance whispers into the space between them.

“Yeah,” Keith agrees. He tips his head just the slightest bit, and Lance swears their mouths get even closer together.

Lance inhales sharply at the feeling of their noses brushing, Soft, gentle, so very unlike the arguments they have or their banter during training. Each brush follows the sway of their heads, naturally moving with the flow of the music. Lance wants to smooth his fingers over the curve of Keith’s jaw, wants to bury his fingers in dark hair. He wants to know the feel and taste of Keith’s mouth against his own.

“I can’t believe none of these people know where Lotor is,” Keith sighs.

Lance swears their lips touch for an instant, and his brain short-circuits.

“Some of them don’t seem like they know what’s going on outside their own little royal bubble. Or maybe they don’t care because the Galra empire hasn’t destroyed their planet yet. Hell, maybe some of these bastards struck up a deal with Zarkon to protect themselves.”

Is Keith… rambling?

“Mhmm,” Lance manages to respond. Could their lips possibly get any closer without touching? “Good point, babe.”

Keith huffs. “Are we really doing this again?”

“Doing what?”

“The… nickname thing.”

“Oh,” Lance drawls knowingly. His fingers twitch restlessly. “You don’t want me to call you ‘babe.’”

“Definitely not.”

“But we’re supposed to be dating. That’s what people do when they’re together. They give each other cute pet names.”

“Like Sharpshooter?” Keith teases.

Actually… Lance swallows down the sudden lump in his throat. Because, now that he thinks about, ‘sharpshooter’ could qualify as a pet name. Especially the way Keith says it.

“Yeah,” Lance admits. Keith perceptibly stiffens in his hold. “But ‘babe’ might be safer for now. Just in case anyone heard and got suspicious.”

“Right, right, or, I mean, no pet names,” Keith blurts. “Whatever you, uh. Want.”

Something about Keith’s voice, laced with panic, gives Lance a boost of confidence. What’s the worst that could happen if I just asked?

“Hey… Keith. You know how we’re supposed to act like a couple, right?”


“And you know how couples act sometimes when they’re, you know, slow dancing?”

Keith’s silence is answer enough. Fear jolts through Lance’s body. Maybe he should take it back and pretend he never—

“Yeah,” Keith murmurs. It’s so quiet that Lance barely hears his reply over the sound of the music. “And?”

“Alright, well, I’m going to try something. I need you to play it cool, okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“There’s a reason I asked first,” Lance confesses. His cheeks are burning; he can only imagine how red they are. “So please don’t freak out. Just go with it.”

Keith mumbles what sounds like a, “yes,” and Lance feels his blood boil. Ever so carefully, he tilts his chin and gasps at the clumsy collision of their noses. It certainly isn’t enough to stop him, though. His hand seems to have a mind of its own and crawls up Keith’s back, resting at the nape of his neck. A small sigh falls from Keith’s mouth at the change in position. Lance frees his other hand and slides it along Keith’s jaw, drawing him closer. He gently presses his lips to Keith’s, although a little off-center.

Holy mother of quiznak.

Lance hovers there for a moment and then pulls away. His lips tingle pleasantly, excitement thrumming through his bones. This isn’t his first kiss, but… oddly enough, it feels like it. The sensation reminds Lance of running through the halls of a Galra base, shooting enemies, dodging shots. There’s a hint of trepidation underlying the excitement, but not in a bad way—quite the opposite.

Never has a kiss made Lance feel so alive.

“We should…” Keith pauses to lick his lips; Lance can’t look away. “Probably, uh. Again. Just in case.”

Reality crashes down around Lance. Right, this is just an act. The only reason they’re here, kissing, is to trick a crowd of aliens into thinking they’re a royal couple.

“Yeah,” Lance croaks and surges forward.

‘Fake kiss’ or not, Lance is going to make sure this one is memorable. No matter what happens, Lance knows he’ll remember this night for the rest of his life. There’s no way he’ll forget the first moment their lips met, the way Keith desperately gripped his suit jacket and pressed as close to him as humanly possible.

It’s like the universe itself shifts. Three years together in space, and Lance comes to a startling conclusion.

He might be in love.

It Kinda Runs In The Family (Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader)

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’m on my last two weeks of summer :( Here’s another imagine for you guys, I hope you enjoy! Please leave suggestions, prompts, and requests in my inbox! Love you guys! Hollanders for the win
- Xoxo K


(We’re going to pretend that Peter doesn’t like Liz in this one because that would just make things SUPER complicated in this scenario. Ned just does what he does because Peter’s secret is just unbearably awesome, instead of Ned trying to set Liz and Peter up.)

Just a normal day in PE. You and your friend Alex were paired up for sit ups as usual, and decided to take the spot next to your boyfriend, Peter and his friend, Ned. You and Peter had been dating since the second semester of Freshman year, so you knew he was Spider-Man. In fact, you knew from the moment he discovered his powers. You two told each other practically everything, which meant that when Ned found out about Peter’s secret, you knew about it. While you were doing your sit ups, you heard Peter and Ned talking in hushed tones. You knew exactly what they were talking about. You finished your set of sit ups and got up off the mat you were on. You and Alex walked over to the bleachers where Liz and a couple of your other friends sat. Liz had been like an older sister to you all your life, she was there to show you the ropes since you were in Kindergarten. Liz waved at you as you approached. “Hey Y/N.” Liz said with a smile. “You wanna play?” You nodded. You already knew what they were playing, FMK. “I would…” Your friend Sarah started. “Marry Iron Man… F Thor…” You cringed a little at the mention of your dad, Iron Man. Liz noticed this cringe. “Oh… sorry Y/N. Forgot for a second.” Liz giggled. “What about Spider-Man?” Alex asked Sarah. “Ewww.” Sarah exclaimed. “What do you think, Liz?” Alex asked. Liz brought her hand up half way, palm up, before dropping it back into her lap. “I don’t know… maybe?” Liz was blushing slightly with a small smile. “Ewww he could be like, 30.” Sarah said. Liz shot her a look. “It wouldn’t matter. I would still love him for who he is on the inside.” They all giggled at this. You shifted awkwardly since they were unknowingly talking about your boyfriend. You turned your attention to Peter to distract yourself from the uncomfortable conversation your friends were having. Just as you did, Ned jumped up and yelled. “Peter knows Spider-Man.” Peter whipped his head around and your eyes met for a split second before you face palmed at Ned’s exclamation. You watched as Peter ran over to Ned and whisper yelled at him and tried to cover up. “U-Uh. I-I mean I met him… once or twice.” Peter announced awkwardly. “No, he’s just being humble. He hangs out with him. They’re friends.” Ned said. Liz and your friends gave them all a look. “Oh.” Liz said, shocked. That’s when Flash decided to chime in. “He’s lying, he doesn’t know Spider-Man.” Peter started to get annoyed. “Yeah I do. Mr. Stark introduced me to him. It’s a part of the Stark internship.” Flash laughed at this. “Please, you’ve never even been in the same room as Tony Stark.” Flash mocked. You stepped in to defend your boyfriend. “Hey Flash, you might wanna check yourself on that.” Everyone turned to look at you, including Peter. “Oh yeah? What do you mean by that, Y/N?” Flash challenged. “Well, how about you put the pieces together, Flash?” Flash narrowed his eyes, threateningly as you spoke. “Peter is my boyfriend,” You lifted your left arm half way up representing a weighted scale. “And my dad is Tony Stark.” You finished, lifting your right arm up in a similar fashion to your left. Flash glared at you and whipped around quickly, embarrassed by your attack. A couple people ‘oohed’ but most everyone was already back to their own thing. You climbed down the bleachers and walked over to Peter, planting a quick kiss on his now smirking lips. “That was pretty badass.” Peter said. “I didn’t know you had THAT much sass, Y/N. Dang.” You giggled at Peter’s comment. “I’m related to Tony Stark,” Peter smiled at you. “It kinda runs in the family.”


。* ❀  RinShi  Week  2017 ❀ *。

Welcome, everyone to RinShi Week 2017!  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
RinShi Week is an entire week celebration dedicated to the relationship of Rin Okumura and Shiemi Moriyama from the manga/anime Blue Exorcist.

This year is special and falls on Tanabata (Japanese star festival) and we wanted to give it a Summer vibed theme. (◕‿ ◕✿) We hope you will join in celebrating the relationship between our favorite half-demon and tamer exorcists in training!

。* ❀
July 7th  – 13th  2017 || Prompts per Day  ❀ *

Day 1: Tanabata Festival

Day 2: Confession

Day 3: Teamwork

Day 4: Domestic

Day 5: Beach

Day 6: Trust

Day 7: Red String of Fate

。* ❀DAY 8: July 22: BONUS DAY: Battle in Gehenna or 10 Years Later

。* ❀ Basic Rules:

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Claim Your Prize - Smut

Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg

Author: @dumbass-stilinski and @ninja-stiles
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Void!Stiles/Reader
Words: 2,154
AN: HI here is a collab I did with the lovely @ninja-stiles! We did some research into the game Go and it’s actually pretty interesting. Fun fact you can download a free version for your phone and play around with it. It’s a bit like chess, tbh. Anyway, enjoy the filth, we both felt like we needed some Void in our lives.

You sighed, lining up the white and black stones at either end of the board. There was a light breeze blowing in through the doors that you had propped open that led out to the back porch. You were hoping he’d show up, setting up the game you knew he liked as an open invitation. Sure, you knew he was dangerous, but that’s what made it so exciting. You leaned forwards, your elbows on your knees, and moved the first stone. Leaning over, you moved a black stone next to your first piece, biting your bottom lip between your teeth as you contemplated your next move.

“You know that game is meant to be played with two people.”

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Hot ‘n Cold

♥ Hi Guys, here is another fulfilled request, well it’s just smut so here we go. I hope you guys enjoy. Feel free to leave some feedback, drop an ask, send me a message, or leave a request. Found any mistakes? Tell me I would love to fix them, als tag in the lovely @moderndeathsblog because you are my muse and you love Loki so I hope you like it as well♥ Deutsche Version auf meiner Masterlist.

Request:  Can you please do a smut with Jotun!Loki? Just anything sensual and hot with him.

  • Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
  • Summary: You want to see Loki’s true form and he grant you your wish and discover a new kink of yours.
  • Warnings: smut, fluff, unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving), temperature play, Loki in his jotun form, Loki uses his frost giant abilities, PWP!
  • Words: 1760

You sat impatiently on your large, soft, and royal bed in the huge bedroom, you shared with your boyfriend. The only thing that covered your body was a lace bra and matching slip in elegant emerald green, a little gift for your favorite god. It was already late at night and some candles illuminated your room with warm light while still some warm night air was blowing in through the open balcony. You took a sip  from your glass of water while you waited for Loki to walk through the door.

You had a special fantasy in your mind,  for ages and you wanted to try it out so badly  with your boyfriend if he would play along. You knew that this wasn’t Loki’s favorite subject and he was reluctant to mention this topic and you hoped that your appearance and the fact that you really wanted to do it would change his mind.

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The Show must go on

((Okay, so @doodledrawsthings got me interested in hell’s au, and then the subject of mortality came to be. Then @kitkat1003 wrote an amazing fic, and well… this happened)) . . . .

Dear Bendy,

I guess it wouldn’t have been long before Joey and I would kick the bucket. Who would have guessed 70 years in the studio would go by so quickly am I right?

Anyway, I guess this is just a bit of a sendoff before Joey and I take our dirt nap. If by some miracle by God you start getting a sick feeling in your stomache, excessive ink overflow, or wanting to lay in bed for all eternity and contemplate your existence, then just think of this as revenge for trying to drown me in ink on that Thursday those years ago.

So yes, surprise! People die for real here. It’s a damn slow, natural thing we do, a thing we can’t control. No one lasts forever in this world no matter how hard we try to make them last. So you’ll probably think, “Henry! You sicko! Why the hell are you so nonchalant about this?!” I won’t say anything or course, because you know, I’ll be dead.

And besides, you always said that I was a sort of moody guy. I guess you finally rubbed off on me after all these years.
But hey boss, chin up, here comes the better part. We may not last forever, but you, Boris, Alice, everyone else, you guys sure will.

Now you’re probably getting mad at Joey for making you this way right? Even I still think he’s insane for doing what he did, but after this experience I have realized some virtues in his work. Bendy, you’re a legacy. The people of this world know that one day they’re all going to die. Some like me and Joey accept it, but keep on hoping. But there are others who know it, but they’ve given up all hope. They forget how to laugh and enjoy their time here because they don’t see the point.

That’s where you and the gang come in. When Me and Joey drew you, we wanted to make you all into someone everyone would love. You’d make them laugh, cry, even get scared when you try to drown them in a flood of ink and suffering (I’m never letting this go, not over my dead body). Because what you do reminds them that despite it all, life can be fun.

Wipe that ink off your face bucko, you’re only halfway through the sentiment.

This is for Boris. In case you’re still wondering who’s a good boy, well, I’ve got the answer buddy. It was you all along.
Keep swinging that clarinet of yours like there’s no tomorrow, because you never know when someone’s gonna need some cheering up from a certain good boy. (It’s still you, you loveable pup) Don’t worry about us okay buddy? We’ll be fine. Just make sure Bendy doesn’t cause too much trouble alright?

Now for Alice, who knows, maybe you will end up as popular as Bendy some day (I said might Bendy, don’t get all huffy). In the meantime, keep those boys in line as much as you can. They need you more than they think they do. And remember to tell Boris to turn off the system after recording, no one likes hearing Wally singing “Dancin’ Queen” acapella.

And finally, we’d like to thank you all for bieng our crew. Thank you for the laughs, the pick-me-ups, the random dances, the naggy critics, even the times you tried to drown us in ink. But most importantly, thank you for bieng our legacy. You made our dreams come true, now go on and make everyone else’s do the same.

Goodbye, kiddo.

Your creators and friends,

Joey and Henry.

“Air Ducts and Secrets” - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2,893

Plot: What goes on in the air ducts, stays in the air ducts.

Warnings: honestly its just fluff, cheesy comments, a new girl reference, one swear word (that’s censored), and more fluff. 

Author’s Note: So this is for the monthly song challenge but I literally only put two song lyrics from the song Tomorrow Never Dies by 5SOS. But that’s okay. I might do a part two depending on how well this does. PSA: I love New Girl.

(Lyrics are the sentences in italics)

Lilly’s Imagine


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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 11 ❤️

A/N: I’m sooooooo sorry for this wait yall, but here it is! the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!! I hope you guys like it!! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Warnings: Child birth. Angst. Slight smut.

Series Masterlist

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Is it bad that I Miss Him? : Jughead Jones

request: Please do something comforting with jughead!:) 

 requested by: anonymous

A/N:  I love jughead so much! So anon, I hope you enjoy this little jughead imagine. xx aubree

pairing: Jughead Jones x Lodge!reader

warnings: absolutely nothing

word count: 827

(gif not mine)


Originally posted by evenstoast

Moving to Riverdale was definitely a culture shock, to say the least. You, your sister, Veronica, and your mother just moved here from New York to escape the embezzlement case your father was caught up in.

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kadarakings  asked:

I'm glad you got Andromeda! And I hope you're enjoying it. But just so you know... ...we miss you :c

Ahah, I was going to post some art and here’s your message. I’ll do it here then, if you don’t mind:З Awww, I missed you too ❤

So I haven’t finished the game yet but I’ll be there soon enough.  In the meantime, I’ve got something for you. I usually don’t post commissions, yeah, but I haven’t updated this blog for a while and there’s Reyes/default Ryder in the picture (I know you love them) so why fucking not? Say thank you to wonderful @magikarpmolester for this art^^

Aaaaand  I think I forgot how to draw again, meh

Sleeping Beauty

♥ Hi Guys, so here we go with a little sweet one shot with Steve, because of my little writers block lately. Request will be come out next week, but you still can send them in. I hope you guys enjoy. Feel free to leave some feedback, drop an ask or send me a message. I love to hear from you guys. Deutsche Version auf meiner Masterlist.

  • Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
  • Summary: Steve wakes up his Sleeping Beauty
  • Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, sweet love making
  • Words: 711

Tired, you opened your eyes, you heard the sound of rain gentle falling against the cool windows and only a few rays of light shone through the thick cloudy sky into the bedroom. A short yawn left your lips before you closed your eyes again, pulled your blanket tightly around you and cuddled back into the firm warm body behind you. “Good morning Sleeping Beauty” breathed Steve into your ear, gave you a kiss on the cheek and pulled you tightly against his naked chest. You clung to him and muttered in your pillow. “Sleeping Beauty was woken up with a kiss”

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Okay so I know a lot of people are bummed about not getting into the autograph sessions at RTX, but let me tell you kiddos about my first time at RTX. I was pretty confused the whole time I was there because I was still new to attending conventions and i didnt know how panels or the autograph sessions worked. So I obviously didn’t sign up for any autographs. Saturday, I was in cosplay wearing long sleeves in 90 degree weather so I was kind of dying. I went the food court to buy some water and while I was at the checkout I noticed Ryan Haywood standing in the corner talking to a couple of people. no one else seemed to notice him at the time and i was freaking out because wow my favorite AH member was standing right there. At this point he noticed me staring at him and he waved me over because i’m pretty sure it was obvious I was a fan ( I was literally cosplaying one of his characters) We made conversation for a few minutes and i was nervous the whole time but he was really sweet. So let me tell y’all something (especially you people who are upset about not getting into the autograph sessions). I can guarantee that even if I hadnt met ryan, i would’ve still said RTX was the best experience I’ve ever had. While waiting in lines people invited me to join their card games and included me in conversations. I had a 30 minute convo with a guardian after a panel just geeking out over the events that had happened. I didn’t know what I was getting into my first year going to RTX. Now that I’ve had the experiences I’ve had, I can tell you all that I’m going to RTX this year to meet people in the community who share the same interests as me and make unforgettable memories. I promise you it will all work out in the end. If my clueless ass can manage to find joy at RTX then so can y’all. I love this community so much and i’m sad to see that we have hit a rough patch. I hope we can all look past our differences and enjoy ourselves when RTX comes around. Just know that I’m here for you all and I cant wait to see everyone at RTX 2017 <333 ~Sage Bailey   


Requested by: @diving-down-to-wonderland

Request: Well this might be cheesy but maybe something (also with buck) where you’re engaged but after an accident you can’t walk properly anymore but buck still loves you the same and supports you where he can. What he doesn’t know is that you’re secretly practising to be able to work on your wedding. Soooo at the wedding day you are able to walk down the aisle on your own and Bucky gets happy and speechless and stuff ? Idk maybe it’s weird but I kinda liked the thought of it

A/N: I freaking live for angst, here we go! I don’t know if this is what you asked for exactly. I tried, though! Hope you enjoy! -Kaley xx

Warnings: car accident, disabled!reader, mentions of wreckage, reader cannot walk, fluff, angst

You weren’t an Avenger, you weren’t a fighter, and you certainly didn’t believe you had any enemies. You were normal. It was something you and Bucky worked really hard at achieving. He lived his life, fought the bad guys, saved the world, and got to be amazing while you went to school, worked your part time job, and shopped at Target. Normal. You didn’t do anything to cause anyone any harm, you didn’t steal, spy, or track. You just lived your life day to day and while it may seem boring to some people, you were happy. Bucky made you happy, and being engaged to Bucky sent you over the moon. You loved your quiet little life and you knew Bucky appreciated the stillness of it after working some of the missions that he had been sent on. You had Bucky and Bucky would always have you and that was all you needed.

Except now you were panicking on a freeway while trying to find your cell phone because you were certain there were some people following you. You had just gotten out of class when you had that feeling wash over you, like someone was watching you. You tried to play it off as paranoia, you had just had a long day and needed a nice shower. But when you got to the parking lot where your car was parked the feeling hadn’t subsided, in fact, it was stronger and you were pretty sure you heard footsteps behind you. Once you were settled in your vehicle you locked the doors and got out of there as quick as you could without looking back. Now you kind of wished you would have looked back. The black SUV with the even blacker tinted windows was right on your tail and there were two others that were creeping up on both sides of you. You were in some shit all right.

Finally grabbing a hold of your phone you dialed Bucky’s number as quickly as you could, putting it on speaker and throwing it into the passenger seat. After ringing a few times he picked up, cheerily greeting you.

“Hey, doll! Are you out of class already? I-” but you cut him off before he could finish, “Bucky I think I’m being followed and I don’t know what to do!” Your voice shook with fear as you glanced into your rear views to see the SUVs had gotten even closer. “What? Are you sure they’re following you? What does the car look like?” He frantically asked, and you heard a bunch of rustling in the background.

"There’s three of them, they’re uh, they’re black SUVs, I can’t see who’s driving. The windows are too dark….I’m scared, Bucky.”

Bucky cursed as he heard the fear in your voice, and hurriedly flagged Tony down as he happened to be walking through the training room Bucky and Steve were currently occupying. He gave him a confused look but approached nonetheless. “Yes?” He wondered, looking over at Steve who looked just as lost.

"It’s y/n, she said that she’s being followed by three SUVs. Can you get me a visual?” Bucky quickly asked as he tried to listen for any background noise on your end of the call, praying whoever was after you wouldn’t try shooting at you or your car. “What?!” Steve bellowed as he tried listening in on the call as well, while Tony had Jarvis trace your location.

"Hey, baby, I need you to listen to me, ok? We’re looking at you right now and you need to do exactly as I ask. Can you do that?” Buck asked you as Tony and Steve worked on mapping a way for you to lose the followers. “Yeah, I can. I love you, Bucky.” He felt his chest tighten as you spoke, not liking the circumstances under which you’re saying them, “I love you to, doll. We’re gonna lose ‘em, alright? I promise.” He said before he began telling you which turns to take and which roads to go down as they watched you from the holographic screen Tony controlled.

"I can’t lose them, guys! I don’t know what to do!” You panicked as you felt the car behind you hit up against the back of your car. “They’re trying to crash into me!” You sped up and took a random right turn and looked behind you relieved to not see anyone there.

"Wait, I think I tricked them! They’re gone!” You laughed as you turned back around at the same time you heard Bucky, Steve, and Tony yelling at you through your phone to watch out. By the time you noticed the truck coming at you head on, it was too late. All that managed to escape you was shriek of terror as you felt the impact of your car slamming into the other. Then nothing. It was all black.

Bucky let an agonized roar leave his lungs as he watched your car flip several times before bursting into flames, it was as if someone had ripped his heart out of his chest and he couldn’t remember how to breathe. Everything was numb and he had this consistent ringing in his ears. The sound of your scream haunting his mind. “Bucky! Look at me, buddy! Let’s go get her!” Steve spoke urgently with a tremor in his voice as he quickly guided Bucky to the garage where Tony had a car waiting for the three of them.

"I contacted Bruce and he’s setting up his lab right now, we just need to make sure she’s stable until we get her back here.” Tony informed them as he sped off, not saying anything else. Though the speed the car was traveling at said more than any words could have.

"She’s gonna be fine, everything’s fine.” Steve nodded, looking as though he was trying to convince himself more than anyone. Bucky knew he was scared too, you’d become like a little sister to Steve and though he’d never admit it to you, he held a big soft spot for your corny jokes and determination to bring him up to date with the 21st century.

In no time they were at the crash site, thankfully no one had seen it so there wasn’t any crowding. It looked so much worse in person too, Bucky didn’t want to admit it but he wondered how anyone could survive the outcome your car was currently in. As soon as his feet touched the ground after exiting the car, his knees buckled and he couldn’t stop the tears from leaving his eyes.

That was nearly eight months ago. You’d managed to somehow survive the crash, something Bruce and Dr. Cho had a really hard time understanding. You were just happy you were alive, and so was everyone else. Especially Bucky. After undergoing several immediate operations following the accident you went into a coma. You were in it for nearly two months and when you woke up the first person you saw was Bucky. You’d never seen your strong man cry before, he’d always been the tough one, but when you opened your eyes and squeezed his hand he sobbed for nearly an hour while he held you. It was the worse than the crash, you think.

You were bed ridden for a few days before they gave you the ok to start moving around again. Laying down for so long had weakened your muscles significantly so it was time to build your strength again.

Only you couldn’t do that. With Bucky’s help you sat up at the edge of the bed, and when you tried to stand you would’ve hit the floor if it wouldn’t have been for him catching you. You looked up at him in confusion before trying again, only for the same thing to happen. You spent the next hour trying, and failing, to get your limbs to work and the looks of sympathy you kept getting from Bucky and anyone that happened to come by to see you were bothering you.

"I don’t think I can walk anymore, James.” You stated blankly before scooting back under the covers and turning to face away from him. You stayed that way for two days.

It wasn’t the idea of never walking again that scared you. That’s what everyone assumed was wrong, no. It was the idea of being a bride that couldn’t walk down the isle to marry her fiancé. It was the idea of not getting your first dance with him at your wedding or not getting to run around the yard with your future children that terrified you the most. Simple things that had meant so much to you. It wasn’t fair.

That’s what you found yourself telling Tony one day when you had rolled your wheelchair into the kitchen of the tower. He noticed the frustrated look on your face and asked you what was wrong and before you knew it the pair of you were down in the basement with Rhodey, attempting to build yourself some new leg braces too. It was the first time since finding out you couldn’t walk that you actually held a little bit of hope. Maybe you could walk again. At least down the isle, that’s all you wanted.

The project had taken over the two of you, you’d spend hours in the shop trying new materials and attempting to stand. You and Tony hadn’t actually talked about it but he knew you wanted to keep this secret between the two of you. Your wedding was a month away and you wanted to try, for Bucky. And you did good at keeping it hush until one day Steve came down to talk to Tony about something and found you holding onto railings on either side of you as you managed to stand for nearly two minutes.

"That’s a record, y/n! Longest so far! You’re improving, pretty soon you’ll be carrying Bucky through the threshold.” Tony joked as he lifted you in a hug.

“What’s going on?” You turned and saw the shocked look on Steve’s face before gesturing him to come closer. Obeying, he knelt beside your wheelchair you had sat down in and listened as you explained your newest endeavor to him. He swore not to tell a soul and over the course of the next few weeks he could be found helping you and Tony and always lifting you up when you got discouraged.

And then the day came when you did it. Then you did it again and again and pretty soon you were walking around without the help of anyone holding onto you. Granted, it was a little difficult and you had a pretty wicked limp but you were walking! Tony and Steve cheered and you were engulfed in a sea of muscle as they took turns spinning you around. Rhodey even got a turn as he showed off his leg braces and lifted you up. The four of you laughed together as tears blurred your vision and you squeezed Tony in the tightest hug you’d ever given anyone.

“I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. You’re amazing.” You whispered as he hugged you to him. You looked over at Steve to see him grinning at you with glistening eyes.

“You too, Cap. You’re the best friend I ever did have.” You joked as you pulled him over to you.

“Bucky’s gonna lose it, y/n/n. You’re gonna be the most beautiful bride the world has ever seen.” He kissed your forehead and backed away as he pointed up the stairs.

“I’m gonna go make sure he’s still distracted with something. Wanda’s probably tired of keeping him busy for me. Just one more week to go and you can walk whenever you please, yeah?” He winked at you and jogged up the steps.

You turned to Tony with a serious look on your face. “I have a serious question for you, Mr. Stark.” You stated as he smirked down at you. “Lay it on me, sweet cheeks.” You rolled your eyes with a smile as you felt yourself grow nervous.

“How would you feel about walking me down the isle?”

And so he did. The big day had finally arrived and you stood with Tony behind the doors separating you from seeing your fiancé. “Nervous?” He questioned as you fidgeted with your bouquet. “More like anxious.” You responded as you heard the wedding march begin to play. “Here we go, you mumbled and felt Tony give your arm a squeeze.

The doors opened and you began your walk down the isle that seemed to go on for miles. You hadn’t looked up yet, afraid of the reaction you’d get from Bucky for hiding this from him. The two of you had a few arguments over the course of the past couple months regarding your disappearances. He thought you didn’t want to be with him anymore and thought you were avoiding him. You had to convince him you were planning the wedding and getting last minute details worked out. Which you did, while Tony tinkered. You were the bride, after all.

You finally looked up into the beautiful eyes of your beautiful man and saw the tears threatening to fall. He had a look of awe upon his face and he was smiling so big you were sure his cheeks were killing him. You felt your eyes well up at the sight of him and choked out a laugh. You were doing it.

You looked over at Steve to see him smiling tearily at you. And you giggled at the shocked looks on Sam and Clint’s faces. Natasha was glaring at you with eyes rimmed red because you were her best friend and she was so happy for you and, she’d never admit it but, she was trying not to cry. You finally stood face to face with Bucky and your tears finally fell when you saw his own fall.

"You’re the most beautiful girl in the universe, doll.” He whispered as he cupped your face in his hands and rested his forehead against yours.

“I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this from me.” He laughed as you giggled at his wide eyes, “surprise?” You smiled as you grabbed his hands. He looked over his shoulder at Steve and smirked, “you’re a punk.” The guests all laughed as Steve shot back, “okay, jerk.”

The ceremony went beautifully and pretty soon you were being swept off your feet as Bucky carried you down the isle. And later that night, as you laid together in a blissful silence, Bucky propped up on his elbow and looked down at you with a smile. “You’re incredible, you know that?” He asked as he leaned down and nuzzled into your neck. You laughed as his scruff scratched you and tried wiggling away. “Nuh uh, c'mere.” He pulled you closer and kissed your shoulder.

“When I found out I couldn’t walk all that ran through my mind was, ‘I’m not gonna get to walk down the isle at my wedding. I’m not gonna get my first dance with you, and I’m not gonna be able to chase our children around because I can’t walk.’ And I refused to just accept that. I had to try and Tony, Steve, and Rhodey made sure I had all the support I needed. Honestly, without them I probably wouldn’t have done it.” You said as you traced your finger over his chest.

“When you were in the accident and we were on our way to go get you, what ran through mine was, 'God, just let her be alive. Let her come home to me. I can’t live without her.’ Because I can’t. I love Steve, he’s my brother, but I know he thinks that one day I’m gonna snap and I’ll be the same Bucky he knew back in the forties. And the rest of the world don’t know whether to look at me as a murderer or a hero. But you, you see me as Bucky. A guy that is trying his damn hardest to be good. A guy that’s trying to figure it all out. And I love you so much for that alone. You don’t expect anything from me, you aren’t afraid of me. For some reason you love me and I thank god I found you because you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. So when you found out you couldn’t walk and you looked so sad, I promised myself I’d spend the rest of my life doing everything I could to make you happy again. To prove to you that you’re so much more than a disability. But, yet again, you’ve managed to completely blow me away and surprise me with just how independent you are and just how much more I need you than you need me.”

You grabbed his chin and brought him down so you could give him a kiss. “I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” You whispered against his lips before you kissed them again.

“I love you so much more, y/n y/m/n Barnes.”

JB Imagine - Leaked Nudes (Dating) - (Part 1)

A/N: Hey beauts ! I dearly apologise for being so inactive on Tumblr since I’m rather more on Wattpad (narryneon), but I felt really bad so here is one of my works. Their is definitely going to be a Part 2. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. Be sure to like and send me feedback. Much love .xx

Warning : Language

(PART 2)

Part 1

My reaction to this whole situation that I’m seeing before my eyes is un-fucking-believable. Justin has been travelling around for the past month promoting “What Do You Mean” along with performing. After promoting, he had the thought of going to Bora Bora for some time now for a small vacation. I for one thought it would be perfect if we went together, time for us to be with each other, cuddles at night and what did he have to say about that you may question ? No. I was taken back by his answer which seemed a bit suspicious to me. I mean which boyfriend wouldn’t want to take their girlfriend with over seas - well unless you actually love her.

Originally posted by playtiwe

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Seventeen React to: Their crush asking to cuddle with them

brb2132 requested: Seventeen reaction to their crush asking to cuddle with them Thank you!

Here you go lovely! Lets hope this one is better than the last :) Enjoy! Requests are open, no rules to them, you can request as many times as you want. - A


“Can we cuddle? I’m cold.”
Minghao would blush a very deep shade of red. He would nod and pull you close to him, holding you tight against his chest.

Mentally, he’d be flipping out. Physically, he’d keep it cool and cuddle with you

This is actually happening! Lord, she asked me. I’m.. Wow.

Originally posted by luhan-bee


“Seokmiiiiinnnie? Will you cuddle with me?”

Hearing you ask him for cuddles would be music to his ears. He’d throw his phone and open his arms as wide as they’d go.

“Come here.”

He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling the entire time you were cuddled into his chest. Lets out occasional giggles because he’s so happy.

Originally posted by shininghoshi


He wouldn’t know what to do.

Is she/he being serious or am I being played right now?

Would stare at you for a few minutes but would invite you into his bed after he realized you were in fact being serious. Takes a nap cuddled with you

Originally posted by wooziwithlove


“With me? Well, yeah.. Just let me put a shirt on first.”

Would awkwardly pull on a t-shirt and blush when you climbed into the bed and cuddled with him under his blankets. He would be dying on the inside though. He couldn’t believe you wanted to cuddle with


of all people. Would hold you tightly, rubbing your back with a great big grin painted on his cute face

Originally posted by jisooosgf


“Hansol, will you cuddle me? I don’t feel well.”

“Awww, yeah, come here.”

Would hold you tight against his chest and rub your back. He was touched that you wanted to cuddle with him but he felt bad because you were running a fever. He’d kiss your fevered forehead

“Hope you feel better soon.”
Giggles when you fall asleep laying against him.

Originally posted by sneezes


“Channie, I wanna cuddle with you..”

He would freeze in the middle of what he was doing and start blushing hardcore, looking at Seungkwan.

“You can go cuddle with her/him, I’ve got it.”

He’d be a blushy, giggly mess when you cuddled into his chest.

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He would basically throw his laptop in the floor and pat the bed like crazy.

“Yes yes yes yes yes yes-”

Would literally chant YES until you covered his mouth.

“Shut up and cuddle with me.”

Giggles and tangles himself with you so you couldn’t leave.

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He’d grin and lift his blanket sleepily. When you cuddled into him, he’d start mumbling about how you smell good and how warm you are. Would fall asleep with a cute giggle of


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I’m sorry can we just appreciate the fetus

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His breath would hitch in his throat and his heart would skip would a beat. 

“Y-Yeah, that’s, yeah!” 


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Would literally yell in excitement then cover his face in embarrassment.

“Aish, I didn’t mean to shout. I’m just happy you chose me.”

Blushes and dies because he’s so embarrassed

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Diva boo would throw the blankets back and pat the spot beside him.
"Careful, I’m royalty.”
Would tease you but is lowkey about to die

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Takes off his glasses and set them on his nightstand.
“I’d love to cuddle with you.”
Would snuggle happily and end up falling asleep

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Squeals loudly and jumps up and down.
Doesn’t try to hide his excitement and happiness.

Would wrap you both up in a big blanket and talk to you about your day because he’s cute like that

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