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So, I’ve been getting a lot of asks about the Parallel Love scans. The links I originally posted have been taken down already. :( For those who aren’t in the know, Parallel Love is this really cute doujin about Young!Royai. 

Sorry if this post took a while!  I’ve been so swamped with work & life in general. But, here’s my answer to all your asks! :) I uploaded the .zip file to my personal Public Dropbox. Feel free to download! Let me know if there’s something wrong with the links. ENJOY! :)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Who said I love you first in your relationship? Tell the story! You guys are the cutest and I hope you have an amazing time together this summer :)

Ahh thank you!!❤️ Okay here we go.
I was the one who said I love you first.
We were talkin on the phone and it was pretty late. Caitlin was falling asleep so we said goodnight, and all that good stuff.
We were about to hang up and I was like “️Caitlin wait.”
And her in her cute sleepy voice said “what baby?”
And I hesitated for a second and she repeated, “babe?”
And like my voice cracked and I said, “I think I love you.”
And she giggled and said, “I think I love you too Faith.”
And I couldn’t stop smiling, and neither could she. And then I told her to go to sleep and I’ll talk to her tomorrow.
We said I love you everyday but I was scared to go the next step up and say that I was in love with her because my past relationships had fucked me up and I didn’t want to rush anything.
But about a week after I had said that I loved her, she sent me this long ass paragraph about everything she loves about me, and how much she cares for me in the little time we’ve been together. And at the end she said, “I know you said you were scared to say that you were in love with me, but I need you to know that I’m in love with you.” And my heart just raced and I felt my hands get all clammy because for once someone had said it and I wasn’t scared, I felt safe in those words so after she said it, I said it back.
So in the end, I said that I loved her first, she said that she was IN love with me first❤️

stuckinthistaydream here you go, enjoy babe :)

Goodnight, My Love(Tayvin Fanfic)
By:Roxane Perret

“Babe?You here?” Calvin asked, as he walked inside the house, holding his keys in hand.
“In the bedroom” Taylor yelled from upstairs.
While Calvin walked upstairs, she put the last touches to her makeup. She has chosen a long white pants suit, which was way more comfortable than the dresses  from the years nbefore. She turned around from the mirror right when Calvin walked in the room. He stopped dead in his tracks, and stared.
“So what do you think?”
He just opened his mouth but no words came out.
“I’m guessing that I look good then” Taylor said and walked over to him.
“Good was an under statement,she looked like she’d just come down from heaven,"Calvin thought  to himself.
Many times he had wondered if Taylor was secretly an angel, surely a human being could never look so flawless and perfect.
"Hello? You okay” She snapped her fingers in front of his face.
“Yeah, sorry” He kissed her nose.
“I have to go change” He headed to the bathroom.
“There’s a pile of clothes next to the bathtub.” Taylor exclaimed and walked downstairs to get her shoes.
After,Calvin got dressed,he headed downstairs to meet her. “Woah, you look—”
“I know,” Calvin interrupted and smirked “but it’s only because you chose the clothes,babe.” He kissed her lips softly and she smiled.
“The girls are gonna be here in a few minutes,” She explained. Taylor had  wanted to arrive at the party with her friends from the Bad Blood  Music Video, since it was being broadcasted that day. He hadn’t argued  when she had told him, he knew how important  her friends were to her, they had been there for her when he couldn’t be. The doorbell rang and Calvin snapped out of his thoughts.
Taylor opened the door and hugged Zendaya.
“Well, I guess that my cue to go, I’m gonna stop to buy stuff before I get there so you guys will probably be there before me.”
He kissed taylor lightly again on the lips and whispered in her ear “You’re lucky your friend is here and we have to go somewhere or else I wouldn’t JUST be kissing you”
Taylor blushed and answered “That sounds promising” and turned back to Zendaya.
Calvin left the house, soon all the girls arrived and they all go ready together.
****2 Hours Later (Imagine it Patrick's  voice from SpongeBob***** The girls had arrived at the event, all holding hands, they were suddenly swarmed by paparazzis. Taylor took a few pictures then entered and took her seat, waiting for Calvin. He got there a few minutes later, and soon the bad blood music videos was starting.  Once it finished,everyone clapped and Calvin hugged Taylor. She won 8 awards and Calvin was EXTREMELY  proud of her. They  had kissed and hugged in front of the camera. He had whispered  “I love you” in her ear many times, just to remind her. Then, there was the after party where they took a bunch of pictures and had a lot of fun. Finally, it was time to sleep. Taylor walked in the room and said “I just wanna sleep”
“Yeah me too”
They got ready to sleep and climbed into the bed. Calvin stared at Taylor for a while.
“What?” She asked, worried.
“I just wanna say that you’re amazing. Not just because of your music, but because of your personality, and because of who you are. I’m so proud of you, you pushed away all those who hurt you and you’re the strongest  person I know. You make me a stronger person too. God, I love you so much.” Calvin finished.
Taylor was tearing up, and she kissed him passionately yet softly at the same time.
“I love you too, and I’m proud of you too. You won something too  which is pretty important.” She smiled.
“Goodnight Babe” She murmured  and fell asleep.
He watched her for a few minutes until he decided to sleep too. He kissed her on the forehead  and whispered,
“Goodnight, My love.”
And he knew that this woman had taken over his life in the best way possible and he was madly in love.

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Help! I'm 26 yrs old, and I feel like reading a YA novel (Please don't judge. I have my moments where YA can be profound). Are there any books similar to harry potter, holly black's Tithe series, Murakami's Kafka On the Shore, or Dash & Lily's Book of Dares?

Absolutely no judgement here! We love YA novels. (Like, REALLY love.) Here are a few places you might go next (there are plenty more where these came from!)

Glory O’Brien’s History of the World by A.S. King: Glory is a senior in high school struggling to figure out what comes next. Then, she and her best friend drink the remnants of a petrified bat and begin to see premonitions. Yeah. It’s weird and amazing. 

Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link: A short story collection that’s a wonderfully weird mixture of sci-fi/fantasy/fairy tales/horror. We love everything by Kelly Link and can talk at great length on this subject. 

Shades of London Series by Maureen Johnson: This series is great. Young American teen in a London boarding school almost dies and can now see ghosts. There are four in the series but only three are currently out. The first is The Name of the Star.

Alaya Dawn Johnson’s The Summer Prince is a vivid, engrossing YA that takes place in a future version of Brazil, where the unusual governing body requires a queen – and a sacrificial king. June, a young artist, is trying to make her mark and win the coveted Queen’s Award. She finds in the new Summer King – a charismatic young man named Enki, who comes from the lowest tiers of her society – a kindred soul, a fellow artist and collaborator. Their projects, like Johnson’s book, fuse beauty and politics into something beautiful and affecting.

How about it, Tumblr? What else do you recommend?