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went to the beach & discovered my inner Lorde

Entertainment Weekly just posted a sweet interview with Kat, talking about her experience with the show over the past 8 years (And fittingly, they used a still from the Bamon vampcakes scene!). Here’s what she had to say about Bamon when reminiscing about specific storylines she enjoyed working on:

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we kept two house, the past and I (jyn/cassian, rogue one, 4k)

When a dangerous figure from Jyn’s past pops up on a mission, Jyn decides to deal with it alone rather than involve Cassian. Predictably, Cassian is less than pleased by this choice.

“You’re terrible at this.”

Cassian bristles, shoulders lifting into impossibly straight lines. He continues to inspect the glittery fabric in his hands, narrowing his eyes in what must be his best approximation of a discerning customer’s gaze.

“Oh?” His annoyance is barely concealed. “Do you not like this color?”

Jyn resists the urge to roll her eyes; the shopkeeper, watching attentively from a mere two feet away, probably wouldn’t interpret such a gesture as “wifely.” (There was a reason Jyn had argued that this particular undercover assignment might not play to their personal strengths, but she’d been overruled.)

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giveaway fic for @baenakinskywalker!

Summer Away

Happy Birthday, @finns-roses​!! 

A while ago, after learning that we shared a love for horses, we discussed an AU in which Cassian’s family owned a ranch that Jyn visited for the summer. As a birthday present, I did my best to expand our discussed headcanons into a full fic. I hope I did it justice, my dear, and I hope you enjoy!!


If Jyn gained nothing from these two weeks, at least she’d have the landscape to enjoy. An hour outside out of the city and into the Arizona wilderness had its perks; mountains dotted the landscape towards the West, the tallest peaks dusted with snow, and to the East ran the Little Colorado River, which pooled into a lake on the property where Jyn now stood. Thanks to lake, small clumps of trees – real trees, not the cacti they had in the southern half of the state – littered the grounds.

It was, without question, strikingly beautiful.

“It’s just for a few weeks, Stardust.” Her father closed his door of the car and stood in front of her, resting his hands on her shoulders. “And then I’ll be home and you’ll be right there with me.”

Jyn nodded, determined to keep all signs of dissatisfaction with this arrangement off her face. Her father had been offered a chance to continue his physics research with scientists at CERN, the largest facility for particle research in the world, outside of Geneva. It was an opportunity Galen would be hard pressed to deny – in fact, it was an honor he had been working towards for years – but, knowing how much time he would spend in the lab, he worried taking Jyn to a country whose language she didn’t speak and culture she didn’t know would be dangerous, especially considering Jyn’s knack for finding trouble wherever she went.

So Galen had found another alternative for Jyn’s summer vacation: a family-owned ranch designed to give city kids a way to experience life working off the land. Wake at 5:30 in the morning, pastures of horses surrounding the place, work so hard you fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day. Or, at least, that’s the image Jyn had of the place.

Jyn wasn’t opposed the idea. Jyn enjoyed the outdoors, hiking and stargazing and the like; she had even gone through a serious horse phase as a child, but for eight years now, ever since Jyn’s mother had died before Jyn’s eighth birthday, her life had been centered around her Papa: she’d spent her days after school alongside him in the lab and her evenings curled up near him as they both read, her whatever book was currently assigned by her English teacher and him the newest publications in physics research. They were each other’s rock, the most important part of their lives, but, as Jyn grew older (college was only a few years away now), Galen worried perhaps he was too much a part of his daughter’s life, that perhaps he was stunting her growth by keeping her drawn to his side.

Hence the summer of separation, him to flying off to his work and her exploring who she was without her father to define her.

“That’s something you’ll be able to see here, you know,” Galen noted when Jyn didn’t reply, his eyes scanning the clear sky.

“See what, Papa?”

“The stars. Real ones, whole galaxies covering the night skies.” He smiled down at her. “Not the few we can see in the city.”

“They’ll make me think of you,” she assured him with a smile. (It did not wobble. It did not.)

“Oh, Stardust,” Galen said with a sad smile, “everything will make me think of you.”

A lump in her throat choked her next words, so Jyn threw her arms around her father’s neck instead, burying her face into the collar of his shirt, inhaling the scent of coffee and old books that clung there. Hugging her back tightly, Galen kissed the top of her head.

Jyn pulled away as someone called a hello from the porch of the property’s main cabin. A woman, a few years older than Galen, approached them, a boy, clearly her son, following a few steps behind.

“I’m Renata Andor, the property’s manager,” the woman greeted, a little bit breathless, as she reached them, extending her hand. Indicating the boy who followed her, she said, “And this is my youngest son, Cassian.”

“Jyn Erso.” She tried to smile (she really did) as she shook the woman’s hand and nodded to the boy. Up close, Jyn determined he was about her age, perhaps a bit older.

“And I’m her father, Galen,” Papa said next as he too took her hand.

“A pleasure to meet you both,” she told them, her smile stretched just a little bit too tight. “Cassian, why don’t you help Jyn take her bags inside, show her the girl’s cabin? I’ll give Mr. Erso a quick tour of the land.”

Cassian nodded, pulling the first of Jyn’s bags out of the open trunk. She yanked the second one onto her shoulder before he could reach for it, determined to show him she did know how to work for herself. His hand hesitated midair for a moment before he chuckled. Jyn stayed quiet as they trekked to the first of two cabins past the main house.

Cassian broke the silence first. “City girl, huh?”

Jyn gave the boy what her mother would have called call “a look.” The sarcastic, eyebrows-to-the-sky, “Do I look like I care what you’re saying?” kind of look Jyn had perfected before she’d started kindergarten.  

“Your boots are clean,” he shrugged, by way of explanation. They were, Jyn had to admit. The only form of boots she’d owned before this summer were wore out hiking boots that had covered the trails over South Mountain countless times over the years. Galen had bought new boots – real work boots, not the glittery kind of cowboy boots girls wore to country music festivals – for her a few weeks before. “I hope you didn’t spend too much money on them, because they won’t be clean by the end of the first week.”

“I’m not that delicate,” she shot at him. “I can handle a bit of mud.”

“Good.” As they neared the house, he asked, “Where are you from?”


“Also good,” he grinned. “You know how to survive the heat.”

“Yeah,” Jyn agreed as he opened the door to the cabin, wiping his shoes off (those, Jyn noted, were covered in mud and noticeably not new) and ushering her in before him. “It’s called air conditioning.”

“I hope you’ll settle for cold water and some shade,” he told her with a half a grin, “because that’s the best you’ll get out here.”

Cassian left her alone to unpack after leaving her with some basic instructions. A packet waited on the bed labeled with her name, he told her, with a schedule and a map of the grounds; other campers would be arriving within the next few hours; she was free to explore until dinner, which would be served up in the main house, but he warned her to be careful around the animals until she got to know them. Jyn gave a quick goodbye to her father – knowing him, he’d delayed packing for his trip to Switzerland, and his plane left in a little under twenty-four hours, so he needed to return home soon – and flopped back onto her bed. (She’d been assigned a top bunk but, given how many sore muscles she expected to nurse over her time here, Jyn had considered it ideal to swap her assignment before her bunkmate arrived. None of the other girls milling around noted the switch.)

She met the other Andors at dinner: Estrella, the oldest and the only daughter, had taken charge of the kitchen by ordering the next oldest, Lucas, to carry the trays of completed food to each of the three long tables that filled the dining room. Cassian and his closest brother, Carlos, stumbled in the doorway at exactly six P.M., pointing at the clock and insisting to their sister they were, in fact, on time. She’d merely rolled her eyes before reminding them if they smelled of the barn (and they did bear the unfortunate marks of spending the last few hours surrounded by the horses), they would eat in the barn.

A chaotic stream of bickering reigned over the siblings until their mother walked through the door. Instantly, as if Estrella had not been waving her finger in her Lucas’s face a moment before, all the Andor siblings fell into an efficient assembly line, producing trays of steamed vegetables and rice and various forms of meat to stack upon the tables.

Mrs. Andor, whose curly hair had slowly escaped its neat bun over the day, leaving wasps of hair hanging over her temples, let out a large exhale seeing dinner prepared. Estrella rubbed a hand over her mother’s back as Cassian pressed a kiss to her temple.

Jyn, who was sitting between the girls who slept in the bunks beside her, Leia from northern Colorado and Shara from southern California, seemed to be the only one who noticed the familial exchange, most of the other campers absorbed in creating tentative friendships with the people they’d be sharing their bunks with for the next few weeks. Jyn thought she gained an important insight from her observations, however: while the city kids came to the camp to experience a few weeks away and perhaps to show off the new, fancy shoes they would rarely ever wear again, the Andors lived this life day in and day out. They ran a business, balancing keeping a horde of teenagers safe from livestock and themselves, as well as kept a ranch operating. Neither of which were an easy feat, but, combined, Jyn imagined it gave birth to extreme stress levels for all members of the family.

Regardless, Mrs. Andor greeted the campers, about 50 in all, who ranged in age from ten to eighteen, with a warm smile on her face. Each of the Andor children introduced themselves as well, and explained which part of daily activities they would oversee. Estrella ensured the campers completed their daily shores; Lucas led treks down to the river or to the mountains; Carlos and Cassian were in charge of the animals on the ranch (horses and cattle and pigs, oh my, Jyn thought with a smirk) and teaching the campers the proper ways to interact and care for them.

The campers were sent back to their cabins after dinner, with a suggestion from the Andors to take advantage of the early night; wakeup call would be early for their stay and they should enjoy the rest while they could. And, indeed, as the first fingers of sunlight danced over the colorful landscape, Mrs. Andor flipped the overhead light on in the girl’s cabin, calling them all to breakfast.

Jyn groaned, stuffing her face further into the pillow. She was much more of a night owl by nature.

“Up, up!” Leia ordered, her ever present smile clear in her voice as she poked at Jyn’s shoulder. “We gotta go get breakfast!”

Apparently she had no problem with mornings.

Jyn had just rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as she and Leia headed for the stables and their first lesson with the horses. (The Andors didn’t serve coffee to the campers, Jyn discovered. Reasonable, considering how young some of the campers were, but Jyn inherited both her parents borderline addiction to the substance and the summer suddenly darkened without the presence of coffee in her mornings.)

Cassian stood by the fence of the paddock, rubbing the nose of a steel grey mustang as the group approached. He nodded to the group, still focused on the animal in front of him, until of the boys leaned towards the fence.

“Don’t touch it!” He warned, his voice sharp with urgency. The boy drew his hand back quickly, slightly abashed but confused. Cassian turned to the whole group. “The fences are all electrocuted to keep the animals in. Otherwise, the feisty ones like this one—“ he jerked his head to indicate the mustang “—would undoubtedly try to escape. Best to keep your fingers away from it.”

Beckoning them forward, he led them into the barn, pulling one of the older mares out of her stall and into the aisle.

“Before we can teach you to ride them, you have to learn to care for them. Here,” he pulled out a box of grooming supplies and showed the campers how to use the different brushes. After dividing them into groups of four and distributing brushes, Cassian walked three more horses into the crossties of the grooming stalls and had them copy what he’d just done.

“You’ve done this before,” he said over Jyn’s shoulder as he watched her rub a curling comb in small circles over the withers of a chestnut mare.

Jyn nodded. “My mother rode horses as a child and signed me up for lessons when I was younger. It’s been years, though.” She shrugged as the images of hours spent in a barn like this one filtered through her mind. Years had faded the memories, but the smile on her mother’s face as Jyn had warmed to the animals stood out to her.

Those memories, she thought, were half the reason her father had decided on sending Jyn here for the summer. A connection back to her mother, a gentle reminder that, though Lyra was gone from their lives, she stayed with them.

“Not bad for a city girl,” Cassian smiled. “But I’ll bet you road English, not Western.”

Jyn shrugged. “I had to leave something for you to teach me.”

The difference between the two disciplines, Jyn learned quickly, was vast. English saddles and bridles were more structured, built for elegance and show. Western tack was looser, designed by those who valued practicality and hours of hard labor. Jyn figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to transfer her knowledge of one to the other, but, with how Cassian teased her technique of tacking the horse, no such transfer was guaranteed.

Her riding lessons were years ago, she told Cassian the first time he assured her lessons would be a breeze for her, and she barely remembered anything she’d learned. Muscle memory, he assured her right back, was a powerful thing and she shouldn’t be so quick to doubt herself.

(When she was able to smoothly trot around the arena without nearly bouncing out of the saddle long before the other campers, he didn’t resist giving her an expression that read “I told you so.”)

Every day, Jyn found herself looking forward to her time in the barn with the horses. Call it nostalgia or perhaps her skill with the horses, but Jyn’s day brightened as she entered the barn and, on days when she didn’t have assigned tasks with the horses, found herself spending her free time with Cassian.

“How come you don’t share your gelding with the others?” Jyn asked him one day, leaning against the stall door as he groomed the steel grey mustang named Kay-too (a name a young Cassian had appointed for it, since the horse reminded him of Kay, his father’s mount with similar coloring).

“You’re more than welcome to try,” Cassian told her, “but even Carlos can’t ride this one. He’s too skittish around most people.” Cassian rubbed the horse’s neck, just behind his ear, and Kay relaxed under his touch. “We rescued him, so he probably had some bad experiences before he came here, isn’t very trusting now. My father was about ready to sell him when I started riding him.”

“Or you’ve specifically trained him to react that way to the strangers wandering around so you have one that’s all your own,” Jyn ventured, her tone teasing.

Cassian laughed in response, putting a finger to his lips. “Don’t tell my mother.”

The conversation descended into silence, Cassian’s brush and the other horses shuffling in their stalls the only sounds in the barn.

“My brother and I ride out to go check on the cattle at the end of the day,” Cassian blurted out after a minute. “You should join us.”

Jyn raised her eyebrows at him. “Is that allowed?”

“Not normally, but you ride better than the others,” Cassian shrugged, picking up one hoof to scrape out the dirt. “I’ll make an exception.”

“Hey, as long as it doesn’t interfere with dinner, I’m on board.” She and Cassian exchanged a smile and decided on a time to meet.

Carlos waved as she joined them that evening. “You’re finally joining us,” he remarked. “I mean, you’ve been here, what, two weeks already? I’m surprised it took my brother this long to scrape up the courage.”

Jyn was just about to ask what he meant – Cassian had no idea she could even ride when she’d arrived two weeks ago – but Cassian appeared then, insisting Jyn needed to tack her horse or they’d fall behind schedule. She didn’t miss the significant look passed between the two brothers as Cassian ushered her away.

“I bet this is beautiful as the sun sets,” Jyn said as they trotted towards the cattle. She pointed out towards the mountains, their snowy tips already glowing as the sun moved lower in the sky. “I can’t see them from my cabin.”

“Lucas will take you on a hike at sunset at some point,” Cassian assured her. “There’s a pit for a bonfire about there.” He pointed at a spot part way up one of the mountain trails. “It’s normally everyone’s favorite, seeing the entire ranch all lit up.” His voice sounded reverent, in awe of the beauty his home had.

“How long have you guys owned this place?” Jyn asked.

“Our parents bought it right after they got married,” Lucas said, “a million years ago or whenever that was.”

“We’ve only opened the camp a few years ago to bring in extra money after our dad died,” Cassian explained.

“Yeah, to keep that guy Krennic off or backs.” Lucas rolled his eyes.

“Krennic?” Jyn asked Cassian.

“Rich guy who bought the next property over. He really wanted this one, too.”

“Never understood why,” Lucas said, his voice distracted as he looked out over the herd. “Doesn’t do anything legitimate with his land. Just kinda keeps it for the hell of it.”

“Mom was tempted to sell this place for a bit,” Cassian told her. “It’s worth a lot more money now than when she and dad bought it. But we were all born and raised here and, well,” he shrugged as his voice got tighter, “it’s our last piece of dad. No one wanted to sell it, so Estrella came up with a plan to build this.”

Jyn hummed her understanding. That explained the kind of stress the Andors went through to keep this place alive and the guests returning. Jyn thought of the last piece she had of her mother – a crystal pendant she wore around her neck at all times – and then pictured selling it. She shivered at the thought.

“Must be weird, though, having stranger come and invade your family’s home.”

Cassian smiled at her. “I’ve enjoyed this summer.”

Jyn had the honor of meeting Orson Krennic herself a few days later when the man stopped by for what Cassian sarcastically referred to as a “neighborly chat.”

“All his visits do is stress out my mother,” Cassian complained when he appeared just after breakfast and Jyn could see why. The man was pompous, that much was clear, even from a distance. He held himself like he stood taller than he was and wore a loose, white shirt stolen directly from the set of an old western (“Who wears white to a ranch, anyway?” Cassian sneered, and Jyn couldn’t help up agree). His hair was too neatly combed and his hands too soft to have ever spent a day doing manual labor in his life. The entire Andor family was on edge while he was on the property.

“Come on,” Cassian suggested as the sun started to set over Krennic’s visit. “Let’s get out of here for a bit.”

Cassian led her along the river in a different direction than they traditionally hiked. A jagged rock formation jutted out from the shores of the river. Hidden in the middle was a flat rock surrounded by high sides, creating a natural seat the terrain.

“This was my spot when I was a kid,” Cassian told her. “Whenever I had a fight with one of my siblings, my parents knew to find me here.”

“It’s relaxing,” Jyn said, leaning back against the rock. The shaded air between the rocks was vastly cooler than the air outside and the bubbling river created wonderful background noise.

“I’m glad you think so,” Cassian said, settling next to Jyn. Their elbows knocked and their fingers brushed. For a moment, neither of them moved, before Jyn moved her hand over his, interlocking their fingers.

“You’re leaving soon,” Cassian noted, his thumb brushing over Jyn’s knuckles.

Jyn nodded. “Just a few days.”

“I’m glad you came this summer, but I’ll miss you when you leave.”

Glancing over at him, Jyn felt a tug on her heartstrings. Cassian had made the summer so much less lonely than she had imagined, given her someone to connect to while she was so far away from her father. “I’ll miss you too, Cassian.”

His eyes flickered between her eyes and her lips for a moment. He hesitated just a moment too long, because as soon as his head began to move in, a noise startled them backwards.

“Cassian!” Lucas shouted, his voice echoing between the rocks. Jyn and Cassian scrambling onto higher ground to find Lucas. “Come on,” he waved when they came into view, seeming unsurprised to find Jyn alongside his brother. “Mom’s going to notice if you’re missing from dinner.”

Three days later, Jyn’s bags were packed and sitting outside her cabin’s door, ready whenever Papa arrived to drive her back to Phoenix. She’d barely seen Cassian over the last few days, though whether that was because of any lingering awkwardness over their encounter – maybe he’d gone over all the reasons why kissing a girl who’d be leaving in the next few days was a bad idea and decided to let her down gently – or because he was busy with his duties on the ranch, Jyn wasn’t certain.

She’d resigned herself to never learning one way or the other as she spotted her father’s car driving along the long entrance road to the property when she heard her name called out. She turned and found Cassian, slightly breathless and still smelling of the barn, running her direction.

“I couldn’t let you leave just yet,” he told her, grabbing hold of her shoulders lightly.

“Oh really?” Jyn asked, her tone bordering on sarcastic. “And just when will I be free to go?”

“After I’ve done this,” he said and pressed his lips against hers, one hand coming up to frame her face. He pulled back after a moment, his eyes still closed, resting his forehead against hers. “But I’ll miss you.”

“If you ever miss me too much,” Jyn said, pulling a piece of paper out of her pocket and stuffing it into his hand. When she’d writing the note, Jyn worried she might have been following too much of the script of a romantic comedy, but she was glad she had it now. “Give me a call sometime.”

“I’ll do that,” he promised her, pocketing the paper. He glanced over her shoulder. “But, for now…”

“I suppose it’s goodbye for now, Cassian Andor.”

“Goodbye, Jyn Erso.”

She hefted her bag onto her shoulder, flashing back to when she’d been so reluctant to follow Cassian at the beginning of the summer. Who would have guessed she’d find it so difficult to walk away at the end of it?

“Hello, Papa,” she greeted, throwing her arms around his neck in a hug. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too.” He held her close for a moment, before pulling back with a twinkle in his eye. He looked over to where Cassian stood waving before saying, “I take it that means you had a good summer, Stardust.” Galen barely contained the laughter in his voice as she dropped her bags in the trunk.

Gazing around at the beautiful landscape one last time, her eyes lingering on the boy leaning against the front porch railing a moment longer, she smiled. “You could say that.”

500 followers fic giveaway

In honor of this blog somehow reaching 500 followers, I decided to do a small fic giveaway. I never expected to get so many and I especially never expected to meet/talk to as many amazing people as I did, so I really wanted to thank you guys. That goes double for everyone that read my fics and left me kudos or nice comments, you guys are the best!! Thank you for making my fandom experience infinitely better than the vld fandom seemed from the outside :D ♥

But enough of the pointless babbling, here is how this is gonna work:

  • there will be 3 winners
  • I will only write klance 
  • all fics will be between 2k-10k words. Those that know my writing also know that it’s pretty much impossible for me to limit myself to a certain number of words, so I will not go with the usual 1st-2nd-3rd place system. All winners will get the same treatment - how much I write for your request depends on how much it inspires me. 
  • keep your prompt/request short. I can guarantee you that I will always reach the lower limit of 2k words, no matter how short you think the prompt is is.
  • like/reblog to enter. You don’t have to be following me. Once the deadline arrives I will go to a random number generator and draw the winners.
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  • last day to enter is May 1st. Winners will therefore be notified on May 2nd.

and last but definitely not least:

  • be patient with receiving your fics. As you can see they will be quite long and I will have to write them on top of studying/the big bangs I joined. I also tend to dedicate 100% of my time to finishing one fic before starting another, so do not demand regular updates on my story progress. I will tell you when I started/finished writing your prompt, so you’ll roughly know when to expect something. 

Alright, that’s it, good luck! :D

reactsjks  asked:

hello! could you write the reaction of bts who discover the drawing book of their girlfriend, with a drawing of them. thank you. sorry if u cant understand. ツ

Hi! I’m sorry this took so long! Kat and I have been super busy! But thank you for being so patient! And we got you, no need to be sorry! Thank you so much for the request! Here you go!

-❤ Kat & Sar 💖

BTS Reacts to Your Drawing of Them

Jungkook: You guys would be moving in together after almost a year of dating. The two of you would be unloading boxes in his apartment, when Jungkook finds something intriguing. In one of the boxes, there would be a sketchbook. Curious, since you had never mentioned having an interest in drawing before, Jungkook starts to look through it. There were many drawings of landscapes and nature, different things that he knew you loved. Suddenly, he stops. There, in your sketchbook, is a drawing of him. Jungkook stares in awe. He notices how detailed it is, how you captured every little bump and mark on his face. He would break out into the biggest smile, knowing that you paid so much attention to every little aspect of him. Although he always knows, Jungkook couldn’t help but feel more loved by you, and he couldn’t help but fall in love with you all over again.

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Jimin: You would be together at Big Hit, keeping Jimin company while he practices the new choreography. Unbeknownst to him, you had brought your drawing pad. Every now and then he catches you staring at him, focused, before looking back down at whatever it is in your lap. Jimin walks over, and discovers just what it is that you’re doing. He freezes. You’re drawing. But it isn’t just a random drawing. It’s him, dancing. “Is that how you see me?” You stare up in confusion at your beautiful boyfriend. You come clean, telling him about how you see him as hardworking and passionate. Jimin doesn’t say anything. He’s no longer looking at the drawing, but he’s staring at you. You see a small smile spread on his face, and your eyes widen as he sits down next to you, leaning his head on your shoulder. “I really love you, you know?” You nod your head in response, never really understanding just how much that one drawing means to him.

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Taehyung: It would be late at night, around 2 am. Taehyung would seemingly be fast asleep. You on the other hand, are restless. You’d have the bedside lamp on and your sketchbook in your lap. With the room fill with the dim light, you start to draw him. His handsome face that’s now relaxed, the little smile in his face from a good dream that’s playing in his head. The only thing that’s missing are his eyes. His beautiful eyes…that are now open!? You’d squeal while he’d chuckle, his voice still raspy from sleep. “I appreciate your talent baby, and that you love to draw me specifically. But, you need to rest. It’s late, come cuddle with me.” You give in, putting your drawing aside and snuggle into his arms. You fall asleep, while Taehyung is now unable to. He stays up, staring at your drawing in admiration, never understanding what he had done to get a girlfriend as special as you.

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Hoseok: You would be drawing digitally on our laptop, while Hobi is in the other room. After awhile your stomach would growl, and realizing just how hungry you were, you closed the laptop and headed to the kitchen. You would run in, Hobi coming out, saying that he wanted to go watch some funny YouTube videos. Laughing, you’d just shake your head and continue on to the kitchen. Jhope gets to the laptop and opens it up, and realizes that whatever you were doing was left open. There, on the screen, was a drawing of him. A big smile on his face, blushing cheeks and his eyes would form into slits. Suddenly, a loud squeal would be heard throughout the house. You run back into the bedroom, worried that something happened, before realizing just what is going on. “Y/N! You’re drawing me!? I’m so flattered! Oh my god you’re so good at this I can’t believe you drew me! Aww babe! You’re so cute!” Hobi yells, squishing your cheeks together “You should’ve told me! I would’ve done an aegyo pose!” You just laugh and shake your head. “It wouldn’t have been the same. I just want you. My usual sunshine of a boyfriend.” A small blush would spread on your cheeks, before jhope places a tender kiss on your lips and you both snuggle in to watch YouTube videos. Never before had Jhope been more grateful to the Internet. 

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Yoongi: It would be late, and Yoongi had already headed to bed. You would usually join him, loving how he’d cuddle up to you unconsciously, but you were feeling restless. It had been a while since you’d been together, with him on tour, that you just wanted to be in his company. Almost on its own, your hand reaches for your sketchbook and you soon start to draw. Soon, you drift off into sleep. Yoongi wakes up in the middle of the night to find you asleep over something. On a closer look, he finds a drawing of himself. He sees himself smiling, his eyes crinkled in happiness. Amazed by your talent and just how closely you pay attention to him when he isn’t looking, his gummy smile takes up his face as he reaches for you, picking you up and carrying you to bed with him. He falls asleep with you in his arms, thinking that maybe he should smile more often if he gets too see your drawings. But only for you. 

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Namjoon: “Baby, what’s this?” Namjoon asks as you come out of the bathroom. You freeze as you see him on the floor, reaching for something under your bed. You realize that it’s your sketchbook. “Oh, that? That’s nothing! Here, I’ll take it!” Before you reach him though, Namjoon had already opened it and began looking through. All the landscapes you’ve drawn, flowers, nature, and people. Specifically Namjoon. “Wow…sweetie this is amazing. You have a great talent. Why haven’t you shared this with me?” You shrug, saying that they aren’t that great. “What do you mean? I’ve never seen anything more beautiful…wait. Is that me?” A blush spreads across your cheeks as you realize you can’t hide it anymore. He’s looking at a drawing of himself, with earbuds in and a book on his lap. He looks up at you with a sly smile. “Baby, you should’ve told me you wanted to draw me. I’ll be more than happy to model for you.” He gets up and heads to the kitchen, going to make you breakfast before he stops next to you. “If it means getting to be in the presence of my beautiful girlfriend for hours while all her attention is on me. And only me. Then you can draw me anytime sweetie.” 

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Seokjin: The two of you would just be hanging out in the living room; him watching a movie while you’re snuggled up next to him. Jin gets up, saying that he wants to get some snacks. “Alrighty! Grab me my favorite please!” You tell after him. He raises his hand in response and you settle back into the couch. You reach over the couch and grab your sketchbook that you were drawing in earlier. You start to finish the drawing of Jin that you started when he enters the room once again. “Okay so I have chips and your favorite chocolate-Yah! Is that me!?” Jin yells, surprised. You shrug casually. “Of course! Who else would I be drawing?” Jin continues to stand there flustered. “But- but you never told me you could draw!” You laugh in response, enjoying just how embarrassed he’s getting. “Well you never asked silly!” Jin continues to stand there, frozen, before finally coming back to reality. He walks over and watches you as you finish the drawing of himself. Suddenly, a small smirk crosses his face. “…I do look pretty good though. I didn’t think my beauty could be captured on paper.” He says, half-jokingly. You shut the notebook closed and playfully hits his arm. “That’s why I never told you! You’re so full of yourself!” You both laugh at this before he pulls you close to him once again, and unpauses the movie. “Only because of you honey. Only because of you.”

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Love is …. an epilogue :)

The Firebird Chapter 25 -The Nutcracker

by @thegirlfromoverthepond

My deepest thanks to @xerxia31, dandelionsunset and @titaniasfics for their beta skill. Thank you all so so so so so so much for your help all along that looong story.
To @akai-echo - thank you for your heart, for your art :)

Katniss liked the mornings after. After a show was finished, when she could relax and enjoy the quiet peace of the bedroom.

Today, she didn’t want to move. Her legs were intertwined with Peeta’s, her head on his chest, listening to his heart beating, calmly, strongly. He was still sleeping, his breathing deep and slow, his right hand holding her close to him, as if he was frightened she would fly away. As if she would try to move.

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danzo being allowed to do a lot of what he did irritates me. like, i guess if root was necessary, someone else could've been given control of it while danzo was actually held accountable for his actions. so many things could've been prevented if the power hungry war hawk had been gotten rid of.

YEP. And seriously, Danzo trying to murder Sarutobi was not a big enough clue that he couldn’t be trusted?? I like Hiruzen a decent amount, but come on. Idiot Ball, here you go, no dropping allowed. :/

Letters to You pt. 5 (Shigezane X MC X ???)

One | Two | Three | Four | Five: Kiss and Lady Date

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The entire Katakura clan and deceased family of Aki forgive him if anyone kisses her other than her future lover. That was what Shigezane thought. He’ll get a good scolding, not just from Kojuro, but from Kita as well.
The moment Keiji leaned in close to her face, him and Maeda Toshiie was quick to act.

But Shigezane surely had no idea that their action would result to this.

It happened just like that.

Gods, take me now. Was what he was thinking before mentally slapping himself and Keiji.

💐Five: Kiss and Lady Date 💐


Keiji deepened the kiss, trying to tease the two people watching them. He’s drunk, yes, and he would stop at nothing to see those three in their devastated faces. When Keiji opened his eyes, he saw Aki’s reaction. Red faced, bright from being embarrassed and the sake getting into her system. Inuchiyo, had this stupid look on his face. Keiji can’t help but chuckle mentally, surely he’s enjoying this.

“Damn, not again. This is why I’m telling you Akira not to drink with Keiji!” Inuchiyo groaned. His distress clear in his eyes.

He broke away from the kiss, trying to make the other person breathe from their little but passionate kiss. Feeling the urge to kiss again, he leaned in closer for another one, but he was pulled away by none other than Akira.

Keiji had meant to kiss their female companion, but ended up accidentally kissing the Lord Date’s cousin. Shigezane, who was just innocently trying to pull Keiji away from Akira was blushing madly. Keiji looks satisfied, but it left Aki and Inuchiyo had their brows knitted in confusion. “Mm, what soft lips you have!” Keiji exclaimed, grinning widely.

‘This is awkward,’ She thought. She stared Inuchiyo who just sighed and explained in a low voice. “He does that when he’s drunk.” She nodded as she looked at Shigezane, who is still recovering from the incident, blushing, slowly distancing himself from Keiji. Why?! Why Shigezane!! Aki screamed at Shigezane mentally.

“What is… Wha…? Ahahaha. That was… unexpected. Ha ha…” This might’ve been the first time she saw Shigezane this red for the past 10 years they’ve been together. Lucky Keiji, she thought. Imagining what must Shigezane’s lips felt like.

“What the hell…” She mumbled, “Kei-Keiji… kissed Shigezane…” Yes, she is still surprised. Unable to see Shigezane’s pitiful state anymore, she stood up, walking over to him to see if he’s alright. Poor man, staring off to space. “Hey! Taiyaki!” She called, shaking his shoulders forcefully. But he still does not move an inch, which is worrying her. “And here I thought you’re good with women… So when a man kisses you, you turn into a damn pole? Jeeez, you’re hopeless. Hey Shigezane!” She sighed, “Aki…” He quietly called her name, seeing Shigezane in that state reminded her of Masamune. If Masa-chan was in this state, his reaction would also be the same, maybe worse. They have their similarities too, of course. She groaned. “Damn, you should be taking care of me you know? I’m the one who’s drunk here!” She exclaimed once more, rubbing her temples. The alcohol was already making her dizzy, and she has to take care of a dumbstruck Shigezane.

Aki heard Keiji chuckle, pointing at Inuchiyo. “Hey, Aki. Inuchiyo can take care of you, or do you want me to kisshhhh Shigezane again to wake him up?” He said, trying to get close to Shigezane. This is getting annoying for her, at the same time she found it funny, like she was already home back in Kyoto. But this is not the time to be nostalgic, she has to think logically even when she’s in a drunken state. So she spread her arms wide as if to protect Lord Masamune’s cousin from this drunk-kissing monster.

“No. Inuchiyo should take care of you. And no, again. Do not ever, ever kisshhhh Shigezane again.” She threatened him, she knows Keiji might not take her seriously because she’s drunk. But she has to do this. “I haven’t even touched his cheekshhhh damn it!” She mumbled. Keiji laughed loudly, “Do you want to kiss him too, Aki? I’ll be glad to help you kiss Shigezane.”

“Hey, Keiji. Stop that. Why would you ask her to just randomly kiss someone?!” Inuchiyo said.

“Are you sure you’re concerned, or jealous of the thought that she’s going to kiss Shigezane?” Keiji chuckled,

“Ah, thank gods it was me who Keiji kissed.” Shigezane sighed in relief. Inuchiyo accidentally spilled the first flask of sake he was going to drink tonight. Akira suddenly felt the urge to choke the life out of Keiji and Shigezane.

“I don’t know what’s that supposed to mean but say that again and I’ll leave you here alone, with Keiji.” Aki said,

“Ahahahaha! Well you’re a lucky man to be kissed by Maeda Keiji!”

“Keiji stop that” Inuchiyo groaned.

Aki glared at violet haired man “Hey, do you want me to kill you? Shall I really kill you now?” She said groggily. She felt gentle tug on her Yukata’s sleeve, she turned her attention to Shigezane, “Akira, It’s fine now.” He said, grinning. “Just don’t attempt to kiss Akira again, Keiji.” Shigezane added, she blushed. Good thing she’s drunk so it won’t be that obvious.

“The entire Katakura clan forgive me for letting someone kiss Aki. I can already imagine Kojuro’s face.” Shigezane feigned shivering. As for Aki, she felt quite disappointed. But still thankful for him.

“Taiyaki…” She sighed in relief

“Fooling and drinking around when Lord Masamune gave his orders clearly, Akira?” They all stopped bickering when they heard a stern voice from behind them.

“Damn…” She felt their presence even though her back was facing them. Aki mentally cursed herself from letting this happen. Of course, Lord Kojuro will surely scold her badly.
They all turned around to face Kojuro, who was clearly angry and Masamune who unlike Kojuro, looked at them calmly. Seeing Masamune’s face brought calmness to her too. She gave him a faint, apologetic smile and he nodded in response. She saw Inuchiyo who was still glaring at Masamune, and Keiji who looked at them with half-lidded eyes.

“Kojuro-aniue…” she answered Kojuro in a small voice. She’s prepared for the storm. She should be. Aki saw Shigezane stood up from his seat. Clapping Kojuro and Masamune on their backs. She knows that Shigezane was helping her to keep Kojuro calm

“Hey Kojuro! Masamune! I thought you two were going home!” Shigezane said. Masamune gave his cousin a look, Shigezane took it as Masamune’s way of saying that it would be better if Shigezane keeps his mouth shut.

“We were supposed to, but we heard this ruckus inside the restaurant.” Kojuro said. “My humble apologies but I’m afraid we should call this a night.” Kojuro said, looking at Maeda Toshiie and Keiji, who gave him a nod. He then set his eyes on Aki. “Ki, we’re going back.” A strict look on his face already says that he won’t take any excuses or no for an answer.

“Kojuro.” Masamune said, looking at the drunk Akira “When we get back, show our guests where they will be staying, and Shigezane. There’s someone waiting for you at the castle. Let’s hurry up and don’t make her wait for too long.”

Her? A woman?
That was the last thing she remembered before she completely passed out.

He laid her on the futon, careful not to wake her sleeping form. Masamune wondered on how to change her clothes. Her sleeping robe is folded neatly on the corner of the room. She’s sweating already, and he’s debating with himself if he’s going to change her clothes or not.

He had brought her in her chambers in Kojuro’s residence
after all he can’t ask Shigezane or Kojuro to carry her all the way here. They’re both busy in accomodating the guests. Shigezane had an unexpected guests while Kojuro was showing the Maedas their chambers to stay on for the following days.

“… Mmn, mother…father…” ah, there she is again, he thought. He looked at her troubled face, gently stroking her hair, hoping to calm her down. She’s having that dream again, if only he could do something to chase away that dream, he would do it.

“Sh… Aki…” he whispered,
“Lord Masamune…?”
“Mm, I’m here.” then finally calmness and relief washed over her face. She shifted to a more comfortable position, turning away from Masamune.

Masamune smiled to himself, taking a glance at her peaceful face one last time as he stood up to ask Umeko to change Akira’s clothes.


She woke up from the loud noise coming from the next room, apparently Kojuro’s office in their residence. She sat up only to be greeted by the headache from drinking too much last night.

“What the hell Oyaji…” she groaned, taking the ribbon that she uses to tie her hair from her bedside.

“Huh? Who the hell changed my clothes…?” She asked herself, the memory of last night was too foggy to remember. Once she felt a bit better, she washed her face then changed to her working hakama. She needs to go to Kojuro’s office first.

When she arrived in front of his office, Akira slid the door open without even bothering to announce herself. There inside was Kojuro, pale and distressed while frantically looking inside the messy room

“Good Morning, Kojuro-aniue. Let me guess, Bontenmaru is missing again.” She said, putting a hand on her hip.

“He is, good morning to you too. Akira, help me find him and I’ll buy you something–maybe a kimono of your choice.” Her older ‘brother’ tried to persuade her. She rolled her eyes, stepping inside the room.

“You don’t need to bribe me with a kimono, you know I don’t like that my movements are limited with those, my dear older brother. What you need is to CLEAN THIS ROOM. Ha, and organize what you need and don’t need!” She stacked the papers neatly and organized the books.

“You can lecture me later just help me find Bontenmaru.” He sighed, looking at how she easily puts things into order without confusing him. She starts to look around the place too, from under the desk and other possible places the turtle can hide, but they can’t find him.

“Hm, I’ll go look for other places. STAY HERE ANIUE, don’t go to making this room all messy again.” She warned him before stepping out of the room.

“So early in the morning, the sun hasn’t risen yet and now our dear bontenmaru is missing.” She yawned when she looked around the other rooms, good thing that the others weren’t as messy as Lord Kojuro’s.
“No luck here too, Bonternmaru where have you ran off to?” She whispered to herself when she opened the gate to hopefully find the turtle somewhere in the resident’s premises.

When she went outside, she saw two people walking to her direction, a woman and a man. The man he can identify, a wavy hair, and a familiar hakama, It’s none other than Shigezane. Realizing who it is her heart started to throb, but when she finally saw a beautiful woman beside him… she can’t help but feel down.

She must be his… bride.

“Hey Aki! Good morning” she’s too absorbed with her thoughts she didn’t noticed that the two was in front of her, Shigezane greeted her while the woman smiled gracefully.

“Good morning… Shigezane and…?” She asked the woman, Shigezane smiled at the woman beside him. She had a beautiful black hair, a beautiful face and her movements were full of grace. A sophisticated lady.

A complete opposite of who she is.

“Oh do forgive me for not introducing myself sooner, I am Ayame. I am Shigezane’s bride.