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I just finished Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell but I'm not sure what to read next. I can't seem to pick a book. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. :)

Here you go nonnie :) 

Historical Fiction:

The Book Thief- Markus Zusak

The Miniaturist- Jessie Burton

Water for Elephants- Sara Gruen 

All the Light We Cannot See- Anthony Doerr


The Graveyard Book- Neil Gaiman

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children- Ransom Riggs

The Golem and the Djinni- Helene Wecker

The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern 


Maybe Someday- Colleen Hoover

Everything, Everything- Nicola Yoon 

Everything Leads to You- Nina LaCour

Landline- Rainbow Rowell 


You guys.

It’s May 4th.

It’s Starwars day.

It’s one of the best days of the year.


I’m so incredibly happy my Dad introduced me to the Wars when I was young. We’d go to the theatre when the first 3 episodes came out and it was just this fantastic thing.

I wish I knew how he felt when he’d take me. Did he love that I was into it? Was he happy to share something so rad with me? I’ll never know but I do know he enjoyed our movie hangs. We watched a lot of gnarly films together.

I’ve watched A LOT of films I shouldn’t have at the age I was. But hey, I was a cool ass kid and mature for my age.


I’m sporting my Starwars tee under my work shirt today in celebration of the holiday and currently am watching “Fanboys”.

After work I plan to watch Episode 1 if i can find it. I don’t know where my shit is because I only recall owning Episodes 2 and 3. Once my Dad passed I was handed down the box set of Episodes 4-6.


So many memories, so many feelings.

Oh…if you’re wondering why I have two Jar-Jar Binks….its because growing up my Dad bought me one and I thought I had lost him or my mom sold him. I love Jar-Jar Binks. I give absolute ZERO FUCKS if you don’t.

I started going to comic conventions in 2007 with my ex and I was on the hunt to replace my Jar-Jar. I found one but he was a lot smaller.

It’s a treasure. I’m happy.

Happy Starwars Day, everyone.
May the force be with you.

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here you go:

  • dna continuation confirmed with music video.
  • jessie j, marina diamandis, becky hill, MNEK and jess glynne collabs.
  • tebey (producer for 1d and pixie lott).
  • mark feist (ex producer of  Destiny’s Child album “Survivor”)
  • some audio stuff can be found on my “lm:studio” tag.
  • lyrics from song probably called “grown”: 

“We never ever spoke, so what makes you think you’d know me?             ”Your voice dropped, you thought that you can handle me, give it up don’t even try it, now I’m grown. Hold up, wait you used to be a friend, back then boy you didn’t even notice me, now I’m in a different league.”

  • lyrics from another song (still untitled)

“You the piece to the…
The little piece that I (?)…
For me being bad misbehav(ing?)…i’d do anything for you, 
anything for you, no love, no complications, i’m all yours for the taking, i been thinking about you naked, got me running like I’m running from the cops. Oh no baby, oh no baby don’t stop until you got me.  If this love is illegal…”.

  • lyric posted by jade: “nobody can dance to the rhythm that we have”.
  • we don’t know much about the tour but probably it will be a worldtour and it’s confirmed that we’ll get M&G’s!!!

Hello friends I am back from hiatus and I decided to do my first follow forever, since I hit 1000 followers recently. A big thank you to Jessi for the gifs!! Here we go (if your url is bolded, hover over it)

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It’s december first and we have only 30 days left to a new year! One hell of a year to be honest. Ups and downs but I’m glad we have made it in every sense. I just want to thank you all for sticking around even though I’m not here as often as I wish. Anyway I wish you all a happy month and happy holidays.

First of all I want to thank some cutie pies that have been very special in my life this year (also last year, of course). Thank you guys for putting up with me and generally give me unconditional love, support, fun, etc: I LOVE YOU!      

Caroline ♡ Jessi ♡ JessiNatalia ♡ Ena ♡ 

Now here we go with the blogs that light up my dash but most importantly the amazing people behind them, maybe we don’t talk so often but know that I adore you guys. (I started in alphabetical order then I got lazy…sorry!)

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