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                  he young captain she’d once respected was consciously gone. Gone. Gone; Withered away as his omitted body had involuntarily been taken and modified as a woman’s zombified creation of destruction. With her sing - song vocals she’d commanded.  –  Murder all Shinigami. - And it is with those words that the ruthless abomination, only hours prior had he pertained a heart of humanity, is presently standing before his seated officer. Hyorinmaru in hand and imbrued with the vivid blood of his peers  and subordinates. If not cautious, she, too, will soon be naught more than cardinal residue ‘pon  the ice-cold steel of his armament. Eyes, devoided from any  emotion,  intently observes their target whilst  he’s reflecting on the quickest method of cutting her  down entirely.  —  To satisfy Giselle’s yearnings  was now his adamant objective. 

                     Kill her.                 Kill her.                 Kill her. 

Blackpink Reaction To Another Idol Flirting With You

There you go, Red Velvet’s version here. Hope u like it.

Jennie: Jennie would be super jealous and silent when she saw Jungkook flirting with you. She would try to control her jealousy the most she can. Likely to stare to Jungkook in a way that would make him sleep with an eye open.

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Jisoo: She would go to you so fast. She would put herself in the conversation and would make Jackson back off with class and politeness. And she would also make sure that she let it pretty clear for him that you two were together.

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Rosé: I think that Rosé would just observe the situation and wouldn’t jump in to any conclusions. Obviously she would feel jealous of Hani flirting with you but would try to keep it cool because you’re her girlfriend and she know that you wouldn’t do anything that could hurt her.

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Lisa: I don’t think she would know what to do. She would see you talking to Nayeon and would just walk out of the room to go be by herself. She would probably think that you liked Nayeon more than you liked her. Later on you would have to tell her that you didn’t felt nothing for nayeon. She would feel relived and would think that her jealousy was stupid.

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I Can’t Go On If You’re Not Here

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Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jeongguk x Reader 

Length: 2k

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3


heh I wanted to put this out first. it seemed like a good place to stop. hope you guys enjoy

You have been in love with Jeongguk since freshmen year of college, but you never had the courage to confront him about your feelings. A new girl pushes you to admit to him finally what you both were waiting for.

“Jeongguk.. You look great. You’re really handsome you know,” you couldn’t bring yourself to say the things you wanted to say. It was your senior year, this was the time to let it all out. You wanted to tell him everything you felt in the span of four years. All the unrequited emotions that ran through you. You loved him with every fiber of your being. You were the one always by his side, even when he had acted like you didn’t exist when he had a new girl.

“I know I’m handsome come on Y/N. Thank you so much I don’t know what I would do without you honestly. I would have probably worn a t shirt and she would have probably left me on the site,” He continued to stare into your eyes. His gaze seemed to intensify at each second that passed.

Jealousy torn at your chest. He had another chance at falling in love with another girl that wasn’t you. He was going to shower the girl with gifts and all his love. All the love you couldn’t get. This was the last chance to tell him what you really felt. Jennie was going to take him away. You had to reach him before she did. You knew that Jeongguk loved you. Telling him won’t hurt. It was about time.

“Hey Jeongguk, come home early, okay? I want to talk about something,” You mustered up the courage to admit to him your feelings even though he was going to go out with another girl.

“Oh I don’t think I’m going to come home tonight,” Jeongguk backed up and quietly fiddled with his hair. He started to turn a little red. Those words said everything. He might have just met Jennie but he was about to sleep with her.

It felt like you couldn’t breath for a minute. This was the beginning of him being consumed with Jennie and you being knocked down to number two on his list. Those times where the most painful for you, watching him and his girlfriend act all in love and you were left there, watching. You wanted to be that girl. The one who would always hold Jeongguk’s hand because he liked to feeling of your proximity and just you.

The thing about Jeongguk was that he was fast. He loves the closeness and idea of sex. He liked to cuddling and the talks after. Of course he liked the physical pleasure of it, but he thrived off the emotional connection. He was going to sleep with Jennie today, after their little date.

“Jeongguk, please come home after. I really do need to talk to you,” You insisted. No longer you were going to wait. This was going to be the semester where you get Jeongguk to become yours. You waited for 4 years, 4 very long, arduous, painful years of pining from afar.

His eyes softened and smiled, “Alright, I’ll come home. After I do, we can talk. But now I gotta go. Jennie’s waiting.” Jeongguk squated down to your level and looked you into the eyes. He had a thing for eye contact, he said it was a connection you couldn’t touch. He started to brush your hair out of ur face. He poked your nose, you couldn’t help but giggle a little. He really was the cutest.

“Okay. Be safe, don’t get too sucked into Jennie. You still have me to come back to,” you laced your fingers through his and led him to the front door. You wanted him to remember that you were here. Jennie was going to be a fading blemish in record time. You got to the front door, and opened the door. Jeongguk was dressed in his leather jacket, you couldn’t help but admire him. You fell in love even more.

“Ah, you’re always looking over me. I promise I’ll come back. Don’t worry, Jennie isn’t going to kidnap me for more than two hours,” Jeongguk was about to leave.


You swiftly threw your arms around Jeongguk’s arm and pulled him close. You buried your nose into his neck and smiled, “Have a good time.”

Jeongguk stood there and stammered for a good thirty seconds ,” Y/N. I’m coming back you know. You’re first,” he didn’t pull away. You drew back first and looked up at him.

“I know. I just wanted to hug you. You’re too cute,” You returned back into the apartment and waved him good-bye. Your heart was pounding, you never have outright been this forward with him.

It was nine o’clock. Jeongguk had left at 6. You told yourself not to worry, there was just traffic right? He didn’t like Jennie that much, she was a girl he just met, you were his best friend. You texted him, asking when he was coming home.

It was eleven o’clock. Jeongguk still wasn’t back. You twirled the spoon in your green tea. You watched as the tea leaves floated around and then settled back down. Anxiety was eating at your stomach. Your phone was still dark, there were no notifications. You drew down the blinds, darkness settled around the room. Why wasn’t he back? It’s been 6 hours since he told you he would be back in two hours. You twiddled with your phone, scrolling through random things. You reached the last conversation you had with Hoseok, you haven’t met up in a while. You decide to call him, feeling lonely.


“Hey Hoseok.”

“Oh hey y/n, how have you been? Have you finally confessed to Jeongguk your undying love yet?”

“Ahah, you’re really funny. He’s actually on a date with Jennie. Tonight was the night that I was going to tell him how I felt. It was suppose to be a magical night. I was going to tell him that I liked him since I met him, and he would accept my affections. Then we would end up making up on the couch.I guess apparently not.”

“I missed your sense of humor. It’ll be alright. He’d be dumb not to like you back. Jennie ain’t nothing compared to you. You’re the best dancer on the team, after me of course. Don’t you remember that you were voted most dateable by the guys on our campus? And you’re working hard on your degree, majoring in finance and minoring in biology. You’re amazing the way you are.”  

“Aw thanks Hobi. That reminds me I have to choreograph the ending dance for the showcase. Jeongguk wanted to do something big, he wanted a solo. Always ambitious” You couldn’t help but feel your heart clench at the mention of the showcase. It was Jeongguk and your thing. In your freshmen year’s showcase, you watched him dance. It was when you knew you were in love with him. As you had watched him dance to Manolo, you promised yourself by senior year’s showcase he was going to be yours. Every year, you watched him dance his heart out, counting down the time until you were going to make your move. Your time was ticking.

“Are you finally going to fulfill your own personal promise to yourself that you will tell him?”

“Hm. I hope I do. I don’t know how he is going to react though. Does he like me back? Would he like me back?”

“I’ve had suspected he likes you. I mean there is no such thing as being so close to a girl and not have feelings for her. Do you remember that time Taehyung asked you on a date and Jeongguk immediately answered for you, rejecting him before you had a chance to reply? And I can tell you that wasn’t him being a good friend. Also don’t you remember the time when Taehyung had asked you to formal and you said yes, Jeongguk didn’t talk to Taehyung for three weeks? He obviously feels something for you, but he doesn’t know how to show it.”

“But don’t you remember, whatever Jeongguk wants he gets? If he wanted me, I would be his. You wanna come over since obviously Jeongguk isn’t going to come home tonight?”

“Thought you’d never ask,” the phone went dead. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself. Hoseok was always there when you needed him, without fail.

A knock ran through the house, you ran to get the door. Hoseok stood there with a bottle of your favorite white wine and a smile. He looked like a teddy bear, your source of comfort. You quickly ushered him inside, it was cold outside.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been here without Jeongguk in the house,” Hoseok tore off his jacket. You led him to the living room and sat down on the plush carpet where he popped open the wine and offered it to you. You took a long swig, it’s been so long since you’ve had a proper drink.

“Man, I love that you know this is my favorite wine. I missed it. I especially need it since apparently Jeongguk is screwing some girl he met at a party. You know he called her a ‘work of art’. I haven’t heard him call anything art since he had ordered that huge ass burger from the place across the street. He’s never called me a work of art,” You frowned as you passed the bottle to Hoseok.

“I’ve meet her. She honestly nothing compared to you. She may have Jeongguk’s attention now but just wait. He’ll get bored of her, like he does with every other girl that isn’t you,” he took a long drink out of the wine. Hoseok ran his hand through his hair, and laid his head back onto the couch. You moved next to him and did the same. The wine was really starting to take effect. You felt more lightweight and your worries seemed to wash off.

“You’re a flatterer Hobi. I don’t know why you’re still single. We all know why I’m single. Is it because I’m a business major Jeongguk hasn’t shown any signs he wants me? He had once said that girls who study business always are spoiled and act like they have a stick up their ass.”

Hoseok couldn’t help but snicker at your comment, “Y/N I don’t think he hasn’t made a move because you’re a business major. I think he hasn’t made one because he doesn’t want to mess up your friendship. You guys have been friends for so long, what if your relationship doesn’t go the way you want it? You’ll end up breaking up and mostly never recover as friends.”

Conversation flowed freely as the both of you continued to drink away your problems. You looked at the clock, it was three o’clock. You and Hoseok have been talking 4 hours, hashing out your thoughts and his.

“It’s getting quite late. You can crash in my bedroom, still have the extra mattress from the last time you came,” you got up and threw out the empty wine bottle. Hoseok stumbled to your room and promptly fell asleep. You felt happily tipsy and drunk. You didn’t feel sad from Jeongguk anymore. Right now, he didn’t matter.


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One Shot

A/N: I was watching a choreography video of this song and suddenly the inspiration hit me. Ladies and gentlemen I hope you are ready. Sorry for any mistakes made and I know it is kinds short. 

Word count:  1,979

Warnings: Flirty Hoseok.

  Your parents were out and your friends came over. The moment you opened the door they jumped in and pulled you towards your room.Any pushed you onto the chair ,while Violet was doing your hair and Jenny your makeup.

“What is going on here?”you asked trying to move

“You will see.”said Any giggling 

“I need to know now!” Jenny placed her finger onto your now red lips

“Shhhh. Don’t ruin my masterpiece.”you decided to just let them do what they wanted

  After a few minutes you were standing in front of the mirror while the girls were looking proud as hell. Your eyes were examining everything.From the free and sexy hair, down to the white crop top, the skinny jeans hugging your curves and the high heels.The makeup was simple, a bit of eyeliner and a popping red lip. 

“You look amazing.”Violet pulled out a small tissue, dabbing it around her eyes

“I do look good, but why?” your question was answered a bit later.The girls grabbed you by the legs and arms and dragged you to Gina’s car. Before you knew it you were standing in front of the beach. The cool night wind was soothing your skin and playing with your hair. 

“We are here.” Any spread her arms in the air 

“This is…”you said

“A beach club.”once more you were being guided towards a huge party onto the sand.They do this to you almost all the time.

  The girls sat on a table ,that was reserved a few hours ago by Gina. She asked you guys what you wanted to drink and went to order. As always Jenny was eyeing the guys that were either sitting or dancing and shirtless. She liked her men ripped, which wasn’t your cup of tea that much. 

  This wasn’t the first time your friends made you go to a club out of the blue without asking you first, but at least this time it was an open space club. There was room for everything, it was onto the sand itself after all. The DJ played a few different songs, some were good others not that much.Before you knew it almost all of your friends had finished their drinks and were dancing with someone.You were sitting with Violet and making small talk.

“Why aren’t you dancing?”you asked her

“I am waiting.”she said, her eyes locked on her prey “See that guy over there?”she pointed

“Yup.” while you were talking the man stood up and so did Violet

“Wish me luck Y/N.”you gave her thumbs up and were left sitting by yourself 

  The alcohol wasn’t enough for you to enjoy the loneliness, yet you didn’t want to get drunk. There were a few guys that had their eyes on you, but you tried not looking at them. You weren’t interested in creeps like that.Once the Spanish music came, your body decided that it would be fun just to get up and loosen up a bit. You had nothing lose, you were here after all ,so might as well have a bit of fun.No use crying over spilled milk, right?

  It took you sometime to relax, but in the end you did.Yet the guys that were staring at you decided to come closer. Some tried to dance with you, but you moved away fast. There was this one guy that didn’t want to give up and tired to grab you. You closed your eyes afraid, when someone spun you around gently. His hands warm and gentle, looking up you noticed him.He was smiling brighter than the moon light.Turning around you saw all the other wolves starting to search for other prey. The mysterious boy let go.

“I apologize for that.”he scratched the back of his neck “ I just though you looked a bit uncountable with all those horny bastards looking and trying to touch you.I didn’t mean to make you think I was one of them.”

“Oh no, not at all. Thank you very much for helping me.”he looked amazing, you couldn’t look at him without blushing “To be honestly I wouldn’t have minded if it was you in the first place.”

“Careful.”his voice got deeper and your legs started turning to jelly “Every man is a wolf. If you say something like that I might make a move.” he saw that you were looking at the ground and thought that his words were making you uncomfortable “Sorry about that.I was jok-”before he could finish his sentence you pushed your body flush against his and whispered with a hot breath against his neck.

“Maybe I want you to, or should I?” you felt his muscles tense up when a new beat hit the dance floor

“Are you up for a little dance?” you grinned which gave him a fast answer.Holding onto your hand he pulled you towards the sand. You stopped at the end of the wooden part of the place. You had to take off your heels first, when suddenly he pulled you up and made you wrapped your legs around his hips.Your eyes were locked onto his and didn’t even notice how his hands removed your shoes in a matter of seconds. He placed you gently onto the sand and stepped back.Both of you were looking into each others eyes while walking in circles.

  You took a few steps towards him…


 You felt the beat taking over your body as you couldn’t stay away from this man. He was like a magnet. Your hips were locked into his hands, as he moved around with you.Soon people made space to watch you have fun. He picked you up and swirled you in the air, your hair making full circles. His strong arm pulled your back towards his body, your chest now moving with his in the rhythm of the song. Being once more onto the sand you took control making him go crazy with the way you moved.You created some distance between both of you, making him go mad. He wanted you next to him as close as possible. You stepped onto one of the tables moving your hips as much as you could.

 Your hands were constantly in your hair and running down your body. His eyes were following every little move, as his throat got even dryer. The moment Daddy Yankee ‘s part came on he pulled you off the table. Your hands were running through his hair, lips gently touching for a second.

“Is it because of the song, or are you going too despacito for my taste?”his words made you giggle.The song was coming to an end so you decided to end it with a bang.You pulled him into a deep kiss, before disappearing into the crowed.

 You found your way back to the table and sat down, soon after that the girls gathered again.

“So?Did you have fun?”asked Violet

“Not as much as you I guess.”you smiled and pointed at the small hickey on her neck.Everyone started laughing and you found yourself leaning back from all the laughter.

“We are talking about me, but have you looked at yourself?” Violet pointed at you tummy 

“Wow girl!”Jenny lifted your crop top a bit more “Where did you find an animal like that?” you looked down and noticed all the art that he left, when you realized that you didn’t ask him for his name.

“Damn Y/N, sign me up for some of that too.”joked Gina

“Stop it!”you blushed and hid your face into your hands

  Any ordered more drinks for all of you, like she always did.You were talking about many things, yet your eyes were looking at the crowed.The girls noticed that you were focused on the beach party more than the topic itself. 

“Hey.”Jenny pulled your attention with a serious face “It seems who ever it was has somehow caught your heart.”

“Did he leave you?”asked Violet , but you shook your head “Then what?”

“I left.”

“What!?Why?”asked Any

“I thought he would have wanted it that way. I mean most guys aren’t interested in me normally, so why would he.”you looked down at the wooden floor. You felt a hand pull your head up gently.

“Y/N there is no such thing.”

“Yeah, Gina is right.Just because some asshole couldn’t see how pretty and nice you are, doesn’t mean every guy is like that.”

“How about we go and find him?”suggested Any “You will feel better, I promise.”they all felt in a way the pain you were hiding even from yourself 

  You couldn’t say anything because the girls pulled you up suddenly and went to help you find him. They asked you how he looked like and you told him with that the way you two found each other as well .After 30 min you still couldn’t find him and were about to give up ,when your close friend Mark passed by.

“Hey!”he waved “I didn’t know you guys were here as well.”he smiled

“I have an idea!”Violet pushed you towards Mark “Dance with her.”

“What!?”you panicked 

“It’s ok. Trust me I have an idea.”  Mark did as he was told ,which made the dancing very awkward 

“Sorry about this.My friends got you caught up in our stuff again.”you sighed

“So…where did Any and the others go?”he asked you

“To ask the DJ to play something.”you smirked at him “It seems that you like her a lot.” 

“No!”he blushed 

“Don’t worry Mark.I am here to help you out.”you winked when you heard that familiar melody once more “Is that Despacito?”he nodded

“It seems so.”

“Did they really ask to play it again?!”

“Hey about Any…”he started talking when your body left the area in front of him.You found yourself onto someone’s shoulder, before slowly getting farther and farther away from the club.Your body was swung in a second, pushed against a tree and your legs wrapped around very familiar hips.  

“First you make me go crazy, then leave and get another guy. You really make me burn with jealousy.”your hands cupped his cheeks and pulled his face in front of yours

“I thought you might not want me around.”you said shyly 

“Baby girl, no one has ever shook my world as much as you have. If I let you go I will differently regret it later.”he winked and leaned for a quick kiss.The sudden urge hit you and you pulled him closer, kissing until you needed air. Pulling back your eyes were locked immediately. “Can I get your name, or should I work for it?”he smirked at you

“Y/N.How about you?”

“Jung Hoseok. You better remember it, you will need it later.”he flirted with you

“So what now…Hoseok?”

“I like how my name sounds out of your lips?”he brushed his thumb over your mouth “How about we go and grab something to eat and then I can tell you how beautiful you are?Or I can keep telling you during the whole car ride.”

“It’s almost 2AM.”you said


“Good point.”you were about to walk off, but the heels got stuck in the sand, you leaned down to try and take them off ,when Hoseok knelt in front. “What are you going?”you asked him

“A princess shouldn’t walk like that.Get on.”your arms wrapped around his strong body and he stood up.You found yourself giggling a lot more with him than with anyone else.From time to time Hoseok would start running earning a small and playful scream from you, until you reached his car.Before you left the beach that song played again.

“It is almost like this song was made for us.”you commented, feeling a hand onto your thigh, gently drawing circles onto your skin

“The same way you are made for me?I guess you are right.”

  Trust me, your friends asked you a million things the next day. You brought Hoseok with you so that he could explain the dance part, you were too shy. 


Genre: fluff and angst 

Pairings: jennie × reader

Words: 2,269

Warnings: bullying

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You weren’t going to lie, you were a nerd. Just like the ones in romantic comedies right before they go through a shocking transformation, except this was real life. It was a romantic comedy and there certainly was not anybody coming to give you a makeover anytime soon. The glasses, the hundreds of books, an insane amount of knowledge. and sadly even the bully.

It was in kindergarten when you met your bully for the first time. Shockingly, your first encounter with her was anything but horrific. If anything, it had been sweet.

Even as a five year old, you were quite the outcast. You were always left alone to watch as the other boys and girls in your small class played around and had fun. Not that you really cared, but it changed when she came around.

You had no idea how you hadn’t noticed the girl before. It wasn’t like there were many kids in your class, so it she would have been hard to miss. Even at the small age of five years old you were able to tell that she was beautiful. The brunette plops down next to you and stares at you in curiosity. You stare back at her, equally as curious but probably a lot more intimidated, until she gives you the prettiest smile you’ve ever seen in your life. Then again, that probably didn’t mean much considering you had only been alive for five years, but you didn’t know that.

The girl decides to take you under her wing that day, soon after you find our that the pretty girl’s name is Jennie. You weren’t even sure if you necessarily agreed to being her friend, but you never complained. After that, you become inseparable. There’s never a day that goes by where you aren’t following the girl around like a lost puppy, and there’s never a day where Jennie isn’t playfully ordering you around.

That was until the 7th grade.

A lot of things began to change about Jennie. She became distant and cold around you without an explanation, and she eventually branched out to other people and completely ditched you. At first you had been devastated, but soon the devastation turned into nothing but anger.

Eventually in the middle of 9th grade, you learned to live with it. That was until Jennie approached you with a few of her friends, and began to bully you. After that terrible day, the bullying didn’t stop. Jennie continued to call you names, laugh at you, make fun of you, and even resorted to pushing and tripping you in the hallways.

It was starting to seem like you’d be stuck with Jennie forever.

You were sitting alone on the phone with your best friend, Yeri, as tears filled your eyes.

“I’m not even sad anymore at this point Yeri, I’m just… pissed. What have I ever done to that girl? She’s the one who ditched me, not the other way around.”

You hear Yeri sigh, “Have you ever tried talking to her?”

You scoff,” Wendy she’s a bully. If I even step in the same area as her she tries to do something to me, along with her friends. You really think that she’d listen to me?”

“I don’t know, Y/N. I’ve never had to deal with anything like this.”

“I know, and I’m not asking you to deal with this or anything, I just needed some to rant to.” You say, wiping the tears from your eyes with your shirt sleeve.

“I’m sorry that i’m not able to do much, but please just know that I’m always going to be here for you, okay? I’m not like Jennie, I promise that I’ll never leave you.”

You smile slightly, “Thank you Wendy.”

Yeri hums and hangs up the phone, leaving you in silence as you stared into the distance. It was late in the afternoon and you were sitting alone at the park, underneath a tree after another irritating day at school. The more you thought of school, the more tempting the idea to talk to Jennie became. Jennie and the rest of her friends may have been bullies, but they seemed to be careful. It’s not like they’d ever beat you up, at least not on school grounds. The worst they could do was push you and shove you and around a bit, and you were already used to that. If you talked to Jennie, nothing too bad could happen.

But the inner scaredy in you was starting to make a reappearence. What if everyone started staring? What if those girls really didn’t care about getting in trouble and they just went for it? What happens if you talk to Jennie and it doesn’t even work? What if her bullying just worsens?

The stresses of bullying, exams, and everything else must have finally gotten to you, because you finally started to break down into tears.

Little did you know, a very guilty, confused, and familiar brunette haired girl was watching you from afar.

“Why do you think she hasn’t been bothering you?” Wendy asks.

“I don’t know, but it’s scaring me.”

You’re curled up on the couch with Wendy blankets and pillows surrounding you both as you talked about Jennie and her suddenly nonexistent bullying

“Y/N, this is a good thing. She’s been bullying you since we’ve entered high school. Aren’t you at least at little happy?” Wendy says, combing her fingers through your hair.

“No, not really. I mean I’m glad it’s stopped for now, but who knows what Jennie might be planning. She might be planning to murder me, or something.”

“I don’t think Jennie is that evil, Y/N.”

“You never know.” You say, shrugging slightly.

The two of you put on a movie and continue to cuddle peacefully, shoving different snacks into your mouth, before you get a text from an unknown number.

its jennie

can we talk

You freeze, staring at the three messages in shock.

“Y/N? What’s wrong? Who is it?” Wendy asks in confusion.

“It’s Jennie, apparently.”

“What? What does she want? How did she even get your phone number?” Wendy’s eyes are wide as she looks at you.

“I - I don’t know. I’ll ask her right now, okay?” You begin to tap back a response, your hand shaking slightly.

How did you get my phone number?

You hit send, and wait for a reply.

that doesnt matter

what matters is that I know that ive done alot of crappy things to u, but I’m trying to fix everything

i want to fix us, our friendship.

You stare at Jennie’s messages, and somehow you’re even more confused than you were at first.

How do I know this isn’t some big setup?

You could just be tricking me.

“What did she say?” Wendy asks, peering over your shoulder.

“I don’t know. I’m still waiting for another response.” You say with a sigh.

u have every right to think that this is a setup. but its not. I promise.

we can even talk on the phone if that makes you more comfortable.

i just need to talk to you Y/N

please :)

You turn around to look at Wendy, “Should I just meet up with her?”

Wendy pokes the inside of her cheek with her tongue, and sighs, “It’s a bit risky, I’m not going to lie. But she did say that she’d be willing to talk to you on the phone, if she really wanted to do something to you, I don’t think she’d say that.”

You bite your lip, and look back at the conversation on your phone.

When and where do you want to meet up?

As you sat in the tiny cafe near your apartment complex, hands shaking, you realized that you were probably making the biggest mistake of your life.

What kind of idiot would agree to meet up with their high school bully with barely anybody around? It seemed like it was straight out of some kind of teenage high school romantic comedy. This was going to be the part where the bully pretended to befriend the nerd, all just to pull an incredibly mean trick on the poor nerd only a few days after meeting up.

Every part of your brain was telling you to just run, change your phone number, change names, change states, and to never return to the crappy place that you called home. But, sadly, your body seemed to be determined to stay put.

You look at the time on your wristwatch, realizing that Jennie was now almost twenty minutes late, and you were starting to think that she wasn’t going to show. You should’ve known better, bullies probably don’t care enough to show up on time.

You look out of the cafe window that you were sitting near and you let out a sigh of annoyance. The park was right across the street from the cafe and you had a perfect view from it, with all of the trees blowing gently in the wind and the birds chirping, it was the perfect day to go for a walk. You could’ve been there right now, but you were too busy waiting for someone who was barely worth your time.

Suddenly while you were moping about your life, you see Jennie pass by the cafe window, barely bothering to look in front of her.

Your eyes widen, and you fix your appearance quickly in the cafe window, just before Jennie walks through the door, setting off the bell that rang whenever someone came into the cafe.

You see Jennie scan the room, until her eyes finally land on yours, and she walks over to you and sits across from you.

The both of you sit in awkward silence for a second, before Jennie starts to speak.

“So, the weather’s nice today.”

“Today’s supposed to be the hottest day of the year?” You say in slight confusion.

“Right, sorry.” Jennie mumbles, continuing to stare at the table that was separating the two of you.

Neither of you talk for a while, before Jennie starts to speak again, “Okay, I need to stop being a wimp. We both know that we’re not here to talk about the weather, so just ask me any question, and I’ll answer it completely honestly.” Jennie says, leaning back into her chair.

You stare at her in shock for a second, before asking the question that you’ve been dying to ask Jennie since the day that she stopped talking to you,


Jennie licks her lips, “Why what?”

You roll your eyes, “You know exactly what I mean. Why did you ditch me? Why did you start bullying me?”

Jennie diverts her eyes from your face, then sighs, “I don’t know, I mean I do know, but at the same time I guess I kind of don’t?”

“That makes no sense.” You say bluntly.

Jennie smiles slightly, “I know. It’s just.. hard for me to say,” Jennie bites her lip, “I had a crush on you, and I guess I still do. That’s why I stopped being your friend, and that’s why I started bullying you. I guess I didn’t really know how to cope with the idea of liking a girl, especially my best friend, and I kind of lost it.” Jennie looks up at your shocked face expression, and continues,

“Listen, I’m not asking you to be my girlfriend, or even my acquaintance, but I am asking for your forgiveness. I know ive been really crappy to you, and I’ve done things to you that nobody deserves, so I’d also understand if you’d want to like.. punch me in the face or something.”

“Are you asking me to punch you in the face?” You ask, in confusion.

“No, but if you wanted to, I wouldn’t blame you, but that’s not the point. I’m not the best at expressing my feelings, so I know that I probably don’t sound very sincere, but I am, so, do you think you’ll be able to forgive me?”

You stare at Jennie, your arms crossed against your chest, before dropping them to your sides, “Jennie, I can tell that you’re sincere, but it’s not going to be that easy for me to forgive you. You’ve made high school a living hell for me, and an apology in a coffee shop isn’t going to make me just forget all of that… but I will give you a chance to make up for everything. After I’m positive that you won’t just turn around and start bullying me again, then maybe we can become friends, or best friends, or something more.”

Now Jennie is the one that looks shocked, “Something more?”

“Don’t get your hopes up.”

Jennie nods, “Trust me I’m not, I’m just glad you’re even giving me a chance.”

Both of you stand up, out of your seats and grab your bags, ready to head out of the cafe, before you block Jennies path, “Wait, what even made you suddenly want to apologize to me? It’s just so… out of the blue?”

Jennie smiles sadly, “Trust me, I’ve been wanting to apologize to you for a while. I think I was just too scared of losing everything. All of my friends would’ve dumped me in a heartbeat if they found out that I was going to apologize to you, so I went along with it, even if I felt terrible. I guess I just realized that you’re much more worth it then a group of assholes.”

“Obviously.” You say with a small smile.

Jennie rolls her eyes and punches you in the arm playfully, “Nerd.”

“Bully.“ You say, sticking your tongue out.


Obvious Child (2014)

selfish? | jennie

genre: I really don’t know 

word count: 1k

It was almost a normal Thursday night for Jennie, who laid sprawled across her bed, mindlessly scrolling through her phone. She cursed the owner of the apartments, swearing her walls were too thin for the price she pays. Or maybe it was her punishment for keeping a secret that wasn’t hers. She shook her head at the nonsensical thought. She knew none of this was her fault. In any case she was just a witness-or listener perse-who keeps quiet. And continues to keep quiet for the sake of herself, and the victim.

The victim, being you. She shook her head again, this time cursing her exaggerated thoughts. This wasn’t some detective film. And you definitely weren’t some clueless damsel in distress. It was the contrary if Jennie had anything to say about it. In fact, it seemed as though you knew exactly what was going on. So why were you still here? Jennie tried not ponder on that and just hoped-for her own selfish reasons-that it was her.


The first time she met you was due to unappealing circumstances. It had been two weeks since someone moved into the apartment beside her. She had no intentions of really getting to know her neighbors but she learned his name in two days. Days passed and she’d began to despise the name. Her distaste grew the day you came knocking on his door. She tried to ignore the incessant knocking as much as much as possible. But when you started calling his name, she was on her feet in a second, ready to tell you off. But as soon as you spotted her in her doorway, you quickly apologize, asking her if you’re knocking had disturbed her.

She shook her head, saying she was just about to leave. Your eyes trailed down to her shoeless feet. Without any shoes? You wanted to ask, you decided not to opting for a huff, directed at the door in front of you.

“Are you locked out, I’m sure the lobby might have a master key?” Jennie asks sounding genuinely worried.

You shake your head. “No, I’m just here to drop something off for my boyfriend, h just moved in a little while ago but I don’t think he’s here.”

Jennie struggles to keep her jaw from falling slack in realization. She does a double take between the door and yourself. Blaring red sirens ring in her ear, telling her to back away from the danger that is to come. But she doesn’t, instead she steps forward with a smile.

“I think you might have to leave it with one of the lobbyists.” .

The unassured look on your face made Jennie pat your shoulder reassuringly. “You can trust me, I’ve lived here long enough to be able to say he’ll get it.”

You smile thankfully as your worry disappears. She waves you a goodbye as you disappear behind the elevator doors.


In all honesty she hadn’t cared if the jerk had gotten what you left for him.. But it made a good conversation starter when you met again in the elevator. Where you two made small talk and even exchanged names.

The next time you spoke it involved an exchange of phone numbers. Which was only used to set meetings between you both. Where you two spoke for hours. Each conversation was always different. Yet Jennie never once spoke about what your boyfriend did whenever you weren’t around. She’d considered it a hundred times over, swearing that she’d tell you next time. But she could never bring herself to do it.


Soon enough Jennie found herself not caring if you knew. She just began to enjoy the fact that you were around. Though she couldn’t get rid of the underlying worry of what would happen if you found out. Would you still be around? Or would you need time? Her fear was finally brought to light, just not by her.  

“Don’t you think you’re being a bit selfish?” Jisoo questions as she stares at Jennie who’d been lost in her text between the two of you.

Jennie looks up, holding a confused expression. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you think it’s selfish to keep flirting with this girl even though she has a boyfriend?”

“A boyfriend who is cheating on her.” Jennie says defending herself.

“What happens when she finds out then? Do you think she’ll want to see you?”

“Why wouldn’t she, I’m not the one at fault here.”

“You will be if she finds out you knew.” Jisoo retorts making Jennie hang her head lowly as she contemplated words


Jennie stopped scrolling as her eyes locked on your contact name. Jisoo words rang in her head. “What happens when she finds out then?” Jennie scoffed at the question that she didn’t have the answer to. But she wanted to know not just for Jisoo but for herself. She tapped out a message, asking you to see her.

A part of her almost wishes you hadn’t come so quickly. But another part of her burned with excitement as she saw you. The burning intensifies as you hug her. She manages to swallow the lump in her throat by the time you pull away. Yet you are still the one to speak first.

“So my boyfriend told me he was cheating.” You say and Jennie can feel the lump forming again.

“Are you okay?” She asks unable to read your expression.

You release a sigh that almost sounds relieved. “I always had a feeling.”

“Then why do you sound so relieved?” Jennie asks no longer hiding her hopefulness.

“Because I am.” You say with a widening smile. If Jennie had any plans of speaking, she didn’t anymore as your arms wrapped around her neck. “Because we don’t have to hide anymore.”

And just like that Jennie’s biggest fear is gone with just a few words. She places her hands on your waist, pulling you closer. Your lips meet and she no longer feels selfish.

BLACKPINK[Jennie] Gang!AU | Mission Complicated | 1

Prompt: Your mission was easy. Take out Jennie Kim, leader of the rival gang. But things had to get complicated with feelings.

Writer: Admin C

Word Count: 444

Female X Female

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“So how are you gonna complete this” Hyejung asks (y/n).

“Do you remember why I was recruited?” (y/n) asks her best friend.

“You were a good con artist” Hyejung answers.

“Exactly. That’s how I’m gonna do this mission. It says that Jennie enjoys going to this bar called Harvest Namsan. It’s a rooftop bar. You know what that means?” (y/n) asks.(A/N: Yes I actually looked up rooftop bars in Seoul)

“You’re gonna push her off the roof once you get a date with her?” Hyejung asks.

“No. It means that it’ll have a romantic vibe at night. I’m gonna go there and seduce Jennie. She’s got a lot information on some other gangs at her house if my intel is correct. So I’m gonna get her to be my girlfriend and once I gain her trust and am inside her house. Kill her then steal the information.” (y/n) tells Hyejung.

“But what if she doesn’t have the information written down?” Hyejung asks.

“My intel says she keeps everything on a  flash drive. I’ve already thought of everything Hyejung. There isn’t anything you could think of that I haven’t already” (y/n) says.

“What if there is a mole working for Jennie here?” Hyejung asks.

“There was one. But I killed him before he could give any information” (y/n) tells Hyejung.

“You’re scary” Hyejung says.

“I know” (y/n) answers then gets up and leaves.


As I put the finishing touches on my outfit I thought of all the possibilities that could make this night go wrong. “You’ll do fine (y/n) you always do” (y/n) reassured herself before walking out the door and to her car.


“Hello can I sit here” (y/n) asks Jennie.

“Sure” Jennie says smiling up at (y/n).

“Beautiful scenery don’t you think” (y/n) asks Jennie.

“It is something” Jennie answered.

“Can I buy you a drink”

“Sure. A Bloody Mary for me” Jennie says.

“Two Bloody Mary’s please” (y/n) asks the bartender. The bartender nods then starts making the drinks.

“More like a bloody Jennie” (y/n) mutters as she watches Jennie from her spot thinking over the next phase of her plan. 

“Drinks are ready” the bartender says.

“Thank you” (y/n) says giving the bartender 25,000 won. “Here you go” (y/n) says handing Jennie her Bloody Mary.

“So why me?” Jennie asks.

“Why you what?” (y/n) asks.

“Out of all the girls here alone. Why did you sit next to me?” Jennie rephrases her question.

“You have a look that says ‘If you mess with me I’ll fuck you up’ I like that” (y/n) tells Jennie.

“I’m a dangerous person” Jennie says.

“Well you’re in luck. I happen to love dangerous people”


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Genre :: Angst 
Pairing :: Taehyung x Reader
Warning(s) :: Strong Language, Violence, Drugs reference, Some Sexual Content (mostly later in the story)

Author here~~ I hope you enjoy this series TuT im working hard on it i swear, PT 1 is a little bit of a mess just bare with me <333 Ok ily all

12 years ago
Loud crashes and bangs rumbled in the lower area of a some what drab house. The creaking of floor boards was loud against the crash of plates and chairs being thrown about. This was your lullaby, your drunken mother throwing fits, combating your older sister as she struggled to get her to take her medicine and sleep.. Usually these fights lasted no more than an hour, but tonight it felt like an eternity.
You, 8 years old at the time, pulled your gray covers up to your nose, tear soaked cheeks burning with anger and sadness. The frantic sound of your creaking stair caught you by surprise. The door to your bedroom flung open before quickly slamming shut, the lock clicking. You pulled your covers over your eyes, closing them tightly as you heard your drunk mother screaming from the base of the stairs. Your sister stumbled towards your bed, taking you in her arms to embrace you, “Y/N, look at me” She pushed your hair from your face, looking at your doll like features, such a young child… “Just go to sleep ok, no matter what you hear just sleep” She kissed your forehead softly, tucking you in…
She stood, despite your begs for her to stay she opened the door, clicking the lock and shutting it once more…

“You bitch what did you tell her!”

“Nothing, go drink yourself to sleep!”

“Im not a drunk!”

You had enough, you pushed yourself from your bed grasping your school bag, slinging it over your shoulder, you took a blanket in arms… You quietly tiptoed to your window, opening it causing it to creak softly.. Lucky for you, your living room/kitchen area was more like a luxury basement (meaning it was underground) so you could carefully step out of the window.. Once you did you took off down the road, you didnt look back, not even for a moment.
You ran all night, sleeping on a bench near your school, the only place you knew in town besides the slums you lived in..
“Y/N-ah~ Wake up you cant nap outside silly!” a little boy’s voice echoed in your brain, prying you from your sobbing slumber. You linked your eyes open, wincing at the light in your eyes.. “Taehyungie?” you grumbled pushing yourself up, wiping the crust from your eyes.. “Come on Y/N-ah its time for school” He said gripping your wrist, pulling you towards the building.. Taehyung was too a boy of a not so good past, only having his sister and her shit bag of a boyfriend. Always pushing him around, hitting him, yelling at him… You two lived in the same ratty neighborhood and had been friends since you could remember…
You yanked your hand from his grasp “No Tae… I-I cant go to school..” You turned away heading towards town when you heard his bag jingling behind you-

“Well i guess ill just have to come with you- where are we going?”

“i dont know..”

Present Day-

The yell echoed from the bathroom of your apartment, you rolled your eyes at the call. You and Taehyung, ever since that day, had been together, when your sisters found you, when  you graduated, when you got jobs, met your bestfriends, entered college, and now in this apartment.. You werent dating, but you were very close, if that wasnt obvious enough-

“UNDER THE SINK TAEHYUNG I TELL YOU THIS EVERY TIME, I swear you shirt wayyyy to much”
You heard the cabinet door slam then the flush of the pipes, the door to the restroom creaking open. “I heard that you know” Taehyung huffed adjusting his belt. He wore a blue leather jacket, black jeans, and a white crew neck t-shirt. You only chuckled at him, the boy smirking at you as you walked closer to him.
You gripped his jacket at the collar, adjusting it so it folded evenly, moving your hands to smooth out the leather on his shoulders. “I know, you were meant too” you smirked up at him, he only offered a roll of his deep brown eyes as he playfully nudged you.
You chuckled turning on your heels heading for the kitchen. “Y/N-ah you should get dressed, we are meeting the boys for dinner rememberrrr?” he cooed to you from the doorway of the long horizontal hallway which had your bedrooms, bath, and a small closet.
You turned towards where is voice was, the small open area of your apartment was quite simple. A couch, small coffee table, a lamp, tv, and a large bean bag chair was all that took up the living area.
As for the kitchen it was simple, the counter covering the small wall near the entrance of your apartment, an L shaped bar area branching off along the wall the hallway entrance was located on. Of course you had your fridge, oven, sink, but other than that was a small fold-able table with 2 plastic chairs. You looked to where your balcony was located, a wall of windows with a rickety old sliding glass door. Out side the vertical shades was another small table and two chairs, just for when you too wanted to laze about.
The walls were a meek off white, faded in age, the floor scratched but still a deep brown…

“Hello? Y/N?”

“Oh yeah, i should change”

A few hours had pasted, you all had finished your dinners and you were now sitting at a long table just hanging around, 6 boys, not including Taehyung, were seated around you. Along with 2 girls, clung to the arms of Jungkook and Jimin. It hurt a little to see them laughing a kissing, that emptiness in the pit of your heart ached everytime. However, Taehyung was there to remind you he had your back…
You were seated close the wall, a close friend Yoongi sat on your right, Taehyung to your left, and in the three seats in front of you were Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok.. Leaving the love birds at the far left side. The boys were all talking and having fun, reminiscing about the old neighborhood you all lived in, the school you went to which was now shut down, even the old park you all played in… You were all so grown up now, but they all agreed the one that neer changed was you..

“Y/N is still as quiet as she was in school”

“Yah! She really still is”

You just smiled, resting a hand on Taehyung’s knee, he offered you a smile as you rested you head on his shoulder. The whole night you had been pretty quiet, the only thing crossing your brain was how many times you beat Tae in games of rock paper scissors you held under the table.

“so are you two a thing?” The girl linked to Jungkook asked, gesturing to you and Taehyung.. You just looked at each-other for a moment, smiles creeping onto your faces as you both busted into laughter. Your loud chuckles echoed in the drab and rather empty restaurant, the girl, Jennie, was rather new to the group, so this sparked a confused look on her features.
Through loud chuckles you spoke “Oh nooo, Taehyungie is my bestfriend” You wrapped your arms around him, hugging him tightly
“Yeah Y/N-ah and I are just friends”

“Shes too cute for Taehyung anyways” Yoongi said slyly, craning his head to smirk at Taehyung, they always teased eachother. Even when you all were younger, Yoongi was 2 grades ahead of you and some of the others. But him and Tae always playfully butt heads, especially over you.. You found it cute, even now, knowing they couldnt possibly be serious… right?

“Hey now” You said gently shouldering Yoongi as you settled back against Tae, you played with his long fingers, gently tugging them and moving them, in your own little world.

‘Tae youre drooling over there’
'am not’
'are too’

'stop fighting like children’
'youre not my mom Jin’
'might as well be’

You looked up at them all, heart strings being yanked in all directions as they all talked, “Joonie” you said softly, reaching your hand out to touch his. He looked at you a bit puzzled, smiling, cocking a brow. His dimpled tan cheeks a little red from your sudden touch, “Ah, Y/N what is it?” He asked leaning back in his seat, his gaze was always so seductive, even when just casually speaking, it was a quality about him no one could take away really-

“Why dont we go explore the old school or something, we havent really gone on an adventure and Jin’s truck has enough room”

“Ah that sounds fun!” the boys all rejoiced in agreement, however Jennie shifted a bit looking at Jungkook, then to Jimin and JiSoo, she seemed to whisper something to them before standing, “I-I think i might just go home”
You almost forgot, Jennie wasnt from around here, so she didnt go to school with all of you… You felt embarrassed, reaching across the table to grasp her wrist, “Hey, Im sorry, itll be fun we can show you around” You said smiling softly… It took a bit of convincing but before you knew it you all piled into the truck, You, Taehyung, and Hoseok sitting in the Bed of it while the others crammed into the cab.

As the car pulled into the abandoned parking lot and everyone made their way out of the truck, you yourself jumped out of the back, only to be confronted by a horrid scene. You felt your heart stop as a few figures came towards your group. The man in the middle of them stood with immense swagger, wearing a black crew neck, navy blue ripped jeans, and some sneakers… You knew exactly who he was by his slicked back blond hair which was under a backwards cap..

“Y/N, Hooligans, Fancy meeting you here~”

to be continued


No name characters that I’ve been working on lately. Some are magicians/immortals, others are former athlets who had to give up their careers because of diverse diseases. I might never work on that project again so here you go.


The two appearances of a fly in Breaking Bad (“Fly” and “Gliding Over All”) are both in relation to deaths that Walt is responsible for, but trying to keep hidden from Jesse: Jane and Mike. Deaths of people Jesse cares about deeply. Walt keeps his secrets, but his guilt manifests itself in the form a pesky fly.

In “Fly”, only Jesse’s forgiveness can kill the insect: “It’s not your fault, it’s not mine either, it’s nobody’s, not even hers.” Even if undeserved, this puts Walt’s worries — and Walt himself — to rest. The fly dies, he is finally able to sleep.

Jesse is equated with bugs a couple times: the beetle in the beginning of “Peekaboo”, the tarantula in “Confessions” (the same scene when Jesse finally voices his suspicion about what really happened to Mike). And on two occasions, the fly; reminding Walt of his sins, silently placing blame.

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Hymn Medley

Here’s the hymn medley I mentioned earlier, sung by my mom, sister @hannahbrandybuck and me.

Songs are: 1) Amazing Grace, 2) How Can I Keep from Singing, 3) Let All Things Now Living, 4) How Firm a Foundation, plus a little extra Amazing Grace there at the end. :)

anonymous asked:

what are the pieces of art (movies, books, songs, etc) that have most influenced who you are today?

okay this has been sitting in my ask for ages because i wanted to put true effort into it so here you go:

visual artists: vincent van gogh / jean michel basquiat / jenny holzer / keith haring / frida kahlo / andy warhol

books: the outsiders by s.e. hinton / the snowy day by ezra jack keats / the people could fly by virginia hamilton / les misérables by victor hugo / to kill a mockingbird by harper lee / courting greta by ramsey hootman / harry potter series by j.k. rowling / grasshopper jungle by andrew smith 

poets: sonia sanchez / etheridge knight / w.b. yeats / langston hughes / william shakespeare / terrance hayes / gwendolyn brooks / rudy francisco / gil scott-heron / tyehimba jess

theatre: hamlet / HAIR / les misérables / in the heights / a tempest / porgy and bess / spring awakening / oliver! / the importance of being earnest / angels in america / for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf

television: star trek / seinfeld / law and order: svu / the get down / queer as folk / the facts of life / the office / the partridge family / monty python’s flying circus / arthur / diff’rent strokes / rupaul’s drag race

films: the breakfast club (john hughes, 1985) / paper moon (peter bogdanovich, 1973) / the shining (stanley kubrick, 1980) / fantastic mr. fox (wes anderson, 2009) / django unchained (quentin tarantino, 2012) / heathers (michael lehmann, 1988) / beetlejuice (tim burton, 1988) / peter pan (disney movie, 1953) / the princess bride (rob reiner, 1987)

music: the beatles / the smiths / nina simone / john coltrane / vampire weekend / panic! at the disco / morrissey / sam cooke / anita baker / marina and the diamonds / WALK THE MOON / hozier