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#183.5, part 2. • Percy’s daughter knows ASL

• Her name is Saffi, which is a Greek variation of the name Sophia and means ‘wisdom.’

• Or Meri, which is a Finnish name that means Sea* (edited, originally said water which is false, thanks @anonymous)

• Annabeth is not one for subtle names

• They moved closer to Camp Jupiter, since they’ve got faster resources

• The don’t live at CJ though, they live further north

• In fact, they are the mid point in the journey of many roman demigods coming from Lupa.

• They live in Novato

• Annabeth liked the quieter life, and has even opted a no-speak household

• Percy shot it down.

• “The visitors need to hear us, we can’t teach everyone sign language”

• “Plus our daughter needs to speak, she doesn’t qualify for a deaf school.”

• Saffi/Meri is quad-lingual

• ASL (or, as she likes to call it, DSL demigod sign language), Greek, Latin, and English

• Piper teaches her French, though she never truly picks up on it because aunty Piper isn’t around enough

• It was sometime in 1st grade when she first signed at school

• Out of pure confusion, she forgot how to spell ‘apple’, so she spelled it in sign language.

• The teacher, for one, was so shocked.

• She’s never had a student do that before

• Saffi/Meri kept doing this for plenty of other words. She taught her friends how to sign their names out

• When they asked why she never signed her father’s name out as letters, she told them he was special like that

• Truth was, she never asked. It never bothered her.

• She asked him, but he just smiled and said ‘that’s a story for another time’

• Her aunt, Percy’s sister, knows ASL too

• She’s not much younger than her aunt, so they do play dates all the time

• Sleepovers are strictly ASL

• But, in 3rd grade, she met this boy

• He was in her class, the one with Miss Pykonne (pronounced like Pike-a-nin), and he was being followed by the lady in her 30’s

• Now, little Percabeth daughter hadn’t really been educated on the deaf culture. Percy hadn’t really gotten around to telling her

• He was too busy with his job

• He’s a self defense teacher, Annabeth is a Greco-Roman history teacher

• Saffi/Meri goes over to this boy and tries to ask him who the lady was while she was at the bathroom

• He frowned and shook his head, pointing to his ears

• Saffi/Meri was so confused.

• She tried again in Greek

• He did the same thing

• The same thing happened when she asked in Latin

• Finally, she signed ‘are you deaf?’

• And his face lit up

• He frantically signed ‘You know sign?’

• ‘Yes, my father taught me since birth’

• They instantly become friends in like 0.000000000001 seconds flat

• His name is Marleen. His interpreter is Amanda

• All the kids in her class were excited, all of them wanting to be friends with the boy who can recite the MLK speech with his hands

• Come Parent-Teacher conferences, she convinced her dad to get this particular time slot because Marleen’s was the time slot before. Mom was out of town that week

• They arrive at the school 10 minutes early, so her father and she played a game they called “What’s the word?”

• More on that game… maybe. You’ll have to tell us if you want that information. I might post it one day

• They played the game with only ASL that time

• Marleen and his father walked out of the classroom, Amanda translating what the teacher was saying to him

• Basically how his grades have improved dramatically since his arrival, that he shouldn’t be sent to a deaf school because he has so many friends and support, etc. etc.

• Something about the father seemed so familiar

• Then Percy sees Marleen’s father….

• Jacob sees Percy too

• And everyone went silent

• Jacob signed Percy’s name

• Percy signed Jacob’s name

• Then Jacob practically tackles Percy

• Percy, who was so stunned that his childhood friend’s son went to the same school he was sending his daughter, and that his daughter was his friend’s son.

• Marleen is confused because his dad didn’t like hearing people, but he just hugged one

• Saffi/Meri is so happy that she didn’t have to go through any awkward introductions

• Jacob is practically in tears

• Percy invites them over for dinner the week after, since that’s when Annabeth gets back in town

• Everything went so smoothly that Percy couldn’t believe it was that easy

• When he asked Jacob why he left, though, a brick wall went up and he signed ‘Long story, you wouldn’t understand’

• When Jacob asked why Percy had been wanted more than once, he got the same response he used

• Then Annabeth noticed something strange

• A marking

• On the inside of Jacobs forearm

• …

To be continued


Jacob: I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.
Percival: He doesn’t even go here!
Seraphina: Are you even a wizard. 
Jacob: No, I just have a lot of feelings…
Seraphina: Okay, go home.

Mean Girls (2004)

want one? 

Dares: Part 2 (Tom Holland x Reader)

Tag List:  @dropdeadrxses, @5-seconds-of-sarcasmm, @purplehippo-cheeseandtrees, @mrsbatman-robin

Hey everyone!! I’m so glad I get to finally post this! I’ve had this done for like a week now!! I hope you all enjoy this!! (also, I highkey feel like Sorry by Halsey is Tom’s feelings during this?? So if you want a lil something to listen to while reading this, listen to that :D)

Word Count: 1608

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, some platonic reader x Zendaya??

Warnings: Cursing (i think?), angst, Harrison (i have to warn about him, he’s too fucking amazing)

Part 1 | Part 2


He couldn’t believe he’d fucked up something so wonderful. It tore his heart into pieces to watch you run away from him, tears threatening to fall out of your eyes. How could he do that to you?

He watched as Zendaya walked up to him, anger evident on her face.

“What is wrong with you?” She shouted, getting close to his face. “What in the world would make you think to do something so cruel and ignorant?”

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Sulky Newt

For the anon who requested some angst because the sweetness of Newt was too much lol (Give me all the angst!)

Master list

Imagine: Newt pining for you, but not being able to tell you.

Newt sat across from Queenie in the bar, his case clutched tightly in his hands as he tried to drown out the sounds of the other wizards and witches who frequented the Blind Pig. He truly did not want to come out tonight, and yet somehow you managed to convince him. Not that it was hard for you to do, one look from those beautiful eyes and he was putty in your hands.

“Newt, honey…go out and dance, have a drink, live a little.” Queenie’s sweet voice spoke, trying to ease the tension that came off in waves around the reserved Hufflepuff. But, Newt ignored her pleas, and eventually Jacob grew frustrated with him.

“Alright, Newt come on…you can sit here and sulk, or go talk to her.”

Jacob gestured towards you, standing at the bar waiting for your drink. Newt’s eyes trailed over to your slender form, heart racing instantly at the sight. You always did know how to make his heart ache.

“I have to go.”

Newt rose from the barstool, receiving sympathetic looks from Queenie as he maneuvered through the crowd of elves, wizards, and other magical creatures. That’s when you noticed him, his blue coat sticking out like a sore thumb. You placed a galleon on the bar, not even bothering with your drink as you followed closely behind him.


But, he didn’t hear you over the noise he just kept going until he managed to exit the establishment.

“Ugh, that stubborn-”

You left the bar, running up the steps outside as you looked both ways for the wizard, it took you a minute, but you managed to find him heading off down the street, obviously going towards Queenie and Tina’s apartment. Without a second thought you ran after him, wondering what on earth your friend was up to.


When you caught up you grabbed his coat, pulling him back and turning him around. The wizard’s eyes widened, and he glanced down at your shorter form.

“Newt, what on earth had gotten into you! You’ve been acting funny all week! Now tell me what is wrong with you?!”

Newt set his lips tightly into a frown, his eyes downcast as he spoke. “Nothing. I have work to do, excuse me.”

You knew him well enough to know what that look meant, and you rolled your eyes at his childish behavior. “Newton, I swear to the gods if you-”

“Y/N….please leave me alone.” His words cut deep, and you felt a pang of hurt as he sighed and began walking down the street again. He stopped just at the crosswalk, and he felt this sudden tug of his heart that just ached for him to turn back and hold you. That saddened look in your eyes he just saw…knowing he was responsible for it, it was hard to bear. He turned back to look at you over his shoulder, green eyes betraying his cold demeanor. You looked so beautiful standing there in the moonlight, black dress fitting perfectly against you. How on earth could he possibly tell you he loved you? You were far too good for someone like him.

You lifted your hand, waving a goodbye pathetically as he stared in your direction. And yet all he did was look down and away, his figure getting smaller and smaller the further he walked.

Hope that was ok! lol

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A Case for a Zoologist

Request: Hi! I was just wondering if you could write a Newt Scamander×Reader where the reader is a zoologist and a friend of Jacob. Somehow she meets Newt through Jacob and they bond(him being a magizoologust and she a zoologist) and he shows her the case. Maybe a little confusing. Lots of love💙

Word Count: 1,994

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by @polarchestnutthing

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @whatinbenaddiction @thosefantasticbeast2 @studyforthreehands @benniesgalaxy

WARNING: Very slight Language warning

“I promise I’m not going to bite.”

You huff out a sigh, already annoyed with how your day is going. First, your boss dropped a stack of papers that could potentially be taller than you if someone made a side-by-side comparison, then Jacob had come to drag you away from overtime hours, claiming to have a creature to show you, and now his buddy here is trying to convince you that magic is real and he’s a wizard.

What bullshit.

“I’m not an idiot, you know.” You insist, arms crossed over your chest. Who does this man think he is, trying to convince you to follow him down a suitcase? Sure, you looked and saw a staircase, but it’s most certainly a trick of mirrors and angles and math, not magic.

“I would never have said that. I do hope, though, that it doesn’t seem I’m about to bite. The creatures are more prone to it than I.”

You grit your teeth. Is he honestly going to claim that he’s right, that he’s using magic? “Listen, just admit it’s a prank. If it makes you feel better, you can tell Jacob I fell for it. Is that what you want?”

Newt actually smirks, infuriating you. “I don’t want to tell him anything but that you enjoyed your time. He’s hopeful, you know.”

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The scarf Horace made for Jacob oh my God

(I added this onto another post a while ago but I really feel it needs its own separate post to be appreciated because Horace is wonderful)

I loved this!
It wasn’t just a scarf!
Horace sacrificed (what I’m assuming was) his own bulletproof jumper to save Jacob!
Like yeah I know Horace can see the future and that he knew jacob would need it but like there’s still a chance Horace could have got hurt
‘But yknow whatever as long as Jacob is okay’
And then took the time to make it perfect and even went so far as to put his initials on it
Like Horace that wasn’t necessary but thanks?
Then gives it to Jacob as a good luck charm
Horace purposely doesn’t say ‘yo portman here’s a magic scarf btw you’re gonna get shot :^)’ because he knows how much that would probably fuck a guy up
So he’s all casual like ‘here u go buddy xoxo’ and Jacob is pretty touched if you ask me
Horace is again very casual like 'no no you’re not wearing it right here allow me’ and positions it over his chest, protecting his vital organs
And everyone is just kinda like 'typical Horace bc he loves clothes’
But little do they know that this snazzy dresser has just saved Jacob Portmans life
Thank god Horace can knit
All I’m saying is the others tease Horace an awful lot but if it weren’t for him on at least three separate occasions Jacob Portman would be a fucking goner
Thank you Horace Somnusson

So I saw BoM last night

Hhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was so good here are just some things (7/18/17)
~Connor Pierson, who plays Arnold, was so animated and dramatic and did the funniest hand movements he is my fave Cunningham now sorry I don’t make the rules
~PJ Adzima’s McKinley was just ?? So happy ?? The whole time ?? He was so cute I love him
~Like,,, “oh well how many have you baptized so far?” “Oh zero! :D”
~PJ Adzima’s dancing at the end of Turn It Off was a blessing AND HIS HIPS what a legend
~Myha’la Herrold is such a good Nabalungi ohhHHHH my gosh
~Her Naba is just so innocent and sweet and she has such a good voice I love her too
~Gabe Gibbs was !! Great and his Price was just Done™ the whole time I loved his Elder Price
~Also with Gabe Gibbs during Two By Two I was mouthing along and I swear he looked at me and smiled and I died
~I thought some of the other actors/actresses had looked at me too while singing along to multiple songs it was Great
~Two names Cunningham called Naba were “Nabisco” and “Namaste Namasta Mamatsusa”
~Hell Dream McKinley blew a kiss to Elder Price and then Elder Price tried to follow him they’re gay
~Sterling Jarvis was an amazing Mafala ?? He was so funny and he did a long pause after “oh yes you must be very careful around here……………… now let’s get going!”
~Jacob Haren’s high note during the encore had me crying he’s so good oh my goshhshhs
~The way Gabe Gibbs said “oh well ya know what guys? fuck him” so casually then was like ‘OH SHIT I SAID THAT HELL YEAH’ his expressions were amazing
~ Price: “Or we break the rules,” McKinley: “:o :) nods
~Man Up was better than I could ever imagine and Connor Pierson just gave his all and he was dancing so much gosh he’s amazing

So that was everything that happened in the show ! I’m making a separate post for meeting some of the cast

…the tongue craves water, the heart craves love and the mind craves stories.
—  David Mitchell, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet.
Newt Scamander x Reader: The Werewolf Prince Of England Part 1/?

A/N: Based on fairy tales. Most notably Beauty And The Beast. The reader is asked by the servant of the lonely werewolf prince of England to come stay at his castle.

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You were walking home from work. You worked at a bakery in England. You lived in a small flat just downtown. It wasn’t much but that was what you could afford for the time being. Your landlord is an older woman. You’d have tea with her after work somedays if you didn’t work too late. 

Lately, you’d been visited by a chubby man wearing a worksuit with suspenders. He looked rather nervous sometimes but he’d still bye some pastries such as your strudels, croissants and bear claws. He looked sweet though. A nice person. One day, after work. 

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Master list of Newsies fics written between August 2015 and July 2016

Here is a master list of all the newsies fics that I wrote between August 2015 and July 2016. There are 89 stories in total.

***Older Stories***

For stories written between February 2015 and August 2015 go here:

If you are looking to read stories written between February 2014 and early February 2015, go here:

if you want stuff written prior to February 2014, go here:

*** Emoji Key ***

❤️indicates a story with a romantic pairing.
💕indicates a story where romance may be present, but it’s not the main focus. Maybe I wrote about characters in a way where their relationship could be seen as romantic or platonic, or maybe there is a background romantic relationship in there somewhere.
😊 indicates a story that is completely and certifiably gen.
⭐️ Is for modern AU.
✨ Is for stories based on the stage musical.
Most of the stories are canon era and movie based, so there is no emoji for that.

The stories are under the cut. Feedback on any of them is always welcome, and so are new prompts.


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