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Fantastic Beasts Characters - Festive Season

Request: anon: What would you think spending this festive season of Christmas (i.e. prepping the decor around the house, themed meals, seasonal activities etc.) with Fantastic Beasts main character be like?? :D //headcanon//

Honestly i was super excited for these prompts because I can just imagine all of it! So here you go! All the festive stuff with all the amazing character of Fantastic Beasts!

I’m going to preface this with some information you should know.

Percival Graves is alive and well, Credence is alive and well, everyone is friends and everyone, for the most part, is happy.

The characters I’ve decided to include are Queenie, Tina, Newt, Jacob, Percival, Credence and of course You!

Here we go!

A/N - Honestly this is so freaking long I’ve had to put a read more line because woooo.

Also dedicated to @kittykat101ary and @wizardwhiz for helping push me through!

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…the tongue craves water, the heart craves love and the mind craves stories.
—  David Mitchell, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet.
The scarf Horace made for Jacob oh my God

(I added this onto another post a while ago but I really feel it needs its own separate post to be appreciated because Horace is wonderful)

I loved this!
It wasn’t just a scarf!
Horace sacrificed (what I’m assuming was) his own bulletproof jumper to save Jacob!
Like yeah I know Horace can see the future and that he knew jacob would need it but like there’s still a chance Horace could have got hurt
‘But yknow whatever as long as Jacob is okay’
And then took the time to make it perfect and even went so far as to put his initials on it
Like Horace that wasn’t necessary but thanks?
Then gives it to Jacob as a good luck charm
Horace purposely doesn’t say ‘yo portman here’s a magic scarf btw you’re gonna get shot :^)’ because he knows how much that would probably fuck a guy up
So he’s all casual like ‘here u go buddy xoxo’ and Jacob is pretty touched if you ask me
Horace is again very casual like 'no no you’re not wearing it right here allow me’ and positions it over his chest, protecting his vital organs
And everyone is just kinda like 'typical Horace bc he loves clothes’
But little do they know that this snazzy dresser has just saved Jacob Portmans life
Thank god Horace can knit
All I’m saying is the others tease Horace an awful lot but if it weren’t for him on at least three separate occasions Jacob Portman would be a fucking goner
Thank you Horace Somnusson

Request: How would you imagine Jacob as your boyfriend?

Author: Well um. Here we go

• like I said, he’d get jealous very easily
• over protective like, suspicious acting people aren’t even allowed to look at his S/O
• even though he’s actually a cute little cinnamon roll he would not hesitate to kill said suspicious acting person
• God, he needs attention. Not a little bit. A lot. I feel like his S/O wouldn’t be able to get five minutes without Jacob begging for attention (like the child he is I love him so much)
• sarcastic and sassy, but in a non hurtful way
Bonus: sass battle between Jacob and his S/O
• if his S/O was shy, he’d totally tease them, enjoying their giggles and bright red face (which would usually lead to hugging and sweet forehead kisses)
• there’d be days, where he wants to spend the evening with his boys(aka the rooks) and without his S/O, but he’d often end up going home earlier than he intended to (or he’d start a huge fight and come home after fixing his wounds, so his S/O wouldn’t have to worry about him)
• I think he’d be an amazing listener. No matter what his S/O would be saying, he’d listen to all of it

So I guess that’s it but I could go on for hours, tbh
If you want more just tell me.