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Sulky Newt

For the anon who requested some angst because the sweetness of Newt was too much lol (Give me all the angst!)

Master list

Imagine: Newt pining for you, but not being able to tell you.

Newt sat across from Queenie in the bar, his case clutched tightly in his hands as he tried to drown out the sounds of the other wizards and witches who frequented the Blind Pig. He truly did not want to come out tonight, and yet somehow you managed to convince him. Not that it was hard for you to do, one look from those beautiful eyes and he was putty in your hands.

“Newt, honey…go out and dance, have a drink, live a little.” Queenie’s sweet voice spoke, trying to ease the tension that came off in waves around the reserved Hufflepuff. But, Newt ignored her pleas, and eventually Jacob grew frustrated with him.

“Alright, Newt come on…you can sit here and sulk, or go talk to her.”

Jacob gestured towards you, standing at the bar waiting for your drink. Newt’s eyes trailed over to your slender form, heart racing instantly at the sight. You always did know how to make his heart ache.

“I have to go.”

Newt rose from the barstool, receiving sympathetic looks from Queenie as he maneuvered through the crowd of elves, wizards, and other magical creatures. That’s when you noticed him, his blue coat sticking out like a sore thumb. You placed a galleon on the bar, not even bothering with your drink as you followed closely behind him.


But, he didn’t hear you over the noise he just kept going until he managed to exit the establishment.

“Ugh, that stubborn-”

You left the bar, running up the steps outside as you looked both ways for the wizard, it took you a minute, but you managed to find him heading off down the street, obviously going towards Queenie and Tina’s apartment. Without a second thought you ran after him, wondering what on earth your friend was up to.


When you caught up you grabbed his coat, pulling him back and turning him around. The wizard’s eyes widened, and he glanced down at your shorter form.

“Newt, what on earth had gotten into you! You’ve been acting funny all week! Now tell me what is wrong with you?!”

Newt set his lips tightly into a frown, his eyes downcast as he spoke. “Nothing. I have work to do, excuse me.”

You knew him well enough to know what that look meant, and you rolled your eyes at his childish behavior. “Newton, I swear to the gods if you-”

“Y/N….please leave me alone.” His words cut deep, and you felt a pang of hurt as he sighed and began walking down the street again. He stopped just at the crosswalk, and he felt this sudden tug of his heart that just ached for him to turn back and hold you. That saddened look in your eyes he just saw…knowing he was responsible for it, it was hard to bear. He turned back to look at you over his shoulder, green eyes betraying his cold demeanor. You looked so beautiful standing there in the moonlight, black dress fitting perfectly against you. How on earth could he possibly tell you he loved you? You were far too good for someone like him.

You lifted your hand, waving a goodbye pathetically as he stared in your direction. And yet all he did was look down and away, his figure getting smaller and smaller the further he walked.

Hope that was ok! lol

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…the tongue craves water, the heart craves love and the mind craves stories.
—  David Mitchell, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet.
The scarf Horace made for Jacob oh my God

(I added this onto another post a while ago but I really feel it needs its own separate post to be appreciated because Horace is wonderful)

I loved this!
It wasn’t just a scarf!
Horace sacrificed (what I’m assuming was) his own bulletproof jumper to save Jacob!
Like yeah I know Horace can see the future and that he knew jacob would need it but like there’s still a chance Horace could have got hurt
‘But yknow whatever as long as Jacob is okay’
And then took the time to make it perfect and even went so far as to put his initials on it
Like Horace that wasn’t necessary but thanks?
Then gives it to Jacob as a good luck charm
Horace purposely doesn’t say ‘yo portman here’s a magic scarf btw you’re gonna get shot :^)’ because he knows how much that would probably fuck a guy up
So he’s all casual like ‘here u go buddy xoxo’ and Jacob is pretty touched if you ask me
Horace is again very casual like 'no no you’re not wearing it right here allow me’ and positions it over his chest, protecting his vital organs
And everyone is just kinda like 'typical Horace bc he loves clothes’
But little do they know that this snazzy dresser has just saved Jacob Portmans life
Thank god Horace can knit
All I’m saying is the others tease Horace an awful lot but if it weren’t for him on at least three separate occasions Jacob Portman would be a fucking goner
Thank you Horace Somnusson

Master list of Newsies fics written between August 2015 and July 2016

Here is a master list of all the newsies fics that I wrote between August 2015 and July 2016. There are 89 stories in total.

***Older Stories***

For stories written between February 2015 and August 2015 go here:

If you are looking to read stories written between February 2014 and early February 2015, go here:

if you want stuff written prior to February 2014, go here:

*** Emoji Key ***

❤️indicates a story with a romantic pairing.
💕indicates a story where romance may be present, but it’s not the main focus. Maybe I wrote about characters in a way where their relationship could be seen as romantic or platonic, or maybe there is a background romantic relationship in there somewhere.
😊 indicates a story that is completely and certifiably gen.
⭐️ Is for modern AU.
✨ Is for stories based on the stage musical.
Most of the stories are canon era and movie based, so there is no emoji for that.

The stories are under the cut. Feedback on any of them is always welcome, and so are new prompts.


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Request: How would you imagine Jacob as your boyfriend?

Author: Well um. Here we go

• like I said, he’d get jealous very easily
• over protective like, suspicious acting people aren’t even allowed to look at his S/O
• even though he’s actually a cute little cinnamon roll he would not hesitate to kill said suspicious acting person
• God, he needs attention. Not a little bit. A lot. I feel like his S/O wouldn’t be able to get five minutes without Jacob begging for attention (like the child he is I love him so much)
• sarcastic and sassy, but in a non hurtful way
Bonus: sass battle between Jacob and his S/O
• if his S/O was shy, he’d totally tease them, enjoying their giggles and bright red face (which would usually lead to hugging and sweet forehead kisses)
• there’d be days, where he wants to spend the evening with his boys(aka the rooks) and without his S/O, but he’d often end up going home earlier than he intended to (or he’d start a huge fight and come home after fixing his wounds, so his S/O wouldn’t have to worry about him)
• I think he’d be an amazing listener. No matter what his S/O would be saying, he’d listen to all of it

So I guess that’s it but I could go on for hours, tbh
If you want more just tell me.

anonymous asked:

Omg please do something with Jacob reacting to his s/o saying "I'm just not used to being wanted" or something like that omg

omg, here you go.

Some of you guys just make me laugh.


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   Your eyes flutter open, softly blinded by the luminous morning light. You gradually come to your senses; breathing the surprisingly crisp, fresh air. You feel yourself; starkly nude like the day you were born, laying under bright, white, sheets- your bed. You quickly sit up, sheets sliding from your body, gasping at the sharp sting of cool air. You scan the room with your eyes, trying to find at least a blouse.

   Your terrace door is open; the sunlight is abruptly cleared from your view as you see Jacob waltz in; shirtless, handsome, and softly grinning. Slowly, he walks closer to you, grasping his shirt from the floor. He pushes your hair out of your face with his free hand, and places the shirt down in front of you. Smiling, he ruffles your hair, turns around, and stretches.

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Fantastic Beasts Characters - Festive Season

Request: anon: What would you think spending this festive season of Christmas (i.e. prepping the decor around the house, themed meals, seasonal activities etc.) with Fantastic Beasts main character be like?? :D //headcanon//

Honestly i was super excited for these prompts because I can just imagine all of it! So here you go! All the festive stuff with all the amazing character of Fantastic Beasts!

I’m going to preface this with some information you should know.

Percival Graves is alive and well, Credence is alive and well, everyone is friends and everyone, for the most part, is happy.

The characters I’ve decided to include are Queenie, Tina, Newt, Jacob, Percival, Credence and of course You!

Here we go!

A/N - Honestly this is so freaking long I’ve had to put a read more line because woooo.

Also dedicated to @kittykat101ary and @wizardwhiz for helping push me through!

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A writer whose work I follow with some enthusiasm, Joe Hill, has repeatedly showered David Mitchell’s The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet with laurels in interviews, tweets, and blog posts, so much so that I finally felt compelled to give the book a try sooner rather than later.  

The shockingly large cast of characters had me itching to draw them (you see a very small number of some of the more colorful characters here, and I’ve left out quite a few prominent ones - Snitker and Jacob’s boss and the sisters and the gouty captain - but if I were to draw all of them I’d never have time to work on actual work stuff), and so here you go.

Arranged Marriage

Your parents didn’t approve of you seeing Jacob but you didn’t care, you love him but that didn’t stop them from trying to get you to leave Jacob. They kept telling you that they rather see you with somone with a bright future instead of a gang leader. They’d rather see you with someone with money, who can take care of you. You wouldn’t care if you were poor, you just wanted to be with Jacob. 

Your were having tea with your mother and her friends. You weren’t really paying attention to what they were saying or talking about, you were in your own little world. “(Y/N) your father and I ran into some family friends and they are coming over for dinner tomorrow.” Your mother informed you. You didn’t bother to tell Jacob about it because it was just dinner. The next night, your parents friends came over with their son. “(Y/N) you remember James don’t you?” Your mother asked. “Of course.” You replied. You and James use to be friends when you were kids. His parents use to travel a lot so you guys grew apart. He’s pretty good looking. To other girls he would be better looking than Jacob but not to you.

You were sitting at the table laughing with James about your childhood. When your father was clinking his wine glass with his fork.

“We have an announcement you too.” He said to you and James as you were the only ones not paying attention. 

“We’ve decided to have an arranged marriage. (Y/N) and James you’re getting married.” Your father said with a smile on his face. 

Your heart stopped and you felt like you couldn’t breathe. James didn’t even look affected by this news. James was nice but didn’t want to marry him. How were you gonna tell Jacob?

After dinner James told your parents you guys were going for a walk.

“Isn’t this crazy? Our parents setting up an arranged marriage for us?” James said. You were glad he felt the same way as you did about the hole situation. 

“Yeah it’s not fair.” You said.

“I’m sure you already have someone.” James said.

“Yeah I do. What about you?” You asked. 

“Nope. I’ve always been in love with you actually.” James answered honestly. You were shocked and didn’t know what to say. 

“James I’m sorry but-” 

“No need to apologize.” James cut you off. 

“(Y/N)?” You turned around and saw Jacob. 


“Who’s this?”He cut you off and eyed James. 

“Her future husband.” James said before you could say anything.

Jacob looked confused, hurt and shocked.Jacob started to walk away so you ran after him. 

“Jacob let me explain.” 

“When were you going to tell me?” He jumped to conclusions. 

“What do you mean? I just found out tonight.” You explained. 

“What?” Jacob asked confused.

“My parents set up an arragned marriage.” 

“I need time to think.” Jacob said and walked away leaving you confused and hurt. 

During that week, you were trying to talk your parents out of the wedding. You continued to see Jacob in secret. He told you he will always be there for you no matter what happens. When you were with Jacob the last thing you wanted to talk about was the wedding. You had to deal with it enough with your mother’s planning. 

James however was starting to act different. He was understandind and sweet at first but now he was already acting like he was your husband. It felt very suffocating and annoying. He knew you were still seeing Jacob. James would jump to conclusions about you sleeping around with Jacob. James tried to forebid you from seeing Jacob but when that didn’t work, he went to your parents and told them you were sleeping with Jacob. 

They got angry with you especially your father. They forebided you from seeing Jacob and locked you in your room. 

There you were sitting in your room waiting til it got late enough to sneak out through the window. 

You jumped onto the train where Jacob lived. You went to his cart. Jacob was surprised to see you. 

“(Y/N), what are you doing here?” Jacob asked. 

“I needed to see you Jacob.”

Jacob started to worry hearing you say that.

“Is everything ok?” 

“My parents are forebidding me from seeing you.”

“Is that why you’re here? To say goodbeye?” Jacob asked saddend. 

“No. I’m here because I don’t want to marry somebody else.” 

Jacob crashed his lips to yours. You immediatly responded to it. It was a passionate kiss. Your hands wrapped around his neck, his hands were wrapped around your waist holding you close. He lasyed you down on his bed. 

James was sitting in your vanity mirror chair. You were surprised to see him there. He was sitting with his hands folded on his lap. He looked like he was deep in thought. 

“Have a nice night out?” He asked you surprisingly calm. 

“I needed fresh air.” You said. 

“I know you were with him.” 

“I don’t know what your talking about.” 

“Don’t lie to me!” James yelled getting up from the chair knocking it over. You’re parents opened your bedroom door. James raised his hand and slapped you across the face. Your hand came to your cheek. It was hot and stinging from the impact. Your parents just stood there. Tears came to your eyes. You ran out of there to the front door. You ran back to Jacob. 

Jacob was still in his cart. You hugged him tightly sobbing. Jacob was immediatley worried. He lifted your chin to look at him. Then he saw your red cheek. 

“What happened?” Jacob asked. 

“James hit me.” 

“I’ll kill him.” Jacob said angerly.

“Jacob I don’t want to go back.”

“You can stay here with me.” Jacob comforted you. 

Girl Next Door {16}

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Fighting, Yelling, Character Death

Words: 2,691

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Are we ready for this? Really? Just know that I love you all……okay?

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Emotional Weight


Because Ezekiel Jones may not have any lies, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t keep secrets

Synopsis: Jacob Stone leaves his fellow Librarians in the cage for Hokolonote, and charges them with telling truths to keep the door open so as to trap the shapeshifter once more. Ezekiel doesn’t really confess to anything, but instead watches Cassandra as she gets one secret after another off of her chest.

Pairings: Casekiel because of course, what else did you expect from me?

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