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ABC tag [Author Edition]


This is the author edition ((or the original, wtv)), so these will be my answers

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((i’m not actually that crazy. i just like the gif))

A is for Age: 15

B is for Biggest Fear: Public speaking ((haha how ironic))

C is for Current Time: 8:41 pm

D is for Drink You Last Had: V8

E is for Every Day Starts With: A shower to wake me up

F is for Favourite Song: Oh, God, I can’t answer that. Right now it’s 1985 by Bowling for Soup

G is for Ghosts (are they real?): Hell yeah

H is for Hometown: Bruh I dunno

I is for In Love With: Writing and skating

J is for Jealous Of: Nonmilitary families

K is for Killed Someone: I’ll let you decide

L is for Last Time You Cried: You think I keep track of that shit? And would be willing to share over the internet? No thx

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M is for Middle Name: Daniel

N is for Number of Siblings: 4

O is One Wish: I wish I weren’t so damn tired all the time

P is for Last Person You Called/Texted: My boyfriend

Q is for Question You’re Always Asked: Can you help me with this test?

R is for Reasons to Smile: Sufjan Stevens, @crippling-depression-simulator, coffee, Saw movies, and my friends

S is for Song Last Sang: More Than Life by Whitley

T is for Time You Woke Up: I’d rather not say

U is for Underwear Colour: … I just

V is for Vacation Destination: Canada, Rome, Venice

W is for Worst Habit: Saying “It’ll be fine.”

It will not be fine.

Anyway p much everyone has done this by now so tagging everyone that hasn’t.

Awkward Ships

K, so a lot of ppl mainly ship things like who is your best mate, drinking buddy, drunk fuck, who say’s “I love you” first, who cuddles more, blah blah blah…… 

Well I’d like to do some ships on the AWKWARD yet CUTE and oh so FUCKING REAL parts of relationships. You can be cute as you want, but this shit happens in real life, so even if the ship isn’t real, you can bet real couples do this and it may get awkward, it may get weird, but eventually it will just get funny :D

So here we go with rules yeah:

mbf meh! (I have a tendency to follow back,so ya know, its not that bad)

Reblog this shit yeah! (spread my maddness)

Send me your favorite song in my ask, and I’ll tell you what I think and probably suggest you a song in return.

Please have a face/about page. I’ll ship you anyway, but its super hard without any clue to your personality, and I will have to go off your blog post which is kinda lame ya know.

Whatcha Get Yeah!

Ship duh! : Mikey | Luke | Cal | Ash

Who teases you about dating the most:  Mikey | Luke | Cal | Ash

Who you talk to when you have a fight:  Mikey | Luke | Cal | Ash

Who wishes he was dating you instead:  Mikey | Luke | Cal | Ash

Who laughs the most when the other farts: Him / You

Who takes up most space in bed:  Him / You

Who eats the last cookie: Him / You

Who wakes up first:  Him / You

Who makes the most messes: Him / You

Who takes all the hot water in the shower:  Him / You

Who whines the most when sick: Him / You

Who gets along with the other’s parents best: Him / You

If you’re having a poop: Door open / Door closed

If you’re throwing up: In the room / Out of the room

Would you share a toothbrush: Yes / No

Would you share deodorant:  Yes / No

I don’t care if this gets notes, but I’m bored so yeah…