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The New Sugar List: 47 Songs to Inspire You

I created the sugar list out of need. I needed to songs to get ready to, to boost my confidence to, to remember why I had decided to go pro in the first place. Once I started the list, I found myself listening to and discovering new songs to add to the list. It’s an ever growing monster that I hope you enjoy. There are some songs that would be perfect on this playlist that I avoided because I had exhausted their appeal to me and others because I didn’t like the artist or the message they were providing. This list is just a jumping off point. Tweak it to your hearts content. 

  1. Whatever You Like- T.I.- Perhaps one of the first songs I ever heard that talked about sugaring. It’s still a dream. A man that will look me in the eye and say I can have whatever I like? Please, sugar gods, please. 
  2. 6 Inch- Beyonce- Walk in the club like nobody’s business….
  3. Pay Me- Miguel- …and tell them to pay you. 
  4. Normally I Get It-Lola Wolf- This song is SO me as a newbie. Improvising, taking advice I should have ignored, wondering how it all went wrong. It’s an excellent reminder of how far I’ve come and an opportunity to laugh at the past. 
  5. Lemme Get That- Rihanna- Her Excellency appears on this list five or six times. There’s a reason for that. This song in particular has always warmed my heart. There was a time when I was breaking up and making up over furniture.
  6. Bandz a Make Her Dance- Juicy J- Because, yes, bandz will make me do things that I wouldn’t do otherwise. Like pay attention to you. 
  7. Can’t Tell Me Nothing- Kanye West- This is my reminder that I’m not sugaring for accessories. I’m trying to better myself. To get certain things that will advance me towards my goal. To build a business that will get my money so right, I’ll only have men around for giggles. 
  8. Money Make Her Smile- Bruno Mars- Well, this isn’t a lie. 
  9. Work B**ch- Britney Spears- It’s my alarm to get up in the morning. It’s my reminder that this life isn’t easy
  10. Pour It Up- Rihanna- A reminder not to be afraid to get what I want. He could leave me tomorrow but I’ve still got these gifts and I know I can find someone to get me more.
  11. Glamorous- Fergie- If you aint got no money take your broke ass home. Thanks
  12. Maneater- Nelly Furtado- Because after some time spent fumbling, I’ve figured out what type of seducer I am. Men beware. 
  13. Raining Men- Rihanna- I could dwell on my failures or I could recognize that there’s more than one rich man out there and get another.
  14. Murder- Justin Timberlake- The self esteem boost I need when I can’t get my eyebrows right.
  15. Luxurious- Gwen Stefani- You worked so hard to get an SD and now you have. You worked so hard on your profile and gathered the courage to go on a POT date. Celebrate
  16. Love ‘Em All- K. Michelle- When my vanilla friends ask how I can go from man to man so quickly, this is the song that starts playing in my head
  17. Faithful- Drake- This song doesn’t really belong on this list but when I heard Amber Rose saying that she just liked really expensive shit, well I had to add it. 
  18. She Knows- Ne-Yo- I didn’t quite understand the concept of owning your sex appeal, of never apologizing for it. I get it now. 
  19. Throw Sum Mo- Rae Sremmurd- If you’ve got cash who or what should you be spending it on besides me? Throw some mo.
  20. Shawty is Da Sh*!- The- Dream- Yes, actually, I am. 
  21. All N My Grill- Missy Elliott- To the men who want to text and email and date the women they met on SD sites but don’t want to do the one thing that the site says they should be doing. Why aren’t they paying bills?
  22. She Wants to Move- N.E.R.D. - When it’s time for me to leave you, when it’s time for me to dance, you don’t need to come with me, daddy.
  23. Paper Planes- M.I.A. - All I want to do is take your money? Sounds accurate
  24. Got It- Marian Hill- My reminder that the things I have, the things I bring to the table can’t be bought or stolen by any man. There isn’t enough money in the world
  25. My Love is Like…Wo- Mya- This is not a lie. I will change your life. You will crawl back to me over and over again because of what I provided.
  26. Feeling Myself- Nicki Minaj- Because I am, I am feeling myself. It’s hard work but I’m successfully doing what I said I was going to do. 
  27. Bitch Better Have My Money- Rihanna- Does this honestly need an explanation? While I’ll never be posting allowance shots, I want what I was told I could have when I was told I would have it. 
  28. Plastic Bag- Drake & Future- I do deserve it, yes. 
  29. About the Money- T.I.- His second feature on this list and perhaps one of the more obvious songs. If it aint about the money, why are we speaking? What else could you possibly offer?
  30. Mascara- Jazmine Sullivan- Perhaps the song that speaks the most blatantly about life as a sugar baby on this list and the song that I think should be the sugar baby anthem, it’s a reminder to always stay well dressed, always stay ready for more. 
  31. The Boys- Nicki Minaj and Cassie- They’ll always spend money when they think there is love. 
  32. Guap- Big Sean- If you’ve ever gotten anon hate, dirty looks when you’re out in public, or patronizing conversations with friends that couldn’t begin to do what you do: I need you to blast this song. 
  33. Conceited (There’s Something About Remy)- Remy Ma- The attitude you need to have when they say you aren’t good enough and walk away, announce they don’t desire you, or try to lowball you. 
  34. Afford My Love-Dreezy-  The truth is, salty salts, you can’t afford me. This is not my problem.
  35. Money Over Love- Bilal- Money over love cause the best things in life aint free. 
  36. The Morning- The Weeknd- The money is the motive
  37. Spoiled- Wale- The song opens with Wale affectionately saying “with your spoiled ass”. I laughed. I am spoiled. Why shouldn’t I be?
  38. Anaconda- Nicki Minaj- A reminder that a man can want you for your body. Do you know what you want him for? Cause he buys you Balmain?
  39. Ex’s & Oh’s-Elle King- They always want to cum but they never want to leave (or pay).
  40. Sally-Bibi Bourelly- They don’t understand us. Hate, jealousy, and fear are better. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dance. Let me see you rock little Sally.
  41. Back Up-Dej Loaf- Yeah, I made you feel good but…why are you blowing up my phone? Is there money? No? Back up off me. 
  42. Nun for Free-Zonnique- We don’t do nothing for free. Amen, amen.
  43. Nothing is Promised- Mike Will Made-It & Rihanna- You can lose it as quickly as you got it. Be smart
  44. Rich-K. Michelle- The only way to solve rich people problems? Get richer. Grind ladies
  45. Sex With Me- Rihanna- If I could play this song every time I’m asked if I’m a sexual person…the time I could save.
  46. No Scrubs-TLC- No explanation needed. They knew.
  47. Buy the World- Mike Will Made-It- What you think we out here hustling for? We’re just trying to buy the world and do the impossible.

What would you add to this list? Do you have any favorite songs that you get ready to take over the world (or a wallet) to?

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Logan sex headcanons?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I like you, anon. We’ll be good friends. 

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- When: Really, it happens randomly. You’ll be cooking pancakes one second and the next he’ll have you trapped between the counter and his body, his fingers moving slowly against you as soft mewls of pleasure leaves your lips, causing his hard-on to twitch in his jeans.  

- Location: All the places everywhere. It’s as if he’s physically unable to keep his hands off of you. And when you’re wearing a dress, you’re basically asking for it (you usually end up smacking his hand off your ass and promising that you’re all his when you two get home….he’ll make sure you keep your promise)

- Why: No reason. It’s probably because you look so damn good wearing nothing but his favorite red shirt. (and also because he loves you)

Noise level: He gets off on making you scream. :)

- Position: Missionary, no question. He loves to watch your facial expressions as he changes his angle and speed. Also, it’s a matter of pride for him to hear every single sound coming out of your mouth. 

Logan is usually on top but occasionally (not very often), he loves seeing you in control. He loves the way that your eyes widen in surprise when you’ve been trying to get him to his high before yourself and he grabs your hips hard enough to bruise and thrusts upward. 

- Rough? Gentle? : Logan gets jealous really easily. He claims that he’s protective even if you know that he’s possessive. You spend a lot of him with Wade, him being one of your best friends, and when Logan sees how close you are to him…y i k e s. He’s not blind, he sees how beautiful you are and how many people flirt with you, but he can’t stop the way his blood boils as he sees Wade’s arm thrown casually over your shoulders as you both sing drunken ballads of Disney songs. It’s these times that you feel him for days after, your knees buckling like a newborn mare as you tried to walk. He takes it as a duty, a pleasurable duty to remind you among others who you belong to. Also, lots of bruises that he smirks at every time he catches a glimpse of them during the days, even after all the trouble you went through to hide them. 

It’s fact that Logan has been through a lot of shit in his life. It’s the days where he wakes up covered in a sheen of sweat that you kiss him softly, whispering that he’s safe here over and over again until he melts into your calming touches. These are the days where neither of you would dare break eye contact, the intimacy rising levels higher because of the simple action. 

- Activities: 

         * So much goddamn dirty talk. 

         * tHigH RiDing (you’re nearly naked, wearing nothing but your shirt and he has you against a wall, his knee between your legs to prevent you from closing them. You’re quivering against his towering frame, your hips grinding on to his knee for the friction you so crave. The slow movement of your hips against his thigh. The rough drag of his jeans against your clit….)

         * Oral: He loves giving you oral. He’s the type of person who’d randomly eat you out on a dining table because he was ‘hungry’ He loves holding you down as your back arches off whatever surface he has you on. And the view he gets from between your thighs…he’s takes pride in the fact that it’s no one else but him that’s got you like that. 

When you give him a blow-job, his jaw is open wide as you wink at him from between his legs before taking all of him in. Small beads of sweat form on his chest and he’s heaving, low moans leaving his mouth and your nails are digging into his thighs as he bucks into your face. 

        * Beard burn. Everywhere. 

        * When he’s close to climaxing, the only sound that’ll leave his lips is a long drawn out growl that sets some sort of fire in your veins and gets you going again. 

        * This bastard is the type to finger you under the table when you’re outside. He’ll watch with a smug smile as you try to carry on a conversation even though your eyes are dazed and you have a vice grip on his wrist under the table, your voice wavering slightly. 

- Aftercare: Cuddles. So many. He won’t let go until you repeatedly whine that he’s too hot and you’re quite dramatically dying. 

Logan, you’re too hotttt.

Oh, I know I am.

 You know what else you are? 

Yours? (with a damn stupid smirk on his face)

If you mean my bitch, you’re right. 

Also, soft, languid kisses in which you both whisper how much you love the other against swollen lips.

7 Days of Heaven (Day 1 – Jaebum)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue  Day 2-MarkDay 3-Jinyoung Day 4-JacksonDay 5-Youngjae  Day 6-Bambam   Day 7-Yugyeom

Characters:  Im Jaebum (JB, GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Daddy Kink, Lots of Kinky stuff (Hair pulling, Breath play, ass smacking, all that good shit)

Words:  3,771 words

A/N:  OK so here’s Day 1 everyone please read through the warnings so that you won’t feel betrayed or abused or anything haha!

Also, happy 1.4+K followers!  I love you all!! :D

“With whom do you want me to start?”  You muttered under your breath as you stare at Jaebum intently.

“JB!”  Mark shouted from behind you and you look back at him nodding.

“Im Jaebum?  The leader?”  You looked up as if you are trying to remember him. 

“Ohhh…”  Your eyes beamed and the boys looked at you intently.

“He is daddy as fuck.  Lots of smacking, hair pulling…”  You giggled and bit your lip before closing your eyes.

“I would love to call him Daddy while he fucks me.”

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Dating Kim Jongdae Would Include

Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

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In The Daytime

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  • The two of you pairing up to be an indestructible team of pranksters that constantly win prank wars and will beat anyone that tries to get their own back.
  • Him always teasing you, that could be in a completely innocent and playful way or the most heated and sexual way.
  • Bad jokes and awful puns.
  • Him flirting with you all the time, but sometimes he’ll pull really bad pickup lines just because he can.
  • “Is it hot in here, or is it just you?”
  • “No, it’s you. Because you just crashed and burned.”
  • Him wanting to cuddle with you a lot. That could be in bed, or on the sofa, or in the EXO dorms where others complain loudly about the two of you needing to get a room.
  • “Gladly”
  • Him constantly challenging you to singing battles even though he’s obviously better than you. But he always convinces you that you’re the winner every time. 
  • Him singing songs for you when you’re upset with him because he knows that if nothing else works, you’ll always fall for the sound of his singing voice.
  • Him singing his “Hello Angel” line sometimes when you walk in the room.
  • “Waaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
  • Him shouting things to you across the house because his boy has no chill.
  • “Will you shut the fuck up I’m literally in the same room as you, Jongdae.”
  • Arguing will consist of playful arguments most of the time, mostly about who is cuter, or who loves who the most,(usually ends in you telling him to shut up.) But sometimes the arguments can get kind of bad and serious.
  • Him getting sulky after a fight and refusing to move from the sofa.
  • Until it comes to him wanting to go to bed, when he’ll come back upstairs and climb into bed, hugging you to tell him he’s sorry.
  • If you don’t accept his hug then expect him to start singing softly.
  • “Is it too late now to say sorry?”
  • “You dare sing Justin Bieber to apologise and you’ll be on the front door step.”
  • In interviews he’ll always drop lines that only you’ll understand, like an inside joke, and even though it will leave everyone else in the room looking confused, he’ll just give that certain smile at the camera because he knows you’ll be watching.
  • Jongdae having such a witty mouth, a day doesn’t go by when he won’t give you some kind of assy comeback or tease you.
  • Him insisting on having a movie night and that you can pick what you want to watch, but when you pick he’ll only complain through the whole thing anyway.
  • Him saying that you can pick the music in the car, but rejecting everything you suggest.
  • “What about bigbang?”
  • “No, I listened to that yesterday.”
  • “Okay, then what about BTS? o r Yoongi’s mixtape?”
  • “No… I want to listen to Minseok’s new song.”
  • “Of fucking course you do.”
  • Him spending 60% of the time with Minseok, and the other 40% talking about him to you.
  • “Minseok Hyung taught me this.”
  • “Yeah, you’ve only mentioned it five times in the last three minutes.”
  • Him getting you to help him when it comes to learning Chinese because he struggles with it and you’re the best motivation for him.
  • Snowball fights with the rest of EXO
  • But Jongdae getting jealous when Chanyeol “accidentally” fell over and landed on top of you.
  • The other members flirting with you, just because watching Jongdae getting annoyed is funny, plus you never understand the innuendos, unless Jongdae is the one to make them.
  • “How do you not understand, {y/n}! Baekhyun said he wanted to get into bed with you!”
  • “Maybe he just wanted a nap?”
  • Him teasing for your height
  • And you teasing him for his
  • Him kissing you a lot.
  • Like little pecks on the mouth aren’t enough for him, he likes to have a full on makeout session before he leaves for work otherwise he feels deprived.
  • A lot of dates
  • PDA all the way
  • Ass grabbing
  • Him teasing you because he’s little shit and doesn’t give a fuck if anyone sees, he just likes watching you get all flustered.
  • Him smirking at you after teasing you in public because he knows what he’s getting when you both get home.

At Nighttime

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  • Him hogging the blankets while he sleeps you you have to pull them away from him otherwise you’ll be shivering all night
  • Him waking up and feeling bad about it.
  • Him wanting to be the small spoon, but he’ll be the big spoon for you because he’s sweet and will do pretty much anything for you.
  • Him singing you ‘Best Luck’ to help you go to sleep because he knows how much you love it.
  • He’s going to be into doing sex at night time
  • His moans are Godly but he prefers to hear you
  • If you refuse to moan then you better be ready for him to get rough
  • Him talking dirty because he knows how much it turns you on.
  • Sex is about pleasing you.
  • Unless you’ve been bad and have made him jealous.
  • “I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t even be able to think about him, all you’ll be able to do it moan my name jagiya.”
  • He’ll do everything he knows you like because he’s a gentleman and lives to see you flushed and hot beneath him.
  • He’s going to be very confident.
  • It doesn’t help when you feed his ego
  • Or when you can’t walk the next morning.
EXO Reaction - You Cooking While Singing Along To ‘Love, Love, Love’

Hey thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3

I’m so sorry for being really inactive, I’m not back fully but I’ll be posting here and there when I can. I’m really sorry but thank you for sticking up with me! I love you all <3


Xiumin - *Would probably start singing which you wouldn’t notice until he hugs you gently, singing lightly in your ear, making you curl slightly into his arms, singing along with him* You have a voice of an angel, woah

Lay - *He’s heard you sing so many times before, but this time, he’d be even more of your biggest fan. It’ll take him by surprise. He’d run to go grab his guitar before startling you as he turned off the music and started playing it instead, and flash you an angelic smile as you’d turn to look at him

Kai - *This puppy would just encourage you to sing more of their songs as he’d cheer you on, and maybe dance along to your singing, but also distract you from cooking*

Suho - *He’ll be a proud leader as well as boyfriend, he’d just look at you in admiration, as he’ll pull you away from the stove, giving you a little shock as you choked on the words* My baby, singing my song is the best thing ever

Kyungsoo - *He’d start blushing as you tried your very best on his parts but still slayed the rest anyway. When you finished, he’d clap whilst giggling to himself* New main vocalist of EXO right here, you’re adorable baby

Tao - *He’d be cocky that he caught you singing to his group’s songs but he’d be a happy boyfriend, that you secretly can’t help yourself but sing along, you tried to make an excuse of it’s because you were keeping yourself calm whilst cooking but he tried to tease you otherwise*

Chen - *You’d casually be singing away as he’d be hanging around the door frame, holding his phone up to record you, and when you finish, you heard his little mischievous laugh as you called him in, blushing away* Wow jagiya, you really can sing, now lets see what the boys say when they see the video

Kris - *He’d distract you by saying how cheesy it was that you were singing that song as you knew he had walked into the room. But he secretly found it super adorable but would not let you know he found it adorable*

Chanyeol - *It’d take him a minute or so to be able to take in how perfectly you sung it and how well your voice suited it. He’d start humming it, whilst you blush slightly and stop singing, then to have him begging to sing it again from the beginning so he could hear it all*

Baekhyun - *Most likely sneak up behind you quietly and wait for you to get to the chorus and would join in then whilst wrapping his arms around you, making you squeal under his touch*

Sehun - *This little shit would turn off the music using his phone that was connected to the TV in the kitchen, and would sing instead as he gets closer to you, making you pout but then a smile would appear*

Luhan - *His mouth would drop to the floor. He would not expect you to sound like that. He’d clap as he’ll walk into the kitchen, making you go silent as you pretend to be really busy and that you weren’t doing anything else* Don’t be shy baobei, you were great 


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dating nct mark!!1!1!

• idek where to start tbh
• ok so since marks very, very looked up to by the baby rookies, they treat you with full respect and love you
• ofc he loves you and you love him too but y'all BICKER LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW
• ok mark gives the. best. hugs. ever.
• esp when you’re sad and you’re crying he kind of, pulls your head towards his chest and pats your back and says “it’s okay, you’ll be okay, im here for you”
• ok all the gushy-ness aside, y'all are so dumb like
• “wait, what’s that.”
• “oh snap idk??? what is it???”
• and donghyuck in the back just, face palm and just “IT’S A FLY SWATTER. YOU. DUMBOS.”
• mark loves you so much and he treats you like a little sister sometimes, jk he treats you like a lil sis all the time, but you love it
• you guys watch nct life in paju/ nct life 단합대회 together and you continuously make fun of mark like “mark you- YOU CANT PLAY HEAD TENNIS LIKE THAT.”
• marks such a fluff ball ugh
• you guys get competitive over weird things like you could be watching a variety show w him and suddenly you’d both hear IU’s good day as bgm and then mark would suddenly be like “LETS SEE WHO CAN DO THE THREE OCTAVE NOTES IN GOOD DAY THE BEST.”
• you guys once was walking the boardwalk of a beach
• he saw a juggler
• he was so very impressed, he kept clapping and saying “oh woah”
• he saw some ice cream, and was like “oh, we’re gonna go get some ice cream” and when you two went to the ice cream stand and when he dug into his pockets, there was no money
• he slowly turned to you “…babe”
• “mark. i got you.”
• but mark made it up to you by winning you a super cute teddy bear
• lol you guys go shopping together all the time and it always goes the same. exact. way. every time.
• mark shimmy shams towards you and tries to be slick and sneak something into the cart
• and you turn into a strict mom and you’re like “mark. no. put it down. what is that behind your back.”
• xuimin loves you both so much oh my gosh
• ok at first he was like “…guys you do know how this will possibly end right? especially with mark being so popular and new”
• you try to rap to his rap part in mad city and it… it doesn’t end well let’s just leave it there.
• donghyuck’s hatred for you went from 494859696 to 4495959904959596.
• he always asks you to watch the nct music videos and he’s like, shy about it but he gets super happy when you compliment him
• k every morning you sleep over or vise versa;;;
• you guys eat ceral together in front of the tv, eyes glued to some morning cartoon that’s on tv in the wee hours of the morning.
• at night you guys are dancing to every single exo song ever and pouring your hearts out dancing to super junior and free styling to tvxq dances. it’s lit.
• and when you two calm down, you guys sit on the bed and eat some more ceral together.
• you guys don’t talk about deep things or anything bc bless mark’s heart he will somehow turn it into something really stupid like you guys could be talking about what color mirrors really are and he’d say something like “wait aren’t mirrors clear?”
“mark, if mirrors were clear we’d see through them” “…what” and then it continues on from there into a void of total confusion
• you guys talk about your concerns though. you guys give each other pep talks and talk about the hardships and the biggest worries in your minds at the moment and yeah, that’s when shit gets real.
• mark is such a modest baby he’s so modest about everything and it really makes you happy, although he can be a little more confident in his skills, being modest and not letting fame get to his head is good.
• you guys react to new music videos together
• some of the members love your selfies w mark so much that they make it their profile pictures for like, kakao and put something like “my children” as their message and it’s honestly so cringe to both you and mark
• mark’s lockscreen is a picture of you and him standing beside a really pretty cherry blossom tree, totally caught off guard and just smiling and standing next to each other holding each other hand. yuta took it. ofc yuta took it. yuta takes all of the off guard couple pictures. but they’re all super nice.
• his home screen is a selfie you took with you just smiling with a cat filter (or the dog filter, whatever you prefer). he loves it. he thinks you look adorable.
• ok talking about HOLDING HANDS HMMMM OK.
• literally. JISUNG. pushed him to hold your hand bc he was taking so long to make a move.
• donghyuck just told him to man up and DO IT.
• and when he finally got the courage to hold your hand when you two were out walking together, you didn’t make a big deal out of it, you knew how nervous he was around you so you just looked at him and smiled and held his hand tighter and kept talking and walking.
• “i am, your favorite nct member, right?”
• “of course you are!!!! it’s not like it’s jaehyun or anything!!!! love u mark.”
• you want mark to be HEALTHY. and HAPPY. so you feed mark a lot and make sure he gets the rest he needs.
• ok you feeding mark a lot. LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT.
• you always feed mark and he’s like “ahhhh what”
• but he likes you feeding him and all but he’s so embarrassed since he’s like, a younger member but the oldest out of the younger members and it’s kind of…idk new??? to him.
• HE’S JUST KINDA “are u sure u’ll be ok”
• he just wants you safe and that’s so rjrrjkgt
• he’s the type of boyfriend that has no idea how tampons/pads work or what they do or why anyone needs them, but he carries around a few just in case you need them.
• mark the type of boyfriend that’s willing to fail his own test in order to help you study for your test
• but if someone is a danger to you and/or bothers you, he takes you away from them and just takes you somewhere else, away from that person.
• you’re his angel
• he asked you out by getting his guitar and singing to angel by exo
• so cute it was the cutest thing omg
• you were so overwhelmed and started tearing up and he hugged you and freaked out and ok that was kinda funny
• ok before you guys dated you were both trainees and it was just kinda like “you speak english??? OH GOD ME TOO. HEY.” and you guys were just close friends who leaned on each other and relied on each other through tough times and everyone teased the two of you and both of you were like “ugh stop it gosh we’re friends alright.”
• but you guys were like “…friends. yup. just. friends.”
• and jaemin almost exploded bc oh my god it’s so obvious stop being so stupid guys.
• so he pushed mark so hard, so hard, until mark confessed to you and gosh it was a good day.
• oh god ok on your one year anniversary he got you a cake and couple rings and got the younger ones to sing lucky by exo w him and i swear mark is so extra in the most lowkey way.
• you guys share everything like, skittles, candy in general, chopsticks (when one of you are like “nah i don’t want to eat” but want a bite of food or something), water, hats, jackets (ok you just take his hoodies but he doesn’t mind), ev e r y t h ing
• mark is good at everything and it boggles your mind how someone THIS PERFECT LOVES YOU WITH ALL HIS HEART
• you could be the best vocalist ever or the absolute, hands down, worst vocalist ever, he still loves your singing.
• duets w mARKKKK. he would play his guitar and you two would just sing to random songs and honestly, couple goals.
• marks so shy and he doesn’t say “i love you” that much but he tells you that he loves you, a lot surprisingly and it makes you feel special and marks all about that so he’s like sdjjff yes i love her
• you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you
• he always gives you one of his ear buds so you two can listen to music together
• well. mark can’t cook very well, he can cook ramen and other simple things so he tries to cook for you the best he can and that’s so sweet tbh

• he cusses but not TOO MUCH. YOU KNOW.

• KINDA LIKE “oh damn”



mistletoe kiss - wonwoo

Summary: you’re invited to the biggest christmas party in the whole college…and your friend and his friends have one goal- to get you that one special guy.

Genre: fluff, christmas party au, your friends getting drunk au

a/n: aha ! it’s your secret santa, @hoshbrownie ! it’s great to reveal myself to you! i hope you like it ! i really hope you do have a very merry christmas and a happy new year ! 

“Ok…what do you think? Does the dress go with the jumper?”

“Yeah…I guess.”

“You guess…?!”

“I mean…it actually looks quite nice.”

You said, looking up from your phone. Your friend sighed, before essentially going with your compliment and the outfit, which was made up of a jumper tucked into one of those silky dresses. You really wish you were staying in your dorm. You wished you were tucked into your bed, asleep, or watching some old films, because you really couldn’t be asked to go to this christmas party. Yes, you liked christmas, but all you really wanted to do was just hang out with your friend in your dorm. And not in a…cramped dorm with loud music, alcohol sprawled across the floor, and guys trying to grind to girls, all while Wham’s Last Christmas would play throughout. 

“Alright, since I’m sorted out, what about you? What are you gonna wear?”

“What do you…oh, I was just going to wear this.”

You said, showing your friend the outfit you were wearing, a pair of dark jeans a white t-shirt. Somehow, she didn’t like it. Of course, your friend was a total fashion junkie. Everywhere she went, she had an outfit that looked like she came out of  a high-end fashion magazine. Even Tommy Hilfiger would be impressed with her wardrobe. She took your hand suddenly, showing you her extensive collection of clothes.

“Listen, if we’re going to impress anyone today, you’re going to have to look good.”

“Who says I won’t look good in this?”

“Y/n, it’s a party. Let your hair down, look good!”


You sighed as you gave into your friend’s plea, looking into her wardrobe. They were all expensive clothes…and nothing that you would really wear on a daily basis. But, in the mists of all the clothes, your eyes caught out a navy blue dress. You didn’t care what it looked like, you just liked the colour. When you took it out…you actually quite liked it. It wasn’t what you would normally wear, but since it was a party, it would have to do. You took a closer look at it, and the dress actually looked like…your friend’s dress, just in a darker colour. You shrugged that fact off, as you went to go try it on. 

“I got some tights you can wear along with it!”

“I’ll think about it.”

You replied, just before walking out of your room and into hers. The look on your friend’s face when she got a look of what you were wearing, was a mix of excitement, fortitude, and the overall feeling of what a job well done would look like if it took the place of an expression. 

“You look amazing…I think this is the standout piece. No need for expensive shoes…wear these.”

Your friend insisted, handing you her old school vans, dusted off in a light pastel pink shade. Your confused expression said a lot; these were her favourite shoes out of all the shoes she had, was she making a good decision?

“A-Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, you’re going to look great. Now, we’ve got a party to get to!”

Having that announced to the whole dorm, maybe to the whole school, you and your friend headed off to, quite possibly, the biggest party of the year. The christmas parties that your friend’s friend Seungcheol holds are not the typical christmas or holiday do’s. They’re not set in a fancy hotel, it’s not just christmas music drowning out any form of conversation, the atmosphere isn’t deflated, and it’s not just people standing around talking. They’re in a dorm, with a lively atmosphere, and everyone has a good time. Well…kind of. The last time you went, you got some attention that you really didn’t want, and you left halfway through. This prompted your friend to then go on a half an hour search for you inside the party, only to find you in a distressed state in your room. That wasn’t such a good memory, but you forgot about it halfway through the college year.

“Come on, right this way Y/n!”

“I’m coming, you’re going too fast!”

You exclaimed, coming down the hallway after your rushing friend, being dragged along by her. You could truly feel the excitement going through your friend, either to get to the party, or to see Seungcheol. It was either one of the two, or maybe both. Before you could figure out which one it was, you ended up at the door, still clutching onto your friend’s jumper. Knocking on the door to Seungcheol’s dorm, you sighed, but this time, you accidentally gathered your friend’s full attention.

“Hey, what’s wrong, you ok?”

“I’m fine…I just don’t want this to be about me finding someone here, ok? We’re here because we’re going to have a good–”

Just as you were about to finish your sentence, you noticed that…it wasn’t sporty Seungcheol who opened the door. It was in fact…his close friend, Wonwoo. You really didn’t know much about Wonwoo, other than the fact that he was an english major and that he looked really good in jumpers and glasses. You let the sentence slip out of your mouth, just under your breath.


“Hey, happy christmas, come on in.”

“Where is Seungcheol?”

“He’s in his dorm…I think he’s either giving an emotional speech to someone….or he’s getting a quickie.”

You chuckle slightly, hoping that nobody heard really, only to find Wonwoo, just…smiling straight at you. Just…out of the blue, smiling right at you. You couldn’t help but to smile back- his humour was pretty refreshing to hear. You looked away a little, your eyes darting towards every little decoration in the room. There were little snowmen figures all around, stars, and fake snow everywhere. And the tree…was decorated with such…artistic inspiration? If you really call putting half the tinsel on one side, and the rest of the decorations on the other. And…having a picture of Chris Pine…on a pine tree. but…ultimately, you got yourself thinking of what you were actually doing here. You were here to have a good–

“Your friend is gone already.”

Snapping back to reality, you noticed that Wonwoo, strangely enough, was still at your side, even though your friend was long gone, looking for Seungcheol. You knew those two were doing something, but maybe you were just a little bit too suspicious of everything.

“O-Oh really? That’s…uh funny…she said she would stay with me…”

“I could stay with you if you want…”


Oh. So he wanted to stay with you? Huh. Well…whaddya know? Was…he taking an interest in you? Even though he just met you a couple seconds ago? You knew Wonwoo through talking with Mingyu, who was in your art class. He said he was a cold guy and wasn’t that talkative.But….he was sweet, and talkative.

“Yeah, I don’t mind. Do you want a drink?”


You let the agreement stumble out of your mouth, following Wonwoo into the kitchen. Along the way, you saw a couple of your classmates, which was definitely a change up to what their characteristics are. Quiet, studious art students = rebellious, party fuelled teenagers? Seems so. The kitchen was quite empty, due to the influx of people inside the hallway and the front room. But oddly enough, the alcohol was in the kitchen too. Grabbing one of those infamous and legendary red solo cups, you filled your cup with your favourite drink, grabbing one of the little candy canes as well. You then decided to place yourself on the empty counter at the side of the kitchen, with Wonwoo standing right next to you, making remarks about what he saw, which… ultimately made you laugh. You both got to know each other a little better too, which was great. In fact…you were having such a good time with Wonwoo…you kind of forgot about your friend. Speaking of your friend.

“Hey….Y/n is getting really close to Wonwoo…our plan isn’t going it?”

“Of course not…wait…”

“What is it…?”

“Instead of Y/n and Jun…do you think those two should go out instead?”

“That’s a better idea,,,,”

As you two talked, time slipped away, and the only thing changed was the fact that your hand was now glued to Wonwoo’s shoulder. An impulse of the moment? Maybe. All you knew was that your heart was now thumping loudly along to the beat of the song, and it was all thanks to Wonwoo, who gave you small and very out-there compliments about you. And when he means everything, he means everything. He loved the fact that you were into the same things as him, he really loved your eyes and how they sparkled with the lights shining on them, he loved your smile…he just loved a lot of things about you. 

“Oh shit….is it really 12 already?”

“Yeah…hey, where’s your friend?”

“I…don’t know–”

You mumbled, before locking eyes with her. Funny thing was, she was…uh…spying on you. She was spying on you through the little window from the front room. With Seungcheol. You looked…very confused. Why…were they spying on you and Wonw-oh. You soon realised why. They want you to get together with Wonwoo. Of course. That’s what their plan was all along. Getting down from the counter, you walked over to the two of them, your eyebrow raised and an overall slightly peeved look on your face.

“Enjoying the party?”

“Enjoying Wonwoo’s company?”

“Yes, why are you so interested in finding me someone to go out with?”

“Because I care for you,, and so does Wonwoo clearly. He–.”

“I get that, but you do realise I could find someone by myself.”

“I…was getting to that point. We didn’t even choose Wonwoo. We actually chose Jun for you to hook up with. But looks like you found Wonwoo by yourself. Congrats Y/n, you did it…!”

You friend said, running around to the kitchen to congratulate you, smiling and patting your back. You sighed and took her hand, facing to stare her dead in the eyes. You guessed she helped out a little bit…just in the way you didn’t want her too. Throughout the hiccups, you got her message- she was really looking out for you. The last time? Remember that mess? She really didn’t want it to happen again, so she kept you preoccupied with someone else. In theory it was better. After your friend left the room, you glanced back to see Wonwoo still standing there, looking to you. Making your way over, you could of sworn a bunch of…rhinos came barging through. Or maybe they were football players, Yeah, definitely football players. But instead of being bulldozed over by a bunch of sweaty dudes…you felt warmth. Opening your eyes, you saw red. The same red shade…as Wonwoo’s jumper. Letting a laugh out, Wonwoo glanced down to you with the same smile as he did when he first saw you. 

“You ok?”

“Y-Yeah…I’m fine…”

You started to laugh too, smiling up to him. Then, it finally kicked in. You had fallen for this tall bookworm. But…you were sure that he had a girlfriend of something. She’s probably far away…or back at his hometown. Your somewhat half tipsy-half sober mind came up and found the courage to ask something that you wouldn’t normally ask in a social environment when you were fully sober.

“So…Wonwoo…you got a girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?…Last time I checked I didn’t.”

“Is that so…? You looking for anyone at the moment?”

“Think I found them.”


“Pretty sure…”


So it wasn’t you? Bummer. You really thought you had a shot with him. He was sweet, gentle, made you laugh, and was cute. And just in the nick of time, your friend came up to you…but being held up by Seungcheol. God…dammit. You sighed, scanning her drunken state.

“What happened to her?”

“She….uh….got wasted.”

“Well this night keeps on getting better…I’ll take her home…”

“Come on now, I’ll help you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’ll be ok. Wonwoo, you come too.”

Oh great, making him come along too? What else is going to happen? You sighed, before making your way down the hallway to the door, having a sense that Wonwoo was right behind you. The somewhat impossible thing happened- he then grabbed your hand. Your thoughts were now mixed- you thought he liked someone else, but you…liked him holding your hand too. It was weird, and you couldn’t explain it well, but it was just there. The feeling of wanting to love him, but it really wasn’t meant to be. Following your drunk friend and Seungcheol out the door, your friend suddenly shouted, making the both of you jump.

“Y/n…! Look uuuuuuuuuuup…! Y-You too Wonwoooooooo…!”

Mistletoe. Fuck. When the hell did that mistletoe get there? It wasn’t up there before.

“W-Where the fuck did that come from?!”

“Someone must of put it up there while we were inside.”

Seungcheol looked to the both of you with a once concerned smile, to a straight up devilish and cynical smirk. And once your friend got the notice through her wasted state, her face became the same as Seungcheol’s. You remember they were in this deal to get you someone, and as soon as you made the correlation between everything, you were once again, confused. But…after you came out of your confused state, you felt something warm touch your cheek. Or…kiss your cheek. Yep, you guessed it. Wonwoo plucked up the courage, placing one soft kiss on your cheek. You snapped out of your little daydream about being confused about your feelings, softly holding your cheek. Your cheeks, which incidentally became as red as his jumper. 

“D-Did you just…?”

“You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed.”

Wonwoo chuckled, before stroking your hair, walking out of the doorway. You stood there, watching him turn around to you with that smile. You let out a small laugh like him, following him out of the doorway, walking with the three of them down the corridor. It wasn’t long before Wonwoo took your hand again, in which he held it lightly, but just tight enough for it to feel like he liked you. A light squeeze to grab your attention, with you glancing up to see him smile again. You had to admit, his smile was amazing. Just before you could say anything, you reached your dorm, opening the door for Seungcheol. He placed your friend on the sofa, grabbing the blanket that you had lying there for comfort purposes, draping it over your friend. You got her shoes off, while taking yours off, turning to Seungcheol.

“Thank you Seungcheol for helping.”

“No problem Y/n, just make sure she drinks some water.”

For someone who has a lot of parties (and alcoholic drinks nearly every weekend), he sure knows how to look after someone. That’s maybe why he’s called the ‘dad’ of the basketball team. He’s pretty protective over your friend, and even you. 

“We’re gonna head back now, you coming?”

“I gotta look after princess here, I’ll see you guys around, ok?”

You sighed, giving the both of them another sweet smile.

“Alright, Wonwoo? You coming too?”

“Yeah, just give me a second.”

Wonwoo smiled, walking towards you again, his hand levitating towards yours again. 

“Fine, thanks for coming Y/n.”

“No problem Seungcheol. See you later.”

Seeing Seungcheol run around the corner you originally came from, your attention then diverted and was now set on Wonwoo, who…had the exact same blush as you, and the exact same colour as his jumper. 


“D-Did you need anything else…?”

“I…just wanted to say thanks for staying with me tonight. I kind of realised that…you’re really cool and stuff…”

“Wait…were you talking about me when you said that thing…?”

“The thing?”

“You said that you were finding someone…was that me? Or was it someone else? I-I don’t mind if it was someone else…but the way you were complementing me tonight made me think–”

Stopping you in the middle of your sentence? Rude. But…the interruption wasn’t. Placing his hand on your shoulder, his face became closer to yours, until the distance became nothing. You felt his lips touch yours finally, after what seemed like forever. Forever, you wanting your lips to touch his. And now, finally, it happened. It was like a firework in itself, feeling the spark between you flare up bigger. You pulled away, blinking to him, your heart racing, your cheeks flaring up again, with his smile, smiling right at you. 

“Of course I was talking about you.”

“T-That’s nice…”

“You really are cute…merry christmas Y/n.”

He mumbled, before letting go of your hand, strolling down the corridor. You were still so confused about everything, but you realised that over the christmas holiday, Jeon Wonwoo stole your heart, just like how the Grinch Stole Christmas. Well…not exactly like that, but you knew that you had fallen for him, and he fell for you too.

“Wait, Wonwoo!”

“What is it?”

“Can I…kiss you again? I just realised there’s mistletoe..”


“So…you got him?”



“…You saw everything…didn’t you?”

“Yes. Yes I did.”

Exo Reaction to coming home, and seeing you asleep in their shirt because you missed them.

A/N: This is only the first part because they are rather long and i wanted to do it in two parts :) hope you’re okay with this anon! The second half will be out tomorrow night~ These all include a cute shirt the member was spotted wearing at the airport i thought would look nice as sleeping shirts :)


“Jagi, I’m home!” He sang, letting his coat fall on the back of the couch, sliding his shoes off as he went to find you, his eyes scanning the living room and kitchen.
“Y/n?” He frowned, the house more quiet than it ever seemed.
A light, almost inaudible snore caught his attention, and his previous worried expression would turn into a smirk as he waltzed to the bedroom, pushing open the soft oak door.
“Baby are you-” he cut himself off, his fingers still wrapped around the door as his eyes turned up in joy.
There, in a ball, you laid, your body tightly coiled against your chest as you heaved your chest lightly. Baekhyun’s eyes would trail down your sleeping form, his smirk deepening as he saw you clad in his medium sized pink and white tee, which fit you like a dress. With you still in your deep slumber, baekhyun crawled up to you, sitting lightly on the bed and nosing your neck.
“I know Jagi, I missed you so much too.”


You waited, and waited, and waited some more for xiumin to get home. It had been 2 weeks since you last got to see him due to his schedule. But you were getting tired.
Sighing, you settled on the bed, your eyes scanning your hands in a bored fashion, before laying your head back to get a few moments of shut eye before he arrived.
In a now accidental deep sleep, you fell deeper into the bed, unbeknownst to you that only minutes later, xiumins keys began to jingle at your front door.
He kicked it open with the hell of his boot, before slamming it shut with his behind. He was in such a hurry to see you, he had almost forgotten the flowers he’d gotten you and had to run all the way back down for them. Clutching some light pink roses, he walked down the hallway to the only lit up room, your bedroom; in the entire house, calmly opening the door even though his insides were turning with anticipation.
He was close to tackling your form on the bed before he noticed you were fast asleep, lips parted slightly and hair splayed all around the white pillows. He set the roses down on the side of your head on the mattress, his hand coming up to lightly cup your cheek as he examined your nightly attire, his large shirt, fitted perfectly on your curves.
“You’re so cute y/n.” He giggled, his eyes closing in delight, causing you to stir.


“I’m on my way jagi”

Received 10:51 pm

Okay, I’m waiting. ~

Sent 10:53 pm

You placed your phone down, your smile widening as you sat on the couch waiting for kyungsoo, your fingers twitching with the urge to text him more, before you sighed and sank deeper into the couch. Your eyes only fluttering closed for what felt like a second. Then you were abruptly out cold.

Kyungsoo opened the front door quickly, he had sent you several other texts explaining that he’d be a little late due to practice, his face cringing from the loud way the door creaked open..

12:51 am his phones clock illuminated.
He flicked on a lamp, almost yelping when he eyed your limp body, positioned awkwardly on the couch, mouth wide, and a small dribble of drool pooling on your side.

“What am I going to do with you.” Kyungsoo whispered, his full lips turning up into a small smile as he recognized his large tee on you, your fingers clutching at the fabric.
He creeped up slowly, before softly sitting next to your body, and picking you up so that your form was holding onto him instead of the couch, and since you were such a deep sleeper, you didn’t even stir, only causing him to smile more as kyungsoo let his head hang to the side, admiring your features and his attire that looked better on you.
“I love you.”


“Why can’t you come now?” You whined over the phone, curling into yourself on your silky bed. Kai hadn’t been home in two weeks due to his hectic tour schedule, and it wasn’t often he could even make it to see you, netizens following his every move. But he had promised this time, which only made you angrier.

“I just can’t y/n. I’m sorry, I just have so much to finish right now. I want to come, you know I do, but I’m in a bind.” His soft, deep voice rumbled into your ear as the chatter of the other boys echoed in the background. You sighed.

“I understand Kai.. I’ll see you whenever you have time.”

He was silent for a bit, before saying his goodbyes and I love you’s. After you hung up, your lonely feeling only got worse, and intensified when you heard one of their songs come on your shuffle.
You groaned loudly an reached over to slam the iPod off, wrapping yourself in a blanket as you sulked in your fuzzy fortress of sad.
“Stupid Kai.” You mumbled, falling into a coma.

She’s gonna be so excited.” Kai thought to himself, walking towards your apartment door and letting himself in with his key.
Once he entered, he dropped all his things, and sprinted down the hall to find you, before he pushed open the door to your bedroom an stifled an “aw” at your sleepy face.
“Is that my shirt?” Kai whispered, examining your body.
Holy shit it is, she looks adorable.” He infernally screamed, trying to resist the urge to squeeze you, instead opting to sit next to you on the bed, his lips coming in contact with your cheek.
“Mmmm…kai?” You stirred, eyes fluttering open as you saw your smiling boyfriend, looking tired but happy.
“Mmm, yes Kai. Now come here, the manager only let me come for the night.” Kai voiced, his arms picking you up and wrapping his around yours, the odd feel of his own tee rubbing on him causing him to giggle.
Still groggy, you complied, resting your head on him, sleepily taking everything in.

“Nice shirt.” Kai spoke, only a few seconds after you managed to remember the nights events.
A hot flush came to your cheeks realizing you had still been decked out in Kai’s clothes. You covered you face,
“I have to go change.”
Kai nodded his head vehemently.
“Not on my watch.” He whispered, his arms tightening around your flushed form.


The hot steam from the shower fogged your vision as you stumbled out from the shower, your freshly washed hair smelling strongly of a mixture of citrus fruits, your body sparking clean. You smiled as you dried the last of yourself off, slipping on your silky pink panties, and turning to the drawer to find something to wear for the night.
You opened yours quickly, before an idea popped into your head.
Chen, your boyfriend, was going to be gone for 3 days on a one day concert in Japan,
‘He shouldn’t mind if just wore one of his shirts.’ You thought to yourself, you lips pursing in agreement as you rummaged through his now open compartment, before your fingers grasped a large familiar tee, you brought it up to your nose, it still smelt of him. Smiling, you placed it over your damp hair, examining yourself in the mirror as you took in your figure in the mirror, it was just low enough to expose the under most part of your ass, but keep it classy. You sighed. Chen wasn’t there so it didn’t matter. Throwing your hair back to dry, you shook your hands and crawled into bed, only taking solace in the fact that Chen was only gone for 3 days, but even that didn’t help, and fell asleep rather quickly.

“I sent her like 15 messages, chanyeol.” Chen stated, his eyes glued to his phone as he rode in the taxi with his friend, their flight and concert cancelled and extended to another day due to complications.
“Well maybe because it’s 2:27 in the morning.” Chanyeol dead panned at him, rolling his eyes as Chen typed out another message. Knowing you’d be out cold.

When he finally arrived to the house, there was no stopping him as he made his way to the house, and ultimately up to the room, his eyes scanning in the darkness, your sleeping body.
Joyfully, Chen lightly walked towards you, his fingers coming up to pull down the sheets of the covers to get a closer look at you, unable to stop peeling of the covers, until you were leafy ally bare in front of him. Your sleeping self still unmoving.

“My shirt…” He said to himself lightly. “She’s wearing…my shirt.” Chen repeated, his mind almost unable to collect himself at the image. His hands inching toward your sides, his want to wake you up subsided as he became content with watching you snore lightly, clad in nothing but clothes that smelled like him.
“I never wanna leave you jagi.”


“Where are you going?” Lay questioned you lightly, your hair pulled into a high pony tail and your jogging shoes on. You rolled your eyes lightly, figuring it should have been painfully obvious.
“I’m going running, duh.” You gestured to your colorful shoes, and shook your ponytail at him.

“But I’m going to work in half an hour.” He frowned, letting his head fall to the side of the brown couch.
“I’ll see you when you get back then.” You reasoned with him, Bouncing up to place a chaste kiss on his soft cheeks.

“What if I get back late?” He mumbled softly.
“Then wake me up, okay?” You giggled, his little nose scrunching up as he resigned to let you leave.
“Okay, I’m gonna. You better not get mad.”

With a wave, you hopped down your stairs and started on your run, blasting your music as you let the wind whip behind you.
“You’re gonna wake her up? But it’s 2 am.” Chen frowned, looking at lay oddly as he drove him back to your shared house, speeding up the blocks at a quick pace.
“She said to wake her up when ever I get home.” Lay expressed to Chen, seeing nothing wrong with his logic.
“I don’t think she meant this late.” Chen shrugged, resigning and leaving his friend to do whatever is was he was going to do.
Saying their goodbyes, as Chen pulled out of the driveway, lay marched his way inside, humming a little tune his whole way.
Once he got through the wide door and down the long hallway, Lay pushed open the bedroom door, flipping on a lamp as he quietly placed his bags on the side.
“Baobei~” Lay sang, his eyes widening at your sleeping body, your legs spread slightly as your hands cupped your pillow.
His head cocked as he saw a familiar piece of fabric draped over you, his tee. He moved closer to you, his blush appearing as he saw your upper thigh exposed to him.
But then, his foot hit the side of the dresser, rocking the contents on it, a paper weight crashing to the floor, causing you to stir.
“L-lay?” You groggily spoke.
He let go of the breath he was holding, and sighed, coming closer to you to sit on the bed.
“Hi, I’m sorry I woke you up.” He mumbled.
You let out a sleepy laugh.
“I told you to, didn’t I?”

Relax (M)

Originally posted by junior-park



Requested by: Anon – my apologies if it took a while (I was so busy with work), but here you go, I hope you enjoy it!

Characters: Park Jinyoung (Junior, GOT7) x You (OC/Reader) x GOT7 members

Genre: Angst, Smut

Length: 2,410 words

Warning/s: Dom!Jinyoung, Hardcore Sex, Spanking, Blowjob, Masturbation, Squirting, etc. (etc. meaning every single thing that would make me meet Satan and stay with him for the rest of my life)

Plot:   Long day at practice, promotions here and there, new album preparations, and concerts / fan meetings are starting to take its toll on the GOT7 boys; especially with Jinyoung.  So, how is he going to release all of the stress that he has endured for all those times?



“1 2 3 4, then jump… 1 2 3 then twist-“ Jaebum stopped his tracks when he noticed that Jinyoung kept on creating mistakes.  He will just pause then catch up, or totally mess the choreography up. To his surprise, he is not normally like this; he even choreographed some of the dances for their new songs.  

“W-wait, let’s take a quick break everyone.”  Jaebum instructed and everyone almost fell to their feet because of exhaustion.  The rest began drinking water and teasing each other, just to relieve some of their stress.  Jinyoung sat on the corner of the practice room, knees touching his chest and hands in his hair.  Jaebum quickly approached him and patted his back.

“You okay man?”  He asked him while patting his back, showing him that he is just there if ever he needs someone to talk to.

“I-I don’t know, hyung.”  He mumbled while swallowing the lump on his throat.  Jinyoung just felt so tired and so worn out, but he knows that he needs to keep going because this is what he wants to do, to perform for the fans. However, he cannot help but feel the opposite.  He rarely gets some sleep, he cannot eat well because they are only given so little time to enjoy their food and, most of all, he misses you.

“You look so tired than everyone else; you wanted to talk about it?”  Jaebum further probes and Jinyoung straightened and leaned his head against the mirror.

“I miss __________-ah, hyung.  It has been 3 months since the last time that I saw her.  I can handle the stress of our schedules, but not being able to see her for that long; it’s breaking me into pieces.”  He closed his eyes in deep frustration.  Jaebum nodded, agreeing to what he is saying.  He knows how Jinyoung loves and cares about you, so it must have been really hard for the mother of the group to not even see you at this point in his life.

“You go see her.”  He whispered at him and Jinyoung’s eyes glittered as he looks at his leader’s serious eyes.

“W-wait, what about-“

“Don’t worry about him; I’ll take care of it.  You look shit, Jinyoung.  Now, go see her and stay with her for the rest of the week, okay?”  Jaebum wrapped his arms around the younger, patting his head.

“Thank you hyung, oh God thank you so much.”  His smile is genuine this time as he stood up from the floor and immediately running towards the locker room to change and make his way towards your place as soon as possible.

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Meet me at night: Two

Part One

Summary: AU where Eddie and Richie are not allowed to meet up anymore, so they come up with another way to see each other.

Word Count: 1144

-Mrs. K. what a surprise!- Richie was the first one to stand up and try talking with Eddie’s mom. She looked furious, her nostrils wide, eyes squeezed and fists clenched tight. Her whole face was red like a tomato and her glare directed at the smallest boy. Eddie was still sitting on the floor in Richie’s sweatshirt, his body shaking with unshed tears and filled to the brim with fear.

-Get. Out.- Mrs. Kaspbrak said, almost growled, through clenched teeth and opened the door to throw kids away.

They weren’t able to comprehend what was going on, mouths hanging agape, heads frantically turning to see if anyone was moving. Bill stood up, pulling Stan up with him and clearing his throat. He shot a quick look at the others, letting them know that it would be better, if they left. Beverly was the first one to sharply nod and hop off the armchair, making her way to the doorway. Bill had secretly hoped that someone would do that, so he didn’t have to be the one to pass this insane woman.

-Ma, it’s the middle of the nig..- Eddie had tried to stop her from throwing his friends out. It was maybe 2 a.m. and he didn’t want them to go through darkness alone, something bad could happen and he would never forgive himself, nor his mom, for that.

-Shut up!- she was quick to interrupt him. She was even more angry if possible.

-Hey, Eds, it’s fine, we will be fine- Richie whispered and smiled apologetically. Eddie wanted to cry, but he just nodded and let his mom throw his friends away into the darkness.

After this night Eddie was banned from leaving the house and having anyone over for two weeks. Especially Richie, since his mother hated that “awful boy with mouth bigger than IQ” and used this opportunity to try and ruin their friendship.

-If I ever see you with this boy again, I’ll call the police and send him to jail- she had said that night and he knew she wasn’t joking.

It was summer holidays and he wasn’t able to leave his house, full of clanging containers filled with pills and his overprotective mother and he was starting to feel really claustrophobic when he was thinking about it. Since he could remember, he would always spend all of the vacation with his friends, walking around Derry, looking for adventures and having the time of his live. He couldn’t imagine having to wait another fourteen days to live that life again.

And the Richie thing, that was a major issue. The local Trashmouth was his best friend, the one he couldn’t stand not talking to for more that few hours. Richie, despite his big mouth and awful mom jokes, was the sweetest boy Eddie knew. He had a great taste in music too and loved showing Eddie his new founds he had bought earlier at the antique store for a dollar. It was never the same genre, really, and it was the most amazing thing about it. Eddie never knew what was going to blast through the speakers- sometimes it being some rock songs, other times love ballads or candy pop with silly lyrics.

Eddie was waiting for this vacation this whole year- he had a big plan, well actually all of the Losers had. They wanted to spend some time working, few of them already doing it during school year, and then leave Derry for few days and organize some kind of road trip. Mike and Richie had already gotten their driving licenses and they could easily fit into their cars.

But now Eddie was grounded, sitting in his bedroom and watching sun on its journey through the sky. It was already an early evening and Eddie honestly didn’t expect his thoughts to consume that much of his free time. During this day he had finished a book he was reading for few weeks now, never having time to end it. Then he had cleaned his room and got lost in memories while looking at some old photos of him and his friends.

After dinner he went straight to his room, wishing his mother good night and put on some movie on his small tv. It was The Goonies and although Eddie loved it, he had quickly dozed off.

He woke up to some unknown sound, to be more specific, banging on his window. He had his room on the second floor, so it wasn’t possible right? The little boy quickly got up and quietly moved to open his window. His hands shaking from fear and breath uneven, he looked down and mentally kicked himself for being such a cry baby.

On the green grass right below his window was Richie, smiling at him like a madman with hands full of little stones. He waved to Eddie, threw the stones away and began climbing to Eddie’s room. It was so Richie to be honest. It was the first time for such situation to take place during night, but when Eddie had been grounded earlier, they sometimes had pulled it off. Each time the sight of Richie had made him blush and his heart clench in happiness. It was nice knowing that he made so much effort to meet up with Eddie.

-You scared the shit out of me!- the smaller boy shout-whispered when Richie softly landed on the floor of his room. It was night, the movie he was watching had ended long ago and he could hear his mother snoring in the living room.- What the fuck are you even doing here, my mom is going to kill you!

-Don’t worry about it, Eds. It seems she had swallowed a train, she won’t wake up- Richie chuckled and threw himself onto Eddie’s unmade bed.- We are going out- he stated.

-I think the fuck no and do not call me that- Eddie frowned and folded his arms. That wasn’t happening, nuh-uh. He was already grounded for two weeks and didn’t want to not be able to go out for the rest of summer if his mother found out. It wasn’t an option.

Richie rolled his eyes and stood up, putting his hands on Eddie’s shoulders and shaking him slightly.

-Come on Eds, we will be back in few hours, Mrs. K. won’t know, I promise- he begged. It didn’t help Eddie to think rationally when the taller boy’s lips pouted and he looked straight into his eyes, almost touching his soul.

It wasn’t a good idea and Eddie was fully aware of it. He knew that he shouldn’t give in. But Richie was so close, his curly hair falling into his forehead and shirt smelling like combination of cigarettes and roses and he didn’t know how and when, but he nodded his head.

-Yeah, okay, let’s do it.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed it! Sorry for any mistakes and thank you for reading! :) 

Sooo… Coraline AU…

So, I wanted to contribute something to @parfaitperi ’s Coraline au. It is one of my favourite movies and I love the idea of the voltron crew in this universe. So, here I go. Remember, my headcanons mean NOTHING to you.

  • Lance would definitely be Coraline, cute yellow rain coat and all. Maybe with a little shark insignia somewhere. No blue hair, but perhaps a blue lion plush as a special companion laid about his room or the house.
  • Lance has a big family, and they’ve had to move closer to their work, in a new town, with a new school and new people Lance doesn’t care to know about.
  • His sister had told him that there was an “old well filled with magic,” on the car ride here.
  • He wasn’t a child, but he figured that there was nothing better to do.
  • Instead of helping un-pack, Lance goes exploring. He breaks off a branch from a bush and begins his trek up a damp and rocky hill.
  • This is where he meets/is jumped by a dark cat that I like to believe would be Shiro.
  • He uses a ‘dowsing-rod’ to help him try and find the well that his sister told him about.
  • After about 20 minutes of humming songs and following the “magic dowser,” he came to a clearing and decided to use all the magic he could muster (he was really into it at this point) to find the water that would lead him to the well.


“Magic dowser, magic dowser. Show me… THE WELL!”

(Motorcycle revving and rhythmic honking in the distance).


  • Enter, Keith. He is introduced the same way as Wybie is.


“Water-witching? It’s an interesting practice, but I just can’t see the appeal.” He turns the stolen dowsing rod in his gloved hands. “It’s just a stick, right?”

  • Lance doesn’t take too kindly to being startled or stalked.
  • He hits Keith. Obviously.


“If I’m a water-witch , then WHERE is the secret well?”

“Stomp a bit harder and you’ll fall in it.”

  • The “Well” scene occurs.
  • I can’t decide if Coran should be Keith’s uncle, owner of the Five Lions (Yes that’s the apartment complex’s name) or if I should make it Kolivan. Maybe Kolivan.


“My name is Keith.”


“No! K-E-I-T-H!”

“Well, KEEF -,”

‘This bitch.’

  • Coran (changed my mind) calls for Keith, and he rides away on his bicycle. I like the idea that his bike is a regular bike, but he motorized it himself with things he found in a garage one summer.


“I’d definitely wear gloves next time.”


“Because that dowsing-rod of yours? It’s poison oak.”


  • And so it cuts to Lance and his mom.
  • Whilst feeding his baby sister, she hands him a package wrapped in news paper.


“Some boy left it on the front porch. 'Keith’ he said his name was.”

“No, it’s Keef. You must’ve misheard.”

“Weird name. Then again, weird kid.”

  • The package has a note on top that reads:


“Hey Shark-Boy, look what I found in my uncle’s trunk. Look familiar?” - KEITH

  • Lance is simultaneously charmed and creeped out at the doll. He keeps it under his arm anyway.
  • Lance’s mom can’t handle his questioning and sends him away to his father.


“Where are the gardening tools?”

“What did the boss say?”

“Don’t even think about going outside, Lance McClain!”

“Then you won’t be needing the tools.”

  • Lance’s dad can’t focus on him either, so he suggests that he leaves him alone and count all the blue, red, black, yellow and green things in the home.
  • Apparently, the building is 150 years old, and the five creators of it (originally naming it Altean Lots) left their own signature designs around the building.
  • Lance explores the house, as suggested. Not really of his own accord, but out of fear of his dad’s wrath. None of his siblings want to hang out either, so off exploring he goes.
  • Exploring scene follows as the movie goes.
  • When the doll goes missing for a few moments, he freaks out a little but brushes it off when he finds it again.
  • His attention is instead diverted to the weird indentation in the wall beside the doll. About his height when he crouches and an almost perfect rectangle.
  • His two brothers and two sister (not including the baby) crowd around him too, their own curiosity egging them on.
  • I’d like to think that his family is relatively progressive, so his brothers and sisters wouldn’t say much about the doll.
  • They join in the yelling to see what’s behind the door.


“If I do this for you, will you all stop pestering me.”

Cue puppy dog eyes, nodding and pouting from all her children.


  • Their disappointment is entirely Lance’s burden to carry when they find that it’s just a brick wall. Typical sibling behaviour of cursing him and smacking him upon the head.
  • He scratches his poison oak-rash and keeps asking the same question over and over again. (I just do this sometimes).


'Why would they lock it up?’

'Why is there still a door?’

'Why would they bother keeping the key?’

  • His mother, an overworked and often rational woman, has had enough.


“We had a deal! Zip-It!”

“…you forgot to lock it.”


Yup. That’s it for now. I’ll do part two later. Or sometime today, if I can. This was really fun!

Pt.2 ~ Pt.3 ~ Pt.4 (coming soon)

My memorable Kpop songs of 2017:

Hip Hop:

Loco - A.O.M.G 

I always listen to this song on my way to work, it just puts me into a cheerful mood and Loco’s rap is amazing as always. Honestly the whole Bleached Album is solid!

Jessi - Gucci

Honestly I screamed when Jessi’s Album came out! Jessi is my ultimate ego booster. If I have a bad day I listen to Gucci and Spirit Animal and boom! I feel like a badass bitch! The songs make you more confident.

Ness, Woodie gochild, Junoflo, Ja Mezz - Life is a gamble

Turn that shit up at 100% Volume in your car! It’s the best feeling! It’s like the ultimate mood booster! Also one of the songs I listened to on my way to work.

SOOL J, Yezi, Ultima - Runaway

Yezi’s voice ugh, just amazing. I really love the beat, it has a built up. It’s really nice for a drive during the night. I always feel like im in a movie, when I listen to this.

Psy ft G-Dragon - Fact

I just love that song. Honestly when Psy’s new album came out I was sure there would be just one song that I like, as always with his albums. But the whole album was solid!

Giant Pink, Jane Jang, Perc%nt - Dumb Dumb

I love this version of Dumb Dumb! It really transitions well and Jane Jang’s voice is so unique. Just the three artists together are a good choice.


Realslow (Wheesung) - Aroma

Wheesung’s releases where always good for me. When I heard he was changing his name to realslow to experience with new music genres I loved the idea! And this song really is a gem, paired with Hashswan it really has a good mix in it.

Epik High ft Lee Hi - Here come the regrets

This song gave/still gives me the shivers everytime I hear it. I’m so in love with Lee Hi’s voice and I’m so happy she’s featured in a song. Epik High always release amazing Albums with amazing artist featuring on it.

Primary ft Sumin - I know

It gives off such a lighthearted feel. Sumin’s voice is soothing and just amazing. And Primary never disappoints as a producer.

Sik-k - Henny

I could list the whole Album H.A.L.F I just liked it so much. But if I have to chose my favorite song it’s going to be Henny. His flow I like it just so much especially on that track.

Epik High ft Crush - Munbae-Dong

So chill, just an amazing song. Crush’s voice as always is melting my heart.

Crush - 먼지

I just put’s you in a relaxed mood, I love it.


Lucy ft Kisum - B-Day

This song is just a jam!

Dream Catcher - Sleep Walking

The group is really amazing with their unconventional concepts. I really liked the fact that they always realease songs with multiple genres in an Album, but don’t shy away to stay true to their rock infused colours. Sleep Walking is a really unusual song, it reminds me of the techno genre of some sort.

Uhm Junghwa ft. Jung Ryeo Won - Photographer

This song THIS SONG is my favorite of the new album. Her last one with Watch me Move was already a bop BUT THIS IS JUST PURE PERFECTION!!!

Jokwon ft. JHope - Animal

First of all WHY DID I MISS THIS SONG IT’S FROM 2012. Second of all Jokwon is the sass queen we all need in our life and lastly I just realized JHope was featured in this lmao. This aside this song is lit and a bop, if this would play in a club bish my body would be ready!!!

T-Ara - Crazy because of you

This song right here it’s from 2014. I still love it! One of the best T-Ara song in my opinion.

Psy - I LUV IT

I LUV IT!!! This song just puts me in a hyper good mood! It’s iconic!


Seventeen - Change Up

It somehow reminds me of Perc%nts, Giant Pink and Jane Jang’s Dumb Dumb. I would say it’s a more refined song and it’s an absolute bop!!!!!

B.A.P - Moondance

B.A.P never feels to amaze me, they always bring out good songs and Moondance is one of them. P.S: Am I the only one who thinks Zelo’s voice has changed? Of course his voice matured but still at first I didn’t even recognize it.

Hyuna - Lip & Hip

HOW LONG I WAITED FOR HYUNA TO RELEASE A BOP AGAIN!!!! Don’t get me wrong Babe was good, but no bop and  since Roll Deep I didn’t like any releases of her. 

The boyz - boy

This song gives me the feels of the older boy group songs. I can’t put the finger on it but something perhaps the beat or the parts just give me an old kpop boy group feel. I JUST LOVE IT!

VAV - She’s Mine

Honestly I really missed out on VAV, when I first heard the song I thought it was released by a new boy group. I was really surprised that it was released by VAV because I really didn’t like the former releases they had. It just never was my cup of tea but She’s mine is absolutely amazing!



Shot Of Glory [Richie x Eddie]

The Losers head out to Wyoming in Bill’s dad’s station wagon for a country festival graduation trip from high school. The crush that Richie’s had on Eddie since they were kids is virtually impossible to keep inside anymore, but telling him terrifies Richie to no end- another shot of whiskey might help his courage.

Warnings: Underage drinking. Fluff! Based on the song Shot of Glory by The Washboard Union. Available on ao3 here

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None of the Losers expected they would be spending their meticulously planned summer grad trip on the road to a country music festival. Except for Ben and Bev and Mike, who all kind of enjoyed the genre. Eddie had been the tipping vote as to whether or not they’d be spending their grad trip in Wyoming or Universal Studios (or Vegas as Richie had pitched, except what the fuck were a bunch of 17 year olds going to do in Las Vegas?). The only reason Eddie voted for the country festival was that he remembered how many germs were on everything in a park like Universal Studios, and completely squicked out at the idea of touching all those safety bars, which he would inevitably be clinging onto for dear life. They only really had enough money put together for the hotel only in Orlando anyway.

 Yeah the boys round here,

Drinkin’ that ice cold beer, talkin’ bout girls, talkin’ bout trucks, running them red dirt roads out kickin’ up dust-

“Will someone put some other shit on?” Richie called from the backseat of Bill’s dad’s old station wagon, “We’ll have to suffer through this at the festival, no point in torturing our ears with it now!”

“Some people like this music,” Mike said from the shotgun seat, turning it up, and Richie rolled his eyes, bending his knees and putting his feet up on the back of the driver’s side seat.

“Where are we now Ben, Buttfuck Nowhere? You’re the geography expert, aren’t you?”

“History,” Ben reminded for the millionth time over the past five years he had known Richie.

“Same shit, yada yada. Just tell me where you can get some decent cigarettes and a pie I can throw in Eddie’s face for voting us out here instead of checking out the new Incredible Hulk ride at-”

“Beep beep Richie,” Bill said, gripping the steering wheel, “And get your f-f-feet off the seat, my dad’s gonna k-kill me.”

“Yeah, that’s so gross, so fucking unsanitary,” Eddie muttered from beside him, and Richie made a face at him.

“I’m actually with Richie,” Bev said slowly, “It would be nice to stop for a while, and I could use a cigarette myself.”

“We’ll f-find a place to pull off,” Bill said, “Anyone got a m-map?”

“Yeah, it’s up Eddie’s mom’s ass,” Richie joked, and Eddie hit him, prompting Bev to sigh beside them.

“I’m hungry,” Stan commented.

“Don’t you have, like, a bajillion granola bars packed away in there?” Eddie asked.

“No, it was either those or the birdfeed, and how am I supposed to birdwatch without anything to attract birdfeed?”

“Well, you could just… not bird watch like a nerd?” Richie shrugged.

“Oh, well you could always take your suggestions, Richie, and jam them up your-”

“Would you l-l-losers shut up?!” Bill blurted, “Jesus Christ, we’ve b-been out on the road for not even a day and you two are about to k-kill each other!”

“I think we all need some air,” Ben commented.

They pulled over at the next gas station they saw, and everyone pretty much ran to the bathroom.

“Hey Bev,” Richie murmured as they headed into the station, “Wanna hijack the car and run off to Maui?”

“Maui?” she smirked, “I thought you wanted to go to Vegas.”

“Anything’s better than this flat, barren desert of nothing.”

“We’ll be at the festival soon.” She nudged him. “Come on Tozier- do it for Eddie.” She smiled at him, and Richie sucked in a breath. Do it for Eddie.

Bev, Bill and Mike were the only ones who knew about his crush on Eddie. Beverly totally had his back without being pushy about it- the other Losers were stupidly oblivious, but it was okay with Richie if his secret was kept under wraps for as long as possible.

But yeah. He could do it for Eds.

“Hi,” Beverly smiled at the gas station attendant. The guy stopped chewing on his gum and looked her up and down.

“Well hey there, pretty little lady. What can I get ya?”

“Pack of Marlboro Reds and a pack of menthols.”

“Hoooee!” the guy chuckled, “You’re a chimney, through and through, eh?!”

“They’re for her mother,” Richie supplied helpfully, and Beverly blinked innocently, “She’s too sick to get out of bed.”

“Heaven knows why,” the guy snorted, and rang them through. “Sorry for the formality, but I’m gonna need to get your ID.”

“Oh, sure…” She reached for her back pocket, and threw her hands up. “Shoot, must’ve left it in the car. Gimme a second?”


Richie shook his head as Bev jogged out. “She’s so forgetful. She’s forget her head if it wasn’t attached to her shoulders! Hey, while you’re waiting, can you grab me another one of those I Heart Wyoming hats from the back? I’m just in love with them.”

The guy shrugged, and went off to the back. As Beverly had taught him, Richie quickly stuffed the two packs in his pockets and took off… not before nabbing the display hat off the shelf. He made it to the car, tossed the Marlboros to Beverly and kept the menthols for himself.

“Go,” Bev said, kissing Ben on the cheek, and Bill started the car as the guy came back.

“Hey! Hey, y'all wait!”

“You’re so stupid, Richie,” Stan muttered as they sped off, crossing his arms.

“I think I’m a master thief,” Richie said in his British accent, and Eddie smiled a little to himself as Richie plopped the I Heart Wyoming hat on his head backward.

“For you, Spaghetti Man. Red just isn’t my colour.”

Eddie looked away, and when no one was looking, switched the hat around so that it was facing forward.

“Okay okay, uh… would you rather turn into Shrek every time someone said your name, or have Pee Wee Herman narrate your life?” Richie asked, and Ben burst out laughing.

“They’re both so bad.”

“Yeah, honestly who would pick either?” Stan asked, and Richie shrugged.

“You’ve gotta pick one.”

“Shrek,” Mike weighed in, “Definitely Shrek.”

“Not P-pee Wee?” Bill smirked.

“I’d straight up murder that guy.”

“If you turned into Shrek all the time, I’d break up with you,” Stan pursed his lips.

“Stan, I didn’t know you were so materially inclined,” Bev acted shocked.

“Yeah, I’m hurt babe,” Mike put a hand over his heart, and Stan shook his head.

“I am not dating an ogre.”

“Wouldn’t be so bad,” Richie said, “You could scare people away… Eds, what would you do?”

“I’d like to have you narrating my life,” Eddie huffed, “Your mouth already runs a mile a minute, might as well use it to document something useful.”

“I would be honored, sir,” Richie grinned, and Eddie blushed, looking away. Richie swallowed. Was he trying too hard? Fuck, he was probably giving himself away… He ran a hand through his hair, hoping his anxiety wouldn’t get the better of him. Ben looked at him inquisitively, but Richie didn’t quite feel like talking anymore.

The next day, after shelling out half of their crumpled up bills they had all saved for the past two years and dumping their stuff at a creepy motel that smelled like bad yogurt and moth balls, they were almost at the festival grounds. Country music was blaring through their speakers, and Bev sang along with Mike, Ben, and a shy Eddie. Even Bill found himself humming along to the tunes, and Richie and Stan discovered they were joined by their mutual hatred of this genre of music.

Soon, the first night of the festival arrived. Favourites of the group like Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Chris Young, and the Zac Brown Band graced the stage, and Richie found that he was enjoying himself a little more now that he wasn’t cramped up in the car and could channel his energy into something else.

Currently, the Zac Brown Band was performing a popular song of theirs, “Sweet Annie.” Mike and Stan were sitting with each other on a couple of chairs to the side of the bar, giggling about something, and Ben and Beverly were out on the floor, slow dancing. Ben was singing to Bev softly, and though he didn’t have the best voice ever, Beverly found everything her boyfriend did to be incredibly sweet and romantic. Her head rested on Ben’s shoulder as they rocked together to the music, and she looked over to see Bill dancing with some girl he had found with blonde hair and cowboy boots. Her gaze shifted, and she saw Eddie drinking from a bottle of water, with Richie staring at him, enthralled Nd tapping his knee, a few paces away. Every time one would look at the other, the other would look away.

Beverly sighed.

That night at the motel, everyone paired up for beds. Mike and Stan, Ben and Bev, and that left… Bill, Eddie, and Richie.

“I can take the couch…” Richie said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“No no,” Bill smirked, the tall brunette teen giving Richie a meaningful look, “Y-you two go ahead.”

“You won’t even be able to fit on the couch Bill, your legs are like mile-long stringbeans!” Richie protested, feeling his face heat up.

“N-no, it’s fine. The couch is closer to the w-w-window. I like to, uh… see the stars.” Bill kept on smirking. 

“You sappy weirdo,” Richie muttered, and Eddie headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed. In the meantime, Richie settled under the covers, taking deep breaths in and out.

He could do this. Of course he could do this! He had grown up with Eddie, ever since they had met in friggin’ kindergarten! A billion sleepovers had been spent sharing a sleeping bag with Eddie, Eddie sleeping on his lap, Eddie falling asleep on his shoulder during long car rides to baseball practice, anything and everything for years… so why was it so awkward now? He took off his glasses, placing them on the night table, and rubbed his eyes.

Richie felt his heart skip a beat as the door to the bathroom opened, the crack of light illuminating the dark motel room temporarily before the light was flicked off. Eddie felt his way to the bed– it wasn’t even that small a bed, they both had plenty of space– and got in.

“Hey Eds,” Richie whispered.

“Hey Rich,” Eddie whispered back, then paused. “Don’t call me that.”

“Sorry, spaghetti man. You enjoying the festival?”

“Yeah. Yeah, it’s pretty fun.”

“Yeah…” Richie murmured. He didn’t want to stop talking, because that would mean laying there beside each other in silence, wondering what the other person was thinking.

“Watchya thinkin’ about, Eds?” Richie whispered. Eddie spent a long time thinking, so long that Richie thought he’d fallen asleep. Then he spoke up.

“How happy I am to be on this trip, Rich.”


“Mhmm. It’s nice to be away from home for a while… it’s refreshing not to have someone watching me all day every day, seeing if I’m just gonna fall apart in front of their eyes.” Another pause. “I’m not that fragile, you know?”

“Yeah,” Richie offered, not able to think of anything else to say. His home life was the opposite of Eddie’s and both boys knew it. Richie’s parents didn’t care about anything he did, sort of like Bill’s, Ben’s, and… well, pretty much any of them except for Eddie. But Richie’s parents not only didn’t care, but frequently made it clear how happy they’d be once he got his “freak little ass out of their house where he can go bother someone else.” That’s one thing Richie didn’t keep from his friends… he didn’t know where he’d be if he couldn’t share that.

“Rich? You awake?”

“Yeah, Eds.”

“S-s-shut up!” Bill called, “If you two don’t m-mind, some of us want some sleep!”

“Yeah, keep it down Felix and Oscar,” Mike joked. A few more seconds ticked by.

“I sure hope these sheets are cleaned really fucking well daily,” Eddie whispered as quietly as he could to Richie, “I’m wearing my favourite red shorties.”

Richie squeezed his eyes shut.


The next night of the festival was the perfect night. Starry sky, stage lit up by the moon, it was gorgeous. A couple of songs in, and Richie was getting the jitters all over again. Being this close to Eddie for such a long time was exhilarating, but for some reason, nerve wracking. He had known his friend their entire lives… what was his deal? 

He didn’t know how much longer he could keep this up.

The Washboard Union took the stage, and began to play a few of their songs, before they started up a song called “Shot

Of Glory.” Beverly’s eyes lit up, and she dragged everyone to the floor except for Richie, who headed over to the bar. Shots? Good plan.

Praise be, Richie wasn’t carded, as his hair fell into his eyes and he had aged fast with his high cheekbones and growth spurt after hitting 15, so he ordered a “beer” at first.

“What kind of beer?”

“A boilermaker.”

“That’s… not a beer.”

“It’s a drink, though. Pip pip, and tally ho good fellow!” he clapped. The guy just gave him the evil eye, but went to get the drink ready.

Boy shit, a boilermaker was not what Richie was expecting, and halfway through the song, he was well on his way to getting tanked. Looking over at his small little Eddie attempting to dance as gracefully as Beverly, Richie’s heart ached, and he admired his best friend. He looked so good tonight, in those high socks, shorts, and pink shirt riding up the barely noticeable V of his hips and light snail trail… Eddie looked up, going red at the fact that Richie was watching him fail at dancing, and Richie’s heart stopped as Eddie’s brown eyes met his. The alcohol wasn’t the only thing making him weak.

It’s a Friday night, like any other, you walk in I stare and I stutter, every single time you look at me.

Richie wiped his mouth with his sleeve, and finished off the last of the boilermaker. Eddie looked so good… he needed to lie down… but also, he needed to dance. What was that word, dance? Hmm… thinking is a strange thing. Fuzzy, fuzzy, music sounds good, huh… why hadn’t Eddie or any of those other losers introduced him to country music sooner? Eddie, Eddie, Eddie Spaghetti. He was beautiful, and silence was not something Richie was good at.

“Good sir! Beer me a whiskey,” Richie slurred, trying not to sound like the inexperienced, lightweight of a 17 year old that he was. The bartender eyed him warily, but grabbed a bottle as Richie’s fingers drummed nervously on the bar, leg jostling restlessly.

I need a fix of True Companion, Jimmy Beam, or Old Jack Daniels, something strong to stop these shaking knees.

“Eddie!” Richie called, walking out onto the dance floor.

Drinking up my courage, whiskey for my nerves

Eddie lifted his chin, and Richie’s head spun.

Got me drunk on your short summer dress, powder room ballerina, I’m gonna need another shot of glory, ain’t no turning back…

“Hi Richie. Enjoying your, um… whiskey, I think?”

“No,” Richie made a face, spitting it out, and Eddie stifled a giggle, trying to hold him up.

“You’re an idiot when you’re drunk, you know that?”

“I think Stan would agree with you,” Richie replied.

“I think everyone would agree with me,” Eddie retorted, smiling, and Richie physically gasped.

You got me high on your tipsy smile and your hips all swingin’

“Dance with me, Eds,” Richie blurted, and Eddie’s eyes widened as Richie began to dip him. He soon fell into the groove of the song, and the world spun around them. 

We start spinnin’, spinnin’, spinnin’

Stumbling away in a moment of sobriety, the taller teenager blushed hard and pushed up his glasses, looking around.

“Where’s… uh, Bill?”

“I think he’s still with that blonde cowgirl chick he was with earlier,” Eddie mused, and turned to peer behind him. He noticed a blue pickup truck, and Bill and the girl making out inside of it. “Oh yup. Definitely is.”

They stood there for a second, looking slightly out of place on the dance floor.

“How many of these "whiskeys” did you have?“ Eddie asked.

"Oh… enough.”

“Maybe you should get to bed-”

“Eddie Kaspbrack?” Richie stood up straight as best he could, and felt everything good swirl around him- the laughter, the lively music, the dancing, the smiles of his closest friends as they had the time of their lives. He felt the confidence surge through him. “You… y'know something?”


“Eddie Kaspbrack, I’ve loved you since the day we met.”

Eddie stopped, lips parting. Richie felt some part of his brain flashing off, telling him to retreat, back to the motel maybe, the grand canyon possibly on the other side of America to fling himself into, anywhere, just to run, but the other part kept him rooted there.

“Richie…” Eddie said softly, looking down. Richie braced himself for the rejection by closing his eyes, but he almost flipped his shit when he felt two smaller hands on the sides of his face, cupping it as soft lips met his. Sudden gasps resounded from their friends, and Richie opened his eyes to see a (blurry) Eddie grinning up at him.

“You’re a dumbass and I love you too,” he said, and Richie let out a cry of victory, pumping his fist up. This resulted in a huge group hug, with Richie probably kissing Eddie in the middle of it again, and the band played the last note of the song. Richie broke free, grabbed his glass of whiskey again and took a sip, then got on stage, taking the mic from them.

“I’d like to thank the Washboard Union and the State of Wyoming!” Richie called, raising his glass, and toppled off the stage with a crash.

“Fucking hell,” Eddie muttered.

“Hey… is anyone gonna pay this kid’s tab?” the bartender called out in irritation. Beverly looked over, and bit her lip, kissing Ben and whispering something to him. Then she approached the bar with a charming smile, and leaned against it.

“Hey there. Has anyone ever told you you look just like Clark Kent?”

BTS x Carnival!AU

i decided to compile all of these together from the au game for those of you who missed it or wanted all the members together!! ~


  • definitely a magician
  • knows like basic card tricks but can also do illusions and escape from like ropes or handcuffs
  • wears a cape even though yoongi was like that’s corny but namjoon doesn’t care he thinks it looks cool
  • and like whenever he puts on a show he’s dressed all snazzy and has like white gloves on and looks like those magicians from like the 20s it’s kinda cute how much he gets into character
  • he like pulls you up and offers to saw you in half and you’re like ,,,, oh my god no,,,,, no thank you and he’s like awwww too bad,,,,but then he’s like you know what it’s good i don’t want to hurt a pretty thing like you and you’re like did this magician just flirt w me
  • and tbh the rest of carnival bangtan sitting in the audience is like ,,,, did namjoon just flirt??? because that’s not part of the script
  • after the show namjoon somehow shows up in front of you like pulls flowers out of his sleeve you’re like ???? oh my thank you???
  • and he’s like suddenly rubbing the back of his neck getting all shy he stutters and like some cards fall out of his pocket and you bend down to help him pick them up and you guys bump heads and it’s cute
  • and he’s like um,,,,here you go,,,,,
  • and he passes you one of his cards (it’s the ace of hearts) with his number on it and he’s like jUSt in case you WAnna let me Take you on a Date,,,,i won’t ask to cut you in two hahaHA
  • and you’re like omg that’s so c*rny but also,,,,adorable


  • ok ok ok but can you imagine like,,,,,dangerous carnival acts hoseok???
  • like he juggles fire??? or like swallows swords???
  • and like usually he’s just smiling on stage like he looks like a blooming cute flower but then all of a sudden he’s like eating swords like it’s nothing or breathing fire and everyones like holy SHit
  • or like he dances with fire and it’s so pretty but so dangerous and like everyone just can’t believe such an innocent happy person has the capability to do wild crazy things like this
  • and you’re like part of the carnivals on site medical staff just in case someone gets hurt on the rides or something but tbh you’re always stressing out about hoseok
  • and like you visit him before shows and you’re like ??? you’ll be ok right?? you know your safety precautions??? and he’s always just smiling at you like of course im a pro!!! like pats your head and kisses your forehead like i promise not to burn or stab myself so don’t worry
  • but hoW Can YOU NOT he’s SWALLOWING SWOrds for gods sake but at the same time you see how happy he is to make the crowd cheer
  • and when he comes back you’re just thankful he’s alive each time and you like hold his face and tbh you’re like ,,, im sorry i just want to like touch you to make sure you’re ok
  • and hoseok bites his lip because like you Can keEP touching him like hE Doesn’t mind he likes your ,,, soft touch,,,,,,,,
  • hoseok making a heart at you with his fingers and then his fingers bursting into flames and you’re like OH YM gdo and he’s like no no don’t worry it’s just a trick i know hehehe


  • runs the fortune telling booth at the carnival and basically reads tarot cards for cheap
  • he like vaguely knows what he’s doing, but he gives off this mysterious aura and he’s really hot so people go to get their fortunes told even if they know that it’s kind of fake
  • imagine jin in like a little booth sitting at a velvet table with like flowers surrounding him and candles it’d look like something out of a movie but nope he’s just your regular carnival fortune teller
  • and he’s such a flirt tbh he like holds your wrist and is like i can hear your heartbeat~ are you excited for what the cards will say~~ and tbh is this fortune telling or fanservice who  k n o w s
  • and you visit the booth one day because your friends all did it so you go in and see jin sitting there with his flowers and candles and you’re like alright lay it on me
  • and jin’s like ahh you’re here for love right? and you’re like nope can you tell me if im going to get a better job this year and jin’s slightly taken back like uh oh,,,
  • but he keeps his cool like whips out a fan to cover his face like let’s read the cards ~~~ and you’re like this is a joke and he’s kind of like ,,,,,ok yeah but listen it’s my job and you’re like you’re too handsome to be working here?? have you considered modeling
  • and jin’s like oh,,,,well i mean,,, and he knows he’s handsome and whatnot but you’re so straightforward that it kinDA flusters him
  • but basically you kind of end up just talking to jin and you’re like well ill come back soon and you leave and jin is just like holy shit ,,,,, i can’t stop thinking about this person even ice-cream boy jimin doesn’t get this deep into people
  • and idk jin like tries to read his own fortune to see if you’ll come back to him because wow you’re interesting,,,he’d like to see you more often,,,


  • taehyung has to wear the big costume of the carnivals mascot which is like a squirrel and it’s so hot he hates it but like
  • he’s got enough energy to dance around and all the kids adore him so it isn’t thAT bad
  • plus at least he doesn’t have to clean up on any of the rides or sit in booths doing absolutely nothing
  • but every now and then he takes the top of the costume off and underneath he’s got a tanktop on cuz it’s too hot and he drinks some water and he’s you know glistening with some sweat like his hairs stuck to his forehead,,,,,he looks,,,,,,,,,good
  • and you’re like let’s say you also work at the carnival but you don’t have like an animal costume you have like a fairy costume and like part of your job is to do a little dance with taehyung
  • and it’s cute taehyung like twirls you around and like it’s all fun and games until you think about how he looks under the costume and you can’t help but get red in the face
  • you guys probably meet up with the rest of the guys that work their at the end of your shift and like taehyung’s showered but he’s still in his tanktop and like jeans and you’re like my heart and he throws an arm around you and is like my cute dance partner!! how you been?? and you’re like ahhh,,, and like yoongi is looking between you two like oh oh i see
  • and suddenly yoongi is pulling the rest of carnival workers bangtan away and you and taehyung like walk together and taehyung’s like you look cute in the fairy costume, but like this you’re even prettier


  • works the ferris wheel and honestly wishes he could work at the haunted house instead cuz it’s so much cooler than this big wheel that’s extra boring
  • jungkook swears if he sees another couple making out in one of the compartments he’s gonna gag
  • sometimes he purposely plays bad music to ward the couple’s away but like they still come (and manager bang pd is like jungkook stop playing what does the fox say that song is h o r r ib l e and jungkooks like i KNow that’s the point)
  • and for the most part he sits there bored playing on his nintendo 3ds and then one day you get hired to work the ride across the ferris wheel and oh my god
  • jungkook does like a 180
  • all of a sudden he’s playing corny love songs??? like ‘run’ by bangtan boys who even is that??? and the whole park is like what’s up with jungkook he looks like he’s in a daydream
  • but the minute you like lover at him jungkook ducks behind the ticket stand because oh god no he can’t look at you face first??? you’re way too cute?? waaaay too cute
  • and ice cream boy jimin’s like hey jungkook you like that person right and jungkooks like WHAT and jimin’s like yeah it’s obvious and jungkooks like shUt up jimin go eat some ice cream and jimin shrugs like hey maybe ask them out
  • and jungkook’s way too nervous honestly at some point you’d have to be assertive and go over and be like hey you’re cute why don’t we ride this ferris wheel when you have your day off
  • and jungkooks like swallowing like like ,,, a date/?? and you’re like yeah a date and he’s like o o k,,,, and you wake away and jungkook for the first time in his life is like THANK GOD I WORK AT THIS FERRIS WHEEL


  • ice cream boy jimin walks around selling ice cream to whoever comes to the carnival and just being as sweet as the snacks he sells
  • gives extra sprinkles to little kids because they’re cute and always gets scolded by manager bang pd at the end of the day for it hehe
  • wears the white and red striped shirt and the little boat hat and it makes you giggle the first time you see it and jimin turns like every shade of red
  • he actually got so distracted by how cute you were he ended up dropping the ice cream cone he was going to give taehyung all over taehyung’s outfit and taehyun was like jIMi n bang pd’s gonna kill ME but jimin was completely absorbed in how cute you looked that he was just like uhuh
  • you go over to by some ice-cream and you’re like which is the best flavor? and jimin wants to be like my lips~~ but he’s not that corny so he gets flustered and is like um u m u mmmm strawberry???
  • and so you get strawberry and you’re like how much? and jimin is like oh yes um uh just um 1,000 won and you’re like but it says on the box that ice cream is 4,000 won and jimin’s like haha discount???? (because you’re so darn cute)
  • and so you give him the (right amount of) money and you eat some ice-cream and get some on your chin and jimin’s like um,,,,your chin and you’re like oh!! i don’t have a napkin??? and literally yoongi in the back like jimin you idiot wipe it for them come on it’s so obvious
  • but jimin is like i Can GO Get YOU one PLEASe waIT
  • and he runs off and you’re like a little sad he didn’t catch on but he’s so cute and adorable and flustered and yoongi gives jimin a lil smack on the head afterwords like theY WERE FLIRTING JIMIN and jimin is like WA I T WHAT


  • works at the skeeball games and absolutely hates it
  • wears the dumb bright uniform shirt and cap, even has a fanny pack to match which if you make fun of - he will lose his shit about. respect yoongi’s fanny pack
  • but anyway he knows the games basically rigged and if someone is really sweet and nice he usually is like hey you should go try your luck somewhere else but if you’re like an asshole he’s just laughing at the fact you will never win behind your back
  • but since you’re a nice person just trying to win some tickets to get that stuffed fox at the prize center, and also yoongi kinda thinks you’re cute he kind of coughs under his breathe like ‘cough go for the fifty point one cough just throw it a bit more to the left cough’
  • and you’re like oh and you try it and you score and you’re like omg thanks and he shrugs it off like it’s no big deal but when he sees you go get the fox and how happy you look over the toy he gets happy to
  • forces ice-cream boy jimin to give him free ice-cream
  • is thankful he doesn’t have to wear a fursuit like taehyung in the heat and dance around in the parade
Dating Rap Monster(Namjoon) Would be like

I AM READY AND WILLING TO B R E AK ADMIN TRICY WITH THIS NAMJOON IS HER ULT BIAS AND I AM SO PREPARED TO DESTROY HER WITH THIS AHAHAHAH also i’m kinda sad bc this is the END OF THE BOYFRIEND BTS SERIES AHH i feel kinda empty inside but dont worry i have plenty of ideas to fill me up again muahaha! keep an eye out for some GOT7 stuff and possibly another bts series out soon~ Please please pl e a s e send me ideas or prompts for reactions and also long series like this!!!!

  • oh my god this man 
  • Tricey loves him and so do i
  • he’s such a low key meme like he’s not on the level of Tae and Hobi and of cOURSE THE MASTER HIMSELF JEON JUNGKOOK BUT STILL
  • he’s a Shy Meme
  • and i know it sounds weird like the words Namjoon and Shy do not go together v well bUT IN ACTUALITY HES A SMOL TOL
  • he has the capability to be v v sweet and loving but sometimes he just ends up 
  • daddy??
  • like not even trying like he’s ACTIVELY trying to make ur date night nice and romantic but lmao he spills red wine on ur outfit and he almost cries so he takes u home and then helps u get out of ur stained clothes ;D
  • on the topic of disaster 
  • you keep extras of almost everything at your house
  • or at the very least, you have a large stock of glue and duct tape 
  • lots of band aids 
  • like literally bubble wrap everything important to you bc if not it will get broken in .2 seconds when he comes over
  • being very tempted to bubble wrap him when he goes anywhere
  • he is to blame whenever anything around your house breaks
  • do u remember when people would go “thanks obama” when things went wrong? 
  • its kinda like that like ugh ur tv isn’t working ur remote is broken ur microwave is on the fritz and he doesn’t even have to be in the same country hell he could be on the moon but ur like…..naMJO O OOONNNNN
  • you are constantly getting calls from Jin telling you that Namjoon did __ to himself and they’re currently getting it checked out
  • the first few times you freaked out but then after like the 3 time in a 2 week span you got used to it like ugh again?? i’ll be there in a lil bit
  • Kim Daily 
  • you being the one to take those Kim Daily pictures
  • sometimes ur like??Namjoon WHAT are you wearing? (flashbacks to him in the Baepsae dance practice lol)
  • yeah okay whatever makes u happy babe
  • you then start planning his outfits for him most of the time
  • takes tho u sands of selfies w u
  • gets ‘mad’ if u ruin the selfie by making a dumb face 
  • he gets v v flustered if you kiss his cheek when taking a selfie its very cute please do this OFTEN
  • he tries to do ageyo to get on your good side when he breaks something v valuable to u or if he forgets an important date but ur like…please stop okay oka ok alright ur forgive just please…stop
  • he would try s o hard to be normal the first few times u went out but then u make a bad joke and suddenly the gloves are off and you now have Dorky Namjoon on ur hands 100% of the time
  • he can get v v serious at really random times
  • like you’re getting ice cream together and laughing at something the maknae line did that day and suddenly he’s not laughing and he’s looking you dead in the eyes its kinda terrifying 
  • and he’s like “for what purpose were we put on this earth why are we here what is the meaning of our existence”
  • and ur like??? okay?
  • “well currently our purpose is to get ice cream so like, i’m not gonna defy destiny lol”
  • he loves any answer you give him like he knows he can give really weird questions often but you tae him seriously even if your answers are goofy
  • he’s bad at expressing his thoughts in a coherent manner 
  • he loves having u on his lap like wh o a 
  • he’ll try to be cute and pull you on his lap when ur having a movie night but he ends up spilling ur drink lol
  • u sit on his lap after u clean it up bc it makes him s o happy
  • he loves to just lay in bed and watch you sleep especially when he can’t sleep for some reason or another it sounds creepy i know but
  • he just loves u so much and you’re his biggest source of inspiration to him 
  • so sometimes you’ll wake up at 3 am bc he was missing from ur bed and you walk into the kitchen and find him sitting at the table in his sleeping pants and a small snack next to him
  • he moved out there bc he didn’t want to disturb ur sleep but you have a hard time sleeping without him bc he’s v v warm and comfy to lay on
  • (even if he snores like a freaking pug)
  • he turned the lamp on so that he could write properly and he looks so handsome with the light hitting his face just right and the look of concentration he has, and he’s humming ever so slightly and his beautiful skin is glowing, highlighting his bare chest and reflecting off of the little highlights in his messy hair and its such a beautiful moment you feel blessed to witness and you walk up behind him and slide your arms around his neck in a loose hug
  • and he’s a little startled bc he thought you were asleep and he was in his own lil world
  • so he scoots his chair out a lil and you plop urself into his lap and he holds your waist, gently rubbing the bare skin under your sleep shirt (that happens to be one of his shirts) and his forehead is resting on the junction between your neck and your shoulder, his warm breath fanning the skin there and giving you goosebumps 
  • and you’re running your hands through his fluffy hair and you scratch his scalp with your fingernails and he gives this deep m o a n and suddenly his lips are gently working on your neck and he looks up at you with this sleepy/aroused look in his eyes and he slides his hands up your ribs and you are g o n e
  • we all know he has that weird converse fetish going on 
  • you wear his “ideal type” shirt, short shorts( bc namjoon is a bOOTY MAN AND I WILL SAY THAT UNTIL MY DEATH) and red converse 
  • and you make the mistake of wearing that to visit the boys at practice and he drags u out into a closet and u have to wear his hoodie back to the room bc ur neck is destroyed 
  • obvs the boys make fun of u but namjoon shuts that shit down bc at least he’s actually getting some lmao
  • please call him daddy at least once 
  • he loves it
  • you wear the converse in bed for his birthday and you legit couldn’t walk for the next 2 days lol
  • he loves light BDSM like blindfolds handcuffs ropes toys spanking oh holy shIT HE LOVES IT
  • dirty talk man. lots of it. 
  • you call him daddy when u want something from him and immediately he will get it for u no matter what
  • he’s someone who needs u to help take care of his morning problem almost every morning
  • not quite as adventurous as Hobi in the, sex everywhere thing, just bc he loves to hear your voice when you have sex okay he wants u to be vocal af 
  • loves to see you in lingerie of any kind. can be lace, velvet, silk, anything. He especially loves it if you wear white, since its such an innocent and pure color, it really gets him off to see you enjoying such dirty things while looking like an angel.
  • he’s not super DUPER vocal, except for praising you and dirty talk, especially if you’re going down on him, you better expect a LOT of talking from his end
  • however, he is a deep moaner/ groaning and grunter. I mean, that deep silky voice of his is  just a telltale for the kinds of moans he has.
  • he likes to whisper dirty things in your ear when you’re in public and you have to resist the urge to punch him in the dick bc not now namjoon you caNNOT AFFORD TO BE SHOOK IN PUBLIC LIKE THAT
  • help me I’m such a sinner
  • sometimes he gets into this weird headspace like yoongi does, maybe its an artist thing but 
  • he sort of closes himself off a little bit when he’s stressed and maybe confused about his feelings for you bc its nice to date someone and like them but its v different when you’re dating someone and you LOVE them yknow?
  • and you would get a little worried but you figured his silence was bc of an upcoming comeback or he was having trouble with a song, and it wasn’t unusual that as the leader of BTS sometimes he had to put them before you, and you understood that, but after the 3rd week of not hearing anything from him, and him ghosting your texts and calls, you text Jin
  • who says that Namjoon is sorting through some things and it’s better if you come over and ask him about it in person
  • and Namjoon doesn’t really realize that he’s avoiding you or hurting you like to him it’s perfectly natural to close yourself off from others so that you’re not distracted or effected by their presence when you make a serious decision
  • but when you confront him with tears in your eyes, wondering if this silence is his way of cutting himself off from you in order to make it easier to break up with you, he realizes that that’s not a healthy way to think things through
  • and the very last thing he wanted to do was to see you here in front of him with your eyes watering and your hands are full of crushed glass that is your heart, and as always he’s responsible for breaking and ruining everything 
  • and he panics and tells you that no he never wants to break up with you because he loves you and he just wasn’t sure how to handle it bc he’s never had a serious love like this before and it honestly scared him how much he had fallen for you and how he needed you like air but he didn’t realize that you needed him just as much as he needed you and that you were suffocating without him
  • and he’s rambling so you cut him off with a salty kiss and he didn’t realize he was crying too until you’re holding his face in your hands wiping them away and as his eyes become less clouded by tears he sees you with tear tracks stained onto your face and you look tired and broken down but there’s such a love in your eyes 
  • and to him it just clicks that even tho he’s treated you so terribly you still love him bc forgiveness should be that easy, and you SHOULD be mad at him but you love him and you’re such a better person then he is for forgiving him so easily
  • and you just tell him he’s an idiot and that he better treat you extra nice for making you worry about him like that 
  • and he gives a watery laugh and tells you that if you’d just marry him already then you’d never have to worry about him again
  • and you tell him that would never happen, he hurts himself too much for you not to worry, but you say yes, and namjoon knows that you’ll always be together to glue glass hearts together again forever.

fuck my asshole RIP IN PEACE @ MYSELF AND ALSO TRICEY i feel like this one is so long?? send help i am crying

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okay so when ticketmaster announced that there was going to be a group photo option for the astro ny fanmeet i hauled my ass to the gym for the first time in three years and ahHHHH: a binu version 

  • okay so we know bin goes to the gym fairly often
  • eunwoo,,,,,,,,,,,, does not, 
  • i mean he probably does but for the purposes of fic let’s ignore that
  • it takes a lot for eunwoo to go to the gym 
  • mostly because he doesn’t like to exercise around other people bc the people who go to the gym regularly are gym rats and they all are hella fit and he doesn’t want to be the only one puffing away on the elliptical 
  • and so he locates the most deserted gym on campus bc hey if nobody goes there it lessens the chance of running into someone right?
  • cue eunwoo going to the gym at 11pm at night bc hey, that’s when everyone’s doing their homework or preparing to go to sleep right? who’s going to be at the gym? 
  • nobody
  • he hopes 
  • eunwoo climbing onto the elliptical and putting his music on and starting  a forty minute cycle 
  • also eunwoo being hella bored bc all he has to look at is himself 
  • in the mirror
  • which i mean, isn’t a bad sight but it’s also kind of boring 
  • eunwoo frowning and hopping off the elliptical 
  • eunwoo fishing his laptop out and by some magical feat manages to balance it between the electronic board and the handles 
  • hell yeah time to catch up on all the fancams he didn’t manage to watch during finals 
  • eunwoo going to his fave btob fansite and loading focus cams of sungjae 
  • good shit!!!!
  • eunwoo bopping along to the songs on the elliptical and watching sungjae dance 
  • bin blinking blearily at his alarm clock 
  • HECK 
  • he was supposed to wake up from his nap at 6 so he could work out before dinner 
  • it’s now
  • 11pm
  • heck 
  • bin groaning and tugging his shoes on 
  • thank god there’s a gym right downstairs in the basement of his dorm and thank god literally nobody uses it 
  • bin grabbing his water bottle and heading downstairs 
  • eunwoo jamming out to movie when suddenly this guy comes in 
  • rip
  • r i p 
  • it’s already too late he has his laptop propped really obviously and a fancam of sungjae is playing he can’t take any of it back 
  • whatever anyway he was here first, this other guy can judge him eunwoo’s leaving soon anyway!!!
  • bin squinting at the guy in the gym
  • he’s seen strange things in the gym before
  • like this one girl filming a dance audition using the mirrors in the gym 
  • but this is the first time he’s walked into the gym to see someone using his laptop on the elliptical 
  • wait
  • is that a fancam 
  • bin squinting but dammit he didn’t bring his glasses down so he can’t see who the hell the fancam is of
  • bin lowkey hoping it’s of jungkook so he can watch too bc he’s behind on his jungkook fancam watch-later list
  • bin sliding onto the elliptical next to the guy
  • and at this point he’s been focussing on the laptop bc heck he wants to know who the fancam is of
  • listen when the girl slid onto the elliptical next to me i had a mini anxiety shot bc there were like 3 other ellipticals to choose from yet she picked the one right next to me i nearly wept
  • eunwoo:
  • eunwoo @ god: WHY 
  • bin squinting at the laptop bc he doesn’t know if he doesn’t recognise whoever it is or if it’s just bc he doesn’t have his glasses on 
  • bin starting his work out while trying to sneak glances 
  • eunwoo trying his best to ignore the guy next to him
  • because HECK he’s f i t 
  • he’s had his eyes on the guy the moment he opened the door to the gym and
  • good lord 
  • he doesn’t know if it’s allowed or whatever to wear tank tops in the gym (it is) but it should be illegal 
  • bc the guy next to him ??? has biceps the size of eunwoo’s face probably
  • and he’s pounding away at double eunwoo’s speed and he literally isn’t even breaking a sweat
  • and he looks so focussed and go dd a m n his eyes
  • asjdlfhakjsd i want to describe it but i literally cannot see bin as sexy he’s stuck as a small whiny younger brother in my brain send help
  • eunwoo nearly crying
  • but also crying bc heck sungjae is one beautiful man like has anyone ever biased someone this amazing??? no 
  • bin giving up bc heck !!!!! whoever it is dances pretty well 
  • i mean, nobody, in bin’s humble opinion, can compare to bin’s ultimate bias *flips hair* but
  • he wants to kn o w 
  • bin coughing slightly and finally looking up at the guy with the laptop and asking: “uh so, who is that?”
  • uh
  • woah
  • forget whoever it was on the screen
  • the guy next to him???? bin is about to CHOKE
  • ?????????
  • what the heck??????
  • even with his hair swept away from his eyes with sweat and his cheeks ruddy
  • nobody should look this beautiful while working out ????/
  • bin about to fall off the damn elliptical 
  • eunwoo screaming internally bc HECK 
  • he was anxious enough before with someone getting onto a machine this close to him
  • and got even more anxious when he looked up and found out the new guy was hella fit ?????
  • and now ???? the guy wants to talk ?????????????
  • eunwoo about to chOKE 
  • but also it’s about sungjae and he’s very happy to promote his ult thank u very much 
  • eunwoo: “ah yeah, this is sungjae from btob?”
  • bin slowing the heck down on his own machine bc he’s damn ready to fkin fly off 
  • if that guy’s face wasn’t enough to stun him off the elliptical his voice ?????????? literally??????????? the most beautiful thing bin has ever heard????? 
  • forget his ult, this guy at the gym is his new ult than k s 
  • and he’s looking at bin with a curious and slightly shy expression and bin’s heart is literally this close to flying out of his chest 
  • eunwoo: ???????
  • he literally hasn’t responded to eunwoo is he okay 
  • is he that wowed by sungjae bc eunwoo can 1000% relate 
  • so can i tbh and sungjae isn’t even my bias in btob
  • eunwoo: “uh yeah do you stan btob too?”
  • wait
  • alarms going off in eunwoo’s head bc !!!!!!! DAMMIT if he stanned btob he wouldn’t have to ask eunwoo who the person on screen was dhfkdjkhsdjfhalskjdf
  • ajsdfhlaksjdfh dammit eunwoo !!! good job making a fool of yourself you’re never going to talk to him again good job for messing this up !!!!
  • bin finally recovering himself and remembering social conventions and yes he has to reply 
  • bin: “ah no, i stan another group haha”
  • bin:
  • eunwoo:
  • eunwoo panicking slightly bc wtf he wasn’t listening clearly before but this guy has the softest voice he’s ever heard and now that he’s looking directly at eunwoo ???????
  • eunwoo’s pretty sure his face is about to set on fire 
  • if he asks to know more about btob eunwoo doesn’t know what he’s going to do 
  • if he agrees he’s pretty sure he’d combust halfway through them talking asdhfjkasdhlf especially if the guy keeps looking at him the same way he’s looking at eunwoo now with his sparkling eyes and his cute cat smile
  • but also if he says no he’ll never see this guy again so !!!
  • what do what do !!!!!!
  • bin:
  • dammit he can’t let the conversation slip now ????? what if he never sees this angel again???? so
  • beep beep time to be shameless 
  • bin: “ah but i’d love to know more about this group, if you have the time?”
  • eunwoo flushing and nodding before he can stop himself 
  • oh lord  
  • heyyyyy introducing someone to the best vocal group of all time??? eunwoo’s shit 1000%
  • doing all this without his heart combusting ?? whoops 
  • bin: “ah great, it’s a date then!”
  • eunwoo: nearly falls off the elliptical 

i mean the girl who started talking to me was an army and she left the gym literally two minutes after i told her it was a moonbin fancam but maybe one day ;;;; 

yoonjin moments compilation post #runera

so as the run promotion era ended, i really want to make a post for anything yoonjin that has happened because whoa.. i kinda surprise because apparently there’s quite a lot or maybe it’s because i got to talk and have an intense discussion about yoonjin with a bunch of lovely little shits from @yoonjin-network so we got to catch a lot of their moments recently–not to mention our I.F.L.M.M.B.L.D.T.F.Y. session. if anyone wondering, it stands for “I Fucking Losing My Mind But Let’s Do This Fuck Yeah!” where we usually do an impromptu yoonjin scenario because these little shits just can’t hold theirself sometimes *sigh*

so i dedicate this post for you guys. just to summarize what’s just happened in the spare of 2 months. we can’t let the moment be forgotten.

this post contained a lot of photos and gifs so I put this under the cut

^that^ is me after finishing this post btw


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