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  • Nico: Sometimes I'm glad to be very short
  • Nico: Because you can fit yourself in smaller places nobody would look for you at
  • Jason, running down the hallway: NICO WHERE ARE YOU
  • Nico, squeezing himself into a pillowcase: It's really helpful sometimes

Ok but consider this: Jason Grace looking for part time jobs because he doesn’t want to be maintained by Piper’s dad while he’s with them in California.

So he starts looking for small jobs like painting houses, walking dogs, distribute newspapers or even babysitting, all to start putting together his own money.

And then is Piper, who at first tries to convince him not to worry about money, but it does not happen too much until she realizes that for Jason it’s not just about money, and she could not be more proud of him.

Can’t stop thinking about you

Finn Shelby x Reader

Request:  Im glad u like the idea,can u please write:(takes place at the wedding)u are Grace sister,you can see the hostility between the families,but u and Finn flirt,u get stuck in situations,Arthur & Tommy speech,the fire,u decide to move with Grace 4 Finn

Author’s note: I couldn’t fit everything in but i hope you still enjoy it, I thought it was super cute and happy just like finn is! Also Grace didn’t die in this imagine!

“You look stunning,” You say staring at your big sister as she twirls around showing off her dress, you both laughed at this. “And this house, I miss you so much Grace.” You and Grace looked completely opposite with your brown hair and dark brown eyes but you were always very close growing up considering the age difference, as she was 30 and you were 17.

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‘What’s going on here Grace?  What aren’t you telling me?’ Lawrence asked his eldest daughter.

‘You first?’ Grace challenged.  Holly was the one with the words.  Holly would know what to say and how to explain everything.

‘You know you’re really clever Grace’ Lawrence sensed Grace’s reluctance to talk.  

‘Thanks Dad, but I’m not the most academic.  I don’t even know if I want to do my A-Levels.  My GCSE’s were okay, but I don’t think I could get into Uni like Mum or Auntie Holly.’ Grace shrugged.

‘Grace, what you realise when you get older, that being book-smart isn’t everything and I’m telling you that you are smart, in different ways.  You should always be proud of yourself and what you have achieved.’

Grace smiled.  She supposed she was the one who initiated this whole time travelling expedition.  ‘I suppose I’m good at other things.’

‘Exactly and that’s why if you have got anything to tell me, about anything, you can tell me.  I won’t get mad.  I promise.’

Grace looked at her father.  Maybe she could tell him the truth about Jade, he was probably going to find out anyway.  He needed to know.  ‘I… oh look, there’s Mum and Holly, I’m going to go and say hi.’


Heppy heppy Helloween from my favorite goblins and ghouls to yooOoOoou  *:・゚✧ ♡

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“’Scuse me, but what?” They’re attempting to piece together what the human just said to them, but so far their mind is drawing a blank. Damn these earthlings and their interlocking languages! “You’ll have to repeat that for me, kiddo. Otherwise I’m continuing on my merry way.