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Can I just say how much… I really, really love writing Rhys and Mor? And maybe just take two seconds to chat about how underrated their relationship is? The more I write Rhys, the more I keep finding myself in these scenes with him coming to her, leaning on her, using her for help and advice whether he knows it or not. I think Rhys loves her so, so much. And I honestly believe that out of everyone in the IC, if Mor were to die it would hit him harder than anyone else (save Feyre, of course). They’ve grown up together, and he’s fought his entire life to give her independence and freedom, and I think Mor returns the favor when he lands on her balcony after the Mountain, and he sort of just… lets her keep being this shepherd in his life, helping him keep from fully unraveling. I think Cassian and Azriel aren’t the only ones who feel her endless warmth and spirit. Say what you will about the Cazigan dynamic in the books and who has to “shield” whom from Mor’s infectious spirit, but if you think about it, Rhys is exempt from that protection. He just gets to enjoy Mor for all she is, how selfless and supportive and encouraging, and she too gets to be there for her cousin who has empowered her and given her status and strength over her family, these things that make her into a queen. They’re friends. Really, really good friends and I think there is so much love between them that we don’t get to see a lot of in ACOMAF, but if SJM were to ever write the book as Rhys or elaborate on it, I think we’d be surprised just how much goes on between the two of them and how much he confides in her. And I think given how much they’ve gone through together… that’s just, I don’t know, really really special and I love it so much. It’s nice to see that even when the entire world and family around them falls apart, there is still this lovely little kernal of them left to lean on and it never goes away.

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hey! My friend met Zayn at yesterday night event and you posted a gift from her (the one zayn told her she looked like his little sis') anyway she wanted to know if it was possible to have this gift by solo like, not stucking to the 2 others you know what I mean ? Thanksss

omg i’m so sorry for the late reply but here you go !! and congrats to your friend for meeting z <3333 :D

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"I heard Akagami used to drink in this bar. Your boozes must be really something! Give me one, ma'am!"

“You heard correctly! It’s something we take pride in! Just don’t tell the Mayor.  I’ve heard quite a few things about you Mister Swordsman. So…how is our little Luffy doing? Is he a handful? Ah! I should get your drink first! One moment please!” She scurried around behind the bar to pour the man one of their best drinks. Excited to chat with one of Luffy’s friends and hear about their adventures. “Here you go! I hope you like it!”


Bokuto Kōtarō || The Owl Ace !
Happy belated Birthday to my dear shithead Jo ♡


Raymond Reddington in 4x13

Okay, so I know there’s a lot to talk about in the promo for next week’s episode… but I haven’t yet seen anyone on my dash discussing the most mystifying part of the promo. You know the one. Come on, guys. You must know the one I mean!!! It’s the one where Captain Charming whips out a fucking bunsen burner and starts doing chemistry in the middle of the loft.

Why are we not discussing this??

hello hey hey hello eyy

i thought i might do a little update since it’s err.. i have a little energy left before bed

university is giving me a super hard time and sucking all the energy i have for drawing/posting/being active in a nutshell

i’m super thankful for the people in my life who back me up, for the fact itself that i have people in my life to fall back on ( thank you senpain for constantly being there *clap clap* your patience is priceless)

also thank you everyone who sticks around :’) honestly i was expecting you all - can i call you friends, its weird to say followers- you all friends to unfollow my inconsequential ass :’’) 

i want to offer more to this blog but as i am right now.. i don’t feel like i have something worthy of offering - i just wish with all my heart to get in a better phase of my life so i could just draw

haha wow this became a rant

anyhoo please have this..old..super sketchy…CG redraw of yoosungie - remembered i made it after i saw @itscutiepieyoosung dedicating a moment of silence to it and damn did i agree lmao

i drew it at an early stage of mysme syndrome, ahh i was happily in love and and angry he didnt have a damn nose : ) look now he has a cute one!! *boop it boop boop*

that’s all folks!! i hope you have a super duper day/night! *fingerguns wink wink*