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Hey, will there be some Mchanzo on this au? I'm new here but if there is some, how will the boys fall in loveeee heheheee keep the good work~

How they fall in love? Weeeell…

…just kidding, just kidding! We swear this is NOT how the story goes ahahahah

Anyway, it won’t be an easy task for the two falling in love! Let’s say this: sometimes giving yourself for the sake of your sister can impress even a certain sacred/dragon descendant/royal/honor obsessed kirin  (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) 👌

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Did you realize that from this three devastating moments from yesterday's clip, the only one in which we saw Sana (almost) cry was the fight. Because she was crying for Isak?? And I just really really hope my girl will manage to cry for herself to, in her mother's arms...


Sana staggers back a few steps. Yousef and Noora are still wrapped around each other like serpents, oblivious to everyone around them.

She opens and closes her mouth without any words coming out. The music is too loud, the room is too crowded and she feels dizzy.

She turns around and runs. She doesn’t care how crazy she looks, sprinting out of the bar, bumping into people without any “excuse me” or “I’m sorry.”

She was done apologizing.

For everything.

She hears her name a few times but she just keeps moving. It doesn’t matter who it is, they’re all the same.

Sana steps into the tram, collapses on a seat and leans against the window. She closes her eyes and shuts out the world around her.


When she gets home, she heads straight to her room.

On her study desk she sees that stupid, stupid flower he had given her. She tosses it in the trash.

Then she takes out her laptop and deletes her browser history.

How to get over someone you deeply love?

How to make 300,000 fast?

Why can’t Muslim women marry non muslim men?

She watches as all those questions disappear. Wiped so easily. And she feels fucking satisfied and bitter at the same time as she erases it all.

A white blank screen in front of her. A fresh clean slate.

If only it was this easy to erase every jab, every memory, each and every one of their words from her mind.

She has supported and listened and cared for all of them only to get nothing in return. And she is sad and angry and resentful but most of all….she is tired.

So tired of holding it all in that she sits down on her bed, takes a deep staggering breath, and starts to cry.

She puts her face in her hands and feels the tears slip through her fingers, shoulders shaking as she sobs.

There’s a knock on her door and her mom’s voice on the other side. It’s unlocked anyway so after a few knocks she gently opens it.

When she sees Sana she rushes forward and asks her, “Sana?! What happened why are you crying?”

And Sana wraps her arms around her mom, puts her head on her chest and continues weeping without offering any explanation.

Her mom is shocked but she simply holds her baby, and rubs her shoulders and softly murmurs “it’s okay, it’s okay” to her.

After a while when she’s calmed down, and only silent tears are falling down her cheeks, her mom says, “You want to talk about it?”

Sana feels the lump in her throat and bites down on her lip. She really doesn’t. She wants to retreat back into her mind, and like every other time, internalize all her struggles and sorrows and deal with it in the unhealthiest manner. But she realizes that it’s not the right thing to do. That holding it all in was making her life miserable.

So she opens her mouth, and like blood rushing from arteries into veins, it all flows out.

She starts a story then breaks off and starts another but somehow she manages to convey her feelings about everything and everyone. The Russebus, the comments of those girls, Yousef. She leaves out the part about Elias because that’s the last thing her mom needs to worry about.

Her mom listens without interrupting and when Sana is done, she’s silent.

“You were right Mama. I should’ve listened to your advice. I’m the one who’s dumb not you. I’m sorry.”

Her mom gently lets her go and makes Sana sit up.

Then she takes her face in her hands and says, “Look at me. You are not dumb. I want you to understand that it doesn’t matter what those girls said, you have the brightest mind and the kindest soul habibti and nothing and no can take that away from you. No one can change it unless you let them. Unless you let their words and actions get to you. Unless you sacrifice parts of yourself for others. And they’re not worth it Sana. Anyone who can’t respect you for who you are, they’re not worth your time and consideration.”

Sana rubs her cheek against her mom’s palm. “Are you disappointed in me Mama? I’m sorry I didn’t tell you everything sooner I wanted to it’s just…”

“We can talk about all that tomorrow. Right now, I just want you to realize that this isn’t your fault Sana. Sometimes I look at you and see so much of myself that it scares me. Like me, you have a tendency to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders without making a sound, and that’s not the way it should be. It’s not normal. I’m happy you finally talked to me Sana, promise me you’ll never shut me out again?”

She nods and falls back into her mother’s embrace. “I promise Mama, I promise.”

“Then know that I’m here for you, always my love.”

And Sana knows that she’ll be fine. She’ll face everything that tomorrow has to offer with a brave heart and a strong mind.

But tonight, in her mother mother’s arms, she’s allowed to be sad. Tonight she’ll work through the grief and she’ll begin to heal.

Tonight she’s sad and that’s okay.

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GaiusxPane from awakening is pretty heckin cute

Here you go this cute ship o(≧∇≦o) <33 Thanks for your request dear anon!

Also I did a lil bonus, Gaius ate the candy he was going to give to Pane–

Request (and ships) are OPEN (FE:Awakening\Fates\Heroes | Zero Escape Trilogy | Danganronpa games)


Here you go, anon dear. And uh…backstory? Hmm…

Talon gets a hold of Winston’s unfinished blueprints (through Sombra maybe?) creates the chronal accelerator, and “saves” Tracer before Overwatch. After feeding her with lies about the Slipstream Flight Experiment, why she was selected to be its pilot, etc. Successfully manipulated and now filled with hate for Overwatch for ruining her sex life (can’t take the damn bulky chronal accelerator off ughhhhh), Tracer joins Talon and gets herself a hot purple girlfriend who happens to be her late boss’ ex wife. Also, the Latina freelancer flirts with her every chance she gets. Luckily, Sombra has her translocator or she would have been dead by the hot purple girlfriend’s hand.

PS Gabriel designed this outfit, not me.

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nr 6 and msr please! I love you!

Dear lovely anon, thank you so much! Here we go. Set in season 6.

‘On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the late sunlight glowing in your hair’

He’s been planning it for months.

Long months spent running after shadows, as always, trying to escape ex-girlfriends, not so common, and trying to find a way back to each other. He feels like maybe that’s their thing, after all.

The first it happens it’s messy and unplanned. Born out of pure relief; he’s alive, she’s alive and he’s in his time, with her, giving him The Look and she doesn’t believe a word he’s saying. His I love you is thrown away like the punch her alter-ego directed at his cheek; still burning when he woke up. Just like her ‘oh brother’ stings, just deeper, more profoundly.

So after that he plans. He doesn’t tell her when she asks him if he ever wants to get out of the car. He doesn’t want to and maybe that’s why he jokes, doesn’t say what’s really on his mind. I love you, he thinks, and I want to spend the rest of my life doing this with you. Driving on a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere, chasing answers to questions no one else even thinks about. The rhythmic roll of the tires screeches I love you with every inch traveled. The words never land on his tongue, though, and so he doesn’t tell her.

Mulder whispers I love you to her when she’s forced to share her hotel room and her bed with him in Kroner, Kansas. She’s fast asleep, her even breathing never once missing a beat. A perfect rhythm that he watches silently, guiltily if he’s honest because he knows she hates it, feels embarrassed by it. Watching her then he thinks of later, planning to tell her when the case is over. Look at me, Scully, I don’t want to be like Holman. I can’t make the weather for you, but I can tell you that I love you. He doesn’t, though.

Christmas comes and goes without a single I love you uttered. When Diana strolls into their life, her feelings ever present on her face and her tongue, his plans are crumpled up like a piece of paper, forgotten in his favorite pair of pants. He thinks it still, sometimes, when Scully looks at him, raises her eyebrows and questions his loyalty. I love you, he thinks, but can’t tell her because she wouldn’t believe him anyway. She walks away from him, their shared trust trampled under her heels as she leaves him standing there. He pushes his hands in his pockets, empty, like his mind.

He tells everyone but her that he loves her when they go undercover as a married couple. My wife, who I love. My wife, who I adore. She rolls her eyes, thinking he can’t see it or simply not giving a damn. He at least hopes it’s the first. One night, while on the couch in a strange house, playing a role he hates opposite the woman he loves more than anything else in the world, he decides that it’s time. As soon as this is over, he promises. He’ll tell her. He’ll tell her he loves her and she’ll believe him. He falls asleep before he can have any doubts; when does Scully ever believe the same thing he does?

Months pass and his plans get derailed again. Gun-shot wound to the abdomen and he loses his courage touching her hand, warm and steady. His gratitude of being able to touch her, to see her there is greater than his need to tell her. She wouldn’t believe him anyway, he thinks bitterly, as she tells him she’s fine and to please stop babying her. His courage leaves him again a million times over on a Monday that repeats itself again and again, like a bad, broken record. Like that outcome, maybe it’s just not meant to be.  

The day is perfect. He leaves a message on her answering machine; he knows she needs a reason for everything. A simple I want to spend time with you outside of work and government conspiracies is not going to cut it. A birthday present, either way too late or way too early, might put a smile on her face, lure her out. He can’t stop grinning when she shows up, humors him and lets him hold her. Her hair tickles him, her scent entices him as they stand close, molded together for no other reason than wanting to be. It’s the perfect day. The moment she makes contact, when her eyes watch the ball fly in amazement, just watching, marveling, is there. I love you, I love you, I love you. He wants to scream it into her ears, rather than say it, but instead he just grins against her skin, takes everything he can have. He doesn’t say I love you, again.

When it happens, finally, on an average Tuesday afternoon, they’re both tired and sticky. Having spent half the day in a rented car without air conditioning, Scully furiously trying to tame her hair and Mulder giving up on his dress shirt desperately and hotly clinging to his back, they decide to stop at a diner. Order me something cold, Mulder, Scully lets him know before she makes her way into the bathroom. He orders a coke and a diet coke with extra ice and waits for her at the car, unwilling to go back in just yet. He absent-mindedly plays with the straw, occasionally taking a sip, reveling in the sweet, cold taste he knows will make him sweat even worse. Then she starts walking towards him. Mulder lifts his head the moment he hears the cheap bell over the door ring. It’s Scully, all right. She’s opened another button on her blouse, still tasteful, still professional, and her face looks flushed, devoid of make-up. Her hair, previously having stuck to her neck, gently flaps against her cheeks now. Scully’s mouth opens as she walks towards him and he thinks she is going to say something. But he wants to say it first. He could tell her about the blazing color of her hair right now, how the late sunlight captures her color perfectly, transforming it into a gentle fire, burning him. Waxing poetry, though, that’s not what she needs. Or wants. 

“Scully, you look…” The words shoot out of his mouth and when she glances at him, her hand reaching for her diet coke, he knows this is the moment. He couldn’t have planned this. This is not how he wants to tell her, and yet this time, he does.

“I love you, Scully. I love you.” He repeats it as if saying it more than once will make her believe it this time. She, however, cups her drink, captures the straw and takes a sip. His heart beats, waits, beats again. Say it again, he thinks, tell her you mean it, his mind demands.

“I know, Mulder,” Scully tells him and her voice is as gentle as the breeze, as soft as the sunlight caught in her hair, “I love you, too. I was just waiting for you to say it again.”

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Maybe McCree as a third one in our beloved daddy series? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh my, what have we gotten ourselves into?
Thank you so much for that request, dear “Anon”, here you go!
We hope you enjoy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jesse has actually been called daddy before, in private, though it definitely confused him when he heard the word come out of your mouth for the first time.  
    “I ain’t that old yet, sugar” he retorted with a smirk. He felt that the age gap was far from big enough for you to be calling him daddy but he couldn’t deny that he enjoyed it a lot.
  • Things get problematic when the word slips from your lips during a training session. Almost every single member of Blackwatch is present, busy sparring with their assigned partner. The room is filled with an incredible noise that makes it difficult to understand your own conversations. As you and McCree are taking a small break and he hands you a water bottle, you take the refreshing beverage with a teasing “Thank you, daddy”. 
  • However, it seems like Jesse didn’t quite understand what you said because of the noise level. As he’s not able to read lips either, he asks you to repeat your words. You gladly oblige and repeat what you had just said, a lot louder this time. The second you thank your daddy for the water again, the room unexpectedly turns a lot quieter than before, allowing everyone to understand the words, which were meant for your boyfriend only, just fine. Every single person hears it, loud and clear.
  • You immediately cover your mouth with your hands as if to shove the words back inside. What happened couldn’t be undone, though. Afraid of facing your teammates’ amused expressions you simply stare at Jesse’s chest in embarrassment.
    McCree quickly pulls down his hat to cover his face and the blush that is spreading on his cheeks, due to both embarrassment and arousal. Since you are close enough to him, you can still see the smirk that has found its way to his lips. 
  • Meanwhile, Gabriel is struggling to contain his laughter. He makes a mental note to remind McCree of this incident until the end of time, to make sure this would go down in the history of Overwatch. As almost every single member is left unable to concentrate on training after what had just happened, the commander decides to call it a day. 
  • McCree swiftly grabs your wrist and drags you into a nearby storage room in a frantic attempt to hide from the comments and funny faces you will be getting from your fellow teammates. That’s not his only plan, of course.
    “Ya think they’ll hear ya scream daddy in here?” 
  • If that previous statement didn’t make you blush, surely Gabriel Reyes walking by, overhearing your conversation, and making a bold comment does.
    “Yes, they will, so I suggest you guys get yourself a more private and silenced room”.
Imagine : Ben being jealous

This was requested earlier this week :Could you maybe do a jealous Ben imagine? You can make up the story cuz I like your imagination, but just Ben being jealous!’

So here we go! I hope you like this, dear anon. Thank you again for your request.

I really can’t imagine Ben as a jealous man though, so I reckon that if he was indeed jealous, it wouldn’t be without any reason, it wouldn’t be over nothing. At least that’s how I imagine it so, I hope you feel the same and you won’t be disappointed.

And did I write 7 pages instead of 3 or 4 again? Yep, I did…

Gif’s not mine

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Punk Omega Headcanons

-The Alpha meeting the Omega for the first time in a very strict school and the Omega is very pretty and funny and cute and the Alpha is instantly smitten, they walk together at the end of school but as they pass the bathrooms the Omega asks them to wait a minute because they need to use the bathroom, but once the Omega comes back out they are changed out of their uniform and decked out in black and spikes and “were you wearing a blond wig before or did you just dye your hair blue in the school bathroom?” and the Alpha is doomed after that…especially once they learn how against having a mate the Omega is

-The Alpha trying to talk to the Omega like, “what about when you’re over this phase and you want to settle down?” and the Omega glares and says “I’ll never settle down, I don’t need you or this town”

-The Alpha’s Beta friend convincing them that getting a giant tattoo on their chest will impress the Omega…but it doesn’t and now they have a giant tattoo that they don’t even really like that they have to hide from their parents

-The Alpha trying the usual courting gifts of books and stuffed animals but being bluntly shot down every time because the gifts they chose are stupid, but still being ridiculously determined to win the Omega’s heart

-After many failed courting attempts the Alpha asks the Omega’s Beta friend for advice and this time ends up with a piercing…that still does not impress the stubborn Omega, so now the Alpha has a tattoo and a piercing for no good reason, but they keep trying because Alphas rarely give up when they want something

-The two Beta friends always watching from a distance and making bets on what’s going to happen next and what kinds of stupid things they can get the Alpha to do

-The Omega being harrassed and right as the Alpha is about to step in and finally be able to do something impressive, the little Omega snaps and beats the shit out of their significantly larger harrasser themselves and the Alpha is just so done but also so in love

-The Omega always wearing chokers that draw attention to their scent glands and their long dainty neck, the Alpha always noticing it and finally one day they are struck with the idea to give the Omega a choker as a courting gift…which shockingly, they accept without insulting it too much

-Quite a ways into this failing courtship the Alpha is becoming more determined than ever and they are carefully planning their next move when the Omega randomly is just “I like you, let’s be mates now” and the Alpha is so torn between being thrilled and just exploding because “That wasn’t how this was supposed to go! That wasn’t the satisfying victory I was aiming for! I was supposed to woo you into submission! All that build up for such a simple ending?!” and the Omega is really confused but they end up kissing the Alpha just to shut them up and all the inner turmoil is suddenly forgotten

-Officially introducing the Omega to the Alpha’s family for the first time and everyone is so excited to finally meet the Omega they had been hearing about, but as soon as the parents catch sight of their polite and well groomed Alpha child standing next to someone bright blue hair and piercings and everything else it’s just “oh dear”

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Hi! Love your content. I have a question for you. How would you describe the 104 corps laughs? I thought I saw an Anon asking, but now I'm curious. Have a nice day!

Yes, there was an anon asking, but I will answer if here for you! So to my dear anon, here you go!!

Eren: He has a very bright sounding laugh. It’s very full sounding, like you can actually hear the ‘ha’ sounds there, but it’s not fake in anyway. It’s so genuine. So pure. So joyful. 

Mikasa: Soft and sweet. Ridiculously infection cause it’s so cute, but she doesn’t laugh all that often so it makes it even more adorable when it happens. When she starts laughing really hard, she ends up laughing silently. 

Armin: Really light and happy. He’s got one of those laughs that’s unintentionally loud, but that’s what makes it adorable. His laugh is just so genuine and joyful, he can’t control it, and it’s precious. 

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