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Despite the world reminding her every day of her life that she’s undeserving of being given anything by it, that she was unworthy of what little she’d managed to take from it - despite all of that, she never believed a word of it.

The Women of Black Sails in 4x08

Entertainment Weekly just posted a sweet interview with Kat, talking about her experience with the show over the past 8 years (And fittingly, they used a still from the Bamon vampcakes scene!). Here’s what she had to say about Bamon when reminiscing about specific storylines she enjoyed working on:

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So now I need a fic from you post 7x19. Like what happens,how is the second encounter I know you can do this

Why the hell didn’t I do this sooner?

It’s really the only thought on her mind as Bonnie lies on Enzo’s chest, naked, her finger drawing nonsense on his chest. His muscles ripple with every touch and Enzo matches her spirals with his own on her back. They’re still sprawled on the couch, legs tangled together, and Bonnie isn’t quite sure if this afterglow gripping her gut is after-sex-glow or after-sex-with-Enzo-glow.

She starts kissing his skin - it tastes like salt and cinnamon and somehow she feels that’s extra appropriate - and Enzo chuckles. His vibrations draw her closer, somehow, and her hand travels to his arms. His arms - god, she’d been attracted to them for ages now, but to sit there, skin to skin, and massage them under her thumb… Bonnie doesn’t know why she waited for this.

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Why of course I can, dear ithegoodmorty! (And please don’t feel that way, I’m virtually nobody.)

Despite her and Rick not necessarily being civil, I imagine due to Beth’s young age of her pregnancy that her mother played SOME part of her grandkids early lives considering young parents make for young Grandparents. 

In my book, Bonnie’s pet names for Morty and Summer are bumble bee and lady bug. Just cuz of colors and such. 

So here you go! 


/ ˈdʒɛləsi / ; noun

A sentiment which is born in love and which is produced by the fear that the loved person prefers someone else. (Littré)


*Sings in a cute 50’s tune* 

“It’s Rick and Bonnie
and they go together like wubba lub dubba dub”

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for Punk Rick and Bonnie pics.
Although I don’t really see Bonnie as being much in the Punk scene but just rather cute 80’s jumpers and big blonde hair.

But then again, Beth was Born about 1980 so,
This is 1977 -78ish? ehhh Eras.
So here you go for #TBT 
Prick (Punk + Rick) 
And Boom Boom Bonnie.


carrying me to safety…
two footprints, your footprints in the sand

Dressing up w/ Tom

I know Halloween is long gone and I honestly wish I would’ve thought of this then but here we go!

  • “We should be Bonnie and Clyde!” You suggest
  • “No we need something that will include Haz, Sam, Harry , Y/F/N”
  • You groan, “The power rangers.”
  • His eyes lit up, “Awesome!”
  • “I didn’t really mean it-” You got cut off with Tom’s excessive planing
  • “As long as I get to be the Pink Ranger, Y/F/N is gonna have to be yellow.” 
  • “Of course. I’m gonna be the green one.” He winked. 
  • Tom showing off in his costume and doing hella flips. 
  • “Show off.” Haz says. 
  • “I don’t want to get helmet hair.” Your friend whines.
  • “Oh lets take a selfie.” You say pulling her in. 
  • “We need a group pic.” Harry says. 
  • “With the helmets on!” Sam adds
  • “If it’ll fit over your huge head.” Tom teases. 

You and Tom:

  • “You guys are fucking gross!” Harry says covering his eyes.
  • “Can you two stop!” Haz says rolling his eyes. 
  • Tom ripping off his helmet, “Oh you look sexy with your hair all messed up liked that.” You smiled, taking off your helmet. 
  • “You like?” He winks
  • “I love. I’m actually getting kind of horny.”
  • “Okay can you guys please not be that couple tonight.” Your friend begs. 
  • “We can’t help it.” You shrugged, running your hand up and down Tom’s chest and biting your lip. 
  • “You want to go make brown?” He asks.
  • “What?”
  • “Pink and Green mixed together makes like a weird brown-, You want to have sex?” He asked more straight forward.  
  • “Yeah let’s do this.” 
  • You two running back to the car to have a quickie. 
  • “Okay, let’s go beat some bad guys!” Tom clapped after you two finshed boning in the car. 
Creator’s Toys


At first Bonnie didn’t look up when he heard the Parts and Service room door open. It was probably Chica- Withered Chica, that was. She and Foxy had left earlier in the night, leaving him and Freddy, who was currently deactivated, in the room. When he looked up however, he was caught off guard.

Who and what was that? They certainly weren’t human, and for a second he wondered if they were a new animatronic, but then decided against it. This stranger didn’t have the logical anatomy for an animatronic and… was his head… floating?

Bonnie blinked. Were his eyes failing too now? But… no, he hadn’t been wrong. This strange new visitor reminded him of something, but he couldn’t quite figure out what. It something about the way he looked. He didn’t seem quite… real? No, it was probably a loose wire in memory somewhere.

The rabbit made a robotic humming noise that almost seemed to sound questioning as a sort of welcome. “Hmmhh?”