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It's totally chill if ur not cool with answering this, I understand, but could I have hcs for Evan dealing with an s/o on their period?

((it’s totally fine, honestly!! i get a period so i definitely understand the struggle. i’m willing to write about almost anything, but tysm for being so nice about it. idk, just refreshing i guess! here you go bb ^3^)) 

  • okay so 
  • you’d start feeling sluggish and just /bad/ 
  • and you’d put the pieces together w all of your symptoms and stuff and you just know what time it is
  • so anyway you text him something like 
  • “hey can you come over? i wanna cuddle!!” 
  • he’s been wanting to chill w you all day so he immediately goes over to your place
  • you’re curled up on your bed watching tv or playing on your phone or something
  • and he just flops on top of you and gives you one of those good Evan Hansen Hugs ™ 
  • you guys just hug-cuddle for a while before saying anything and he’s the first one to break the silence 
  • “are you okay? you seem kinda…down?” 
  • you try to explain to him 
  • “what do you mean, ‘that time of the month?’ i mean, it’s the new moon in the moon cycle but i don’t understand what that has to do with- oh.” 
  • you both laugh bc he’s such a huge dork that he keeps up w what phase the moon is in 
  • “do you need me to get you anything? like, anything?” 
  • this boy would be at your beck and call s2g if you didn’t need anything like food or snacks or anything he’d offer massages and stuff
  • “do you need me to get your phone for you?” 
  • “ev it’s literally like three inches away from me???” 
  • “well yeah but i didn’t want you to have to reach or anything”
  • he would make your heart absolutely melt at times
  • he just doesn’t want you to hurt!! or feel bad or uncomfortable or have to deal with periods in general 
  • he’d be such a good boyfriend i love him sm 

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Favorite leggings/socks?

the last two aren’t technically leggings or socks buuuut they are in that category and I’m totally in love with them so here you go bb <3 

  1. moon-craters’ ripped punk tights
  2. trillyke’s thigh high socks - coughs there’s an amazing recolour right here ;)
  3. ladyhayny’s stocking with garters
  4. strike-e’s knee bandages
  5. decayclownsims’ cute plasters - i love these omfg

other lists I’ve done can be found here, I think I’ve covered the bulk of everything I could possibly do, if there’s still one not there that you want - go ahead and hit me up :’) 

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14 for Rey/Finn :3c


14. things you said after you kissed me

After he fell, she kissed him twice. 

The last, the goodbye kiss, Finn didn’t remember; one of the attendants told him about it after he woke. But the first came to him late, an incomplete recollection that slowly regains itself the longer one keeps it, lingering at the edge of consciousness. He might have been dreaming, might have been wishful and stupid, but he knew that it had happened. He knew that much. 

He’d opened his weary eyes and surveyed the unfamiliar room with the force of old habit; eyes darting from one corner to the next, hard reflex in a tool bred solely for warfare. (No, not a tool; a person. He was a person now. He knew that much). 

Bacta tanks loomed in the back of the room. People in gray tunics fretted over consoles, bustling from one end of the room to the other before leaning over cots, currently occupied by the injured. He recognized the familiar bustle of a medical bay and felt himself relax. He was a long way from that snowy forest, with a lightsaber clutched between his clammy hands. 

But something was missing from this picture; a familiar face, despite how impossible it was to be familiar with someone you had only just met. He couldn’t explain it. When they clasped hands, he felt like he’d done so before, like his fingers were made to lace through hers. And only now, waking up alone, did he fully recognize their absence. 

He must have looked upset, for one of the attendants hurried to his side. “You’re safe,” she assured him, glancing at his chart. “Finn, is it? You’re –” 

“Where is she?” he wondered. “Rey. Ah – the woman. Wasn’t there a woman –?” 

Recognition finally dawned. “Oh, right. She was here for awhile.” A knowing expression tempered the attendant’s worn features, made her look nearly young in complicity. “She left, though. Gave you a kiss and lit on out. Who knows where.” 

Finn processed this information from a great distance. She’d been here. She’d kissed him, and he hadn’t even been awake for it. There was a small part of him that hoped, probably beyond sense, that she’d still be here, that she’d have wanted to stay and talk about what they had seen, share its impossible weight between themselves, before figuring out the future. 

Another might have succumbed to despair, but Finn reclined back onto his cot, wincing slightly as the wound gave a twinge, and let this knowledge warm him. She had stayed for a little while and pressed her lips to his – well, he didn’t know where she’d kissed him. Somewhere notable, if the attendant had seen. 

Slowly, he remembered: In the murky fog of his memory, between the snowy forest and medical bay, she had bent over him. His head had been on her lap. He felt her palms on face, burning like the heart of a star.  She was trembling. Something soft had brushed his brow.

Finn shivered. It could have been a dream, the result of delirium brought on by his injuries. But the longer he lay there, setting aside his loss and pain, the more certain he grew. She could have left him quietly, with nothing. Instead, she had given him something solid, something to hold onto. Something with a name. 

He knew he would see her again. He knew that much.