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Pairing: Y/N/Author!Calum

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 5.100+

Summary: With a notebook in his hand, Calum always explored the imaginating world of authors expressing stories through words. What his best friend Y/N never knew was that the amazingly girl in his story always based around her.

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If you are in the mood to write prompts - #27 Thomas/Miro, because that sounds so much like Thomas :P and also I'm so happy for you being at yesterday's CL match!!!! omg one day I'll get to see a Bayern home game hopefully. <3 <3

the way you said i love you | a taunt, with one eyebrow raised and a grin bubbling at your lips:

“What else do we need from the strikers?” 

“A few goals would be nice,” Thomas loosely says, the way he does when he’s mostly talking to himself. He’s been watching Miroslav plan out a training session for the U-17s all afternoon. From his chair, the new coach turns to him, a raised eyebrow. “Well yeah,” 

Thomas laughs at that, because it was always like Miroslav to catch every single detail. He pushes his back from the bed he’s been resting on all day. Miro turns back to the board with the names and positions, trying to discover some secret that he still hasn’t figured out.  

“You know– I do miss you scoring goals.” He tries, hoping to get his attention. It doesn’t work, Miro mumbles something in reply that doesn’t make out to be anything. Thomas decides to get up and take matters into his own hands. 

“I bet the world misses the sommersault celebrations, your undeniable quality with all of your fair play. I even know the strikers from the German national team miss you..” 

Miro wraps an arm to Thomas’ waist, pulling him closer. He doesn’t miss the hint of the smile on his lips. “Do they, now?” However, his attention is still on the board, probably wondering if he should switch from a 4-2-3-1 formation to a 2-4-4. 

“Of course,” Thomas continues, a grin now also spreading across his face. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if coach Klose also won a world cup?” 

It finally works, and between a soft laughter, Miro pulls Thomas down on his lap. “As much as I like that idea; it’s a very hard to do,” 

“I’m sure the world cup top scorer shouldn’t have any problems now,” 

Miro raises an eyebrow at him, “I had help fro–” He starts, but Thomas stops him with a kiss. But before he can deepen it, Thomas pulls back.

“Tell you what, coach, let’s make a deal: if I score against Arsenal on Wednesday, you’ll win the world cup with us.”

“Fine,” Miro impulsively agrees after raising an eyebrow unimpressed, the way Thomas knew he would. He may be a serious person, but he’s still a man who wants to win championships. All he needs is someone to push the right buttons. Thomas grins. 

A week later, Miroslav sighs when he finds out he’s not starting. Watching the way Bayern are playing, it seems almost impossible that he’s not on the field. He can’t help but smile when Thomas gets subbed in five minutes before the match is done, scoring a goal two minutes later against the critics and the inconsistent goal droughts. 

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Overwatch Vaping Headcanons

Honestly, most characters aren’t interested in vaping and have politely declined offers to do so.

Characters who have nothing to do with vaping: Mei, Pharah, Widowmaker, Zarya, Bastion, Hanzo, Torbjorn, Symmetra, Mercy.

  • D.Va has sponsored a flavour series [bubblegum, mountain dew, cherry, etc] but hasn’t actually vaped herself since it’d distract her focus.

  • McCree is actively against vaping. Why not stick with a perfectly good cigar? It bothers him that vape culture is even a thing.

  • Tracer’s obviously tried it, but doesn’t go out of her way to get fluid. A friend gave her an old rig that she keeps around but never uses. 

  • Genji vapes. Hanzo hates him for it.

  • Junkrat mods his vapes way out of control, and they’ve blown up on him multiple times, but that’s part of the fun. 

  • Roadhog’s rig was built by Junkrat and is surprisingly stable. No, it’s not his Take A Breather skill. The two of them vape while standing on the rubble after a fight, usually while Junkrat rambles his thoughts at him.

  • Lucio keeps an extra vape in case a stranger wants to join him. He keeps a variety of flavours with him too, including a few of D.Va’s.

  • Reaper vapes all the time and often lurks vape forums to maximise his cloud potential. His favourite flavour is actually D.Va’s Mountain Dew. He kills anyone who makes fun of him for it.

  • Reinhardt got roped into buying a vape by the Overwatch crew and was very enthusiastic about making “the big smoke”, but at some point he lost it and never got around to getting a new one.

  • Soldier: 76′s google history is filled with things like “vaping  Health problems” “vape bad for lungs” “vaping bad for you”.

  • Winston quickly built and used a vape to humor Tracer who had found a liquid that was peanut butter inhale and banana exhale. He coughed for a good minute before tossing it in the garbage.

  • Zenyatta is above vaping. “Vapor is not a substitute for inner tranquility.” Genji doesn’t listen to him.