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Contest time!
The next time I post something in character will be the post where the Prince is revealed! So, we’re having a contest. Whoever guesses what species of Pokemon the Prince is wins a sneak peek at his ref, then gets to give him his first ask!

So here are the rules.
Three guesses per person.
First to guess correctly wins.
Winner needs to acknowledge the victory within three days, or else I’ll pick the runner up.
Don’t you dare spoil what the Prince is if you win.
Contest will go on until I get a correct guess.
I would prefer to get your guesses off anon and through the ask box.
If you don’t trust Tumblr to get your guesses to me safely, you may use messages or replies.

“What! But the Prince could be one of 750+ Pokemon!”
Yeah, but there are enough clues to narrow it down quite a bit. If time goes on and no one gets a correct guess, I’ll give everyone a few more guesses and maybe give a hint.

“????? What clues??”
Look around the blog, they’re there. Also, don’t rely on assumptions. That’s all! Good luck!

“I’m gonna guess later so I can see what he isn’t!”
That won’t help! I’m not posting or replying to guesses. If you don’t get an answer, assume you haven’t won. Even after someone’s won, keep guessing until I’ve confirmed their acceptance. You could end up a runner up!

“How will I be contacted when I win?”
Ideally I’ll reply privately. Once you get my reply, shoot me a message. Then I’ll send you a link to the Prince’s ref and you can ask for context to make an ask from if you want.

📓 Hey guys! So, I realize I’m like, super-late, but I guess I’m going to be Mod Ryouko until this anon is over!

You know, ‘cause of the notebook thing?

That nobody seemed to notice…

Sorry I couldn’t get here earlier, but I had an appointment with my therapists, and then I had to catch up with the stuff I missed because of it.

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I was working in LA when I got the phone call from his producer, and I just said ‘yes’. I didn’t know what it was about, but my dad’s worked with Lars for many years, I think they’ve done five or six projects together and he loves working with Lars. And I’m a huge fan, I like watching his stuff and I think he’s a brilliant filmmaker. That’s the only time I’ve ever said 'yes’ without reading the script, actually. It was just like, I don’t care what he wants me to do, if I have an opportunity to work with Lars von Trier I’m not gonna say 'no’.” 

Character Analysis: Joffrey, First of His Name

Sophie Turner: There are no black and white, good or bad characters in ‘Game Of Thrones,’ but Joffrey was an exception. Just pure evil.

I would actually have to disagree with this statement made by Sophie Turner. I know it really is easier to dismiss Joffrey as being pure evil and a horrible human, etc, but I really REALLY think Joffrey was 80% a product of his upbringing and maybe 20% of his inbred Lannister genes. 

Joffrey was raised surrounded only by one thing: power. He learned the MOST important thing in life is power and control. So let’s dissect that.

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Here’s the thing, if you don’t want to be disappointed by this not ending, stop setting yourself arbitrary time limits and stop buying into other people’s arbitrary time limits. We don’t know when it’ll end, we can take an educated guess and say it’ll be soon based on the current narrative, but we don’t know.

I get so many anons saying, “but it was supposed to be over by [insert date]” - says who? If you constantly build up to another date, you’re almost inevitably going to be disappointed. Just try to watch it play out and take each day as it comes. There’s no sense in setting these landmarks that aren’t going to be met.

Human Contact - Jackson Imagine For Anon

Prompt can be found here.

“You don’t need excuses, big guy. If you wanted a hug, all you had to do was ask.” Stiles jeered with a smirk stretched across his face.

Derek rolled his eyes, the corners of his mouth turning up as he held back a grin. “I’m serious.”

“Well,” Lydia shrugged innocently, “Scott has been pretty stressed out lately. Wanna test Derek’s theory?”

“What theory?” Isaac inquired as he strode into the loft.

“Apparently, human contact can relieve stress for werewolves.” Lydia snickered.

Scott raised an eyebrow. “I guess I’ll try it.” He seemed to be a perfect candidate for the experiment, his mind always whirring with new ways to ensure the safety of the entirety of Beacon Hills - there was no way he wasn’t stressed.

“Stiles, all you.” You blurted, raising both hands up.

Scott barely had time to send you an offended glance before Stiles had his arms wrapped around Scott’s torso with his head nuzzling into Scott’s shoulder.

“Hi, buddy.” Stiles chuckled.

Everyone watched in anticipation as Scott’s eyebrows furrowed together in bewilderment.

“Scott?” Kira’s voice gently broke the silence.

He shook his head in wonder. “I think this is actually working.”

Stiles pulled back, his hands still placed along Scott’s waist. “Wait, really?”

“How is it possibly working? Why wouldn’t it have worked with other humans?” You wondered aloud.

Isaac shrugged. “Maybe it only works with humans in your pack.”

It made sense when you thought about it; Scott always seemed calmer when he and Stiles merely touched thighs while perched next to one another on the couch, and even Liam, with his intermittent explosive disorder, seemed to be at ease after a simple handshake with you. You’d brushed it off as the pack being comfortable with one another, but perhaps Derek was right.

And so, from that point on, you and Stiles involuntarily relieved stress of the shape-shifters within the McCall pack.

Your first encounter was six minutes before a trigonometry test; Scott came barreling down the hallway and skidded to a stop at your locker.

“Scott?” You inspected his ruffled hair and shortness of breath.

“Yeah, I can’t find Stiles, so –“, he cut himself off and enveloped you in his arms.

“Hey!” You began to protest, yet your complaints slowly died out as you reminded yourself that this was harmless. Scott was struggling in school because of his demanding title of Alpha, so you told yourself you’d let it go this one time and help him out just as he helped everyone else.

Scott pulled away and huffed out a breath of relief. “Thanks.”

“No problem, Scott,” you presented a gentle smile. “And good luck on the test. Wanna walk to class together?”

He gladly agreed and the two of you headed to class, sharing last-minute tips and advice on the upcoming assessment.

Your next occurrence wasn’t as pleasant.

It was at an upscale Italian restaurant where you worked, Cucina Raffinata. As one of the well-trained waitresses there, you were meant to look and act sophisticated, refined, and upmarket. A friendly smile, proper posture, elegant strides; as if you were serving royalty.  

All of which was quickly destroyed.

None other than Isaac came barreling into the restaurant and quickly spotted you serving food to an elderly couple at their table. The boy nearly tackled you to the ground, causing you to spill chicken parmesan all over the woman.

“My god, Isaac!” You shrieked, shoving the boy off of you to glare at him with wide, offended eyes. You were ready to start yelling at him, yet stopped short when you were met with the sight of his shattered self. He was practically sobbing, his entire body trembling, and you quickly pulled him into a tight embrace – the angry pair of senior citizens was the last thing on your mind.

You held Isaac’s sobbing figure for a few minutes until it gradually died down. He pulled away and rubbed the back of his neck shyly.

“I’m sorry about that,” he murmured as he shuffled under the critical gazes of the customers surrounding you.

“Hey,” you placed a comforting hand on his arm. “Don’t be. It’s okay.”

What wasn’t okay was your boss who was on the verge of firing you and the woman with chicken parmesan in her lap who looked as if she was ready to kill. You couldn’t bring yourself to care – pack always comes first.

“Allison,” you asked her a few days later while walking home from school, “how come I never see you getting attacked for hugs by the guys? It would work with you too, you’re human.”

She shrugged and flashed a stunning smile. “I guess I’m just lucky.”

You rolled your eyes and playfully shoved her. “I’m not. The other day, Liam got us both detentions for interrupting my history test so he could hug me.”

Allison’s grin grew larger. “I heard Derek showed up at the Sheriff’s station and was basically cuddling Stiles for a good ten minutes.”

The two of you giggled and told more ridiculous stories about the wolves within the McCall pack turning into softies for hugs. You waved goodbye to Allison as she arrived at her house and continued the walk to your own.

A few minutes before reaching your destination, your phone rang.

“Hello?” You cheerfully answered.

“Can you come to my house?” A strained voice responded.

You stopped in your tracks. “Jackson?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s me. Look, can you come over or not?”

“Uh, yeah. I’ll be over in a few minutes.”

Jackson hung up, no reply given. Your eyebrows furrowed and you turned around, making your way to his house with confusion tracing your thoughts. You and Jackson hardly ever spoke with one another, and he wasn’t a fan of pack meetings, so you couldn’t quite come up with a reason he’d want you to come over.

As you reached Jackson’s doorstep, you hesitantly knocked. A beautiful woman answered who you’d assumed was Jackson’s adoptive mother.

“Hi, um,” you played with the straps on your backpack. “Is Jackson here? He – he called me.”

“Oh, of course!” The woman stepped aside and gestured for you to enter. “Come on in, honey. His room is upstairs, first one on the left.”

“Thank you.” You smiled gratefully and made your way up to his room, only to be met with his closed door. You felt even more hesitant than before to knock, but you did.

“Jackson? It’s me.”

The door whipped open and you were met with Jackson’s disheveled state. He looked tense; his posture was stiff and his hair looked charmingly messy. His room was a disaster – clothes strewn all over the floor, his computer desk looked as if it was pushed over, and a broken picture frame lay amongst the laundry.

You inspected his face in alarm. A few tears slipped from his eyes and were wiped away within seconds.

“Are you okay?” Your voice came out quieter than intended.

He gently shook his head. “I can’t do this with Stilinski, but if this works for everyone else, maybe it’ll work for me.”

There was no time to ask him what he was talking about as he pulled you into his arms and wrapped them around you, resting his chin on the top of your head. You suddenly understood and remained silent, willing for this to work. Based on the current condition of his room, you’d assumed he went on some sort of rampage previous to your phone call.

The two of you stood in his door way for what felt like minutes, hugging one another. You began to sway back and forth in your spot and traced soothing patterns on his back with your fingers.

“Thank you.” He whispered.

“No problem.” You replied, pulling him closer to you. 

DOODLE DAY #3!!! an anon appeared in my box one day asking about a hair braiding piece which ~ i did not have!!! so - here we go! LOL! XD i guess this is modern AU??? cuz ~ this color pallet nonsense continues…

“You really need to cut your stupidly long hair.” Hux sighs, feigning irritation. “Quit wanting to touch my stupidly long hair and i will.” Kylo assures him. Hux insists he has no idea what he’s talking about.

hehehe! i think, perhaps, there’s still one more left in me for doodle day?!

UPDATE!!! @sannguine freaking wrote MAGIC prompted by this post!? UGG!!! <3 <3 <3 <3


I’m getting ticked off people.

I consider myself a reasonable person. I consider myself a somewhat patient person. I consider myself a sympathetic person.

But I’ve had it up to here with the negativity. Enough is fucking enough. 

FYI. This is a verbal bitch slap. I am exhausted. Sick. Overloaded on work. And pissed off. This will not be rainbows & unicorns. You have been warned.

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favorite mass effect relationships » Male Shepard & Ashley romance

“I’m surprised you slept at all with everything going on.”
“Yeah, you’re right. Just jitters, I guess.”
“‘Just jitters,’ he says. You amaze me.”
“Nothing. I love you.”
“You being here…with me. It means everything.”

anonymous asked:

why is casual affair about ryden?

Thank you for asking anon, I’m going to tell you all about why it is. Um, disclaimer I guess, I’m going to be talking about this as if Ryan and Brendon most definitely dated. It makes pleading my case much easier to do it this way. Don’t take this too seriously, all in good fun. Also no readmore because they don’t work well on asks.

Now before I even dive into the lyrics of this song here are a few things to consider: the studio version of the song off of Panic!’s official youtube channel, along when this song was performed live, has a small introduction taken from an anti-gay propaganda film from 1961 entitled Boys Beware. Interesting to put something like that right before a song about an affair that has zero allusion to either party’s gender no?

On the track by track explanations of the Too Weird Too Live Too Rare Too Die album, Brendon avoids talking about the meaning of the song, going into the beat of it. Then starts in talking about celebrity crushes. (Like uh no one writes a song like this because they were just thinking about the fantasy of an affair. Not with lyrics like these.) Along with in this same video, Brendon talks about the song Collar Full, and says it share a meaning with Casual Affair. That’s two songs about affairs on an album that was written and made after Brendon was in a long term relationship with someone hmmm.

Lastly, Brendon’s breakdown in Seattle singing this song. This is my favorite part of my theory surrounding this song. Seattle is a huge city when it comes to Ryden lore, interesting how he more or less loses it the way he does singing a song about and affair in such a relevant city. Watch for yourself and you’ll get what I mean.

Okay lyric time

“A lover on the left, a sinner on the right”

For an affair to be an affair, one person is being unfaithful to a lover, while for the other party the unfaithful person is their lover. And we all know Ryan doesn’t exactly have a clean track record when it comes to staying faithful to girlfriends.

“Break involuntary ties a secret so the spies could never find us out.”

As with pretty much all affairs, the repercussions of the secret relationship being found out are awful. Especially if you’re two boys living a life where your personal lives are plastered all over. And “spies” this affair went on with trying to be hidden from the media, but also hidden from fans who were digging deep to decode what is their odd relationship. The most interesting is what I find in this line is “involuntary ties” Ties that were not made by choice. 

“Stay for as long as you have time, so the mess that we’ll become leaves something to talk about.”

They want to keep this going as long as possible, it’s too good to stop and they know it will leave quite the disaster once it ends. The last bit of this line, we all know what a mess the band’s split was. Not only is it incredibly shady on all aspects besides Ryan and Brendon’s relationship (friendship if we’re being official.) All that they’ve done before the split is still heavily talking about today, there’s still people out here trying to figure what on earth really happened.

“I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it…I did it again…”

Again, it’s quite hard to quit an affair once it’s started, ‘oh it’s fine it’s just one time..’ Oh look. It happened again. Ryan and Brendon only wanted what they were doing to be a short, on time thing. Possibly just pent up tension from being around each other all the time back in the day, but feelings caught.


Hey Anon who requested my Old Town version of my Seaside Manor Apartments, here you go! It’s up in the Gallery, and guess what, not only is it CC-free, but Mort’s apartment is fully furnished! I only had to replace a few items. My origin ID is silrosse, and you can also find it under #jenba. Let me know if you need tray files instead!

The lot size is 20x30 (and is facing the wrong way in the gallery pic, darnit), and was placed on the lot called “Proprietor’s Square” in the Old Town neighborhood of Windenburg. Hope you enjoy it!

UPDATE: I’ve uploaded the Tray files if you want them: Tray files (8 files; unzip to your Sims 4/Tray folder)

I was backing up files on my external hard drive because my laptop is giving me issues again, and I happened upon this!  So, here you go, Anon!  Hopefully you can still print these out, as I’m probably late in responding and getting this to you.

Actually, it’s three years late, but I guess I should finally upload it.  If you recall, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon weren’t in that sketch I uploaded before, but at the time I uploaded that, I didn’t have the more recent files available.  Anyway, like I said before, it’s a pet… adoption… drive… thing.  I don’t know if these two are there to look at pets or to help Fluttershy, but I thought maybe it wouldn’t hurt to show a different side to them.  I’m the kind of sucker who believes everyone has a softer side to them, even if it’s not always apparent.

Anyways, Happy Holidays, everyone!  I know I haven’t be active online in general.  Just a lot of real life stuff going on.  But I appreciate all the follows, likes, and reblogs!  I can’t express my gratitude enough for your support! 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and if I don’t check in before then, an amazing start to the new year!

anonymous asked:

your human signless art just keeps slaying me,,

;x; anon thank you!!

I still love him with all my heart.
And I don’t know if you mean human Signless from my silly Magostuck AU but… I still think about it from time to time, and wanna draw more things for it.

Here’s a sketch! I’ve wanted to draw something to go with this song for a long time…haha [Although the song makes me want to draw some sort of demonstuck art… I.. I really like this song for that reason, someday I’ll do it]