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Is asking the gif requests (the kisses, snuggling, and relationships summed up) for Ravus asking for too much? ^^;

TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGHHH. I’m sorry I’m tired. But here you go my dearest anon <3 

Tagging my Ravus ladies: @stephicness and @itshaejinju

Relationship Summed Up (Ravus)

First Kiss (Ravus)

Snuggling (Ravus)


Here you go, dearest Anon! Bruce and Damian father son word prompt #10! Hope you like it!

“All right, on three. One, two, th–”

Beep, beep, beep.

Bruce Wayne, billionaire extraordinaire, glanced down at his phone. He gestured to his son to step away from the wooden bureau and calmly took the call. “Hello?”

Damian released his grip and shifted. The voice on the line sounded like a Wayne Industries employee, Sammy or Susie or whatever. He glanced down at his sneakers. Father was needed at work, he knew. That meant this “rugged male bonding through placing furniture in the attic” or whatever it was they were doing would be cut short. Very well. Damian could complete the task by himself. He’d finish in a timely manner and head to the cave and practice with the new katanas (of course, Father did not necessarily have to know about that. The man had been ridiculous about the entire blade affair. Damian did not understand it, nor did he want to. He had been brought up on daggers and he certainly didn’t want to lose his edge with them, so to speak. The boy merely wanted to cut some dummies to shreds without someone going ballistic over the “safety” of pointed objects without “supervision” because he could “cut himself and Dick’s near-miss with his thumb was a lesson learned too well”).

Damian scowled.

Tt. Not likely.

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