here you go anon! as requested

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If you're still doing the requests, could you maybe do Sigurd and Deirdre as 2A or 2B?

Here you go anon! 
I really wish I knew more about these characters. I could wiki them, but I still live in the hope I’ll play the games someday ^^
I’m done with these requests for now, they’re getting a bit repetitive rn so I’m going to dig up something else soonish

You Again, But I Don’t Mind (ft. Kang Daniel)

Title: You Again, But I Don’t Mind

Member: Kang Daniel (Wanna One)

Rating: 19+


#1 Tonight, just the two of us [Energetic]

#3 I wanna see you again [Never]

#Uh, I don’t like those other guys next to you [Energetic]

Here you go Anon-nim! I’ve been having Daniel fever lately (I mean who doesn’t T.T) so I hope you don’t mind that I used Daniel for this one!

Hope you like it >.<


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You’ve been trying to avoid him ever since the two of you hooked up by mistake that one night. You were too drunk and he was too hot. Well, he’s always been hot. But strangely enough, he’s been around you more often nowadays. You didn’t even know you guys were in the same faculty until he started to show up for philosophy classes.

At first you chose to ignore him, giving him the cold shoulder like the ice princess you were, but as time went by you got used to his presence. 

Unknowingly, you had started to look forward to his lazy morning ‘hello’s as he dropped his body to sit next to you in class. And him occasionally slipping a loose flyaway behind your ear when you’re taking note. You even found his cheesy pick up lines appealing. And that is a wonder.

Honestly, was there something between the two of you?

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Hi, not a request, but do you have Female Robin’s Heroes spritesheet? I can’t find it anywhere and I can’t download huge asset packs. Thanks in advance!

Here you go, anon! There’s a whole MEGA album in a reddit forum somewhere where you can download individual files!

-Mod Laslow

For Keitor Week

I am going to post this ahead and open this up for requests.

Feel free to reply your requests here or Anon message me. This request is for Keitor Week so just pick which theme date and your ideal scenarios.

Any ratings from Everyone to Explicit. Any AUs. One-shot fic with minimum of 1k words. I’m open for many except for horror genres. Get descriptive as you like so I can see your vision better. (P.S. I enjoyed writing fluff.)

I will do my best to write your ideal fic. Thank you for reading! <3 Feel free to spread the word.

Say cheese~! ✌