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Elricest 1A palette 24??

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“You’re apart of the family.” alfred and jason please

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Fights with Alfred are one of those things you know how they start but not how they’re gonna end.

And Jason should’ve known better - he knows he should have - but sometimes pride and anger still get the better hand on his common sense and yeah, that’s how he ends up in situations like this one.


It starts with Red Robin comfortably perched on Jason’s kitchen top, legs dangling above the ground, a lasagna casserole sitting on his lap. He dips a fork into it and waves at him with his other hand as Jason opens up the apartment’s door.


Jason sighs.

“What are you doing here and how do you even know about this place? I moved in like, yesterday. Literally.”

Tim smiles around a mouthful of lasagna and chews it carefully before even bothering to give him one of his not-answers.

“I was in the neighborhood and I brought you food. Alfred sent me three of these things yesterday but even post-patrol hunger has its limits, you know?”

Jason stares at him, waiting for him to continue with a besides… and then ask for a favor, because that’s how things usually work with these people, but Tim’s interest seems to be strictly limited to the food. And it’s not a superficial interest either.

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Big Bang reaction - Their Crush Tripping and Falling On Top of Them

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Ji Yong:

He’d get shy. Really shy. Honestly, he had been low key trying to avoid any direct contact with you for a little while. It’s not that he doesn’t like you, god no. It’s because he’d get really nervous around you. That being said he’d be a blushing mess as you trip and fell, bringing him down with you. He blushed as he looked up at you on top of him. Honestly, I can see him losing his cool demeanor he carries at times. Instead of the cool relaxed one, he would have a nervous almost stuttering one:

“Um, (Y/N)-ah. Are you, um, are you okay?”

You’d get off of him and get up. He would get up to blush all over his face. He’d try to brush off the awkward and anxious feeling that was suffocating him. He’d calm down when you started a conversation with him, trying to ignore the fact that you tripped onto him and fell with him. 

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Choi Seunghyun:

If it wasn’t on top of him I think he would find it funny. Since you dragged him down with you, him falling on top of you. It would be silent between you two. He would stare at you, his face heating up, but you can’t see the blush on his face. Your eyes were wide, and honestly, he was crushing you. He might take a moment for himself and stare into your eyes, oh my lord that sounds so cheesy. He’d get off of you with ease, helping you onto your feet. He’d make sure you’re okay before lightly joking at how clumsy you can be:

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Good, I never know if you’re gonna break something tripping over air.”

“Do I even need to bring up your dancing?”

“You love it, don’t lie.”

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Youngbae would be completely embarrassed and nervous and would totally show it without meaning too. He was kinda on top of you, but not completely on top of you. Somehow, thanks to gravity and physics probably, he landed on top of you with his feet to the left of you and his face inches from your boobs or pecks (I see you guy readers! I love you too! if you’re actually reading this). He’d stutter like crazy, trying to get off of you:

“Oh m-my God, I’m sorry (Y/N)-ah! Are you okay?”

“I’m okay. There’s no need for you to be sorry.”

“Ar-are you sure? I me-mean I fell on top of you.”

“It’s fine I swear. Are you okay?”

“Yup! Practically perfect.”

He’d help you up and man, he’d blush like crazy. You’d only smile at him, telling him that you’re okay and everything is fine. 

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This fluff ball would also get stuttering a little. You landed on top of him, pushing him down to the ground and landing with your head on his chest. He’d be blushing like crazy, but he’d also love seeing you blush as well. He’d try to make you laugh, defusing the tension he felt:

“(Y/N)-ah why must you drag me down with you?”

“YAH! I didn’t mean too!”

You’d get off of him blushing, sitting on the ground for a moment. Daesung would sit up and sit on the floor with you. Making jokes to get you to smile.

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Lee Seunghyun:

Seungri would be nervous at first, your face nearly inches from his. He would blush madly, only to bring back his cool playboy image. He’d say something smooth like:

“(Y/N)-ah you don’t have to literally fall to fall in love with me,”

Of course, he’d get you to blush, I would at least. You’d get off of him, making him laugh. You’d say something witty that gets him to shut up and fake being hurt by your words. It’d turn into playful banter, and he’d love every second of it. 

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So what about some headcanons with ZoSan being all grossly cute and Tickly in the morning? 💕💕 please?

Yeeeeeeesss! Here you go anon and thanks for asking :D ( I wrote half of these in my math-class I’m such trash omg)


- Zoro is the cuddle and tickle monster. With his strength it is easy to pin the cook down or trap him in his arms, because yeah Sanji is hella strong but that only when he can use his legs, which is not the case when they are laying sleepily under a blanket and Zoro is clinging onto him like an octopus

- They spoon. So. Much!

- Sanji often wakes up with Zoros face buried in his side, trying to shield his face away from the light and Sanji loves it because it’s so fricking adorable

- Zoro uses every chance to grope Sanjis butt when the latter lays with his front towards him and Sanji shrieks every time, hitting his boyfriend because his butt is ticklish dammit and fucking Marimo stop it!

- Sanji with his ticklish neck and ears is dying whenever Zoro hugs him from behind and sleepily nuzzle his hair and neck with his nose, his warm breath tickling Sanjis ear and rip Sanji because he’s so damn sensitive (his ears are also an erogenous zone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

- Morning kisses!!!!!

- Sanji hums or whistles little happy melodies when he changes and Zoro watches him with a smile from the bed and pulls him back in when Sanji walks past, demanding more morning cuddles

- Zoro sleeping in super funny positions like with his face planted into the pillow and arms buried under it and Sanji being the early bird likes to draw silly things with his finger on his boyfriends back and between his shoulders. Zoro trying to be cool and doesn’t move until his shoulders starts shaking with suppressed laughter and when Sanji bents over whispering with a smug and teasing voice “I know you’re awake Marimo ~” Zoro pounces on him

- Zoro doesn’t let go of Sanji when the other wants to get up, holding onto him and threaten him in his morning grave voice that he will tickle the hell out of him if he moves – Sanji always accepts the challenge lol

- Sanji using Zoros arm as a pillow ❤ ❤ ❤

- The one who wakes up first always gives the other a good-morning kiss (Mostly Sanji because Zoro likes to sleep in. long.)

- Zoro is no morning person and Sanji loves and hates him for it because sleepy and demanding Zoro holding his wrists and telling him to cuddle and not go is adorable but he needs to cook or their captain and the others will be not amused