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Elricest 1A palette 24??

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midnight florist
midnight florist

oh the countdown clock is ticking
but there could yet be a way to slip in under the wire
and when you’re clinging by your teeth
the fall starts almost beckoning but i’m still aiming higher

you got me searchin for a midnight florist
it’s a long shot for a short con but i am hanging on
a hail mary, game ender
or a prayer that gets returned to sender, won’t be long

when the god in the machine is nowhere to be seen
last ditch strategy: plan y then plan z

i’m down to hoping for a midnight florist
running back to paper over all the cracks inside the verse
and the angels of my better nature
wanna have some words but they’ll have to find me first

and you got me gunning for that midnight florist


Mr Robot eps1.6_v1ew-s0urce.flv

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nygmobblepot at sirens


HQ!!AU┌  - editing progress & final result ~


Voice:Perfect hairstyle, cool body Marco Reus can show himself.
He’s great at the fashion shooting.He’s fine again. He has recovered from his two big injuries. Also from the disappointment that he couldn’t play at the world cup.]

Marco: Football isn’t everything.It isn’t the whole life. Of course you realize this when you’re injured. And if you talk to your family and friends there shall be other subjects.There were a lot of friends and my family who supported me. They helped and gave me energy for the rehab an to come back stronger than I was before.

Voice: As he is only 25 he has done a lot and is a great earner. But he isn’t proud of everything. At the end of the last year he had to pay 540.000 Euros fine because he drove with his car without a license.

Marco: I know that I’ve made a big mistake. And I’ve already said a few times if I could go back in time and not let it happen I would. But this is impossible.

Voice: Instead of that he rather stays and Dortmund for a double-digit million-pay.His dream has become true. He is a top footballer and often in adverts. Shootings like today he really likes because he is a little fashion-victim who has the perfect outfit for every situation.

Marco: It’s about the situation. When I go in a restaurant or in the city I like to wear a shirt/ button-down-shirt and a jacket. I think, I like to try new stuff.

Voice: At the moment he is single but who knows for how long, because there are probably enough girls/women who would like to have him.

(Credits to my sweetie forevergirly-fanstuff​)