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Elricest 1A palette 24??

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Can you make a tutorial on how you draw Keith? I love how you draw him so much! Thanks :D

ok anon here we go!! small tutorial incoming!

first we’re gonna start off with the basic head shape and guidelines, like always

keith has pretty big expressive eyes so i drew guidelines for those to get an idea of the size and where they’re gonna go, plus the nose and mouth. i erased my original guidelines at this point too.

i usually (not always) start off by drawing the eyelids. keith’s lashes tend to come to a small point on the outer edge!

i pencilled in his irises (big expressive eyes!) and to me keith’s second most distinguishable feature is his EYEBROWS! keith’s face just doesn’t look right to me unless his eyebrows are drawn correctly, which is thicker near the middle of his face and tapering off to a point near the ends. unless he’s surprised his eyebrows also tend to be somewhat furrowed and stay lowered toward his eyes. (i also moved his nose and mouth up more toward the middle of his face because it looked off. i move things around a lot as i draw! it’s one of the perks of digital art)

here i just solidified the shape of his face and neck and added the highlights to his eyes. again, at this point it’s pretty common for me to move things around to get them in the right spot.

ok this one looks silly but keith’s hair (definitely his most distinguishable feature) has a shape to it and once you get it broken down into a solid form its much easier to manage drawing it!

in canon keith’s bangs tend to whoosh off to one side but i like to always draw them curling around his face! it’s a personal preference of mine. keith’s hair is also pretty tamed on the top of his head so he doesn’t have a whole lot of runaway strands sticking up everywhere. i can’t not draw the little beansprouts on top of his head though.. i also like drawing his longer hair curling around his neck, too!

and this is the final image! i darkened his lashes a bit and fixed up some things here and there. again, i moved his neck a little bit so it didn’t look as awkward and added some details to his eyes and definition to his brows. and that’s how i draw keith!!

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Looks like Kit and Rose are engaged after all. I wish him love and joy. Their close friend Ollie Killick said, “They’re yet to set a date, but told friends and family last week that they’ve got engaged. “Kit’s known for ages he’s wanted to marry Rose but he wanted them to get a house and settle down a bit first. “After moving in together in January he felt it was the right time to take the next step.”

oh so it’s the ollie guy that’s the source is it? it was coming anyway ;) the public appearance last year together, the holidays together, another couple of public appearances together, the news of a lavish home… kit is a muffin he deserves happiness ^_^

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