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“You’re apart of the family.” alfred and jason please

Here you go anon, thanks for the prompt! :D

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Fights with Alfred are one of those things you know how they start but not how they’re gonna end.

And Jason should’ve known better - he knows he should have - but sometimes pride and anger still get the better hand on his common sense and yeah, that’s how he ends up in situations like this one.


It starts with Red Robin comfortably perched on Jason’s kitchen top, legs dangling above the ground, a lasagna casserole sitting on his lap. He dips a fork into it and waves at him with his other hand as Jason opens up the apartment’s door.


Jason sighs.

“What are you doing here and how do you even know about this place? I moved in like, yesterday. Literally.”

Tim smiles around a mouthful of lasagna and chews it carefully before even bothering to give him one of his not-answers.

“I was in the neighborhood and I brought you food. Alfred sent me three of these things yesterday but even post-patrol hunger has its limits, you know?”

Jason stares at him, waiting for him to continue with a besides… and then ask for a favor, because that’s how things usually work with these people, but Tim’s interest seems to be strictly limited to the food. And it’s not a superficial interest either.

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Elricest 1A palette 24??

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So what about some headcanons with ZoSan being all grossly cute and Tickly in the morning? 💕💕 please?

Yeeeeeeesss! Here you go anon and thanks for asking :D ( I wrote half of these in my math-class I’m such trash omg)


- Zoro is the cuddle and tickle monster. With his strength it is easy to pin the cook down or trap him in his arms, because yeah Sanji is hella strong but that only when he can use his legs, which is not the case when they are laying sleepily under a blanket and Zoro is clinging onto him like an octopus

- They spoon. So. Much!

- Sanji often wakes up with Zoros face buried in his side, trying to shield his face away from the light and Sanji loves it because it’s so fricking adorable

- Zoro uses every chance to grope Sanjis butt when the latter lays with his front towards him and Sanji shrieks every time, hitting his boyfriend because his butt is ticklish dammit and fucking Marimo stop it!

- Sanji with his ticklish neck and ears is dying whenever Zoro hugs him from behind and sleepily nuzzle his hair and neck with his nose, his warm breath tickling Sanjis ear and rip Sanji because he’s so damn sensitive (his ears are also an erogenous zone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

- Morning kisses!!!!!

- Sanji hums or whistles little happy melodies when he changes and Zoro watches him with a smile from the bed and pulls him back in when Sanji walks past, demanding more morning cuddles

- Zoro sleeping in super funny positions like with his face planted into the pillow and arms buried under it and Sanji being the early bird likes to draw silly things with his finger on his boyfriends back and between his shoulders. Zoro trying to be cool and doesn’t move until his shoulders starts shaking with suppressed laughter and when Sanji bents over whispering with a smug and teasing voice “I know you’re awake Marimo ~” Zoro pounces on him

- Zoro doesn’t let go of Sanji when the other wants to get up, holding onto him and threaten him in his morning grave voice that he will tickle the hell out of him if he moves – Sanji always accepts the challenge lol

- Sanji using Zoros arm as a pillow ❤ ❤ ❤

- The one who wakes up first always gives the other a good-morning kiss (Mostly Sanji because Zoro likes to sleep in. long.)

- Zoro is no morning person and Sanji loves and hates him for it because sleepy and demanding Zoro holding his wrists and telling him to cuddle and not go is adorable but he needs to cook or their captain and the others will be not amused

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Minayeon pleasee

Here you go, anon. :D

Who takes longer showers?

Nayeon. Mina actually takes really quick showers.

How do they make up after a fight?

Mina is the type to say sorry sometimes even when it’s not her fault. Nayeon tries to be tsun about it but that doesn’t really work and Nayeon breaks and claims everything is her fault instead and it’s basically them apologizing to each other over and over until they laugh about how silly they were.

Who prefers rain and who prefers sun?

Nayeon likes soaking up the sun and Mina likes the feel and scent of rain.

What’s their favorite place to go together?

To clothing boutiques. They like to go shopping together.

Whose more likely to win prom king/queen?

Mina wins and is extremely shy about it but Nayeon encourages her.

Do they celebrate anniversaries?

Yes they do. They go on well planned out dates but are simple at heart.

Who’d pressure the other into singing karaoke?

Nayeon has to ‘pressure’ Mina a bit for her to sing with her but when they do, they make such beautiful duets full of harmony.

What’s their nightly routine?

Mina reads a book by their nightstand while she waits for Nayeon to come into bed. Nayeon asks for one good quote from what Mina has read for the day and just smiles as Mina recites it. When the lights are turned off, they hold hands while facing each other, say their I love you’s and goodnights before falling asleep.

Whose more likely to burn the dinner?

Nayeon. She tried to cook a tomato-based stew for Mina once, but that really didn’t go so well.

Who brings home a puppy/kitten without the other’s knowledge?

Mina takes home a stray kitten one day because she felt bad for it.

Who makes all the food?

Mina does. She bought several cook books once they moved in so that Nayeon won’t have to eat the same food over and over again.

Who starts the food fight?

It started out with Nayeon teasing Mina to lick ketchup off her finger but when Mina leaned in close, Nayeon boops the ketchup on Mina’s nose instead. Mina retaliates but smearing some on Nayeon’s cheeks.

The aftermath was messy and Mina feels bad about all the wasted ketchup.

Who goes shopping?

Mina does. She claims it’s dangerous to take Nayeon shopping with her because the older tends to put a lot of random things in the cart.

Who loses the kids in Walmart?

More like Mina loses Nayeon who ended up following a cute baby in a stroller among the aisles.

Who laughs at the other when they trip?

Mina does her iconic laugh when Nayeon trips but proceeds to help her up and check if she got any injuries.

Who lovingly gazes at the other as they sleep?

Nayeon. She likes being the last to fall asleep because honestly, angelic as Mina is awake, she’s even more angelic asleep.

Who plays with hair vs whose hair is played with?

Nayeon likes to play with Mina’s hair. But Mina likes to tie Nayeon’s hair.

What do they do in their free time?

Mario Kart games get real competitive.

How organized is their home?

Very. They like to keep it plain, clean and simple.

Who cleans their home?

Mina. She’s very meticulous when it comes to putting everything in place.

Who eats all the pizza?

Well, not all of the pizza, but Nayeon does tend to eat more, even asking for bites from Mina’s pizza when she has her own.

Who leaves their stuff everywhere?

Again, Nayeon has A LOT of lipsticks that she tends to leave one or two lying around.