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The Contest-Part 19

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

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Part 1 (all parts are linked)

“That’s your brother?” Sam’s surprise was evident.

I wiped a tear from my eye. I’d mourn Leo later, in private. “Crowley said he was a demon and Lucifer’s right-hand man, remember?”

Dean looked extremely annoyed. “Still don’t get why you let him go, Gem.“

“Because Dean, demon or not I know my brother. He is beyond pissed Lucifer didn’t tell him I was Sam’s soulmate. I could hear it in his voice. Sowing the seeds of discord between them could work in our favor.”

“He knew our plan, Gem. Now we can’t do the spell.” Sam commented.

“My brother may be a demon, but he still thinks like a guy, Sam.”

Sam and Dean exchanged puzzled glances. They had no idea where I was going with this. Clueless men!

“Let me explain. Most women have warmer weather clothes and cooler weather clothes. My cooler weather clothes I store away when I don’t need them.” I explained.

I walked into what I assumed was Missouri’s bedroom and opened the large closet. Flicking on the light, I began to dig around. Within a few minutes, I had found what I was looking for. I held up a cream-colored cardigan with several dark, wiry hairs clinging to it.

“Is Missouri African-American?“ I asked. Sam nodded.

“Bingo,” I stated triumphantly.

“Damn She’s good,“ Dean remarked to Sam.

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But on the bright side, *after* this chapter, there are no more cliffhangers. Which just means chapter six ends on a reasonable note, and I do not torture you with a cliffhanger at the end of this story. (I don’t think. I mean. I am setting up the other stories. That’s happening. But this story is more or less resolved.)

Anyway. CLIFFHANGER. I’m just going to keep saying that because I do genuinely feel bad for this one.

I mean, not bad enough that I didn’t write it, since all things considered, I did sit there going, “oh, you know what would be fun to end a chapter on? This right here. Let’s do that.”

But, you know, you’ve been warned and I love you and please don’t hate me for the end of this chapter.

*runs away and hides*

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do you know any realistic eyes with small irises?

AlfredAskew’s ‘Model T’ eyes have the smallest irises out of all the eyesets I have, and they’re semi-realistic (or at least, I’ve never seen a maxis-match player use them on their sims :). They may not match everybody’s playing style, but I still think they’re a nice addition nonetheless. I’m also very fond of Alfi’s recolors of Mouseyblue’s Neptune eyes; while Mousey’s eyes generally tend to have pretty large irises, her ‘Neptune’ set is an exception, and these recolors are really lovely. Tealeaf also made a couple of nice eye sets (’Brick eyes’, ‘Embrace the Deception’), and so did Jessi-dot (Her Cats Were All Calico, The One Who Said Goodbye, Keep it All Inside). I listed some of my favorite sets here, but I recommend you also go through her general eye dl tag, as you might find other sets you like.

What I would like to see in Chapter 17 :)

Ji Eun:.. S-Sangwoo… who’s that?
Sangwoo: My friend, obviously ^-^
Friend 1: *side eyes Bum* Alright….
Girl: Well since we are all here, Let’s play a drinking game!
Friend 2: Like what?
Girl: Never have I ever!
Friend 1: How do you play that?
Girl: Simple! We go around and say “never have I ever…” and something you actually haven’t done but if we /have/, we take a shot. For example, “Never have I ever… Skipped school.” So if you /did/ skip school, you take a shot. Easy!
Friend 2: Alright, let’s play. I’ll go first…
*A few rounds later*
Girl: Me next! Okay, never have I ever had my first kiss!
*Everyone except Jin Eun takes a shot*
*Jin Eun gets embarrassed*
Sangwoo, being the asshole that he is: Awww how cute~ Don’t worry Jin Eun, I got one just for you~~~
Jin Eun: *blushes* :D
Sangwoo: Never have I ever messed up on a performance live ^-^
Jin Eun: :c *sadly takes a shot*
Friend: Okay, okay I got one! *Looks straight at Bum* Never have I ever broken a bone
Bum: *Looks Sangwoo dead in the eyes as he takes two shots*
Girl: Why did you take two?
Bum: *tipsy (bc let’s be real, Bum is probably a light weight)* One for each of my broken leg *side eyes Sangwoo*
Friend 1: Alright, it’s your turn
Bum: *pretends to think* Hmmmm…. Never have I ever….. murder anyone, kidnap, torture anyone in emotional or physically abuse, manipulate them into sucking you off, humiliate, degrade them, forcing them into female clothes and cleaning your fucking dirty ass house and have them fear for their life constantly. :)
Everyone else: …..
Bum: *grabs an unopened bottle of Soju and slams it infront of Sangwoo* :) Drink your shot, honey :)

live music for us has been very important to our career. its kind of why we’re even up here. we want to give this one out to all the bands that are trying to make it, slugging it out in their hometowns, touring, setting up their own gear. and all those people that go to live shows too. even the small shows. live music is still (a)live and that means a lot to us. thank you all so much.
—  tyler joseph, American Music Awards, November 20, 2016

For @artemis-rae​ A collection of Percy/Annabeth set in canon universe. welcome back to the fandom! We missed you! Some of this fics were written in canon universe before the the last books came out, so now it can be also considered au’s. I didn’t included any fic from @greenconverses because I’ve a feeling you have read them all. 

Privacy by books4belle

“Do you know the best thing about living in Cabin 3?” Percy slid his cheek along hers and brought his mouth close to her ear so he could whisper the answer: “Privacy.” Set between Last Olympian and The Lost Hero.

Things We Could Be by @rongasm

Three times that Annabeth is prematurely called Mrs. Jackson and one time that it’s long overdue.

Where We Go From Here by icy roses

How much of love depends on memory? Percy/Annabeth, post-TLH

Waiting for Tomorrow to Come by whispered touches

“Love is not knowing what you have until it’s gone.” Annabeth takes her time before she speaks, and “I love you” is no different. But she’ll regret her silence. Pre-TLH through SoN. One-shot.

Something Blue by @starksgrace

It’s five years after the Giant War and Percy has a question.

Rite of Passage by @ignitesthestars

Annabeth and Percy have dinner with Sally and Paul for the first time after they get together.

After by @ignitesthestars

It’s like this every time. She can remember thinking, four years ago now, that she didn’t know if it hurt more being with him, or without him. And every time the months and the distance stretches out a little further between them, she convinces herself that they’re definitely better apart. That a scarred heart is better than an open wound with him lodged inside it.

And then they see each other again, and she’s pitched right back into that uncertainty. Three and a half years should be enough to get over a boy, shouldn’t it?

A story of how Annabeth and Percy fell apart, and what it took to piece them back together.

Stained by @ignitesthestars

Annabeth has never baked cookies before. Percy decides to rectify this.

The Perils of Being Alone by @ignitesthestars​ 

Set in some indeterminable post-Heroes of Olympus time. Annabeth and Percy realise that, for the first time in a very long time, they’re actually alone. With no chance of being interrupted. Banging ensues. (Explicit)

Table, Interrupting by Burst-ofSILENCE

Like many other things, it’s Percy and Annabeth’s fault why the Hedge hologram on Buford keeps yelling “PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!” Or: a continuing saga on how Percy and Annabeth can’t make out in peace. Percy/Annabeth

Witnesses by AnnabethLuna

Percy and Annabeth probably thought they were being subtle, but everyone knew about them even before they did. These are their “moments” from the perspectives of the people who just happened to be watching. Viewpoints include Beckendorf, Silena, Malcolm, Michael, Rachel, and more.

A Kiss for Luck by @suchastart

It’s all you can think about this summer: kissing Percy Jackson. Which is a total waste of energy, because there is entirely too much for you to think about. Kronos. The Titans. Mount Olympus. And while you’re trying to focus on all these other, more important things—like not dying—Percy Jackson walks around with his stupid, clueless face.

can’t you feel my heartbeat by @seaweedbraens

trusting is hard for demigods, and to love is even harder. percy and annabeth don’t have it easy. [bits and pieces from all the books :: percy/annabeth]

Tattoo by ricecookerwritings

She had disliked the tattoo from the start. It ignites their first argument since the reunion, but the patching up opens her eyes to new things. Set during the first day of MoA, all the culture clash, misunderstandings and comfort fluff I personally missed in the book. Bonus dash of Hazel/Annabeth friendship. One-shot.

All These Versions by conniehdez

They were together. They were alive. They were happy (ignoring the angry horde of Romans). Isn’t that what they were in all her scenarios? Together, alive, happy? Annabeth’s wasted plans to say “I love you”. 

Everything by conniehdez

This is better. This – lying down on Percy’s bunk in Cabin 3 on a lazy summer afternoon, him hovering over her as though scared she might break, kissing to their heart’s content – is so much better. This is everything. Pre-TLH, Percabeth.

may the bridges i have burned light my way back home by @lesbabeths

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

par for the course by @lesbabeths

She kind of wishes she could look away, but there’s nowhere else to look, because there’s an the elderly lady in the aisle next to them looking for soap who keeps scoffing at them and shooting them scandalized looks, and she’s also fairly certain that if she spares a glance at Percy, she’ll spontaneously combust from mortification and all that will be left of her is a sizzling pile of ashes on the floor.

Sight of the Sun by @psychohannahlyze

All things considered, Annabeth figured she did an okay job as a young mother.

Annabeth Wins a Bet by @bananannabeth

Not for the first time in her life, Annabeth wondered if she was the butt of some cosmic joke. She’d barely gotten into her story (which was definitely going to win the bet, come on) when her cousin Magnus interrupted her with some nonsense about Norse gods. Because of course the Chase family wasn’t complicated enough as it was.

Impossible Year by @bananannabeth

Percy and Annabeth lean on each other to recover after Tartarus, but as the rest of their friends slowly settle back into a semblance of normalcy they realise that maybe they’re holding each other back from healing. Scared of being too codependent and hurting in ways she doesn’t want Percy to see, Annabeth makes the painful decision to take a break – a choice which impacts Percy, all of their friends and herself in ways she’d never imagined.

Annabeth Loses Sleep by @bananannabeth

Annabeth was exhausted. She was trying to do way too many things at once, and she barely had time to catch her breath. So when the opportunity to get to sleep while her watch still said PM rather than AM came up, she was so grateful she almost burst into tears. But of course her one night of rest with Percy had to be interrupted by her butt of a cousin.

It’s A Long Way Down by @romanitas

Five times Annabeth and Percy held hands.

Eighteen Years a Hero by @romanitas

It’s Annabeth’s birthday. Everyone celebrates.

Transplant by @romanitas

Percy tags along with Annabeth on a visit to San Francisco. After the war, after Tartarus, interacting with her family is mildly surprising and weirdly grounding.

Provisional Education by @romanitas

Annabeth doesn’t know how to drive. Percy does. It’s not often he’s the one giving lessons.

Flaws by @romanitas

Percy’s always been angry. Tartarus just made it harder to hold back.

Breaking and Entering by @romanitas

Sneaking in and out of Annabeth’s dorm is always an interesting and challenging experience, for all parties involved. Especially with nuns.

And It Scares You Being Alone by @romanitas

Rachel Elizabeth Dare storms into Percy’s life at just the right moment. For him, at least, as he clings to his mortal side, leaving Annabeth alone with her thoughts on the demigod side. And okay, maybe she’s avoiding him, too, but mostly she’s just tired of losing people. Set somewhere vague in that time period between Battle of the Labyrinth and the Last Olympian.

Academics by @romanitas

Learning how to kiss is it’s own kind of homework. Probably best done away from the company of parents.

All you #Fakes who just now hopped on the John Baeyega train because of these new PacRim2 set photos but weren’t feeling him before need to go all the way to the back of the line! If you weren’t here for him when he was forced to rock his Finn haircut, then you don’t deserve him at his Pentecost Jr. haircut. Y'all not real! Y'all not here for him for better or worse! Fade or no fade!

At the Royal Ball
  • "Who IS that person?"
  • "Care to dance?"
  • "Have you seen the prince? He's so handsome."
  • "You should introduce yourself."
  • "I want nothing to do with them!"
  • "I'm sorry... Do I know you?"
  • "I have met so many people today. I'm afraid I forgot your name..."
  • "Would you like a drink? The champagne is amazing."
  • "I shouldn't be here. I'm not one of these blue bloods."
  • "I feel so out of place here. Can we go home?"
  • "Have you seen the princess? She's so beautiful!"
  • "I feel as though I have been waiting for this moment all my life."
  • "Stop trying to set me up with people!"
  • "These shoes are killing me."
  • "Do you think they noticed me?"
  • "This crown is soooo heavy..."
  • "During the next dance I'm just going to slip out. No one will notice."
  • "All this pomp and circumstance... How I loathe it."
  • "If they come at me one more time they will find out just how heavy this scepter is."
  • "All I want is a cup of tea."
  • "Is there any real food here? Tiny bits of things on platters just isn't cutting it."
  • "Isn't this night magical?"

“Just admit that you enjoy having me around.”

“You can say you’re not cold, but I can see you shivering from all the way over here.”

“I don’t like owing favors. You know this.”

“I was literally the only one out of the loop the whole time.”

“I understand you’re angry, but I’m not going to be your scapegoat." 

"Well, that didn’t go according to plan.”


I made some recolors of @simmingwithabbi ‘s desktop art picture from her clutter set. That set is awesome btw, and you should definitely go download it. ;) You can find it HERE. You do not need the mesh though. These are selective clones so they work on their own. All credit for the original mesh goes to simmingwithabbi. :) 

The set above is all in one package. Download it HERE

I also made some boho inspired recolors. Pics below.

You can download those HERE .

As always, let me know if you have any problems. Have fun!

So, I really didn’t like my old home under a loading dog near the Royals’ stadium in Kansas City. Now I’m in the shelter, but I’ve been checking out sites on the Internet with my secret kitty wifi connection, and I think I can do better!

Hi, I’m Reese, and my mom and littermates were all adopted, but I’m a little shy and so far no one has picked me here at Purrfect Pets Cat Adoptions in Overland Park, Kansas.

I like to chat with people and get belly rubs. I like a quiet home, and can do okay with dogs and other cats as long as they’re low-key like me. 

I would especially like a house with chairs, because I like to sit at them and watch what’s going on. My favorite thing would be to watch you, because you had adopted me and we could spend the holidays together!!!

You can find all about me, or set up a meeting, by emailing or calling 913-652-6677.

And if you, like Toto, are not in Kansas anymore, sharing is caring!



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person a seducing person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against the wall (”oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there????”) - BELLARKE OMG

A\N: Well, that was a goddamn satisfactory trailer, so as promised, have some fic y’all!!


Here is what you have to understand: Clarke did not set out to seduce Bellamy Blake.

If anything, honestly, he started it.

It happens after one too many drinks, the roof of her tongue burning from the acrid taste of tequila and Bellamy’s arm wound in his as they stumble out of the door, cursing the cold and the layer of ice frosted over the sidewalks.

The night is a bust considering they’re going home to Netflix and cold Chinese food; and he’s grousing about the conspicuous lack of kisses he got under the mistletoe this year when the words burst out of her, unwarranted.

“Look, I’ll kiss you if you’re going to make such a big deal out of it.”

That gets him to stop in his tracks, brows rising up to his hairline. “Are you— Wait, you’re volunteering?”

She rolls her eyes at that, has to work to keep her voice nonchalant. “If it gets you to shut up? Then, yeah. Definitely.”

He smirks at that, patting at her shoulder consolingly. “I knew my charm would get to you someday, Griffin. It’s okay. You can admit it, you know.”

Her skin heats at that, despite her best attempt to tamp down the small rush of excitement that bubbles up at the thought of kissing him. It’s not as if kissing her best friend is some sort of secret fantasy she harbours or anything, but Clarke will willingly admit that she has thought about it. More than once, in fact.

It doesn’t work, if the delighted laugh Bellamy gives is any indication. “Holy shit,” he says, whirling onto her. “You’re actually— you’re— you want to kiss me, don’t you?”

“No!” She yelps, mostly out of instinct. “As if, Bellamy Blake.” She blusters, folding her arms across her chest. Then, primly, “I would sooner make out with a sasquatch than you.”

Her heart sinks at the gleam in his eye, the jerk of his chin. She recognizes a challenge when she sees one, and considering who it’s coming from, she knows she’s in it for a long haul.

“Whatever you say.” He says lowly, reaching forward to brush his fingers through her hair, lingering, as she shivers, her eyes fluttering shut automatically. Then, with a distinct note of triumph in his voice, he adds, “You should shake the snow out of your hair, Princess.”

That, as far as she knows, is the beginning of the end.

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The Honorary Title, Matthew Ryan, The Cure, Audioslave, Haley James Scott, they’re all in here. It’s music to set your life to and music always helps, no matter what you’re going through. So, if you flunk a big test or you have a really bad breakup or you just miss someone so bad it hurts then listen to my playlist ‘100 Songs to Save Your Life’ and it should help.

After Hours - Food Poisoning

Hello again! So I wrote the second part of this late last night, pretty much as soon as I finished posting the first one, which you can read if you go the “after hours” tag on my blog. That’s how I’ll be keeping these all together. 

Anyway, I won’t ramble on as much - if you don’t know, these are random one shots that I’ve come up with set in the downtime of RWBY’s life at Beacon when they aren’t fighting monsters. There’s no set release schedule, they’ll come as the ideas come to me. For now, here’s a new one :)

Yang cracked one eye open as she woke up still shrouded in darkness. Her eyes were heavy with sleep but the bed was warm and constricting. Pushing up on her elbow, Yang flipped her pillow over to find the cooler side. Blindly, she reached up to the bedpost and grabbed a hairband she’d tied around it off to tuck her hair back and keep it out of her face.

Despite the fact that it was a colder month of the year, Yang still struggled with how hot these dorms could be. Four people in one room was crowded and with all their stuff and the fact that Ruby never let them open the window made it hard for Yang on some nights. If it weren’t for the desire of a little bit of discrepancy, she might sleep naked like she used to back in Patch.

Lying back down on the cooler side of her pillow, Yang kicked her blankets even further down the bed and sighed. Her mind wandered to tomorrow – they had a test in Port’s class which was always easy because if you simply retold one of Port’s many stories in your essay you’d earn a good enough grade. They had sparring with Professor Goodwitch too, that’d be fun. Maybe they’d let her fight with Cardin and she could break his nose.

With a smile on her face, Yang felt sleep taking her away. Just as she was about to slip back into a dream, she heard a soft choking from in the room and her eyes shot open.

She sat up, instinct drawing her attention to Ruby across the room. Without hesitating, Yang grabbed her scroll and turned on the flashlight. It shone directly at Ruby’s top bunk and through the curtain surrounding it, she could see that Ruby was all tucked away and peacefully sleeping. There was no sign of choking and no reasons for distress.

That was when her eyes trailed down to the empty bed just below. Weiss’ blankets were drawn back but there was on sign of her. That was when she heard the sound again and all of her alarms went off. It was coming from the bathroom and she noticed the door was closed almost completely, with just a hint of a crack.

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“It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself.“ Damian and Jason (about Tim?)

Here you go Anon! Sorry if it’s not exactly what you were looking for - I set out to write a short angsty piece about Damian feeling guilty about how he’d treated Tim but Bruce got there before me and then Damian ended up hiding under a table and it all went downhill from there. But I hope you get some enjoyment form it anyway :)

Mixing up / ignoring comic timeline is almost a hobby of mine, but this one actually had some contextual thought behind it. Not much but. Basically set sometime after Bruce comes back from the “dead” but no more specific than that…

Damian isn’t hiding, but he could see how it may look that way to someone else. Alfred the cat had fled under the dining room table when the yelling started earlier and when he hadn’t been able to coax him out, Damian had crawled under the table as well. Titus had followed him, sniffing at the carpet and knocking into chair legs with his tail before settling down with a huff. It had seemed much easier to just stay there than try to move both his pets.

Dick and Alfred have both walked past - looking for him, maybe, or more likely just going about their day - but nobody has actually come in yet. Father might have thought to look here, but he doubts Father will search for him. Not while he’s still mad, at least. 

“Hey Alfred!” a voice calls from the direction of the front door. The butler’s reply is muffled by distance and then the voices die off as the conversation moves into one of the Manor’s many rooms - probably the kitchen. Damian wonders who it could be; most visitors come via the cave.

He gets his answer a minute later when light footsteps precede the appearance of two socked feet and a pair of jeans in his vision. Todd is muttering to himself as he walks around the dining table then kneels down to start looking under it. The muttering stops when their eyes meet and Damian lifts his chin defiantly, daring the older boy to make fun of him. But all Todd says is, “Have you seen a pair of sunglasses under here?”

Damian glances at the floor around him and shakes his head. “No.”

“Dammit,” Todd mutters, standing up and almost banging his head on the table. 

“Must be in the kitchen…”

He leaves and Damian let’s out a sigh of relief, relaxing back against Titus’s flank. But it’s short-lived because a moment later Todd comes back in and sets something down on the table before crouching back down.

“You wanna come out?” he asks.


“Okay.” His upper body vanishes upward again and when he comes back down he’s holding two mugs. He holds one out. “You want tea?”

Damian hesitates before nodding, reaching out to take the warm mug and cradling it to his chest. Even with the body heat from his pets, it’s remarkably cool under the table. He blows on the hot liquid then takes a cautious sip as Todd sits cross-legged opposite him with his back against the nearest table leg.

“So why are you hiding under a table?” he asks eventually, conversational in a way that grates on Damian’s nerves.

“I’m not hiding,” he snaps.

“Uh-huh. It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself of that.“

“I’m not,” Damian insists. “Alfred wouldn’t come out. I had to come under here to get him.”

Todd looks pointedly at where the cat is now curled up in Damian’s lap, purring softly as he’s petted. “Right. And was it loud noises that drove Alfred under the table?”

Damian narrows his eyes. Todd takes a casual sip of his tea. And he knows. He knows exactly why Alfred ran under the table and why Damian is under the table and he just wants him to say it. Well he’s not going to. Damian grits his teeth and glares.

Todd just shrugs. “Suit yourself. I’ll just tell you what the official version is then, shall I?”

It’s blatant manipulation and Damian will not be swayed by it.

“So I was leaving my apartment this morning when I realised I couldn’t find my sunglasses anywhere. I had tea with Alfred yesterday so this is the only other place I could think they might be. And when I arrive, I find out that you and Bruce got into a screaming match this morning which ended with a broken chair and two smashed vases.” He takes a sip of tea - probably for some kind of dramatic effect. "Apparently you threw a 4,000 dollar vase at Dick’s head when he tried to intervene.“ Damian glowers at his shoes and says nothing. Todd pokes him in the leg. “Come on, short fry, spill.”

It suddenly occurs to Damian that not-hiding under the table was a strategically bad move. He’s trapped between Titus and Todd, without anything throwable within reach. And Todd is as annoyingly stubborn as everyone else in the family; he will not let this go.

“Father says I cannot patrol,” Damian eventually mutters.

“That’s it? You started breaking shit because he benched you? Wow. That’s almost me-level crazy.”

“He says I am banned from the Cave until i can find a way to deal with my anger that does not involve violence.”

The older boy snorts. “I hate to agree with B, but he may have a point. The vases I can understand - Lord knows how many of those have been broken since Bruce started collecting strays - but the chair was a bit of an overreaction.”

Damian can feel the anger from earlier simmering beneath his skin but short of throwing his cat at Todd’s head there’s not much he can do besides growl. “You’re such a hypocrite Todd - you tried to kill him first!”

Todd blinks, face scrunching up in surprise before smoothing out with understanding. “We’re not talking about B anymore, are we? This is about the Replacement.”

Damian looks away. His fingers are clenched so tightly around his mug his knuckles are white and his chest is tight with- anger. That’s what it is. Not guilt or regret or- None of the things Father thinks are affecting him. (Although, to be fair, Father does think anger is affecting him as well. And he may not be wrong but. He’s not completely right.)

“Bruce find out you tried to kill him?”

Todd shifts closer, leaning forward so he can reach behind Damian to scratch Titus around the ears. Their arms brush and Damian holds completely still, watching the older boy warily. He and Todd are not enemies, per se, but this… this friendliness is unchartered territory.

“He wants me to apologise,” he says stiffly.

“And you don’t want to." 

"It would not be sincere.”

Todd’s lips quirk upwards but it doesn’t quite become a smile. “That’s not the point.”

Damian frowns, brows furrowing. “Then what is?”

“To teach you a lesson.” Todd shrugs one shoulder, the simple gesture conveying a lot about what he thinks of Bruce’s parenting techniques. “You don’t want to apologise because it would be humiliating, admitting a fault or a weakness. He makes you do it anyway, makes you suffer the indignity of asking for forgiveness. It’s an unpleasant feeling. One you try to avoid in future by not doing whatever you did wrong again.”

“Oh.” When put like that, it makes much more sense. (Some detective he is if he can’t even figure out his Father’s motives.) “So all I have to do to get Robin back is apologise to Drake?”

“It’s a start.” Todd gives Titus one last pat on the head - and an “accidental” one for Damian as well - then scoots backwards until he’s no longer under the table. “Well, hide and seek has been fun, but unlike some members of this family I’m not freakishly short and my spine is not cut out for this kind of contortion.”

“Tt. You’re getting old, Todd.”

He gets a casual middle finger in response, “Respect your elders, Demon Brat.”
“I’m not a Demon!” Damian snarls.

Todd holds his hands up in mocking surrender. “Of course not, my sincerest apologies.” A quick flash of teeth as he grins. “You wanna repeat that back to me? Y'know, for practice.”

His laughter follows him out of the room as Damian scrambles out from under the table and takes off after him. His Father will surely make him apologies for trying to kill Todd as well, but it will surely be worth it to wipe that smirk off his older brother’s face.

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Alright here we go I just asked @anarchetypal about this because I am on a Spree™ but I need your take on shithead Ryan. I'm pretty sure you've done this before but I've read all of your everything and I need m o r e

Not sure if you meant just generally or you actually wanted something specific but here we go~

  • Listen, any one of the Fakes would tell you Ryan’s mask is less about hiding his identity than it is about hiding the fact that he is nearly always laughing. It didn’t take him long to realise that with his reputation literally anything he does will be interpreted as threatening and even the most innocuous activities are treated as utterly unnerving. If people knew just how often Ryan was flat out messing with them there wouldn’t be nearly so many desperately worried discussions trying to unravel what depravity the Vagabond is getting up to with a bucket of paint and a dust-buster. 
  • While most of the others find accompanying Gavin as the muscle in a meeting somewhat monotonous and dry (there are exceptions of course, the contacts that Gavin plays ridiculous roles for, or the meetings that go south and kick off, but for the most part its a bit of posturing and trying not to tune out while Gavin does his thing) Ryan always has a ball. Ryan is just about the only Fake who could give Gavin a run for his money in regards to a flare for the unnecessarily dramatic, so when the two of them head off together they invariably go well and truely overboard. Whoever the pair meet with, no matter how well they’ve done their job or how many positive interactions they’ve previously had with Gavin alone will spend the entirety of their meeting tracking Ryan’s movements around the room, absolutely sure they’re about to die. 
  • After watching a few too many episodes of Brooklyn Nine-nine Ryan picks up the habit of making the occasional outrageously out of character confession just to watch people squirm with the realisation that no one will ever believe them if they tell. After all the unspeakable horrors Los Santos has witnessed from the Vagabond none are prepared to entertain for a single moment the possibility that he might also enjoy the Spice Girls, cry in Disney movies or hula-hoop at a competitive level. 
  • Any time the Fake’s accept a new member Ryan tends to silently shadow them everywhere they go for a couple of weeks in full Vagabond get up. Everyone assumes, quite reasonably and with no small amount of blind terror, that the Vagabond is protective, distrustful, and all too eagerly awaiting the chance to kill them off at the first sign of a slip up. In reality Ryan knows just how vetted anyone has to be before Geoff will let them into the family, and just really enjoys toying with their emotions while he can.
  • There’s a narrow window towards the back of the LSPD bullpen - a little unorthodox but the glass is thick and one-way tinted so security isn’t really a problem. What is a problem is the fact that every now and then a member of the force will swear up and down that they saw the Vagabond’s awful skull standing there leering at them through the glass. 
  • Ryan found out, through pure accident, that leaving his mask balanced atop of his hanging jacket is a surefire way to terrify Geoff in the middle of the night. Before it really sinks in he is woken on three seperate occasions by that all-too distinctive shriek; the first incident had the whole crew running guns drawn, the second was met with endless mockery and by the third Ryan just lays in bed, listening to the others thundering into the hallway, and grins. From that point on Ryan just gets more creative about where he leaves his spectre self; the bathroom, the pantry, and on one memorable occasion, suspended right outside Geoff’s door. 
How I got a Coach bag last night

I was setting up a first meeting with a POT on my last night of vacation.  I told him I could meet in the afternoon, and here’s how the convo went:

POT: You only have two hours?
Me: Oh no, I have all afternoon!  We can stay a while, I just have one more errand to run before I go.  But that isn’t super time-sensitve, just something I have to do.
(Note how I’m basically asking him to ask)
POT: What do you need to do?
Me: I wanted to go shopping, I need a new purse and figured it’d be a good souvenir if I bought one here.  I was planning on going after our date.
POT: I will think of a good place to go shopping.  If you want me to go with you or not.  It is up to you.
Me: Haha I was just planning on going by myself, but I’d love that!  You are absolutely welcome to come.

There ya go.  Feel free to use that for anything!  I think this helps if you say you need one or two specific items.  He’ll be more likely to agree to that instead of just a shopping spree.  I told him that I needed a purse to match my shoes, so we walked around until we found one.  Then I asked for a bigger suitcase to take home.  Because I had specific things in mind, he didn’t mind buying just the two things.

i keep seeing this post going around that is directed at incoming college freshman and it seems kind of like?? really negative so here you go:

1. the freshman fifteen is a real thing, it is true, but it is preventable. most of the freshman fifteen comes from drinking ridiculous amounts if alcohol and then eating crappy food. if you drink responsibly (most of the time) and eat like you normally would at home youre all set

2. there is always pizza in the dining hall. dont eat pizza all the time.

3. if youre going to take a nap just set an alarm before class, then you wont have to run. naps are nice and you deserve them.

4. a lot of classes offer cool one credit classes that involve going to the gym. these are really cool and help motivate you to get out and exercise.

5. the homework level is manageable as long as you stay on top of it. most classes dont meet every day so if youre not feeling doing homework right after the class ends you can do it the next day and still have time.

6. just dont let it all pile up

7. finals arent that bad if youre not cramming. just study the week before in small increments.

8. sometimes your roommates do things you dont like. talk to them about it, dont be passive aggressive. it solves nothing

9. college can be really hard and scary at first but it gets so much better. just remember that everybody is as nervous as you are and dont be afraid to approach new people.

10. a grade does not define you. sometimes you work your ass off and fail. you can get back from this. you are not and never will be a failure because youre struggling. 11. professors are friends and office hours are best friends.

it is so worth it guys. i had a hard time first semester (i called my mom crying like every weekend for a month) but you settle in and get in the swing it things and it DOES get better.
second semester is here and im having the time of my life

good luck ❤❤